The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on June 6, 1952 · Page 2
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 2

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 6, 1952
Page 2
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THE BAYTOWN SUN. FRIDAY. JUNE S, 1952 Harris County Leads Texas 'AUSTIN, June 6 —(UP— Polio c-aies in Texas levelled off at 33 last week, the State Health Department reported Friday. The incidence coincided with the seven-year median for the week of 33 cases, and boosted the year's total to 578. The 1952 total of 578 cases was almost three times the number listed over a comparable period last year, when 208 were reported. The disease concentrated its attack last week on Harris county, which, led the state with seven cases. Other counties reporting were Nueces, 4; Dallas, Duval, Taylor, Travis, and Val Verde, 2 each; and Bowie, Brazos, Collin, Cooke, Jefferson, Jim Wells, Kaufman, Kerr, Kleberg. Lamar, McLennan, and Milam. 1 each." ike Rules Against Fight With Taft (Continued! From Page One) very definite commitments in these implications." Eisenhower was firm In his ail i- tude toward the Democrats ard said he would bend every effort to. defeat. them if he'won the GCP nomination. He said the federal goveitsr^ent needs a thorough cleaning out by a party not committed to the system developed over the past 20 years —the period the Democrats have been in power. "Mister" Eisenhower, the name he said he would be "delighted" to be known as, faced a faiUy heavy schedule of politicking before the national convention .in Chicago, now just a month away. He will arrive in New York at 7 p.m. cst Friday where he will be met by Gov. Thomas Dcwey of New York, the 1944 r and 1943 COP presidential nominee and one of the original Eisenhower boosters in 1952. At 9 a.m. cst Saturday he wj:l hold another news conference ot New York's Commodore hotel. His second and final speech before the convention will be June 14 in Detroit. After that he will go to Denver, Colo., Mrs. Eisenhower's home town, for some intermittent politicking and relaxation before the July 7 convention. Buy From Your Baytown'Merchant SEOUL, June 6 (IP) —American Sabrcjeta shot down seven Communist MIG-15s Friday and damaged two more "in two blazing dogfights over northwest Korea. - Sixty-four F-86s tangled with 28 MIGs that were trying to intercept "United Nations. fighter-bombers on rail-cutting and supply attacks. ; It was the biggest one-day bag since April 21 and one more than were destroyed all last week. The Fifth Air Force's MIG total for the war was boosted to 361 destroyed, 58 probably, destroyed and 507 damaged^ Six MIGs were destroyed and two damaged when 36 Sabres slashed into a formation of 16 *>MIGs trying to sneak by the ^screening Sabres -and attack fight*' er-bombers^ The seventh was downed when 12 *'MIGs fought 28 Sabres. Action ranged from 2,000 feet to higher -than seven miles. '. The day's final claim was posted when gun camera films showed 'that Capt. Fred H. Barrett. Ellens,burg. Wash., had destroyed one MIG. - Fifth Air Force night bombers ;hit Red rail and road lines just south of the Yalu river, destroying or damaging 45 trucks, six box : cars and ~ two locomotives. - There were scattered patrol ^fights among the ground front. DID YOU KNOW— Largest known cobalt deposit in the United States is found in ' Idaho. More,.than 2,700,000 motorists belong- to the American Automobile association. The artists' air brush was patented in October, 1881, by Leslie Cprtis of Cape Elizabeth, Me. An earthworm can survive for some time in water but needs air for a supply of oxygen. Number of airplanes on United States farms is estimated at more than 9,000. There are more than 4,000 kinds ,'of fish. • Dr. and Mrs. Luther Gulick Buy From Your Baytown Merchant founded the Campfire Girls in 1912. lawmaker's Letter Is 'We!S Beceivi FORT WORTH, June 6 (l»—Livestock: Cattle 400. Steady; few commercial and good slaughter yearlings and heifers, 26-32.50; cull and utility, 18-25; beef cows, 19-22; cari- ners and. cutters, 14-19; bulls, 1826; stockers, scarceJ Calves 100. Steady; good and choice slaughter calves, 30-34; utility and commercial, 22-29; culls, 18-20; stockers, scarce. Hogs 200. Butchers about 25c lower than Thursday's average; sows and pigs steady; choice 180-240 Ibs., burrows and gilts,. 20.50-20.75; lighter and heavier weights, 18.5020.25; sows, 14-18; feeder pigs, 1518. ., OKLAHOMA CITY, June 6 (IB—A letter from Rep. Victor Wickersham (D-Okla.) was "well received". by two Oklahoma City addresses FricJay. day. Thirteen copies of the. letter, mailed at government expense, were sent to the United Press bureau here. Cliff Bryson, representative for southwest dai-.. lies, also received* 13 copies. great pl recently." All of the l etters the same messa? the same dale, •'W. 'From Your BaytownM e r AFTER CONFESSING that she had slain 4-year-old Mary Louise Wargo, Mrs. Anne De Nike, 36, is escorted by detectives into a Newark, .N. .J., court for a hearing. Sha pleaded innocent and was held without bail. She explained that she killed the little neighbor girl because she was making too much noise. (International) •;i'-1 •.' -.••.•••• :':•'.••.'fiz' :'.V.'.-'.'-'-'-'iiil°.iij> ; ^^ieWSt^Li'i.Jij'jj;^^^"''• : -'''-*''/uZ£££*• j/.'VV"• '''','• '• •\ BROADCAST TONIGHT AT 8:00 OVER -1360 ON YOUR DIAL This Broadcast brought io you every Friday night in the interests of Baytown's Youngsters by C. FERGUSON, Owner Your POXTIAC-CADILLAC Dealer OH TH SAN" JACINTO MEMORIAL Mrs. Henry Menette—619 Peggy. James Conner—1706 Caroline. Gertrude Alfred—Crosby. Loyal N. Tyer—Mont Belvieu. Mrs. Elda Tanner — 308 East Fayle. Melvin James—Houston. " Cecil Hbbbs—213 Graham. * Special To The Bayfown Sun ^ Airway Elec No Sale ^Alleg Ludlum 39 J /s "Allis-Chalmers 30 'American Repub •• 56% 'A T and-T T 155% * Anaconda Copper 447! Am. Cyanamid US \Beth Steel 50 .Calvan Oil 7 ll-16th Calumet and Hec .......... 8H -Canada So Oil 12ft. Celanese 41H 'Cclotex ISVi ^Cessna ...............1...... 6*£ Chi Corp 19vs Chrysler Corp 76% •"Coiumb Gas 15 '/i ^Creole Pet 75 r Crystal Oil No Sale' -Cities Service .' 102 H JDavidson Chem ............. 37 3 /j Dow Chem 116% Bu Pont Chem .V. 86V^ -Mont-Dakota Prod 24% *E1 Paso Natural Gas 38 Fairchild Eng ." 6U 'Freeport Suiph 37% 'Gen Electric SO Gen Motors V..;..., 55% ',Gen Tire and Rub 26yi ^Gillette Saf ».. 31 Vi. ^Goodyear Tire .;'. 42 M Greyhound Bus 11% 'Gulf Oil 52* 'Gulf Stat Util 23V- -Houston Oil , 69 f H L and P Co 21% • Humble Oil ..;. 74VI- .Imperial Oil'..: 36'*. Interlake Iron » 16 Wj Xntl Nickel 441,; 'Jupiter Oil 3-d Kirby Pet 27 1 ,* "Libbj- McX ..^ ~7V. ^Liggett and Myers- 61 Ts Xoew's Inc ^ .-.., 131^ . I>a Land ....". ». 46 1 * Mack Trucks 13% ,IMid Con Pet 69 •3.Iont-Dakota Prod 53 Nat'I Dairy 53 Ohio Oil 56% •Packard Motors ".- 4% jPancoastal Oil 3% Panhandle P and R g^ Penney's Inc 67Tfc Phillips 'Pet ' 57 Pare Oil 64% JRichfield Oil ..', 54 -Kepub Steel 1 4^ *SL Regis Paper Sinclair Oil -. Socony-Vac ....IT. ». T . 33% Sou Pacif >.., 79^ Stan Oil Calif 5514 ^Stan Oil Ind 331^ Stan Oil Ohio ,.... 42^ Stan Oil N. J ." 7714 Sun Oil 831^ Sunray" Oil 21 Texas" Co I 57 Texas ulf Prod ~.,. 28% Tex ulf Suiph /. io7U Tidewater Corp 23^ Union Oil of Calif 41^ ~U. S. Steel 3914 "Woodley Pet 71^ July NO Cotton Up 17 Fts . ILKA CHASE . stars in . THE FEMININE ANGLE Zctrcrriew Celebrities aad movie start -wrih Ilka Owse. Ltarn more abont . peot&* *"te> retke tk* news. Brought I : ' to yx>tf erezr Mocday afteraooa b^, J •^ Hoastt»*-*:«a dealers for Music fay DANHY^BBAND And His CORBALL BUDDIES EVERYONE WELCOME SATURDAY, JUNE 7 8:30 to I A.M. WATCH REPAIR Cleaning $ Oiling EVA WHITFIELD Formerly sit Shaw's Reasonable Rates 212 AV. 'Sterling' — Phone 9195 HEAR THE TRUE STORY 8:30 P.M. Over Radio Station 950 Kilocycles ALL-TEXAS RALLY Courthouse Lawn Athens .. 19% SERVfOE-'^ -^ \- v:«'GH^ND? First baby show in the United States was held at Springfield, O., in 1854. About two million dollars is spent for suntan lotions every year in the United States. Sugar, content -of tlie sap of maple trees is from two to seven per cent. 1360 ON YOUR AM DIAL 92.1 MG. ON YOUR FM FRIDAY EVENING 8 :OQ—World News Roundup 6:15—Altar Fires G:30—Range Kldlng 6:45—Sports Review - 7iOO—Harlem at Seven 7:55—Little League Baseball 10:00—Night Edition-' of .the Baytown Bun 10:15-^r>rearntlme 11:00—Sign oft , „' SATURDAY MORNING 6:00—Farm Extension Program 6:15^Reveille^ Rpnndup '' 6:57^Late News •*'.<• •*,'-, 7:OO^J3reaklast:iWitli-;:.the "Parson , 7;30^TrinUy Tunes •>, 8:00—Morning Devotional 8:15—Watching the Clock 8:30—Late .News 8:32—Watehlni the Clock ' > 9:00—'World News Roundup 9:1.1—Churches of Christ 9:30—Dick Eaaon Show 10:00—Local News 10:05—U.S. .Army Show : "'•>; - • 10:30—Startlme •"11:00—Late News tl:02—MI«J Day ifatinee SATURDAY AFTERNCO'' 12:00—World News Roundup 12:15—Mid Day Matinee 1:00—Top Tunes 2fOO—News Summary 2:05—Best On Wax 4:00—News Sumtnas-y •1:05—Spanish Hour."- Enjoy Life-Eat Out More Often! GOOD FOOD IS GOOD HEALTH 3 DIXING ROOMS TO SERVE YOU Luncheon at The Rebel with your_ friends is a cool, refreshing pause during hot summer days Go to Church—then meet your friends at The Rebel Inn for our;:5pecial ROAST TURKEY DINNER Delicious Turkey With Ail The Trimmings Complete Sea Food Or Steak Dinners Served Daily Except .Wednesdays -IVIi. From Ferry at Morgan's Point i DRSYE-IH H%vy. 146 Ncrtrt 2 Min. From Town *&**' /£* HUMPHREY *v TOH1GHT - SATURDAY SUNDAY - MONDAY See Bogart's Academy Award Role! FAST. C< THE Rl 1- JGMBO BURX5ER IN^A-B ASKB?E poppyneed hon^ freneh fries , 30c OURTEOUS SERVICE IS ILE ON OUR DRIVE-IN SERVICE LOT 2 - 1 CHICKEN ; * IN-A-BASKET Trench fries hot rolls 65c x, % -*" ,4. French Fried Onion Rings — : "OPEN TROX5T SANDWICH - frcnch'i fries hot rolls tarter sauce 1 " ,45c Lat^e Order 15c YOU'LL NEVER FORGET: the blazing holocaust of an exploding gunboat! l.w YOU'LL NEVER FORGET: an entire village ravaged by roaring flame! YOU'LL NEVER FORGET: the savage journey down 1000 mHes of untamed river! YOUU NEVER FORGET: this throbbing reckless love! in 7>» WITH ROBERT 1 ?- S.R EAGLE ^P <t FABfClffi - Mj » !ri<or!>€ !mrc icrc 9. inuuuncinu oirecwsty - tjb. o. FUnCoUft somsy Jftiiico ftbtt 6 Junil nUolUfl tAMM imnYnii A HOSUON-ROMULUS PRQDUCT10K ^ReJessoJ ftra Onfei fatefe JUnN HIIMliN Cartoon WE WILL BOX ANY ORDER TO GO ., .JUST CALL 9088^ "VACATION WITH PLAY 1 ION « 5! I? PAYS TO EAT AT THE CHICKEN SHACK! LAST WEEK'S ATTENDANCE AWARDS AT XO. 1 J. R. KING 504 West Pearco AT XO. 2 J R. HOLUHD 716 W. Cleveland I I 2505 Market St. . I Dial 3-1375 Hwy.UiatTe Dial 9590 BOXOFF1CE OPENS 9:45 A.M. SHOW STARTS AT 10 A.M. Children Under 12 Tears, 25c—Adults, 50c OF AND POPEYE-BUGS TOM & JERRY-PLUTO] JOE DOAKES - TWEETIf OUR GANG COMEDY THE THREE STOOGES PLUS OUR REGULAR FEATURE NOW SATURDAY Cartoon. Mouse Come to Dinner WORLD NEWS Today and Tomorr JUn\A/ THRU Piwlnr SATURDAY e 2 BIG HITS 2 € XO. 1— Call to Breat Adventure! MX 2— -x,, DANA ANDREW'S in "CANYON PASSAGE' Box Offire Show Starts :w*! DEBBIE •.. ' XO '2. "KEEP 'EM H.T-

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