Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas on March 10, 1939 · Page 10
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Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas · Page 10

Corsicana, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 10, 1939
Page 10
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» . I ?••*••''" - *-*. T *>"• . '- % , v , ^ ,-^ ' ', , * <• • . -'- . r * -4 '• TEN ^^^_^^^^^^^_ THB SICANA SEMI-WEEKLY EK5HT, PRIDAT, MARCH 10, 1989'. % * M L > i h ;• .- j i. v- L'"- * ---. T tU r-i HEALTH. BEAUTY AND POISE IMPROVE &*-* .'+- • i- •- HOW DO YOU WE Easter Isn't very far away, and spring Is juat around the corner! The season of flowers is upon us. Of course it ia a Joy to wear flowers at any time, but spring seems particularly suitable he- cause of the added gayety and dash that an attractive corsage can bring to your you wear flowers? It has always annoyed me to see lovely blossoms all done up in bows of silver or colored ribbon. Why, oh why, will women insist on "gilding the lily' in this way? Any flower—whether it is an orchid or a simple spray of sweet peas, is far more beautiful when It la worn -without benefit of ribbons and free ° much feathery fern. Bather than adding lo the charm ot your corsage, ribbon seems to create the impression that you are trying to make an inexpensive flower more Important-looking. DonV do this. Wear your flowers simply. If there is moro than one blossom, have them bound together by an invisible wire and pin them casually on your coat or frock. And don't always pin. your flowers on your shoulder! Try them at a different spot—In this way you achieve individuality. Pin them on your furs—or at a point of*a V neckline, or in your belt. Or, with a high-cut neckline, a spray at the throat ia most effective. For evening wear, your hair-do can bo made more charming- with a flower nestled there; and with some of the old-fashioned dresses, a black velvet band tied around your wrist with an arrangement of violets is delightful. One more caution—instruct your florist to arrange your flowers so that the blossoms all go upward; and wear them so that the flowers • 4iv ^* ™ — — —*- — DENGEL ^tf^HtflH^BBVBB — AK YOUR FLOWERS. point upward! The custom of pinning on flowers upside down is wrong—they don't grow downward, and the true loveliness Is lost when the corsage Is arranged jn thla way. Be Bure your choice of flowers is appropriate for your costume and your type. Don't wear an orchid with ft sports suit—nor an old-fashioned bonquet with n glamorous evening gown. If you arc a little person, never choose a larffo coraage that will bo overpowering In Jt« effect. Suitability, harmony and becom- tngness should be carefully conaid- creel In selecting your flowers. Last, but not least, be certain that they are always fresh-looking. Never, no never, wear flowers that have begun to wither, As they wilt, so will your appearance. Away with them—regardless of the expense or briefness ot time you have worn them. • — • AH feotiette for rwnon* "Hetlth. Beauty and Pol IB" Information tfetlred by Vftronlr* DenjeJ't column follower* mu*t b« accompanied bf a fnllt telf-iddrated, utampfd enrelop* li.a.t.e.). Adrtrent: Veronica D«nrel. In e*re of tbj» new*- paxier. EC GOATS •the finest young milk goats we have ever raised—at prices you can pay. C. F. BRYAN, M. B. Telephone 1806. Office at Residence Exall Heights, Corsicana, Tex. B. B. OWEN, LA WYE Dally Sun Bui General Practice Specializing In Land Title Work nnd Estates SUNFLOWER STREET By TOM LITTLE and TOfll SDIS WISHES f ' V w ^ ^^F- mm ^ ^^^ ^^r m^r ^^^ ^^— JUMP FOR MY SIZE UKE A FROtf CAH JUMP R» HIS SIZEV "CAUSE >CN \ COULD JUMP* OBER J>E MOON -— 'BOUT U2AWS? I WI5H I COUIO PUN FO* MY $IZ£ UK£ A LIZARD CAN "RUN AI VFOR HIS I WISH I COULD EAT TATEBS FOR MY . SIZE UKB A TATE.R-BUCT PPR WIS -DATS WHAT TODAY'S CROSS-WORD PUZZLE i i ACROSS Dl mini ah 6* Film of itnpurltUi on a liquid 10, tTrchlni 14. Weaken 16. On the sheltered si do 17,.Pertaining to the ear 18. Upright part of a Ktalr 19* The widow'* coin 30. Vermilion SI* Young horae 32. .Cowardly 34. Constituent 30. Anger 37..' Some 38.'Aspect 39. Mye elf SI, Concede 14. Level 95* Evergreen ; tree 38. Depend »7, Slope 98* Caroled .'Salutation » Excess ot th« •olar year. , over the lunar 41* Eheltera for •mall anlmali _ --onou Struck , Bushy clump Proportion* 47* FJnda the :. position of Solution of Tucsdny'i ' . - '///. Behind a vessel Motor cart colloq. Norwegian territorial division. Ceremony Inclosing barrier Song from an opera. Precious metal At last Units Told an untruth DOWN Worship CUmblnff apeclea of pepper Dweft Nervoui twitching Type of rail* way i ootioq. Long stick tor walking Throw American ' Indian Storekeeper Mexican dish Animate 32. Heaolve 43. Witnessed 15. Subtle sarcasm Copper cola FJoirer Numerous Itellglout ionf Locality Unite of Work Mixture of black and white Act of coming back to a former con* ditlon Beverage &fakes into A map Obese All a spoon will hold Soft drink,: COllOQ. Arabian chieftain Kind of pains Horses Indian fetich . Mining rubbish or refuse Clear Weeds Masculine name Remain* Southern con- BU Uatlon Poker ecake Biblical prleit Member of & JjUKon tribe 60. Metric land measure • i .v p • • * m • *•-' -• ^f '-*« *-i t-"- . ,. -i WATCH « CLOCK •• JEWELRY REPAIRING A1X WOBH OOARANTEEn G. D. RHO ADS/Jeweler ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H W^\^^^7?^^^^^^^^^^^ p^^l%^s^»^>. QR1NUINQ 01 Qeorc* UoManos MOW-WHERE IS MAGGIE'S BROTHER SLEEPIN'? I DOM'T WAWT TO RUN INTO H/NA I DOM'T kWO\V-DADDV- I JUST CAME IW-BUT IT'S A <3OOP BET HE'S ASLEEP SOME PUACE- WELLr t GOT OUT OF= THE HOUSE WITHOUT HIM IN' I y*>'- v ^^— - ^^r^r^^^^^f ^^B^^^-^^^-^^^™—^B—•— —^— Copr 1939, KmR Feature Syndicate. lnc M World rii -.*. ME OFFICE AT UAST- I GUESS HE'S ASLEEP HOME IW THE CELLAR- • ft! •*•**••••• *•*• !*••••• *••••*•»*. •••*••• *•«• >**••*• t~ 11 *•» * \ AMD HE'S A~>l_EEP OM MV BOOK OF= " AU i VE ' ACCOUNTS >_•% '*• •*' •*» '#:*.* r ft **•' • ••**£*« ii *•••* 4*»|. STUBBS ANT) TIPPIE^ BUSINESS IS GOOD •^••••••i DID YOU LOS£ AWY MORE, r YOUR. EXeR-CtSIN'CLASS TODAY?? NO, I CAN SEE. YOU DIDN'T* LOS WEIGH HAT IT WAS TO THAT NOCODY MY LAN GOUT TH TO GO COST BUT LASS ABOU CUT EVER. ROUN IS YOUfX EXEfXCISE Ct-ASS COMIN' ALONG? AT LEAST, YOU'RE. CHARGiN' PEOPLE "TO COME' 'STEAODA PAY(N' 'EM OUT WE LET 'EM IN FREE 4 'COUNTTA THEY WOULDN'T PAY* ^ SVIVE.LL — SIX FELLAS JOINED TODAY- & < \\ 'Th« Gforfe vv> .Ad«mi Sertfee, fur. THE TOILEU- IT'S MORE THAK MAS CAN UNDERSTAND! HERE^MAC TAKE THIS PILL^IT'LL MAKE YOU FEEL SETTER TILLIE, YOU'RE WONDERFULLY! SYMPATHETIC BUT, T(LUE,W NOT SICK,! WAS JUST TRY1MG - • \v •V-~ .- -.•- •:• --. * _ j _* *_' f-:vtt>~.*V'0 Copr W9 m King Teitum Syndjcitt, f«.* WorU righw WELL LEAVE A6AIN ^ v.- •t.V r. 1 . s:* 333 V. 1 - -i ^ :/ i- •'*•' WOMEN! BUT STILL IT ISN'T LIKE TILLIE TO TREAT ME THIS^ j^^-,V WAY $y$$ .!-*>. w&VK-M* JtJST VII A IiADY'S PBEROOATIVE By Ad Cart«f NO-NOT TODAY WEU-Q-NW DON'T LOOK HAVE VOL) SEEN MUSH STEBBiNS? VEPV WELLO -MR. BRANNER WELL-IF SEE HIM-WILL TELL WM I WASN'T A5KIN' FOR HIM? : viv. - .v. • v' • X'X-:- ;• v T >: T.OCK AKD KEY MOUS h Walt Obtnity FTER ALL CKEY VALI EFFORT THE REACH STOCKA 6ET AND GUNS PARTY IVES WAlTi FOR NOW AH RECKON YO'LL STAY FO' DINNAH! SON! TO l-EAVE LOVES LET PIS' BE A L DON' TKV NO MO* .US, 'KAZE WE VO' TOO MUCH! PHOOEV : OH-H-H- MV . STARS Rmf fWturt* Swhciit, Inc World Riihu AvU^S" IS THERE NO HOPE FOR US? IT LOOKS . KlNDA BAD? WHO'D EXPECT THOSE HUGOS TO HAVE A THING LIKE THAT 4 ? t Mf*' "THAT'S USING YOCB tarri IS THEATK AMT ME TO ARSTE 8L WAIT MV FRIEWD HEAV POPEVE YOU DAME OCK LLE OHD 00 WIT SPI MAC VTE WP " MOB1TBEER MUM DOG-TIRED By SAEBKN L * .*<* FUR; SAL& OH TWIN BEOS FURH1T1 I_ 1 GtZJ D J~ | 1 « )** ' ' |J SALE TWIN BEDS Mtttbtw * ' ) •• -=,'- .' , . ; ; -.--•••-I--. , ,-.»*' f ,vv/>:' M iSMl;^: r :^.!^K,r:^ v -^ : ^ 1 - . • -r - L \. ^ ' •v ' - J.

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