The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on April 29, 1970 · Page 15
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 15

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 29, 1970
Page 15
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THfc tilASmrOftT FACTS, FrecfMi, TCIM, Wdhmtoy, April».Wt, Section I, Pag* Id 85S^*^8!:!8!^^ 1970-71: season of the stars HOLLYWOOD (AP) — It's not too early to make a prediction about television in 1971-72: it will be the season of the slam. Never before in television history will so many important film stars be appearing in their own series. These projects already hnvc been announced: Henry Fonda will star for ARC in n generation-gap series called "The Smith Family," produced by Don Fedderson, creator of "My Three Sons," "Family Affair,, and "To Rome with Love." Shirley MncLainc will have her own ABC series, to be produced in Knglnnd by Sheldon Leonard, late of "1 Spy" and "My World and Welcome tn it ." Tony Curtis will coslar with Hogcr Mooro in an ABC adventure series, also to be made in England. Like the MncUainc series, this one is backed by British producer Low Grade, who plans to release it simultaneously on English and American television. Glenn Ford has signed for a comedy half- hour about a police detective who takes over n youth center. CBS has ordered the scries from 20th Century-Fox. Dick Van Dyke will return to CBS in a new series which will be filmed near his home in Phoenix, Ariz. James Garner, who first achieved fame as "Maverick" on ABC, is going back to television in an adventure series for NBC. Other lop slurs arc being offered to the networks for future series. Why'' The reason Is clearly wrillen in the lortured economies of (he movie business. Kxcept for a handful of hot personalities- notably Paul Newman. Steve McQueen. Duslln Hoffman. Koberl Itedford and Klliott Could- -stars are simply nol in demand for today's film market Those who could earn $500,000 per picture last year aren't receiving scripts today. The emplwsis Is on low-budget, youth-iippt>nl movies, and those can be made with unknowns. So it's only natural for the. likes of Fonda, Curtis, Madeline and Garner to go (or the jinmense money that a television series can provide. It's a big step. To most of them it means HI least n gap in n career as n movie attraction Rarely has the star of a television series been able to maintain ;i .successful film career. Dean Martin has managed, but he appears on television in a variety show, not a dramatic scries. Television is a gamble True, film slurs can Kirn or more in the first year Hut their series can (»!«(> tx»ml> out in one season, causing serious career damage. Kxample* can bo found this M-,..MUI with "The IH-bbie Reynolds Slum" and "The Survivors" with Unna Turner and George Hamilton 1 Committees are named by teachers DANBURY — The Danbury Unit of the Texas State Teachers Association recently mcl to appoint committee mem bcR>. Teachers that were appointed were as follows: Mrs. Phylis Gerdes, membership; James Shumake, legislative, Mrs. Marguerite McGinness, teachers education and responsibility; Kenneth Wright, public relations and publicity; Mrs. Anne L. Russell, constitution and By Laws; Weldon Gilliam, teacher welfare; and Mrs. Barbara Peltier, refreshments. Martin C. Weise, president, announced the committee leaders and then discussed a need for a state building representative. Mrs. Betty Martin was elected to that p«t Mrs. Jeaneitcc Glassford. secretary, announced that there would be a local TSTA District IV meeting concerning welfare in public schools. Jessee Schaeffer, vice president, and Weise agreed that they would attend the meeting. Before the close of the meeting, a short discussion was held on the effect news media can have on the public image of the school teacher. Re-elect ALTON ARNOLD COUNTY JUDGE AS COUNTY JUDGE ALTON ARNOLD GIVEN BRAZORIA COUNTY: Honesty and integrity in county government that has been above question. Fair and impartial representation to all citizens from all parts of the county. Conscientious full time attention to the duties of his office. THE HIGH QUALITY OF JUDGE ARNOLD'S PERFORMANCE AS COUNTY JUDGE IS REFLECTED BY: The sound financial condition of Brazoria County. The low county tax rate. The full program of county services provided for our people. WHEN RE-ELECTED JUDGE ARNOLD: Will not be a big protect hunter for the sake of having a big project. Will not be a big spender |ust for the sake of spending. WILL FILL THE WHOLE OFFICE AND IS QUALIFIED TO DO THE WHOLE JOB. JUDGE ARNOLD HAS THE NECESSARY EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: 0A Degree; LLB Degree; School Teacher many years; private practice of law; County Attorney and County Judge. JUDGE ARNOLD IS GRATEFUL TO THE PEOPLE OF BRAZORIA COUNTY FOR THEIR SUPPORT AND CONFIDENCE YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT ON MAY 2 WILL BE SINCERELY APPRECIATED (Pd Pol. Adv.) Operatic will sing "Opera's new superslnr." lUverly SHU, comes to Houston for the last opera of the season. Offenbach's "The Tnles of Hoffmann," May 5, H nnd 10. Miss Sills, who has become- On* rage of the mimic world since her LJI Scala debut in April, 1%'J, will sin(! the three female leads in "Hoffmann " Olympln ii life like mechanical doll, (litilietta, a courtesan \villi habit of Ktc.-ilini; (i reflections, and young singer forced In »inj(. herself lo death. ()p|M»ile Mis* SlIU uill be Noruuin Treigle from the New York City Opera He is noted for hi* briltmtl characterizations, especially in viltutnuux rule* He will get n clumce tu display this Kill in "Hoffmann" as I'oppclm*. a mad scientist. Dapertutto, an evil sorcerer, and l)r Miracle. a weaver of markedly "miracles " Jean t'uv and tenor wilh an superstar 3 roles <i peculiar her |K-ople'» Autumn, u in (icniinny, will play (ho title roli> ol Huffmnim, n pool \vbiwi- ml*fririiiM<"i In love provide the IMI*.* fur Hit' Hii'ee Inlen Co\ has t>eeii applauded tur hiH powerful voice throughout (iermnny nnd was dubbed n "Teulonlr Tnr/an" for hi* performance »R Siegfried in "The Itini!" with the Munich Opem The "|wnl»-roJp" of NickUv lluflmann's cuin|winion, will tx 4 mini? by iue//i>s<iprami Nancy Uilliiinis trotn the Melroptillttiit Opcrn Nifo t'aatel frmn the New York City O|H 4 ra will stvuw hi* ver»<itili(> by |>l.i)ln^ fmir rt>in> AiMln-» aiMt Kran^, two nUikin^l) different nervantn, I'll ^rrc>-iiiikiiii»in<trOl'> a itfani tichuuicvlo, rttt ailmiivt til tniiii thr Mjrflia Jlalf<l tiuillrtlit, uml S|Kildiuaw a H.u-Vel<-ller Kntittttiilluh wll styled MiriUnt atwJ It; nuti'luM I.) livr twfUv(j>..»lln^ VelltOI- irl»-fd CulUJMlur* flli» Ur-w, HtA^U'fi /4vof ite Jt>n KnitMc {/ft*h!4'!((«j »d» tSrfti^i^rtJ l/> l» cuit »t» rrrtjM-l. AnltrttM'* Alien t'lialko Klrln in tdther, ami lUtluw lUlKutl fulUlmrdUnii »i»ti »(4|;<" pt.itlra'iii Aniuiiii*'» iHu(twf ifirt^ KnW will «l»i» pUy l.ultter, a pr<«i< •tit tin- t »>> M .1 IIK\ Mil VXII I.H \~\\\- tlim (IrhrtS (i» tavern k«-i«'r ftw -.nil Kill FFA rodeo growing in awards A numbrr vl yout)» Ivavs- enlered the ISlh Annual Krixortport KKA Hmko. additional award's haiir l*rrn »po<iM>ml by area lititi», arv«l entertainment t» orlni! plamvnl TtK- ro4c« will tw h«-!U April 3O. May I aivd 2 at thr Kairgroundi In Anglclon Ticket*, mnv beins sold by KKA mrmbt-r» anil 4< Costliest bull HUISItANl:>AI'' A*wW rrvurd prtcr o( S6.04X Auntralun tiotUri '1*1.710 I '.Si -AJ» jxju) fur a llfjhnuin Uill jl 411 aufdofl m .VUHory'* l'fi*r Inn in Jtxv* ui fiull ruling «it m iMf j Crvrk. *Ur (irifrvl a\ tl tot lirrjl.j«ai tvpitog. i! tn aiiull) JixJ V 1 <ml* (uf )u«>vf i*;«»* fc*r?-jiiini; st-^.\ K« ;'~ *tu*iejits l( tMAi^ht in diiv JIXT 3rns,.-f i*)Lr l*crAkti£ f tt ?."> lot aituUs Jf*l "•'' <-fr.:« |U*h.ik C.alj »«il pr«i-»ir (of »tiRln-!H> tttxnu j!'J-.t u{ij,4l«' "iat>v-,h^. There Jtfr j)fF»rc.tJj ii jrj !!»• .\!:£lr!.ar. > f'A lUtct t>arrl)4fk rulmi; in imth'.i )xim»r bdffrt rscuij; !l 11-. Ai»4f J jpor-tuft r.ul ju-.'iiof lurrr! raring. ;.J i;i jim ,-«y»h jmnoyfto-t) jfr •tlrrr ruling fi<»c if. K lf *^ Kflx-ft Ih.iyf4ttr<- A|Jrr.<, j, t>rc4ka'«av ropiiii*. ** in t'«iih,"rt Mtr\:*.jvc, ,1ttt«i,i<j? Afat! onl> it hiK(x-<l bull in live '*urid Ult il wa« twice thr lop amount prt'vinutiy p.ii4 (or 4 bull of am brwtl tn A'.n!f;»!t4 DWAHKKI) by the huge Queen Klhabcth 2. workmen use puntj to euide an oil ullck lo un outlet In a dr> dock at Southampton, England. Hundred* of gallons of furl oil were accidentally discharged from the ve»»el. dockrd for a feasonol overhaul. Federal home extension sought for storm victims WASHINGTON (APi - A federal housing official 5,111) the government will try to work out an extension of 12- months leases on mobile homes of persons displaced by Hurricane Camille. Kenneth C. Cavanaugh, acting director of housing management for the Department of Housing and Urban Development, said some of the leases will expire in August. Cavanaugh said 4.350 families now occupy mobile homes on lease from HUD. mostly in Mississippi. "I don't think you should evict them, I hope you can work out some way so that you won't have to hold them just to a 12-month rental." said Sen Birch itayh. U-lml . chairman of tho Senate subcommittee on disaster relief Cavanaugh said hut agency is working on the problem on an individual -by individual basis with rfMjx'Ct lo the lease period ami in consideration of what other housing is "If we can't find houung t)> Aug IB we will try lo work out extensions," he said Cavanaugh iaid he fei-U his agency can do more (or luw- income and middle-income people The higher income people who will still IK- of cupying mobile home* ami who have not done anything toward ohlaming new housing will present a problem, he said. uid 4 it. Jdwxjulrit iwxt wc«k in CJulfport, MIA.* . to go into tfur problem Thr *ul>fcimmi!trc u hearing testimony from v.iriviui government iigrivciM concerning their iluanfrr relief rolm during Hurrtcdrx- i'amille m It is working on .1 dill to improve I he government'* di<4»ter- relief Cavanaugh wid .1 Krbmary I'JTU Mir-, e-, covering 67 4 per cent of .ill mobile twines then ucrupiu! /i«j;«J JM per cm I nl the ncvupanu cnn sidentl the rental [«)licie» fair and 31 jx-r cent were <ati»fir<i in general with their mobile homes FIGHT THE TORN-UP ROAD AND SAVE! SPECIALS! CtOAfl FIRMS CMMCD HAMS 3 IB C M RAID'S BONELESS ROUND CORNED BEEF L BABT BEEF SIRLOIN STEAK BABT BEEF ROUND STEAK OUR BEST CENTER CUT PORK CHOPS LI DIXIE MEAT CENTER 636 DIXIE DRIVE - 297-3449 OWNED I OPEMTEO Bt FRUK SUUTVM NiWS fro« tit Services Tilleiy promoted FT. HOOD, Tex. — Tommy A. Tillery, son-in-law of William B. Epperhart, 201 S. Matleson, West Columbia, was recently promoted to Army specialist five while- serving with the 13th Support Brigade at Ft. Hood, Tex. A clerk with the 546th Personnel Services Company of the brigade's 110th Replacement Battalion, he entered the Army in February 1969 and completed basic training at Ft. Bliss, Tex. The 25-year-old soldier is a 1967 graduate of Texas A&M University where he received a bachelor of arts clegrc" The specialist's wife. Sandra, lives in Killeen. Walker returns t'SCGC C1.ACIKH — Coasi Guard Chief Warrant Officer AJexZ. Walker Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Alex Z. Walker Sr. of 1011 W. Eighth St., Freeport. has returned to Long Beach, Calif., aboard the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Glacier following participation in operation "Deep Freeze '70." in iU 15th year of Antarctic scientific support, the Glacier provides supplies, fuel and personnel to Antarctic-based units. WHAT ABOUT NEIL CALDWELL AND ECOLOGY? NEIL CALDWELL Passed The Texas Antiquities Code NEIL CALDWELL Passed Audobon Society Bird Protection NEIL CALDWELL Passed Beach Cleaning Bill NEIL CALDWELL Introduced Scenic River Act NEIL CALDWELL Co-Authored Rex Braun Anti-Pollution Bill NEIL CALDWELL WON THE TEXAS EXPLORERS CLUB 1970 CONSERVATION AWARD BE CONCERNED iI'd, I'ul. Atl\.i

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