The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 29, 1961 · Page 5
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 5

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 29, 1961
Page 5
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dunday, January 29, 1961 tip REL Students Choose Favorites To Be Featured In 1961 Lee Traveler Class, All-School Honors Are Told Arthur Rincon, Wayne Bertsch, Charles Barnhill, Maudccn Frazior. Beth Burnside and Connie Price. Bert Hill, Mike Hunt and Donnie Slricklin are junior class fa- vorjtes along with Gay McFarland D:--n e Hippo and Linda Hanson. Sophomores elected Kelly Rushing, Tony Hix, Robert Oliver, Carole King, Jerri Miner and Jerilyn Malone as their favorites. KIXG ANO QUEEN ASSEMBLY E I co Hi"h <; •iin/-,! i ^' n ™ ancl Q ueen coronation at -Icnt-s have" elected al-4w? son" ^VW 1 a ", mlal paid assembly lor. junior and soplon,orcchss ^ rCC(edf by ( t e Student Cound1 ' favorites to be fcaCd ir Th?* oney f [° m the prosram Ls used :.%! Lee Traveler to pay the exe .P n «es of four dele";it"s to ih" Texas Association of Student Councils and the expenses of Civic Week projects. By an all-school vote, 16 boys and 16 girls are elected to make i up the court. That election will be 'held Monday dnrinp artivitv np. Judy Endel Kolwt E. Lee High School Boys selected as all-school favorites are Oshorne Knudson. Jimmy Bevcrs and Vernon Mc'Manus Sandra Kemplay, Janel! Clayton and Connie Callam are all-school girl favorites. ,, ., ., , , . --- Q . . . . held Monday during activity pe- -^™J- 01 l.i£ ( : e !Y m S the honor arcji-iod. Tickets to the assembly which will go on sale at a date to be announced, to the assembly are 2:j cents and entitle the purchaser to one ballot. These votes will be counted to determine th^ king and queen, prince and princess and dukes and duchesses. A definite dale for the show has not yet been set, but it will be in the near future. BH Band Will Attend Contest In Beaumont Bv Judy Ducat K'irbers Hill High School Barbers Hill High School Band ttili attend a Solo and Ensemble Contest March 17-1S in Beaumont at South Park High School. NEW LIBRARY BOOKS V. G. Jackson, school librarian. JETS HAVE SPEAKER E. A. Rose, plastics plant manager for Diamond Alkali, was recent guest sneaker for the Junior Engineering Technical Society. He discussed the importance of and ways of promoting economy in the industry of plastic. SIXGERS PERFORM REL girls sextet and boys quartet sang Thursday for the Kiwanis luncheon. The Lee Key Club had charge of the program. CAKE SALE From their recent cake sale the Antler Club netted a profit of 544.88. Club banquet has been set for March 1 at Kaphan's Restaurant FRESHMAN BUSINESS MAJOR at Lee College, Charles David "Chuck" Saunders is also a Sra-Y instructor at the Baytown YMCA. "Chuck" was placed through the- Lee College center. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. R K. Saunders, !3I Milner. has okayed approximately 80 new | in Houston. Members library books to be used in the up f or the occasion. Further plans elementary grades. are being made. Jan. 28 girls from the club met with other clubs from Lee at the Chamber of Commerce Building. From there they went on a house-to-house drive collecting for tfv Polio Drive. HISTORY CLUB Recently the History Club had PLAY PRACTICE Play practice has hc£iin for the contest play "Two Crooks and a U'»dv." The Interscholastic League Con lost April. play- bo jriven in ASSEMBLY PROGRAM Sludents at Barbers Hill Schoo j a birthda y party in honor o£ G en- rontnbuted dimes for the annual > al Robert E Lee _ Jeane tt e Dan- March of Dimes drive during aj ic]s and Mjlton Yo ung were the reo-nt assembly. Tho program is chairman in charge of the party "ii annual affair. (preparations. It was held 1 in the school cafc- A bust of. Lee tiikinc a crriain picturo . . . Linda | Driskill tells about tbo beautiful j TKKNS MARCH I Nine .groups from Lee partici- food she bus been rating ... pa ( CC i j n the Teens March against Bovorlv Merrill h;is trouble tak- p 0 iio Jan. 28. They were the Key ing library card files to come out club. Keyrltes. Girls Sports As- of their drawer . . . Dottie Tilton, sociation. Tri Hi Y's. Anchor Club. misplacrs hT purse. Antler Club. Junior Rotary Club Patricia McQueen worries over j lin ior Rotary Club and Briga- a party . . . Lynda Farmer bunts Iriicrs. Three of these, GSA, An. j a good hook to read . . . Tcx.chor Club, and Antler Club, also! Follt'tt ir-covi'rs from a black eye. j distributed coin collector cans. \Vhat happened Tex? . . . Woodir > Hornluir" trirs a new hair stylo j SPEAKERS FOR ABG Flaino Oanahrin tries to find I Two recent speakers for the Al- .Vrl-ii-iivt solo for contest . . . M>ha Beta Gamma Chemistry Club Hutch Wbitener has a secret were Sterling Blumberg and flam.' Take warning Butch! |James E/cil. BliJinbcrg spoke on : — — i "Polymers" and Ezell. from Hifih- . rill* i 'lands Pharmacy, talked about j (Iptul Hintsr iptai ™ icyand ' D ™ B '-" • I C.ANDEK QUACKS i.,,.,, (., ' Buddy Urckert seems to have MRS. EDNA EARL GOODSON, a former Lee College student, i; an employe of Gray Oi! Company via the Lee Coliene pb placement center. Mrs. Goodson, a graduate of a business course at the college, went to work in November. She is the wife of Elton M. Goodson, 3406 Michigan, and has three children, Connie Price. Kerry Goodson, and Jerry Wayne Goodson. JOHN GUEMPLE, director of the Lee College placement center, assists Sharon Douglas and Lawrence Shelton in filling out applications for jobs. Both Sharon and Lawrence are Lee College students. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Lewallen and he is the son of Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Shelion. The placement center was opened in September at the college. Jobs For Students, Former Students-LC Has New Placement Center By BOBBY SUTPHIN A new addition to the Lee College services for their students, former students and the community is a job placement service which began in September. John Guemple, director of nonacademic courses at the college, is in charge of the program, which now has a permanent staff and office in the college. Assisting Mm are Mrs. Troy Calhoun, placement counselor, and Mrs. Ray Morgan, secretary. Guemple said that the placement center is to assist college students in finding full time or part time jobs while they attend college. They will aso assist former Lee College students and graduates of lee in finding employment. "The idea behind this." said Guemple, "is to keep as much of the area talent in Baytown as possible. In time, we hope to be able to locate jobs for Lee College students who have gone on to complete their college cduca- iion and want to come back to Lhcir home town. The services of Jie center are available to anyone who has ever attended Lee liege, whether they completed iust one course here or whether hey were graduated from Lee." I Baytown Hospital, Adam's Hum-1 Bell, White Star Laundry, Time ble Station. The Baytown Sun. Baytown YMCA, Gray Oil Company, Paine Brothers, Sears Roebuck & Company, Retailer's Commercial Agency, Donbar Printing and Publishing Co., Tri - City Pharmacy and Sherwin-Williams. Also, Perry Brothers. Henke & Pillott, Mrs. J. G. Edwards, Gulf Coast Hospital, Mrs. Eugene C. Magazine. J. C. Burkett, Gordon Young Service Station, Bradbury Floor Covering, Kinney's Shoe Store, Economy, S. H. Kress & Co., Ball Insurance Agency and The Tower. Joske's in Gulfgate, Glow Cleaners and Laundry. Renfro's Humble Station, Paul's Food Market, O'Br'pn's Grocery. Betty's Jewels and Winfield China. Sosl-lnn Valentine Party Is Set For BJH Students Sara Griffin Bayiown Junior High School Gosl - Inn Valentine party for Cherc are approximately 1.500 stu-1 dents enrolled this year at Lee!£? - R c f res ' in i cnt s will be. served. Hel dryer. For best results, enclose fragile tablecloths in a mesh bap; before using your automatic laundry equipment. IF YOU ARE THINKING OF YOUR HAIR SEE MONTIE'S BEAUTY SALON SOfll Garth Rd. JU 2-2532 if found . . . Gwen Washburn believes in eating a "healthful" lunch. Bonnie McDaniels is in for a real treat in James King's fourth period Knglish class. As yet. she is a now student and doesn't know quite what to expect . . . Carolyn Moore gets a pretty new "dinner riris" • • . Johnny O'Connor likes to wear "white collars" to school every day. . . Don Pryor looks happy over a recent nomination. AIR QUi, J Y MAGAZINES FOR PROJECTORS Reg. 2.25 Each Sale $1.79 A&M PHOTOS 112 K.TEXAS JIT3-38R2 SAVE 46c Platter Chatter College. The" 'employment center oper- j ou ' lhe ^ m - i Decorations will prevail through- ileVVi service ol' th,' collie I Chapcroncs for the annual oc- at no"charge to the sludont or|«»sion will be Mr and Mrs. Herb employer. The student prosper- Bog K ess. Mr. and Mrs. John Tuck- five {oh holders arc first inter- cr. Mr and Mrs. Charles Pool, viewed by the staff. Possible jobs j Mr. and Mrs Jerry Robertson, an- selected from thrir listin?s|Mr. and Mrs. Afarcus Vidnnc. Mr. and interviews arc arranged with ! anc j Mrs. Howard Griffin and Mr. the management. Each applicant is sent with nn introductory card j and Mrs. Allen Lpwis. Garcia doesn't know anything to say . . . Esperanza Carrizales scared about exams Caroline Kelso working hard on a history assignment Donald Stefani wanting to be sure his name is linked with Carol Morris . . . Jen- ! nifer Jones being kidded about her favorite boots. Cute couples seen around BJH are Mary Ellen Ramariez and Martin Serrano, Sylvia Campos and Louis Ray Rodriguez, Buzzy Mitchell and Gail Brady, Woody Kinsey and Jenefred Hederhorst, Jerry S c h u b 1 e and Marylynne Capps, Diana Vaughan and her star player Lonnie Schwartzkoph . . . Sylvia Molina, why are you so interested in Mrs. Margaret Commings' first period class. Neil Askew having a little chat will) someone special . . . Daniel Orta claims he gets{sleepy during exams .swinging Jan Orr really Linda Love does ballet at a party . . . Ramon Ren••• •••••• -•• -- -- i ijjiurL ill i-l |mriv . . . ruuuuil rvcu- Adults who recently chaperoned | don noeds a cnair (or sorm , re a. ifrom (ho ' . Previous to 'this year, a place ! at Gosl-Inn were Mr. anc? Mrs. e- Vcnion Masscy Mr and Mrs. son . . . Hank Johnson and Bobby Mooro, what were you doing on I l l \ V IWUJ> IW LAI l-^ y i.ii l , 11. {j ILIV-V ^^ - - . tiiwwiv., iTiitiv IT v L v JVM ww»««tH —«• iment program was handled by a Charles Pool, Mr. and Mrs. Levi that huntini: trip . . . Rex Kul- ! ' roup of'teachers including Miss Craddock. Mr. and^ Mrs. Billj bcth finds a new gi r ] . . . Eunice luhv Barham Fred H. Latimeri Adams, and Mr. ana Mrs. Herb Gonznlrs just like a turtle. Rul and Wayne L. Gregory. iBopcess chaperoned. Games and »»l(VJH.~ *_•. VJlV-l^i_-l>. nf _ » i ,., i 1 A group from Leo College went i Dancing entertained the students. ' to the University of Houston Place- ! TBMII-Y PARTY iment Center early last fall tol. cl " 0 ;>V'-<, ( hr! '"" r . " f th c Jun " ANNETTE, former Mouseketeer who has recently rocketed study their operations. The Lccj'or Tn-l ,-V is plannjnB a party i. r • ,i i • i , • ..rx r. ' ,. , , ir-rtiiom-v officp onenr'd in August I lor " 1P memiK?is ana guests ior ' . .. '. I i..* t. •« .. M... T.,....,- r°).. *.. ,K,,...,, io tame in ihe record industry, sings 'Dream Boy" for her latest release. Flip side is "Please, Please, Signore." Other new ones to listen furl ho Texas to lO.'.fO p.m. There include "Little Boy Sad" by Johnny Burnrt and "Leave My Kitten Alone" by Little Willie John. Johnny \asli "ixvilixcs "Somr | of YQIH- Lovin' " and "Wov 1 ' "' Tears" wi his latest count i" Another country singer, Rnbbins. continues to vo;i . western ballads in "Don't Worry." Marty's first recording, popular a few years back, was "A \\liite Sport Coat and a \\liite Carnation." The Platters, Brook Benton and Roy Orbison all have new long playing a 1 b u m s out. All of Brook's golden hits are grooved in wax on his release, while Roy mourns his "Lonely and Blue" notes. Now for Baytown's Top Ten. TOP TEX 1. "Exodus" by Fcrrante and Toicher. •J. "Sailor 1 * by Lolita. 3. "Will You l,ove Mr Tomorrow'* hv tho 4. "VVomlorland By Night'' liy Bert K:iempf(Tt. amf began accepting applications j in September at the beginning fClub from of the fall term ! w '" ' K ' dancing and refreshments To date the office has received! will be served. 5. "Angel On My Slioiildrr" By Sliolb.v Flint. 6. "Don't Worry" by Marty I" Knbbins, 7. "End of the l.iiin" fo.v Micki<- Gull toy. 8. "Emotions" by Bremla IXH>. 9. "Calcutta 1 ' l>y I J a»\renc( > ISO applications with ii-i applicants 1 Girls and their dates will meet ' 10. "Where The Boys Art>" by Connio Francis. PONYTA1L YOUR FURNITURE DOLLAR WILL BE WORTH ITS MOST CULPEPPER'S FEBRUARY just Two old couples still around are Ronnie- Thompson and Ann Leeseman and Luz Del Toro and Dolores CBJH History Projects On Display In Library SCHIKNAN Cedar Bayou Junto High Seventh grade history projects contributed by students in Mrs. Jack Shanks' class are now on display 5n Cedar Bayou Junior High School Library. Selected as outstanding were Martha Gopslarth's plywood map of the Texas watershed, Woody Iheeck's map of Texas illustrating regions with colored rice, Janice Smith's embroidered tapestry of Texas missions. Odell Long's log cabin composed of matches, Glenda Chamblin's map of Texas showing rivers with plastic pellets, and Randy Beckmann's map of Texas showing the oil production and made with crushed shell and displayed against a black background. These projects will remain in the library for two weeks. Displays constructed by students in Miss Jean Lee's classes recently on exhibit in the library 1 have been returned to the owners. Among the selected contributions in one of her classes were Betty Jacob's felt map with regions outlined in sequins. Johnny Garden's poster of Texas birds, Carol Boyett's map showing regions with different colored sequins, Johnny Black's aquarium gravel map of regions. Nancy DeShazo's crayon painting of a Texas mission, Jackie Conway's replica of an oil derrick, and Linda Enderli's styro- foam replica of the Alamo. Outstanding projects In another of Miss Lee's classes included Jack Cantrell's map of Texas, painted in oil and illustrating rivers and mountains; Barry Vickers map of Texas composed of articifial llowers and showing the level of ports and rivers. Mary Upton's map of Texas, aquarium rocks showing the regions and rivers; Mike Matthews' oil painting of an Indian; Beverly Litton's charcoal drawing of Stephen F. Austin and Sam Houston and a 4-foot replica of San Jacinto Monument. HOMEROOM ELECTIONS Homerooms are in the process of electing officers or the second semester. Roy Buckingham's 7.6 officers are Sharon Johnson, president, and Dianne CaldweUj student council representative. Ross Prater is president of Mrs. Dorothea Enderli's T.5. In Miss Ella Jean Lee's 7.6 Fred Adams is president and Pam Haynes is representative. Richard Plato is president of William Busch's 7.10. Cookie Childers is council representative. Officers elected in Mrs. Agnes Perry's 7.8 homeroom are Laurie TilH-v. president and Roz Anne Luthringer, student representative. In Miss Ian Cibulka's 8.10 homeroom. Patsy Compton is presi- eighth grade from ChamelviMv? and Ronnie Wayne Moaer, seventh grade from Hitchcock. There have been 14 new students entering Cedbr Bayou Junior High since the Christmas holidays. Welcome! THOUGH? OF THE WEEK He who heeds instructions is oa the path to life but he who rejects reproof, goes astray, DRIVERS EDUCATION COUBSK Cedar Bayou ninth grade students are taking a Driver's Edu« cation Course. Gilbert Lumpkin and Barry Netties are instructing the boys. Miss Beverly Bargainer and Miss Lois Andrus are instructing the girls, A 30 hour coarse is required. Reduction in the family car Insurance is made when a student passes his drivers test and receives his license. Textbook is entitled "The Road to Better Driv* ing" by Ernest O. WMte. SEMESTER CHANGES Students taking Spanish or science the first semester changed] classes last Monday. Seventh and eighth grade Spanish students are now taking science and science students are now taking Spanish, Spanish teachers are Mrs. Agnes Perry and Stephen Odom. Sdeiicc teachers are C. G. Muston and Miss Barbara Daugnerty, William Buscfa and practice teacher, Harvey Bynt. . BEAR BUZ Sue Wallace can't decide about a certain boy ... John Taylor having trouble, hitting the waste paper basket Mrs. Hughes, Barbara Odom, Jelene Campbell, Peggy Kemplay want to say thanks for eating those "delicious weiner winks" . . . Alvin Thompson, give us a good excuse fop the reason Mrs* Morton has to stand at the end of the hall «very day with a paddle. Driver's Ed Slated For Highlands By Driver's education is boine; taught to students in the ninth grade at HJH for the next nine weeks. It will be scheduled in place of physical education, and will be taught by Mrs. Sandra Erwin. At the end of the nine weefo, the students will be given a test. Those who pass will receive thdir restricted licenses. NEW "EAGLE EYE" STAFF New staff members have been chosen for the Eagle Eye for the next semester, Kenny Fullen is the new editor-in-chief: Herschei dent and Lou Anna Gore is rep- Rosser. associate editor. resentative. HOMEMAKIXG Ninth grade homemaking classes are studying child care. Each girl's project is to construct a child's toy. Jimmie Sue Morrison, Cedar Bayou's correspondent to "Co-ed" Magazine, has received her official pin. The pin is the size of a fifty cent piece and has a leaf design. NEW STUDENTS New students entering Cedar Bayou Junior High are Carol Ann Mi-srr. seventh grade from Hitch- j Others are Alex Castillo, busi- iness manager; Susan Brazzill, feature editor; Lynn Walker, sports editor and Johnny Williams, solicitor. Also, Weston Cotton, printer: Johnny Schniadl, circulation and exchange manager; Andy Lumpkin, proof reader; Shirley Kay Walker, class and homeroom editor> Glynn Walker, gossip editor; and Bonita Brazzil, art editor. Ramariez . . . Felix Rios claim- cock; Charles Wayne Brinkley and ing he needs a new brain Patsy Ann Brinkley, seventh and Gayle Wiley on the loose again ninth grade from Borger. Lynda ... How did Marcus Clepper break I Dianne Luce, seventh grader is his arm? from Deer Park; Douglas Shute. If it's . . . COSMETICS Block's Pharmacies 721 E. Texat TO S-17M Decker at Sterling * Cbfw.D AND SCOOP HAVE come ovtff TO WTTH MY placed Their number of employ-j.'it BJH at fi:3Q p.m. nnd cars of men! listings at this time totals j members will take them to the ; clubhouse. Sportswear will be tiie Guemple said the center has attire, listings of job openings in Hous-i ART PICTl.'Rh.S ton and Pasadena as well as the'. Miss Annideen Bateman's eighth Baytown area. i grade art classes had pastel draw- Among the " businesses already ' ings on display in the front hall participating in the program are recently. P.rmvn & Root Mallory Vi-neiun! Contributors are Rodney Calk Blind Co.. Littlcficld's Grocery, iwith "Art of Music." Stuart Turn" bull with "Black Heart," Pat Connelly with "Restless," Melvin Istre I with "We Always Like Others" land "Tho Vase" and Jack Ford |with "The Egg." CKAFT DISPLAYS Students from Mrs. Collene Bisshop's eighth eradc craft classes were responsible for the exhibits of copper pictures and clay sculptures in the halls last week. Projects were created by Biron Wilson. Chris Garcia, Susan Young Rose Mary Venablc. Rex KulMh. Linda dolx-r, Carol Morris and Kddif Taylor. GOSUN" GRAPEVINE Donna Mooney playing a hard gamo of tennis . . . Joe Magrc not running off nny stencils. Wonder why'' . . . Sandra Tnrski. Linda Cunningham. Gwen Bussa. nnd Sandra Post doing a .good sewing job on the tennis courts . . . Mary Connally. Judy Ploogcr, Ann Call im and Kathy Keating enjoying a tennis arm session . . , Virginia Meigs having fun on the hus. Beth Mills glad a certain week is over . . . Lupe Castillo will soi'.n loave for Corpus Oiristi. j Could someone special bo then 1 ? [Man-in Ixv enjoying a g>\m final?] j . . . Jeff Battle seen campaign!!!-.; i I'.U'l . . . ,l<iilis HoliV'i -ind Pal -Hudnal) have two nfw hair styles. Hank Holciimli, what wt-re you i doing in English thf other day? ... Bertha Rondon likos somptwe from San Antorio . . . Shirley ; .Vrnigan and Sandra Koonce hang- j ; ing arounr? lockers . , . Pura Buy Them By The Dozen! Beautiful \ LONG STEM POLYETHYLENE PLASTIC ROSES Brighten yovr home with bouquet* of colorful, life-like Rosebud Sprays and Roses with nafuraMike, green foliage. REG. lOc STEM DISCOUNT PRICE 97 C DOZ. Sav* 23c On Each Dozen lang-lotlHif • Xcaliilic ArailabJe Your While Quantitits lost Open 8:30 'til 1:00 p.m. PLENTY OF FREE PARKING 1006 M*rk*f--A<*}»cfnt Htnfc* A Piflot

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