The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 29, 1961 · Page 3
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 3

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 29, 1961
Page 3
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Sunday, January 29, 1961 tf** Bugim* »•» The Sun's Tel evision Log 6:pO O 6:30 . I 7:30 f? 8:00 8:30 9:00 ~~' 9::iO 9:45 10:00 Death Valley Days Expedition Blue Angels Perry Mason The Roarint 20s ChC'donate Tall -Man Leave V To Braver Lnvrence Welk '< V) Ti;Have Gun, Will Travel Nation's Future CD 10:30 12:00 12:30 ,v 32:4.5 B 1:15 ID Fight of the Week Special Assignment . i •-,->. Robin firu'wfo 9 Morris Frank Jackpot Bowling Acadom ' Award Theatre I.nsv and Mr. Jones Sheriff of Cochise MGM Theatre Triple Crown Theater Midnight Zone MGM Tlieatre S'TH Off Sign Off News Sl'XDAY MOR.NLVC Jan. 29 6:33 Q Morn. Devotional 7:00 O This Is The 1 Answer 7:30 B Christophers 8:00 O Frontiers of Faith 8:10 fl) Sunday Hymn 8:15 ID Living Word 8:23 (Fj Anthem. Prayer 8:30 B The Pulpit 8 Sunday School Christian Science 8:-15 B Adventure 9:00 m Lamp Unto My Feet IB Early Bird Theatre 9:30 B Jim Ross Movie Q) Look Up and Live 10:00 m Area Churches 1 '.-""I (n Camera Three l'):55 ffl Harry Reasoner News il:00 R Clmrch Big Adventure South Main Baptist SITVDAY AFTERNOON § This Is The Life Hour of St. Francis Pip The Piper B Builders Showcase Gulf Coast Jamboree Cannonhal) I I Pro Basketball 1 Houston Home Show S Sports Ricr University Bridge Early Show Winchell Show Walt Disney O Highway Patrol 4: no jt| Golf •t:.'«) r^ Rnc'.-v Ami His Friends Q Dr. Hudson's So-ret Journal 5:00 re Fmi'.hY Funnies B Meet The Press 3:30 lly Youns America Speaks 8 20th Century People Are Funny StNDAY NIGHT '.no Q Shirlry Temple t" 5 ! Tp'rr.cws V.'eekly ffl Lassie 6:15 kgj Houston Hcadlint* 6:.TO n Maverick Q Dennis The Menace 7:00 m Ed Sullivan jr I National Velvet ~; 30 CD Lawman Q Tab Hunter ~;01] R Cnpvy Show O G.E. Thentcr 8:.TO © The Islanders yj J;.c'; Fk'raiN 9:00 pi Loretln Young (D Candid Camera 9:?0 ffi What's My Line f* This Is Your Life (B Winston Churchill 1 .i:00 fcj . v ::niay News Final nj News m Movie 11:0", p> Play Of Week •TI *^ Houston Special I' 1 :'" 1 ID I Love Lucy 11:00 ft) I,ite Show ' TJ:.TO Qi News Final -': )j »-1 Sen Off MONDAY MOUN NO Jan. 30 3:33 O Devotional (i:'iO i I Classroom |j:"') ( J Cadet Don fi:."o ( ) Daily Word 7:00 Q Today ( ) Farm Report, News 7:13 ( j Mr. Caboose 7:'.!3 B Talay In Houston 7: .TO © Today ffi News S:00 10 Cadet Don S:15 ffl Capt. Kangaroo S:23 B Today In Houston 8:30 Oj Tumblewecd Time 0 Today 9:00 O S.-i.v Wlien C0 Our Miss Brooks ID My Litlle Margie Video Village 9:30 KWBA PROGRAM LOG I3BO ON YOUR OIAI SATI:RI»AV KVBNLNO OM THE ROAD ART NKWS ON TflE I'.OAD ABC NFAVS ON' THE H A no NKVVS VINTEM" 1 LOPEZ-ABC K-RAT BAl.LP.OOV ABT NEWS I.A\VRKNCK WBI.K K-BAY CARAVAN A!«"! NEWS IMNVK TIME K-I1AY CAKAVAN ABC NEWS LIFE LINK SrON OFF 4 -no 4-5."> S-Ol) 5:"> fi-nO «•••:> 7 -00 T -ill - :,3 R (10 $•30 5 •;,:, I'M P SO II M 111:00 10.13 B 00 fi:ir. S-.10 7 -0(1 7 :;<! ft : M S'fio 9:30 10-00 10-.Sii li'-OO •P. CO 12 53 1 :00 roo <M,ri FASHION HKVTVAL itonr ABC 1 10 KM>t<"> BIBLV: CI.ASS 4 :.0 RK<"-OTU> SESSION 4-"i ABO NEWS " (VI VljSIC '.-> -r, TIMNITT TABERNAC..E ." -so MtW R •:>.'. ARC ,N.:WS * no wonn OF LtvK .i-jfl Ml C TO RF.MF.MB/.P R :,s ARC NEWS 7 on Rn.r.Y OKAHAM 7'M MUSIC TO REMEMBER 7-fi FIRST flAWriST 5 ",0 MVSTC TO . REMEMBER *•:» AJ?C N rs S:00 LIFE LINE »:1S 8l»N OFT On fi SUSI'AV .SERENADE LIVE LINK SITNPAY KKIIENADK mVIK TRUTH/ QKAP.TKT TIME CENTRAL ASFEMBLY LEE BAKER PR. BOB PIKRCF CENTRAL BAPTIST MU. f MEMORIAL BAPTIST MUSIC ABC NEV.'S ftBOOK ' SKSSIO.N A*r NKWS I .Play Your Hunch J Jack La Lanne 10:00 0) I Love Lucy i Price Is Right Star Showcase 10:30 01 The Clear Horizon I. Concentration 11:00 ID Love of Life 1 Truth or Consequences _• Morning Court 11:30 ffl Search for Tomorrow It Could Be You _J Love That Bob 11:45 m Guiding Light 11:55 B News MONDAY AFTERNOON 12:00 B Amos 'N Andy News Camouflage 12:15 CD Joyce Hayward 12:30 *j) Medic As The World Turns Number Please 1:00 03 About Faces Jan Murray Life of Riley 1:30 E News i 'House Party Loretta Young 2:00 flu Day In Court Young Dr. Malone The Millionaire 2:30 ffl Education For Survival From These Roots Verdict Is Yours 3:00 O.Make Room For Daddy Make Room For Daddy Brighter Day • 3:15 ffi Secret Storm 3:30 ffl Who Do You Trust? Here's Hollywood 8 Edge of Night Looney Town' ffl American Bandstand 4:40 5:00 5:10 5:30 5:40 5:45 Early Show People's Choice Kitirik San Francisco Beat Yogi Bear Rather News Almanac Newsrecl Sports Huntley-Brinkley ID Edwards News State Institute To Be Dedicated AUSTIN (AP)—The 51.5 million Houston State Psychiatric Institute, one of the world's most modern psychiatric facilities, will be dedicated Friday. Dr. C. J. Ruilmann of Austin, director of mental health and hospitals for the Board for Texas state Hospitals and Special Schools, will preside. Dr. Kenneth Appel of the University of Pennsylvania school of medicine will speak. Authorized by the 55th Legisla- iire,- the two-story building in the Texas Medical Center includes an auditorium, psychology laborato- •ies, occupational therapy center, a 60-bed hospital, bioelectronics and biochemistry laboratories and audiovisual studio. Dr. Ruilmann said the institute will be a proving ground for new methods, a clearing house for new nforrnation and a training center or professional people in the mental sciences. PONYTAIt £ 1961, Kin? Features Syndicate, Inc., World rights reserved. 'I HOPE YOU'LL EXCUSE THE Wf MY ROCWV LOOkS. W/MOTHER MADE ME CLEAN IT UP THIS MORNING." Houston Store Sales Up Slightly For Week DALLAS (API— Texas department store sales were unchanged rom last year during the week of Jan. 21. the Federal Reserve Bank said today. El Paso sales were off 15 per cent. San Antonio sales were up 6 per cent, Fort Worth and Houston up 3 per cent and Dallas up 1. Comics Have Problem Of Gathering New Material By CYNTHIA LOWRY AJP TV Ksdio Writer NEW YORK (AP)—Shelly Berman, one of the bright young comedians who has only been a TV star for a couple of seasons, announced recently that he has retired his most famous piece of material, the monologue about commercial airline travel. "It's had its day, it's served its purpose," explained, illustrating graphically a problem facing funnymen whose careers are made or broken in their television aonearances. In pre-TV days, a comedian like Berman ccftld use one tried and true routine throughout his entire career. Today it becomes shopworn and over-familiar in a matter of months, so large is the television audience. The insatiable demands of television for new, fresh material particularly afflicts the stand-up comedians, the comedy monologists. The result is a dwindling supply of laughmakers willing to blow their best pieces in one TV guest shot, even on a top-rated variety show. Even the established comedians today are busily figuring out survival techniques, and some of :hese are taking them far away jom comedy. TV viewers may have noted a recent epidemic of comedians playing straight dramatic roles in Iramas and suspense stories. Steve Allen had the roles of a jsychiatrist and then a professor n one series. Mort Sahl and Buddy rlackett played frightened first bananas pursued by killers in, respectively, episodes of "Thriller" and "Dan Raven." Jack Carson turns up on our home screens more often as a villain or blowhard than as a laughmaker. Boyish Johnny Carson has had a couple of successful outings in light comedy. Probably the happiest refuge of the moonlighting comics,, however, is a fat, starring role in a situation comedy series. Danny Thomas is now in his eighth year playing "Daddy" and is so established in the role of family man that a lot of us have forgotten that he started out as a night club performer. Andy Griffith is a recent and successful member of this elite group. George Gobel now wants into the situation comedy club. The pint-sized comedian, lacking a regular network show of his own this season, has been keeping busy—too busy he feels—playing night clubs, one-night stands and making occasional TV guest appearances. He has now concluded that the life of a wandering; minstrel in the jet age, while not without its financial rewards, is for the birds. "I've been playing dates on such a tight schedule that I didn't get home once in three solid months," he complained. "You spend most of your time on buses and! planes —or worse, hanging around airports waiting for planes. Half the time you arrive just in time for your date, short of sleep and dead | tired. "But it's not all bad. At least playing the clubs and the fairs gives you a chance to fool around with your material, testing it before a live audience, moving the lines around for better results. You just can't do that on television." Still another popular escape hatch for the comedian is the panel show, either as hoct or game-player. Outstanding practitioners in their field include Garry Moore. Ernie Kovacs and 1 —most recently—Jackie Gleason. All of the disturbed comedians have ben piayfaf «fe* ftttetttai to the recent a«tMttet of Bob Newhart. last seaaon'i mo* important discovery. Newhtri ma been performing on a pay-TV experiment now in pttifruB to Canada. Gardner McKay TV Show Works To Keep Ratings By BOB THOMAS AP Movie-TV Writer HOLLYWOOD (AP)—In television, he can laugh last who gets good ratings. And so Gardner McKay is entitled to a healthy chuckle. No laughing boy is McKay, the lean, lanky star of "Adventures in Paradise." He's intent and serious, and these qualities may have helped save the ABC hour from sinking fti the TV typhoon. Talking to McKay is somewhat of an adventure in itself. You may have to trail him from stage to stage because 20th-Fox TV schedules wait for no man. You may also wonder at times whether he is talking to you, himself or his omnipresent shaggy dog, since he is given to asides and comments. I stuck it out and learned some things about his conquest of oblivion. "The show is going great now," he observed. "I heard we made it to the top 10 in ratings. That's good. But it still takes work, work, work to keep up the quality. I feel we're dipping into a little valley now. Gotta stop it." "I've had rough times," he con- tinued. "I was really led to the slaughter at the first of these series, knocked down. I wa» A real target." Ke added: The criticiHB hurt. It must have, though I cBdn't realize it at the tim*. I had a breakdown, partly from overwork —I had worked from May until December without a day off— partly from the pressure. I threw an armchair at the camera. "Everybody got scared. I asked for a few days off and they gave it to me. I went up to Carmel and ;ot a room with a fireplace. Those few dfys meant a lot to me. When I came back, I was ready to work." McKay said he would like to do 100 shows and then quit What then? I don't know if any series star can make it in features. We're seen to death. But my brother and I have a book we want to film, about sailing around the Horn. We might do it iome day." As a mark of respect, a Bedouin boy of Arabia won't eat in the presence of his father. PORT OF HOUSTON'S BUILDING PROGRAM RIGHT ON SCHEDULE THIS SPICK AND SPAN iWp-iidt wirehou«» h«i iut» be«n eompl«»«d on th» north lidi of <ht Houston Ship Ch*nn*l «nd juil behind Public Wh«rv«i 20 *nd 21. Th« n»w warthoui* providti 50,000 tqutr* (til ef eovtrtd itor«g» ip«c§ within ttif r»ich ef thipi' birlhi. MORE PUBLIC DOCKS FOR NATION'S NUMBER TWO PORT—Woflt !« eommf right ilong on Public Decli 21 and 22 en tht north lidi of th* Houiton Ship Chinntl. In tht background ii tht public grain tUvttor. BULK HANDLING PLANT ON GREEN'S BAYOU—Tht 650-foof dock It ihown in tht imm«di«t« foreground. Tht railroad will follow the curvt in tht background. MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR SHOPS IN OPERATION—Thit tompltx of buildingi It Jerving a most uitful purpoit «t tht Port of Houiton. WORLD TRADE CENTER TAKES FORM—Tht $3 million building it going up «4 Tern and Crawford. It will bt t boon to International tradt through {ht Port ar Houston. PORT EARNINGS WILL RETIRE BONDS ISSUED FOR IMPROVEMENT AND EXPANSION PROGRAM By the end of this year, the $12.5 million building program of the Harris County-Houston Ship Channel Navigation District will be completed. This program is supported by revenue bonds to be retired out of port earnings. High on the list in the Port's building program is the $4 million bulk materials handling facility on Green's Bayou, just off the Ship Channel. Ships should be loading bulk materials at its 650-foot wharf within the next 90 days. This new facility is expected to attract to the nation's second ranking port much additional cargo. Work on Public Wharves 21 and 22 is well advanced. Each wharf is 600 feet long, and each will offer a transit shed. At Texas and Crawford and adjacent to the Navigation District's downtown office building, the $3 million Houston World Trade Center is being built. It is due for occupancy by year's end, and the demand for space is brisk. Just across from the grain elevator, old Wharf 1 is undergoing a half-million dollar face-lifting. Items in the expansion and improvement program already completed are: An additional truck dumper for the Port of Houston's public grain elevator, which in 1959 handled more ex- port wheat than any other in the country, has been installed at a cost of $500,000. Next to the elevator, $350,000 worth of new metal sheds have been completed to house all the repair and maintenance shops. A $350,000 shipside Warehouse was opened December 15, providing 50,000 square feet of covered storage space within easy reach of ships' berths. The warehouse is located just behind new Wharf 21. When renovaton of Wharf 1 is completed, and Public Wharves 21 and 22 are in operation, the Port of Houston will have berthing space for 25 general cargo vessels. PORT OF HOUSTON OFFICES ARE AS NEAR AS YOUR TELEPHONE WF OFFfR YOU: HOUSTON GEOUGS W. ALTVATIR G*n*r«l S*l*i M«n»««t JOHN t. WtllH Diitriet S*!M lilt C«pitel A<r». CA HIW YORK CITY JOHN A. LA LA Diitrict Sal«t Manage "RANK WARD • 25 KANSAS CITY CHARLES A. BARROWS District S*l»i M«n«g«r Board of Trade Building Ttltphorw Vlcior 2-5732 CHICAGO HUME HENDERSON District S«l'< Managtr Board of Trad« Building T.Uphon. Wcbit.r THE PORT OF HOUSTON Grttn 9-7747

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