Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on April 29, 1937 · Page 3
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 3

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 29, 1937
Page 3
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•—•"—-—•-• EVENING, APfclL 29, 19Sf ( t»AMI»A DAILY NEWS, Pajmiw, PACH WASMlNOTaN, April 29. (/P) — Senator Robinson (la., Ark.) en- dbtsed today" the proposal of Sen- atdf Byrnes (D., S. O.) to make a flfit 10 ; per cent cut In all appropriations, exclusive of fixed charges,: with, discretionary power for department heads to transfer the alashvfrom bureau to bureau. fc ftoblttson toio reporters he Would prefe? the Byrnes method to the proposal that 15 per cent of all appropriations be impounded, with discretion vested in the President to release additional funds. . Officials of the United States conference of. mayors, which has advocated • increased federal relief spending, contended today that Congress . would not exceed the $1,500,000 fund suggested by President Roosevelt. The group, which had asked a federal expenditure of $2,200,000,' 000 declared the smaller .sum would last "only from July until February Unless works progress administration policy is,revised.. In the halls of Congress, there •was talk of a compromise with the "economy bloc"- by cutting $300.000,000 from the President's relief estimate. Senator Byrnes CD., 3. C.) and others-have demanded that relief, costs be reduced to an even billion dollars. The House late yesterday approved a $4,000,000 increase in an , appropriation for expenses of the Tennessee valley authority not anticipated in the funds allotted at the, beginning of the year. The session's second deficiency appropriation bill, .providing $83,146,043 for TVA and other agencies, passed on a standing vote, 84 to 17. COURT RECORD ; AUSTIN, April 28 (fP)— Supreme Court -proceedings: Judgment of civil appeals affirmed. W; L. Pickens et al vs Avrenva V. Bade et al, Gregg.- Judgment of court of civil appeals reversed and judgment of trial court affirmed: J. M. Radford vs F. F. McNeny et al, Taylor; the San Antonio Joint Stock Land Bank vs. Kate L. Taylor, administratrix, Nueces. Application for writs of injunction and prohibition, filed herein by Magnolia Petroleum company et al, is dismissed without prejudice to any right they may have' to contest the Railroad Commission order of March !,• 1937, by statutory appeal to the district court of Travis county: Magnolia Petroleum co. et al vs New Process Production co. et al, Applications for writs of error granted: West Texas Utilities Co. et al vs Ruth M. Ellis et vir, Tom Green; International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Iron Shipbuilders and Helpers of America, et al, vs J..R. Huval, Jefferson. Applications for writs of error refused: E. R. Hicks vs John M. Sies et ux, Jefferson. Applications 'dismissed for want of jurisdiction: J. W. Shelor et ux vs Humble Oil & Refining co., et al, Galveston; Texas BituUthio co. vs O. T. Moore et al, Wichita; the Texas Nat'1-Bank of Beaumont vs Annie M. Angelo et al, Jefferson; Bankers & Shippers Ins. co. of N. Y., vs Ellis Green Motor co., • Galveston; the MacCabees vs Minnie P. Rector, Taylor; James J, Utitz vs W. T. Grant co., Jefferson; A. J. Van Cleave vs Bell Oil & Gas co., et al, Wichita. Motion for .rehearing of applications overruled: W. L. Logan et ux vs Joseph N. Coker et al, Lubbock; P. A. Diltz vs Mrs. J, M. Williamson, Taylor; Julio Guerrero vs U. S. Fidelity & Guaranty CO., McLennan. Estaban Adam vs Wm. Saenger et al, Jefferson. • .Motions for rehearing of causes overruled. Farm & Home Savings & Loan Ass'n, of Missouri (R, E. Stevenson, receiver), vs Mollie D. Abernathy, et vir,. XiUbbook.r •:" . Motion to advance Overruled: The Pure Oil co. vs Ellen Z. Ross et al, Galveston; Oarlton Meredith vs Hon. James W. McQlendOn, Oh, J., et al (mandamus). . .-•:.•., Motions for leave to file petitions for mandamus overruled: M. S, <S? Marshall Webster vs Hon 1 0. V. Terrell et al; Universal Credit Co. vs. Hon. Irby Hunklin,, Ch... J,, et al; Panhandle Stages, inc., et al vs w. R. Bwlng, Pist. J, et al, -, Motions for rehearing submitted: H. P. Worley et al.vs Empire Gas & Fuel Co., Gregg. . Causes submitted: The Life Ins. co. of Virginia" va Alamo Wall et al, Lubbock; Wichita Falls & Oklahoma By. co,, vs A. O. Pepper, olay. -..••••,-(; • ' ""^ n rrr.. ^ Ip the last two years the Texas livestock, sanitary commission has spent $99.389,63 for tick eradication In 12 »- Wione 870 «-' TODAY QNLY First of Csmtctf Daughters to Wed Wide-eyed Natalie Cantor added her smile to that 01 Joseph Metzger as the couple appeared at the Los Angeles marriage license bureau, where they are pictured above, and flled-notice of Intent to. wed. Natalie, who will be the first of famed Comedian Eddie Cantor's live daughters to marry, gave her age as 20 Metzger, a Boa- ton business man. Is 22. The wedding will take place ui the Cantors' Los Angeles home, May 6. ACTOR WILLIAM CILLETTE_ HARTFORD, Conn., April 29 (AP) —William Gillette, veteran actor, died Joday of a pulmonary hemorrhage at the Hartford hospital. Gillette, who was 81, came to the hospital from his Hadlyme' home several weeks ago. It was his second visit to the institution within the past six months. His physician said a severe cold had undermined his health. The venerable actor gained his first fame on the stage as the star of "Sherlock Holmes." His illness started last fall with a cold while he was at his showplace home in Hadlyme, where Gillette had spent many years in virtual seclusion. Gillette's fame was enhanced through his acting in another of his productions, "Secret Service." In the winter of 1935-36, the veteran actor appeared in New York and other eastern cities in a revival of "Three Wise Fools," and was acclaimed .by theater adiences. At that time in a curtain speech in Hartford, Gillette said he hoped to return again to the theater in another revival after "another ten years.'" Citizens Awake to Crime Control, Is Crusader's Opinion CHICAGO, April 29 (/P)—An 85- year old crusader against.crime who was among the first to hang the sobriquet "public enemies" on gangsters, said today the citizenry had "finally awakened" to the necessity for cooperation with peace officers in the war on organized vice. Commending a group of New York men for forming a modern committee of vigilantes to control crime, Frank J. Loesch, active president and creator of the Chicago crime commission and for years a militant combatant of corruption in politics and government, said it was an "ex-^ cellent move in the tight -direction." The aged lawyer, who still believes in putting in a full day at his office and still is an unrelenting foe fo racketeering, said it appeared business men and the law-abiding public had eventually opened their eyes and discovered violent .crime increasing in congested districts. 'If that New York committee really wants to succeed," Loesch said, "it will have to work in conjunction and close harmony with federal agents, city police, and state law enforcing agencies, It should always play the role of an assistant and not try to usurp the powers of others." DOPE ADDICTS FLEE PEIPING,. China; April 20 (£>)— Fire which raged through the ancient "temple of ten thousand longevities" today sent 72 . narcotic addicts fleeing, into the city's streets. One hundred of them gained at least temporary freedom from the treatment that had been forced upon them, ••!-..•:•. Police captured more than 600 and predicted all wpuld be found within a few hours. . i t SCIENTISTS FORESEE AGRICULTURE'S DEATH NKWARK, N. J., April 29 (/P) Scientists on a WPA soil inventory project concluded today that agriculture in the United States must "die of its own neglect" within 200 years and "the population follow suit" Unless soil fertility measures are instituted. Using soil samples from 48 states to determine chemical resoures, the WPA workers calculated that nitrogen, vital to plant life, will be exhausted from the soil within years, sulphur will have disappeared by 1962, and "the eventual result will be a China-like famine in the richest country in the world. The soil nutrient losses were blamed on erosion, leaching (the action of water seeping through the earth) harvesting, livestock, burning anc the rapid ovidlzation of organic matter in the Boil. The net annual loss in vital soil elements was set at 65 million tons of nitrogen, 3 million tons of phosphorus, 45 million tons .of .potassium 55.5 'million tons of calcium, 20.5 million tons of magnesium., and.3 mil lion tons of sulphur. BILL HOLD WASHINGTON, April 29 (/P)—Opponents of the Roosevelt court bill expressed confidence today they had the whip hand in the Senate judiciary committee and in the Senate itself. •;:.•• Announcement that Senators McCarran (D-Nev), Hatch (N-NM) and O'Mahoney (D-Wyo) would oppose the measure caused the foes to count a clear majority in the committee. No hint came from administration quarters as to whether President Roosevelt might agree to any compromise. Some of those on his side said privately they hoped he would accept a modification. Some were reported urging him to withdraw the bill entirely or drop it for the present in the hope that time would bring a natural shakeup In the court. ^. — Hospital Notes Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Abernalhy are the parents of a son, born at Pam- pa-Jarartt hospital. E. W. Barnhart. was admitted to Pampa-Jarratt hospital yesterday. Condition of Mrs. W. W. Harrah was reported improved at Worley hospital today. Miss Elsie May Laverty was ab\e to leave Pampa-Jarratt hospital yesterday; Mrs. L. L. Hinkle returned to her home at Skellytown yesterday following treatment at Pampa-Jarratt hospital. J. L. Rice was dismissed from Pampa-Jarratt hospital yesterday. MIND your MANMRS Test your knowledge of correct social usages by answering: the follow- hg questions, then checking against the authoritative answers below: 1. Should you thank a delivery man when you take a package from him? 2. Is It proper to call a man by his title without using his name, as 'Doctor"? 3. «ow should a mother thank the friends who have sent gifts to a new baby? . 4i Should a man refer to his wife as "the Mrs."? 5. If you meet a friend who looks ill or .tired, is it thoughtful to tell him so? What would you do if— You happen to see a child doing something likely to prove dangerous and his mother seems unaware of It— (a) Stop and call his mother's at- iention to it? (b) Warn the child in such a way that his mother will hear you? (c) Say nothing? Answers. 1. Yes. 2. No. It Is better to say "Dr. Smith." 3. By a note. 4. No. She Is "Eleanor" or "my wife." ' 5. No. You only make him feel worse. Best "What Would You Do?" solution—(a). (Copright, 1937, NBA Service, Inc.) CIEULIK IS TENPTB DALLAS, April' 29 (£>) — Judge Adams today sentenced Augustus Dwight Beard, 27, slayer of a former Dallas city detective, to, die in, the electric chair June 4. Roberts was slain during a holdup at a garage here last Dec. 23. Beard accepted sentence without any indication of emotion. He was shackled and placed in an automobile bound, for state prison at Huntsvllle. Beard told reporters he still had hopes the governor would commute his sentence .to life Imprisonment. Once before Beard had been tried for murder and given the death, penalty, by a jury in North Carolina. His death sentence in that state was communted to life imprisonment. He escaped from prison and remained a fugitive until his arrest a week after Roberts was mortally wounded. Roberts was shot when he reached for his gun as Beard, after looting the cash register at the garage, was backing out the door. One bullet fired by Roberts struck the bandit in the leg.. _ ON NEW ROUTE ALAMEDA, Calif., April 29 (IP)— Toward the Orient a great flying boat pointed its nose today for the first commercial passenger flight between the.United States and Hong- kong, China. The craft was Pan American Airways Hawaiian Clipper, scheduled to take off at 3 p. m. Its pay load comprised one woman and four men. The route will be to Honolulu, and thence, to Manila. From Manilla to Hongkong, the route will be new. PENSION PLAN OKAYED Group life insurance and a pension plan for employes of the Texas corporation and subsidiary companies were approved Tuesday at the annual meeting of stockholders of the Texas corporation in New York City, it was learned here today..The plans 'will be available to employes within the next.60 days it. was announced by T. Rieber, chairman of the, board of the Texas corporation. DECREE ABSOLUTE; MONDAY LONDON, April 29 (AP)—Wallis Warfield Simpson's divorce decree nisi from Ernest Aldrlch Simpson will be made absolute Monday, a day earlier than had been expected. Then she will be free to wed Edward of Windsor,, perhaps as a June bride. It was learned today the application for the final decree will be heard Monday before Mr, Jus tice Bucknill. , MIST WILL SEEK AUSTIN, April 29 yp)—Gib Gilchrist, chief engineer, has announced the highway deparment Will ask approval by the Bureau of Public Roads of projects costing $15,600,000 in the regular 1938 federal aid program. Projects by counties include: Carson — Grading and draining highway 209 from Hutchinson county line to Gray county line. pallarh — Grading, draining and surfacing highway 56 from 9 miles northeast of Dalhart to Sherman county line. Hutchinson—Grading and draining highway 209 between Borger and Carson county line. Ochiltree—Surfacing highway 4 from Perry ton to Llpscomb counts ine. 100 Families Leave Homes in Ontario CHATHAM, Ont., April 29 (Canadian Press) — Rescuers helped 100 families to evacuate their homes today, menaced by the swollen Thames river. The stream rose more than two feet overnight. A large part of the city was 'inundated. The flood level, rising at a rate of from two to three inches an liour, lacked only four feet of putting pumps in the water works out of commission. Two bridges were closed, highways jast and south of the city were 1m- passable, and oabris-clogged • water A WOMAN'S PRIVATE NOTE BOOK BROUGHT TO. A COLLEGE CAMPUSI FLOBEHWBICE NAT WNDLETOS In Technicolor "GIVE ME t rtv i -t. t ti A (SUN) BURNING QUESTION LAGUNA BEACH, Calif, (ff)—For a year the city council has been unable to decide whether to permit residents tq appear on .this coastal city's streets in abbreviated bathing suits. Because merchants, protest that a ban would drive away 'bea<?h trade, the council has decided to have newspapers, poll the cttlagns. Miss Florgnp Phillips of Riverside, Calif., is the guest of Mrs. Charlie Duenkel for a few-days. ^ • Last Tiines Today In the Danger gam,e he was the ace! CQNRAO NAGEL as a Fearless QtMan w played with JE^ftth-'- TOV*aHPW» By comtnltdng suicide, Mrs. Helen Kimm Mont (above), exotic Korean beauty and former Broadway showgirl, provided the unusual feature promised guests, invited in a wlcrd chain letter, to a party at her Park Avenue apartment. More than 100 persons had assembled for the occasion when her gas poisoned body was discovered. Married only a month, she had quarreled with her husband, James Mont, a decorator* obstructed approaches to the city's business district. Tharaesville, 1G miles up-river, was isolated. The 'flood left 6,000 homeless and property damage of more than $3,000,000 In tondon, which suffered most/,. NOSE-OUT : CITIES SEIICE 5-2 Pampa's Sooriers, entered in the Pampa Softball association by Perkins Pharmacy and Gunn-Hinerman, took a 5 to 2 thriller from Cities Service Tuesday evening in a, mild upset. The race to decide which 1 teams will remain in fast company has become a nightmare to officials who will have to decide. Tomorrow evening six more games will be staged, as follows: Skelly vs Sooners. Stanollnd vs Coltexo. Cities Service vs Humble. Sun vs Champlin. King vs Phillips. «». BORGAN DIES GUTHRIE, Okla.. April 29 (AP) —David Weinberger, 67, florger, Tex., died at a , Quthrle hdsplfi yesterday from a; heart attftcK^ffi fered while he attended an' '8 celebration here. April 21-22. eral services will be held Guthrle. Survivors include , ; daughters, Mr;j. Lillian Beers, £fia*> j las, Mrs. Helyne Bfinberg, KaBSSI , City, and Miss -Louis Weinberg, Saf*~|| ger. • ' Miss Ruth Hughes,' guest Of Mr," and Mrs. W. A. WatMns of 717 W. Francis, will leave/ Friday, fof faSf home In Houston s/.ter a visit of S6V* eral days. FALSE, TEETH Can Not Embarrass Many wearern' of false teeth have Mf- feri-fl ronl enyjarrnssmcnt because the!* teeth droppd ov nlipped at just the wrttftB time. Do not,live in four of this happen* inir to you. Just sprinkle a little' FAS- TEETH on your plntcs. Makes false terih stny In nJaco nnd feel comfortable. Sweetens brenirti. Uet FASTEETH at any good drug store. Adv, MORTGAGE INSURANCE A Mortgage Cancellation Policy Will protect your family, your creditors, yoor •estate, by insuring payment of mortgage in fufl in case of death! The Cost? Only 1 per cdnf j Interest on Mortgage! Issued By Great National Life Insurance Company ' Old Line Legal Reserve Dallas, Texas , Local Representatives Frank Hill H. C. Berry Phones 772 and, 120 119 North Fro« St. Frank Hill II. C. Berry ~^—™~~r—•"•"'•"^""^"'•"'gTf^gpfpllggjBBHMHEMMjKW . '_' LaM at night . . . suddenly a mother discovers that her sick child's medicine is all 'gone. . . she rushes to the phone. The druggist responds. . . in a few minutes the medicine is delivered. The druggist is a professional man, always ready to serve. Years of study, of practice with the implements of his profession, have given him tho skill that means so much to you. For your convenience, your health, a druggist is always on duty at Crctney's to serve you promptly and efficiently. CHOCOLATES Your, gift of Whitman's Chocolates will give Mother double pleasure—it is from you and it is the finest in candy. Make your selection NOW. 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