Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on November 2, 1961 · Page 7
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 7

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1961
Page 7
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* 8 fAMPA BAILY N1WS .tttUft&OAVf N0V£M8fcR 5, l§fil 54th Glazed Pbrk Roast Claims High Honors Specialties on the dinner table ore well received this season. Dress a center'cut pork loin roast in elegant style with a pineapple-applesauce glaze, and,decorate the platter with sugar frosted grapes. It's an exquisite serving for a special occasion. glaze, with pineapple preserves MENU Pork Loin Roast Pineapple-Applesauce Glaze Broiled Sweet Potato Slices Brussels Sprouts Green Vegetable Salad Corn Sticks Pumpkin Pie Coffee , Tea • Milk Pretty to look at, delicious 10 eat and little effort to prepare is a pork loin ronst that makes a gr-acious platter for a special meal. When all decked out in a glamorous glaze and accessorized with sugar frosted grapes, this tender roasr will reap applause for your culinary .talents. Pork and applesauce are frequent companions, .but this time the applesauce appears in t h e Cranberry Sauce With Pork Chops Pork chops really need no gilding, but sauces toppings are always a welcome variation. Such a topping is cranberry sauce. PORK-CRANBERRY TREAT 6 loin or rib pork chops, cut -^ to 1 inch thick 1 tablespoon lard or drippings ' 3 teaspoon salt J /s teaspoon pepper ' 1 cup raw cranberries J /j cup brown sugar, f i r m I y packed 2 teaspoons cornstarch 2-3 cup water ' 1 large orange, peeled and cut into slices |4 inch thick Brown chops in lard or drip pings. Pour off drippings. Season with salt and pepper. Add cranberries and brown sugar. Cover tightly and simmer 45 minutes. Remove chops to a hot platter. Combine cornstarch and water and add to cooking liquid in pan. Cook, stirring constantly, until thickened. Add orange slices and heat through. Serve over chops, 6 servings. and lemon. .The elegant pork roast is a center cut loin roast. It's the easiest of the pork loin roasts to carve. If . you're penny wise, you'll also want to choose either of the end roasts the sirloin roast end of the loin or the blade loin roast from the shoulder end. A slimmer dress is seen on pork'these days, The fat covering is being trimmed, and producers are marketing leaner hogs. This means you are getting a neater and more compact pork roast with more meat per pound. To bring out the fine flavor of the pork, roast it in a moderate oven (.'ISO degrees F.), Place the meat fat side up in an open roasting pan, Be sure I he roast is resting on a rack, so it will not cook in the drippings. Use a roast meat thermometer, if possible. This will assure you (hat the roast is cooked well the thermometer is in the center done. Make sure the bulb of the thermometer is in the center of the thickest portion of the roast and is not resting in fat or on bone, Never cover the roast and do not add water. A pork roast should be cooked to an internal temperature of 185 degrees F. You can estimate the cooking time by allowing 35 to 40 minutes per pound for a center cut loin roast. The end roasts require 45 to 50 minutes per pound. The fruit glaze is easy to prepare and spread on the roast, PINEAPPLE-APPLESAUCE GLAZE % cup applesauce ] 4 cup pinepapple preserves 1 teaspoon, lemon juice '/4 teaspoon lemon rind Combine all ingredients. Spread mixture over roast ] /£ hour before t is clone. Return roast, to oven and continue cooking until meat s done and glaze is set. The carving task will be much simpler if, when you purchase the •oast, you ask the meat retailer to loosen the backbone from the rib side. After roasting it can be quickly removed before placing he meat on the platter. The carver oan easily slice between the •ibs. For the prctly frosled grapes, ise the seedless, light green variety and break them into small clusters. Beat'l or 2 egg whites mtil foamy. Dip the grapes into he egg whiles and coal with granulated sugar. Then chill. H is a delectable garnish that will Ircss up any meal platter. *jr ooa Vivacious, All-American Girl Must Select Nutritious Food For Energy The picture of the All « Airier!can girl as vivacious, sports - loving, good food • loving is fast fading from the national scene- In its place is cast a girl who listens to a combo,- whose swimming is strictly pool • side, whose food ways are foolish. . . a girl who acts bored and narrows her interests. Scientific reports say she is not physically fit. Liver Excels In Nutrition, Flavor The preparation of this French-Style Liver recipe is very easy. You've no doubt, prepared friedliver and bacon this is very similar. A coating of French dressing makes the difference. The sliced liver is dipped in French dressing, then coated with flour which h-as been seasoned with salt, pepper and a hint of garlic salt. Cooking time for this liver dish is very short. The flour - coated liver is panfried slowly in lard or drippings just until it is nicely browned on both sides. FRENCH-STYLE LIVER 1 pound sliced liver 1-3 cup French dressing 2-3 cup enriched flour 1 A teaspoon garlic salt J /a teaspoon salt , Va teaspoon pepper 3 tablespoons lard or drippings Dip liver slices in French dressing. Combine flour, garlic salt, salt and pepper. Dredge liver in seasoned flour. Cook slowly in ard or drippings until well browned. Turn and brown on second side. 4 servings. Scrumptious Leftovers In Miroton Of Beef Here's a scrumptious way to serve leftover beef roast. Second- day dishes should have^a^cjiar- acter of their own', ""rntKer""'than becoming merely a warmed over version ol the original roast, Miroton of Beef calls for j-lices or julienne-style cooked beef. It's heated in a delicious sauce with mushroom ••• nrl onions, then served on nee. Miroton is a French word which means slices of meat reheated with onions in a sauce. Reba Staggs, meat expert, reminds youi to store cooked meet in the coldsst part of your refrigerator, closely covered to prevent drying. M1ROTON OF BEEF ices '/i inch thick or, 2 „.,,.., julienne-style cooked roast b(;et 1 pound fresh mushrooms, sliced '•'';, 2-tablespoons butter or margm'ine 1 cup chopped onion 1 teaspoon vinegar 2 teaspoon.-; flour Vi teaspoon thyme 1 boui'iun cube 1 cup 'KI ling water 1 tablespoon catchup < 1 teaspoon salt '/a te-uspoon pepper 1 tablespoon chopped parsley Cooked rice, if desired Cook mushrooms in butter or margarine .1 minutes or until lightly brownsd. Remove mush roc ms utes. Place slices or strips of roast beef in sauce, spooning sauce over meat, Cover tightly and simmer 5 minutes or until meat is J^roughlv heated. Serve on cooked rice, if desired. 4 to 6 servings. A recent Journal of the American Medical Association carried such a report- It'told how girls in Philadelphia failed to check 'out in fitness against girls in Stockholm. Other scientific jour nals carry similar stories: American girls suffer by comparison — at least in fitness — with the English, Welsh, and Scotch, Fitness is as inseparable from total health as good food, Physical conditioning tones muscle, increases power efficiency, and endurance. • . makes ordinary daily activities a breeze. And conditioning continued day after day, streamlines the body, 'strikes- at overweight' It protects against coronary iieart disease, too. Automated living is producing a nation of hungry girls. Hungry, because their sit - and • watch ways compell them to cut down on food to keep from gaining weight. Inactive, because they do not eat enough to give them energy. To get up and go, they must carefully select nutrient -. r i c h foods: Enriched and whole grain bread and cereal, fruits and vegetables, milk or cheese, meat or an alternate- Studies show they do not. To recapture a picture envied world - wide, to become the All- American girl she would like to be, the teen ager has to bring into focus three angles of good living. She has to practice good food habits, develop everyday habits of physical activity, gain a zest for living- Cranberry-Apple Tarts Make Great Dessert CRANBERRIES are a versatile Item on the Thanksgiving menu. Here, they appear In lattice cranberry-apple tarts. A paisley print and nylon jersey are combined to make a dress that's the ideal traveler for fall. Packs like a dream w i t h never a wrinkle. By GAYNOR MADDOX Newspaper Enterprise Food & Markets Editor From the time of the clipper ships right down to our jet planes days, cranberries have been a rich red part of the American tradition. Of course the clipper ship sailors, who kept casks of raw cranberries on deck for ready eating while long at sea, knew nothing of their contents of vittmins A and C. But they did know that eating plenty of cranberries kept them healthy and scurvey - free. Over the years we have pamper-, d ande cultivated the berry to a shining plump perfection vastly superior in quality to the small, sharp and early wild kind munched on those lengthy voyages. Cranberries can appear at any time during the gala Thanksgiving feast—as an appetizer (cranberry juice cocktail, spicy with clove and cinnamon and the tang of added citrus juice), or in the turkey stuffing (fresh cranberries, celery, parsley and seasoning and bread cnimbs), or combined happily with apples (canberry apple tarts, or cranbery apple shot- cake). FRESH CRANBERRY- APPLE TARTS (Yield: 6 tarts) Two cups ('/S-pound) fresh raw cranberries, 4 cups (4 medium) diced, tart, peeled apples; ]>,$ cups sugar, i/ 2 teaspoon salt, % cup water, 3 tablesppons quick- cooking tapioca, 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract, 6 teaspoons butter or margarine, pastry, using 3 cups flour. Wash cranberries and mix with apples, sugar, salt and water in asaucepan^ Cover and cook 10 minutes. Stir in tapioca and cool. Add pure vanilla extract.. .Tu r n into six 5-inch tart pans line a with unbaked pastry. Dot each With 1 tefispoon butter 6r nW« garine. Roll '/£ of tha remaining pastry at a time 14-inch r tfileK. Cut into strips '/Hndi wide, Af> range over top of tafts, interlacing to form a lattice. Bake in « preheated hot oven (425 degree! F.) 25 minutes. Tea time pets will b« t h « s t Pink Poodle Doughnuts. Atop and between halved doughnuts (cut crosswise) is a rosy cloud of meringue made from 1 stiffly beaten egg white combined with V£ cup jellied cranberry sauce and beaten to a stiff foam, Shredded cocoanut is sprinkled over the top and the pretty doughnuts are ushered to the oven for 5 minutes of heating at 400 degrees F.,"just long enough to brown the coconut. To make your teeth sparkle, brush them occasionally with baking soda. Just moisten your toothbrush with water, then scoop up the soda on the brush and clean your teeth in the usual manner. - Advertisement FAT OVERWEIGHT Available to you without » doctor'! prescription, our drug called ODIUM- EX. You must loso ugly fat In 7 day» or your money back. NO:Strenuous exercise, laxatives, massage or taking of so-called reducing candles, craclcera or cookies or chewing gum. ODRINEX Is a tiny tablet ann easily swallowed. When you take ODUTNKX. you still enjoy your meals, still eat the foods you like, but you simply don't havo' [he urge for extra portions, becauso ODTtfNEX depresses your appettta and decreases your desire for food. Your .weight, must come down, be-: your own doctor will tell cou, when you eat less, • you welsh less. Get rid of excess fat anfl live longer. ODRTNKX costs $3.00 and" Is sold on this GUARANTEE: If not satisfied for any reason just return the package to your druggist and get your full money back. No questions asked. ODRINKX Is sold with this guarantee by:. • . Richard'i Drua Star* 111 N. Cuyler Mail »rder« Filled Only One Pan And One Interruption Needed In Home-Baked Beans Recipe Home-baked beans, from start to finish in 2 hours, involve only one pan and one interruption; ihat of stirring in certain characteristic "finishing" seasonings near end of baking: QUICK BAKED BEANS Combine in l'/ 2 qt casserole: 1 package UNCLE BEN's Quick-Cooking Navy Beans %- l A Ib, salt pork (gashed and scalded; or use other preferred pork seasoning) 1 onion (cut or chopped) Black pepper 4 cups cold water Stir and cover lightly. Bake in preheated 300-dcgree oven until beans are slightly underdone, about 114 hours. Then remove, resetting oven for 450 degrees. To finish as New England Style Beans, stir in: Vt cup molasses V 2 teaspoon dry mustard Or for Barbecue Style Beans, stain mixture of: Vt cup catsup 1 tablespoon prepared mustard 2 tablespoons Worcestershire 2 tablespoons brown sugar Garlic, cayenne, smoke flavoring (optional) Next, pour over (either style) and stir well: Boiling water (to cover beans) Salt to taste Return ?nd bake (uncovered) in 450 degree oven 30 minutes, o until besns are tender and brown- sd Makes 6 to 8 servings. from! pnn and r e s e r v e, 6 slices ft inch thick or 2 cups f™ wn . ° l! "' n 'l 8 ' 1 "/. in ''riP""^- last hppf vinegar. Combine flour and thyme and add to onion, stirring well. Dissolve bouillon cube in boiling water. Add gradually to onion mixture, stirring constantly, until thickened. Stir in catchup, salt, pepper, parsley and cooked mushrooms. Simmer 2 to >l min- Cherry Blossom Time To keep your air conditioner Corking at maximum efficiency, ifc'!$h the filters with soap or Jetergent suds. Clean filters add to t|f performance of th$ unit. Cherry blossom time is any time... when you serve this mouthwatering Cherry Walnut Pie. It's a& delicious as it look* here, and there's hardly any work involved. Sour red cherries and chopped walnuts are combined in black cherry-flavored gelatin flavored with a speck of cinnamon. An added garnish of sweetened whipped cream suggests cherry blossoms, to complete a timely dossert with) real Sjiri";; time appeal. Cherry W«luut l j i« 1 package (3 ounces) black Cherry juice and water to cherry-flavored gelatin make 3/4 cup 1/8 teaspoon cinnamon 1 can (20 ounces) sour r«4 1 cup sugar pie cherries, drained 1 cup hot water 1/2 cup chopped walnuts 1 baked 9-inch pie shell Mix gelatin and cinnamon. Add sugar and dissolve in hot watei. Add cherry juice and water. Chill until slightly thickened. Fold is cherries aud nuts. Pour into baked pie shell. Chill uatil §nn. G*f' with sweetened whipped cre«j», ! Sesame Seeds Add Crispness Here is a new cooky r e c i'p e that's certain to he a favoriti of young and old alike. They are,lit-, tie round choclate morsels with a hint of almond flavoring. The outside is covered with tasty sesame seeds. SESAME SEED CRISPS 2'/2 cups sifted enriched flour '/{> teaspoon baking soda ',{• teaspoon salt V\ cup cocoa % cup lard 1 cup sugar 2 eggs 1 teaspoon vanilla 1 A teaspoon almond extract Vi cup sesame seeds Sift together flour, soda, salt and cocoa. Cream lard and sugar. Beat in eggs, vanilla and almond extract. Add sifted ingredients. Mix thoroughly. Shape into balls, using 1 rounded teaspoon of dough for each. Roll balls in sesame seeds. Place on cooky sheet and bake in a hot oven (-inn de grecs F.) 12 to 15 minutes. Yield: 4 dozen cookies. SHURFINE 3 BIG DAYS REMAINING STOCK UP NOW, FOR THE COLD MONTHS AHEAD Only A Few of The Savings Listed Below If you have a concrete floor in your basement, place a rubber mat in front of the fuse box to prevent shocks when replacing a burned-out fuse. HAZUWOOD'S Farm Dairy Homogenized Pure-Whole MILK 'Nothing Removed* Shurfresh, Sweet — Buttermilk BISCUITS.... (Id .UU Shurf ine FLOUR 25 ibs. 1.59 I0.bs69c FROZEN FOODS Swansea's T. V. DINNERS 5§C Banquet, Chicken, Beef or Turkey A^ AA POT PIES-... 5 for JI.UU MEDIUM SIZE EGGS Doz. Shurfine, Drip or Reg IA COFFEE Lb. Can W Shurfine, Golden CORN 6 — 303 Cans J1J Shurfresh, Lb. MARGARINE 6 for Shurfine IA SHORTENING ...: 3-lb. Can DVC Shurfine ' C MUSTARD ----- 51/2-oz. Jar DC Shurfine, YC—Sli or Hlv. 2 1 /* can PEACHES- :..... 4 for Shurfine, No. 1 Can ' *«l AA EVAP. MILK .......... 8 for JI.UU U.S.D.A. Good CHUCK STEAK ,b Home Made Country Style SAUSAGE 2 Top O 1 Texas Ranch Style BACON. 2 $109 1 $109 Ibs. 1 PRODUCE Red POTATOES 10-Lb, Bag Texas Firm Lettuce 2 Heads Texas Oranges,... 5 Lb. Wansings * • FRANKS SIB, -1 U.S.D.A. Good SIRLOIN STEAK... 00 U.S.D.A. CLUB STEAK w

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