The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 8, 1897 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, October 8, 1897
Page 3
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^AitTr_ tggoyiptff, yAaftBtAtty KtctgOAjN ft^oBBE jy A MODEL MARKET j dentr and neat* lia^ cmly the best meats,. Mi ^*kt tfegefobto; an* odorf • fe^e aft* rtcttifatelf filfeft ... tfrere sold to Chicago taf the 1 osreqwiop today at the Michigan if station. Forty -tfra tickets weifejidtcl tot at 'tfefc Michigan Oefttr&t ticket office 'today tfft account of tfefe t&it . Iftr. sad Mrs. &• A. (yjte&fe have r$J turned from f» visit with theitf daughter, ~" thift hfte*niooii- juid- ionight. ° _New YorkTrilnri» has t1,cfollow-, ing to eay of Asa Towrtsend's race with "f he really retnarkftbte contest of the dfty wftffhi Ihe Barter of nrila run. -It W«i8 #ne M the riw^k starring Jmt'tles ever sfcert frft this "dlsfcriati and ifa the bplfttoft oi[ aiiefi experts' " "*""" "top* , tha condition o£ aifaifrs at J. S. Cox, SB: WASHIUCTON 147 State ; BREVITIES. < ^rafe N<K '23 goirig west 0ft awl dtr? here ftfr &M was Minutes late thfe afternoon. iteeftftrtjOBft flgBt witt bo ftt the opnra 'ho«8*i next ' night, Oct. Str-Boft't fail td see before been eeefc in thw cottrttry. This WAS I .bftttt* Indies b&«we$fiT$ew fork and Chicago, from the cracti of the itaf- iefs ^Istdl to the tttt^f 6ottnpse 6f tte two of the 'athlete* »t the tftpe. Town Lincoln Colwhati> is in tho city. Bellevpe ie to have ft Him postoflftco, BostontanshavoftjCinch on heana ami base ball. Mrs, L. 3-. Kellogg, of Kalamazooj SB*A guest of S. 1?. Dobbins, H, H. Miller is painting fiia residence on.west Mansion street'. ' Thti r«port of the Commercial Savings Imnk npjwars in this ismio. Misa Lillie Carrie is suffering from a severe Attack of rheumatism. Mrs. Merrill announces a millinery opening for Saturday, Oct. 16, in this is- SUe. 11 don't take long for Marshall to |?et up a jubilee celebration when she's in the spirit' of it. Every member of the Presbyterian choir is requested to be present at rehearsal tomorrow evening/ It is expected that the Sunday nehool convention to be held in this city jnext week will be largely attended. A certain Marshall "man sayn he wanfe tho postoffice and what is more he is go ' ing to have it. Too to onfc he'll succeed, - Bank Commissioner Just has made a" call on'the state bank? fora report of the conditions at ; the close of buainess, Tuesday, Oct. i>. — Theatre goers may -real assured that \ tho burning of the Detroit opera r houso \y«sterdny was rio ftiko aet-Jrtieing scheme OH tho part of Julin Arthu^.* 'fyie Detroit Journal in a conspicuous headline announces' that prosperity, is "comiW", According to the repnblicap pr^aa ityot hnre weeks and \voeks ago, Wonclt r\lf the,, Leutg?rt exrorte don't' know that fc bone may belong to a human being and » boy at tho same time. This with all due respect to thn missing Mrs, LuetgeH. Mr, George Smithworth may bo regarded in the litfhl of a public bonelac- tor.- It's not, every m*n that would bo, / willing to plank down fifteen Or twenty, thousand dolliirs on an uncertainty. Gallagher township, Clinton county, Pa., in likoly to have the dwpost well in the btate. The oil and gas company has '. decided to sink its ex penmen tali well to a depth of ftlXK) feet. It is now down t A balance of tho 6<kik« of tho Branch, County Agricultural wjriwly since the September meeting shows that leaving the-peiuiuuis unpaid, tho seereti<»rxditto, the treasurer has on hnud H5.50, and the old eoejeiy debt $2,$)0 and interest .still at work, y., l At the re-union of the ninth '"Michigan: volunteer uilantry-'H«ld-at Coklwater, A» M> f)ol>b*>laere, of of qunil gfcdWod Up. to baeR of the Cfoo|c Fdrrest! Johnston kitfefl th*e© and uhar H& Smith one; . ' A > ' IB new busibess. college Wluch *as started last Monday in the Cook block twenty' members. E, Btoaklns, agent for the ChicagoKec ! ord in this ctty, has already ovnr 000 petitioners tb^the Chicago Records' Pos- r tai Saving teiiik bill. The gatne of ball at the fair ground this afternoon between' Homer n^A Battle Creek resulted in favprof Homer by a scor6 of 13 to 6. Only seven innings were played, Th« attendance wag small. The board of supervisors'meots'next Monday. Be sure to get your bills against-'the county in before the third the session or-^trtf w.Bl have'to wait another year for your pay. Now the question of tho city's owning the water works is decided, we can tnrn our attention to the sewerage matter, the building of a new opera house, the adoption of standard time, etc. Some one is exploiting the virtues of the Wmnto for bicyclists. -'No matter," ho aays, "how tirod and exhausted the rider may feel, the gating of a small piece of tonialo acts like- magic, taking away the depressed feeling and refreshing one remarkably." Battle Greek Journal:. -TheLJomrriage of Miss Grace Gilkcy, daughter of Mrs. Ed. Gilkey, of Richland, to Edgar Mygatt, of Augueta^ will take place at high noon, Oct. 14, at the bride's home, Misa G'ilkoy has many friends in. this city who will offer- congratulations, ' JJeports to tho state board of health show that the-diseases which cause 'the most sickness in Michigan last week, were, in order of prevalence, diarrhea, rheumatismj neuralgia, dysentery and inttuenza. Diphtheria to-reported at 27 places, scarlet fever at 21 and fever at 01. ott ev«pi-'te*ms, tfepe wRS'started. ^h» aprtnfc wtia a capital onej ftn<$ tte* yrtce was- Been to be t»6- tweenftese two. <)fi, theV qaftie, with sn aSte- Io gftf n an inch on the , Th<» onl^ttsffi were 'iil 1 to eAcfi, an<5 yet tfte ti&$ if yoked &g»thftfc clpa fetood ofnt f Jke whipctoi-as, and veins seemed wady'to burst witftth^ tewibte to ordpi' or New Rival nt same SStt pt»sr box (26 ift ft box). ,' Rodgef'jr ,$& fl, Grapes. Feaches in abundance. Cream af Cereal, *„„,~., .„ bfemg sampled. You will find thfc Ceffeal at 3, Cnnninghatti's. The price i» lOc, pef package* atfd is-JnHy warranted. , FLOUR ,THK1JONIHX« VOTE- Carried)*) a Majority of 42S. Only 30 Votes Atffltnst It. Tho vote to bond. thnVity (r\r iTiO.lXXJ for water Works was carried 4>y a very decided majority although the Vuto was light. Out of a total vote 491 onl> ,33 were against 'tub proposition to 4(51 for it. The vote by wards wa&u follows: I 2 3 4 , Total. Yea, 10ft- 110 151 85 - 4G1 No, 8 9 H 8 33 luir life. Gcj^riwkhuret is presid^n^ of the a^tociatiou for life^ and Col- Duffluld, vica-preaideut,Capt. Slarl^ld, of MaraUall, wW eloeted^abCond vice'preat- dent Tbe next reunion will be"held in A Carp for Hillous Colic, RESOURCE, Stjreven Co., Ga. -I .ihave been subjecfc to attacks of bilious Icol.ic for several,/ears. Chamlwvrlain's C^kC CHolera ftttd DSarrlip^-IlGtoie^if the only sure wiof. It act» Ul«ra charm. One doge of it gives reljitHvhen till other remedies fail. ^^ G. P. SHAUP. For sale ati5«5ene'» Drug, lluekwhrifct Plonr, taptt even the judges began to grow nervous, ae it was s*en that the men weif aligned, and that if neither collapsed un der the strain they w«rald -cross tho line in that, manner. Just befoMJ the tape reached thfr New York A. C. mab lurched fofwsitd and fdl flat on his face the speed at •which he was going carrying him across the line, Townsend, the Chicago man, collapsed at the same instant, but he seemed to lurch (put to one side, and as he fell h rolled over to bis aide. Both men had fainted, and willing bunds picked them .,,. and tried to bring them back tojife The jndges decided 56 a dead heat,' and they were right. No Roman glatdiato over fought more desperately por dog- athletea In the last 100 yards of the quarter mile" run. Townsend and tong revived in ft few minutes, and walked away'amid a mighty shout of admiration apparantly none the worse for their battle." • !.______ Of Interest to Vuht'rsaUsts. Tho Universaiists In state convention Thursday declared Against the propose^ Meriden substitute for tho_Winchester profession of faith, and instructed ife delegates to the national convention, to convene i\i Chicago Oct. 19, to so vote. The convention adopted resolutions favoring the amending of the article making tho Winchester profession a condition of church membership,- in such a manner as to make the t essential principles of faith the fatherhood of God, the spiritual, the leadership of Jesus Christ and the eventual harmony of till souls with God. While opposed to making any precise form of words (t test of membership, tat- convention favored a eubs&ntial profession of the above principles. "My boy came homo from school one day with his hand badly lacerated and bleeding' and suffering great pain," says Mr, B. Ji SekalK'with Meyer Bros. Drug Co., 8t, 1-touia, Mo. '•! dressed tho wound and applied Chamberlain's Pain Bilrn freely. All pain ceased, and in ft short time it healed, without'leaving, ar ecaf. For wounds,sprains,swellyigfiand rheumatism I know of no^w^dicine «r prescription equal tojt^l consider it a household neccjjafcy'/' The 25 and & cent sizes foible at Greene's Drug Store. A CfeNEttOli8 OFTeit that t£e wise ma»»,fi«weUasthcewnom ical ono- will appreciate, «* MA Jtinkty j weok in onr offer to make a top ew ^ «jtttftr fall or winter weight, mils*,. C* „,_. .istfngua styK and mwt farfjjts, , ^ able cut, ftnfehcd in att exqttisitw mAn»u-,-" I -)f6at-^W to $^J< W 8 havts ihiJ tiiltef t hin|? oftf fn hftmtsonwi fabrics in Cavers and Kerseya mid|Vieiina coatingj. -.. . ,„„ J« J T -,, I YOU New fall Hat IP SO CAtL AT opened a Flour an<i store in the bmlaing vacated by Radtord &, McDonald nod h'ftve a full stock ol Flour, Mill Feed<f, Baled Hay and Straw —tviir sell for lowest bash price. OTIS C. PERRIN. Miss Westoifs^ ' '.Who witt give ydtt ft StyHftH THmmed Hat from np to fti'.so.—oever sold before for tags than This sale;will hist unti^Sopt. 2R [ Children's Tarns x In all colors at 26c ant| QOo. Walking Hats, ' Otlt. Birds, Wings and Feathers at your own price, store I? open for business. • 1MCI HATCH BLOCK-Over Statesman Office. 0B:aHaW11BBKa*H«JMIMKVW«n*W^«^^^^•fc^^™™iii»-iiiii i —.,-,. , — , CLOAKS! CAPES SEE THE STYL &*! SSOT t^) ib&ly $2 per'100 Ihe ^fc C. A..~-™™« » mill. "^ELyerything in otir line sojd clicap for cash. ^~ Grace Bros, sell Cream of Cereal for .. t. « HM 1 . ^ " • Wateon & Wateon atimmnc,(? Wanted. Apprentice girls at once. Apply at Grahactt & VttlMh •teuton t( Aijetion. •A now consignment ot » new^tock o* goods consistipg of" everything and -will Jbe scad fo the bigh^et -bidder. Action afternoon and evening during of each day. 'IS, A. 0niy|««al auctioneer. The state board of pardons met^at the Hotel CadUlas, Detroit, Tyeyd^y nwra- ing and listened to the reudKig of a masa n^ to the applications for -pardona B^W • before ,th* Auothar -ui^sftBg w<*8 bejirf TLe board adjo'ijlFuwf to meet at Jackao^ prwou ^eordia^ ,to th« uu«tom. There we pow &ni the who have applied for pardons. ' •* - v, "" Mrs. Merrill's . been caiiad to the item in regard to th meo of MajreiudVwhi* caio^ hero a ni#Ut rectjptiy, and fts the Ohronicio 8ftX8 «uccee4a(J in' gottuig'away from tha pW i{ee. Marshal Clark et&twe tli«kfcthQ three men were here, hot only one watt full- On being qutostioued they Btdted tfaev yowe to- Albion for « good tiuits. Cl^rk informed tfaeai ttoy bavanoeuch time here aad tb,ey departed, >4»u ^hfl earache, topthatfee, scwe i&8 or »welliag« of wtis vonk'i 4. " ' wotfees » apacialty of T«ae frotu lOo Ri#ht garments, right in length, fit 1 , fabrics and fashion., C<>ine and sec, em. The prices are surprisingly low,'.in facHower than ever, Our Dress Goods _ ^i. ;.. t_±_v Ti«-. .1. .._,i J"* n i n «*w4 Q.n-*r*t\a nnA IxumifJ-fit 1 T^f«*«« T^nftprrm in t,nCm. x uc 1*1 i^cf in u r>m \>i lomj^ij* »»/ v» f ,i»« inv,u jv«»>-» ^«vi.»» *~ * **•*• r .-v — — — stock is iiy so date.. Black and Colored Serges and beautiful press Pattern? m new styles. SEE OUR 25c •"' if ^rifey can't'be t^eat- Our Black and Blue Storm Serges, all wool, 45 inch wide, atSOcper yard "is a "'great Bargain. Just received a~full "line of Dress Skirts., ' " •/ : prices ffom $2 to $5. j'j. 1 ." '.mi i * SATURDAY, OCT. 16 An Line ef, . ', PattemS 1 t " ' Which Includtt Many Imported Hat»4 r^teiv^d aftotfaer c^se ol J^adlesMJaderw^ar, worth- SOc,, we have only to see them to, b^ coovm^—fxtra siz^s a spe^iajt^ Table Linen-Napkins * ' "' ^ ,* "' Fresh a»d OUT ING FLAN C 5c to 10e per yar& We carry tbfr W. ,B. Corset, always - * - •» f * jit *• L _ _ __A. —..-— H^K^« rt.£ »»*» •i«-*k^4'f« <f\^ liaiti tip j ft»'~f<3®fflt.we> wtii 7 / be presout. Eemetober thu U(*y, Batui-day, October Cook Wltwk, Opi»o»ite HUte**j«ni Of flee, . t <

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