Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on March 12, 1946 · Page 2
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 2

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 12, 1946
Page 2
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FUSE I PAMPANtWS Match 12, 1946 Congressman Sap Time Not Ripe To Share Atomic Secret With UNO WASHINGTON. March 12.—«')—, helped to make possible, xxx Leaves From a Correspondent's Life Notebook A TSfcfcs member of congrcss»whoi [i( , t kne^'of the atomic bomb while it| (;esses an d listened" to the explana- Wfts still the world's best kept sec- jtions of the scientists. In going from tei sftys the time is not ripe 'to i building 10 building, I happened to Share it with the United Nations, 1:c scatcc ' ln tne c _ al .j V ) ^ Mr ' Sn y~ organization. I signed to Brigadier General Far- tie is Rep. George Mahon of Col- jreil. Mr. Snyder kept saying. 'George orado City, a member of the house j this thing may save a million lives.' military affairs appropriations sub-ji do not know whether it rlid or committee, a small group which ihe; not. but I suspect it might have." war department took into its con- ! ^ fidence because they had to provide the $2,000,000,00 (billion) needed for the" project. ••Discarding any idea of sharing the secret with individual nations, the quiet-mannered tall West Texan declared: "Certainly I hope and pray ihat the 'atomic bomb will be used as an influence for peace. It must be so used, and it is so powerful an instrument it can, if properly controlled, contribute to the success of the United Nations organization. "But un\il the UNO is a much more seasoned and stable body, we can not afford to entrust in its hands this most terrible of till weapons invented by man." Mahon expressed kern interest in the forthcoming atomic bombins tests on obsolete vessels out in ;hn Pacific. He declared the test is "highly desirable" and added: ; "It may revolutionise our conrcnl of what should comprise a-navy and naval strategy. In fact, it has revolutionized our whole concept of war , . . period." It was only upon the recent dra.h bf Rep. Btlell Snyder (D-Pai that I By IIAl, BOTLF ; CAIRO. March 12—i/Ti—American women just loyj livin»; in sunny Erypt. K isn't, oecause the pyramids are romantic by moonlight and stores :ire full of nice, "xpcnsive things to buy. It isn't because Uiev ran go out. and trade . r ;pcrrv,s with the sphyn.x or i ecvjise there arc so many night Ir.hs with dance bands. It isn't, even 1-ct'iiUsp the.y ''an take •! King nap evpiv nftrrnoon. Nope, it's all because of dirty dishes, bun? of every housewife's ex- i:;lr nre. That little chore is strictly man's rork in this female paradise by thr- Nile. Tne odd characters \vho take over this task and make delighted ladies the part played in the atomic bomb ! of leisure out of every hsiusfrau who development by the house military ] drops her anchor in Egypt's swirling appropriations subcommittee was ' sands ;>re known-as "sofrngis." brought to light. Snyde.r was head i The best are Sudanese, tall, well- of the group. Peeling that reco;;- ! built, muscular, inustachod Moslems, become "kitchen frankensteim" and make even the hardest working wife begin to feel superfluous at times. One of those fugitives from her stove Is Mrs. Fred Krieg, wife of a foreign correspondent of the Associated Press, stationed here. Mar.iorie was raised in Topeka, Kan., where men are men and women cook their apple pics for them. Mohamad is the major domo for the Kriegs. He cooks, cleans, washes dishes, buys their food and gets their laundry done—all for about $32 a month. "We didn't set out to hire him," said Marjorie. "he just came with the apartment. You don't usually hire your servants here. They already belong to B flat when you move in and you just inherit them." Somewhat depressing to Ameri:an women here is the average Sofragi's ability to make housekeeping look as pRsy as most hu.rtMnds think it really is. Mohamed has the Krieg apartment neat is « pin before break- fif=i and he can whip up a dinner of several course;; on two small, one-burned icersosene pressure stoves. Miiha inert won'et let Marjorie into her kitchen •ixcopt on mutinous suf- fersiiici? and won't let her draw her own bath. She knows nothing of his life bevont! their apartment. If nn American woman tries to muscle her ,vay into her own kit- chO'i hern she. is likely to meet the diplomatic protest that "it, is .too warm in hero i'or missy—voti will catch :rold." Tho boys just don't, like women clut.terinj up their :uisinn. What worries M;>rjone is that she doesn't, know just how Mohamed cleans the dirty dishes that no woman want, '_o polish herself. "Thorn's no hot water." she said, "urc! I just don't, know how he does it. But .-inmetimcs I think it will be bdtcr if I never learn. There arc :-o.aiP M'imvs about. Egypt you just don't want to know." Jflltion should be paid to the Penn- fsylvanlan, even in death. Million contacted the war department to learn if he could tell of the committee's work. His request was not only approved but he was encouraged to disclose facls not previously made public. /Excerpts from Mahon's remarks on the house floor follow: "Mr Snyder was at hi.s best in handling a project about which nothing was ever said on this floor, the atomic-bomb project—that rush- hush project of the days of the \v:r j prior to the drocping of the bomb on that Ausust day of 1945. "Many months and years before that bomb was dropped General Marshall CGeorge Marshall, retired army chief of sta f f> rnmc to the committee, and behind closed doors, impressed the members of the subcommittee with the necessity of money for this project. He received the cooperation of the committee from year to year, and every proper effort was made to disguise the funds that were placed in the hill for' the atomic-bomb project. The .success of our committee in keeping the secret has become historic. For that much credit is due Speaker Sam Rayburn. Mr. Snyder and the members of our subcommittee. | "On May 27. 19*5. the clerk of the ! committee, Mr. John Piu;h. called | me on the telephone and lie said: '• 'Mr. Mahon, can you be over at j Chairman Cannon's (Ren, Cnnnon j Bf Missouri is head of the full ap- ; propriations committee) office promptly at 12 o'clock?' I said, 'Sure, If--; it is important.' When I Ret on the eleva'.or to go ui> there I found that the Hon. Henrv L. SUmsnn, secretary of war, was on the same elevator: I noticed that he \vallcp.d into the same room, Chairman Cannon's office. , "Those present were Chairman lOanncn, Mr. Tabor, Mr. Encrcl of Michigan. Ma]. Gen. Leslie R. Groves, manager of the al.oniic- •bomb project. Mr. Snyder. and inv- iself. The secretary of war said. 'gentlemen, this project for which SO much monev has been oxDcnrlcd Us more than 99 nor cent assured of success,' and. addressing Mr. Cannon, he said. 'I wont, vou ,'U'iille- men to go down t.r- Hie Oak P'dgr project in .Tennessee- and see something' of the good work you have "" EXECUTOR'S NOT1CK THE STATE OP TEXAS, County of Gray. To All Those Indebted to or Hold- j ing Claims Against tiie Estate of j Hattie Osborne, 'Deceased. • The undersigned having been duly j appointed Executor of the E.stat:' of Hattie Osborne, Deceased, by j the County Court of Gray County, i Texas, on the 4th dav of March. 1946, hereby notifies all persons indebted to said estate to come forward and make settlement, and those having claims against said estate to present them to him for payment at Pampa, Texas, where he receives his mail. D. W. OSBORNE. Executor of the Estate of Hattie Osborne, Deceased. March 12, 19, 26. wearin:> strii:hv.; scars on their fai'- es as if they hud spent the weekend at Heidelberg university and lost a few casual saber encounters. Atttinllv these scars are tribal beauty marks inflicted during childhood by doling parents ,mcl rubbed with salt so they wil! li!V. They are show up well in later TO lifficient that they DR. L. J. ZACHRY OPTOMETRIST First National Bank Blclg. For Appointment Phone 269 A constantly rising spiral of wages and prices means the ruin of everyone on fixed income and is not the correct solution to the problem.— Samuel B. Pcttongill, former representative from Indiana. "Never mind getting out of the Hi' 1 nhunbing specialist will ' v - -our bathtub iiffy 1" SHIP SAILING YOKOHAMA, March G—</P>—The army hospital ship Ernestine Ko- rnnda will leave Thursday for the United States with 350 army, navy, marine and merchant marine patients. The vessel will stop at Kobe and Okinawa to pick up others. Paris was the largest city in the world for 1,000 years. TEXAN GETS TOST PANAMA CITY, Panama, March G—i/i')—Taylor Cole of Midland, Texas, was elected vice president of (he International Junior Chamber of Commerce for North America at the final session of its convention here. The blind-worm of Europe is neither blind nor a worm—it's a legless lizard. MONTGOMERY WAR B Dr. H. H. Hicks Has resumed the practice of Dentistry and Oral Surgery in his former office Combs-Wo.rley Bldg. Phone" 577 • FLOWERS • For Every Occasion PARKER'S BLOSSOM SHOP $tHi N. Cuylcr I'hunu 21 Dry Cleaners Bettef Cleaning Always TWO-PAY SERVICE ,.' CLYPE JONAS MONTGOMERY WARD SHE WEARS A CAROL BRENT She knows a casual by Carol Brent means slim, uncluttered lines! She knows the ex- quisitely simple details and perfect fit are the result of master tailoring! Carol Brents can boast, too, of rich rayon fabrics, lus« cious pastel colors! Just try one on! You'll love them, too! 9-15. .. .I BET YOU H AT WARDS! Of course 1 did! You should see their Spring-bright prinfc, rayon crepes, gay spuns! Why, they even have, your pet darks with lingerie trims! Sizes for misses—juniors, too! ST1RE ' IYQUR FUHS AT WARDS 330 7,70 1» ».«e Political Calendar •The Pampa News has been authorized to present the hames of the following citizens as candidates for office, subject to the action of the bemocratic voters, at their primary election Saturday, July 27. Pot- District iudee: WALTER ROGERS For blstrict Attorney: TOM BRALY For County Clerk: CHARLIE THUT For Couhty Commissioner— Prect. 3: JAMES HOPKINS RAY G. BURGKR EARL JOHNSON Prect. 1: JOE CLARKE Prcct. 2: WADE TMOMASSON For County Attorney: B. S. VIA For County Tax Assessor and Collector: P. E. LEECH For Sheriff: G. H. KYLE R. H. "Rufe" JORDAN JAMES BARRETT For District Clerk: DEE PATTERSON For Constable, Precinct 2: EARL LEWIS TEXAS GETS PLASMA ST. LOUIS, March 6—(/I 1 )— Approximately 14,000 units of blood plasma, part of 1,500,000 units declared surplus by the army have been shipped to Texas during February-by the Red Cross, area headquarters here has announced. Rubbing a snake's throat once was supposed to be a cure for goiter. Texas Grapefruit Prices Rise With Increased Demand McALLEN, March 12 —OP)— Demands for the remainder of the Rio Grande Valley's big grapefruit crop have begun to rise and prices are going along with them. The increase came on the heels of strike settlements which reopened two Houston can fabricating firms and again gave Valley citrus juice canning plants a heavy supply of containers. Chief effect of the new competition for fruit was to raise, in some instances, the price of juice fruit to $25 per ton, a $5 increase. The $20 base for juice fruit has been paid throughout the current season under a voluntary move by canners to keep the price at least to that level. Under federal regulations the grapefruit shipping season can last into June this year but there are few indications now that any considerable volume of fruit will be left by that time. There is no time limit on oranges as has been the case in past years. Knowledge that the season will last a long time has • made growers reluctant in some cases to sell their fruit at prices other than Lop grade. Despite the good demand for fruit, both grapefruit and oranges, prices have not quilc come up to the new ceiling increases which Liquid — Tablets — Salve Noge Drop* Used J ~ 1 Alii by millions for years , 1'1'J Works Great-works last Conlion- U-^o only as dirocl«?d were allowed dutofii&Mcftlly by the OPA on March f. Production this year is showing a steady gain over last in all fruits and vegetables. Total cat-lot loadings stand at 41,10& cars against 33,342 at the same date a year agd. Big crops outside of citrus Include 109 cars of green beans, 279 of beets, 111 of broccoli, 2,708 of cabbage, 1,786 of carrots, 522 of peppers, 363 of spinach arid 1,060 of tomatoes. dead the Classifieds In The Blu-WhiteFI&kes mako clothes dazzling white. Freshen colors. Blue while you wash. All you need for washing slips, undies, Blockings. MONTGOMERY WARD DRESSES UP FOR SPRING! •§he'l| pick a bright Easter egg color—(ike sgjmon.,; American beauty ,.. aqua ,,, green! She'll insist on grown-up styles—a jaunty boy coat,,. chesterfield ,,, g trim fitted coat. She'll find them, top, in Wards new Spring collection! (All pure wools, of course!) $111$ 7*14 f IZES it *wrt f» w&fc fbowt Wsrd* convenient Time Payment Plqnl

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