The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 22, 1954 · Page 5
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 5

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 22, 1954
Page 5
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•ft* — Girl Scout News' — Trefoil Talk Bj SCZY SCOOT People are always talL 0 »_u,u.. u 1-1 K,cutits doing good deeds, but last Saturday moinmg- some grown people did a good deed for the Girl Scouts. Miss Aranna Watson called us and told us that some, men from the LULACs went out to the new Girl Scout camp that morning, and really got busy and worked on the inside of the camp building They finished the inside supports, completed tht floor-leveling-, and worked on part of the bathroom. The LULACs are sponsors of Troop 60, but I know all the Girl Scouts in Baytown really appreciate their thoughtf ulness. By the way; I got my first chance to see some real Girl Scouts last PRACTICE CEREatCXNTES Saturday' morning, . when they .. Members of. Troop 31 practiced came by the. office with their lead- the indoor .flag ce'rembny when ers. •--'..• ' •-• they met Monday at the Club They couldn't see me, of couise, House on South Mam. since I'm invisible along with being They also had a quiz on how to imaginary display the flag. I crept out from my perch behind , P °l nt ? one , aild tw ° of th ? h ° s ~ the telephone so I could see what tess bad ? e also were P assed , was going, on. it ;• STARTED DESIGNS They were doing good deeds, Members of Troop 46 started too— putting out posteis to remind making designs on the towels, people to give to the March of cuptowels and pillou cases they Dimes are making when they met Tues- As one of the editors explained day in the "home of Mrs. H. L. :to,me, some of them would be. in Aaron at 127 East Francis. a picture in the paper to remind After a business meeting Mrs other people of the March, too Aaron told the girls how to act She added that they couldn't whcn se ^ in S cookies take a picture of all the scouts PANTOMIMES who have helped with the March, Members of Troop 63 worked on but that the ones in the picture literature and dramatics wnen would represent all the others m they met Tuesday at the Boy Baytown who have helped. Scout house on. Texas" avenue. Besides helpmg with the March Each scout did a pantomime, of Dimpj,, the Girl Scouts have with Sharon Jones' pa.iol panto- been busy with a lot of .other rn'ming "Peter Pan." things,' r ;so I guess . I'd* better get For the work on music, and , rriy news in order and start dicta- dancing,, Stephanie Stephenson's ting- rriy column, This is getting to .patrol taught the' song, "The Deaf be a-, job for someone only two Woman's Courtship." inches nigh! .••'.- . ' • „.-,_• PRACTICE FOR SALE v ... HAVE DISCUSSION ..; . . Troop 2 1 ' Brownies practiced ._ Troop, 40 met Monday at Cedar making change for the cookie sale Bayou, school and discussed, the when they met Wednesday at laws and lorthcormng cookie. sale. Grace Methodist church. The .meeting was 'adjourned by They studied all the facts of sm S' n p-.:'Taps.' ••',. ,, salesmanship, then had an old' FORM PATROL Sl'STEM fashioned "spelling- bee" quiz test- Troop. 51 formed its, patrol sys- in S them • on what they had ter Tuesday at a meeting, at First learned. Baptist 'church. The hew scribe is sr ' aiEflESERS OF GIRL SCOUT Troop 3 got up early Saturday morning to dhtiibute March of Dimes posters. Show, here are Patsy Littlepage, Ann Kollenberg, Sue Mathews and Sharon jVHtc'hell. For Best Poem In Society — Mrs, Fenlon Awarded Pnze Mrs:. J. ,E. Fenton has been awarded $5; for her poem, "Half Breed," chosen by Dee. Walker as the best In. the Baytown Poetry So- .'ciety this month. Two honorable mentions . were awarded to Mrs. Fred Cloud and Hobart Enoch, it was announced Thursday night at a meeting in the home of Mrs. C. C. Young, 701 East Pearce. Member s .decided -;that .monthly awards of first and second ..prizes will be given by-secret ballot after the poems are read aloud to the group. Money for the prizes is to toe taken from the club'dues By-laws were read and adopted, and two new officers'were appointed. They are Mrs. Young, historian, and Mrs A R Stark, publicitv . director. Present weie 16 membeis and one new rriember, Mrs. Milton Meyer. Next meeting will be in the home of Mrs. Frank Moore. Grandmother Gan't Cook} She Trains Top Chefs TTTT-^T **•• s the "Parakeet," "Mockino- Bird" and "Blue Bird" patrols. P Joyce Micholsky, Nancy Fennema and Sandra Streich are patrol leaders. Jackie Taylor is reporter. Mrs. Jack, Taylor and Mrs. Ron- aid Baethe are sponsors. GOOK BREAKFAST Members of Troop 9 cooked breakfast together last Saturday morning in the home of their leaders, Mrs. Betty Coker and -Miss Bessie Akagi at 100S West Lobit. The menu included three kinds of eggs, toast, j611y, bacon and water. After breakfast, they , played games. The next meeting at 10 a.m. Saturday at the Grace Methodist 'Scout house. FINISH I'LATES Brownie of Troop 61 .finished making aluminum picture p!a(-."S at their meeting Wednesday at the Boy Scout house on Texas avc- nuc ' . They also had a business meeting, with- 16 members .present.'" avenue Scout house. T , hm ^" e f'^ Practiced with *f ch othrC F,' ^"5 , tu , rn , s ,, bein S hous ^^" ^ "saleslady." NEW OFFICERS Nexv officers of Troop 65 are Kathy Stephenson, president; Sherry Pittman, vice-president; Diane Mclntyre, secretary; Barbara Bossart, treasurer. Patrol leaders are Lois Marie Martin, Carolyn Ward and Kay 'Mallory. They were elected at a meeting Thursday at Second Baptist church. nff . Officers of Troop 60 were elected at a meeting at the Scout house. They are Maudine Frazier, president; Jane Ellen Mosely. vice- president; Sharon Blow, secretary; Pattie Blakeney, reporter. The girls discussed the cookie sale. Leaders present were Mrs. R. Stoval, Mrs. W. A. Welch and Mrs. H. N. Mosely. NEW HAVEN, Conn.. Jan. 22— UP The famous chefs are men, but a woman -who. admits she's no cooking expert is teaching some of them kitchen know-how. Mrs. Frances Roth, a 57-year-old grandmother, is head of the Culinary Institute of America. From her kitchen classrooms come male cooks to rival the European chefs who long have dominated the industry. , The fact that a woman^is, helping to train men as top chefs may be surprising. But even more unusual is the fact that Mrs. Roth doesn't consider herself a cooking expert. ;' , Mrs. Roth is an .attorney, or was until she "came to the rescue of restaurant operators hard-put for cooking talent. She was only 21 when she was graduated from New York University School of Law. Shortly after, she became the first woman member of the Connecticut Bar Association. By 1929, she was city prosecutor for New Haven and a leader in domestic relations and juvenile court problems' Her friendship with restaurant people began in World War II. As head of an anti-vice cleanup campaign, she. went to New Haven's hotel and restaurant managers for cooperation'. She got it. Then, with the war.over, she was asked by the .restaurant men to organize some kind of .training school for chefs. The explained that, the top foreign-train^ chefs were getting- both scarce and old. Mrs. Roth's school started with 55 veterans, training under the GI Bill of Rights. She hired high-salaried chefs for her staff. Within a year, thanks to- the generosity of the widow of a retired Yale University president, Mrs. Roth moved her institute to a 40-room mansion. Her culinary school turns out two types of graduates—one group qualify as cooks after, eight months of training, and the other studies 16 months to get top chef or baker's rating. . • • More than 50 per cent of the graduates enter the restaurant field, and some open their own businesses. "Biggest kick I get,' 1 she said, "is when some reverse the tradition and go aboard. Some of the graduates have top jobs in famous European restaurants-" 1 Miss Mai lory, Bill Fulton To Be Wed The engagement and appi caching marriage of Mis, Carolyn Mallory to Bill Fulton is being announced The bride-elect i* the daughter of Mr and Mrs W. C- Mallory. 605 Gresham. Fulton's-parents are Mr. and Mrsi J. L. Fulton, 1514 Dallas. Both were graduated from .Rob- ei t E. Lee high school and are students at Le c College. Miss Mallory is employed at First, National bank and Fulton is employed at Houston Light and-Power Co. The couple will be wed Feb. 19. Jill Of Trades Is Lady Mayor AVALON, N. X, Jan. 22 —(IB— Mayor Eclith Greenan is a com- •bination economist, administrator, businesswoman and self-appointed cat catcher. She has to be a little of each. This resort's ''lady mayor" has. been elected by the-burough's 700 voters three times in succession. Despite her extracurricular activities of operating a real .'estate business and a gift shop, she finds time to run her o\vn home, do her own cooking and read 1 , mystery stories. Included -in her public duties are supervision of the borough's police force and keeping the resort out of the red. The cat-catching came after she found that stray animals'left behind by the resort's 10,000' summer visitors presented a problem: Mayor Greenan said she had no particular affection for'cats prior to taking office, but gradually developed a liking for the wandering animals. - The "lady mayor" • is the proud owner o£ -104 cabs. But only four are real. The rest are figurines. £ Bags And Roses Demonstrated By HD Club Children's 'plastic bags were demonstrated by Mrs. E. F. Holder when the West Bay Homo Demonstration club met Thursday at Camp Ross Sterling-. Ms. W. V. Lawrence was hostess. A ten-minute recreation period preceded the demonstrations, which also included the care, .cutting and planting of roses by Mrs. Gus Duzat. Present were 12 members and a now member, Mrs. Garland nails- back. Neighbor News About Your Friends And Ours THE BAYTOWN SUN, FRIDAY. JANUARY 22, 1954 _ PAGE 5 •Just Folks Names - 'N' - Notes MRS. J. E. FRAZIER, the former MISS JEAN PROCTOR, was honored recently with a bridal shower at the home of MRS R L. WILLIAMSON, Bob Smith road. Tne hostesses were Mrs. Williamson, MRS. J. A. KORBNEK, MRS. G C SWINT and MRS C S BARDIN. The guest list included MRS. J. B MIX, MRS ROY FLESHMAN, SIRS G B DUGAT, MRS. O. E. GOWER, MRS. S. E. DUGAT, MRS. J B GREEN, MRS. W. C. WRIGHT, MRS J. C LYONS, MRS. HARRY MITCHELL, MRS VTHALEN GREEN. MRS W P. LAMB, .MRS. W, J. JOE BRUHL, MRS. J. O. PROCTOR, .MRS. JOHNNY FRAZIER, MISS SWEN BARDIN, and MISS ARTIE SHAW FLESHMAN; The two-tiered cake wtth a-brirfe and groom on top decorated the serving: table. Ivy plants were placed throughout the home ,, _ . „ ,, _ , Miss Freida Nell Laramore and MRS. HARRIS FLYNT was Eugene Vaughan have announced hostess this week to a meeting of their wedding date. the Lillie of Lebanon circle of " First Baptist church. "Ignorance Wedding Date Is Announced Is Not Bliss" was the topic of a The couple will be married on Maich 19 in Trinity Tabernacle. The Rev. R C. Tillery of Maced- Seven Bids to Be Accepted OKLAHOMA CITY, Jan. 22—UP —The highway department will accept bids Feb. 2 for seven projects estimated to cost a total of 51,393,000. •" done in the new miracle Cooper Process* to give you the unbelievably supple shoes like a glove that You'll be walking on air in the soft-toe WHISP. The flexible, soft, wrinkle free, marvelous!/ light, new kind of fashion-right foot comfort) with hiah or mid-heels. the Cooper Process is a new miracle construction feature, laminating the full leather fining to the shoe. shoes for the lovely . . . • . . see them today at: Cite The Economy talk given by MRS GARLA.ND oma will officiate in the ceremony. SMITH. MRS. ALICE ATGHISON led in an opening prayer and a'de- votional was brought bv, MRS.: C. H. SPIERS. The program was presented 1 by MRS. -CLIFTON BURRUS, Mrs. Flynt and MRS. H. E, WOODS. Seven members and one guest, MRS. • GUY 'BARRETT, attended. WILLIAM ROBERT HERRINGTON celebrated : his -fourth birthday in the home of his Mrs. Montgomery Is ShowerHonoree Mrs. C W "Bubba" Montgomery was honoree at a stork: shower Wednesday in the home of Mrs. Arlin G. .Fisher, 809 'South Circle drive. Co-hostesses with Mrs: Fisher parents*.MR. and MRS. BOB HER- were Mrs. J. W. Roberts and Mrs. RINGTON. Guests were DAVID Harry Ptacek. IRONS, ROBIN B E A R D E N, JEANNE AND GARY KONECY, VICKI .Some 50 gifts were arranged in a pink and blue bassinet with other decorations of storks. Guests were POWERS, .DAVID DONNELLY, SUSAN HARRISON; presented with favors of miniature JANELLE, NA"NCY and DONNIE . diapers. ROSPR1M and VIRGINIA HER-, RINGTON. . . Mothers present were LEWIS IRONS, LEE ROSPRIM, JACK KONECY, RAYMOND -During -a, game-playing session, prizes were awarded lo Mrs. Gaylc MRS Matthews, Mrs. Edward Cheatham DONNELLY, DELMAR POWERS, .and Mrs. Jack Johnston. The table was covered with a Ince cloth and held the cake and L. T. HARRISON, BOB, BEAR- crystal punch service, DEN, MRS. W. C. DAVIS MRS. L. J. WIELER. a]lt j Hostesses presented the honoree . with a baby chest ot drawers. * Refreshments were served to 37 guests. More news about the Sunshine Scatterers; All except one member of their Sunday school class _. _ f at St. Mark's Methodist church U/n Pflfn were present at their meeting ' VYU ICC1UI Sunday. A new member, JOAN GRIFFETH, was added to the class roll. MRS.. A. J. LEMON taught'the lesson in the absence of the class teacher, MRS. PRESTON MILLER. Flowers were Mrs. Katie Funderburk and Mrs. Katie Davis taught the lesson from "The Prophet, Jeremiah," when brought to give a shut-in. It was Deborah circle Of Grace Methodist announced that MARY ELIZA- church met Thursday in tile church B15TH KILGORE, ANN STAN- parlor. ' --- --— •-- The meeting was-conducted by Mrs. L. J. Lawrence. Mrs. T. L. Culpeppcr gave the opening prayer, with Mrs. Carl Bolting .Recipe ftqllCaJI.if 'Pal-Chobsjng' AddTo'dubFlm I Roll call was .answered with, favorite recipes and!, aji new~-method for choosing: 14 secre^^pa^s wJja used when Barbers -jHfil ^Horoa, Demonstration elub c met "Wednesday in the Lions hall, Mrs, H. J. Traverse's recipe for glazed peanatg was the 'most popular. t _ j Ingredients are two cups r ot shelled row peanuts, one cup of sugar, and one-half cup of watcr- Thcse arc put into a heavy iron skillet and boiled rapidly, with the cook stirring ^jntinually until the i liquid has boiled 1 away. Then the fire is turned very low, or out, and thc peanuts and sugar stirred 1 until the ^ugar melts and coats the peanuts. ^ The peanuts are poured out on greased paper to cool. Mrs. Traverso says it is best not to melt all the sugar as it makes the peanut coating too hard, and also burns easily. , Using the new method for getting secret pals cac,h member brought a wrapped gift in. a paper bo.g and placed it on a table in a room adjoining the meeting room. After everyone had arrix'ed, Mrs. J E Poet, recreation leader, removed thc gifts from the bags and called the gioup in to pick up gifts,. Fach person watched to see who picked up the gift she brought, the receiver being her new secret pal for the year. Mrs. E J. Freeman Ji. and Mrs. John Roche were in charge of the program on planting and pruning roses, Fifteen members wore present. The next meeting will be Feb. 3, with Miss Susie _ Brabham, Chambers county home demonstration agent, in. charge of the program. Priscilla Club Meets' With.Mrs. Wilburn Mrs. Thco Wilburn was hostess to 15 members of Priscilla club Wednesday in her home at WOO East Texas. •A guest at the meeting was Mrs. Leslie Wilburn. The entertainment .rooms.•-.were, decorated with arrangements of white'camellias. Refreshments of cnke, Ice cream and coffee were served. 'Mrs. N. D. Styles will bo hostess to a luncheon, meeting at 12:30 p.m. next Wednesday, In her homo at 1221 Kilgore. - , , Try Sun Classified Ads— Diiil 8303 Sixteen members were present Tansy Salmi Dressing NEW YORK —(tPi- For a langy salad dressing, combine '/d teaspoon garlic powder, 1 teaspoon horse radish, and 2 tablespoons catsup with J ,-i cup .salad dressing. Servo on potato or mixed vegetable salads. Try Sun Clnssificd Ails—Dinl 8302 LEY and ' JULIA. PATTERSON had January birthdays. MRS, CHARLIE ENDERLI gave a devotional on "Reasons leading th c devotional, for Prayer" when Joy circle of • sixteen member* we. Ccdnr Bayou Method 1st church met Tuesday in the home ot MRS. IVY SMITH on Crosby- Cedar Bayou rcxur. The second lesson of the current study eomvie, ''The Prophet, Jeremiah," waa taught by MRS. FORREST Mc- K1NSTRY. The closing prayer was led by MRS HUGH HARRIS. MRS. ELLIS SMITH will be hostess at thc next meeting in liur home on Highway 146. SEfcF-POTJSHTSR, Guests coming and no time to -polish tarnished silver? Pour sour milk into a pan and put silverware into !t to soak. (Make sour milk by stirring 1 tablespoon or vinegar or lemon juice in a cup of sweet milk.) Let stand for several hours, then wash silverware In hot sudsy •wntur and tarnish Avlll bo gone. BetterCough ReEef j When new drugs or old fail to help your cough or chest cold don't delay. Crcomulsion contains only safe, helpful, proven ingredients and no narcotics lo disturb nature's process. It goes into thc bronchial system to aid nature soothe and heat raw, tender, inflamed bronchial membranes. Guaranteed to please or your druggist refunds money. Crcomulsion has stood thc test of many millions of users. iiUtvu Caught, Cticst Colds, Aculg Bronchitis %i% blk'tfei, fe&w Don't let this return of winter fool you . . Spring is still just around the corner! ^^ JUST RECEIVED! HUNDREDS OF NEW SPRING COTTONS "the Career Girls' Pride" One of the many of our wonderful sweater dresses. So right for now and all summer long. Light prints, dark prints and woven ginghams. 100% wool swearer. Dress completely washable. Sizes 8 to 18. Assorted colors. USE YOUR LAY AWAY OR CHARGE ACCOUNT JENNY GILDEN'S INCOMPARABLE . COTTON DRESS WITH MATCHING SWEATER Two piece parasol pelated three tone cotton by Colony Casual. Completely washable, permanently pleated. A new spring dream of a frock.

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