The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on April 29, 1970 · Page 9
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 9

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 29, 1970
Page 9
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In some counties the county judge has nothing to do but commissioners court work, he said, "but in some, like ours, the county judge has both judicial work and the business of Commissioners Court "This man has talked about things we have and haven't done. He h-n not ';tlk<>'t about his li.lining .iii'l qualifications. When you hire a person, you look at his training and qualifications As attorney, county attorney and county judge, "I think I know the business." he said, reviewing his education Half his work was judicial, he said, noting that since 18V2 all county judges in this county were attorneys "This county is not large enough to strip the county judge of judicial functions." Besides, he said. Commissioners Court is a body of limited jurisdiction, bound by strict laws Concerning attacks on his leadership, he said that "I think I have achieved, even talking afxjut the 30 percent." Arnold reviewed his civic involvement, and said he was instrumental in obtaining a grant for the Brazona County Youth Homes. He said he had helped bring about a separate welfare building, worked to enlarge the Child Welfare Unit, and juvenile offices He said he had officiated at the opening of Sportsman Span, Velasco Memorial Bridge. Harbor Bridge. Chocolate Bayou bridge, the S9< 59( S9< TEXAS SWEET TEXAS SWEET YELLOW EA. FRESH GREEN bridge of Rosharon linking (his county with Ft, Bend County. He had helped obtain (he Monstanto Road. The court had concentrated on lateral roads to plants, and thrae were some pretty good road*, he said. The county docs not have four-lane freeways, he admitted, but progress was now being developed. Right-of-way west of Angleton had been obtained, and within three weeks he expected to have the southern portion of right-of- way. Concerning the interest rates on bond money, Arnold said depositories had been chosen on bid "before interest skyrocketed." Because the rate was set by contract, it didn't matter whether money was on 90-day notes or longer ones. Depositories would be chosen again in 1970-71, "and I would be for more interest when we renew contracts." He said he had recommended higher rates when the last contracts were let. Concerning Selman's resources committee, he said this was a new one he didn't understand. He said he knew chambers of commerce sought industry and resources, but didn't know "whether the county has the right to explore." They would work with the chambers in doing this, however, he said. Arnold said a beach park had been proposed for 15 years, but he found people unwilling to pay for it. "It's a matter of money. I'm not for setting up a two-bit water system. I would favor a first-class park, with park rangers. I am ready to talk with anyone who is ready to help find the money." Selman: Court stalls decisions MAVOK T. C'. SKLMAN contended that m many areas the county, despite its wealth, was behind the times tx.-cause its government had waited until conditions were critical before starting progress. He said the county judge was the head of county government, and the public- was entitled to know how he voted on any matter where money was spent. Highways were "not the type citizens of this county d'eservc" — 228 and 35 should be four-lane to Houston, and Highway 3fi should be watched to se« that it didn't have the same congestion, he said The second-class, narrow swing bridge over the Brazos at Freeport "happens to be located in the county, but after waiting years and nothing being done about it." he said, he went to the Highway Commission and now the bridge will U? replaced He stood behind the Optional Hoad Law. at first, ix-cause citizens voted it two-to-one. "Thx-v sav it's not workable If not, citizens should be told why. and given an opportunity to vote it out Until one of these is done, the court is not following the law." The county did have good roads, "but you should have, spending $3 million a year on them I believe the Optional Road Law would improve the quality of the roads, and help some less fortunate precincts that do not have the value." A redistricting plan should be worked out with the help of a large citizens committee. "I am opposed to splitting any city to gerrymander its vote." A resources planning group would be formed of representatives of municipalities, chambers of commerce, agriculture, industry, labor — to form a total package of county resources. These would institute programs beneficial to the county Among program; single one them: a park we don't have a Fresh water; we i Continued on Page lu> • WrttlW tffwWbl IQ — ^- . CARROTS & 10' 5' ONIONS NEW CROP DEO POTATOES IB 10' (ONIONS BUNW19' the story of .-—^ O ur eastern American Indians called their shell money "wampum". Vi'anumm was strung on strings and bdts were also made- of Coune shells were used as money in lands around the Indian Ocean. On the vve^t coast, the Indians used shells known as "denulium". M>AN ASSOCIATION FREEPORT LAKE JACKSON We Pay The Maximum Interest Rate Allowable-Compounded Daily. Paid Quarterly...With Safety Insured at 70,000

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