The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 28, 1930 · Page 1
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 1

Tipton, Indiana
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Monday, April 28, 1930
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Entered as second class matter, Oct. 4, 1895," at post office at Tipton, Ind., under the atl of March 5, 1879 VOLUME XXXV, TiO. 177: TIPTON, INDIANA, MONDAY EVENING, APRIL 28, 1930. JURIES FOR MAY TERM OF Sf$n for Grand and Petit Bodies Selected by Commissioners Monday.! PRAIRIE LOSES OUT Indian, Mother of 27, Sought as I*i ciiiicnC of Mexican Prize Mexico City, April 24.—The newspaper Excelsior i^ seeking Mexico's most prolific mother, who will he feted in the Mexican mothers' program May 10. A family with seventeen children was found "in the-state of Hidalgo, but the paper's con- respondent ay Tepic reported today that Senora Cataliina Sanlana. a widow, who lives near_ Jala in the state of May- aril, has twenty children and that lie is seeking an Indian woman reported to he the mother ef twenty-seven. CRYING BABY ALONG ROAD; IS Home From the Antarctic; No Member From Township! Was Drawn From Little Brown Box. I T NEWS AND NOTES Monday morning jury commissioners. C. A. Taylor and T. Bartholomew, met at the office of the county clerk and proceeded j to draw the names of the j eigh- 1 teen men who will serve as'mem- 1 i 1 hers of the grand and petit [juries j {hiring the M-iy term of thi 1 'l ) ~j 1¥ ^IFE ton Circuit Court which 'opens i Monday May 5. I In the drawing every township was represented on the petit jury except Prairie and that township has nrjrreprestfntation on the grand jury. Another incident connecter] with the drawing is that the mon selected for irrand jury service are; all from Cicero and Jefferson .townships.' there being three from each. The men drawn fpr grand jury service arc Arthur A. Samuels, Elmer Miuenberg and Otis Small of Jefferson township.-and G-eorge E. Cui-iiran, William i H. Ferguson and Warren E. Blount, of Cicero township. < Members of the petit jury are ' Charles Pierce. William A. Anderson and Charles Weaver' 1 "-of Wildcat township: Jesse M. i Kemp ;;iid Arthur Teter of Jefferson township; James V. Xelson B .jLast Extension Has Been Made for Filing Reports , on Ditches. Child One Year Old Left at - Roadside in the Rain— Found Cryinp;. TAKEN TO HOSPITAL No Marks of Identification on Clothing to Give Any*Clue to Police. GIVEN SUPPORT of Madison I "Farmers who petition for drainage expect to after the petition is approved without remonstrance and no further extension for filing report of the drainage commissioners in' this drain will be given." With this Indianapolis, April 28.—Left lying in the rain near the much tiuveled Bluff road • pavement southwest of the ^city limits, an unidentified baby boy, about one year old, was found, abandoned about 4 a. m., Monday. When the child was found by Mrs. Fred Hoeitke, R. R. 4, Box 297, who lives in the Bluff road near the Stump irpad intersections, his clothing was rainsoaked and he was crawling a few feet from the edge of the pavement. Mrs. Hoeitke was awakened 'by the baby's cries shortly after 4 | a. m. and found it about fifty feet i south of her home when. > she searched. She (took him to her WANTS RAISE Members of the Byrd crew as f They are: Marta n ,, Ro im e ' sail- r they arrived at Quarantine, N. Y.ron'the whaler, CI A. Larson, following long months in the frozen Antarctic as members of the Byrd ' Expedition. maker; Norman'Vaughan, assistant ; dog driver; Walter Leuthner, Clair| D. Alexander, supply officer, and. Edward E. Goodale, assistant dog driver. (International Newsrcel) MRS. CAST 6EIS statement Judge C.. W. Mount in Circuit Court extended the time ! home ca]led , he COUJlty sherifrs for filing the report in the Oli- | office alld then gave, him a' com-, ver Smith drainage proceeding U, j plete CMange 0 f clothing: Harry! May 31 and said it must he filed j Bendel, captaiV of the sheriff's' night patrol, and. Deputy Sheriffs at that lime. "This is the fourth .time the'date for filing of this report lias been extended," said the court, "and it will be the last." The same statement was mado' regarding the report due in the Lewis Yendt ditch proceedings. Both have been , on. the court docket for some time. Judge Mount. heard the evi- and Pleasie Etchison i township: Denzil F. Copeland [ dence in t])e application for sup John H. Browning of Liberty township; Allen Harper of Cicero township and Roy Beck", and Onier C. Boyd of Tipton. I So far as is known there is rip occasion for calling the. grand jury at the beginning of the term unless there is to be a quiz into the charge.on which William Baxter, 21. of El wood .was arrested on the ISlh of the present month. Baxter is charged with rape on Laura Kathryn Smuller whb was 15 years of age on March 3. the offense being alleged to have been committed on the afternoon of April 10 at the Mullikan|pit in the east part of the county. Ten members of-the petit jury are farmers and May is their busy month, so that they are hoping there will he little need of their services until corn planting sea- i son is over. MAXAftKR AT PERI". Clyde Barr Is In the Stokely Or- j jntnizatfoii. O.^M. Hutto, for the Stokely announces-the .appointment Clyde ."BaYr as manager of state manager Bros, canneries; of ithe Stokely plant at Peru. Mr. Barr was-empljoyed in the Tipton plant when it' was owned by the Fame organization. ; A few years lago he went to Milfprd. 111., with the Hilford (banning iCo. I 1 i M-r. Birr took over the! duties at the Pf ru plant Monday] and in a short t me will remove his famr lly from Mijford. Mr. a .nd Mrs. Barr anil-'family formerly resided In Ti;:ton. Mrs. Barr | is the daughter of Mi< and Mrs. Charles McConkey of North West street.! - Re tamed Hone. Mr- and Mrs: Paul Lebo and 'fcabrXretarned to their home in ^'^"'"'''BW W Lel» aad baby I -Visiting • tew port by Mrs. Verla L. Lindley, in connection with the divorce proceedings she instituted against her husband Raymond J. Lindley. The parties formerly resided ' in j the norfhwest part of the county. | Both are fine looking young people. The court .made an order that the husband pay the sum of $8 per week' for the support of the wife, payments to start May 3 and be continued, each Monday until further order. The court also ordered Lindley to pay the sum of S15 on the wife's attorney fee on or before May 15. The divorce action is set for trial June 30. The court approved the final report filed by the Citizens National bank, in the estate of the late Clara (Binkley) Wheatley.. The hank showed receipts of (Continued on Page 2.1 Brown and Ragan went to .the Hoeitke home and took the youngster to the County Jail. The baby later ."was taken, to the City Hospital, where'it was reported that ' the infant ' was suffering from a heavy cold. 1 Bendel said the baby had been abandoned wrapped in a white outing flannel blanket, but it had crawled free from the blanket, in the rain. Had not; Mrs'. Hoeitke' found the baby when'. she did,, crawling as it;-was near the pave- Special Judp-e Admonishes Woman That Behavior Must Be Good. MUST CARE FOR CHILD Monday morning Mrs. Eva Cast convicted by a jury of contributing to the delinquency of a minor was before Special Judge F. B. Russell for sentence on the verdict of the jury. The twelve men assessed a fine of S25 and se-ii- tenced the woman to 90 days in Illinois Commission to Meet at Chicago for Evidence on May 1. MANY ARE Plate railroad, AFFECTED Local employes of the Nickel who will be af-j fected by the proposed change in train schedules west of Frankf discontinuing certain i j • . . 1 the^epmpany west of fort, by trains of Frankfort; ar$ alnx'iously awaiting the decision <jrfihe Illinois jstate ment. the youngster might ha.vej the Correctional Department of j commission^ plf the proposal! been at the mercy of. early morn ing truck traffic in the road. The Misses Mary Jung and Florence Lee of Albany, spent Sunday evening with' the former's parents, JWr. and Mrs. Valentine 1 Jung on Maple street. Messrs.'Paul Tragesser and John Finke motored to Albany Sunday spending the day there and- the two young ladies accompanied them to Tipton in the evening. C. A: Taylor and wife spent Saturday =and Sunday near Newcastle with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. 'Joe Goar. President Hoover Will Open Red Cross ; Convention in Washington on May 5th Washington, April 28.—Presi- j vice chairman In charge of Indent Hoover will welcome the I sular* and foreign operations, and delegates to the national con- 1 James K. McCUntick, vice chair- vention of the American Red i man In,charge of finance, will Cross May 5, when that organi- speak- ' ' "~ zation opens- sessions that' will continue - three days. The President is president of the Red Cross and has always shown deep interest in its activities. At this year's convention the main theme will be how the Red Constance . Payne, a > Terre Haute (Ind.) school girl/ will speak for the more than 6.000,000 junior and high school boyB and girls of the nation who are members of Cross. -The the' Junior will /Red be and program Cross aids in the preservation of; broadcast by the National •health, prevention ot v .accidents • Columbia systems. < " and ,the protection of the home.! About 100 Junior, delegates Speakers will emphasise the, co-jwlll attend the conrentkm and operation of the^organlsatlon In the rural "home, with the city session. htfr< Bicker of Bt5hlat- thew'siChSUTh^lU «eUwr the li- hold separate sessions: to he%r their own^ipaaksrs, among whom dweller in health work, and alsqj wUI b* t 8ecY*Ury Wilbur, in restoring health^ and property following disasters! ;1 John ^Barton Pane, the chair- _ _ _ man. will "preside at the op ^nf ttkm .v Dr^arr? ;Brnee WUon, 2tte Juniors— U fa 40. years old-^wilK adopt rreaolntloas;,, on ths^problems of ^kelr^'orawilsa- <WUUM 1 director at Ike • JutoT to* OlCJH, tUWvtj ^W; UMdr mn the Women's prison. i If granted asj asked trains 21 In pronouncing judgment on'and 22, due here at 4:15 from the verdict Special Judge Russell the oast each day and at 11:10 stated that on account of the I from the west each day, will it is small child of the woman and the j said stop at Frankfort instead of fact that it would he a burden on j Tipton for changing crews. Crews stationed in Tipton, will necessar^ relatives, he was going to suspend the sentence during good behavior. 'The court stated, that he expected the woman to take i otte some time care of the child and,not leave |Public Service Commission grant- that duty to others and made"it-ied the road permission to make plain that her suspension de- ! the changes in pended on her behavior Mrs. CasVwas convicted fol- j lowing disclosures made by a j Springfield, and minor child after an automobile !' witn opposition ride with the woman and Henry ! road - Tlie commission in Illinois Holloway. The latter • was sen-! decided to gather more evidence on the case and will have anoth- |er hearing at Chicago, '/Thursday* 'May 1. '• ' . j'. - ' ! I ily be changed at Frankfort.: At the hearing held at Lafay- ago, the Indiana this state. : One I week ago a hearing was ITeld by the Illinois State Commission at the -change : met by patrons of the fenced to the penal farm'for. his j part in the affair, 1 which occurred last July. WILL PROBATED: Mrs. -Pansy ' Goodman Made Instrument Pay Before Death. Suggests Boost of Half Cent; in First Class and the 'i Air Mail Rate; "\ REVENUE IS SHORT- London Barber Won't Bab Hnir Because of Uihlc Vt"rs? Lqhdon, April 2'S. ^~ London .has." discovered that it has u •barber who will not cut or-dye, women's hair because he says the Bible tell him not to. In ".the doorway of his ; shop at Brixton hangs this text from Corinthians:. "If it bj a shame for a woman to be shorn or shaven, let her be covered. But if a -woman have long hair, it is a g.Ior-y to her."The barber was foriii"i-ly assistant, in a fashionable .worn-, en's hair dressing shop, but he said that he gave up the job because of "religious principles".". '• - .. Ti ISSUES TO THE FRONT Utilities and School A'd ty State Will Be Iaipor- i last Factors. IN INDIANA ELECTION Huge Deficit in Department Each Year Compels -• -|_ a Change. CITY, KILL .Washington, D. C"April 2S-— An increase in first class mail rates from 2 to 2J£ cents per ounce-seems in prospect if the : administration's scheme- for elirii- i. inating the annual postal deficit j meets with the approval of con-j gress. Postmaster General "Walter i F. Brown has tentatively declar- j ed for such', an increase and. expects to sulimit a formal recom- niendation to congress in the near; future. Any legislation on tliej'j subject at this session seems .iiii- 1 probable but. undoubtedly it will he given serious consideration next winter. ' . ' •' While Mr. BroVn. and • other, officials are trying to 'world out the problem of eliminating a deficit there are proposals in congress backed by organized postal workers which .would increase annual costs«by more than .150 million dollars annually. Reported 1,000 People Slain by Former Soldiers— 1,000 Prisoners. PROPERTY IS STOLEN Peipiiig, China, April 2S.— Bandits sacked and burned the city of Kingsuchen, in northern Kiangsu province, and killed 1,000 persons, advices received this afternoon said. One thousand others were captured. • • The bandit raiders cut down every one in their path. The attackers included about 100 horsemen, many of them former cavalrymen. ( .They, were aimed with twenty .machine guns as well as -other. The deficit, in the present fiscal j modern weapons, and swejii through the streets sac-king, and murdering. The . officials ci ihc town were slain also. Hundreds of residents were •year will reach 100 million dollars, according to" Mr. .Brown. The deficit in the last fiscal year was $85,000,000 and in the previous fiscal year-it was S32,0b0.- forced to line up and shoulder, paign: of 1928, when 000. These deficits were -made j the Loot-which the raidiir; ' took - Leslie;, now governor, good from other funds than pOs- j from the.houses. The cavalrymen tal receipts. Of the §8.5,000,000 j hunted, down women ami chi'- iii the fiscal year 1929 .'abbut | dren in. the streets and si'a• i •. c- $35,000,000 was represented; by tered them. The town was then services required by direction of set afire-and the raiders a.-;wrted congress for which'-no compensa-'j w 't» V 'eir captives, who ! v.are tion was received,, such as ' the forced to carry the loot. ; handling of departrfiental mail, franked mail of members Of congress, arid subsidies to merchant ships and . airplane' .companies. Merchant marine'., mail subsidiaries are partly responsible ifor the .prospective increase in jthe deficit this year. j It is ilr. Brown's opinion that the present postal' budget .could be balanced by an increase in jthe first class mail rate and by higher air mail rates,' which he also favors! If costs are further increased by legislation,, however, other; changes, would be necessary. He is inclined to oppose in- - -» • i creases in other classes of mail. regarding which "acute controversies have raged whenever [the subject qf a revision .of postal charges has been brought UD. The attack wj s believed to have been one of the worst of many reported in recent months ; from the provinces. At. the heaving held at Lafayette the road made' a .showing that it had received the permis-1 , T . 'i 'i I ! John-rW."Price residing south sion of the, United States .PostB• k, „ . ' , • . „ «* of Newby crossing was here Mon department and! of the Railwai'ii. i :>• . _ . .- . • „ - itrk A Monday morning in the Circuit court, the will of Mrs. Pansy Goodma.n, wife of Herman Goodman, .was probated .before Judge C. W. Monnt, .proof being made by Mrs. Anna McCarty -and Mrs. .Mary L. Ballard witnesses to the Instrument.! !•- . - The - will was made Tuesday April j.J2 ,i her death occurring on the evening of^the next-day. By the terms'jifi the will all property of eyery !cha,racter is/left to the 'hnspand -who ris •anKd''as executor of the instrument to serve «ithoiiti&»tf. .- - J 1 Jr.-ana^rp. Mount' Lilly OC J Express Company, toi make the* : change. In view of the showing day paying his taxes and attend- ling^d other- business, matters.' I the prediction is freely made fe that the -change will, he granted as asked by the road and will become effective within the I next fifteen days. I a Ollle Davis Hart. Ollle na.vis of the Tipton !Chev rolet Co. haB a-, very sore jflp as so he had to^ild a f aniafcerare: te ? .plitUn^kl^l B ^^Mci tha ,ntpe> lip. e4iUi«i throw the mm Itaby D.'iu^Iitii'. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Spencer received a message Fridiy evening of the birth of a 7-pound baby daughter, .born to Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schnaitter at the Afajur hos-i pital, Shelbyviile. Mrt-. Schnaitter was Miss Edith Spencer before her marriage last June. I Decision Against Insull Interests Will Go Into Oiir Politics. Indianapolis. April 28—Two of the most important planks in the Republican state platform for the fall campaign have been written-—one by the public service commission in denying the S~i».000.040 Insull. merger find the other by the state board! of accounts in finding irregularities in -school aid payments. 'Xeibier may ever he mentioned in the regular platform to be adopted by the state convention an Jn!ne 5. but each will loom large | in the campaign. The Fte- publuians. for years accused by the Democrats of having looked with favor on public utilities, will take Credit for having saved 271 Indian, .-itiesfrom the spreadivs •'!:«nUi interests. i'-lilic utilities have beroms more or 1«ss political anath?ma in this late. About all the poii- *:.:»sn needed to do was! to point his ringer at the opposing candidate iiad say he was fdentifis-I with t'. utilities and. the voters »oi''il do ! he rest. Su-.:h procedure became pro- i ;':-i 'mced in the governorship cam- Harry - <";. alluded to his Democratic opponent, Frank C. Bailey, as the favorite of the utilitiei! because his law jfirm liart it-, presented the Indiana Beil Telepl .:e company in an appeal from ;n decision o! the public se>-- viri commission. At' Che same tiro ithe Democrats pointed lo . the friendship between Leslie and Robert Feustil of Fort j Warn". Insult's general policy manager in Indiana. | That friendship, dating hack to Purdue days, has continued, and ponsp<tuently some surprise, WAS expressed when the public senr- Jice commission turned clown the Insull effort to amalganate 2SS electijic plants, six gas units, five- wateif Works, three street ra'l- way systems, eight ice -Mrs. Spencer went to Shelby-j ville . Saturday morning to visit the new granddaughter, who has been named Carolyn. Mother and baby are doing'well. plant.-*. several bus lines, and 5|00 miles of traction lines. fn disapproving the merger the divided . as to the commission means, but not the results. Led Visiting Here. James Tarr, of-Clarksburg, \V. Va.. is visiting with his son. Fremont Tarr and wife on North West street, and will remain for an indefinite time. Rockefeller, Jr.* Buying 1,000 Acres on •",''.' . - - ' ',(.'••.• ' - ..'•!. Site of Father's Tioga Co. Birthplace \ Blnghimton.N. Y.y -Aprif 28. —The Binghamton Press jsays that John D. Rockef.eller^ Jr. has begun the purchase of farm, lands [in- the vicinity of the Richford, ffloga County,, tirm house Where [John-:D.- Rockefeller Sr.,Was born; * ' hundreds of j the snoyhoodhannU of the capitalist. ^Two ";.*a ^-to -.far» l.nJ. have 'tU4 la tto name of John D. ' J>« . * t Koekeftltar Jr ,ud a Alrd'deed Il*<1 .&..kU^Hrt». tka ^rs^BlM J>reaa''san The In ion made some time ago Noj been estimated at 1,000- acres or more. Rockefeller brookr in which John D. Sr. paddled as a barefooted farm lad, is to be damned and an artificial lake of considerable acreage Is-to be^ formed. Until last year the elder Mr. -Rockefeller -had made an annual pilgriaiaga . to hlr birthplace on ttlaiblrthdajri The Tiqit was omlt- ted^la^r.ji «^-Decauae .-of.the con- |r 'oTersy' ranging ^around the-' effort to atoW the fana. hoase la John W. McCardle, j veteran I "old guard" chairman, the majority faction, including Howell • Ellis and Jere West, held that the ; proposed consolidation of dissim- ; ilar interests was not in the in- Ueresli of public welfare. McCardle, ana Ellis are Republicans while WestJ is a Democrat. Thje minority faction. Composed ^>f Calvin Mcintosh. Democrat, arid Prank Singleton, Republican. w|hlle con!burring In the decision to deny the application, held in dissenting opinions that it should not be granted because It wa.<n without the sanction of law. that they followed an opin- by James the ladt- M. Ojgden. i attorney i genSraV who has liis.eyes on the G. O. P. go\- ernoijship nomination, sooner had the made public thaa anapplis. Ten* Hants i orn TractkiB Hae,- the! h^iea^taaJli In the proposed. IndlftiiapoUa 'Streetf whfth. •waa. iShJa Jdfere That

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