The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 8, 1897 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, October 8, 1897
Page 2
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T!!l<; : i)AiLY CBHOKIClfc. fn trsm« r rt«Uon through tha t*v •nv, «*»*» n»ii».*fliv*«Rr r.' Sft . „ loTOjoy.'hft» accepted a positiott tta « olwk for & Phelps & Son. Mr,itt«tM.i«. tKatea have Indefitifffca -th«}r atoleft ^rdporty. VMtfity that has recently is 6ft Mrs. S. Irfingridge te s SUi» M«y KssWtoft te* repotted no better And Hit fetfsvery ia doubtful *Pht cards arc out fof the Nootiah at»d Lyeotim , club wet wJth and Jontr this vicinity. Way th* £ttife Impeached Btatmeh frieM, Mary Sf tittering* ttwtlwlwwt ' Ifho lecture and entfiitmniw&M gh»cn by th0ilnlfod Brothfti' ?tam?b will open The object 61 th« «j6ftMe is to offer a -class o* entferttiimftirat to <;he Jp idttftotttootinpt thfr c»«f»s tot ltd irtSBiwry, aftd Ifh** A^j>*n«* Ar<s On* of rtWraoafi tfotel tad in > ' K ftftwral oiM» -V" ,60r«t to eotijie ink template kbifttf. Frank YCmrtg has been H«ij improving.« Bonder is very sick with It th6 hotae of his ^randfathe^ t, and Mr*, 0. Godfrey' are stayirtg jt their aotu; Allen ** -" I -" i hoiflfe talent taay br ee^n' nt 'tfte ojiem few accident "in Marshalhaat Saturday. _ Twenty ^neh^lsot wheat v^cre taken from Mr. Henn'lng'e tmrft, ohQ mite wet ot htsre, Saturday night, , $T. W. house Oct. 15 and l(i, I known to niost-of m already and now to gee our own youSg peOltfe itnpetsottate these different characters In rejil life and blood With the many schemes and ftd- tWt thesfe yottng,iti»pB porfcrfty- ;,w«rthy of ifee h&wiy foiigh by all them. Ohlca««t and .fitly ft Wtrtttftn 1 * Crrrtpl S-^On* *tio« then -, its ability- to pleftec and ifflSttttctx Tlttr following attractions ate offofcd: AN flay- "No lecturer hae a btt^der view of the age i» sbcial attd religious life. _.- toachfes thft &Bftrt; aKre the etttotiefl» attd moves 'the will" " ftec. let, ^HJsdateMftle "Their barnson^ Is p&rfe^' —"ftst"™ i#ith case and'ttet^raleorretftneos. They . „ . V* i^' . . _ ^._ -*-- .-- JjAf J4->. A *w>t*V . fr>V t$Wttif& *t4fTli' Ann who see them. ^Pne K wond«iffUi succeeff UiatihiBcantataha8hadalre»dythto*gh' b There will be a .concert at , Oct."9. Admission tcb Mr. Ford Orosbeck has moved into the Oaborn house. Wood, of Jackson, visited h*s j over Sunday. ' Mr, Mell Chandler, of Pbtogkoy, is shaking hands with old friends hero thie engagtstn^nts a tircek, istaftda as sure "proof the efforts of the local parties and mantf- not been itt ^ain. In taafiy Wt few u i«ore' witnessed, tt" wtoM 'Igjet through much delay, today. Adicmrnmerii; '.will theft he talteii u-nttl !fiipflday» i^h^n tn^n^uuctoiu^ *•* »«.w,-^—-, — defuse Wlflolfer some sufi'-rfefrtittal, tedl witty itt hte desCrtptloB^ th"e ^ay witt be clea# for th« am«-"' "— m*nt* oH|>e atteraeya, which will take about a vree^., -Jt wa» a bad day for the [ V •—aur— tf ° T jfttcpifii UG WAS OMk, will Chaff, tfce samt at the old »Cand, aOcHttptetellne.of FANCY it tOOK Bpt^OM " T ' defense. -'TheS&yltience olfTvfo of their „,_ ,. damaged-Mary] „ „ and William Charles, 'J K&rV s business p&rtner^WKra the stiff er- era, JC'niay"^8aidthat^a>y|l^mfet5ttg's* Miss Mattio Barnes and-Archie well coiwicnced school bore Monday. Mis» Minnie Kandall was homo from her school near Battle Creek, over Sunday. - • , Misfl°Fannie Barker, o*f Milan, Mich., eallod on friends here'Saturday and Sun- >lr. JnmW Wright and family, of Tea- nin«,Indvaro visiting friends hero this week. Dr. CharKw Nelthorp, of Sherwood, Walter NHthorp, of Detroit, Robert NeU limns, of Tcsnins, Ind., wereealled home Saturday by the serious illness of their mother/Mrs. W. J. Nolthxirp. , ' A number of the Ladies of the Macca- boi-8 .went to Tokonsha Saturflay, and . wfre orttoftftinod by the hivo "at that place. Mrs.W.J. Ni-lthorp was taken- sud- -dt-nlv HI Thursday morning. J>r. Brown -~<>f tfiin place, awd'Dr, Karnailel, of Tekon " Sunday " cities they aro obliged to repeat this and often to orowd^l houses. At the presentations in New Yotk and Memphis, Tenn., Bta&dittg room wad at a premiutn before the curtain rose. l!he cantata abounds with many pretty 1 cbOinBCs, ados, marches, etc. The new and unique costumes designed by th«5r special coe- tumor in Neft York is also very effective. The march of the Amazon] cadets with their shitting armor, the tambourine and Archer drills with song and ballad 1 is a new departure. Th6 cantata is designed for the Old as well as the young, ^AM those who" do not see 4 tho Midgets on their flying trip Will have much to regret after they tuke their departure, atated'later. ' Prices „,, was smashed ! Efmma fcehitnpke'8 .ness after witness tifc—„-. and swore tfiat when Jlary ^ had denied that she ft&d arfmittea Improper relations wfth l,uet»ert she had not told the truth, They said she had admitted* Iti. and In the most unequivocal manner. MosJ of. these witnesses were members e£ the grand jury which had Indicted Luetgert, and their evidence was crushing. .. - -— - , Attack on th6 Evidence «t CUartra. , Business men wh<? had dealings With Charles Bwore that he could n<i|t be bi- ,lleved under oath, and told of shadv business transactions of which they alleged he had been guilty. Mrs. Feldt was in court to contradict the evidence of Mrs. Maty Charlea relative to rinps worn by Mrs. Luetgert. Charles emphatically denied • witness stand Tuesday that ever asked Mrs. Feldt to ttoned, that the rings fou at the Luetgert sau9afc6xfactory . .. . • _..._._... ..^.i belonged - Why should we take HfjHf Oatt aot W& labftf »» well tit belteljac^ complish as modi and ^|by life pa we Wong if Wo wsizfc every opportunity _*j - AZ1 l^jt -»A. A.-t«.rf*<t 1»^.1%4> ~l»«S *lf-i\JT nttfl x Opinions: happy? wrinkle Put ftway producing all .those goomy and despondent "The CHJGAtifo f& a model / the iaev. Lewis Johnston a£ the Presbyterian church tonight. He is a fluent, interesting speaker and will tell you, more things about the South, which you all want to know. Mr. Johnston, is president of "Richard Allen Institute," one ol the -prominent schools-for colored in Arkansas. thoughts and make up yottf -mjdd to Hve, to enjoy living as long as-'yon do livfr-afld to live as long as y/ra can, A cheerful, nature, a brighj/and sunny disposittoo sweetens oujKown "— ^ A the lives oNtthers, worty and makes ns v« tures, drains „ shortens 'our li. ~~. adbpted nipjro easily, . , To the sick and ,8uffen MraSi seems as'if there was no ho cheerful seems imjiossjble. b- way for^relief IB opened to i-.. revives'and the spirits brighten, .Thteis %y MAONOUA .BLOSSOM, the great f8< -»u«tlfe remedy has become so popular, It comes to weak women no a priceless gift' of nature. It gives to the wife, mother and daughter perfect health; it stops those aches, pains and weakening drains so prevalent among women, A simple inexpensive home treatment that *. „.. „!* Jl JlJ!__^*1.> 4.^ 4-Krt'»i*»««+o nflT^a/»t.nrt i, worty and discontent Unisoropaniopttole ctea- item oFvitality and ' " I course can be ime than others, sometimes and to bo when a "There Is no paper published tn America ihat so neattf approaches the true journalistic Ideal as The CHICAGO RECORD."-* Prom "New$paperd'Qm"{New York}. , 0 *•/ have corns to the firm conclusion, after a long test and after a wide cop par/son with the journals of many cities and countries, that The CHICAGO RBCOKO comes as near being tne ideal daily journal as we, are for some tim? likely to find qn th#se morta? shores. "-Prof, J. T. Hatfigld it (///.) that she evpr;.^*W the rings ttefore. The- dpfpnse asjtcd her a lot of questlone ap- piirontly Wtenil«'d for impeachment. /••'More IiniM-a<-l«inent of Mnry. police Matron McMa'hon, of. the East Cftlcago Avt'nue station, waa placed up- bn the aland to deny Mary Slem'ering'a of digestion) enables women to_ treat thetflBelvea privately and is a speedy euro fro leucorrhoea, inflammation, congosr tion and falling of the womb, oVnnan troubles, painful periods, and all derangements known as feihitlo diseases. she ' A few weeks ago th« editor, was taken with a very Revere cold that caused Jain] to be in a inost miserabKfondition. It was undoubtedly a fy»dTcaso of ht grippe and recognizing it a« dangerous he took immediate stepsXi briug about a speedy cure. From /the advertisement of Chamberlain^s Cough tteinedy^-and the rocommtjadationB- in(JlO<JBd- jthereiu, we • * ' to make a first trial of the It to fail until "Mwi^ay 'afternoon, when tlt'iith came. .I)'unoraTtK«wiccBWorft at tne house,'Wednmlay at^ , ^ 0. Gatch and wife, of Petodsfc)", are C. staying a fow weeks \yith nuitherrMm Wlllix Mr. A. of town, K. Marks. Oatch's resident west [y, 'iudeed. It acted like magic and the riwplt was a speedy and permanent cure. We have no hesitancy in reconamendtiig- this excellent Ctrogh Remedy to anvono afflicted with a cough or cold in -any form. The. Banner of Liberty, Mbert>- town, Maryland. The 25 and i>0 cent sizes for sale at,Greene's drug store. L. K. Cook'handltw Cream ot Cereal, We per package. > story Ihat "She hunilllatlnfe treatment when' pliK'ed unr>er arrest and atufion. v Matron McMahon declared \va« untrue that the youns woman d,espoilod of nit her clothing ^n her cell, as j?he had stated, and that 'policeman had Htood guard at Mr cell door while she was without raiment. "1 searched Her in the saine manner I seureh a|i \\omen liruught to the station," said the matron..--Alexander "J. Sweeney; f htllp KfHs, William Spanka and others who had sustained business relations'.' with Charles, told of business! transactions had with Charles In which .they got the'' 'worst of, the, .'barfcaln throuRii, aa they atlt'Kfd, willful deception and rhsrt'sard for truth on the by ChaiUs. • •iXiKt&KlVt: MAP NO J*KEf> i Aslc-your ^•«-**giis«^*- ,..^,~^—--i-<—^^.^-^_ BOM. If he does not keep it take no ofcfeer but send directly to the company for it. Price ono dollar for a box containing one montn's treatment. Their book entitled "A Book for Women" with circulars and testimonial sent PKKK by mail to any address. Write to SOUTH BEND KBMKDY Co., South Bend, I rid. All letters are opened, read and answered by women. Letters requesting medical advice aro referred to their lady physician, and all correspondence, treated with strictest confidence. An elegant line of belts, latest styles receive CAGO n --, r • ,' tcu'sckcikrs everywhere'-and- subscriptions all postmasters. Address THE CHI- IS I Madisdn-dt. GEORGE 1NGERSOLL, GENERAL lEPOftT OF TUB CONDITION . ">' Mt-rwin has moved from the viU (ag'w to a house on the Jeffery farm. -He HtiH workfl the section, MisrfMira Lvsk htw a new wheel. Mrs. i-itierraan is slowly gaining* [\ uwnTicioti show has im'vaded the vjl. Lvgtv, utrftcheil it§ canvas J^ the pnbli jKirk. uMi is .boittterdiwi the dlizena with it* bjighay concerts. •. Mrs- Janfl Blake, mother of Garie Blake, was striken ^Ith; paWly^ff, MOB- day'nigtit. '-As she bus reached the advanced ago trf -eighty he* JretSovojy is doubtful, owTOber ot-faar <ati*en,8 W* at" the Albion fair* $in« has moved into recently oc^upe*! by Mr, Jlytoft I4ja8 i*5U» Jeffery «l"»ed her Wednt«day-aB.d took the children to the Albion fair where they participated fo hool parade., -' ttntettngof «4i* Marengp "Utewry will be bold at the hoja^ot&s^ «ap«««aThm ; i8aay^a<5t. 14. ^Tb* will be yol»rtfaty. ^ f«tt at. Carpet laying, stoves blacked and set up,' furniture packing etc, Ivo orders ' UIJ. 1UIU1UU4V HW^«.»«l«V *>«"-.. ""J" • - " at W. B. Boaley & Son's and V. B. Sfly B, B.SHAW, , and lowest prices,'at Hulett & Son's. The Ctmnnercial Savings Bank at Mrfrebnll. Mtebiaan. »t ibodofte ol imalnoss spic • ' ' Do >ou want a good cement walk? Call on George Aley. 1 will guarantee a good walk, • • dal8* If yo« contemplate the pfirchasp of a new hat fo* thttfair, call ouMra, Merrill M. C, B. R, will stell ticketa to Albion and return Oct. tHh t» 9th 4ncltt8iv» Io* forty coats on account of Alwop fair. Ticketa good to return L 0et ^ CASTORIA Jor Iiifanta and Childjen. ' The 8OA1*. OljiiilUMiliitiucnt to tlie I,!»«'.vorii lift tht Htuto. Abiahani SuHg, who bought the Ri-o» deiiartm'ent of LuetBtrrs sUui-age jry for thCO at a sjifrfiit's salt-, t«>ti- ihat he i' J5it l«ix«s of acap in the stoi;e, and that much of It \\&* "scrul^ soap." Taid was brought but to •how that lAielgert did not Utet* to imskt Bi>ap with which to vlt-an the bififatti iv. Hut thts atlu'iript to show that ihfie, w "no grease in'the factfry May 1 wa t «• au 8i;tte>i?ful. Carl Hch«tdtr \vas c«l! > to pr'i**' this, hut vf&& found to l. ( a-» of a'fat't that vva« in>t tKc s< rt tHi »i-<^ wafitt-rV—Uiat thtft-e was K<< '*'' U< l « r ewm«'ttnK8 and »-,-•» > •••. i l- i factory ntarfy ai) th=- th. ^ ! \,\ "•' »0t «swear that tJ.ere -..a. ijcn there <MI Mftjf 't "VVWtam Fultseck, a t«*»n»tier said he saw Mrs. I<uetg«rt tht- of-May 1, when slw wan in n<?i »d (that nothing unusual »p l>er looks ar Fu\pt«k eavv Mary SKmertng at the howtv 1 fearly MotxJay tnvririr-gr. May 3, and ihftt tlf(-y hajd a AmveMttttton; that h» asH^d 34ary wh*re h£t vt tin tttTf S. B. Cordotto. Stove IMp»s Delivered to any part of city. BoatBv'a Hardwaro. '. Mrs. Merrill haa a fine line of cycling hate for the fall trade. She also shows the "cow boy" hat which is thcrlateal at he east. For Sale A '97 iftodel bicycle? will sell chmp forcaab. Enquire at Ainerican ' ', n^rth of Greene's drug store, it' aii yc»ro experience »r Probate will filve rpeclal attention If uractlce In !',rot>ate Court*. „„„.,« «,», Patties having busiucBB in probate conrw mm and it to tbetr-fi,tsrcBt to *>OU«HH btu\^ i. Deeds, Mortgages and Other Legal Carefully Drawn. Titles to Heal 12K€at« Examined. Lmm and dletjounts . Stuiika. Honda, raortgngo# Ovi?nlrftft8...v ...... Premium on D. 8. . ..... — - VUi-ulture aart fiituron. ........ -X. .. . M™ l *! Doe from bunk* in reserve cHle» .\« i 13 '^'' Dun from ottoer banlw and bankers. ,: ' ChepUuoodoashl Nlfkles and couta Ooldooiu Total Will attend to the porchace »wi w.'<? oil «*| eaute. pojroent ot taxtso, etc. Loans on ren eatstu negotiated. Agent for ft B«>4'line of Lite and Wie ltt»«Jr ftuci) ooinpftui^B. OFFICE »t ItBSIDENCB, i' " ' Coro«rM»09l<*nand Grand '" ^ra, J^ p^lwg go last everani? wh«i» she tiding in 3 wy the latest TUt. Kloudlke (Jold Fields At* no*.attracting the attention of the I and quarts' mining aro, f ally finds ot nuggett^ in the early days andi extraordinary inducements are being offe?e4, to pJro^jH^cbwft- practical miaera and investors, By oft** spring the gold fever will have k:,n poe»eBrfo» of thoosand» of people, REVBVO VITAUTY. .... ...'..,. asj',M)(« x Total ,....~.T. :r$W,«883 ^tate ttf MiChiWn. Connty »J Calhoun, M. ' I >$' "W ("help*, OasWot •*( till ftp"'* nsnjp doiojomnhr swear that the above 8tW.V! ^ 1 • • '- otJrt o( my ksowledgti ana *•• W, T. , . and »woru to btsfore m« IM* atti W. J. DlBBI/K-, GEt-tWK PK W., K. BOSUK g \ . Pal>lt te. / fortune hu ft A St WAMTS F^imTO sn ty <*?« » «M fir W* W«8« » / T«»)9»ti T, - ouudlng 4ve Hwia. ccni», "5*7SV^KWTiSw w«w' V of Me. or M»n»ioa »tr fa. on £ ^XwM O* *« *"W»- p*F*'V 1 WT"^T 1 ^~<r " w .„.• forty **BW ai*4 b»8 6****; cure a ewe of dim rb«ea, U jsettte laJnt > a <wy of »*» *«'i | tf five apphcationft of Do*a'» will cute the wor*t. ca«e.of it uatil cold weather roof covered with astxwtus is only ooft-h»K th» price Anybody can put it are that - W Jt ol ehjaglee. »tlil »I«epiJilf." 'The cros.. .. _ . imUeaud a pupjK 1 ** *° Pff** *hat *'uri» pi-ck was drunk -that rnwrning. Ktght wltnes*»s from KeuagfcA tt-»ti- fted to'hftVlnK sfen" th* 4 woman at isd Wttft 9U&P^^^) tO ha^ f ^ f^^t^ tn^f n^*^^'^^( Woinan. Oae was Ht **• B^hltiljptt, # furiuer. *who r wft* aeauAli^tBd-' with Mrs- r», ^ the b^tfeellitlefllor reaching eojd .ratio ^ Agt,, Wh£«lme«t in tt» city ,- §n«l ii4 sever witn«ae - Tag footwear Attouttiu. John {/wz%iu& has recoi ve4 through Ife &So«T »«»r 'of ttw? -;r Get your tiik>re tria*ed at Mias fiT*8t|on'« for tha fti». _ ____Wujkl »eid wha* Mr. P^ Grwhat^ of jGto»f»¥i|% l^ha* to aay OH the subject, viz: ."I hav« been a «iu- fflrAj' faoin cbjo.QH* dlftrrpffl^t ^y^jf ff,yiftiv the war and bavo trie^»ll kiod* of nj»di- «i0S« for it- At (j^t I fotipd a reoiepy " itod 4 sure *uvt that was Otam- ColVc, Chotoa aud Diarrhoea " ~" Is m^^W" cap always be li JA. j^fi&fittiiLC tbe ha* . Tlw p«W^^ fcr violatjkw w a ed,ing **Ev By escd«r ef $» " " ""' " la»4aia *oU. flai reward tlw the %ya& WUwi'- her ceof Mi ^ TOr _, „ j the v*t to *&£ fi»krtory> ft«t the bo»es precepted JB tie tri»i *r« bftr ret»aJns; ap'ft on tW? polat in* defense has tbe be?t if the can*- as «8fca by a "map up a tree." HaWfuea of tlie crtnQ- 4eubt k " bM b^n dearly „_ S*«w>v»1*f. to your houa^i ear Pricetrea* L"M>t i iBsatanCe wot. o| have you «»n the cao aow b« ajul Chicago, B, of the way . 8.-~iwp»**Rt«G4e»t .: acjipt typo. *» <-—»—. r..'.,- ee»v«i »1 to toe f*H« t&rougi tbe o!4 fe W <W«» * *«% tfe» civ of ,JS68fl«lWbl! ^ i> ft^yt, M^l jtoie «»J4 <w«irt a " o royssfori W 1 ^^ WJ* "WITCD-AII'tOCii? ll H^1-^»^^^ '»-V.vsft>,,.V»t«-' ' . i H.,t; J.l^» . [W

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