The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 14, 1962 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 14, 1962
Page 2
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THI BRAZOSPORT FACTS _. ... KTABUSHID 1912 rubllinea dally and Sander* «cept Saturday by Review Publlihtn lAUEC « UAn«Be' !r ** l "' rt ' T """ - Jeme> *' Nal ""». •'resident. OSf&S?™* PUBL K Ernl aHl S ! h Sr.!.... Buslnes, M« M ,.r Or*!!!!,",." 1 ^ eri " te ^«"'''—"--""""^"~ Morrf, Freeman Circulation Manager c e u«.^,:. Classified Manager ...." Peari 6^ ^X-: = ==='^^ KBU- :===-^EFJSlSS THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS EDITORIAL PAGE WCI » BRAZQSPORT AND BRAZORIA COUNTY. TEXASTFR... SEPTEMBER 1«T A MAJOR ENGINEERING PROBLEM Jim Bishop, Reporter By JIM IISHOP ilrJD Many s/icencec/ Fear /eoc/s 5 9 Africa fo abrogating rights By RICHARD R. KAS.SCHKE . ly happens , lhere ., „„ m nffnru4 " V0sf monumenf honors the dead fart Two—Vnlley at the Fallen MADRID, Spain — The pries! md I turned am backs to the vnl- ey and, standing on the mountain peak, looked up to the cross. It is Each one represents a branch o the armed services of Spain nnc one Is Oiir Ijidy of Mei-oy, patron of the prisoners. A murderer worked in the hasi- 50 feet tall, of solid granite, andjllca. He was under sentence of DURBAN, South Africa (API Author Alan Paton says South Af- ric.a is so infected by fear and hatred that "We-no longer live under the rule of law here." Paton, best known abroad for his 1948 novel "Cry, the Beloved attend." Paton is stocky and praying a 59. He lives with his wife and his son Jonathan (returned from his studies in Oxford). "I can't bluff myself that I' got il hard yet." he says. "I'm Country," was interviewed at his | fortunate that most of mv income home at Kloof, in the hills 15!comes from abroad and" as lone miles outside Durban. (as that continues it's OK Many Surveying the situation under;here suffer much more. They've Prime Minister Hendrik Verwoerd sacrificed their business and per- whose government now seemsjsonal careers in pursuit of politj- stronger than ever, Paton said: cal beliefs that run afoul this KOV- Everything here is now nm in ernment. Some have had to flee the interests of the Afrikaner people—the while people. The hal- to exile abroad." Paton admits that until last owed tradition of jushce-impar-jyear he was too optimistic about t,a ty-i, gone here. Now the big-'a change in South Africa's radal Rest crime is to be a 'traitor to segregation ooliciP, the Afrikaner people" and that is interpreted by some as treason to law and order. segregation policies. "I'm quite certain that the color bar will be thrown out of all Af- nca eventually. But it will take "If you are not 100 per cent In | longer than I thought South Af favor n * nnni-tkoi/i /«„„:„! _:__ , ., . b"»- WMUUI Bu- apartheid (racial separation), then you are counted as 'assisting the spread of commu- rica is the place where it will stay longest, and the length of that depends on the development of poll- tinol »t n i.:i:i__ '. ., r sman elevator runs up inside, w o automobiles could drive areas! across the arms. At tha »se are heroic statues, in stone, of Matthew, Mark, Luke and bhn. This ornament weighs 201,000 tons. In the clear cold mountain air, e cross swnys eight to ten inch- Each of the evangelists repre- nts 1,300 pieces of sculptured stone. I could make a bed on the big toe of Saint John. Far below over the entrance to the Valley of death and whatever ho did was so heroic thai in time his life wns spared and, eventunlly, he was frrrd. When the time cnme for him to depart, he looked nt the bnsllicri and snid: "No. I cannot KO. My home is hero." In the transept of Ihe church there are pews. Up high on each wall are four stalucs of hooded men in meditation, They wore ordered by Franco, and they represent Ihe army, navy, air force and militia of the nationalists and Y.m Tun' Dm Id v American H:\nd-il.iiiH Mahalla .lark-tun : Tiacy (f.'nlor) 4:05 Q} Knrly Show: "Stagr-. eoaeh lo Fury" Furred Tucker, Mail niancliari) ,, _ O M.-O.-M. Theatre: tl:(l " IB s "A Day lo Remember." •loan Rice, Donald Sinden 4:.1fl IB Rocky „ „ j [j | , Friends K I 11 (f r.» ( ,n»r«U Killrikvlll'r M,i(!tr I.iini Ktny •' (D "OX flllCC-M O M n k' o - - 4: *L® K'tirik'.iClubhouse' J:00_OJThe nig Picture Popeye Club Whlrlyblrd.i. "The i?t. le- " An adventure with Chuck mid P T cure? a email buy or iell- fng lies O_Operatlon r.lft OAlmanac Ni-wsfi-i'! IMS <:00 News: naVcotiaway" the Fallen, is La Pieta, the dead i Communists. They will meditate Christ in his mother's arms. The over the dead for the next fow Fray and I took the elevator down. Alt of Soldiers Field could thousand years. The main altar is simple. It is be made of circular steps In choco- placed on the granite plaza in j late mnrble so that, in effect, front of the basilica. Ten steps lead to it and these represent the there is no front or back to the altar. Under the altar cloth is a Ten Commandments. There arejsingle piece of thick granite, that huge curving granite porticos on I stretches all Ihe way across. Over _ , Qnti'ii »f Ihr; " K n i h j (I rl f n CIII-KO." Irish Mi-Cnllii slHry 115 r ti n r a g e o u 5 nin^le queen who rlt*- ctjvcrs Hint her )iingli ilomnin H threatened h.v two deadly enemies (D C nl lent Fool hnll Xickuff: Chris Kchrnkel will hnsl this !X-mlniM> litnaclrast prior In the NCAA Knnlliiill Gnmci O Walch Mr. Wi/»rd ffl N C A A Foot h«|| (Ta m e: Preinieic. The University nf Miami "Hurricanes" and the ' University of ritt-ihurgh "Panthers'* O What'j New: Positions" "Fn field each side of the main entrance. Here, I saw pilgrims from all it is a cross, a real juniper tree with the bark still on it. over the world, even a Chinese i Gen. Franco cut this himself, woman in a slit dress, sitting on'fitted the pieces together, and stone in the cool shade, fanning!asked a sculptor to place it on the he lf elf - [figure of Jesus. A single beam of There are huge copper doors!light comes from the lop of the and, inside, spaced yellow lights! cupola overhead, to light the fi^ grace both walls all the way to nfe of Christ. There is no agony the main altar. At the entrance, | in the face, just serenity as He two guardian angels, 15 feet high, stand in wall niches leaning on if, their swords as they guard the' raises His eyes up to the light for the last time. The World Today PAST VIEWS CAN'T BE SUPPRESSED ' By JAMES MARLOW Associated Press News Analyst cember he %f % ^™&.& ~ ™»*Z& WASHINGTON (API-Can a Su- pension when he became secre- personal tary ' which it - . .In front of the altar is a slone, dead. Then come the grilled gates, where Jose Antonio, hero of the filigreed'in black iron with gold i civil war and founder of Falangc, bancls - 'is buried. There is always a The distance between the gates and the choir loft is 780 feet, about 20 feet longer than St. Peter's In Rome. Here, 20,000 persons have knelt in prayer at one time, inside a mountain. On the granite walls are long tapestries, taken fresh wreath on it. The cupola alone is one of the marvels of the world. The artist Padros worked on it four years, and put together 5,000,000 pieces! of mosaic to depict Christ surrounded by multitudinous saints •£ >Urt iustice ** diced? Thats a nice ideal A justice faces "no more serious task" than to put aside per- u- sonal Mews, even those felt deeply '-' ---------- • • - Despite recent interrogations by political police, Paton continues active as a writer and also a politician. is president of the cheap servants, risk sacrificing these for poMcaJ changes that would bring at least multiracial rule here. BACKGROUND ere, plus pressure from : outside, the government would have to fight on two fronts " Pa- The ideal was expressed again 1 But by judges, however It might be de- to be entirely removed. justices without knowing !i US ' In the eclling the m o u n t a i n boulders show , thick and tawny, between wnan F"«»6'.r v uic j*u>i v jT'oiuL-ms, ior instance, don'r'ne neat bands of polished gran- tfick justices without knowing • Me- ice, being a human(something of their views. To do| The entire nave is dedicated to nave toward life and • otherwise mieht mpnn nfr-u n » -uho Author ni n^A u*,..*. ««,.u • which are the product of his o dent Kennedy and awaits Senate parental background, approval. iment, education, association and He told a Senate committee:'experience. eralists n<: ™H™,. r, • "I would regard i, as my first! Charles G. Haines, professor of ttf and fCore R™' task as a justice to be on mmrrt imliiinai ^i« n ™ .» «„ TT_ : •?.,,..,..*. ineoaore Koosi .._ „ _ the Mother of God. Here, each man who, once on the bench,(side altar has a sculpture, over would wreck their programs. jthe entrance, of Madonna and Presidents Washington and Ad-!Child and each was executed by ams picked none but fellow-Fed-'a different artist. They are done """'""'" "" Presidents!in alabaster and some are faintly , I-.-.-.JJW* vm --..i anu lllt-UCJOr to be on guard ipolitical science at the University i looked to aoDOmt S and nnviplip.fnf ralifn.™;,. *_ An „• Kf«'-u lest my prejudices and predelic-lof California, wrote 40 sevelt men whose happy, and some are sorrowful. from the palace of Carlos I. They and the Spanish soldiers who died, represent the history of Spain. {who now appeal to Him for mercy. As we walked, the abbott ex- Behind the altar is a big choir, plained. Sometimes, he hesitatcdjloft, where the treble voices oil considerations from, for tne proper word in English,{the Benedictine novices sing Te! Is not possible for and a PP ealed 'o an interpreter, [Deum. Beyond that are long un:,„•„„ ....11,^ .....u ... ,. .u- _-:,=._ derground val ,i ted corridors, faint with lights and loud with the echoes of whispered prayers. These lead to the place, behind the mountain, where the monastery reposes in a quadrangle a quarter of a mile in each direction. I thanked the Abbott Justo Perez de Urbel for escorting me. His Spanish hospitality is over-| whelming. He bowed low. "You; must come here one day," he said softly, "to live.". . . 0 World at Large, Today in Sports IMS m ABC! Evening Report m News: Waller C'ron- kTte B Channel i Nnw.ireel weather 6 M Q) The Roaring Ws: "So's Your Old Man." Bookie conducts Rang war while sr-rvint! as Boy Scout dinner chairman. Kepc/at QI Rawhide: "The Devil and the Deep Blue." Repeat O Books and Ideas: "The Nine Tailors" O International Showtime: Season premiere. Program -by the fircns Schumann of C n pen- hagcn, Denmark 7rtO O^The New House 7:30 (Q The Flintsloncs: Season premiere. "Dino Goes Hollyrock." Fred learns about a talent .search for a pet to appear in « TV series 0) lioute fiii: '-KVPII Stones Have Ky-,»s." f!e- pcat. O A Time to Dance: "A Reflection of Our Times" 8 Robert Taylor's Detectives: "The Con Man." Repeat. A slick confi- . dence man uses violence when fails !front d at°aiT thaVel0lightCinany ! Go ' dberg had been "The nationalists play on th.te--"*"* " hiS '* ^ SeV " l»hnr u T !T a f "' e COUrt has gener "' Rooscvp " Is a classic example labor ally been from sectional influence;of presidential frustration in 11 ' SCV- flnn narticanchin libnntl«.j: n :_t l /:^.u it_. . OF THE NEWS I though this has been going on for J40 years the tactic has never been I so successful as now. In the Unit- led States, the white pioneers joverran the red Indians and the ; Indians neared the vanishing i point. Here the blacks continue jfar to out-breed their overlords. "That fear of the black man bred in the settlement days is I very deep and I wouldn't say it's : abating. Fear so easily turns to hatred, and you only need go to a white political meeting here lo Washington Scene DAILY CROSSWORD »1 Party. It has no representation : see its expression. In Parliament. South Africa is wnite-ruled, al- • of So far he has escaped the overt: though the blacks and other i restraints of- the South African:colored peoples outnumber the' pvernment's new antisabotage'whites 4-1. The goveramcnt's law. But Paton says he believes island, as stated in anrfS bul his telephone is tapped. Some ofjletin. is this- his mail to overseas people gets "Throughout their history •trangely lost. Transatlantic tele- 310 years the peoples ol phone calls to his home don't i Africa have never been a .„ •eem to come through lately. I homogeneous nation. Those of _ « n m if^lV 0 "* PUt under rapeon stock (3 million, are a per- 1 •orne kind of house arrest, which manent nation in their own rignt) I would cnpple his activities but!So are the several fenhj 1 him far better off than i (African) peoples. The South Afri- ^on the^ Justice Minis-1 can policy safeguards the nation-i >f the ng for not be published in South Africa.) " ° m '* inRS ' but< Paton sums up this way i " In « situation where every- i - !hody musl se ' w lhe mterc.1. of ; ilhe slale or "* Considered •' DUbHcdtar e j trailor . oW 'raditions of fairne ss! public disorder. So, as increasing- 'and freedom suffer." j "° Try and Stop Me By BENNETT CERF OBOBGE ALLEN, wife of the fernou* pal of FD R, Navy victory over Army in pears, quietly left the •train in Baltimore on the •way back to Annapolis !«o his team could get all 'the huzzahs when it arrived home. Allen nodded and said, "'That's exactly what I 'would have done under fimilar circumstances." "The heck it is," hooted ithe knowing Mrs. Allen, "You'd have put the read in the coach who, following the first Navy ACROSS 1. Form «. Fragment 11. Ardent 12. Golfer'* dream. in one 13. Marsh bird 14. Cook's aid 15. Negative 18. Fencer's foil IT. Chinese measure 18. Buddha. 20. Whether 21. Assimilate 24 and haw 27. Pretend 12 wda.) 29. Travel to and fro 30. Native of Italy 31. Close to 32. Music note .13. Greek letter 34. Kind of cat 37. Hebrew letter university exama «. Brag 43. A play's backer 44. Unit or weight 16. Domineering M. To rear ' DOWN l.Hia: Fr. 2. General who crossed AIM 3. Exchange premium 4. Vigor B. Before 6. Perched 7. Principal 8. Play boisterously 9. A way from 31. Rods wind 30. Father: Fr. 17. Highway light 18. Enemy 18. Path of Telstar 30. Moslem religion 22. Firmament 23. Wager human interests and:Holmes, the justice disappointed _ ; Roosevelt with his vote on an f • antitrust case. f"OS 111 j Haines sketched out three direc-! j lions for a justice to take: The mechanical way—Haines j called it a "judicial slot machine" i—under which By GEORGE DIXON non-cooperative i-under which a justice is not' WASHINGTON - Those who; am told, you are Democratic pro-' !S M™'^?'!^ » P? r - Say lhat what we "« d is « Getieinct commi.tccman. \ J 8:00 Q) 77 Sunset Strip: "The Pet Shop Caper." Repeat. _ O ^io 8:JO ffl Father nf the Bride: Vern has become a strapping muscular specimen. Repeat O Festival of Arts: Art and Man. Two Italian realist painters O The Story of Will Rogers: Repeat. Project 20 programs s p a n n i n s Rogers career from his early rodeo-roping days to his late years ai "Everyman's commentator" 9:00 (J) Target-the Corrnptors: "The Organizer." Part I. Repeat. First nf a two-part story of labor union corruption fl) Twilight Zone: ''The Invaders." Repeat. A woman is attacked by two strange creatures from another planet Q iStijierninn 'fflj Hues riunnv Show ' O SR|. Preston 12 30 (Q Snliird.iv Movlcfrmr: "C n i- k eyrt'l (,'nvnller.v" Bert Wheeler, Robert Wnnlspy. Silly farce that burlesques old lime "Merry Kngland," with a group of real nlrl-tirne vaitdevilllans and troupers ^J People'* c'hnire 1:00 Q Topper .1:30 O M. - ft. -M. Theatre; "Babes im Broadway," Judy Garland, Mickey Rnoney. A Rood ir.uslcal about snrne talented youngsters, slriiecling for Rr<i,ifhvny stircess 2:011 (J) Lnrrv Kane Shnw ^ Q) The Al Hell Shnw 3:0n |D The Early Shn» "The West Point Slnry .lamcK Cagney, Vii-jjin-i Mayo. An UMemploye< Hrnadway director wh>. goes to the academy in direct an amateur revue 3:.'l(l O Rowling Time 4:110 (0 ABC's Wid« World nf Spo.-ts: World's Championship Mixed Doubles i Howling Tournament at Kansas City, Mo. 4:30 m The L'O n e s't s r Sportsman O Bold Venture 5:00 (D ''ife of'RTley O Divorce Court 5:30 (0 Matty's Funnies with Beanie and Cecil (D Mister Kd **"*'* Tou S h be gratified to! ' <As * """"date 'or State Rep- 6:11(1 (0 Saturday News' Charles Harrlnon Weather, Sports: Guy Savage, Greatest Headlines fl) Death Valley Days: "Pirates of San Fj-an- cisco." A waterfront gang is captured during the gold rush days E) Tombstone Territory 6:30 O Baseball Warm-up QJ Perry Mason: "The Case of the Galla'nt Grafter H^pcat. A bitter contest fur control of millions, centers around the theft of a large sum of money O Sam Benedict: "Hannigan." Premiere. Benedict acts as counsel for * widow in a contest with a playboy over her l.'itr husband's will. Kathcrine Bard, Richard Rust, Joan Tompkins 7:00 (B Baseball: Houston Colt .45s vs Mllwauke* Braves deision way-i that A. Schriev- for wheels 34. Anuient kingdom: Bib. 36. Tuscany river: It. {which a justice humanizes him- !er ' chlef °' 'he Air Force Sys- self by using some discretion j n i tems Command at nearby And- T.««rd. r -. A. <W .T ! a PP lvln S 'he law. To put it an- !rews Air t ' or <* Base, has shown other way: he is not entirely! lne wa y- bound by legalisms. He has just handed down from the ' wondering when I can count on you to do a little door knocking in your precinct. 30 m Kyewitncss O Challenge: ''Working with Radiation" 7:30 m The Defenders: Voices of D 39. Cunning 40. Comedian Hope M. Finds fault 41. Belonging constantly 37. Window glass to us 42. Boy's nickname "Being an old hand at grassroots campaigning I wonder how an,we can best get out Ihe vote in __ . . — —• "t inn IJVBI Ktt UUl If The psychological or human ; °" ipr «« '° how his men are to say the Olympic Hotel " a .y~ Whi '' h meara no justice cani re ' er l ° M enem y whide in : "W we marie the roun ,- , . . .- - — i „,, - ., . - ••• ....... Ihf rounds trjyrlh- divest himself of views i Mwce. They are to call it a "non-icr aren't ue subje<-lin S ourselves and attitudes accumulated over a 'cooperative object in space." , • |to Possible It that docsn t satisfy the tough- words) if \u The mechanical theory was pro-' 68 ' proponent ot toughness, what Hotel rioora? pounded by Justice David J.h" 117 An aggressor is going to Brewer, \.-ho died in 1910, and;" 1 '" 1 * twice about attacking us U Chief Justice Roger Brooke Taney j we la bel him as non-cooperative. mavhpm sla'rt ; on the who died in 1864. I can almost picture Nikita S. Brewer thought the "meaning"!Khrushchev scrapping his gpacn. of the Constitution "does not i weapons and decreeing that from alter." The only trouble with thatj ncm ' on only Rotarians are to be "A far greater problem confronts us across the street. Which one of us gets to po through the ; YWCA Itiikling? My wife is ani understanding woman on most : things, Imt trying to explain away; Third Man: "Mi-clln( or the Board " Dub Gar- ncy conn's to I,ime with a blackmail threat 10 00 © Night Edition News Ray Tonaway Sports Guy Savage. Weather Tom Evans Q| News: Niek Gearhart Weather, M » n n Abnu; Sports O 10 O'clock Roundup Weather, M i rm Atioiit Sporta Q) Late Show: "Down U the Sea In Ships." Richard Wldmark, 1.1 o n e Barrymore. A captain'^ grandson joint the crew 11:00 IO:1S 'The icath." Season premiere. Lawrence and Kenneth Preston are appointed by the court to defend a young wife ft Joey Bishop: Premier* " The Honeymoon." Joey learns that Freddie ha« accepted « I. us _VeRa« night tlub engagement fur him. Abby Dalt"n, Joe Bcs.scr, Guy Marks O Saturday Night Jt me Movies: "Diplomalir Courier." Repeat. A State Department rilplomntlc courier finds himself involved in murder »nrt espionage. Tyrone Power, Stephen McNnlly is tha, each 'justice, after all>n, up. ' ^ imt ImTTo^f T"! — must deride for himseU what the' ! . « «*m, a pity tha, Senate Ma-'L' ">•» a ta tl - » Constitution ni«ms. jonty Leader Mike Mansfield wliai h,v.. il, . "," ~ 80 Taney said the Constitution had-an't follow the lead of Gen. Seh take,,,,™ ^anTjus, £" I the same meaning in his day aa'never. If the Great Montanan ]„ a word for me' t had from the beginning-. Be- ;;ould only apply the designation l H,,,,,,, V(m alv „, vou , i cause he tried to argue that way "Non-cooperative object m space" n «-k m we gh y pn Sen s hW 'he turned out the most infamous - he^ might bring down Senator Telstar, dwimM n/Nar hw™. li n decision m American history. jWilliam Proxmire of Wisconsin. b, r niarke raih™ ! ! This was the case of Dred Scott, I To be completely (actual, Sena- <"," I Negro slave, in 1857. His free- •— "• '' of a New Bedford whal- g 30 (D Have Run, Will Travel: Season premiere. Paladin tells his assailant the >tory of how he himself became a mercenary YOU'RE TELLING ME! ly HOYT KINO Central Prut Writer dom was at stake. The court ruled against him with Ihis reasoning: That neither a slave nor his :e|1 ative object taking up too descendants are citizens urxlerjspac-t. 'JTiere is a subtle d the Constitution and therefore are|'iO' mergers 1 hope you can take jnf ship IQ.'itO O) WfaUllnc " 10:30 Q TonlgVl'siiow (Color) 11:20 OS Thriller: Premiere ^o n m4%l^«"''kid" •:•» W a.-"""*.: S..'.., napping of an attractive young socialite li' nil m NYivj Final. D Word O Midnight ctti ''I' 9:30 Marl- "»:00 sard Senator Proxmire as we ran cover your precinct like non - cooperative ob'er! in ,.i..,., ,, i . • ! .,.„.. i .J ' ' '" ' U1 > K>"d precinct committee- n..'.» A1IC in tlfl volc.s in the llonal IT 3EE»t8 tht war (or freedom li still golnf on in Algeria. The Algerian got rid of the French but they haven't gotten rid of each other. ! ! ! The Arabs are proving you can overao democrat;)/. They're fro nothing. I 1 ! Probably nS» Algerians art •uffering from m a m * n t u m, They're at revolting at ever. ! ! I The Arab, believe in predM- Art ft loolu w V they-r* going there, too. 1 ! ! Tht Arabs wouldn't feel ai home i/ they waren not entitled to the protections and benefits of citizens. This decision enlarged slavery and helped bring on the Civil War. verdict, V-2 against Scott, jhad interesting overtones. Five of the seven—including Taney—who voted against Scott were South- However, the Majority leader flying (oft the handle) A crime wave the work and go home. (*:?.*> JQ MninniK I f> IIU Q (iccrge Hoesnei' (OS (0 SIKH fin. A n I h i ML Kami Jiiiiinal- slreiching the imagination influenced liackgrouml or way of is a Recently the plant piUerlng as- all {Q Natliinal Anlh 7:311 '( ttiuabblmg. ;t o think they were not influenced 1 front oil w. W .. Permi " '° U ' ^ (ll " ir You'd think men wirh (our j c . wlv»» could g«r along with each din( . EiJo Vanni, who used to be _ •klcr (or Seattle in the Pacific ; mental notice was sent to •ague, and now is in the employes: i;c of the .Seattle Kuimcrs. "It him Iwen nolwl Ilial foliage j '"'"'c tor the Washington plants are Ix'ing removul from The Algerii to pray five leei th«y ow'l woohat. i,, mil it, ^ n i S ''' U ' 1 - l ' tilslaUu ' L '- '''he other day i the various locttlionK tliroughout . K ,,n! T t ,' u-' WMe th ' S lellt ' r lg ' s ^"»--tf"-' Slate Oep.rUn.-nt Building, m t, rt ,Uu, Koosev..!! s pr,«I- \Vanvn G. Maynuson of Washing-i'lliese plants had IMH-II install.Hl ng teB-i, m agree he govern-: ton appealing for help: :., co^deruble expt-iue mid are ™r 1 t /lt>Sp< ,:^" ; ' 1l ," y /° r lhe . " ear ^W- I" dwcktaB over a part of the decor of Uu. build' " ' >ac en, ,1 ?"! bM ? me !f" ldB *i«l >»"« l» my 35th Leg- ing Under no circumstances iana .top quarreling .""' pltd ds a wa y °' District, I find that you «hould the plants be removed or tlmea a day. They i /,' . a "-' ri-(jiittr«d as a voter in Pre-, relocuteU" WX't lo.. with . M^"> y ^"" a «'" e " Just ''- e ^"8 l : i " tl a "W "'nee your home ad- That sounds a, U they *u sp ,ct C^lOben tOGav Who thouaht nlh»r- flrouii Inn a n .. M u -« , . - . ... ' i- " ('at toiui* flj 'S'hiK Week in (i»l- V4'slull 7:4!) Q) ("arloiui I'ainival R III! Q) TillMlili-weeil Ti III r : "Him l,»w " Cen n'Hnen Hay Wllillrv II n I I ril Stales in;ir»linl tnkci- nil the identity nf a deuii premiere. A younf man jalkfps out of town on another man'* horite (E) Baseball Wrap-up Saturday Night Ntw« Newn Wr»p-up VP Saturday N«wi ytnul *"'""'• 10:10 m Weither Academy Award 'flir- uti'r; "Unconqitereil." tiary Cooper, Pauletta (iodilnrd. In 1763. « pi- tiiollc rnptaln from Vlr- Klnla free.n Ft. Pitt wll- (lernesj from threat* nf iMUnlercnif Indium and tirui heioui whltM 10:15 OJ Weird: "The Dlum- bodied." Alliion Hiyvi, Paul Burke. B TheBlgMoviei'T^ime Fill the Cup" J«me« Cagney. liig Ynun<. Slnry nf a gr«»t new.ii- liapi'iniiin who ln»«« hl> lob anil hi, girl n«rnii.« In- hs^ been liinklnn jinn Hie !»,Hi,in nf tun i)i,,iiy hollies POR STAI SIOI OFFI other. In all that piac* and quit) ftf not at home. liunili! in imlcr In nah 11:40 Q) Sign Off the whole gang 8 Captain Kangun'O Happy Time Sneri'rt " Itfl " 1 ^'! lbi ' il J' '" lhe i "**" «•«»: In checking over a part of the decor o( Uu. build general wcIYam n,,,, has become,residential lists in my 35th Leg- ing Under no circumstance!. 8:30 Q Pip the Piper (L'ulur) i* 00 m The Alvin Show O Slwrl I,ewl« ( service otfiuwt «:•* smug- 8:16 j^ Popey*jind Hit Pal» 1200 fl| Midnight "fihoht I 7.»nr: Jainri ( _- ^en today wh» thought other- dress, for a number ot years", hai wuie7 b««n th, Olympiu Hot«L Alao. } Illvtr." Cnilg, Audrey . tlnderwbter drama nf Inti (•Ivlll/.iitiun'n treasure th«t lures Um greedy Hiul tin- stroys the weak

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