The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 8, 1897 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, October 8, 1897
Page 4
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THE OAttY namnftfltJ. MABSttAlA, MtOtflOAK, 8, 189**. At Wfttgon'fc you «'ftn gfct/the Albion am) Hotter ftoitr by tfte 100 IB., in your own b««s, no light, Weight oi? 98 or $8 Itw,; •j«St> Albion patent; thej&sat.flotir tnfttfe, try it. - -r t, y f u-ithntv.'iini-i-/rt-. i -A(-A^i4- i *-•* 1 -^-"-t ( . r, «. IfrtfHtay Sfv Carry on «n Almost ttdpless Plphi • .^ is the place you ;ire looking; for if want harness; Manftete, fobs, combs, fcftti***r gre'ases, h fly, , sfioo MftCfetftg of palish, 'sale eboo tt- tuehi iti tor guaranteed- i«vf I "9lT««del at Atueri- If Ihfi Rftliy Is Cutting teeth nd use that o)d afcd well tried Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup t ,r children teething. It soothes the 1 aiiM^^M tte gents, nUaya n» • gate. "cnr^a wind qolioaad'istne boat rem&dy f >r diarrhoea. Twenty-flvements a bot- ' ' U ,' - Tltf Sunshine 8t»fe» Ifrfhe tifte of ti ({onerously illustrated pam l*let of pit'een pftgea in reference to Soutt> iVrthufix, fho rolling matter m which was' wtMttfn by. nn enthusiastic South Pnkoti- lady—Mrs. Stella Htwmer Arnold— who hn0 boeti n re>j»trlont of tho Sunehme Sfatd foi ot<jf 10 jcjirs. A copy will bo mailed to theaddresa of any farinpf or far.ner's wife, if «rnf !»<; nnce to Ttarf.y M-reer, MichfgJfy Pa-wfitfor A«em , Chicago, Milwaukee & St, Paul tnH way, Fort street, W., Detroit Mi -K Tcaeliers' Agencies of America, at k Afremte, H«j reifcteBle P? 0. T fe}n»,*ttd,in att IntenrfetrwBhtrtn* wrong!* out She following facts: Mr. Ifcbbins tell of hfe-iSfilfe'9,ttXpcrte.»W5 fn, a 'manner tha; tiari^ •«stt«ict,{oir -WUJr hfe Wotds. H< one post* 'lam M., ihq^snahaa . For twenty years she IHW-'OCCW .- tfith tfee iramHis'fornfis of kfdncy ilftlnt and »n- enlargement ol the, ., $He w^dffcnconfJnetMo her bed for mot- two weeks at« time mifleriog unfolt, Chive ^paid Mffi M •doctoft* 'bltte K»f fee. ilone^as much n^ffWO.OOt an'd the? iter w ief MCHs rtitfy such, that She would 1w »W* o l)c' artWBtt For ft spoil,' 'Some tjme a>|p' .he fi?l€ tltf* symptoms of another fittnc! wnfoig on. such «&-»• pain ia through Ilr tidneys a'nd back. I Jiimtly know wlfii mluced me to get a bos of pofttfd K5dne\ t'lfla, in$tc:ld ojf sending for the famih •rtiywSjui; however,,! erot some and sh 'ommea(>eil tliclr use. It was a snrnrisr. 0119 tny* Sinith, board t hweby .peradtji* frorti trnsttrtg her.«tn my ftt«mt»t after '' 'ftioif AS SMITH, S MttJ* AN OPEN LETTER ""' To MOTHERS. * ARB It* Tltt GClS0ftf S OUR TMB Ti»odl ftMBntts Wftt ta SWi Alexander Uarailton'e low tariff -bill 'to tfeifeve the *tnMten6d drctim- atatjc** of tfi,6'We'aewy ti^ 178»" to 1861* TfcetanftwBs SnolniMl ftffflfn I86i it Wf* «i«sd by a«cc««ive<Sotit.iid at> js^er* ag» & 47-66 tier eont 5^ MclKinfcy teritt was SO pe* osfet fid valajfeHS And *4c weight on wooleue. aon f»^Wi^t 56 p^r cent' . T^e^reaottt oi t4d valorem an f.» , A'f" ' Tlii TO 0,'v . Buss, O, TiU'ntifa, r'tiiiiiitd; /Vr«f /!, A'. ,V ; WiiK/iinglan, f>. f: 1 *•<•». nil; <Vn\-itifi>, III ; St. l>fi>rrr, Cofvrtnlf. C j>o?ltii»i)TS to WbJ filled wtriiin the next few rnohths, tit* Ai)i!r<">* nil »in>llpHtnnis to I'stos A, SHl(»hure PB. Why Itf of Educate AND Seh )c I of Shorthand ahd Tyfiewrtiuo,, K.VrTI.K IJICKKK, MM'!!. W li«p .iMiutlr^dP f>f yoimj; 'mrti and ot Hi >t i-<|ui|iji('(i t';illoii or . in (h<- for i>aiticul»t« ,anil Established 1882. Incorporated 1896 , .,„, -il Ciibh flour sale during the fair ut UlK'shcr's mill. »!• A _iw,_ QaarwiterJ Quality tbeQe*t. Wheels, Tool ladies', Ceaflemen's S Tndoft ' N •• —* - ' '-, ^ The Llghtest-Jlunr4nB Wlneels on Earth. X THE ELOREDGE ^..wWJJ.,.. ITHEBELVIDERE, We i Nfttjonal Sewing M«ch«n* Co., IS«wV»*k., * Udlviikre. W*» a • i»^-~, bill mdsfcl?<*i*0. or l2e> This w tirded txfif, and she 1 continued taliinj tniitked improvement ouch d;ij jf tlu'truSe. ShftH better tiow than she 119 li^en hi years, the pain in the hack an*' 'thevs in-the kidneys have entirely /sons ffirdty a dby ROCS by that we do not'men ion the great" good Ttonn'n Kidney Pillt done hrt. I,%vas always opposed -t< mcdiolnes,' but confess that my vifa's experience with " Doan.'*,Kidttey Mils has dont ln(tch to change my opin- ous. If it were not for those pills she, .vouW not have been able to'be oftt tliis ifternoon. Donri's Kidney Pills for gale by all dealers — price, ftO cents. 1 Mailed by Postor- Millmrn C;o,, Buffalo, ^N. Y., sole agents for tht U. 8. Jlemembe? the name, lfSa,n.'«, and take no other. ^ r \ "Burdoolt Blood Bittern entirely tevrod me of a terrible breaking out all over my body. "• is a wonderful medicine."' Miw\Tul»# Box 35, Went Corojjll, Conn. \ A '97 modelliicycle; will sell cheap for cash. Enquire at American; laundry, north of Grcene'a drug store. tariff id simply a fortttidfJitidiFect tax atton. Thejitoportef/pa^s the duty nt seFai tift, SAMUEL PITCHED tif ffyanni$, of Mangled and Torn m years. L00K Mtitk&rs ef Ammm, /of MjMwrapp& m& see that it & on ron cost then adds ft profit on for th* retailer who adds a profit for the benernmer. Owr undorWe&r wtte aft ptir- chased in April «nd is flow in stock. l^e beat 25c and 5fJe each shirt anil drnwore ever eo\,d. .Our suits and^ovor ooate are also in stock at prices Worth a good advance today.. 1 Our merchant tailoring department ifl better stocked than OVM and our prices will prevail 'until our present stock is e-x- Jaa. Van 2ant, jxpressman, 'ha« -.hairs and tattles to rent for parties.- hausted. T. not eftdangcr the life of a your chHct. by accepting" a cheap substitute wMch som.r* 4fugg*st may offer you (because he makes & few iridre peftntes'dn it), the jtt- gredients of which ev&ft hs docs not know. "The End ^on Have Always Bought" BEARS THE FAC-SfWULE SIGNATURE, OF lace curtains would sickeH the heart <jf any conecientione hoij|ekeep«rv S^wttl'. natoly such n etnteof aftalmTs not ttfeccs- untbr^ke ^thoro'trg^ily watsh ce c<tr^in*n& ffiatt^f liow ted^tooui- care and to r&- if as whole and Bound as when .brought to ns, Anybody c&n launder a i^ handkerchief —it takes art to "*- the For itching piles, irrigation of the genif- nlf, or- itohiDjt »H any part, of the bocir, Doan'aOintractt is worth its wmghtirt gold, No matter how kmcstanding th^ trouble. Doan'a Omtjncnt will not fail to givo instant relief. Head This. 3,< IL Blsbee has leased th«r 'Rice Creek Mill and is ready to do a)Hdnds of Cue toiu i[trinding. : _The_uaiir is in perfect repair and is doing cxCclk>nt work. All patrons may depend upon honest dealing. . ' '. •" '• '' . ."• •-'". .. . ; • . . i J. H. BtauKE, Prop'f. CHAS. B. BKOOKM, Manager. -' The 'Michigan Central will run nn ex- curtri'on -to Chiui^o Oct. a, for f2.50 for tho round trip. , CordettOi S. E. CBOWIN. I bu«5ea~niy fingers very bndly. Tho pftin wwr intense. Dr. 1 homnft' Eclectric Oil brougt relief ill tbree iriinutCfi. It *aA Almost mngicaU I never saw Anything )ikf> it." Mnelia Sword*>, Sftundettiville^ O. ,„ . - t r Bur lock Blood Bitters ia nature's true remedy for coMtipatioti and kindred ilia. It acts directly m. theboweld, tho liver, the skin, and while clennmng the blood imparts ••trongth to Ihe'dlstestiye organs. Watsorr recoivcB daily choice freestone peaches honestly packed, baskets well filled. ' Money Saved by buying Uqnr, 'graham, meal and jnjll feed at G. A. CuESHEtt'8 Mill. . Call and try. All kinds of grinding done. .\... • Cronp tynjckly Cured. Mountain Glen, \Ark ; —Our children were aufToring with\ croup when-wero- eeivetl ft Bottle of ChamberlainX Cougrh Remedy..'- It alford«d iitlniost instant re lief.--4<\ A. THOUNTON. This celebrated reiuody is for eate at Orecne's drug store. Try Creain of Cereal. For aalo by GracJ?Brofl.,;i(te a 1 package; , I>!uin<lrj', Hatch Block., Insist on Having Kind That Never Failed You. THt Ctl»+»UB CO , TT MOB«»r OtRCtT. NEW TORN CtlY. D. T. & M. R. R. - Fdrinerly i, Jacton & Mackm, Tliino tnhle tftklng effect An's. ,SS Trtloa paw Marshall as follpjr*; ' TBMNB OOINtfYAST. COKE ERVOOS DYSPEPSIA. p^ well, ^Ttt Know r« O»lii Flpfcli, To ulijtt Appetite Hujl Oooil nuTin, irtnke » trial of Btn»ri'n Ity^pt-p- Hln Tabloln. » ' Cordette. S. E. Mrs. Merrill is daily receiving fl in the millinery lino. Nmv is the Time To brink down yourstove doors and have them filled wilfh mica. Ko extra charge for putting in. BOSLKY'B Hardware. of an " 1U Oentieuian. No truublo is inore common or raoro roia- anderHtocKl thnu ucrvous dyspepttiu. People Imvina it (litnk that their uerves are to blame and »re eurprised,, that they are .not cured by aeirvc in<-dioino and ttprin^ reuie- diei>; tbe real «oat of the inistihief is loss ^ight of; tbe etoumcb is the organ to be looked aftfr. / N«i voua dyspeptics often do not hare any pnin'^Wmtevrr iu HIQ etoinaeti, nor pcr^ap* ,iuy of the usual xyiiHitoon* of stomach weuHnerw. Ntrvoos dv«tiep8ia hhovrs itself apt iu tbu titwdmcti BO much aa ia nearly <• very other orguu; iu some cases the heart oiilpHatttt Htid m irregular; in othertt the Ldiiej-aareatfeuteJ; ia oj.l»ers the bowolt* ire constipated, with heaJaofios; Btill others arp 'troubled with loaa of flesh and appetite, with accumulation of gas, pour micjfH ana heart bura. i. Mr. A. W. ^harper of No 61 Pro»peet 8t p , Id«iian«>oli».JnaM writes «w foltowa "A motive of pure gratitude prom pa uio to •write (heee row Hue» regarding the new and valuable meiielBe, Stuart's Dyjjpejwia Tablets. I have beeaa Buffencg from netvong . r thtf t^«t four years; have use^l licijac8«nd lather r«J>«c, lavor&we reoim, Tbe} tcnrporarj relief oiitil the the inedusine wore off. J. attrib- to my 'sedentary bnbm, ownur » witblitttephyBicttl ctepnw*", bat Jo »tal«. that the tablet^ have overcome alt these obstaolea for I gained IM flesh, Hleep better, ua<i «Kt better in every way. Tbe «bot* u written not far bawd w» aeiuai fact. , Our JHlHOook Htovo la a better etdvo than wn« sold for ^27 two years apa. Fully warranted in every respect. IJosucv'a Hardware. .. T.20 ». ffli: .W:1'»p. m. •• 4:4)jxm. •»<>, 31, BattldCiveJt-rtCcommn^ation Vn.?, Bsp»ee».. „..,...•..... ..... . . No. 25 Mall,... .;. ,..,-., ........ ..... TRAIVO (JOINO WBRF. So, SM, Bfttllo Crock accomnvJaHon. .; 11.03 p. m. So.«,M«II,,.. ..... ;......Vi.;., ...... 11.86 »: to. <Co. 88 «*pre«*.. ......:.<...........'.. 5ri»i.. m. .Alt irnlne dally oxa£pt Sunday - ' Direct conneeOona are made nv;, Toledo wag Olnoinnati wit Vail roads dlvargliiK. Q. K. liA&KKLU Supt. " '-••!"••'' x^O. A. OHAMnERS, O. P-lfe P. A. HAVSON.Aat. MMWlMtil. ets • -^ N Arosolcf under a positive'gxiarantee to cure or refund the money, and we v stand by our guarantee. CWuESallNerVoufrJplseaseSj Impotence, Varicocele, Lost VMaJlty in old or young, Nightly Emission^ and Wasting Diseases, and all effects ol self- abuse or excesses, fstops dangerous drains. A genuine nerve tonic* Shows immediate improvement. The grandest remedy of moderri times. JDon't buy imitations. Get REX TABLETS. Price 50 cents'or tix packages (a full treatment) for $2.50, by mail,.in plain package, on receipt ol price. Circular free. KING REMEDY CO., » ftYDE. F RANKLIN ° CHOOSE Cor. Bates and Lamed Sts.,, DETROIT, MICH. Ot>1y a Block from WnndtvarA A ' Jeffor«.m A vcs. Very Onlral. Ncnr All Car J.incg. Ssr*3*» 8JJA«!8,iro> women to »«m« » Business Educa toinnf Ar. li«idn »OJ- time. CatntoBije Krt-e, K^ftrunre, Detroit. W. V. JEWEU., F'rwi. I 1 It RfKM'hH. h«i< 'TIME TABLE. JUWY 4. 1897- te... Train* dpp»rt from MaruhftH AS tollowa: TIU.INS yuan. . Mo. 8 Mall »n* Jtroresh ....... . ..... 13:l«p: m. No. 16 N. V. tpeclnf* ......... i ....... tlO:«la.. m. No.«3K»»t Bxprew» ................. 1»:4« p. m. No, 13 Kklam^MO Bxprena ............ «:•*! p. m So. 7 Nfjflit Kxpreaii* .................. 13:tt>*.ta. •N&ira. Merrill is showing handsome fall millinery. Bird*. I have a fine assortment of canary (•ringers for sale. Call and soft them. (l ' Misp EkttEN Fi.ooi>, .1| B. Monroe street. JfOtire. Havinprsold my etocl< of goods toL. o«K all persons o*ing ine are requeft^ to please oall nnd settle, t . CUA8. P. COOK. From *IO, t^ U»0 per year oayod each family who will feeod « pupil to the Dress Tailoring aehool in the Wuteoo building, ' " Ha, 6 Mail »nd KxpteM.. .............. l:UOp.m. No, ION. Y. Special*.. „., .......... ta^W p. m. No. U Past Bxpiwu* .................. tt:iwp. m. to. « Night Kxpru»8*.. „....,..,.... ..+3:30 ». m. Slo. iWAUaolic KxpnMK* ....... ...;...t5:lft a. ta. Wo. 12 Otaui Haplde KxpiesH........ (Ji^Ja. m. C* D*Uy. t Btopt ouly on »l|jn»L Air Uttlna'rnu oi> smndnrij which ia 20 mtaut««Hslowor than loo^i time. , O. W. RlIOOLfii!*, Ueu. I'aM. A Ticket Ajft Uxo. A. Joussos, Protght A Rent. f;. K. UinroiuD Ticket Agent. Marshal 1 DR. H. Ofllc-e »t «AH« Avenue. Pail be ruli&t by tetotiboue from 7 «. m, to » . m. at «uij» wl^jilione in q>« city. l»*t«|r- UU Bafefo T «»y 'ableU ; wiil ca»o any *fltMc disease S^cept cauo*r at «toan>rb. Thej cure sov r etomidj, aw, loss of fleefa ana burn, w»n4»pation and hssaaobws, ' &#*& fur TOlu»^le lit'Me book iii«ea«)s by addressing Stuwt Co. yiob. i " ' 411 drgggistu wU full Steed packages, »tr W) ' SOUTH DAKOTA. What A Ma» Can »o Wltli tl,0«0» A« can buy 100 BCrc* of good laud for Jl.OCO. Pay *4UO down;, balance in three pay weutis duo ia' % i, »cd JSidaw at 7 t>er- o«nt. HixwnftUobuylOUTioiceowee for POO and 10 Rood cu«« for 8300. and batter from tba cows will pay all farm, and f a4JoUy ecpeaaea. 1'ba iocreas* of sheep and wool will pay off the uiortgBgo before it IB due. Is five year* be will have ft fariu all piid tot Bnd-Wfill^topkod. Pordeacrip" tive listo a»a prtwj atjdrcws H. F. RuotM, CAVEATS, > K MARK*. 1 PAT2NT8, «tO< 4 o' Information an-l free HfimUxxjIs « rjw to MUJSN .t CO., :*l Ei'-fiiljWAT, «BW VDB Wwt tiuniau fur wwurliu? pnt<-«te In Arte till) public by ft luitlcu fc-ivt-li rruo uttiidnjo 111 Ul» f cifutific JVwcncnu . wll »ho F* Vl JliiiotrattJil'. Ka H i» without U. W#ptl MACKINAC PETOSKEV etilCAGO.. . FOOB Tm'psi p«TR,WtER I'oledo, Detroit^l THE "SC>o," EVENIHO BETWEtX Detroit and Cleveland Cbnnectins orltH Rnrlicst Trn!rt«(it Clevclana " for all points Rust, Soiuh nndi SoutUwcstj ' ' ,. <undaf Trip* Juni, July, Auflun and Scptembtr Oniy J New-Steel Passenger Stea^eia Hnv? just »i«e« B»Ut Tor our Hpocr I.akr Route Costing $300,000 t-jicli. Send for illti!!»-ateu , x pamphlet. Address,' A. A. SCH \t£tZ, O-'P. #,. ptTBOIT. MICH ?.«« a new pair South. Dakota, 2 l>0»rt*oru street, Chicago, 111. • t*. S, CIGAR With a V, S. , Between H«*d Time I»f good 0|i»orttmity to one r of tWs As ^ a stock «»4 leac»»ali ifa« Pits faw «rm nw* wijtb aearby markets lean now Uabomtht tor ftowtlO, $}£, 1 *tid upwarf*. per-uftf*, ^pd this in to «w bout**; »til<l iii-i^at '« ibr tliem and show thai- you kn*>w wlwto yoji smoke. They are made by ED. . of • I will be at thefoffice of the JHerpdoo fcaxi» which are now due. Save the extra collection fee by paying now. ft the titl* o< a little book, of . which gives cohnneta instruction c«n' ' cernlng the work jinrlarroed Dy the kla- neys. and the harm dune to the »y*t *hej) they fail to fulA) tins duties ' nppn tliiifl. It dijscrihfs In UnKii'Kc: «>- tel'.iffiUcta chililccB. thcfunctH>R»fll»«»« " -fetter* 61 the system and * M* lntim»J» ce> latiua to the weiUra of the hunun body, fr*o by mail fi>r the astina. MATU&K'S RBMBOV Ca.Boyc* Bht'r. Chl««o. Illi To be b»4 of W, B. POWELL, Drugglsti, MiqB treasurer. W you weTgoipjf te» bpy 9 it of -are ewiajt*Iito« totire*! QB ti|a foo*. bp«n^ ^kx*at. DR.FEMXLEBBUM'8 East Trains To Bay View Via'' -••-''• G. R, & I. train No. 7 and: .Grand View 7:55 p, Bay ew p Springs 8:25 p. m. Tbw especially acooniodatoa for folder* fawl further in tdfff b^ing fcaudsouw Nervous Debility • ., *. .—i—.—^y. T;R. SHCPHERD - f That the b*s* Jw* feora Cbic^- to ^rtpplp Cwelf, Coin.* ttiwi ' ' wvi W^ ^Wp T ^HF Tol>ehftd. Good* dalivered toalipwta 0* tbe oo pediflfaag dojoa, thing »eftt «ad can aiwaya gdt a BHCPHEftOS', OR,«. C. WMT'« NERVE UD BRAIN TKITIfin AU TEE BIBLE

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