The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on February 6, 1969 · Page 2
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 2

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 6, 1969
Page 2
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Thursday, February 6, 1969 Funeral Notices MKS. GERTRUDE DUTTON Funeral rites will be held at 1 p.m. Friday for Mrs. Gertrude Waltis Dutton, 03, of 1634 Main, Mont Belvieu, at Mont Belvieu Methodist Church. Mrs. Dutton died at 11:22 p.m. Tuesday at Hermann Hospital in Houston. She was a native of Wallisville. Survivors are a sister, Mrs. J. J. Trichel of Houston, and several nieces and nephews. The Rev. GJynn Ferguson, paslor of Mont Belvieu Methodist Church, will officiate in services. Burial will be in Wallisville Cemetery, under the direction of Paul U. Lee Funeral Home. Pallbearers will be J. T. Looney, Tom Looney, Billy Trichel, Robert Wallis, H. E. King and Lester LaFour. CROSBY - BRUNSON THEATRE NOW SHOWING THROUGH TUESDAY COSTARRING INTRODUCING LOU ALBRIGHKHAD EMM/IE NELSON-CRISIINA FERRARI H-O-W THRU SATURDAY DECKER DRIVE IN -BHEATRE PH. 424-9012 ADULT DOUBLE HORROR LEAVE THE KIDDIES HOME, PLEASE 1 FREE WEIRD ZOMBIE SKULL TO FIRST 100 ADULT TICKET PURCHASERS H3BIOOW HORROR please all the people all the lime," Howard added. "I say decide what you want to do, put it up lo Ihe people and do it." Shmidl said he felt resistance in the plan to Barrett Slalion, coupled with some expected resistance in Crosby, would defeat the plan lo build a high school norlh of Crosby. Shmidl said he felt Howard's suggested alternate, Scheme 4, a plan to add on. to existing facililies to meet only the most pressing needs of the school district, had the best chance of being approved by voters. He said the Crosby school district, under its present freedom-of- choice plan, cannot be sure where it needs new school facililies. He earlier said he felt that a central high school will eventually be built in the Crosby school district although Ihe district is not ready to build it now. "I'm not in favor of building anything thai would inlerfere wilh long range objectives," said Shmidl. Bul Howard said he couldn'l see a central high school — ever — in the Crosby school district, although some day in the future it might have as many as four high schools. Howard said he WENDELL COREY • JOHN CARRADINE TOM PACE JOAN PATRICK «* RAFAEL CAMPOS .1 ^ •HK »MU I4TAMA • WILLIAM M«M« ' fOUftt MOOVM • VIWCfMf M EASTMANCOlOft o**»«cn 0 * TED V MIKELS PLUS— •THE UNWRTAKER AND MS PALS" Brunson XHTATRE KIDDIE SHOW SATURDAY MORNING 8 CARTOONS 2 COMEDIES This Special Feature THE SAD HORSE 10—50c PIECES GIVEN AWAY1 CONTEST on STAGE JACKPOT DRAWING (Enlnmal Drive-In Theatre HIGHWAY 146 AT LA PORTE BfflltS aouetweLCH NOW THRU SATURDAY THE OLDEST PROFESSION IB riuft affair also starring Jeanne moreau /efea maitinelli imchele mercier / nadia gray / anna karina ALSO ON THE SAME PROGRAM "DON7 BOTHER TO KNOCK" Fran P«t 1) favored smaller high «chool», and this opinion was supported by Woodard and Patrick. Trustees polled themselves on their individual opinions about building plans, and all of them differed. Pelrick earlier had suggested a plan to the board to build a new elementary school in Barrett Station, plus a new band hall and auditorium for the high school facility, to build a junior high complete with an aduitorium, and possibly a gymnasium, on the presenl school district football site, and to move the football field to a central location where a track and field house would also be built. (When trustees met Tuesday night in a closed meeting they approved the purchase of a 10- acre tract to build a new elementary school at Barrett Station, but Eaglelon said Tuesday night he had voted against it because he feels that it would be unnecessary, provided the present barrel Station junior and senior ligh school was converted to an elementary school and a new central high school was built.) Eaglelon favored building a new central high school, and a similar opinion was expressed by Trustee Truman Reed. But Reed, who said perhpas he wanted too many "frills," avored converling the present Crosby and Drew High Schools to unior high schools, building a new Barrett Station elementary school and building a vocational school at the present Crosby Junior High School site. Board President James Ewell said he at first had favored adding on to present facilities )ut was now "confused" about which direction to take. "1 don'l believe it will be long before we have one high school here," he said. "I just don't relieve it will be now. Where it will be I don't know. I do think the football field should be moved." Spence is already on record as favoring only classroom con- slruclion al Ihe present time. Woodard likes a plan similar to the one presented by Petrick. Pelrick urged the board to come lo some decision on a building plan, bul Shmidl iavored more discussions before reaching a decision. "1 don'l think if we had 20 more meetings we'd be any closer lo a decision," said Pelrick. But Shmidl, who came on' the board onty a few months ago, said, "We've only spent a couple of evenings on these plans, and we're going to spend (2 million." The board finally moved to adjourn al 10:30-p.m. on a split vote of 4-3 with Eagleton, Woodard, Shmidl and Ewell voting to go home. Trustees agreed to meet again Feb. 13 to discuss the building program. W. C. BUTLKK Baytown Ex-GI Commendation Medal Winner Wiley C. Butler, 1307 Strickland, recently discharged from ihe U. S. Army, has been notified lie is the recipient of the Army Commendation Medal. Butler is married and his wife is a teacher at the Highlands Elementary School. As a specialist-five, Butler served al the Armored Center at KL Knox, Ky., during the period July 1967 to January 1%9. During this lime he was cited for "exceptionally meritorious service in support of the objectives a I the center." The citation also said thai "through his outstanding professional competence and devotion to duly he consistently obtained superior results." Butler is a graduate of Robert E. Lee High School, Lee College and received his BBA degree from Lamar Tech in l9Wj prior to entering the U. S. Army. He is ihe son of Mrs. Juanita Butler, 1(U5 Oak, and Stedman M. Butler of 309'.2 W. Chestnut, Ml. Sterling, 111. DEADLINE - (Continued From Pafe 1) been purchased recently. There is a temporary receipt for title application in this case. A total of 950,000 license plates were issued in 1968 in Harris County, County Tax Assessor Collector Carl Smith said. The number of plates has increased by 30,000 lo 35,000 yearly, he said. While supervising construction of the University of Virginia, Thomas Jefferson surveyed the site with pegs and twine, calculated the brick and lumber needed, hired bricklayers and carpenters and sent a scholar lo Britain to recruit professors. Voting - (Continued Prom P*(e 1) Commissioners Court, according lo ihe bill. Sen. Brooks told The Sun Thursday that he hopes by this fall that voters will be able to cast absentee ballots in branch areas. "The bill itself is most important to cities like Baytown," Sen. Brooks, pointing out the difficulties in distance and in traffic congestion. "Two groups of people who will be most helped by it are the older people who don't get around much in this fast traffic or have no means of transportation, and also the working people who find it difficult to get away into Houston. Often these people lose their votes." Sen. Brooks said a rough draft of the bill was sent by County Clerk Turrentine. "We worked with the Legislative Council on this bill," Sen. Brooks said. Arrangements will be worked out lo provide absentee voting headquarters in Baytown, the senator concluded. The absentee votes possibly would be cast in the justice of the peace precinct courtroom. Employers will spend $100 billion on employee benefits this year, ranging from private pension funds to transportation to and from work, a report compiled by the Chamber of Commerce of Ihe United States reveals. NOW SHOWING THRU TUESDAY! Yxi can't escape The Stalking Moon NATIONAL CdCKAL FtCTUfKS P,nerilt GREGORY PECK EVA MARIE SAINT *>»Pa*vt«M^kg«* Pv£*Jv< WV. ol THE STALKING MOON r—, »«.-.» ROBERT FORSTER A [•J<fi)> TICHMCOIOR' • PANAVISION- V FEATURES AT 1:00-2:40-4:25 ALL SEATS SOc Follow that lovibleliugh-kinf to a thousand eircui delights I ALL NEW, ALL LIVE, N«v*r b«tor* ittovn BOARD - (CoatiMMd Fran Pi«e 1) Purs we II lo attend regional short course classes on water and sewer at Texas A&M with the board absorbing the normal expenses of the trip to La Marque and tuition to the school. A bid of $932.22 lo remodel the district 21 business office, made by Ship Construction Company, was accepted by the board. Plans are to lower the office ceiling to eight feet, panel the walls and improve lighting. A board decision was made to enlorce the existing rule that all lees lor installing water and sewer service must be paid when a permit is issued, before a tap is made. Bill Farnell, board member, said he was not aware lliat tlie rule had been relaxed. The board voted lo pay Null Construction Company $4,438.70 ior work more than 90 per cent completed at Grand Street and Interstate 10. Water and sewer service has been extended to that 1 oca lion to accommodate an apartment complex built there by Tommy Morrison. Morrison is assuming half the cost of installation according to board policy. The board is retaining 15 per cent of the payment until all work is done. Board members agreed to wulihold payment to Charles R. Hale and Associates, the engineering firm responsible for tlie work, until all work is complete and approved. In a past meeting the board voted lo buy a new truck for the department and a committee was appointed to define specifications lor the purchase. Ai Monday's meeting the board agreed on the specification and instructed committee chairman, Edward Smith, to advertise for bids on the truck. Officers of the board, elected in January are Lee, president; (Jeorge Uielz, vice president; Smith, secretary. Texas High Court To Hear $300 Million Estate Case AUSTIN (AP) Supreme Court — The Texas laid today it will haur arguments March 5 in the prolonged battle orer the laoo million South Texas estate of SariU Kenedy Eatt A full trial on two wills is pending in the district court at Kenedy. The appeal which the Supreme Court will hear involves a fight between two banks of control of the estate pending the outcome of the district court trial. Mrs. East died Feb. 11, 1961 She left two wills, one written in 1948, the other in 1960. The earlier will left her fortune to various individuals and Roman Catholic institutions controlled South Texas. The 1960 will gave control over a foundation she had created to Christopher Gregory, a one-time Trappist monk known as Brother Leo, and to a New York industralist. Claimants and others involved in the 1948 will contend Brother Leo unduly influenced Mrs. East to execute a new will. Mrs. East was a granddaughter of Mifflin Kenedy, a riverboat captain on the Rio Grande who founded the 400,000-acre La Parra Ranch in South Texas. The I960 will was probated in 19E1 but the claimants under the 1948 will attacked this court decision 16 months later, finally getting the 1960 will set aside in 1968. The Alice National Bank, executor under the 1960 will, appealed the order setting that will aside and asked for a temporary injunction against Copus Christi Bank and Trust, which was named temporary administrator of the estate by the probate court that voided the last will. The probate court refused to grant the injunction, but the Corpus Christi Court of Civil Appeals reversed the lower court. The Alice bank contended the TICKETS TO EVERYWHERE! Wherever in the world you want to go ... we can arrange it. We have connections . . . with all of the airlines, ship lines, bus lines, railroads . . . any way you want to get there. Choose a planned tour or plan a tour of your own. Whatever arrangements you desife ... let us help. Before you know if, you'll be on your way CITIZENS TRAVEL AGENCY Citizens National Bank Mdg. • Baytown, Texas • 427-7301, Ext. 371 aside of the 1*0 will was suspended after it filed an appeal. "We agree with the contention of the Alice National Bank that the probate court does not have jurisdiction or power to remove an independent executor unless he is first required to give bond and falls to do so," the appeals court said. The Corpus Christi bank contends the Alice bank's appeal did not suspend those portions of the Probate Court judgment that designated a temporary administrator "to preserve and conserve the estate."' Have You Heard M.O.? Not Do HTMs Sunday! THRILLS! SPEED! EXCITEMENT! OFFICIAL PROFESSIONAL COMPETITION IAMCTIONCD «r r t «UCUIC*N MOIOHCYCLt A5SOCI«IK» MCtt FRIDAY 8:00 P.M. - SHORT TRACK CHAMPIONSHIP SATURDAY 8:00 P.M. - STEEPLECHASE CHAMPIONSHIP | RESERVED SEATS [EACH NlGHTi SV50; A. 00; 3. SO; 3.00; 2.50 TIME TRIALS FRIDAY 4 SATURDAY -10:00 A.M. -3:00 P.M. ALL SEATS S2. [ONLY 51. WITH TICKET TO RACES) TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE AT ALL 5 FOLEVS & THE ASTRODOME SPONSORED BY ARABIA SHRINE TEMPLE Presented by PACE MAMAGI MEMT con* WHAT tS LIFE WITHOUT DEATH? SEE THE TRAGICOMEDY "On Borrowed Time" AT BAYTOWN LITTLE THEATER FBI. SAL FB. 7 & 8 THURS., FRL, SAT. f FEB. 13,14 f 15 8:30 PX. Tickets $2.00. 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