The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 14, 1962 · Page 11
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 11

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 14, 1962
Page 11
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v*Att It Angleton Council okays disputed bill A reduction In the amount of a, report on their disposition, so that machinery repair hill brought an | each complaint may be answered order by the Angleton City Conn-; the Council decided. cil that it be paid. .the action was part of a full ". ' IL *' , *™ , , ...... ' The bid of Angletonu Motoi-s for THI IRAZOSF6RT PA e.T-t POLITICIAN'S JMAZOSMRT AND BRAZORIA COUNTY, TBXAS, Ml., SEPTtMNR 14, 19*2 Voters look at Ted, see JFK' •late nf business handled bv the! ,„„., ,, , . " ~ : Council at a session the week, f 1! *V '°"''-door sedan, ' After a discussion of the bill be "If 1 . as f p ""' 01 cav - was ' with Cliff Grissom, a represent- 1 '' P . pleT ' by "* C ?" ncir ' The bid tive of Mustang Tractor & Kquip- P n f e «' as »Jh2.73. Othe ment Co., the Council agreed lov 2L rOBan " on ' Piper Motor ^ rv, W9K.. anri O'Meara-Scolt pay the machinery repair j Motor Co., $2.162.73. totaling $1,206.38. which "is about! |100 less than the original amount 'SEWER UKI'T. of the statement. The bill hadi The Council employed Gerald! been rejected by the Council at Walker of West Columbia as sew-! The superb pecrnMoe two previous meetings. er plant operator, a now employ. : ability o f a snorts car ar» ™miV^ j" 1 *^*""*" The traffic hazards inherent in ee provided for in the 1962-G3 citv ! in* .1.1 1 3 f>° n *<» r «» combined with ityl- ma pracHcec^middie-of-the-strmi budget. Iliey also agret-d to switch i new Rivier, 6 «™«sman«hip in Buick's parking on Chenango Street by;°ne employee who was recently | bv • 4m ™,KlI • V K'Viera i« powered the east entrance of the Bra/orla hired, to be ut in char ' inc " «ngme combined with the east entrance of the Bra/orla hired, to be put in charge of the BuicV'. . ne w County Courthouse came up for lift stations. Walker's salary was -ni~i~. riv** s "! ooth Turbine Driv« team*** oonsiderable discussion by the set at $400 per month. -ni~i~. riv £*,** 1 ""^ 58 ' 2 Joeh * !"«*> *«d ''" ch 0 * tttef «* gravity that Council. Councilmen Don Sartor ( The bid from George C. Cox and Jack Hargis were appointed a "d Co. on a lift station at Kiber to discuss the matter with the ;ancl Andeison was referred to Brazoria County Commissioners' 'Councilmen G. L. (Bubba) Rouse Court at that group's next meet-i and Hargis, and to Water Supt, Ing, to see whether some favor-jNeal Andrews for study. able solution to the problem can! A ""IT be worked out. P. A. Angenend was employed The subject was brought up at| b . v ( l' e Council to audit the city's the Council meeting after a num-'books for the fiscal year ended her of complaints had been re-i Aug. 31, 1962. Angenend has han- eeived concerning the danger of jdled the annual city audit for sev- traveling on that block with cars «'»' years, parked on both sides and in the!PARKING METERS middle of the street. The Council discussed the park-. , ANNEXATION ing meter situation at some length, I |'f The Council approved the an-: and decided to have all the city'5 j if? nexation of Hill 'n' Dale Subdivi- j Peking meters put into first class sion, after receipt of a formal I condition. After this is done, all agreement from Lumbermen's j al ' e to be carefully checked, and Investment Corp. relative to the tiche!s issued, they directed. specifications tor streets and util- Councilmen Hargis and Sartor' Dramatic new styline plus 1 ifies in that subdivision. The an-- were appointed to work with Chief! in the 1963 Mercury M nexation was approved subject to| F - E. Wells of Ihe Angleton Po-i and down virtuallv " the terms of that agreement, j llce Dept. to accomplish this. i The 390 MaranHo/v « which calls tor completion of thJFIRE DEPART. I i le ° , ™!l au . a ? r v " 8 engine now project :' fixations A suggestion concerning ...^ _ -.- -..„ „,.,,,. uoc best manner of extending the i of lne p °st Office parking lot as a 'city's utility lines to serve this j driveway was approved by the By RELMAN MORIN BOSTON (AP)- -The,, )ook „, Ted," said the Massachusetts poli- |ttcian, "and see Jack." Translation: Prfsident Kennedy Is hugely popular in his home state and his image is a major factor in the drive of his youngest brother, Edward M. (Ted) Kenn«- dy, to win the Democratic nom- {inatlon for (he U.S. Senal*. Th* Massachusetts primary, next Tuesday, names candidates for both major political parties. How much of the President's popularity is nibbing off on Ted? This question is haunting his opponent, Edward J. (Ed) McCor- tnack Jr., slate attorney gen»ra!. I He puta it this way: BACKGROUND , M tht McCormackii phraiw It, t« htld no elective office and It only henrl of Boston. An ™, mm » few years out »f low school, million Independent voters For Ted to "ntsrt at the top," H P llm bnlam-e. l.t mny OFTKEN£WS ,.— — Washington. His uncle, silver-haired John W. McCormack is Speaker of the House of Representatives. The vote-rich ward* of Boston have been re-electing him for more than 30 years. This primary, in fact, goes beyond Ted and Ed as a battle of r>™»«, „„,» t , - inn Performance highlight the changes 8 * 8 ™ 8 sI °Pf- rear *™dow which goes up frost iroec. subdivision was heard and appov- ed. Some school jobs complete at Angleton Completion of several construction projects, and progress reports on others highlighted this weeks meeting of the Angleton the scions. Striving tor the Repute, "can nomination It George Cabot Lodge, son of former senator and United Natloa* ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge. He goes against Rep. Laurence Curtis, But the main interest pivots on the olash between Ted and FM They have a good deal "n com' f™ 1 * W0tt "' ' -I didn '' lik < lhat ' mon. ™*' ' w« undecided before McCor- Each is much in'the lma*e nf i ° k aWacked hlm > and T made ,. —i "... ™ mwge ot up my mind then to vote for putting the blanche before the carte. Ed emphasizes his own record, » years in public life. He was elected to the Boston City Council and WM Its president for one term, lie was elected attorney general in 1958, reelecled In 1960. In Ihe first of two televised debates, Ed went for the jugular, fixing his eyes on Ted, he gritted out, "H.your name were simply Edward Moore—Instead of Edward Moore Kennedy—yotu' candidacy wouM be a joto." Ted took H stoically. "I had to dramatize the point. „_ of Ms inexperience," Ed a»ya.\ssi "That was the only way." H< says the reaction was unfavorable Three persons have told this oor respondent In substantially I ho Al the moment, M look* n*oh- and-nrck. GROUND MEAT 3 $100 Lt». I THRU IROTHIRS «ROCtRY 10? Lode Jackibn R4. Clute, T»»ot t. \ School Board. The Trinity Floor Co. has completed replacement of the gymnasium floor at the hieh schiv.1 and their bill was COMPLAINT PROCEDURE 56,000 to be presented to Oral vaccine is topic for FP Rotary program Queen's crowning is dance feature George How ell. representing 'fizer Pharmaceutical Co. of Houston, presented a program on (he „. „ jSabm Oral polio vaccine at a re- ine Brazoria County Heart As-!cent Freeport Rotary Club regular .'ing a fllm which he pre- —" ••« »nw niinjgt? u the modem politician-young in cisive. intelligent, handsome, highly articulate. Ted is 30, Ed 38 Each has a beautiful wife and attractive children. McCormack is slim, with honey- colored hair and electric blue eyes. He campaigns in an easy, quit-spoken manner, using a deceptive soft sell. Kennedy is tall, big-shouldered, 6-foot-2. 202 pounds. He lost 10 since the campaign began. He has wavy hair, rock-crusher jaws, the Kennedy profile. Campaigning, he is more intense, and at least a« dynamic as the President. He incites female riots everywhere. In South Boston, a woman romes boiling out of a store, clamps a headlock on Ted and shrieks, "here's my boy." It's pretty much the same with McCormack. As he Kennedy." Who's going to winT Ed is strongest in the Boston area. Polls indicate Ted has an edge elsewhere around Ihe stale. About 60 per cent of the total vote comes from the area in a radius of about 16 miles from Ihe sssra-rs ago, flooding the floor. The cost to the Texas Heart --,, -~. u ., u , ouuiiuer, iso mat IM i u- j.i ------- , I Council. According to the terms of this informal agreement, the city agreed to assume all liability H was decided to institute a new which mi i ht I* incurred as a re-, procedure for handling ail com-' °f SUch use ' this "'ability to; plaints received by the city This ! extend lo Property damage and _ . new policy calls for setting up of;?!™ nal ln J uri «; and to repair, U||M|>* Afe>M complaint books, in duplicate IfV"" 3 ^ Whidl might * done! 1161111 ASSH. form, for the listing of each com-' ° Property as a result of the plaint received by the city. Each " S , 1 a copy of Fj and is tO'' Int ' „„, .i lot only as a passageway in re- - j turning the trucks to the fire b '°" durir « 'te 27th annual meet- !t ThTi. tl ^ ., lng and scienufic sessions in Galal offidalf wa^o^rvetY^lnTm* Weeke " d - • ^^ in the «^°'toof!c^e ™ r^r™^' 11 * ^•**~^~»** to,d i ^reouestforp.^^^^ Laboratory." ^w^y^- = ;---i^£|! ± ^ 'trolls the " e ' s Eood ^ the . , , of the replacement wasove £,£," ^ » • by insurance, but work was deJ. th the GrBek nel P layed until summer, «, £5 fta!? ' "••j u j« t «•*«. He slops gymnasium " h s sollnd <™<* lo shake handg , ? ,t 'T ery ' Kenned y Pauses " » *?**• "" GrBek nel P Large and Small Jobs Dirt Spreading GEORGE MADDOX AN 5-502* >\ JOSEPH L SLACK, D.D.S. Announefli the Opening of hij OFFICE Per th* practice of General Dsntistry 1401 North G BE 3-1581 FREEPORT. TEXAS „ both the effectiveness of Hie 3;ilk vaccine and ttie manner in which it is hoped the Sabin Tounng a predominantly Jewish distrW, McCormack trades quips Yiddish, learned from a Jew- vaccine will sented to the club. Howell conTplU jSlio '" " s °'" ; " llle *>««! Fence Co. is now work-, ;c^, BF s!ph^t^c^hSgr:? ™^" - ^^£^^ s^r two phases oflceotence of .h. ~li "'^,5.. I th " 1 »<**. the Board was tnlH !. _",S ys . are .^'"K '° i - - "^"•» iv fiivv icu a political cart* blanche. He has WRESTLING 8:30 p.m. SATURDAY, SEPT. IS Brcneria County Fairgrounds—Angleton, T»x« ***** FOR THI CHAMPIONSHIP OF BRAZORIA COUNTY CYCLOPS vs. DUKE KEOMUKA MAIN IVENT—1 OUT OF S FALlS-Th.r. Mutt B* A Winner ***** SEMI-FINAL MATCH t of 3 Falls 45 Minute Limit IVAN THE TERRIBLE vs. TARZAN TYLER CONCESSIONS—BEER—PEPSI—HOT DOGS—POP CORN SAM CREEN—PROMOTER ';directed to make plans with the installation of .„,, _, the : at the fire station, to make . i Age Club of Freeport|a back entrance, and this group will benefit from! Also relative to ^eston meet „ being ; - T, 0 v W rt ** How Gaivez J ly rather «han Board approved a part- j Jones & Picard, con- I tractors for the Marshall school '"?ld hi i that J?-"ffia:':":= Kr -=5Sff^ penny-a-vo«e contest which was I CITY COURT uTil the c^ntelt 6 1 6 " 11 ' RUnne '' S " The ™™*^ report /rom atv Ordonez who will be a princess, Ot the Kebruan, ™ funds ,,.!.., ""•' "<«>« anni'.v miner man Dy iniection ic »' —. "-"•"-• "'"-i^ouiei »aia an add,-'Moody Center, and is designed topless objectionable method of re i? 8 ' buUding ha * **** de)a y«d by the;bring Texas people in closer con-giving it. "vdue to lack of delivery on some used in tact with work of the A«n,.iatinr, A m>ocK» n —i . .[materials. j .«iwmi icacaiun juuuncu me mm ;1KAN8FEB STUDENTS in the i scientists ar» tn anr^.0. — .u_ rv,_;— ., .. ! Thr«» transfers from other dis- the Angleton district, and Angleton to another. were approved by (he! The three being transfer ; red to the local schools are those! -. ^.^..auu^ ...,^.,. wno Ilv e near Angleton School bus holds; and Space Administration, will be The program for the day Internationally known research followed the film I scientists are to appear on the: During the meetine Emmitti ' nree here « P!™ 6 "'i sc jf nt " ic P"^^ tahy and Sat-^iniard a buve ^ &> w a e ™ '^ to here, 15 percent lurday. On Saturday at the annual :cal Company was installed as th "fi "59"?-" ssyssa.'S-sss'* t •^^•? i T.&n,t K ^^ss£!5= ni """' M *--' i ™«'. - „„ L*me jacKson, holds;and Space AdministraHnn h* Thp nr^r^™ »_. . L _ , (routes, while the one transfer to DINE AT THE EXCLUSIVE FREEPORT YACHT MARINA DINING ROOM * LOCATED ON BRYAN BEACH ROAD AT THE INTRACOASTAL CANAL * , arranged by program chairman IT ? r dlstrict favolve « a »P eci a'l 'LaRue Robinson. 'Ieducation student who will attend!I ¥ »., Beautiful View of Marina Open: 11 am. to 11 p.m. Closed Monday Training slated for BP Scouters i ——••»-•«» nuw **iu aiittna i classes in the Brazosport district ! AUXIUAKY PERSONNEL The Board approved contracts , for bus drivers, sacretaries, jani- J tors and auxiliary personnel for j the current school year ENROLLMENT McDaniel reported that enroll- 1 lent has risen to 3,446 for thell ocal district, a« compared withil tbe expected 3,400 students. This!I f'gure it well above the first-day I The Quinlana District Scout ™ rollment figures, and represents i training committee has scheduled 59 L Ne 8 ro an <i 'W* white student*, i September training courses for <-'"lored enrollment it down: adults working in various scout *° mewhat from lait Ma y. McDan-i |units. i*l said, but the white enrollment! The courses will be held at " •** mor * than '««t year, ake Jackson A. P. Beutel School Clas * enro "menls in the white with C. F. Schreiber, district train- ' !icllool » ™nge <rom 324 first grading chairman, and his committee m to l14 "> 12ln 8™ d e, he added handling the instruction. — On Monday and Tuesday at 7 p.m. there will be Cub and Boy| Scout primary training in omen-1 tials. On Sept. 29 at 8:30 a m Cub and |training n primary mn, rovuiiuary E,X-', P ~ -—^ amj oaiuroHy an plorer Scout instruction. ' r °°ler's Playhouse in Jones Creek, i Primary and secondary train. IB is required by Hie Boy Scouts; of America for adults to qualify s trained unit leaders. All unit leaders, assistant leaders, ri aepi. 'a at 8:30 a.m \ i Boy Scout secondary , Iwo *>"«* to benefit Calvin 1 will be offered along; r""'" 1 ' who '« hospitalized, will| mary and secondary Ex- , ^ Friday and .Saturday ati Fresh SEAFOOD PLATTERS Delicious STEAKS orn- an{| a Ljttle More — SPECIAL — USED TYPEWRITERS From $17.95 MAZOSFOIT UNDERWOOD ASINCr 10) South ttutf th4. NOTICE FOR DELIVERY OF BRAZORIA COUNTY'S OWN DAILY NEWSPAPER THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS BRAZOSPORT AREA—BE 3-3511 ANGLETON & DANBURY MRS. EDNA TAYLOR—TI 9-5327 WEST COLUMBIA MRS. LEE KAY—Dl 5-4581 SWEENY JOHN & DANNY MACHACER-2671 . OLD OCEAN GLENN SCRABANEK-4606 BRAZORIA MITCHELL DAVIS-SW 8-2620 JOSEPH LANDRY-SW 8-7548 SURFSIDE MRS. BERNICE TRIPPETT DANBURY MOTOR ROUTES GEORGE WOODWARD-SW 8-7395 MRS. OLLIE MARSHALL-BE 3-4843 1.53 Per Month

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