Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on September 27, 1935 · Page 10
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 10

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 27, 1935
Page 10
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iffjt*^ i *y IC47-I 1,W* 5' I". FtQN WILL I _—srr m SOUTH AND MIDWEST Wl BARKER fNtiuUL fi«&Mtt&-iilr*i4kMA < JLUJK»~ aporis* wrieeT' irons, Sept. at. (av^tti* football formally lay the of a n6w and promls- gtt tht* Week. touched off by scattering „_—. _jfc-Week; the season will be ifl full swing tonight and tomorrow efto' ifeoutfh- many of the game 1 tradltlcfcal powers delay their In oflSruittM for another week, iifere appears to be no reasonabL '" "• 'Hat the fans will, be reward „ _J spectacular a display of of [fiT football as the game eve ThV ^ver increasing use of th ' '>tal pass, encouraged by the re ftttV of some at the more excesslv "Sifts' that" retarded its develop t, has brought about a wid kgame with gratifying results a '-'lattice. teffr&sion. given a bad beat .., jsar'a'jfo, should be in full re ; r thls s^ascrfi. Wo section of th ' holds a mprtgbge on foot net *ft<Ktt6 striking iricfeas -_ MfcMSecMonal gfttmsa has mad t fo-«aromew ghw where only on t$ew Before. Se'the' unquestioned treni their Blteflnatifan, this i/eeW, ' is domlwated by "tune I' are tossed In „_„,_„ gad south,"ju»>r- !'Cd»i^tUlon should be l£ "-Mh «ueh contests as Ing Notre Dame and Jbrwka and Chicago ww»uw^ mid Cotoradp university Bke fcna Louisiana State, sod C and South Carolina. Tin fee east, DuflUesne's tussle -*- 4 ' 1 -" "11 Kansas State, surprise coftheBlgSbf )sst year , the high spot, ftljthwgh beaten only by Pittsburgh a tfeoV**p6ct8 rjo romp with" W(l- *alj(J Mary. California; matched n»j and Washington, \ Idaho, get the Pacific coast ^g-^Jce-xace tinder way early. ^re-6easdo'calculations point to a rtde open tussle fpr the mythical aitoodsa. cwnjfli to which most ex- pafys believed Minnesota's undefeated 1 Steam-roller was entitled last yean •la t|e «ast, pjtt, Colgate, Ford- haw, ' Tfcjtnple, Princeton, Pennsyl- ,.ana.possibly Holy Cross look Jly formidable. Army, Navy, jit>la, Yale and Syracuse should be 1 pushovers for none. 'Tyildvestem critics hail Ohio State sa^ijtoteniJaUy the strongest in the £g|Kpm if not in the country, but Buckeyes may have trouble "'"' capturing the crown at the - of Minnespta, Illinois and ,„,*, Southwest conference cham- JMOO, has put together another strong efeyep, but Texas, Southern Meth- ijfcrtUSe threats. an my te ..Alabama, Tulane, Louisiana state MM Tennessee may be the "big four" of fbe Southeastern conference, and ^prth' Carolina, Worth Caro- Washlngton & Lee o^iw <5K/ui,nern conference. Kansas state's chief Bip Six wreat apparently will be Nebraska Stenfcrd; the 1834 title winner] . lotes best in the Pacific coast sector; _*toiong the independents, Notre Dame s' progress under Elmer Lay- able , interest. Reports from' South Ben indicate the Ramblers mav come bade to the peak thifyear. iBhl sa n State col- were called into * prfor to formal opening of seasoning to serve as • " B " to * Coach n's lecture and an- SEE us FOB GOOD USED TIRES AMD USED TRUCK PASTS MMPA HARDWARE; AND IMPLEMENT COMPANY ^Comfortably '"'"*<* i jr*^* r. Paul Owen* - Economical tf ft*. r& i White ILB. JBAG & * LI .1** BMitfl -,_!\..«A^ 8toy Hfi^. i*mctS Attt IN WH|N-t«E PAPER LEASES fttE PRESS FRIDAY AFTERNOON PartoRican Baking Size W RESERVE THE ItmHT m r vBBfBi M mm CAtlFOI CUKES *00 fcA«OK roft G WA> v*i A wri c? fftlttfi OF COLORADO BUNCH"* 6 COLORADO FIRM GREEN MEADS .QUALITIES Of AtL PURCHASES 't Bananas : DOG FOOD DdGS,*P1Hflttes * CATS NO. i f ALL CAN SORGHUM SWANNER'S EAST TEXAS FRESH BLACK EYED PEAS Size IS Oz. tamb's la the Can, Seasoned, Ready tof Sefyo c Krapt • Spinach Or Muttard Gjft&ris Size No. 2 Ic SATURDAY ONLY—LIMIT Granulated in JCraft Bags C GREEN BEAM TOWELING WHITE SUGAR SACKS c Tender No."l Size MINCED HAM OR LARGE BOLOGNA LB.17!c Cut tender Size 2<4 No. 2 Early June These Ate Not" Dry Soaked KRAUT HOMINY No. 2 Fancy Pack i CANS FOR 25c EVAPORATED MILK ARMOURS ! TALL CANS OR SMALL CANS G No. 8H Larffe Snow White ROASTS Suhrayy Star and Dold's U. S. Stamped Beeves : CANS FOR 25c POTTED MEAT SAUSAGE Four Ounce Net 2 CANS-FOR California Quality No. 1 Tail I CANS. i FOR WHITE SWAN COFFEE PLAIN OR DRIP GRIND STOCKED AT NO. J STORE ONLY CAN ROLL ROAST OR PLATlE CENTER CUT CHUCK CENTER CUT ARM PRIME RIB OR RUMP BONED & TIED PRIME RIB LB. 20k ID 901. LD. £026 NECKBONI . *£_.•" • • L8.12?c PEANUT BUTTER BRING YOUR CONTAINER LB. 12lc Saturday Only LUNCH LOi 0.23k BflCOfi SQUAJESE LB 27k SAUSAGE LBJBk Dold's, Sunday, Star Stamped U. S. Beeves EVAPORATED MILK CARNATION, BORDEN'S OR PET TALL OR SMALL CANS Ic FRESH CLOVERBLpOM CdUNTfRY ROLL SATURDAY ONLY SCHILLING'S TEA % MEAT & PRODUCE PRICES ARE FOR FRIDAY AFTERNOON SATURDAY AND MONDAY e Stamped fr or equarter LB. Saturday CENTER CUT •eyHUCK CENTER CUT ARM ROUND , LOIN OR .GUTS SIRLOIN FAN€Y Choice Stamped BeeiF: Saturday Only LB. 18k LB. 21c LB. 25k LB. 28k L 30k RAISES THOMPSON'S SEEDLESS C 4!* 36' WHITE KING (il'fllHfltJtCf/ 40 OZ. PKG. '«n«1^S~Tl KIRel^PLUS HIA1TH SOAP I C TOILIT SOAP 3 Cakes 14c~3 Cakes 14c M MALLOWS SHOTWELL'S PURITAN 8 OZ. PACKAGE JUICE Tomato, Fancy No. g Size Can CAN9c GRAPEFRUIT- CAKIOc BLACKBERRIES aa JUICE Pineapple, Del Monte or Pole's No. 2 Can I4c c GREAT WEST BAG SLICED BACON A Butter Substitute FOR____. MEAT Old rime Brand BOX9c PICKLES Whole Soars or pills in gl&ss QT. 176 MACARONI Spaghetti or shells In the iuljc BAG17c Choice MI the Bulii Lli. BAG19c BAG25c Break O' Morn IN THE BAG, LB. Chase & Sanborn DATED ECONOMY DECKER'S KORN-KIST DOLD'S STERLING ARMOUR'S BANQUET PREMIUM A 2 V III LI BOX 456 DELI C'Afr E S S EN Sol4 at. No; BAR-B-Q BEEF -i HPT CHILI, SEASONED RIGHT,, HOT ROAST BEEF HOT PORK HAM Only LB.25c PL 2Sc LB B 35o LB. 4Sc PORK CUTS SHANK ENDS Medium Shoulders Va or W.hole CENTER CUT SHOULDERS FRESH HAMS 1/2 OR WHOLE CENTER CUT HAM ROAST -TASTY FLAKES— Fresh and Crisp 0 PINEAPPLE Juice, Gfeet- Ings Brand Size 1ZX ot. 2 CANS 4A FOR 196 CHERRIES No. 2 Red Pitted 2 CANS FOR B ISlaaiMl rLC No. 8 A CANS Crushed w 9 Matched Slices Ol FOR FRUIT JARS Qts., Reg. Kcrr-| Mason, DDK. 84c; Pts. Rcff. K.-M. Prunes Fresh Italian Blackberries New Crop Peafs Fancy Bartlett Pineapple Fancy Crushed GALLON ITS r fA.31c EA. 41c EA. EA. 68c •HHOP n OH VF b ^v LB. 25k LB. 26k LB. 32k Sbortenini Swift's Jewell or Vegetole STANDARD'S GENUINE ALL PORK IPARE FfJESH, SMALL AND MEATY II C Glpv<erblqom Quarters, MOLDS IN CARTONS PHILAPELPHIA CREAM CHEESE CORES) HAMS op*' Slices LblUijc., NO. 2 SIZE CAN [SOW T0M.JET SOAP SSTEEtWOOi WERSHEYS GELATIN m YOUR AROVALL OR SPAGHETTI JUSTICE; BHAND VA OZ. YOURS • TISSUE— , . 690 gHEET ARMOUR'S COCO HARD WATER CLEANSER. S3&I4. m$ WASHING COMPOUND T .1 § $m €AN mx am^ BM BOX BOX BOX CAN BOX BOX SOAP Half or Whole|^ CHEESE Full Cream Northern Longhorn GRAPEJUICE 8AL75t OTS.24e !!' COCOANUT Cello .Long Shred BAG 13c TISSUE Standard Food Brand ROLLS FOR BAKING PMBEIeg CAN 19c OATS Crystal Wedding, Large Size BOX 21c VE6-ALL Mixed Vegetables, Size No, 2 2 CANS FOR SALAB DRESSING BRIMFUL BRAND c LB. 17k Crystal Arrow Stocked at No- 2 and 3 Stores Only LB. BAG N BIG ; MED. BARS TOMATO JUICE i 5 PIE FULLN4?§|ZE PINTO BEANS NAVY BEANS small and SLB. PBAG New Pack Full.Sfee NP. 2 ic Doz. Cans for 84q _»»> ARMOUR'S OLD FASHION BULK Brandied T ; s W » Tender Sweet New Pack Size No, 2 FOLGER'S COFFEE rum ©u mi* GRIND OATS ^SPSeSSflc "9* - -t-n ^-^-—^[7-, i^-w Tl^-mil « L*rge Dlpner Plate Cup and ~ POSTTOASTIES OVTS ON B AND SIDES Ic GENUINE SPRING LAMB CHOICE in 1A1 A BREAST L8l. I £26 MEDIUM 1A 171- SHOULDERS LOfl I f ?0 tees in 071 ANY STYLE I*D. Aff0 CHOICE I n AJ? A CHOPS Lo. i!3C JELL-0 AMERICA'S MOST FAMOUS DESSERT Aborted Flavors 1 Hens | Fanb' Fryers^-- Lb,gl Fancy,, Meaiiun, 8}je "•*> *; SLAB BACON j II A A 1 A LSI. I.5PJ C Armour's Smo(ced H orWfeQj^ Res $$<!ori % or Whol« Korn King Va or Whole CmJahy Parit % or Whole SCHILLING'S COFFEE PLAIN OR DRIP GRIND c PORK & BEANS I CAN14c iSS - 2;: PEANUT BUTTER ARMOUR'S HELMET BRAND JAR SOLID PACK, NO. 1 SIZE CAN PORK & BEANS WHITE SWAN With. Tomato Sauce—Contents 11 o& Can PICKS—OXFORDS REGULAR FLAT SYRUP White swan Quart Can Igo Pint Can , 12c Great West Cream !•>-"' ^ G '^f$» *<&* SOAP CHIPS Armour's K MEAL KEUOGG'S CEREALS 5^166 FEARLESS 1 HARDWATER OH WHITE KING I Pfcg:, Rice Krjspies With Pwrsbase of 1 Pkg. Pep TOOT^f HOMINY ABOVAIL'S ll^SlYlll^l PICNIC SK!B BEANS NOODLES SARDINES CLEANSER SOAP SOAP. dr CAMAY [/POTATO f'JJIf- SODA iRIATCHES COCOA GRAPE YOUR EACH FRUIT JUICE NO. 1 SIZE BOX CAN CAN BA& CAN CAN? BAFT BAR BAG BOX BOX CAN CAN' iACtt tfAM MAS GOOD CHANCE AT fffLfi JX3BT 1 WOBtili Sept. 27. vri— The scramble for the 1938 district seven football championship prom* ises to be the merriest to history. The pre-season, dope gives each of the six clubs a cfiahee at the title and right now there is no outstanding favorite. With the return of Weatherford to class B, there are only six clubs In sector seven this year. They ate Paschalj North Side, W. C. Stripling, Polytechnic, Masonic Home and Mineral Wells. Five of the six are Port Worth schools. Paschal was formerly known as Central high school; After several lean years, the North Side Steers under Coach Herman Clark have bright prospects this season. With 13 returning lettermen, the mafoon can put a team of veterans oh the field. The club Will have outstanding players in Fred Shook at center and Marian Piigh at fullback. The Masonic home Masons, district champions in 1932 and 1934, lost seven starters from last year's team including Allie White, three times all-state tackle. However, Coach H. N. Russell has found capable replacements and his team is due to again be in, the running. He has ten returning lettermen, including Robert Cook, all-sta.te tackle. W. C. Stripling with 11 returning lettermen but few reservers may be the surprise team. The Poly Parrots, undefeated last year although losing the district title to Masonic Home on penetrations, Is building a new club. Paschal, under Bennle winkel- man, boasts only three returning lettermen but has a squad of youngsters that should improve as the season progresses. Mineral Wells is not expected to give the stronger Fort Worth teams much trouble even though the Mountaineers have eight returning lettermen. Early season dope, gives North Side, Masonic Home 'and Stripling the district seven championship edge. WHEELER COUNTY RECORDS (Courtesy, Title Abstract Co.) Oil Filings for Monday, Sept. 23: MD.—Roy M. Smith to Robert Gordon Boyd, 7-640 int. S % section 48, block 24. MD.—Thomas D. Brown to Arthur P. Day, 1-640 int. S % section 48, block 24. MD.—Thomas D. Brown to Lizzie H. Willard, 1-960 hit. S % section 48, block 24. . MDs.—From American Fidelity Corp. ,on S '/> section 48, block 24 to the following parties: E. J. Taylor, 6-9600 Int. Leo L. Stanley, 5-8600 int. Nathan Schulman, 3-9600 int. Blanche L. Nicholson, 6-9600 i£t. Geo. H. and Alice Newkirk,: 2-8600 int. Herman Hornung, 10-9600 int. '•" Grove C. Green, 10-9600 int. •? Olive Dakih, 2-9600 int. Nora A. Buzzard, 5-9600 int. " MD.—O. L. Head to Samuel Cohen 1-630 int. N W H section 49, block 24, exc. 2% ac. N W cor. MD.—Samuel Cohen to Chas. H. Pitsing et al, 1-315 int. N W !4 section 49, block 24, exc. 2% ac. in N W cor. MO.—Samuel Cohen, to Ruth L, Gurinn, 1-1260 int. N W % section 49, block 24, exe. 2% ac In N W .cor. MD.—c. L. Head to Samuel Cohen 1-1260 Int. N W % section 49, block 24, exc. 2% ac. in N W cor. MD.—H. W. Finley et ux, to C. L. Head, 1-157.5 int. N W U section 49, block 24, exc. 2% ac In N W cor. I MD.—J. B. Dunlap et al to Rob'ert D. Mackert, 24-1260 int. N W 14 section 49, block 24, exc. 2% ac in N W con MDs.—From Stuart L. Vance to H. F. and Anna Steinmeier, '3-1280 int. W %• section 47, block 24. MD.—Stuart L. Van to Gray'C. Barcus, int. W % bection 47. block 24. ! MD.—Stuart L. Vance, to HKA, I CoUlson, 1-1280 Int. W % section 47, block 24. MD.—Martha D, O'Neal, to Geo. H. Myers, 7-640 int S % section 48, block 24. MD.—Geo. H. Myers to KentJCv Kimball, 7-640 int, S Vi section 48, block 24. ' Casinghead Gas Coht.-^Wood Tex OH and Gas Co. to, Phillips Pet. Co, NE tf section 126, block 23. Mml Claim—National Tank Co, vs Texola Refining Co. Pt. S E 14 of N E % of section 47, block J3., | Oil filings for Tuesday, Sept, 24': ! MD.—M. Reynolds et ux, to H. Ji Curry; 10-160 int. N E M section 72, block 13. " MD.—J. S Bush et UK to Kent K Kimball, 1-160 Int. N B % section 4J Wool? 24. •Mp.;~Ke.n(; K v KlmbaH to W. E Cook, 1-600 int. N B % section, 48 block 24. i 'MB.—Gen. Ind. Corp. to Racrfe' Bender, 1-320 jnt, W % section 47 lOC K 24 * MDi-Gen. Ind. Corp to Ear] J,f| Adams Tr. for Mildred Cornell.' i,|o, int W % section 4.7. block M, A, MD.—Robert ""- J — "—>'..-'«•.*»-* Dr. Cent.—OhrJsMe Hic Qp. to C H b Oil tv • , •; is $3 -

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