The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 29, 1961 · Page 6
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 6

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 29, 1961
Page 6
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Ibt ligloan »na Sunday, January 29, 196! Council Members To Be Installed At St. Paul's Lutheran Church ; Trinity Episcopal — Rev. Bomhoff Has Charge Observance Of Pre-Lenten Season Begins Of Ceremony rnerr.rxvs of the insralj'"--- Rev. Haroid O. Bcrr.;y.;::' sex-f>n.'j service Sundav Church f'> tne »t th-.-' >' S:.' Paui'.s Lutt'-Tan Qiurdx The t. of the s'.' is 10:45 a.r.-. Thi is an earner service ix i ;r.:in_ng rsuai :vice boarf: •' retary i iiV L 1 ..fX."j • i'.ji *.' 1,'j ;.. • r^- r- > •—.,-•.». • . ' •-. .. ,-v£, - "." • **." a.r::. °A~ r r. tr. ** ru v . ; > >rr p >-"> r? . ASS--.V - : a t e Lirch. Hoiv m VM-— j f - -> •• • jCrvif ; r. Rfctc*r U5 ' \^v ;, "P the I G ^t 1 T ' kC"i.i .' J.."l Ir*e e t a.r C^ '•i'il' ;: be ir>v.i . N 1 Uv arr.ily '-.:h C. !".£i"S .c-i-i cri s, r" G. MV - ;c* i f~.-i-'-.-. ' serve a« Kennedy Will Preach On 'The Good Use Of Time a« Aeaytes The J.;r.:c>r Cho:r c-n of Mrs. Keith Cn:ison .-•;;-.- MoMi.r.c: Praser '•'-.::! be thr or- ... _, s ^ivjir. directv,-; by P.. L. Dookt-n- ";-•" .:•:;•:' wirh D. E. Nicho'son at tho ••'•*• .organ, wi;; s:.iir. H. A. Gamer wi!! will b* Lay Reader. Teddy Davjs. Josh lk-e' HiKijinboiharn. Jimmy Sheparri. -..., ,.-u Brian Gamer, and Stanley Reid it usn- ; Ul ,j ^ Aco , vtes ^ rs _, j-j HQ ,,_ "der the ; -ran and Mrs. X. D. Lor.CTec.ker Mrs. L<? Hokur.:b at Cocr.r-:n dv?> srxi gate and em J <jf"--<s-vis • J F. Kv-ir.ts- a::cm-;t>:- to th?* South- er Ess tor. Bsrtf-K and HoiJe were re-elected. "Ecrus; Rev.-arc ' is th-"- sufcjeo- en of th<- sc-rmon based o- •>.;:• K-xt.'Go: wil] sin; at the early service ur- OT the direction o: Mrs. E. r .v. Su risen. Sunday School opens at 9:30 a.m. rvrry Sunday u-irh ciasses. for every age group. R. Sieffler' is supennterident and R. J. Klein ;s assistant. Mrs. F. Buckels is • j.i charse o! the church nurse-.-; Name Society ; the Pisrrk-i M : to be held in be host for > or. Jan, 31, i tr.f San Jacintoj for h;s st : :~-:-r: c>r. th after EpipJian;.. ckv, : School auditorium at S p.m.. Refreshments will be s following the meeting in St. Jo-'. :he da;, is tak-'seph's School cafeteria. Religious; Roman 13.8-10 and the. instructions -or Junior High and! :.-:n Matthew S:23-.T. High School students are held at I ? p.rr:. ever.- Wednesday. j "Man's Greatest Puzzle" Classes for children in the 1st topic oi the sermon the Rev. to 6-th grades who attend public'Chester R. Steele. pastor of Grace schools wiU be resumed the first j Methodist Church, will be preach- 'Greo/esf /We' Is race Topic fce hostesses for "Coffc-i- ^ Tim? -" ^ D" aa ! sessions of the Church 'School \v;il K' at 9:15 and 11 a.m. isvith dasses for ail ages. i The Associate Rector will conduct the L-onfimiation instruction at 3 p.m. for the Young People. 'The Junior League will meet at ! 6: 30 p.m. and the Young People'* 'League at T p.m. The Brotherhood of St. Andrew wiJi meet Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. Holy Communion will be '•very Sunday frorr am. 9:30 to The Kr^h^s of Culiimsus. either with their families, will ceiv? Corporate Communion tie T:S5 a.m. Mass. Breakfast wi-1 be servf-d then following Mass ir St. s»-tih > Schx-; cafeteria. Other Masses will be at 5:2*3 a a.r.".. asd 33 a.m. Benediction wii! follow .-.m. Maw. ~ Stanton Announces Topic Th.j Rev. LoRoy Stanton. pastor ' f . ____ churches then «ill & <*'..$'•• Caul's Methodist Church, 'into a i"xv,v.-!-ativ<- p>va< hid-,; pie.- i:i_ wt-( w:il i>r<:ich on "Hacksaws an:i\'tYtTi each Sunday n;dv liunn:: Barb\\;rr- Clippers arc; Psy-ho- Lc ! nt. 0;:!s!a:: i;:v.; ]>'.'< . : i-:i'.-:s fif-:ri at the 10:3>j i-ac:i rit'iv--:viin.')lion ;i!\' h'-int; in- \ired ;•.) <,c-inTr the .seriiv.m.s. Officers Are Named celebrated Thursday at 9:30 a.m. I ly Sunday MR. AND MRS. Guy Leuhvyler of Houston will lead the special music lor the Baptist youth rol- ^-jj^vis > v i.i LS^ rtr^uiiitru me iarst-i- 1 *^ 1 - 11 ^^! 3 ^ v-iiutv^i, win oe f c , r ' Sunday in February. Friday will (ing at 10:43 a.m. Sunday. joLjb? First Friday. In addJtion to The Sanctuary Choir, directed' by Bill Schubert, will sing with Mrs. Paul Black and Miss Elaine jid 11:10 a.m. Masses on 0;30 : Friday, there will be a 5:30 p.m. Mass. McDonald doing the solos. For the 11 i '?te s latter mass is possible be-Jan offertory number, Richard; Youth: ca;jsa °* "e-viy expanded facul-jGartner will sing the solo. Mrs.! bership class at 7 p.m. Tuesday:: j featuring Senior Choir rehearsal at ~.: 30 'i band. Rod Bernard and nisi Confessions will be heard Thurs- and departments. E. \V. Froehner! |d,=.y from 3 TO 5 p.m. and S to gi is superintendent. ! p.m. Wednesday; the first meet-j AH high school and college stu-i.rn. and before "all Masses oni The i!YF Council and their adult •ng of the new Church Council [dents are invited. Admission is iFridav. Confessions will be heard j a dvisors will meet at 3:43 p.rnj a-"7:30 p.m. XI per person. St. Joseph's Holy j on Saturday st ihr- same hours. (Sunday in the office of Bill Schu-j — — : •— jben. The Youth Choir will re-i SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON OF THE WEEK Why Is Christ's Word Final? ' BT Roy L. Smith The beggar in the story which fonris the basis of this week's Sunday School lesson was an ignorant fellow, probably filthy, and certainly no match in an argument with his questioners. But at least he was right in one important matter. He obeyed the stranjer who healed him. When Jesus told him to pick up his pallet and walk away with it, he did exactly that thing. Perhaps if he had been « certain kind of modern man he might have taken it home with him, set it up in some corner of his house, and regaled all his visitors with livid tales of hit experience as * beggar at th« Temple gate. Incidentally, it is quite probable that he could have told many an interesting tale in that connection, about the gifts the people gave him, and the way they gave. It may havt been lomething in the way Jesus issued the in- itruction, or it may have been something decent in him that had survived the years of beggary- At any rate, he did as he was told. And when he was called upon to explain his seeming transgression of the law of the labbath, he fell back on his best defense. Jesus had told him to do it, and he was doing it. It was at simple as that! Day Was Sabbath The Babylonian exile was tha most terrible experience through which the Hebrew people had ever passed It was not that lift was so very hard, in Babylon, for scores of them became rich, and all of them enjoyed a considerable measure of freedom and op- Kirtunity. I The Uniform Sunday School I lesson for January 29: "JESUS' I AUTHORITY CHALLENGED," | John 5. The terror of the Babylonian exile consisted of the fact that he universe seemed to have fal- en in upon them. The God to vhom they had sworn eternal oyalty, at Sinai, had either de- «rted them or had been power- ess in the face of the armed night of the Babylonians. And jothing is worse than when the mivcrse under our feet is shaken >P- Out of the chaos the religious leaders of the Jews came with a series of observances which, they declared, would command the favor of God and ensure his aelp. If the people would be !oyal to the new laws, and be laithful in the new observances, ihey might hope even yet for a national deliverance. And one >f the things most insisted upon n-as a faithful observance of the tabbath. Faithful keeping of the sab- sath came to be regarded as a patriotic duty and as a religious reremony. To be a sabbath preaker then was as serious as to be a communist fellow traveller today. The healed beggar, therefore, stood as a sinner and as a traitor to the people's hope. For some of the rabbis taught that if • the day ever came when all Jews kept the sabbath really holy, the Messiah would come. To break the sabbath was, therefore, a form of treason. Trouble with Authorities Jesus get into trouble with the luthorities, because he disputed their authority. He declared that they were demanding more than God required. And then he pre- tumed to say that he knew the mznd of God better than the professional. 1 ; did. That they could not stand! It was thi.« defiance of the established authority of Ihe authorities that finally brought about Jesus' crucifixion. And no man is ever in greater danger than •when he defies entrenched authority. That was what caused all the trouble between Jeremiah and the priests of his time. That lay at the root of the controversy over Martin Luther. And that is why William Booth had to leave the Methodist Church in order to organize the Salvation Army. In the final analysis, every man has to deal directly with Jesus Christ. We can argue with our pastor, we can ignore the demands of our church, and we can silence the voice of our own conjjpience for a time. But there comes a situation, eventually, when we have to deal with Jesus Christ himself, and in that moment there is to be nc- contesting the decision, for he is the final minority for all Christians. CoprrtKht 19 tO by th* D.'vKon P? Chrtwiar Education, N&tlor.a! Council »f the Churches of Christ in th» United 5U.U* of Americ*. 1 hearse at 4:30 p.m. followed by; recreation, a snack supper and: the evening program of the' Methodist Youth Fellowship. i The church service becins at: 7 p.m. Rev. Steeie has selected | "Xo One Disappointed' 1 as the' theme for his sermon. i At 7:30 p.m. Wednesday the I Weslyan Service Guild will* meet in the Woman's Building. At this! time they will begin their w«-jY«,,.IL study on "Basic Christian Beliefs." \ T ourh ! Mrs. Charies Bonner will conduct i I the Study Course. Miss Davida i Thompson will be the hostess. I j Monday at 3 p.m. the Angelusi rehearses followed a: 3:45j Bill Glass, a.m. st?:~v:c'-. Also ;iss;siin:^ in tho s>. r\ice wii; be .\:rs. Joi\n Frazicr directing the ohoir. Mrs. Kirkawl at tho; Seventh Day Adventfst-- orsai), ana \v. v.. Kirhiund as- head usher. The membership b-.x.rd is up and each member is asked to r<- move his uanie from iht? b-jd!'-'! before ontcrinc the ohurc-h. Chur-;:!i Si-hot-! opc-ns a; 9:-Jj a.m. with classes ;'.vai!ab:e for every ace proup. Joe IMS accepted the position as .?u- perintendem of the Youth Depan- ment. Other officials in the administration of the church school ar- 1 Mrs. Francis Wooster. superintendent: Mrs. H. D. Chi'tiress. Mrs. H. D. Smith. Mrs. Kerb Bowden. and Mrs. Sinn Flanacan. At 6.45 p.m. tb.p Faiih an-:i Lifi' Institute wi!! be in session. Thrcv courses are beinc offered with ac- Sclitduoti activities for the com.-ck include Commission on r'lr-.ridi-r- f>:i Monday, al! choir re!i.•...!•>;,Is mi W'ctinesday. and a din- ii.-r met tiny; o! uie Official Board on Thursday. tivities for the children. A nursery is provided. Participating in this Instimte arc 1 the Ba.vAvay Christian. All Saints Episcopal, ' Westminster Presbyterian and St. Pa'.:!'.; Mc-thodist Chun-hep. This session of thr- Li- .stit'i*/ 1 will be- com:)ii'tfd oa Sun- dav, Feb. 12. BILL GLASS will be the main speaker for the Baptist Associations! Youth Rally Saturday night at Central Ba-^i>t Church. Glass To Speak Here defensive end «crjthe ministry at the Southwestern presently studying 'Suffragan Bishop To Visit ;AII Saints' Church Sunday rj ments. and is kno'.'.-n for his Oiris- j tian influence with youth through- iout tiie South. , The Rt. Rev. F. Percy God- ,dard, D. D., Suffragan (Assist- jantt Bishop of The Diocese of i Texas will \isit_All Saints' Epis- and Also, on the youth rally pro- and Larry Qevenger. Acohtes lighting the candles are Jim Lyon and Alan Dinsmore. T. Q. Eliot and Charles Dunnin? in charge of ushers. Hostesses for the Coffee Hourl are Mrs. James Cunningham and .erarn bringinc special rnu=ic ar> The Guy Lf-ulwylcrs of Houston. The Leutwylers have apprarf-d on radio and television relicrious pro- i jjrarns. I In addition lo'this nr-jcn-;.'m. the Youth Choir from the M'vmijriri! t Church, wil! sinjr ,,_„ r>aj.mM; ^.nuiui, \\iii s:;!^ i:MOcr the direction of John Guomple. copal Church. Robin Road Caldwell Drive, Lakewood this Sunday. Bishop Goddard will preach thr- Mrs. Charles Dabbs. The Bish- sermon at 11 a.m. service, and (op's visit coincides with the first will also confirm a number of '. anniversary of the congregations persons. j occupying its new building. Assisting him in the service wiil | The Church School under (lie ibe the Vicar, the Rev. Petr-r j direction of James Cunningham jKatt. and Lay Reader John G.imr-et.s at 9:45 a.m. Tlir Adult iWalinsl"y who will read the Ps-alm : Bibie class has its sessions at the i and the Old Testament Lesson for ; Rectory at the same time. i ;the day. | At the early celr-bration of the Cbun-h School at (', <\,,r } j The choir will sing with M. L. j Lord's Supper at 8 a.m., Jimmy, MetivxlM Chun-h v.-ill }-.<- IRiddick as soloist. The Proces-1Cunningham will assist the min-;D:i5 a.m. Sunday. Th" m sionai Cross will be carried by lister at the altar. 's*»rvicv> wii! hecin a' IO.-'-H) Robert \\lialey and the Church! The public is invited to all of'with ihe paste.r P...V. !';. r< and U. S. Flags by Robert Warnn'the services at All Saints' Church. 'L'^'^idy prear-hinz. .___ _____ , ^.^ 5;,,,,.,,,,,,.., ('].,, | r ;; n; l. Church School Panned At CB Methodist Earl Bissex To Preach On W)rksQfGocf | i Hie Rev. Earl B i s s e x wil! j .preach on "The Works of God" 1 , Sunday at Fir-i Christian Church Sunday School wi!! be at 9 /i a.m. and the church sen-ice will ibe at 30:30 a.m. The aduir choir will sins;, en • rioted by Qiarlcs Forque w th' • Mrs. Car! Bush as organist. ! Sunday will be the beginning, jof the Visitation - Evangelism' j Program with each rric-mber pres-j : ent sipiing a covenant to pray) ifor additions to the church oni May 1. which will be Decision Day. ' _ ! Junior Choir will meet at H, j and the CYF will sponsor a Sac-j rificial Banquet at (? p.m. for the I niorniy.-'-sr.ip. Procct-ds w:l! co tc-i 'v-rd th-'ir missions project. At 7:30 p.m. Rev. BUsix will speak j on "Faithfulness." i Tuesday will be Cookie Day.; Everyorn? is urped to bring cook- j ies to be shipped to Juliette Fowl-] or Home in Dallas. Cnrrub choir j practice will be at o p.m. ; Wednesday at 7 p.m. is adult i choir practice. Also at 7 p.m., all! o.rp.niitecs except publicity, will ' me r f ior their first organizational i mf~"'tin;^ of the year. j Thur^-t.y »t fi:30 p.m. the Cni j Rho w;l| h; a covered - dish: c.;r!p'-'" for (heir families. This is: !)•:•''Junior H:;h r.roup. Don Boh-i :-,'',:••, '.r-ut'i n'ini'Jt'-r of Firs' is;.; ; ;i Chur.-h in Houston will i 'h-' '^irst si«'Hker. Friday at j ;'.!;:.. the United Ouirch; :v :: I-;i.,.!i: \\i\\ meet in the! ..- .f i!v . liunh. i head e!-.i!v:- i iay as^istan; tu lh- .ministt-r' a! the Bavto'.vr. - i...". Poj-ti- Sf-ve.-nh Dav A;iv».n :s t Church. Frank Hi.:sS(.'ii was i.-i-:-..-u-,l as- ><viitte ..-l-it-r. Mt-:uK-!'> cloctt-fi Weldon Handali head deacon and Mrs. H. V. ORear, head ciuacon- Dc-aions assisrtiiiL- Randal! wii: be K. G. Mitchtli Ju?\m> .Mrs. O'Rear will lv Mr.s. Jack Burns and Mrs. J. T. Sorens; n. The new Jsibbatii sciKo! sup>"r- intendent will be Mi's. Jack S.i\'. • bergc-r. Youth leader will r>e \Vc!-don Randall, assistrd by Mrs. Jack Burns. Bohby Rose \\ii! i'-' secretary, assisted by Dorothy Mrs. Jack Burns will be assistant superintendent for Sabbath school. Sabbath school secretary is Mrs. O'Rear. assisted by Ga\ Lynn Burns. Mrs. Ear! Smith is clerk. Jimmie Sorensen is treasurer, assisted by \Veidon Randall. Randall and Frank Russell are th,.> church and Sabbath school •. :>.,!,st--:s. Mrs. Jimmie Sorensen is church pianist. Jack Burns is ., : ;.-s;cnary leader, assisted by Bill Hart. Mrs. Chester Rose is mis- Mo.-iary secretary and Mrs. T. C. Campbell, junior - primary leader. Mrs. Ruby Perry is kindergarten leader and Mrs. O'Rear, welfare leader, who will be assisted by .Mrs. ."wi-risen. Bill Hart will b<> liberty and '•'mper.-ince secretary and Mrs. P. G. Proctor, press secretary. Earl Smith is civil defense sec- n'tary. Mr. and Mrs. Burns are Pathfinder leaders. Weldon Ran- d-i'l is deputy director. Ch.urch school boiird members arc Weldon Randall and Jack Burns. Members of the church Uiard arc J. T. Jennings, Frank Hussr-li. Wr-ldon Randall. Jimmie Sf.ri-nsfc, Jack Burns. G. T. Mitchell. Mrs. O'Rear, Mrs. Earl Smith. Mrs. Chester Rose, Mrs. iJack SawberKcr and Mrs. Ruby jPi-rry. HKHIND the ^puCl•.suit is the H«v. Kd \VcathcrIy, piintor of Stewart Hniehts Baptist Church. Mis topiu for tho church's .special "Conqurrinsf Spare" dn.v « f ill be "A Trip Iirto Space,' | Congregational Methodist -Homecoming Is Planned ! direction of ?h '•sing th" anthem. Kddie Franklin Second Baptist Church To Hear Glass' Testimony | s .^ wart Heights"Baptist -'Conquering Space 1 Theme Services will bei;in at 9:4"> a.m. for Sunday School. One- of the former pastors, the Rev. D. M. ; Friends and former members • r.rr- jnvited to an all-d.iv home- .'-ornin? semce at the Bay-town Conja'egationaJ Methodist Church j Wheeler of Nacogdoches will speak Sunday. at the morning service. ; Lunch will bt» served by the ! women of the church. The afternoon service will start at 1 p.m 'Love 1 Is Title Of Scientists' Lesson-Sermon The Sfnii/r MVF 6 p.m. Tlir church, ^ rv : at " p.m. Ush'Ts ;'•.':' Sund; Endc-rli, I. L. Sn-.ii nor. Conrar: Matvsi Collum. R. L. Park* and 0. W. Fi>h';. , , . ..,-., The Woman's S.K •vhen other preachers will speaK. j^,. \ft\rd tudv. "1 B:i! i Fr.-tb.-dl "-^reai" iia.'. :nir pr'.'f'-ssk'M! )• tiriit Liv>n.s, wil: \\- fea-1 th. ID:V) a.m. S'-rvi'-el t S.-cond B iptist C'luirch. _ f tiii'.:m'-f.d K'.v Rev. Paul The theme for the special at- is to conducted in the audi- a:c r. 11. H. A. Ceil-.:. J. A. Me J. T Wryy-l .All former pastors have been in-; ivited. They include Rev. M. East-i man of Louisiana, Rev. W. For- 1 ,. .. , .. ., isvthc of Shreveport and Rev. J.; Continuous benefits are avau-| M CKi , sf , ne of Lu j kin . K ov. Kenneth w to all through a fuller com-, D . iV!s tor a{ N les wi!1 -f ..ension of God as Love. This arh jr) the n ;. erno<)n . : <;; w.j! be enlarged upon at | Special singers and quartets are! Chnstian Science services ijundayji_ vi((%d to sing ^ ,. hut ,. h js ,,,.; in the _ Lesson - Sermon onutled | ( . atod , lt m * 1^,- Drive and visi-| tors are welcome, said the Rev.; ssion at Stewai-t Heights tonuni ly the pa.stor. Church is "Conquering! This is an annual affair at St>> i?p.-ie(\'' Tiie muntiiown time is wart He-i^hts. F,ach January the Tii''' ";i:i-'t.-ii-' ;l'.a! Sunday :at ^:3''f a.m. Sund.-iv. ,rhuu-h tries to break all prex'ious 'is ,-iivi "(jijii,! .\'i'j!'.t.i>r Dav 11 ati Memb-rs h.'.ve b.-en working to: ;| !'.''ndaiicc r.x-onls. SVr-f::;d Baptist. Mcrr:, l K-rs 'h.ivr-!fill a!! wv.-ui.-ibif 1 spare in Ihe Sun-! Th? rnessauc is to be "A Trip be-t-n urged'K> brinL- then- nciuh-i dav School classes. A special class' i'j'; 1 Spa.-r" by the pa.stor. Rev. rv-rs t'.) the sc-'-Ti'-i 1 ^. inclu an!! Tr.t T , Rf-nrilngs from the Bible will Bill Harty. pastor. 4, Had ifif doctrines of Jesus been preached ttwayt as pure as they came jrom his lips, the KhoJe civilized -world would now have been Christian. I rejoice that in this bkssed country of free inquiry and belief, which has surrendered its conscience to neither kings nor priests, the genuine doctrine of •only one God is reviving, and / trust that there is not a young man now living in the United States who H7'U not die a Unitarian. " ; upon individual freedom *f btiirf ud tb* MM of rt**on in religion, is today tttr»ct«| awn •KMbm tha> ever before. • relnkw, unclouded by creed and dogma, that t* MM'* probkiw m tb« livmi now. W«h Jtttnam, it h "tgfam «v«rf form of tjrraoaj *Y«r fte wm4 of MM," W M pvMkvl, •octal or * Mnin. YMCA IAYTOWN UNITARtAN FELLOWSHIP f>t C-rmmrr II :» AM, 'Shook-Up Generation' Is Subject The Rev. Charles Y. Light will (preach on "The Shook-Up Grnora- closing citation to be read ! ".v-irnro and Health with '• 'Faithfulness Of God' To Be Sermon Theme ition" Sunday at First Presbytrrian (Church when the church wi!) Preserving Youth Sunday. The ser- !mon will be based on the chapter of James. Church service is at 10:50 a and church school at 9:30 a.m. I Two of the young people of th'- church wiii assist in the church service. Senior High FeiJow^ip wiil rnert at fi:30 p.m. Sunday at the include this selection from 1 John (4:9): "In this was manifested the love of God toward us, be- c,iusf that G*xi sent his only begotten Son into the world, that we might live through him." TV; from Key to th«- Scriptures" by Mary Bsker Eddy states f6:170S): " 'God is lyr.'p.' More than tliis we cannot ; s sk. higher we cannot Services will b" h< ! id at St. t'fiV., farthf-r wo cannot go.'' (Mark's Methodist (."Jitin-h at .S':-3. r ) The Golden Text is from J"rc-la.m. and 10:.TO a.m Sunday with mi ah iS:24i: "I>t him that glor-JDr. \Vayne H. McClf-kf-y prraeh- glor.- in this, that he under- jing on "the theme 'TV-'Faithful-j that ..ness of God." •riff I At the early .svrvice rhc Vou'J: fin'r. Cnoir will sing with solo pan by iAr.nrttc DanHs. At thr- sc-conr: "'service the dance! Choir will' s-.r.g with Mrs. \V. W. Dean sing-| ing the solo part. Organists will lx- Mrs. C R. Martin and Mr<; ' VY F Tato Th'' Suntj.'iv School din-cti-d tw.rjstai Chuirh of God. 2211 North Veir.on Goffd'win R/r. Frr-m h in Ht , standeth ftrA knoweth m". rh'- \/>rr\ which exe church will < nicy these livt-V (•iiy-;js:.:i'>r:<i and wil! a better undc-rstanri'n^ o sion of the ehur-'h in A!;i'"r;e... The Cncrub Choir rciT--,-.,i-s-- at ?.:?A p.m. Tuesday. Tho Carol Choir wil! meet at 3:?/> p.m. Wednesday ni^ht Pray-r Mcct- \r,:: wii! )•!•" ;,t 7 p :>-,.' witl; the the S:ine;:j .ry rh'; ; r R. |-.f .-.rsal immediately foil-!-.'.in:; at 7:S"i i) ::.. Tii- Julia I/>t;i.-' Two Pravcr Groups: uii! nii'i t ..t [t- !."> a.:r.. and thf Julia Lot tin Orel'- \\'i!l IT.'ct at l-'J a.m. i-n Ti;ui.-dav. Religious Census Set Sunday ;«.ii;s^-'« ^f^u-'-i First Ba P fist WMU sirt^. T!1 7.S n MJ t '^ in 2% wu l"jSets Special Class , 11 — .._ -—i. .- . , 11 •_ fi i ..i ! First Baptist Woman's Mission- Things We Should -NVvni- F'nrc-rf. ary Union will have a special Kd \\Vathfrly. He is going to frai! a testimony se-n-jcc and will bi-.--,n at 30:-15 a.m. Music will fi '.HUT solos, duets, and trios sung by mom hers of the concrejration. The ei'ruvn welcomes the public t^t attend these special services. The church is located at 311 E. Ifoman. Tyler Evangelist Speaks This Weekend W D. T,-uk,r. rvan-^lis' from j''' m ' 1!( '[ s _ x , T--.ICT uiil sr-cak at Iho Seventh! >'™sicle. M ^•r--. t n-.-ii-rh oi Crinst this ucck-!^' 1 ' 1 ^° u '-. class on the yearlvnk at 0:T Tui'sday. j l-.'ach officer will teach her own j i section concerning her Teachors will bo Mrs R D. Mrs. R. M. Cheek. Mrs. \±^ Mrs. Jerry Funder- end. H,, will spr-.-.h at 7:3) p.m..!'" 1 *- M f?' Tr [' King, Mrs. Jackl S--' -I'd'iv at the n-.'>rnir" <,ei-\-c-f- 1 ' '"' ttn -^ s - °- V( '' ntc;snn -^' rs - .Siin.'iay mid ;.i T p.m. Sunda\'. Tii" pulilic is invite!]. M |j iub of t!.,. euti^n uatL.n plan to ha\e|' n f - >:tll( '- v - luneh Su.'iiias a: flv Itosciarui! Tho wo; Park pavilion'. Visitors at th" Sun- j lunches and cat at dav Mi-vicr. arc welcome to at-| Wednesday nigiv Kcv. \Vcatherly is hoard each day on radio sta'tion KCTA. 10:^0 ori til.' dial, from Corpus Chrisli. , . jTexns Monday through Saturday """"•'at ">::!0 p.m. and Sunday at 9:43 Hob Norris, Mrs. H. K. Ki\nt, Mrs. Rector Walton ami Mrs. Rot)-! ' n Bailf '>'- i men will h'-ing their; 1:211 a.m. i. ht the Sunday I'-~ --- ..-•-=•—- Mrs. Mike Franssen STATE RESERVE LIFE "S.« Me B«for« You Di*" -nd tli,- luncheon. A s<>nLj session is I School officers and teachers will! planned at ?,shave, their monthly covered dish (.:. S"'i!,d.r.' al t)i<- rimreh which IsujijiOr. 11:e Rev. R. M. Cheek r; !o, at.-d at Seventh Street ardi'.uil present, a program on soul- IV-!vis P.oad. C"ngrr-gations from i winning. ;iiis aiva arc invited to join in! Rev. Chr-ck and Rector Walton| .;.,, viu^iiv^ j.Ir.. minister of education, will at 'Hi" eiv.irch conducts a broadcast: tend the District Four convention: ••.•-m 7- ? Ji to S a.:,i. <" : Sunday!this wei'k -it the Highlands Rap-' •i.- R.-.I-IIO S;at-,.--n K\VP.A. 'list Church in IxtM'irqiir. ! PHOTOS COPYING N«w> Aerial 8AYTOWN PHOTO« Snn JtJ a . m | Men's Prayer Band """" Meet Saturday The men's prayr-r band of Pc-n- Main, will be praying at ":'!0 p.m. ^ S;iturday "for God thos" from ••'.Vi v.-anf <,<*\ to f;! thr Holy (ihost and their fire." * Rev .L. A. Harvey, pastor. <h".rv,I. IVflh s r ^ >iy • Sdlo " i *'" ^ ;f JA> rr ' li! '" V "" h 1 , , - ami prear^ng a 11 • Sundav - BlWe sl)dv Wlil ^ the f id Ail Garn-tt as chairman of ciKn'TilUcf-. i.-jisj! '.ui \tiMi adult thvus v4 < U U- at 'i.'iti church. Junior High Fellowship will meet at 6:30 p.m. to RO bowf-'f"-'-' in?. iwith Tn« Womcr/'s Assn. wii) mr-f-t at 9:30 a.rn. Thursday in the fellowship hall with Mrs. E. L. braml as prrArram leader and Mrs., ,, , ... 1 p.m. Sunoay and the at 7:30 p.m. Sunday. Women'? Missionary ?erv- a m. Tu**!::> Y'Xjfi? Pf^/fjl* |will me*-t ft' "-'M prn. T'in~..ia;» rjiN>;^ ;<<e mv ,t<-.3 ti.» iwr- ! Th«» rr;if'wf-'-k prayer rnerfin^ y.i). in visitation ftl 7 p.m.-b^ M "!:%) p.m. Thupfriay. K:i<"r y. IVnwrrs will mwt inlnipht's sr-n-icp wjii start wit! rhurfh office for firnyr and '< pra.v-r rr.f"'in" tf ~< p rr> B ,Iamr/s will !isws and departments Ymith a in ;\\ ',-.'.> p.rp, for NI;W!;,V win (•'•\r,\r N-'-j rr.; i o .• and Inter. a.m.; at 5:.<0 p m for Th ir-c will the . At : Junior am) Pnrnary in their (ieprirtrneri rarr.v supper ,:!, p.m. th'- (Tioirs meet for rt-h-ar- at j 'I'r.f Sunday night <;.-!-•,;.:»' ')>f-iin at 7 With Kf-v. IX '>.! "U»-i»'*- f!-a:'v V\'r-<,r.v" v., taki-n Sunday in the Hi nru! l.xnelilHirp; jtr'-a. !s[Kinsore<l l*v thf Sroiid Baptist, Asvni- l>ly of <Kx1. Urst Itipli'-f. Hieh- laiHls Chiireli of Christ and Ihe .Mi-thfxlist < linrrli. ,V>m< - l.Vl unrkrrs from these rhnrchi-s wi'l mt^-t a( l:.'!0 p. fir. Sunday at S<-<-orul Baptist Church for th<-ir n,«sigTini«-nls. K--v. (rlrn Wa^k'-r i<< <li;iirin>in 'if thf < >'n Mis Majis haw Iv'li m;irlo iiml all hoiis'-s fynintf-,1 itnti Iwafrl on the ni;i;t. < ards have tx-en prepared (or the C<-TISUN data. IVrsont nre H-kf<| to roojH-r- nte «!lh the census tah«-r by iii\ ing ())•• (f«'«ir«'<l mfortnati'rn. tf IM>| Hi >nrtrif. rfsiilt-nls nfi' ^) fill rmt llw form In th.- ins»nj<-t)on s out. hy th? main STVKC at 7:.''/> prr, ush ^f -]/• r P.v r t Kai'j *IK| |<-avr ii at l!if- front dimr. Also thf»*f «ho rto noi *MU\\ to Ix- fti*t"irV»-(1 at home arr asked to (irepaff. tl»i- form and l<-a\e H rm tht- 1rvt\t' (fnnr, HIGHLANDS • LYNCHBURG CENSUS CARD 1.-SK A CAKI) J OH KA< H INOFVini \1^~FIU. IN KACH RI.ANK-SKK STORY THIS PACK Name Address Age Date of Birth -- Mo Day Year. Sunday School Member: Yes No What School? Church Member? Yes . No Whaf Church Local Church Preference (/ ,V<> I'r-Ter. mv Write 'N'one" Tf Onlil Under ft, r'ntrr Piirents Prefprt>ni Preference . . . . Tf Xo Preference Write ' N'one", If Thiid T'ndrr 0, Kntfr Parents f'referenef' CARDS WILL BE PfCKiD UP SUN., JAN. 29-1:30 P.M.-IEAV, CARD ON DOOR IF OUT

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