The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 14, 1962 · Page 5
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 5

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 14, 1962
Page 5
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IOSPORT AND BRAZORIA COUNTY, TEXAS, FRI., SEPTEM^ft 14. 1962 P First Baptist Church iates open house Sunday T H I IRAZOSFOftT PACTS Ed!ror!ol_Adv—BE 3-3511— Clarified—BE 3-2411 PAGE S public Is Invited to an open The overall dimensions of the at First Bapllst Church nf new building are 90' x 124'. A ort hplwppn the hours of Colonial style of arrhllpo t u re nnd -1:30 p.m. Sunday. Thp wns used to harmonize with Ihe Hri> church, as well as the new existing building. TTie frame Is of structural stppl and a light color- pd Acne hrlck Is uspd for thp ex- he puhllc Is also Invlled lo at- lerlor. Thp front columns at Cyp- jirtuary will tw oppn for inspep- l nt this limp. o d plaster Or finished IhrouRhout In soft blue. The trim, choir rails, columns nnd doors Hre in white. Blue stained glass windows are framed with white. Cherry red carpet covers the five aisles and Ihe podium of the sanctuary. The colonial il the dpdicnlion of the npw 872 rus wood add to thp Colonial dp- ling rapacity sanctuary at Ihe sign. 30 a.m. worship service Sun- The portlm and foyer are of i T * 1 * ™ lonisl furnishings en This service will rlimax washed lerraz/.o. A 12V steeple, jhance the beauty of Ihe interior, any years of planning and capped with lead -coated copper, : The pews are mahogany with k by special committees and i designate the structure as a house W (,j| p em ] B nm ( ar( , churrh membership, church:of worship in the community. ifficlals report. The interior walls of sand finish- WEST COLUMBIA NEWS By NANOY PARRACK School Is here and that second |cup of coffee will have to wait for the mothers while they gel their [little Ones off lo .mother day of ading, writing and arithmetic, GirlR in their pretty dresses and oys in their latest styles are off right -and early carrying books, lunches and even an apple for he teacher, I don't know who is inging "Happy Days are Hcrp gain'' the loudest, the children the mothers. Bui by Ihe lime hool Is oul in Ihe afternoon, we happy to have them hack. Kingrea is learning to rile Ipft handed since she broke dren visiled at their home with four inch polytirethane cushions in cherry red. Other furniture Is finished in white with mahogany trim and includes the pulpit, Lord's Supper table and two double sedallas. Op?ra-tyne Pecos. Upon returning, Karen en-!chalrs are used in Ihe Ti-member tered Community Hospital lnj cnoir "ectlon. Frppport I The paneled celling is of accus- whom HP constantly trusted, (Based on outlines copyrighted by thp Division of Christian Edu- Bible Material! Nehertldh *( 4| A: IK. Devotional reading; Pnlm 120. I.KADERSniP A man who succeeds In doing whal no man has ever done before Is a greal man, provided what he does Is worth doing. A man who succeeds where others have failed, i is evpn greater—again supposing that what he does is a good thing to do. Nehemiah was such a man. He ! would be a success anywhere, and himself In a fine example of what happened to the Jews who were taken into captivity. They were not put into dungeons, only some of the more prominent ones suffered that /ate. Most wpre left to sink or swim, and being Jews they generally swam. Nehemiah showed how far they could rise is they had the chance. THE TIME AND THE MAN A glance at the calendar helps us to understand the genius of this man. It was now about 140 years after Jerusalem had been destroy- JBSSE N. BUTTON, miirtMer of not only at the time and place «,, or go'yean, after the Temple ~ A «•««••«« «1 K « where he lived. The first we hear had ^ n Carted. But in all that time no one had ever succeeded in getting a stable government in LEADERSHIP AND FAITH Readers may be interested, in studying the story of Nphemiah to soe whal were thp various ways rationi Nat j ona i Council of thf in which he showed his power of 'ch urnh( , s ^ ch ri st in the U. S. A. : leadership. Bui one of his qualities Rell?ase( , bv Community Press was vital, and must not be over- e; crv j ce ) looked; FAITH. The book called by i his name, though filled with action, Testament shows us. There werei brginR anrt ends wilh P™ycr. many cross-currents of jcalouy ™-* man had faith in himself; n Ihe dusty rubble-filled lnsignifi-i s<?lf-rps P ect was a notable quality i cant village that wanted to be a '" nis make-up- He had failh in city again. people if rightly led. But first and These had defealed other men, las ! h ! s . failh was in God - He CTU|(1 no doubt. But Nehemiah put those J" 1 jealousies to work. He had the goldsmith'working at one section of that wall and the priests somewhere else. He pitted them against .. ,, . , . . ,. H K ""' his energy would have faded, his ; one another, and so induced thcmj un d crt akings miscarried, il he had to do their best work. jnot been sustained by the God in isible bpcause believed God willed if, and what God wills, can be done. makes it quite clear worked and Watch for the GRAND OPENING of BRAZOSPORT FLOOR & CARPET CO. Formerly (Tapp Floor Co.) 317 So. D BE 3-5258 FREEPORT E. C. PHILLIPS, Owner Houston recently. of the Interior are six 24-1 i g h t ' brass chandeliers, which were , The H. C. Halls entertained imade HV allable through the ef - guesls, Mary Sue Peters of Hou*-|f ortg of , h( , Jo » hlw class ^ the tonjind Ihelr^son, Master Sgt. ignnday School. M. Rivers of San Antonio. The new building also includes. miinlc and Baptist In Freeport, marked i of him, he is a member of the roy his fourth anniversary at the al court in what Is now Iran, the church on Au«. ». He cam* lo ancient Persia. Jerusalem or to build practical the trrrpnrt church from Ban- He was evidently a man the, protection against their numerous ger. Button lit married and has .king trusted, one to whom the enemies. two daughters, age* five and 10. j king gave much power. Yet he was j n those days every going city Ills wife Is also very Mcflve. In |one of the down-trodden Jews, as; na( ) ( 0 na v e a wajj around it; but Ihe church'* music program. jlhey were at that time. Nehemiah ! in 140 years the city wall had been lying in ruins exactly as Nebu rhadnezzars primitive bull-dozers had left It. This was all news to Nehemiah I when he first heard of it; it was ia shock, too. That this should he W goes to show the prosperous The Rev. Robert M. PlUer o|:in the adoptive program. How-'j^, jj|< e Nehemiah had no notion MFTHOOIST HOME REPRESENTATIVE WILL BE SPEAKER AT WC CHURCH Mr. and Mrs. Billy Pugh were | the pastor's study, a bride's room, i'he Methodist Mission Home in; ever, placements are not limited !0 f the poverty-stricken, danger- hosts for a party In their new'conference room, choral room andean Antonio will be the guest at to Methodist homes, home, with 10 person* attending, ieight baptismal dressing rooms, ;a morning meeting held Thurs- Anyone interested Mrs. John McGchce surprised! Remodeling of the old sanctuary [day at Columbia Methodist more 0 ( the her daughter, Mrs. Joy Whltt.jexpands Ihe educational space lolChurch in West Columbia, with a birthday party. Cake and I accommodate seven nursery de- The local Auxiliary lo the Home filled lives Ihe Jerusalem Jews had in learning been living, program is When Nehemiah, with govern asked to write to the Methodist. ment backing, went lo see what he Home of Texas, P.O. Box'could do in .Jerusalem, by build fer right arm in a fall. iKathy and Ronnie Broz all of their fripnds , .. ., coffee were served lo Mrs. Carl;partments, Iwo beginner (4-5 yr.),'will sponsor the coffee meeting. 2117. San Antonio, requesting a'ing the wall as his Number One Stephens, Mrs. Hubert « r *1Mrs. Pete French, Mrs. hool about their sister. Tammie at :Parrack, Mrs. George Humph Wilson,:six primary (6-R yrs.), four Junior, The Rev. Pitzer Is field repre- preliminary information form. A project he became Ihe man of the B. H. (9-12 yrs.). four Intermediate I1.V sentative of the Home, which ser- Mp ,„ ^p Santonio j,, no , neces . hour Five KPner ations had pass- The proud parents are hd Mrs. Joe Bro/.. rey, Mrs. Les Watts. Mrs. Char- . . Mr. les Teilke, and Mrs. H. H. Hallmark. |Mr<. Cecil Wait is in Gulf Coast Mr. and Mrs. Billy Pierce have idical Cenlpr recuperating from returned after taking their daugh- emergency appendectomy. ( eri Lo| n e, lo Fort Worth where Uck" H. Parraek is home fronj Ihe 8ne i s a student at TCU. Wharlon hospital after un- ling tests. Irs. Ralph Farmer ami Mrs. Thomas motored to Fort to enroll Mrs. Farmer's Bobby, in TCU. Robby will Ip his freshman year in pre- teal school. While there, they ited in the home of Mrs. Farm- sister. -Y HUV and Mrs. John Easl of ^Oklahoma ipcnt several days vis- 16 yrs.l, two young people (17-24 ivps a five conference area. Offl- sary to j yrs. I and five adull departments, icial report that there is a need Thj g w -j] The church plant is completely! for more adoptive parents for the p | a j n air-conditioned Home Archllcct and building engineers Because practically all the sup- are Wylie W. Vale and Associates:port of this Home comes from ^^ u ^ ^^ and I. G. Audish and Son Con-'Methodist people, a high prefer- jo'-jJi "AH" churches started on the matter. l ed; Nehemiah had been needed come later, officials ex-'long before now;but at last he 'arrived and took charge. The coffee hour Thursday I s KNOWLEDGE *nd LEADERSHIP ""P" scheduled for 9:30 to 10:15 a.m., What are the qualities thai make irOin ,;.u *i__ r»^.. TI:I «_ i_ _* in tvifin « V>flrr»7 UTVtat aro Iho fhnr. with the Rev. struction Company. . Pitzer to speak al a man a hero? What are the char- mrches in the area acteristics of a "man of the hour"? phegin Religion In The News: Churches leaning toward more ritualistic forms of worship lence is shown Methodist couples arg . m ,^ (o ^ - repr ^ en j a :iNehemiah is a very good example lives. He (pas a successful leader partly A collection of toilet articles, because of what today we would such as soap, tooth paste, brushes, call "know-how," a penetrating j powder, deodoranl, shampoo, bob-i understanding of a situation, an by pins, etc., will be made as a accurate aim at the heart of his love gift for Rev. Pitzer to return i problem, and above all an art in for use at the home. getting people to do what they Good used clothing for women ought to do. in sizes 10-16 will also be collected Sometimes a Deader learns on for use at the Home. the job, so to speak, as Abraham , In charge of arrangement* for;Lincoln did. Sometimes he comes fiW • ,h'h o nf Mrs Hplenl !tne i™*'" 1 !? »™ Mrs. Roy Led-ito his great task already knowing <Kack ' CHICAGO (AP)- Church^ are "numbing snectoriti." has infect-, America on the wings of young better .Mrs. J G. (Jack. Phillips, jwhtt to do and how -to doit ^ nd Mrs. W. L. Allen and leaning today toward more ritual- ed many Methcrfist churches. i Ideas." Mrs - »™rv G^ber. and Mrs. I if he neither know., nor can le. Mr. Mrs. Henry Graber, and Mrs.) Marvin Petter. Jimmy, along wilh Richard istic forms of worship. Some per- The Rt '. Ml. Long said his He brands Ihe liturgical revival have returned from a visil sons oppose it as a return to plea is noi tor shallow emotional-i as "religious status-seeking." in "Dallas. "Pharlseelsm," other* laud it as'ism in worship or a return to the; w hich (here is a drifting toward Dnhnoroil timn nhortrrnrl 5 Irs. Lee Kay was a patient In a maturing of religious sensibility, amen corner or sawdust trail of, :hc "tawdry Imitation of high! KcllCdlSai UlTlC Cll3ng6u 'JT Memorial Hospital. The Rev. Kermit L. Long, pas- early Methodism. „*; mor e dignity and rank high- 'JWrs. Matlie Allen is staying tor of Central Methodist Church. He urges a renewal of the churches which supposedly pos- The senior choir of St. Paul's with her mother and sister after • Phoenix, Ariz., charges in a Meih-,"spontaneity, creativity and fer-j er j n g^^ a cceptance.' 'Episcopal Church In Freeport has: Fix •rgoing surgery in a Dallas odist publication, Together, that'vor which carried Methodism over, .. Ta - sks ~"jvolve neither"ul'e"'mlnd nor" the lo 7 P' m ' ""W Wednesday. Any- Helen womatk " chu PAVLA REPRESENTATIVE LEAVES with all their minds and souls i are they stimulated to greater ef-j ifort and achievement. !! "Each service should lake usj first back to Ihe headwaters of ourj for faith. I refuse to believe thati he is no leader. Nehemiah's genius lay chiefly An Important step in the mis-1 Chile. ^Substance 7 topic J F QR s. AMERICAN ASSIGNMENT forCS lesson, ^ermon on Sunday ,":.j-w-fc;;- 'iffthSR He was able to make hand' . - wor |, w ^ m him, not against Ilie people had always beer fa quarrelsome lot, as the Olc ready-prepared scrapple hv rote in changed rehearsal time from 6:30:this way: slice it a little more iS ™. ."" to 7 p.m. ever>' Wednesday. Any-!than U-inch thick and dip it into ./one interested in singing in the j white walerground cornmeal. Fry senior choir is invited to attend until golden brown on both sides rehearsals. in hot bacon drippings. sionary activity of the Gaivpslon-; Mis8 Gonzales Houston Catholic diocese war. lak- PAVLA (Papal Is the Volunteers |/%he spiritual foundation of tn,e !?" M *l and brotherhood will he set P lane -._ bus at Freeport's Christian Sci- n ,. church services Sunday In a RfiCOrQIflg " cuulu '"5 en this rfeek when Miss Marie Gonzales of Houston start " M * i'±' Jee P on -Sermon entitled "Sub- . „ tO C3 lu uu " featured in the Bible selections, TOP DUltOflS, a number of passages from Book of James, im-luding The Billions and Bows Square: Hew: "Who Is n wise man «nd ! Diinre Club will enlertain mem- ued with knowledge among, hers and guests with a square j u' let him shew out of a good :danre at the Freeport Communi- nversarion his works with;ty House on Saturday. Beekness of wisdom. . .And Ihe Dancing will be from 8 to 11 Latin America 1 representative Methodism's early vigor has been, Anna Irom tnls diocese of which Free-j so spent that it now must walki :port is a part. PAVLA is a wel-iupon the crutch of ceremony." j I fare program with religious mo-. Opposing the Rev. Mr. Long inj jlivation set up by Pope John]the printed debate. The Rev. Ro- iXXlTI. It calls for two or three i m ey Pitt Marshall, pastor of Sum- years' service on Ihe part of qual- j merdale, Pa., Methodist Church, ified lay men and women who will feei s that true worship, which is 1 teach practical skills to the people, liturgical worship, requires con- 1 of Mexico, Central, and South gregationa 1 . participation in every America. 'phase of the service. TOM GARRETT'S PHARMACY MISSING 7 7 7 NO! TOM JUST MOVED To The BRAZOSPORT SHOPPING VILLAGE LOOP ROAD Phone CY 7-2442 nil of righteousness Is sown in p.m. and the caller for the even- ace of them thai make peace." ; Ing will be Allie Morvent, nation- following will he read from!ally known professional caller ^'Science and Health wilh Key tojand recording artist from Port he Scriptures" by Mary Baker;Arthur. ddy (p. 467): "It should be; Morvent's popular square dance {thoroughly understood dial all i recordings Include "Chewing Imen have one Mind, one God and "Gum," "Haul off and Swing," •Father, one Life, Truth nnd I/IVP. "Little Liza Jane," and his latest •Mankind will become perfect in:release, "Frankte and Johnnie." •proportion as this fad bpcomps He was also one of the featured {apparent, war will cease ami (ho i callers at the National Square (true brotherhood nf man will be i Dance Convention held in Miami, lettabllihrd." 'Ha., this past spring. WE OFFER OUR MOST SINCERE Congratulations FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OFFICE SUPPLY, me HEADQUARTERS FOR •Iblei-Rtllalout ftlfn-OHIe* Suppllti Congratulations TO THE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF FREEPORT i On The Completion and Dedication Of Your NEW SANCTUARY Another Milestone In The Growth And Development Of The Brazosport Community WE ARE PROUD TO HAVE BEEN CHOSEN AS THE PLUMBING, HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING CONTRACTOR BRAZOSPORT PLUMIING AND HEATING CO. MECHANICAL CONTRACTORS •10 No. llrii, St. Man's Faith In Religion Has Again Been Proven With The Completion Of This Magnificent New Structure We Offer Sincere Congratulations To The FIRSTBAPTISTCHURCH OF FREEPORT FREEPORT ——FREEPORT, TEXAS

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