Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 7, 1963 · Page 14
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 14

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 7, 1963
Page 14
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14 THE PAMPA DAILY NEWS FRIDAY, JUNE 7, 1963 5GTM Television Programs Channel 4. 1:00 The Match Gam* J:25 News 1:30 Make Room For Daddy 1:00 Major Comar 1:30 Window Un Th« World KGNC-1V, FRIDAY 5:15 Huntley Brlnkley NBC fi:lf> Weather fi:2.'i Spoi-IS 6:,tll International Showtime 7:30 Mitch Miller S:,10 Plrre Is nisht 9:<>0 .Inck Panr Show 10:01) Wlrnlnw Un 'I'll* World in;15 Weather 10:25 Sports III;.,U 'lulliRllt ShOW CHANNEL 4 SAXURDAT 7:30 Herkl* Jt Jorkls S:00 Deputy Paw g S:.iO Kutf >t Ileildy »:OU Phari Lew is-NBC B:."0 Kins Tjfioiiariio 10:fin Fl'HV-NHC 10:30 Major r"omar 11:30 Milwaukee, At Pittpburpr 1:00 Lone Star Sportsman 30 Cntton John 3 :HO Top Star Bowllnjr 4:00 Hole-lti-One, Tournament Manhunt 8:30 Sain Benedict 7:30 Joey Bishop Show 8:00 Saturday nlsht at Movlej. 'The Desert Hals' R:30 Western Cavaliers 10:00 Window of the S:-IS NBC-News World 6:00 News 10:1 7, \Veather 6:l.i Weather 10:2.1 Sports 6:25 Sports 10:30 "('•onnectlcut Yankee" Channel 7 1:00 Queen For A D.ty 1:30 Who Do You Trust 4:00 American Handstand «:30 Maverick I:3U News KVD-TV, FRIDAY KMO Weather ."> :-l,1 News 6:00 Sea Hunt ii:;in ("heyenue 7:30 The Klintstones S:"0 I'm Dickens-lie's ABO Konsler S r,(i 77 .-unset Strip !>:3" Thriller 10:31 K-7 News 10:.|H K-7 U'piilher Hi:4.1 I'asa Blanca CHANNEL 1 SATURDAY 1:30 From Farm to Market 10:00 Call to Learning ll:0n rarloonies 11:30 Matty's Funnies 12:00 Blips Bunny Show 12:30 The Maple Land of Alakazam 1:00 My Friend Fllcka 1 .;;n (nitlaws ?.:>D I'MS.-I Blanca 4:00 Wide World ot Sports 6:30 Texas Round-Up Time 6:00 Close-Up 6 in Oall.-int Men 7:.'.ii llnoteiinnny S:00 l,;i»renre \Vrtk O'OO h'lsht of the Week !>• IS Make That Sparo 10:00 Hie Time Wrusll- fnsr 11:00 Larceny, Inc. Channel 10 KFDA-TV, FRIDAY CBS 1:00 The Secret Storm 8:30 E<l|?e of NlBht 4:00 Freddie the Fireman 1:15 The Adventures of !>uperma n 6:13 News Walter Cronklte 6:00 XPW* Report 10:00 News—Jim Pratt fi 20 Weather 10:15 Weather Report fi:30 Hawhlde 1U:'.'J KKHA-TV Edl- 7:3'i Koutfl CS torlal S.:M Alfred Hitchcock 10 30 ]:„• Flicker 9.30 Eyewitness in ',r, KNCU licportcr 11:00 loo Flicker (cent) CHANNEL 10 SATURDAY S :30 Have. Gun Will 7:30 ComJdy Time 12 JS Baseball S:00 Captain Kangaroo IVSft 1-irlmont Slakes 9:00 The Alvln Show 3.<ji) Saturday Ijox !>:in 'lunsmoke 3:31 Mighty Mousa Office " 1» »n News Keport 10:nn Kin Tin Tin R:."n Death Valley Days U>:!."> Weather Report 10:XO Roy Rogers Show $-On News Keport 1«:2"> lot- Flicker 11:0(1 Sky King- S::'f> Woathti tleport T>:V> New* Report 11:3" Comedy Time 6:3H Jaokie nienson 11:00 15c Flicker Cont'd 12:15 Baseball 7:30 The Defenders -O- Television In Review -O- I steel rigging nearly eight stories TORTURE TEST WRIGHT - PATTERSON .AFB, jtall - and made it "fly" every Ohio (UPI) — For nearly nine! kind of fighter - bomber mission in months, the mo?t ingenious sci-<the book under every conceivable entific torturers in the U.S. Air : condition of operation and combat. Force kept an F-105 on the ; r rack The F-105 thwarted its torturt,s while they hunted for its 'break- for the equivalent of 5.700 flight ing point." .hours, giving it a service life at They hung an average Thunder-, least one and a half times the corn- chief, picked off the Republic Avi- j bat lifetime designed into it by Btion production line, in a mare of i its builders. By RICK DU BROW United Press International HOLLYWOOD (UPI) — ABC- TV's "Ozzie and Harriet" tried something different Thursday night. It wasn't a bad notion. Any change in this series is an improvement. The notion was to put on a special half-hour of mostly music, and the best thing about it is that singers Bud and Travis. Jennie Smith and the Brothers Four kept the usual cast off the screen for a while. Except Harriet, who is still a nifty gal. Unfortunately, the vocalizing also included one of the regulars, Ricky Nelson, who insists on trying to sing in public. Arthur Godfrey is silting in this week as host of NBC-TV's 'Tonight" show while Johnny Carson is on vacation, and it wouldn't be a tragedy if Carson missed a connection on his way back. Earlier this season, Godfrey did three eminently forgettable CBS- TV specials, and in them he laid on the commercial folksinoss style to an offensive degree. But the worst thing about them was their unfairness to him: '1 he whole point about him is that his appeal is not "special," but, as indicated here before, like that of an old shoe, with its case. The nights that I raurht Godfrey as the "Tonight" host this week, he had shed the professional hick approach, and the result was flattering to him—and made this old Godfrey radio fan thankful, for when he is swinging free and easy, he is the old master. The man belongs back on television on a daily, informal basis. He doesn't need specials. n«or«i HIGHLAND GENERAL HOSPITAL NOTES THURSDAY Admissions Mrs. Mary Clark, 1001 Terry Rd. Mrs. Tressia Hall, 637 N. Nelson David Ivey, 1234 S. Hobart Bobby Eugene Phillips, McLean J. W. Hooker, Wheeler J. C. Morris, 737 Sloan John M. Truby, 1905 N. Wells Robert White, 1320 Garland Mrs. Evelyn Prichard, 2016 Williston Wayne Burleson, 1132 Juniper Mrs. Ricie Penninglon, Miami Dismissals Mrs. Tasbie Dorsey. Groom Jcrrye Hollon, 417 Pitts W. J. Ulrich. S37 E. Craven Guy Pharis, 2615 Navajo Rd. R. C. McAllister, White Deer W. A. Lowe, 431 Crest Scott Jordan, Panhandle Mrs. Claudia Smith, Borgcr Mrs. Barbara Wilson, 121 F. 26lh Mrs. Wanda Frost, 1216 E. Fosl- i er Mrs. Vela Roundtrce, 411 Purviancc Mrs. Barbara RinR, Lefors Rahy Boy Ring, Lefors Roper Crawford, Skellytown Mrs. Neta Neighbors, White Deer John Fitzpatrir.k. Paula Simpson, HM Hamilton Kimherley Hunt, fiOS W. Francis Buddie Gray, McLean Mrs. Margaret Phillips, Borger Underwriters Clinic Slated CANYON (Spl) — An advanrcrl |life underwriting Hinir. spnnvoird N. [jointly by the Amarillo LI!P In surance Association and the School of Business of West Te.xas Stale College, IKIS been scheduled July If) at the Holiday Inn, West, in Amarillo. iiiMirnncr in business and personal i for the session, and reservation* estate plfinniri)/" ! nv.iy \> r ' made through the Ama- Spwikers intiurlr Henry DuBois. rillo Life Underwriters Axsodsj. underwrite'- for Northwestern MM-| lion, Box 734, Amarillo. tnal I .iff Insurance Company of, Dallas. .Ii-'hn I). Saint, Jr., vice pre\ider.t of the Soulhwest Indem- riit'.' ;inrl Life Insuiance Company of Dallas. LauTcnto II. Budner. vice |iie.i(|fnl find trust officer of 'the Firs! National Bank of Dallas; and C. F. Claines, director of the I Now You Know By United Press International Sable, so valuable that a sin.2l(« ipclt once brought $200, conip.i from once brought the coat of the marten, ac- Institute of Insurance Marketing of Southern MrlhodiM University. 'I hey will talk on such topics as Four widely - known insurance ; "Deferred Compensation ond Penmen of the Southwest will ( ondurt ! sio n Planning." "Business Uses of cording to the New York Zoolc ical SocicU magazine. S, Cuyler j || 1C r |i n i C| according to Leonard dunderson. president of the Amarillo association. "The clinic is designed for advanced life underwriters with Karlene Young, 103.) S. ;ihree or more years of experience," dunderson said, "anil for i lawyer's, doctors, bankers. I i n s t i officers, and certified public ac- to (ouiitants and other proles ional 'men interested in the uses of life Health Insurance." "The Life Insurance Trust," and "the Changing Market." Advance legist ration fee is $.5.50 Pamna'.i Newest And Most Modern Automotive Parts <&. Accessory Store K-TEX AUTO PARTS 420 W. Brown MO 4-J321 Mrs. Gray Willie Taylor, Fntch Germans are not permitted accept a Nobel Prize. PATRICK'S SCHOOL SUPPLIES 311 N. Cuyler — Open 7 a.m. to !) p.m. — MO !M)I42 Hamburgers 15c| I 6 oz. Shakes Any Flavor 15c MALCOLM HINKLE, Inc. MKCTIAMCAL CONTKACTOHS 19 !5 N. Air Condiliomni; Sales and Scr ico Shee,f Metal Work I'lumbinf; Sales ami Service Healing Sales and Service $ MO 4 7121 t Terms (Jiiarantrcd Work and Materials ?A Hour Service Water-rwlstant rugged construction rnasculina •W/IM caw and crystal are Intact The Channel Swim: Carol Chan- nmg guests on the debut of Keefc Brasselle's summer musical-variety show which subs for the Garry Moore hour on CBS-"1Y Marting June 25 Daniel Ma>sc-y, son of "Dr. Hilda re" star Raymond Massey and headlmer of the Broadway musical "She Lo-. es Me." sings on NBC-TV's "Today" show next Friday. . .On Thursday, "Today" offers a full-hour report on the desegregation in Louisville, Ky., of parks, public schools, pools, hotels and restaurants in the past eight, years. There is talk of a possible American version of the British Broadcasting Corp. (BBCi tele- ! vision show of contemporary sat- i ire, "This \Vas the Week" That ! Was," and that U.S. networks are : being approached...Fat chance of any of the networks allowing ihe really rough barbs that the non- j commercial BBC lets pass. 107 N. Cuyler WATER f RESHENF.R NEW ORLEANS (UP!) - More than H.1 nillion gallons of sc.i or brackish i\ater are comerted to fresh water throughout the woilt esery day by use of fla-h evaporator systems, it was C'.'ima'cd :H the recent annual mci-ting of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. "This new industrial tool will allow more flexibility in chemical plant designs and make available more plant sites which were at one time considered 'w a t e r poor,' " said R. A. Baker, Jr., of Westing-house Electric Corp., Philadelphia, Amazing values! . . . Designed to please an/ Mason flaihmg die square and compau Matonic ring. WeeHy Magnificent 32* ring c*n lered with brilliant dia mond. 14K J3.50 fiery diamond on hit treasured emblem in thii IOK Maionic ring. iHutirghorn «nlgfy*d to Imaginil Diamond IOK Maionic lopul pin. $4.50 NO MONEY DOWN term* arranged (vcti p/ui lot 107 N. Cuyler odiamondt ablaze Qn 14K Masonic lapal pin. $27.50 9 Hashing d ta- mondil 14K Shrine lupgl pm. $45.00 IZ ALE'S / F= I . Pampa MO 4-3377 LEVINE'S FATHER'S DAY-SUNDAY JUNE 16 MEN'S DECK Thick Cushion Crepe Soles Heavy Canvas I'ppers If First Quality .">! Full Fashioned Self Seams Summer Shades Only At Levine's Pampa LADIES' SHORT .lam a teas Solids Sanforized Size 8 to IS Compare at 1.99 • Short-Shorts • Plaids • Patterns 0 Perfect 1 it LADIES BLOUSES Broadcloths Knits Sleeveless Roll Up Slemes Plain Ruifle Trims Si/es 3'1-W Washable Both Floors SOFT ILK SANDAU FOR HEALTHY GROWING FEE! at LEWIE' , LOW, LOW C ash Charge Or l.ay- A\vav Shoe Dept. Street Floor LEVINES

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