The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 13, 1962 · Page 11
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 11

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 13, 1962
Page 11
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It Idltorlol— Adv.—l« 1-381 l M«1! EXPERIMENT TH1 IRAZOSPORT M«Ti MA*OSPORT AND IRAZORIA COUNTY, TtXAS, THURS., HPT. 11. Wf Hovercraft - Ship, Plane Or What ? BACKGROUND Rim,, Wales (APt-From the inside II looked like a dislorled airliner, much too wide for its length. Tivcnly-four passengers sal in four rows of six. All plainly suf- from takeoff nerves. The steward's voice came from URly roaring beetle eontendinp for onto the surf and swished up f 0 ,| hpm rtponrr ,„ „..=a transport revolution, lifted its flO miles per hour. j ™ , ** i !? V ? ' V T'''/ * S 1 " 0nP " f lnpm . mo '*. not n serloii* transportation! Th* rnannM itraft will hav# to Another, ami more H ii,ifl lionrd of a hovercraft, (hen;service - ends nexl week when'be hlgRrr. Vlckers is rleslRiitaR to Increns* oprral Itle move than an Idea in lh(i;Rhyr* holiday clients have re-prototvp* to carry iffl) passenReimnnr) makt It varlnhlt. nrain ot inventor Christopher i turned to tho factories nf Mnn.intvt 11 ,,«i,i«i-. .1 inn ,,,^v, i ^.. ,...i,i. ,i._ „. „ fUfflMtH, li oprrnHng hf»lsh( . . . prototype to carry 200 passetiKersi Christopher i turned to the factories of Mnn-;«nd 14 vehicle! ftl 100 m.p.h. j To lackl« HIP channel In tv*n i Chester and th* English Mid- W lll H workT i mnrlernl* wealher th* hovercraft " „.„ "I'm eonvtarpd « will." «nld!«'onld have to float lhr«. fool or r.ven at $5.0(1 a passenger the Colrriihonn. Imarf almvc the wives. In calm 10 tons off the sand and slilhcred: The noise was exactly that of gently over the dimes toward me a four-engine airliner. The motion The hovercraft was Ihe VA3. "'Inland Ihe ride was ,„&" "».* «me Ihrtwgh .he:««,,,•H ^lopmen,. advisers who put it on the secrel Colqiihoun headed his cvafli'j.*' Hnri did nothing more. It took i along Ihe coasl ler. Wales brain of Cockerel!, Cockerel! htillt his first morlrl 1 from two food cans. He showed! „ „ it to the Kovernmcnt's military i service has lost monev. This was expected. Vickers Armstrong, Urn' builders and British United Air.-, . . •-* -~ • i .-> utm ui IIIi-MI LMim 11 Mil ' | oast and into open wa.jCoekerell n year to get tl,e idea I ways, the operators, hope to reap , v yf , slipped away and the;declassified and under govern- their dividend later ! W ire came through tlie;»lonl-fimuiced development. Nowi 11. „..,.- , .'. . .'license "The craft we're using here was on the drawing hoard less than years ago. Now It's In opera- * ''" *"'•• .speaker system: "Welcome I land or >iie of a dozen under development ! smooth. lere. It rides eight indies above! Over the sea it developed a spray. minutes after leav- four major companies are pushing i., " hard. : Transport „. ! license ai safe to carry passen- They have shown the hovercraft I gem •• «. operate over soft sand andi „! ^^ B| . j(|sh ^^ aboard Ihe world's first Hover coach service. In a fnv moments we sliall be leaving for Wallnsey. Your driver is Capt. Colqithmin—" The engines revved up and the! land or sea on a cushion of air'phVh, something like a plane ini'" B ' ""' VA3 ^K*" 1 ' onl ° a <-"«- >rwo . VPBrs "8° * smalt hover-]can neg produced by two gas turbine en- slight turbulence, punctuated bvj (Trle sIi P w ». v at Wallasey, 17 i craft called the SRN1 went from Rhyl to gines. Two more engines drive heavy jolts as big waves slapped! milos amws lhe °^ KsUiary; Fl ' alll 'o (o Kngland. Last July the Cerent f weather nitrt over land thl« i would waste power — It only three Inches above face. | IK Hi* hovercraft a ship, mi air i era ft or what? i Thi> Ministry of Transport jn.v rear-moumed propellers to move »P against the bow. Even then no seat belts were ' THE NEWS kidsoniirb™;;sZ^ 1 ,, 1 *«™™°"™«**<***«•«*,*«. ^ m ^ s ho wasn't raining Ixil Ix-s Colqiihoun, " willtlmvs " 12. lesl pilot and wartime Royal Air Force hem, switched on his windshield wipers. He eased back Ihe yellow throt- lle handle. The hovercraft, an Wallasey ar* not far dif- ff™* ^w™* ** n *™ will ""l. : • — ...... t ,. .. — , ,. ... f . — , ^, ^.,, ,fix>ni tho 2Q-od(t mtlos of i •» ,i t < jfrom Rh.vl. By road it is SO miles !VA3 started the Rhyl-Wallaseyithe English Cliannel and Its rich nw I » ll( '' ltlon « '""'• te ^ »"• and 90 minutes. . jrun making eight return trips tourist and commercial traffic.. iT''" 1 ', a., ,. ^ off, all! (l " llys " " " p;isSf '"« 1>rs 'Sweeny Area Facts .) [ By MnrHn !,»« Jordan imake plans for' Iheir forlhcoming . i Mr. and Mrs. John Wilt have! ao| i vit ie. 1 -. They will resume their I alw-avs working at more T,,. „".",' ;---;-; "" j One U thiii! How do yoH pro- ,,nr ,.»„. . ". Tlie VA3 is about the sl/e of.«,,.[ me ..raft from R viciously "" por , cent ia l""'"y- «'«w buses side by side. lhot.Rh| ( . 0 ri™h-e spray of mlt water and The experiment - it Is nothing H weighs less than one of tliem.'smid? "CAMERA 1 •ljust returned h-om a month's .waeation trip that took them to me world'i Fair "|then on to Canada Seat i le. at.d where they visited at Vancouver and Victoria. regular meetings this Friday 10 a.m. at the Girl Scouts Little House. Mrs. J. V. Brown will entertain the Sweeny Civic Club when thev and daughter-in-law, Bill , Bessie Witt, in Salt I^ake They went salmon fishing a t|>' e!i '"»f Hwir regular melting Wed- ilwaeo, wash., visited tiieir son nes(l<i - v at 2:3 ° P- nl - Sept- 19. and ; Oilier dates to remember in- Q^. i elude Hie P.T.A. meeting scheri- and otlier relati\-es in San Fran- uU ' d al lhe Jlmior "'B 1 ' Schrol •"cisco, Salenas and Beaumont, !a uci >l"™im at T::» p.m. Thursday, Calif, before heading baekhome. Sept ' 20 ' They made the trip with their 1 Mrs - Bobb - v s P ive >' ot °W Ocpan 'tamp trailer-and home w a s IS able lo ^ home af(e1 ' spending Wherever they were a-mind to a fen ' da - vs in llle Matagorda •park during their travel. ( General Hospital in Bay City : Mrs. Witt reports that she; wht>re she underwent a series O f caught a 21-pound Salmon and ! tesls - Ithey had their rat<-h canned and Mrs - R - B - Miller - also of Old; •brought back some 30 or more °'' ean ' is ''^ported to be improv- •pounds of fish. A cannery at El- in S nic ' el - v in tne J""" Sealy Hospi- : waeo gives tourists one day ser-, (al in Galv ^ston where she under-. "rice on their fish which made it I w ' pnl ma J° r surgery. :possible for them to bring home Orchids to Mrs. K. F. Smi.h. -part ot their catch. chairman of ihe Pink Ladies Aux: Mr. and Mrs. Charles Russell iliar >'- and coK>rdinalor of the [Bledsoe and their four youngsters P olio ™vcine clinic. All functions iof Houston were weekend visitors rf tlle st ati°"s at the clinic ran as "in the home of his perants Mr. and smootn as silk with one exception. 'Mrs. Dan Bledsoe. : T* 191 " 6 was one "mean old nurse" : Just back from Dallas are the who would S* ve a five year-old «'. G. Eargles who spent the >' olln gsler but one lump of sugar 'weekend with their children, Mr. with the P rett >' red medicine on .and Mrs. Doyle Chamberlain. The :it - He rebe " e d a' the idea of not iEargles also visited their son and:getting a "second helping" so •family, the Rev. John Eargles at mvi( -' h tllat his Parents had to al- Little River. most drag the crying child on : Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Moore has throl 'gh the exit line, as their house guests over the '" n ' e alwa - vs da - v 'ate and dollar weekend flieir granddaughters, short " reporter missed this wond- -Brenda and Corley Hartfiel O f'er/ul picture because her camei-a- Houston, the three and two year- iiad been le " '" tne rar - On ' wdl old daughters of Mr. and Mrs. - vou can '' Set them all. Richard Hart/iel. ; i th^yl^^ P ^^: JFKPIanePiCketelJ ^ visitors m the homes of their ^ LO UIS fAP) - Nine mem- parents, Mr and Mrs Sherman ^ o( , ne Congress o{ Rada , Jones and Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Equality picketed in front of Lam- a . bert Field Wednesday as Presi- Newcomer, to our community den , Kennedy's plane "landed. £s SsSsr ?'«2* H !=vns 1 - > = S^S^K ^^S^,TSSSS,''- •!?*SffSZ^SJfS£~?X£.~ SOUTH ZONI OPBNS DOVE SEASON SOON! Stfde Action CM**-** bontmerlcss wffl, M| 0 , stock Get Exclusive FOOD FREEZING This super deluxe Norge maintains constant zero temper-,- ture through combination of 3 "Safety-First" feature? . " Power King" - Safety-Guard 1 Compressor •* Cold Control 2 Custom-Formed ** Insulation SEE ALL THE FOOTBALL ro&r GAMES ON A ... New Celebrity-portable TV ONLY S JS9 95 I */ I w/T i»d*l m-Kt IG M-IHCH "DATltGHT HUE PICTUHI. • NEW HI.POWM CHASSIS • CIEA*BT, SHARPEST IN TV PORTABLES * n M Air F ?, rC " assi S" ment - McDonnell plant. Major Murray recently received his master's degree in International Relationi at thg University of Pittsburgh. A recent picnic at Phillips Lake was an occasion for members of the Sweeny Home Demonstration Chl<> to g*t together again and GROUND MEAT 3 Lb , THREE BROTHERS GROCERY 10? Lake Jackson Rd. Clute. Texas HOOVER HOOVER WWier-Scruliber *f £os/wf Way to AeovfifW floors fcf'w f«r Jew/ Only»29 95 SALE HOOVER QUALITY of course!! POWWfW. WCHON! fMTOI Mtfl WttXf NMN KIME SUE BI6! IEUSCOPIC Wt«D! IT'S A BlOWEft 100! INCLUDtO! »W i HUM UOllll' £ ^ f\ Q 5 IRBY'S *% f± ighwoy 288 HOME FURNISHINGS CLUTE GENERAL ELECTRIC Filter-Flo WASHER • 2 WASH CYCLE • 1 SPEED • 12-LB. CLOTHES CAPACITY SPECIAL LOW PRICE 195 WA 630W W/T PAY ONLY $2.25 WEEKLY Bathroom Scale $588 "Counselor" icale has easy-to-read dial, durable baked enamel finish, non-slip vinyl mat. Choice of 3 colors. NYLON WOUND THREE PLY Official Basketball Ruggedly Built for Outdoor* or Gym 66 Eagle "88" basketball lias butyl bladder, extra durable cover. Size, weight meet official standards. ••<'<***<•&&•.''*. AUTOMATIC OVEN AND TIMER SIDE MOUNTED PUSH BUTTON CONTROLS 'ittn'- r ' i " i -'-" 1U BATTEfHES INaOOEW I- ' 'Si Flashlight For Cor Or Horn* Well known brand . . , and made in U. S. A. M pays to buy two at ttoc low, tow price. f • ;<:tZ»r$VJVU 1,, COMPLETE WITH ^ RECORDED HOME • SEWING COURSE- j-FREEl GOODfVE/IRl TOUGHER TOUGHEST TUFSYN! . e aren sayng tat TUFSYN is the toughest thing ki the world-bat It makes the toughest atrto-tire rubber - e ouges rubber in Coodyaar history...and only Goodyear hoe new T y 3-T NYLON All-Weather "43" '• 15 MONTH ROAD HAZARD GUARANTEE L Deluxe Model Portable A New Dimcntiwt In Stwing Machine! 50 Puih-Bullon K.v.rie • Fobrlt Indicator « Buil|.|n Light • Outilanding Prtcition Engine«ring • Quitl Operaling « Carrying Cat*. W* BOWK UyMEKT - U1I IIIMI $ with trade JUST SAY "CHARGE IT. PLEASE"— iv/ 18 MONTH 3-T NYLON Safety All-Wealher 95 21 MONTH ROAD NAXARD QUARANTEI ONLY GOODYEAR HAS NEW TUFSYN! NO MONEY DOWN! FREK EXPECT MOUNTINQt ^ « ««. ^ „ NATION-WmE ROAD HAZARD AND QUALITY GUARANTEE- Tirw ,A H Ou«on«e.d Not/on-W/d..-». Again,. no,n,.l ro.d hM«dt-....Mow break,, MU-Mcept repairable punolure,. Limited to original own«r for nuinbw < •P«'fi«a. 1A,.,n.l any defeoU H, work-n.n.hip and m.t.rUI without limit a. t m.leage. • r.oody.a, ,„. deal,,, m lh, U.S.or Canada wrH n .k. adju.tmer,, on new „„ b, 8e d on original ,«^ d.prt, remaining .nd „,„* "(ioody.-- prio USED TIRES 14 inch $2.00 up 15 inch $3.00 up GOOD/YEAR SERVICE STORE • W. 2nd. OPEN i:30 A.M. Til « P.M. PHONE BE 3-2228 FREEPORT

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