Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on April 25, 1971 · Page 21
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 21

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 25, 1971
Page 21
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6B-DEL RIO (TE'XAS) NEWS-HERALD, Sunday. April 25, 1971 i ^ MAXIMUM DISCOUNT Good Fire Record Gives City Credit r t The City of Del Rio has received an increased fire insurance credit rating and has now attained the highest rating BERRY'S WORLD I allowed under state law. Fire Chief W. E. Zorn said Saturday that he has received official notice from the State "OK! OK! I'LL be Red China, and YOU can be the United States!" Bike Rodeo Set at The second annual Bicycle Rodeo, at Laughlin Air Force Base Motorcycle Club, Youth Activities Council of L.A.F.B., and Border Credit Union, is set for May 15. All cyclist planning to attend the event should register their'Wtftcles in advance. Registration will begin at 12 noon, Saturday, at 8084B Kenyon, and continue until 4pm. Sunday, May 2, bicycles may be registered at the same address from 2pm to 5pm. Registration forms require cyclist name, address, grade in school, age, make of bicycle, color of bicycle, bicycle serial number, and fathers name. Entrants are asked to have this information ready to insure proper registration. Base officials have helped tremendously in the acquistion of materials needed to set up the course, and members of the Coyote Dusters and Youth Activities Council have given unselfishly of their time and effort, but only the bicycle riders will determine whether the project succeeds or fails. Frank Hoffman, coordinator stated, "Parents are urged to not only encourage their youngsters to participate, but also to come out with them and provide a cheering section. Not only is it a day of fun, but it can be invaluable to the safety of all bicycle riders," Hoffman declared. "Any further information or questions can be obtained by contacting Hoffman at 298-3223 or calling the Youth Activities office on base," he concluded. Board of Insurance that Del Rio has been accelerated from a 20 per cent fire credit rating to the maximum 26 per cent. "This will be a good year for residents to buy fire insurance," said Zom. "Fire insurance buyers in Del Rio will receive a 25 per cent discount on their fire insurance premiums." he continued. A discount of 25 per cent is the maximum that can be attained by any Texas city, Texas is the only state among the 50 that utilizes the fire record credit-debit system, according to Zorn. The chief said it is possible that, Instead of a city receiving a credit or discount on its fire premiums, it could conceivably be assessed a penalty of up to 15 percent additional premiums for a bad fire loss record. For .example, the City of Fort Worth is charged an additional penalty of 10 per cent due to its fire loss record over the five-year period ending Sept. 30, 1970, With a five-year loss ration of 22 per cent, Del Rio has jumped into its highest fire loss ratio yet. A 24 per cent or less I ratio gives a city a 25 per cent I • good credit towards the Y purchase of fire insurance. I Uvalde Shapes * Plans to Mark { Cinco de Mayo J Special to the News-Herald I UVALDE-An alteration in X the dates set for the Cinco de I Mayo Charrida (Mexican T Rodeo) in Uvalde has been Y announced by Santos Flores * and Adloph Ghappjs—| co-chairmen of the celebration, v The new dates will Be May 8 v and 9, instead of May 1 and 2 $ as previously set. $ The Queen Coronation and $ dance will be held on May 5 as $ originally scheduled. All of the A events will be at the City I Fairgrounds. T Flores and Chapoy, also j co-chairmen of the parade, say j that it is set for 10a.m. v Saturday, May 8. f Del Rio Back When. ......^..^...^mftiSSW^ FROM THE FILES OF THE DEL RIO NEWS—HERALD FIVE YEARS AGO April 25,1966 Supt. P'A' Tanksley was notified that Del Rio Independent School District has been granted $39,330 for a Head Start Project. John Garcia, president of the Del Rio Good Neighbor Committee, announced that 25 men and women from Del Rio will attend the meeting of the International Good Neighbor What's Missing? Antwcr to Pr«»ioui Puzslt ACROSS 1 Alike as two peas ir) a 4 Ring the 8 your food well 12 Lemon 13 Plastic ingredient 14 Military assistant 15 Drunkard 16 Early movie • canine 18 Braided 20 Arboreal homes 21 Actor's hint 22 "Desire Under the n 24 Italian city 26 Ronge 27 Light touch 30 IncuraionSst 32 Canadian capital 34 Turn upside down 35 Tidier 36 of Aquarius 37 What a -! 39 Put your loot forward 40 of kindness 41 Heart (anat.) 42 Glossy fabric 45 Embellished 49 One who voices opposition 51 Fish 52 Malarial fever 53 Minister to 54 Metal 55 Rocky pinnacles 56 Greek god of war 57 Affirmative DOWN 1 . present and future 2 Smell 3 Lawbreaker's nemesis 4 Purse 5 Great Lake 6 One who grants temporary use 7 Pillar labor group 27 Fatherhood 28 Inspires with reverential . fear 8 Walking sticks 29 Small pastry 9 Runs, • errors 10 Redact 11 Skin tumors 17 Lodger, for instance 19 Certain material for footwear 23 Masculine appellation (Pi.) 24 Assam silkworm 25 Warbled 26 Russian 31 Rich fur 33 Small drum 38 One who skates 40 Arachnids 41 Strings 42 Petty quarrel 43 Jason's ship (myth.) 44 Circuitous journey 46 Low sand hill 47 Feminine nickname 48 Low haunts SO Depot (ab.) Council in Monterrey, Mexico. < TEN YEARS AGO 4 April 25, 1961 ^ A joint tourist development ^ committee of the Del Rio and 4 Ciudad Acuna Chambers of t Commerce^ held its i organizational meeting and } elected Hal Hermann of Del ; Rio to serve as vice-president ' and James R. Thacker of Del ] Rio as treasurer. Sponsored by ' the Student Council of the Del < Rio High School and the Del < Rio Junior High School, a drive < has been launched in the Save < the Children Federation < Bundle Days Clothing , Collection. , TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO April 25, 1946 The Del Rio High School band, under the direction of ' Edward Trojanowski, will ' present a free concert with a ' varied program in the auditorium at the high school. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Matkin announce the grand opening of the Vogue Beauty Salon. THIRTY YEARS AGO April 25, 1941 Jack Laughlin of Del Rio has received his wings as a pilot after completing his training in California. W. E. Zorn, custodian of the Moore Park swimming pool, announced its opening for the current season. FORTY YEARS AGO April 25,1931 Sam H. Walk, chairman, and F. W. H. Wehner, secretary, announced an election of officers to be held by the Board of Trustees of the Del Rio Independent School District. The Princess Theater • announces the showing of the famous old "East Lynne" now produced as "talkie . Pictograph Site Gets Protection With no fanfare the Texas Historical Foundation has q.uietly completed arrangements to lease the land containing the Fate Bell Indian rock shelter in Val Verde County, the Texas State Historical Survey Committee reports. By so doing the Foundation has been made able to erect a 1 chain link fence around, the prehistoric pictographs (rock paintings) to afford them protection from vandals. The Survey Committee and Foundation will hold their 1971 annual meetings in Del Rio, Oct. 28-30. l|^^li|0^y^;g4-,:' :: SAVE IO%-2O%-3O% AND MORE .THIS MERCHANDISE MUST GO! PLENTY OF FREE PARKING * OPEN 9 TO 9 FOR THIS EVENT * ASK ABOUT OUR EASY PAY PLAN * SORRY, AT THESE LOW PRICES - NO MAIL OR PHONE ORDERS ACCEPTED! Save on selected tires, major appliances and TV, ca.r & home merchandise. All must go, now! Hurry! — some of these items are in limited supply! 3 Days Only! DIAGONAL MEASURE SCREEN WM235GWO/C016 stand 8 Smartly-styled woodgrain polystyrene 9 Light weight 35 !bs. O Up front controls O Insta Color' warm up « "Prc-set fine tuning" • Stand optional at extni cost stock SPECIAL BARGAIN LIST DESCRIPTION REG.. $99.95 99.95 54.95 72.95 MO-14 O 9* Diagonal Measure Picture © Insta-View « Solid State VHF-UHF Tuning « Set and Forgot Volume Control O Up-Frnnt Controls / Front Sound O Handsome Ebony Finish, woven tweed covered control panel. Rog. $99.95 1 in stock Its performance matches its great styling! Model No. A534- Early American Styling THE STEREO CO .V SOLE o Solid State AM FM FM Steruo Tuner o 80 W atcs PL-ak Music Power 40 Walls El A; 9 Custom Jam-Resistant 4-Speed Changer « GE Man-Made- 1 Diamond Stylus e Six- rfpeakev Sound System—Two 8" Woofers, Two 3" Tweeters, Two 3 .KHZ Horns o.Acoustaphonic 1 " Speaker Chambers a Auxiliary Speaker Control Center—Right and Left Extension Spenlcer .lacks, 3-position Speaker Control Switch. Tape Playback and Record .Tacks, Headphone Jack «Sound Control Center—Loudness, Balance, Treble, Bass, Bass H^HOO Bpost, Contour Switch, o Equipped $i%ll for Porta-FiS Remote Sound Svstem General Electric 11.5'en. ft. Dial Defrost Refrigerator Model TA-12SL Big capacity. Only 28" wide! • Ful[-width freezer • Huge vegetable bin COLOR reg. $549.00 Danish Modern Styling 295 sq. inches of color picture • Easy to use Meter Guide- . • tuning . • Brings inUHFand VHP channels • • Insta-view gives you picture and sound in seconds • Adjust! automatically to weak or strong signala SERVICE ^STORES 504 Griner 7^5-3587 3 — 8TPX TAPE PLYR 3 — " HK TAPE DECK LO — V931 RECORD PHONO 4 — G.E. PORT. STEREO 1 -- 3';/7'iTRK RECRDR 152.9$ 2 -- T1284 G.E. RADIO 54<>95 2 — TAPE CARRIER 11.98 1 — I.E. PORT PHO/RDO 29.95 2 — T2260 AM/FM RADIO 54.95 1 -- C1405B All RADIO 15.95 2 — T2215A AK RADIO 17.95 2 _ ^2970 AM/™ RADIO 44.95 1 — C1400A CLOCK RADIO 14.95 3 — C2420B AK RADIO 23.95 1 — Til53B TABLE RADIO 13.95 2 — 8TRK CAR "TAPE PLYR §9.95 1 — DLX 8TRK CAR' :l " 79.95 2 — PRT " " " 79.$'5 1 — G.E. .AM/TO RADIO 44.98 7 _ (REAR) FLOOR MATS 3.75 .7 — (FRONT) FLOOR MATS 4.95 3 __ BUMPER JACKS (CAR) 7»99 11 — DUST CLOTH .99 3 __ AUTO POLISH 1.79 3 — AUTO CREAM WAX 2.35 2 — CSR WAX 2.25 3 — CAR WAX 1.19 2 — RADIATOR FA3T FLUSH 1.15 4*— VYNAL WAX 1.75 3 — COOLING SEALER 1.15 9 — RADIATOR TEMP GAUGE 5»29 2 — LRG. HVY. CHAMOIS 3.79 24 - GOODYEAR EMBLEMS . 0 85 2 — CAR DUST CLOTH .69 53, — ONE GALLON GAS CAN 1.89 1 — INFANT CAR SEAT 12 0 95 3 __ ELEVATOR FOAM CUSHK .99 TIRE LETTERING RUB- 18 _ BER PAINT - WH,HL, 1.99 YW, AJ:D RED. 9 — LAWN RAKES 0 88 . 7. — PLIO-BOK T D GLUE .79 PLIO-BGKD GLUE .59 8 KM MOVIE PROJECTOR 49.00 COFFEE PERCULATOR 9.95 cmo " " 12.99 CM12 " " . 18.98 P-15 " " 21.98 #435001 M/B "• 12.99 ELEC. KKIFE 9.94 ICE CRUSHER 17.98 G.E. BL-12 BLENDER 33.98 B-18 BLENDER, 19.77 BL3 G.E. BLENDER 45-98 BP1 G.S. EL, SKILT 33.98 AVO. SKILLET 30 ..93 — Q.26T ELE. SKILLET. 27*98 — TOASTER #34534 M/B 9.95 —. TOASTER #20535 ' 16.66 — TOASTER #20634 9.91 — #4414 WAFFLE IRON 28.98 — HD17 HAIR DRYER 19.98 — EC24 G.E. CAN OPKR 12.98 — #330 ALUM! GRILL 49.99; _- H'/B DLX MIXER 54/95 —• R15 MIXER . 24.79 — R16 MIXER 39.95 ~ F6C' DRY/STEAK IRON 12.95 — F54 DRY I R 0 K 12.88 — FlOl DLX .STEAM IRON 24.73 — <P20L4 VACUUK CLNR GE 39«95 — MJT-2'GE VACUUM CL>!R 29.#5 — WE3TCLOX BIGBSN CLK 10.95 -- TKRMOJUG OUTffii KIT 14.95 D - FL'UFF BROOM,^ i.oo — LAUNDRY CART 3.29 — 12pc. KTTCHEK SET -5.49 .— #168 7pc. COOKWARE 29.98 SPECIAL * $79.95 J 78.95 I 36.55 J 51.97 * 129 0 00 t — STAINLESS STL " 26.98

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