Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on November 2, 1961 · Page 8
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 8

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1961
Page 8
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The» Castro Accused Of Attemnt To Revamn Latins WASHINGTON (UPt) United State* charged yesti hat the Cuban regime of Fidel Zastro is "seeking to subvert awl overthrow the constitutional |«\- •nments W the Americas," U.S. Ambassador to the Orgnn- ation of 'American States de- L«SepS S. Morrison matte the charge in a note distributed to the OAS delegations The note also charged that the Castro regime is "intimately associated with the aiirtS of pur« iseS of the Sino-Soviet bloC." Attathed to the note OXYDbNOR{ "Cure" for arthritisv A copped dSsc, strapped to the 16& Is NVit^tl to ftn aluminum cylinder dunked in water, the device allegedly adds 'oxygen to blood to relieve aching join.ts. Medical Quackery Old And Profitable Trade WASHINGTON (NEA) — "Doc-1 lieve achirtg joims. It started to tors gave me up and then I found Elixir of Dope and I have hot had a sick day sirtc'e." "I itook three bottles' and fek like a new woman." The hook is baited, the line cast. And medical quacks, each one an expert fisherman, reel in a catch, of oveY a billion dollars a year frb'm' some 25 million Americans. ' ', The present crbp of quacks — estimated at about 100,000 by the recent First National Congress on Medical Qiiackery — has a long and rich heritage; Doctors aren't joking vvheh they refer to qtiack- ery as '"the World's second Oldest professidn," For the reedl'd, charlatans are known to haVe C ut bait as early as 3400 6.C., when a : '"h a i r- growing" poti'ori was devised for the Egyptian Qu'ete'ii Ses. -The fe- eorded prescription was a stimulating mixture of dbg toes, rotten dates ah'd.asses' hooves. . ; Quacks oTteh are pictured as glib, smooth-talking sharpies. Not necessarily so, according to the 'American Medical Assn. 1 v "Quacks don't have toi•; t a 1 k 'smoothly to sell something to a person who Believes -himself d'es- perately ill," says one AMA spokesman. Quackery is an evoutionary process. Instead of getting everything from rhetirnatism cures to virility lures in just a bottle or two of snake oil, present - day victims are given their choice of a specific'and''different cure for each disease. For example: An "Oxyclonor" for the cure of arthritis, This gadget, a copper disc wired to ah aliihiiniim cylinder, was advertised as adding oxyg'en to" the blood flow to re- work ihstanlly when the disc Was strapped to the leg and the cylinder was dipped in cold Water. A "Pandiculator" for short people. Resembling a iViedieVal torture rack, this device was guaranteed to add five inches to a.person's-height by applying ten- si'bh. at chin and ankles. The coi\- man who dreamed this one up eventually Was exposed as a five-foot-tWb midget. A "Natural Eyesight System" to restore perfect vision. This kaliedoscbpe-like gadget, which massaged -the eyelids, was stamped With the-- endorsement: "Use For eyelid exercise and throw away ytfur glasses." At a Post Office hearing th'e ;near - sighted prbhibter. admitted he wore glasses. A quack Will go to any length to ^'et s'oiind en'dd'rsenVents f o r his product. One• iViail-qrtie'r dentist Was doing a landslide business in dental plates, primaVily because of a testimonial which quoted a patient as writing: "YoUr plates are beautiful and Fit Fine." . .„-.;';. ••-.-• . t The dentist was; put 'biit-.'of. busi-; ness though, whe'n" a postal in- spectbr forced him to produce the original letter. It had a comma after the word "fin'e," and continued, "but every tjme -I eat. they fall out." In addition to endorsements, quacks bank heavily on vague warnings about unspecific ills, according to AMA. Doorstep; diagnosticians — styled as "t h e riier'chants bF menace" by AMA — peddle cure-alls or "that "tired "subclinical deficiencies" aiVd "aging before y b li r tihie." Census Figures Said To Assure Business Boost NEW YORK (UW)—Among the officials here this week, at leasi one insisted today that census fig ures were his- assuiance ill growth. Year by year growth in popula tion, attendant rise in dispdsable income and the need for banks and. insurance companies in a free ecd'nbmy, said .William R. Spaulding, turhish a bi\ilt-in gear for the investment field which is his particular mterest; S'jiauiding is assistant: secretary o{ Central Shares trust, a mutual investnVent fund s{J6' in 'di- versiFied managed, investment of the commb'n Stocks 'ot',ihsur%Wc'e coriVpaniiis and bartks. V "There are ho s'UbstituUs FbV Mlli VMR PftMPA DAlLV , NflVEMIfeR I, Kennedy Gets Lesson In Cattle Production of jtilnt commurtiques !s» sued by Cuban and leaders. One of the CbmmuMist was issued jointly Sept. 20 by the Soviet and Cuban governments, The other was issufed Oct. 2 by the Chinese a|vd Cubans. through these staleiftentti, the United States said, the Castro regime has made Cuba "ah appendage of the Sind-Sovlet bloc." In ah accompanying letter to OAS Secretary tieneral lose A t Mora, Miirrisort Said; "Thfese comhuiniqvies show that Aweftesn.* tor years ate grftsslcd { .,t. ., ,fcfc.*.». .. .? WASHINQTOH turn Stairs at t1\« Wblt« House: \ catllfr ft«^ liktrf it; evtsn preferred the otlrtr ftftfcrnt>6n at his state- {'• to the more wiftVei^ronal Steers siie ra«ch mitside Poteau, Okla,, which «T* started out in life in Robert S, "Kcrr told his vrtarty elos% tomer, most hou£eXv«» t (I want their beef tfet wWtl. tntUerrtefl, &ec6fdift| to think this is fodlish Iffd h'cd by taste or texttlfe, they're not about to strenuously with tnfe vast badf of American purchaser^ 'j ARMY KKOKUITEU — Ser* Class Billy E. recently assign- in the Pampa ' hmtsc guest, President Kennedy, a stttry About tottdlUons in the beef cattle industry a 'few years ago, abvtoiislv the DcmcrcVftlk 1 was melting to beef pVic- es during part of the FirSI ;Q\vUng ed fts Bowling \Vas last ftssj&Ji M to Forl Bliss, El Paso. The Army recruiting station is Ideated al 112 E. Foster. Sgt Bowling and his farnily will reside at IP 10 S. Uqfeart. inter-Americnn system nor a part of the non-aligned world. "Even more important to the states of this hemisphere, .'.is the emphasis which these Communi- ques place on the Casti'o regime > .for peopl& Scok- * nn the Casttt is neither llbv « ri an(1 the ideologically ah adherent of the eoh<Utirtiona1 governments of thft banks," SpaUldlrtg said, "and people al\Vays \Vlll Want insurance." "Let ni6 illustrate/ 1 he \Vei\t oil. "There fire abovll 2,6 td 3 million persons Who inVest in mutual funds. There are about 15 million who invest in equities of various sorts, according to "tl\fe latest estimates. "But there are 120 million persons in this country who have insurance of ("(Vie kind or another, th 10 years, there have been Vno're than 700 heW insurant^ cbnipa- hies come into existence, until there are ab6ut l,500' v now, so you see that we aren't the only ones interested i'n th6 ihSiiVftnce field as ah investment Opportunity." . the^'; essential ingredient of growth,' SpaiUdiftg said, is "plow- M'ck 'of earnings." Americas." Vnpenvork WASHINGTON ndminlslration \Vhich Ktrr vccalls in sbme'wluu bisding tcnVis. Said^ one oattleman t6 another, I aml "If beef prices go down much *""" more, I'm going ro liaVt to rob a batik." "In all confidence," Said the oth- place* SWth as Texfls afld Ok|a- ftoTOfl, 'tMtt shipped to the Upper Middl« ^eSt for feeding and tihal grtiwtli oft grain. Kert sftM now virtually all beef for Ftfnil saU must be grain red ToV a simple, reason: witlt the ex- plodlftg spread of jfuperffiarkets. ! their srtirve-yourself meat Counters er, "I have." last decade, the Federal government has disposed of 30 million Cubic feet of records, bxit the Tax Foundation says officials rc- cwilly told a congressional subcommittee new records and pa- per.s ai-e being created almost As fast as they are done away with, Not to denigrate KBIT'S cftHle- raising HdNtien, even the President conceded mther humorously that tht senator's Success could not be duplicated precisely in tHh- er ramparative \vftste lands. Kujrr, with the help tof a tottSidernble fortune acqitiVed ih ttil 'atul nnhir- al gtis, was able t'o take Wiavginnl acveagfe neav Iift51e>is «ld Oklahn^ift mountain co^nlry coftl Wines, clear it, fertf'lifce it, \vater it and thus supply productive pasturage for his fiWely assembled herd of In the Slack A'ngus cattle. This Is the Po&ket Hook HOLLYWOOD (UPI) "Thfe Bridge," the priitMvjnning novel which 6'ernhard Wicki produced as a motion picture, has been issued as a pocket book by Avon Books. The story tells of sev'eii German boys conscripted in World War-ll 16 delert'd a valu'c- less bridge. breed by former President bwight V). Eise\lboW'er at. his 06t- lysburg, Pn., fantt wliich Is opulent, but opulent in Gettysburg, It would bfe a tiny sprfcnd in Okla- homh, Considering his New England upbringing, Kennedy could n6t be expected to khow sortie of 'the ramifications of th6 cattle industry, but h'6 got a jam-packed short course in his overnight stft'y wi'th Kel-r. AnWrtfe 'Other things. K'err told the Chi'ef Executive nboul tlTe virtual 'disappearance tt'f grass-fed beef fWYn hidst retttil g'rtc^Vics. CfttlleWie'n di'ffer ^hid'n'g 'th'ert 1 !- s'e'lves bi\ this point, but ninny wrapped 1ft transparent plastic film, housewives take A grod look at thely stedks before buying. Thi* did grass fed beef In. Fat in gt-fctrt.tii'iished b^fet is 'white; in ThS mudskipper has a nead Forelegs rfcsernbliftfc tftdie ft! ft frog, but tlie reM nf his like that of a tisn. MHO* dasslhed * -•- 'i.U>*.U .-v- IT'S grass f&d beef, yfellow, sometimes slightly gfeenlsh yellow, And except 'ih times of sl^ortngft or Wb6n tile butcheV "dwcsn'r olfer partic-' FULL O FOO H/3 FAVORITE ... Brown Sugar Apple Pie O'N BA6S MO CANTONS #• Texas Ruby Red Bibs Colo, Red U.S. No 1 Potatoes 10 Ibs Celery A MESSAGE PKOM "Y'OLTR NEiGliBORltObD" PHARMACV •WE GIVE THANKS FOR MANY BLESSINGS This is still a troubled world but many wonderful things have and are happening each year to make it a healthier one. DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN The average sickness took two weeks before the danger point was passed and then months of convalescence . . . physicians had to make daily visits and prescribe many different medicines, . . . the percentage of fatal illnesses and infant and maternal v . mortality was appallingly great? NOW - YOU GET BETTER QUICKLY. Each year nVore than 300 new medicines are added 'to our growing stocks of more than 4,000 different prescription drugs. A visit from the physiciin, and often just one prescription effects a cure wirhin days. MODERN MEDICINES SAVE MONEY. ; Although the. average prescription now costs about ! $3.25 and a few more, each one is i great bargain when you consider hosv many less sickness days, how many fewer physician visits and how quickly they enable one to return to productive work. WE ARE GLAD WE ARE PHARMACISTS. We are grateful for the opportunity to save many sickness-days and lives by providing today's wonderfully effective medicines. — INTEGRITY — SERVICE MILLER.HOOD PHARMACY For Good Health BETTER ORUG SERVICE For Good Uvin$ liW Al-COCR STREET OfcJ HQ 4-S409 U.S. No 1 Texas Ib LAST TWO DAYS FRIDAY it SATURDAY SHURFINE CARNIVAL DON'T MISS IT. Pinkney Sunray, Whole I0-I6ib avg Ib tefr PORK LIVER Lb. Ib Fresh 'Tender BACK BONE SPARE RIBS Ib Shurfine, Red,, Sour Pitted, 303 Cans CHERRIES Shurflhe, S-oz, 3()c Off Lab& INSTANT COFFEE Shurfine, Strained-, 3QO Cans CRANBERRY SAUCE 5!$l §hMi'fine, Fresh Pa'k, 3'8-035. CUCUMBER CHIPS 4|$1 Roxey Tall Cans DOG FOOD 121 $1 Shurfihe, 303 Cans FRUIT COCKTAIU Shurfine, 24-oz Bo'ttles GRAPE JUICE , Cut plUe Lake, 303 Cans GREEN BEANS 5; si Shurfin^, o'/^-o MUSTARD -ox. Jar 5c Shut-fine Cheese Spread.. 2 Lbs. l^^gyt j^^*g» Shurfin'e, Frozen 6-07. Can ORANGE JUICE Shurfln'e, yel, cling, sli. hal. no PEACHES '/> can 4?$1 Shin-fine, 18-o-/. Jar PEANUT BUTTER 2;89c vShUrfine, Bartlett, Halves 303 Can PEARS Shurfihei Cj-ushed No. 2 Can PINEAPPLE 4i$l Shurfin'e, 46-oj: Can PINEAPPLE JUICE 4;$1 , 300 Can PO&K& BEANS Shurfijie, Apricdt, Peach RESEr Qt Shurfrcsh SALAD Oil Ot ^j.y ^- 53t Shui'fi'rie, R'li'ri Alaska, Tall Can SALMON 89c Shm-fir^. 303 Can sAuiii KRAUT 7 I $1 Shurfine, 303 Car» SPINACH Shurfine, Sliced, Frostyn, STRAWBERRIES 5!S1 Shurfine, 303 Can TOMATOES s i si Shurfine, 46-oi Can.s TOMATO JUICE 4 ? $1 WAFFUE SYRUP 2 Qts For You pan't Can IT At These Prices Now San You ShiirfShe Lb, Gah SHtfRFINE FLOUR H. 69 25 u. s l ss ' SHURFINE Can MILLER <BRO. & MARKET We Gh't Buccann^i 1 Stamp* Double Oh W»d, D , With 2.SO Punhiii or Mori ptl Shurfine, 1 i-oz fill. CATSUP S For 2000 Alcock 0 L E 0 6 libs. C©m§ Out and Just Visit, C<lffls Ivery Day H I L P ! We Hove To Move 700 Cesses Maybe We Over Bought But We Don't Think So, Shurfine Qt. SALAD DRESSING 39

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