The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on October 14, 1959 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 14, 1959
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ARE YOU A -f Tf<U SchtduU SUCCf SSFUL HOMEMAK/NG pi* M6f 4 /W TODAYS MCfS WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 14, 1959 W^othorCost Mostly cloudy through tonight «h occasional rate and cooler today. Thursday partly cloudy and cool, fresh to occasionally strong northerly winds dimln- {sMttg tonight. LOW tonight 58, high Thursday 76. Freeport Signs OSW Contract . A final drift of a centra 'Between the Office of Sallri .water, Dow, and the city 'Import was signed hx Free .port Tuesday. " When signed by Dow an OSW 6fflclals, the contract wil ,be, complete, and preparation* eah begin for the cbnitrqctlo , »f'» demonstration****i ft! conversion plant near Dow -Kant A. .' Freeport's Board of Com J rnl»rioners, at a special tnest ,-faf early Tuesday,, afternoon approved • resolution authoriz » Jrig -Mayor Jim Russetf to sign j the contract. Vtth this signature filled in • ,tha-contract was on the des W Raymond Welds, Dow chief ifpunsel, for signature by com , pany officials this morning. ..•When signed by Dow, th eon,tract goes to OSW head! quarters for government sign Mures. When signed by th ' third party, copies are sent t Dow and'Fretport. The contract contains three * tflpulaHons requested by Free 'HamlHirgn Event ; ,^A benefit hamburger supper Jia» been scheduled in J6ne* •>'<W«k ; this -Saturday, to- raise funds for improving the kitchen «f the 'Jones Creek Community ' Blouse. •;.,; ?:•.;• ••?. ^:"i;--~- r Serving will begin at »'p.m. • Withe eommunlty home. The offering will be •hamburgers, barbeotw buns, french fries cakes, pie*, and soft drinks. : ' Food strved at the dinner can : b«;bought to take out, or.can bt. eaten at tablet, and chairs • -ajt ...flw • eommurUty hftuse. > ike event " Mw. l.M.»pat*sli chairman ,«Hh* itauiM •emmlttee of the grou» fpeaawteg the p^nJeet OttMH MHw J« the project are Be* IVUta and Bverett Ctaiow. 1 port. These are: that they participate in a water main b*j tween the plant and th« city limits, but to a maximum of $10,000: that the OSW deliver water to the city at the city'* pumping pressure; and that When the plant Is sold, after , , of the dty'f $10,000 be remitted to the city from the sales price. When built, the plant will produce a Million gallons ot fresh water daily from sea water.,Half will be purchased by Freeport, and (he other haW by Dow, Varied Thefts Are Reported At Freeport Theft* of gasoline, a watch, and a bicycle were on the Wednesday Freeport police report. The hubcaps reported stolen ram A. A. McKinney'i car on Wonday night Were "reported reredj according to a a woman to.pollc* Defeated WC Bonds May Get 2nd Chance The West Columbia City Council received petitions this week from local voters request- Ing that the bond election defeated Sept. 26, be called again. Mayor O. W. Pond read the petition to the council Monday *i? klm L th e 8r°"P to again call the $200,000 bond election for water and sewer improvements. Pond said that the election would have to be held by the first week In November in order to meet the deadline set by the State Health Department to receive. $61,600 in federal aid with the Improvement program. The work was originally planned to take advantage of POTENTIAL "HOT FOOT" . W. E. DooUtUe of T Union Truck Lines at 611 South Ave- ue C called police at 5:41 p.m. Tuesday to reporfc that gasoline ad been siphoned from trucks >arked around his company. It said the theft occurred Monday night. A lady's yellow gold Bulova wristwatch was reported stolen y Mrs. Cecil Allen of 1208 V(est Eighth In a call to police t 8:44 a.m. Tuesday; She said it was •'•takenbe- tween 3:80 and JB:30.fiaturday r'~n her'home and valued 11 t $48.50. T. ^ < if •-„„ ., who like to run In lh« sand barefoot! reported that persons have been gtt- praeUcjr shooting at bottles washed its strewn ever the sand. Tjdes'nave'deposited ' lota rf ».' a. e P" 1 '•* "Jar*- "oatabl. hash o* V£ brok «' Blais U left. n would appear thai WU1 * • Uto » " h61 toot " • Owlngs and Cart Bess voting $100,000 in tax bonds, $80,000 WO." 00 ta revenue sewer bonds The aldermen voted to hold a .special meeting for the purpose of calling a second election. Less than 150 voters visited the polls at the last election, with the issues being defeated by less than 10 vdtes In each case. SPLIT VOTE rl, * e COUnCU resulted in an purchase two Handle-Talkie portable two-way radio phones for use oy the police department. The purchase would total $770. Aldermen W. G. Hill, Ralph Farmer and Louis Wilson voted . ~ — —„»••». IT *»avi* VULCU tor. .the.purchase, with Wesley At Brazoria Budget Is Up; Rate Is Down Mrs. O. W. Stly>sC,B.of IT North Avenue"*., called •oUoa'at 1:35 pjn. TaisJlay to' ay the 24 inch red and white ike, had been taken W her arage. v . ' The Angleton City Council has referred the proposed zon ing ordinance; for the dtr back to the planning commission. The council Indicated the took this action in ihe hope tfca the planning commission ma restudy the ordinance and return it: with tone changes s the council can adopt it as presented. __" x i "ja ^K^ osalSent To Planners Grass Fire Smokes Up Area •A aar»mm'-4tmm I« 4k. 4AM. 4*^l_ . . _ « . A gnu fin in the lOfc-llth Street area east «f Highway 288 in Treeport had • numrx 4 of people la residence*, an businesses eougnlnf ana wee, •AngletoaKlnM- ; ' Judge Robert F. Potts'Corp. T oration Court report for An gleton showed $1,834.75 as th telly's portion ot flnet collecUt •In September, Judge's feea $232.7 : ;makt.ig • total collected duriu '."the .month »f $1,867^0. V-1MAURICB CUSHION, veterans '•ervice officer for Brazoria ;«*wty, attending the Wth ari T> statewide Rehaul" " > Conference for veterans ^lOe.'offlcenc being held i •''Antonio. ., Poundmaster D. J, HOUS f. rendering jervice abov beyond hiy cgfi o£,duty fa 1 ^ng :a larca rattlesriiSJ 1 <1. £Mf Block of West Seventh . , .-'o. ANDRBVSTS o: . learning of the death of pras|her,MRS.C.M.JOKN. *T in Oakhurst, Tex., wjio is "vt mother of a former BP , -.—-!& M. C. JQHNSOH, "now • living in Hatlingen, »n4 u,, Anandmother of MRS.' J. L "•WILLIAMS JR. of Freeport.. V { l* H. EBERSPAC^ER an ,J- J. JACQU1N, planning tu • attend the University of Texas , JJth annual Power DlstriboT ,-tion Conference Oct. 26-23 to -js^udy ways to meet Increased ffl^manoji for electrical oower. ••'.-•PAUL JONES, visiting with >W» parento, the JOE JONESES, and reporting that he Ilk** eampus Ufa at the University .of Texas... And Around Ttfe County; .- • Co»ch E. S. GOLSON, doing ••••:* f»4 deed last night whan jflH! WC PTA meeting endod if » downpour. GOLSON , .taxi service from the at door of the school to the ,™*ing lot to three drivers wae*e "car* were parked out ing for a .few hours ^ Monday afternoon. ^,, ^ The fire brought a number Of call* to the Freeport polic* dispatcher who said Tuesday that » truek from tht Veiasco %£&&$**«* the acfna twte. affer th« fir* beam around 440 pjn. ,-• Ireeport Director of PubBc Works Bill BlackwaU said Tuesday that he was told by on* of bis superintendents that the burning off of the property was tint cleared with*thi Velasoo Station by the «roperty owner. The first trip of the fir« uqk was to check the fire which was reported to be near the rK»U« dl«»»tch«r to««*pt for^pcring - t h mw^r bins and approving th. c«p<*ttion court-Teporta. . reeidmt StevcM was present of am * twines* dish» canter of ,.j!t««e;ftetiw could not reach h*>buildlncs, the truck re> urned to the station. Later the truck returned to the fire and stood by, she said, and a city tnaintainer was also there .to dig ditches if the fire r* out of hand. * ce to which objections were volcet Wa« an off-street parking sec«« ^~« small SSSn* of ««a- which three then to construct a atom Shriinp Dittnw Friday _ Tie •A~ociate^ Women of St. Paul's Episcopal Church in ' Sewing tinn ii from 5:30 to —^T""» *-r^^ •• **«m a.ou 10 8 p.n). and tlckieti are priced at l.»SJor adults and 7S cents for children. The^ public is Planning Commission Members Hank Fullbright and Dr Marvin Russell we/e on hand to try to explain the commission's decisions in drawing up the ordinance. The commission has spent some two years working on this ordinance. ' Councilmea plan to,-continue meeting Is expected to complete the regular business Which the council was unable to discuss Tuesday night, . Suit Data today 9:52 pjn. * Thursday 65T Thursday 5:51 Why I Support Unit^rl MUCH TIME IS SAVED BY SINGLE REQUEST ' "" *°* 'By' SAM LEE - -• . • ..• ,--. Angleton ' '•• • ' - ' '•' .. "".".. Every year most of you contribute Your money— 'ind TOUT Urn* — to mariy worth- i : - OT rn* — o mariy wort- whU* s tund driver that- ax« h.ld In.Brasoria Counry; for ih* b.aef«,of cbaritabl. and bwievolenl und.rtakfags 'of great importance to aU'of ' As wcrthy M~ I rTtfnd-W^^^^. of combining all ef ,thtM ^. drive with the •rr»r«l'm»mb«r-or- ibe fends so raised. . will sar^ you mudr'valuabU time, and corei the ceunty -^_^-, t _ ' ttt _ i adlatio'ns Into on* . ganiaatfOM sharing* ' One request Also, all of th* woffcm can in a .much mor* thorough manner than In thc'past ihucbr giving »vtryon» «n opportunity to contribute lo their favorite charity through Brasoria Couotr United Fund. iMib* best approach to raising fundVtor'fte^anjMdurl ittNa.oiganbations which have designalcd Brazoria County •touted fund as their official fund-raising ' ^^™ r A budget totaling $94,720.50 was adopted Tuesday night by the Brazoria City Counea for the .current. year. The budget was figured on new tax rate of $1.20 per $100 valuation and was based on 85 percent collection of the assessed properly. Tbe 1959 budget totaled $79,738.10 an4 was based on 'a $1^5 rate. The administration department for the current year was allocated $4,835 compared to ',085 , last year, with ;nb pay raises to city employees, al- the exception of Red Chambers. The police chief and 4 citlzens Utters Explain U Rate Increase Letters are going Out to Lake Jackson resident* this week oh the new utility rates effective with, the next billing. though policies were ' . later tried to bring forth a motifin to rescind the i dl ? lerf but the motlon lack of a second. The group voted against pur- atete .u ,, r for the police department. This . well as the radio , had been requested by Police Chief Bob Goode. It was also voted to pay one- <JU4rter of one month's salary 1 * of * ha . s worked without a vacation. At W«sf Cofumbfa —•-—•—or*— »...»•• i MMV«J yv't-^ara Were bought by the city iast'morfh for employees. The street depaMmertii $3.534, wl last year. - An estimated expenditure of $325 was alloted the tumane department which,wai.initiat- ed two months ago when the city's dog program went into effect ;This figure reflects estimated .board, tags; feed, and .--. —. -.- „"'»«:=- catchinr fees-foreontranation (sive drops. in price ner thou. rvt tK» nvAMvMM* . . 1 * ' »l • M*JW, gallons used thereafter. •, ——-i«-r»_.««^A. MacLeart —— the new rates for the city in the, letter. Water rates are a minfcnum of "$3 for 3,000 'gal JSckup«eilr|eftl 1 e^eW ! mum bin tyoi Be $5:50. Water >ates above'the mini- mumart.-. $3.65 and $4.30 for 4000 and.5000 gallons; 60 cents athousand gallons for the next 5000 gallons >ised; 55 cents a thousand for the next 5000 gallons after that; and Road To High School Location Discussed Preliminary work in'»rep«- atton for construction ot,a n» high school consumed most i~ this week's meeting of Wes >>lumbia-Brazoria School trus tes. S, A. Russell, consulting engi eer representing Architec >onald Barthelme, presents preliminary plans for the con tructlon of the necessary cu erts and pipeline changes fo ie new road connecting Stat highway 35 and Loggms Driv long the north side of the new Building Progress Reported r OTlt'ctn r Aiiitl*!thn*< n*ui hliir* i.. n *t.&j ...A !.«.*... »*.,-... new hlgn school cam* in for discussion t Tuesday night's regular meeting of the school board. The board approved the ini- al payment to the contractor j work already completed lie amount approved was $61,18.75. Beams are being; pour«<1 at the school now, with slab work to be done after that It ompleted. Steel will be erected after (he slabs are finished Architects advised, that the con necessary k <.* Superintendent of School* . V. McDaniel said the board eard a report from the wchi. pet, who said that eojfutruc- on lit «thead ot schedule. Th* oard voted to tak« r " ons for the position of ...^ T \A thj construction work, Preliminary plans caU for the ew high school to house the p four grades. Th* pre*«nt high school would hold seventh and eighth grade and the present junior high school would used for sixth gradt stvtf. ts. McDaniel emphasized that 1 *s» plans are tentative >v*$i tails and final plan* to ba worked out later. He said thu arrangement would allow " Uttle breathhj. room" at th elementary jcftools. mi. DEFCHJB The board approved the plans for coopera^ng with tbe Civil Defense educational program ThU plan calls tor some local teachers to enroll in a teach *»' training program In elvi Defense so they will in turn be qualified to teach the II hour Civil Defense courses which will-fee offered for adults in local schools. The mlnirnum enrollment pay tetter from Ik« Th* pow "Q»Ajlt Union hai >W« as part of , r union office . th« President those credit vfWi *i.? »4tewh|Bh class will be 15 adults, McDaniel said. TV TEACHING The local physics class is to be allowed to participate in television course on physics ------ ——••-••*• »**• p*>,ra*v9 which is to be offered during the day on Channel 8 in Hous ton. This course has been planned by physics teachers of the area and will be taught by Houston instructor. McDaniel said participation In the televised, course is in ie nature of a trial, to see lust how much local students may benefit from such a program. The board authorised parti cipation o< Angleton schools to the National Defense E4uc- »0on Act, which stfesse? *55 a ,*^£? tioa f« thechUd lot programs, wing program is stand- and includes achieve• and.aptitudes teats. ' " these test* show •'—»n local afe. other areas, S informa. «s to what B« gave estimates of cost of the various, kinds of structures Which might be used. Russell was requested by the board t contact the Highway Depart ment for approval of the proposed 'connection to Highway 35. It was . the opinion of th group that by the time this was done, the location of servio roads pould be made and work ing drawings could be author ized. Jim Donavan of the Doncan Construction Company m e with the group to discuss final settlement: of the contract for he junior high school site work Final decision in the matter was postponed, pending s com- pjete letter of explanation from Architect Barthelme. CONTACT A policy in regard to replacement of contact lens lost by ithletes in practice rustees. They voted to u s e funds from the athletic fund to >ay the cost of replacement ol ens lost to date in the current school year. For future policy, the group will request that each individual wearing contact lens to take >ut personal insurance on the ens and the athletic fund will then pay any additional cost of •eplacemeot not covered by ia urance. " " WLLS Bills for; the month were re- iewed aitd 'approved for payment The purchase of art ad- Ittonal filing cabinet for the . Tanner School to Bra- zoria was approved. A discussion was held of various school activities, including a program for February which the Brazoria PTA has requested the board to present; a stepped-up effort to clear delinquent taxes due the district; and an evaluation of the football program grades. for seventh No official action was taken by the trustees in regard to these items. < Kllian Speaks To Churchmen "Importance of Faith in Medicine" will be Dr. D. J. Kilian's topic when he. speaks before he Lake Jackson.Presbyterian Men's Club supper Thursday. Dr, Kilian, director of Dow'a Industrial Health and Medical Department, has been an area resident for the last five years. Cilian earned his MD at Washington University at St Louis and served internship with the Army Medical Corps in San Antonio. of the .program. Water, seviter ,anu gas department operation was estimated at $32.286, cornea, ed to $26,178 spent last,year. The police department, with the salary of. th* chief of police and fees for the city judge, totaled $2,100, another new item on the budget since October, 1953. Wages for garbage collection and truck expense was estimated at $4,795 compared to S4.- 930 last year. . The budget figures included the cost of several sewage improvements which the council agreed should be taken from he $10,000 emergency and contingency fund now on deposit with Brazosport Savings & Loan Association. A balance of $8,123 was reflected for unforeseen contin- Police A check -of Lake Jackson police activities on : Wednesday morning found quiet for the past two dayi. Chief J. S. "Cap- Brown had nothing to report. • • • to Goode 19 months Joe Upham of .the Chamber of Commerce met with tha group to discuss .the office rental fee which the city, is charging the chamber for space in City Halt .The council voted to reduce the office space rent from $20 a month to $1 a year Ralph Block, city fiscal agent, was instructed to work with Engineer S. ,A. .Russell on a water and sewer rate schedule that will produce an additional $15,000 a year income for the city. .' ' • City Manager, Jimmy Dodson was instructed to ask Auditor P. A. Angenend of Lake Jackson-to submit to the city si final report and bill for hit services. As a result of the audit it; was determined that th* earning ratio for debt service was increased from 1.18 to i; to 1.5 to 1, allowing the city issue addltio-ial revenue bonds under the ordinance. • Highway 288 Is Wreck Site '-About $1400 , damage,' was done to cars;.driven: by Clute $Ad. L^ik^.>Jacks^tjtarneri,-"in an accident on 'Iffgnyayj.SdS at 11:20 pjn.'Tuesdayi'; 1'- , Clute Police' Chj?f ; O.~ C. Werryman, said' that a 1954 Ford driven by Jesse Stewart of Lake Jackson was making a U turn at an esplanade and a 1958 Ford driven by A. G. Holder of .Clute was' traveling down' Highway 288 ivhen the collision occurred in front of the'Hurricane Club. Patrolman Milton' Goodrum ' investigated the accident and no tickets were Issued, Marry- nan said. He also reported one family listurbance with no charges iled ind a'maji arrested for being intoxicated on Tuesday night. .'..'•. gencies this year, compared to $19,069 last year before initiation f the practice of depositing 10 per cent of each month's gross receipts for emergencies. Debt service on bonds accounted for $19,706 of the general fund budget which had an estimated 'expenditure of $71,482. In the utility budget with $91,950 available, $68,290 was put in the water, sewer, and gas department; $18,200 in general fund; $3.260 in general obligation bonds; $1,120 ia time warrants; and $3,180 in refund- Area Getting 1st Taste Of Winter Temperatures Marina News S/s Blue Master In Dock Brazos Harbor S/s Karen Bolten Due Oct. 15 Brazos Harbor S/s Fletero Due Oct. 23 Brazos Harbor ing bonds. 1952-A series. All Councilmea were r : -nt for the budget hearing with Sair*. peppered Braiosport, Brazoria County and the entir. Texas Gulf Coast Tuesday am this morning as the state ex perienced, the first real col spell of the season. Temperature readings to ft gh ad's had been logged ii Brazosport early this week, bu the Tuesday night norther dip ped readings into the high 60 and low 7Q"s. : Tuesday morning rains resulted, from a southern Iron that whipped in from out of the Gulf, whfle the norther brought the rain back across Sewer Connection Letters Go Out Clute City Secretary ?. M. Sanders said that he had mailed tut letters to 89 residents who lave not hooked up to the city sewer line. . The people have 60 days to amply before charges can be led for violation of the city irdinance • governing sanitary Condition* and sewage. ' • Residents are required to hook up to the city sewer line if it is within 100 feet of their home. The city council had agreed to wait until the completion of the new sewer outfall line before enforcing the ordinance. The line was completed a few weeks ago i Car Fire; Fight On Police Report A disturbance, a car on fire, and a fight were reported to Freeport police Tuesday. A Freeport man was arrested for disturbing the peace after police were called to a family disturbance at 7:16 pjn. John Carl Guy was jailed and his bond was set at $100. A car was reported to be on fire on West Second ia front A£ Brazosport Senior High School at 8:25 pjn. but the fire was reported to be out when fire trucks arrived. Two men were reported to be fighting in a vacant lot ih the 600 Block of West First at 6 pjn, Tuesday but -investigate ing officers found no one there on arrival. ' ' i 2 Accidents Investigated By FP Felice Two accidents were invest! gated in Tuesday's " Freeport police activities. One was on private property and the other one was a one car accident. About $20 damage was done to a 1859 Metro van driven by Alfred McNair, 4151 East Sixth and $5 to a 1958 Jeep driven by Bernard L. Mestayer, Boat 584, Fieeport, in «n accident at the Singleton Dock, 1 Cherry Street. The accident, on'private property, was reported to police at 2:43 pjn. In the one car accident at the end of the 1100 block of West Broad ; at about 10 pjn. a 1959 Studebaker driven by Frank V. Robinson Jr. -.<«» damaged about $250. • The car hit a stop sign and made deep ruts in a lawn at 1130 West Broad, damaging them a total of about $40 according to the polic* report. the area last night^ and this uorning. Dow's Plant B rainfall hit 2.09 from 6 ajn. Tuesday to 8 ajn. today for the largest amount recorded in the area. • At the Freeport Golf Course the rainfall was 1.75 inches from 7 a.m. to 7 a.m., Tuesday to Wednesday. Lake Jackson lad a 1.51 inches over the same period. At the Plant A station at Dow, the amount was 1.43 inches. Rainfall measured 4.43 inches at Angleton since Monday, with the largest single amount of 2.80 inches falling in a span of an hour on Monday. Around 1.30 inches soaked the Angleton area last night, and hard rains also soaked Brazoria and West Columbia last night . Continued rains are expect- today and Thursday throughout the county, with the mercury due to be in the 70's during the day and falling into the low 60'< or 50's at night. HEY YOU . . . BET YOU WOULD FIND A DEPENDABLE USED CAB UOEE COMFORTABLE . . . TBE FACTS CLASSIFIED PAGE IS FULL OF BEAt VALUE BUYS TODAY . . . SELL YOUR CAB BE 3-2611 jl* i.j

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