The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 14, 1962 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 14, 1962
Page 1
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BRAZOSPORT EXPORTERS HOST PORT NECHES INDIANS TONIGHT-SEE LINEUPS ON PAGES 6-7 THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS : P«r Single Copy *jl Te Subscribe Call il! BE 3-3511 Freaporr SERVING BRAZOSPORT, ANOLETON, WEST COLUMBIA, BRAZORIA, SWIENY. OLD OCEAN, DANBURY end DAMON FacH Clanlfitd: II 3-2411—All Other Offltw: II 3-J511 Per Single Copy To Subscribo Caff BE MS 11 Frtaport »/OL. SO NO. 149 AT CLUTE Associated Pr»« Mtmbtr FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 1962 Paving jobs get priority Fretpmt, Texas Tin- Chile City Council madfi plans Thursday night lo iniliale another street improvement pro- tomey, Tom Kcnyon, unopposed Democratic nominee for criminal district attorney In the coming •t I*K iwanm* mm AUSTIN - Ally. Gen. Will Wll- son said Thursday that a provision in Texas law for traasfor of sludenlii making no reference lo race or color is not sufficient for a school board to integrate without an election. BERLIN — Rowing K second time lo Western order*. Soviet guards drove Into Went Berlin today In » bus InMend of armored ran. ject iinrt hire a new city attorney.]election. Renewal of a contract with a taxj Kenyon said lhe new allornevi function firm was n*Hn table,!. |wn ,, d lncl , have „„ ,„„„' Kpmw , dy !JKncd m , !BJU . mlmon s,,M U.keviewi (a t>frome acquainted with pend-lpublic works authorization bill (o',,*......? L'...:.„._„.... '_?. .! ln *«ty ''•"I'WM before Kenyon's!,| ay and called It a "significant Wtekdnyt 10 flanh—Sunday 18 Navy watches Cuba as House approves callup WASHINGTON - P r e s I d e n I the iirdinnnce miuiromcnls, race track's race lime was approved. l.MPKOVKMKNTS , - - - ,'lay and called It a "slgnlfl »rpni({n«llon. He also suggested i milestone In nn effort to slrength- • economy. and changejihnt tne ncw attorney might prefer to handle Chile's delinquent jlax collections as exlra Income. The Council decided to hold a; Montgomery reported that Ross mecliiiK soon with its fiscal agent T( , r| . v . s ,,, x TO ||,, ( ,, lo|1 [irm hac | and ctly eimincor lo start plans. „„,„ pak) $(50,906.20 during its for asphalt paving, curbs, suiters lwo vpar TOnlra( ., which just px . j»nd storm lewer* on Shanto pirrdi reprewntin|t 15 „,',,, Mr,, ret and Luke Jackson Koad.; clp | inquent taxp , int p rest gnd and a sidewalk, primarily for !p ,, lm | tips rol | eclcd dllrinK nchoo! children, on Marion Slreet. !jj mi , At Councilman M. S. Johnson's; T( ,' rrv ha , B , x mon(h , , o suggestion, Ilie sidewalk projcrt; up anv g,,i| S now ponding, and (Kennedy has denounced as cow-, H can'f nut'to'te «,ta XS'' 1 * "l'""'" '"^ "' *'"' «"»"«!'""^ « «" •» outrageous" lhe! it can be put to use this s.hool;,, KOod ^ ,, owpver . i( was de-jburnlng of two Negro year. The walk will provide •i ( .| ( j (H ) ( 0 consult safer route tor school children to; aholl| tax TO || ei . t i on5 Mon re .'during ' * newing Ttrry'g contract. ISwilh school traffic is heavy. LAKKVIKW 8-1) i « Funds to handle additional bond, Atlorney Nei , ca ldwel | reported iles for th« project are included i, 0 , ne Counci , , hat (|)e ma|(er rf Sub- Ttiesday. The first street proJe^jarearhad'been cleared "up" '* Main Street concrete paving,| He said deedi conveving curbs, gutters and storm sewers, : s|r( , p| , fo lho ^^ from ' , n( , Is presently underway. Brazosport school system had City Secretary R II Montgom-; 1)wn ](K . ated jn „ dnwer rf „ ery reported that the Main Strep courthouse office and was drawn crossing of Shanks Sheet should; in ]957 )jefore au(e Bnnpxw ,| he open to traffic this weekend, :„,„, am ,. , mM |1(em rf i after being closed due lo the pro- Harry Hayes, former city official, dies KI.ISABRTHVIU.E, Katanga, the Congo — President Molw Tnhnmbe declared today "Katanga remain* Ime In the line It has chown" — but he left up In the air whether he will fa: Funeral services were pending along with * United Nations 'hi* morning for Harry James plan to unify the Congo. : Hayes, 66, of Freeport, former . Velasco city councilman and resi- WASHINGTON —Pre»! den tident of the city for about 20 in lhe proposed budget, slated tor ;road ownerslll p in i R public hearing al i:30! d i vision in |he T w that! Hayes, ill since having surgery j./u,»,» K ui mv ^<:giu churches;in February, died in a local hospi- atlorncyiand the shooting of two Hegroejjtal Thursday night after being ad""* "•-''•"• | "" registration in the;milled as a patient that afternoon. I The body was taken to Freeport i Funeral Home. Services will be held in Velasco Baptist Church where Hayes had been a tnisle» the past two years, with burial uv Restwood Memorial Park. Hayes was a brickmason for lhe Dow Chemical Co. for nearly IS years, retiring in 1960. H* received his gold card for 50 years as a member of his union upon retirement, and is believed to be the only one In his local to r*-; Missile firms called on for union shops ceive a gold card. Coldwell said (he deed wan In:.. WASHINGTON fAP)-Pf¥«IdeTif ~*°™L ln Ct "'"*'™'». D'- [ WASHINGTON (AP) - Tlie; I House Armed Services Committee! I gave unanimous approval today (to President Kennedy's request, for stand-by authority to call 1 loQ.OOO Reservists to active mili-j tary duty. | The action clears the way for a House vote Monday on the reso- 'lulion which the Senate passed unanimously Thursday. If that timetable is followed, it would be one of the fastest moves [Conpress has made in recent i years on a major bill. Kennedy made his request just last Friday. , The House procedure would bar I amendments that might slow idown the bill's progress and force lit back to the Senate. It also ! would require a two-thirds vote jfor passage, but leaders have no jdotibis on that score. . Kennedy was asked Thursday j j at his news conference why he; (has requested special mobilization 1 authority since he has the power to (rail up a million Reserves by declaring a national emergency. Kennedy replied there are several stages of possible crisis andj "The call of a national emer-' gency. I would say, Ls near the; final step of a crisis. But there may be increased threats which would require us to call some; reservists, particularly in the air.j 'i><» TTT . w maybe at sea, possibly on the &\N JUAN. Puerto Rico fAP)-p^-,,J" t JFK THREAT TO HEMISPHERE WASHINGTON (AP)-The Navy says its ships and planes are keeping a sharp eye on Cuba and its supply lanes—all the way from European jjorts to Fidel Castro's doorstep. Apparently they are in position to keep an even closer watch President Kennedy told his news conference Thursday the flow of WASHINGTON (AP) — President Kennedy says U. S. military action against Cuba Ls not now "required or justified." But he told his news conference. Thursday that If the United States should ever have fo lake action, "All of Castro's Commu- nist-flnpplied weapons and technicians would not change the result or significantly extend the time required to achieve the result." ,_ At the same Hme, the President admonished critl™ urging the ; Communlst arms and administration fo use military force agBlnst the Communist out. I lsand W1 " ^ met ' post. 'increased American "mirveillan, He said he finds It "regrettable that loose talk about such ao- j 0 ' the whole Caribbean a«a." lion hi this country might wwve to give & thin color of legitimacy T" 6 President did not spell out to the Communist pretense that such a threat exists. The President said, a, he has saW before, that Cuba pose* no HARRY i. TVa» Velasco Storm Celia loses speed Harry Cranberry of San Au1on-j Ule pag^i,,,, „, Count y Eneinfer Kennedy has called on four balk-' 0 *' 1 ' 20 ' 1S95 ' Ha - ves lived ' n Trop storm C< " lla *"? kicki "8 "Wi might ,!* in » situation io, city bond agent, is to be ut a; W- j_ j^,, a , , he (jme rf hij ing missile-space producers (Oklahoma City, Okla.. fer 19 ™ r heels 800 miles east of Puerto .where the declaration of a-natfon- Clute meeting as soon as posslble,! dea(|l and .. misD | aPet i' adopt (he union sliop or bear re.'^™ before coming to Freeport. Rl ™ '<"»>' with winds whirling al emergency might not ,„ .„».... , u , n H ,.io« ^.h ,.,„ _ ' sireet'owner' «P«nwiWltty tor disastrous strike, He was a velelran <* UK World Up to " " to initiate bond sales, with the n . _. „ . , »••«. IVH..IKWII \n a\i tx:i wn IIC1-* ,? nB l n " r l S .:^..?" 5 _l C .!i'...l S "i» hi P h »d b«n «n i^ue in Council [approval of the subdivision deve-'bis . | War I. sen-ing in the US Army. Celia's ille was a Velasco councilman for minfehed miles an hour. .most appropriate step, and in thai "'."^ l forward speed had dj-jcase we might use the power t, . „ to about 12 miles anigranted to us bv the Congress," .\ rfTJT^Ii, 1 ^"* "!? ^.^^hour. forecasters mpntM no ap- he said - * .dated with treeport. He lived at . ., . . r • The Senate appiwed Kennedy's 1101 North Front. preciable change ,n sue and m- irequest „„„ Repybn,^ dropped storm before to- a drive to add lo the bill language Survivors include his widow, lo attend and receive lo start plan* for lhe second pro-ji^'by GuyWrlodrtli" an accepted ^ ect - I Caldwell said tlie installation of industry. NKW CTTY ATTORNKY iulilities would be Woodruffs re- Tlie President spoke out strong- The CouncU plans lo lake up the spoasibility, and deed restrict ions :ly in behalf of a White House «!iatter of hiring a new city altor-1 on tlie property were being drawn: hoard recommendation that the^ Mr *- Anna Hav es »( Freeport; "ney at its regular meeting oniup on lot size, and specifying resi-i Lockheed. Convair. North Ameri- two sons. Charles E. Hayes of' M moved northwest to Se v. f ' 2? ' n n,, nat. ,,„„«. ' dC ! 1Cea ° nly> "* W '°°° ° r more in( ' an an<1 Ryan firms rpquire their : Rlrh<yood and Harry T. Hay« of i northwest. Mayor Bruce Runnels suggest- va lu e . 100.0011 workers to be union mem - *. • ~ ., j j ed the attorney be hired soon, toi T, le Council assured Caldwell bers provided the worTrs gTe **** *'' N ' M ' ; ^ "** *™* become familiar with city matters that building permits would be.prior approval by a two-thirds chdren ' by working with the present at-; issued to lot owners as soon as a'vote. ' , — few remaining details of comply-i what had been done or what he had in mind. serioii* threat to the Western Hemisphere. ' j However, Navy sources said However, should the Castro regime — with Rrowian backing —, later that there has been a step-up ever endanger the security of the United States In any way "this I in aerial surveillance of Cuba In country will do whatever must be done to protect its o«n security i the last three weeks. They added and that of tin allies," he said. ', that all of the Navy's resources. This hoHs true, the President declared, should Cuba ever starting in European ports and threaten any nation In this hemisphere or should it ever develop ! ending just outside Cuba terri- Into an offensive for Russia. : | or ial limits, have been thrown He said the United States will Inlensify it* watch over the ; into a constant watch that will bn Caribbean area. But he «aid Washington Is aware of what goes on < intensified without further notifi- In Cuba and Is Chilly capable of dealing swiftly" with any genuine .cation from the White House. j Navy sources said that for jmany months patrol planes have been operating, virtually around the clock, from Key West. Fla. and the U.S. base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Surface vessels—principally destroyers—are operating night and day from Roosevelt Roads, Puer- [to Rico, Guantanamo Bay and iKey West, Fla., the sources said, year,! They said American officials was given little chance of finding: and agents cneck P° rts " everv where in Europe" on ships re- Cabinet walks in Erazil BRAStLIA, Brazil (AP)-Prime,taken from his office last icisco Brochado Da alter failing to get . jdemanding a stronger position' The cabinet's resignation roused a new prime minister who could of the balky i ported to be bound, or suspected eon-;to be bound, for Cuba. servatives. i The president's office was reduced to a figurehead in a parlia- Mower cuts man Pickets down so crafts at work All crttftt were back un ,1ob at construction projects "If there is a strike," Kennedy .' ing with the cily subdivision ordi- said, noting that two unions in-; 'f» J I IOC mince were carried out. jvolvrd have accepted the board's' KACE TKACK jpeace formula, "the responsibility Today — Don Mullins, operator of a Go- would be very clear. I think, lo; "'K n 3:2 ° P- m Karl track off Highway 2X8 on ; the American people for stich ia *' 9:K P- m Wilson Road, received permission action." ' ; Saturday — |i switch races from Friday The President's comments were; High 4:19 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. ! 'this lo Sunday afternoons, twin response to a question as to! I-ow 9:52 a.m. and 10:14 p.m. , . . „ ,,.„ . "earlier than 1 p.m. and no later whether he fell that the unions the area todnv after Millwright .1,,.,, c ,. ,„ . . """""• ' „, '""" b V- m - " Cuba and communism. :'•»« * e military might step in,| mentary They were assured by Demo-i abr>ll5n «>ngress ""d turn werj ' ' ' ~'~ """ \ A Freeport m a«n received . . , cratic leader Mike Mansfield ofi 1 "" P <wer to Goulart. |iary cnsis last >ear. Congress r«-| %vere ]eK | acerations vvhen he fen planes probed the storm. Montana consideration will be; Brochado Da Rocha told thei™"* 1 to enact economic reforms i trom a riding-type rotary mower (Early reports from one hurricane given later to proposals to spell Chamber of Deputies he \vas quit-i^ 8 demanded, and he sought a;late Thursday afternoon and was 'plane placed the eye of the storm out congressional support for any ting after two months because the]plebiscite during next month'si st ruck by a mower blade while at latitude 19.3 north, longitude necessary action to stem the tidejcoaservative bloc in congress had| e ] ect j ons to endorse a return ini mowin S grass on Hagerman Road. (lie . .. . . . ,., , having accepted while the com- . . . -^ >»« ««. wer, U n, Weathercast n-quested because of Fri- forced into a strike agaiast the! »•«•«•«•• »•*•*• W (<»«ball games. He said i key government ^ippliers ofi dear to partly cloudy, warm, WOUld "° r "* h '' d "' ""y-^P 80 * and missil « «l«ipment and;moderate wn.herly «inds. Low l>e . r , f01 _ M ." lw . r ! Ul !; other lime except Sumiay. planes. mnight 77. high Saturday . , , j , „, ;; ne^L 0 4\. a " pl " oon - , sniction from W ' T toshing" Fred I.ncal 2X12. Rushing anil ^ucas, secretary for the 'K'rs District Council, are attend- ini; a convention of Hie Carpenters and Joiners Brotherhood in Washington, IX'. Picketing would ri'hiitne, hu told Hie Kacls Thui-sday, when they return and are available for furlli- rr negotlatloni with conlractoni. PUBLIC vs PRIVATE Old problem rears its head in Surf side sand Plats for Ihriv different sulxli- visions on IwachcK in Hra/ona to lhe HIM* might mean th* siruc-1 (erred to a large-scale rlfort at ^ lure would actually b» on public (determining the line of public .C.Ainly were pnwniitl to Bra/.ortuiproperty, 'n .-use of proslon at the'uwnrrship, which the Conn under. .County Commissioners' Court (or;lxMcli ,11 thai point. took several years ago. {uppnivnl »t * C.Nirl mrvliiiK this Ix-e said the line .-.urn.)! be lo- Uum-an suggested that the sub- MR. and MRS. MIU.ARD M,;w«fk. .;.l.-d periuanenlly bet-uuse nn-re- 'dividi-r rllow a inininuim of MtJ SMITH of Krei-jwrl. recent vi*i-! Two were approvi-d In ixiuiinr 110.1 or building up of the beach 1 feet from mean high tide as that lnr» at the Sarasota Jungle liar- action, bul «f(pi considciable ills. Imntuj;,- d.H's ihH aiki H> lhe pub-!lids is defined by the Corps of Endens during Iheir vacation an'fiwl.ui, lhe Cmiil I«TS.S<><| wilb lie owiu-d Ix'iich.'s, but lo the prop- iginpei-v or from the line c< vegeia- Kloridn'K lowf-r west coast. . . ;.>tit taking definite a.-linn «i the ,'rty muu-d by lhe landowner ad-Uion. , _ '•*• joiniiiR Ihe public beaches. Coniinissloner Dixie Brown of ^ Jit., and MIIS. J. C.j Hie C'ouil apjirovrti for filing,. By tin- same token, it is lhal Kiei'pon commented that I ha t.RKKR, lomiuk birlhduys^.Sulur-iat lhe spoils.' of the applii-anls.jaiid.iwiH'r, not the public, w ho' Ik-aches "are eroding and we are day, while Iwlay West Coluni-jlhe plats ol Suifside T»w iile,il,>M-s in case of erosion. Ut> said, doing nothing towaixl protivlme binnx I-RANK PKllt.U, DKNNy ;.SuMivislon C, Sii-iion 3 - a *ib-i The pn.ii.Mvd aulidivisioii plans them or lakint! care of them ' UPH AM and ANNA BK1.1.K'division uf 1M.9D1 acies. and oficall for a M-l.xil s-M-huck from tl«- He VusKcst.-d that Ibe Court K o SNOW art ivU-liratuiK stmilur|.Suif B idi- Slmi-es, Inc.. Subdivision line of mean hi K h liri.* Ix-lore lhe on ivcoiii as re»|uesiin« groins or * V i1n'*'r>'AHii-k o. «ML-O .. i I 1 ' ^t"* 1 * "' l) " (l1 Ihiw sulKli-jlol* iH'Rin, ami the will'smne other device lo prevt-m eio-s DR DAVID BLANKS, of Angle-j visions wen- ar.vpl.Kl into Ihejcall for »,i addiluuuil wl-DH.-k of: ion. bill no action was taken, on (liurch, acvepl-jc.ou.ily n».d syMein for mainu-n-^r, f«-i for nmstnu-lion of any: Duncan said (hat lhe area has ins a position, «« lumiManl piisloruiuv, on ..H-ummenduILm of Coun- t-.u-.-, hinlding, or other structure. !«••, designated HI a male pu.k o III* P.e s byle,,an Clmrch;ly Ku«iu,vr William ||. Hershey. 'Ihe Court w« s told by a ,vp.-*- and therefor," such aciion would be| d ll,>uM..n. . i I h,. third plat presented wus funseulaiive of Hie development com- the responsibility c< Ihe Stale KMItS. JOY WI11II irf \V( .»>''•• j« «ilHlivision lo be builrpany llml this will mean, in ef-!park» Board. p,, s .Ki his w.-ek will, a birth, ay:,,, x,,, U HS i hlajl(1 by ,, H< >San ,,,, a Q , ,.„, (oe( w|)U . h } ,, e ar , parly al her home by her .m,llie.,l. ms island Corp. 'Ilie pmbleni in:I* us«l by ,|, e publi,-. .Some con, ; d,H-s m,t have lhe finances- for »uh| and friends .. ,ii«;.vplin g the plat arose concern, nilssioiu-,s disau.e.M with tins m.ia pivjccl. I. MOW, hISOU,!ing tlie "set back" IHH-d.-d lo pro-;terpr,-lalion, however. They poinl-l Anolher ihscu.-,si,m of tlie piob- 56.7 west, or about 1,620 miles east southeast of Miami. Weathermen said that Celia was expected to pass Puerto Rico at! • considerable distance to the' north. As a result, strong winds ol communism in the Hemisphere. Western'Stubbornly resisted : win approval for mands. With elections for a new congress only a few weeks otf, tlie cabinet's walkout seemed certain former presidential system. Brochado Da Rocha made a final appeal to congress to "give the people the right which was taken away from them." [The armed guard around con- A Brazoria County old-timers' to plunge Latin America's largest were not expected to lash Puerto:fj™ 1 " wil1 £J« Id •' ^j^^SJ!^ ^^ ""''B"* 8 "« doubied « aboul 15 « Mohawk on Chocolate Bayou on!" 113111131 difficulties. f •" • Sunday. The public is invited toj Goulart. whose relations with all-day event. Persons are | congress have worsened steadily j violence continued. ! asked to bring a picnic lunch. iover lus drive for the powers | ' Rico, the Leeward Islands and llw Virgin Islands. A hurricane watch was J workers held a pro-Goulart demotion outside. Sam L. Little of 539 Hagerman Road was taken to Brazosport Memorial Hospital by a Freeport Funeral Home ambulance, and was- admitted about 7 p.m. Hospital personnel said Friday morning that Little was in satisfactory condition. It took about two hours to repair .vith sutures the multiple lacerations on Little's leg, and he will ibe hospitalized for awhile. IlM. Rev. Ing "Happy Birthday" sung tu.ti-cl public uwnorship of Uie b.'uch him ievt'1-iil limi's 'llmrulay night j District Attorney Sam filed through tin- il,X lines ut the West Culuinbiu Rolary Clui) T(Mcht.'is Nivihl tlitr net which he \w,u uitciiilin^. . . HAItDIN KKKM. bu.-> Idling Wcryonis alxiut lhe \\i'!.l (',)limi-,|jn',. bia l^K'W Kodco wlucb opens to- ; 5 |,|/ Wtbt. ., i,uw plained thut llw dividing Hue Ix- public anil prlviilc OWIUM- >lil|i u[ the iK-achcK ha* lut'll - in a "rule uf thumb" by ilu-i ' Wi*'vv spent u |m uMiuif ami Sii|iii-iiu> I'otin —as the Kfiiei«lii».iiu.-> "'>''»« I" liml Hie line, unit ut \euelalii-u. Since this Is a we don't know 1 any muic limn we .•d oul that if lhe additional T5|lrni was mentionni, bul no time feet actually beloiiKH lo lhe pixjp- erty owner, he would have the light lo keep llw public fraiu that tug line, however, building permaiwju inuclui* too eloiM did." Cununliiiuoni'r Urorte Dun. fan o»Qim«nl«d. Sit defiiiilely sel. 't'h* Court UTS ulalcd that they wunled available siu-h mfoiimiliixi an how i-l,is,e to lhe water'* ed^e oilier wilxlivi.Miiii.s have Ixvn limit, .is A ell as the rejiorts aiaik 1 by engineers and attut'iie>s \\iui uii-lci 1 look Ih* lieach ouneiship ytu.iy (or lh« uounly teveral >«*« «go. 'DIFFERENT Medics reject Canada move Local medical officials today said they attach no significance to the action of Canadian authorities who asked Thursday for a temporary deferment in the use of oral polio vaccine. Those who did not take the Type III oral vaccine last Sunday ed and dismissed as inconclusive. In Canada, he said, there was only one case out of taeh million doses that contracted paralytic polio. In the United States, 25 cases developed after 'X million people had taken 38 million doses (some of more than one type). are urged by local medical men| Of the 25 cases, only 12 occurred to take the dose at tlie makeup clinics this coining Sunday. • Thursday the Canadian Health Department recommended temporary' suspension of the general use of oral vaccine. outside of epidemic areas. At a meeting Aug. 22 thcsn cases had been reviewed by a U.S. advisory committee on oral polio vaccine. The study group decided that it could not be deter- Their move was accompanied . mined that they had been caused BABY GIFT STALLED AT POST OFFICE SUIE.I- io.'ul ittHftim may IK- »uaUeritij$ \\li.v uu thuiik\>tiu has ln^i'ii r«'i','l\c*tl lur u bab> Kill, H.ul a lmb\ huiueuliere iuii.\ IK^ iiiit^ruvtiiiK Muuie llu> shirU liicluilttl In tt t>a.'^H|;u nittileil in Kiei'iiorC aliuul t»o luuitllu agu. Mr». IVx , k'recpof t Port Olflc* tmp^>y««, bold* the lutckttgtt \\UidU U!MJ euutulu* bluukeld. 'the lal>i*l eu.ue uff thr L'oulil mil U- Infilled, uud a millm lu Hi. I'. tire lubli.v hiiA abm lalleU lu Uicn ui> :niy wr lu whviu (he y«ckaK« was by a report that four persons who'by oral vaccine, look the oral vaccine developed! Their conclusion was that the paralysis. A total oj four millionj"risk was negligible — too low lo Canadians have taken the doses, j measure." Dr. O. L. Johnson, chairman at' Dr. Johnson pointed out also jibe vaccine program for lhe Bra- : that no vatvine is 100 percent jzoria County Medical Society, said effective. A small portion of those jthat lhe Canadian action should'who take the vaccine will not de- not affect the use of the vaccine Ivelop immunity to lhe disease. It here. : is possible for these to contract First, he said, the oral vaccine;the disease from a carrier after in use in Canada is ail "entirely!taking lhe vaccine dose. But one [different vaccine." It is manufac-'case in a million indicates lhal Itured in Montreal, he said, and is the odds are very much against a, live-virus vaccine. But it is not this, he said, yet licensed by the U.S. Public A U.S. Health Service spoko* Health Service. maji said that a meeting of tlie advisory group will probably be held Saturday to review the Canadian action. The Texas State Health indicated il Wuulil hold all immediiile meelim un Ilie subject. l>ul wmild with- luild a stdleuienl unlit after (he meeting of flia iexleial advisory That means, he saiU ttiat it Jims not y*t been subjected to the , tests and requirements required rei'vlxiiig Uur the use at any medical pro- mid .iliu'i in tliis country. I Of- ) A!M>, he {jtnitttil uul, the Cauu- iluuM ,<iian situdliun is almost identical to ou« ui I lie United Slates \Uiich U. S. mfciwU atUuiaU Hviiw-

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