The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on October 13, 1959 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 13, 1959
Page 1
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COUNTY S rAN»NO S 1NCU , MB w owf Tide Schedule today: High 1Z:«4 p.rn. tow 7:32 . ' Wednesday: High 1:56 f j n, 2 p ' m> ^w:. 7:58 a.m. and 8:15 p.m. . . ' TODAY ON PAGE 6 Af Commissioners Courf ineer County Engineer W, J. Lewis recommended that Brazoria County Commissioners Court add a sentence to th* newly adopted county policies lor operation of the road and bridge department. Lewis' letter of recommend' atlon was presented Monday. He said he "most urgently" recommends the addition of the following sentence: ,"lf within the limits of a Brazoria, County drainage district, the plat must also be approved by .the governing body ' of the respective dralntge district or Its duly author!* dere- presentatlves." He asked that the additional sentence be placed at the end of Subsection .D, - Section 16. Subdivisions, In the county policy. . . The court first tabled the recommendation until a full court was present. Commissioner Bill Tsaacs was not at Mondays meeting, Later, however, the court amended the ordor and submitted the matte the district attorney' "for an opinion as to whether they i leffflllv mnlra 4U_ tion. drainage is provided. Just -as the people look to the road department for roads, (hey look to the drainage districtg fof drainage. Therefore, it seems only fair that the drainage dl»- tricts should have an opportunity to review subdivision ilats before they are approved The county policies Were ,™ en ded on May 27, 1959, .with this being the first general amendment In several years, EMPLOYEES The court granted the request of County Tax Assessbr- Collector H. A. Thomas for several raises In his department all to become effective They Included; Kenneth Happe, $300 to $37Si Dora Slate,. $350 to W76; Jeta M Veager, $300 Blgbie, $290 Rosier, $375} $37S; to $375, Patsy Ruby , . request by District Clerk Mr*. .Tlmmle Higglns -for' a raise for Deputy District Clerk Barbara Filipp fr5m $325 to $350 monthly was grantees, • Oh recommendation Of 'County Librarian Miss Bernlce Hurst the court approved th« employment of Mrs. Jaunlta Smalley as circulation clerk at the Lake Jackson Branch Library. She replaces her daugh- t«, Misj Margaret Smalley who has resigned. The employment was made effective o«pt. 8 and salary set at $100 per month. ey could legally make the addl- on. Lewis'said, In explaining his tions, -often .It Is more difficult to provide drainage in certain areas than'It Is to-provide roads. And, of course, we all realize that It Is Impossible to properly, and economically , omcy maintain roads unless adequate Rosary Said For Chief; Casleys Still Patients LJ Librarian SALLY ROSS happy over the new pa'nt-job which Volunteers JIM VOGH BURL BRYANT and VERNON ZEITLER gave parts of the library recently.-Helping out with auxiliary, chores, .men as moving books to clear n path for the painters, were GEOKGE .LITTLE, SAMMY and JOEL ROSS. .-. ART OAKLEY, giving a photographic demonstration at a recent meeting ot the UP Optimist Club. . . TOMMY TOMLINSON, reporting a "hot" fish story from his home on the San Bernard River where he moved recently from LJ. While fishing he exhausted his supply of bnit shrimp, he triad bacon, chicken hearts, and even laundry soap in an effort to catch soma fish. Then he spied wife Rosary for C&ast Guard Chief Petty Officer Alexand* Jerome, 32, was said at 8:3 p.m. Monday at the Freepor Funeral Home Chapel. Rev. R A. Biaiikenstein officiated. Thi body was to be sent (hit mom Ing to City Point, WIs., loi services and burial. \ Chief Jerome ditol early Sunday morning from injuries received in a two-car accident Saturday night on Highway 332 in front of-Whlttcn's restaurant. He was a passenger in the car driven by Mrs." Joseph of Houston. Frank James Alexander, of Surfslde, driver of the other car involved in the actidem was killed instantly. Also injured in-the wreck were Jerome's wife;, Lorraine; Mrs.-Joseph* Chatlcs CasJey, his wife, Helen, and their aaughlertTKasnrie' all of Surfslde; and BMI Soy Lawrence Sloan of the Freeport Lifeboat Station, all passengers in the car driven by Mrs Joseph. " .' Mrs. Jerome and Sloan were later released from the hospi tal. Mrs. Joseph was transfer red Sunday to Memorial Hospi tal in Houston. Casley's condition was re ported to be good .this morr. ing by Brazosport Momoria Hospital. Dow Hospital tuth orilies said today that Mrs Casley was in good condition but their daughter Jeanne Is still "sted as critical. The attending physician said this morning that Jeanne has a fractured pelvis and-'ractur- ed left collar bone, multiple contusion and abrasion areas a laceration over the right aye and on the right arm, also a fracture under the right eye and a concussion. .He stated that she Is making good progress and will ,prob- GOLDEZE's hot pepper plants. He baited his hooks with the psppers and soon thres catfish, the largest weighing about two:and a half poun-ls. Happy Birthday! wishes go "\NCY GA.'I, TEL And, celebrating —„.„ will be MARK VANDAVEER and ROBERT LUCAS. . And Around The County! BUDDY EBERHART, elected vice president of his freshman class at Southwestern University at Georgetown. today to NANCY GAIL TEINERT ... Wednesday will be MARK Police Report Quiet Night Freeport police had a quiet 24 hours according to a Tuesday morning ch t -k. One minor car accident, s.olen hubcaps, and a prowler were listed. The accident was reported at 1:21 p.m. Monday in the 200 Block of West Park Avenue. Involved were a 1956 Mercury driven by Joe Emory Davis, 5010 Lantana, Houston, and a 1959 Studebaker driven by, Helen Pennington Evans. 1414! West Ninth. The Mercury had an estimated $15 damage and the Studebaker about $2 damage. Police issued no tickets In the accident A. A. McKinney called police at 6:57 ajn. Tuesday to report the theft of four hubcaps from his car while H was parked at his on's house, 120 North Ave- nus C, Monday night. A prowler was reported in the 400 Block of West Second at 11:30 pjn. Monday but of- -Captaln A. F r Wayne," group commander for the Galvestcn Coast Guard group said ''The death of Alexander Jerome chief bosunsmate of the Freeport Coast Guard Station, was * sever e loss to the service. Chief Jerome was far above verage in professional quall- ica tions and In devotion to duty. He had serv.ed the Coast Guard loyally for 12 years." Jerome was born Oct. 27 926, in Wisconsin. Other sur- wors include a small daugh- er, Cindy. toostty eloudy with scattered tnundershowefs through Wednesday, turning cooler lit* Wednesday, moderate southetiv 1 winds shifting to north**: - « d ,n*sday, Low tonight high Wednesday 83. W»it Columbia Elementary Par.nt-T.aeh- •r Association official* have drMnwdnup an unuiual way of reminding par*nlt U .out on th* days wh*n ih*'r*'i lo'b*^ PTA ra..ting that night, . student in a "sand. -'-"• _ijan parad*s by th., front of ih. USES UNIQUE REMINDER ^school wh»r* parents drir« by to Iheir younsjj.r.. By chance, Ouu hpMns lo_b« a PTA,m..ting at Iht school iotdghL AboT», th» tljn, which rtadi " , ' »• ch Han and is inipeclad by two pabol ban, _M«kDueror and 'JoluV Brazoria County Commission-1 labor and gnal Li idvertise for bids on necessar terns to construct highwa traffic signals at "^casualty cor ner" in Freeport. The court order directed tha ids. on furnishing necessary materials, machines, equipmen Three Youngsters Missing 1i*i-&artn*>* n«lf__ t-_ j , ^^ Freeport police had two slng youngsters reported • o—-~* H A^iyvibcu uvtjr the weekend and Clute had two on Monday. Of the four, three were still missing Tuesday morning. . A Houston boy went to church Sunday night in Freeport without the knowledge of his parents who were visiting at 11 North Avenue B. A member of Velasco Baptist Church called Freeport pollca at 7:37 p.m. that the small boy was at the church. Alfred Postel Jr., around four years old, was returned to his parents. bus ticket to Houston at 5:3 p.m. Saturday. Freeport police put out a bulletin to all officers at all stations on the missini child. Her mother checked with Freeport police late Monday to see if they had any Information and the girl was still missing Tuesday morning. Two runaway Clute boys were reported Tuesday morning by Clute Police Chief O C. Merryman. He said both were 15-years-old and were lasl seen around 8 a.m. Monday Their parents think the youths may be going to Wyoming and pickup has been put out OD The county'plans to enter Inta an agreement with the city of Freeport to finance the pre- lect on a 50-60 basis. Total e; tunated cost of erecting th Street signal i $4, K50. other action at Monday' v court session, Count, r W. J. Lewis was au" ,jzed to notify the Humbl and Running Co.Tto adjus "' south of Anchor fo , _,— -i width o located Farm to Marke . f 'pie county has agreed by the action to reimburse the com pany for the total expense in volved in the pipeline moving The payment has been delaye< tor several months while mem- oers of the court, the engineer State Highway Department engineers and pipeline company representatives attempted to work out the best possible solution. The county delayed immediate payment rather than set a precedent for paying the pipe^ >IB ^ BII ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^— Bulletin CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (HP1) _ A 60-lon Juno 11 rocket thundered into ih* iky today in a second attempt to put into oibit a seven-experiment "kitchen sink" earth satellite. Bne towering and casing cost Commissioner Bill Isaac* W Al- cpunty can't-live t"tha —'-"v ™»' >• "vo wjw" «t an earlier discussion of teKmatter. The amount Involved In pipeline relocation In tnl» cast a in excess of $8,000. Budget ^Hearing The Brazoria CSty Councfl wfll meet tonight and wffl hold the required putot hearing on the proposed budget for the coming year. _The meeting will begin at pjn. in the 3razor»a City| be* « W^fe r^olTI SF&M » proposed Brazoria COU- 4 *-" -«— •- -• lu ?.P e - » lu " va eum. The aotlbn ' '" er's Court this mbrnt all commissioners r exc Isaacs of Afvlh prese ' „«,«:« unanimously by eomSussfon- ' j|' ; 'with ft'''Bll] ;-? •-'• •" '•The order .passed 'caii»- for the bonds to mature wttiftn 10 years. The interest ''la riot to exceed four percent. Based on M^S. 6 ?* cotiniy ™>"a«on of 1,000,000 the construction Angleton tops For Rainfall In Crop Year Of the 27 stations reporting rainfall to the Texas Agri'cul- ural Experimental Station at College Station, Angleton'g sta- lon led the state in the amount or the crop year of.Sejbt' 1 of . 958, to Aug. 31,4959. Angleton's 78.48 inches m was a 65 percent departure from the normal - amount expected, on the "plus" Side Second in the state was th* 1.93 inches recorded at Beaii- Jont which was a. 34 percent eparture from normal on the plus" side. The Angleton station recorded 8.16 inches for 'August at - •ompared uly. Temperatures to 1138 inches, in for August ---— „ K»'U v** in live year . This figure is based on a 9 Mon- per cent collection, with Commissioners explalne that collections in the countj generally run 97 to 98 percen ' -The Nov. 10 date, was chose to allow time for publicity be fore the 20;days absentee vot wg period begins. A three-member canvas committee composed of O I B'ount of West .Columbia, B I Boyett of. Lake Jackson, and A. O. Evans of Alvin was ap Pointed. : , t Several • representatives o toe Brazoria County Museum Association and a representa live from the fiscal firm of Ed dleman, Pollokj and Fosdick were present during the discus sion. Commissioners discussed the wording of the bond issue explaining that it Is necessary to refer to the bonds as Park Bonds. The court appointed a com- mittee'to work out details on the ->xact -sito of the museum ri the 10 acre tract which has been offered by the City of F -ceport. •• , • . . Committee: members include Boyett, County Engineer W. J Lewis, County Commissioner Jack Norrii, and J. C. Jov Freeport city engineer. .In other action, the court authorized Norris and Sheriff Jack Marshall to purchase clothes dryer-for use In the County Jail. Yhis is to -be a ad an average of 89.5 degrees as maximum and 72.3 degreer verage minimum. July's aver-" ges were 90.4 maximum and 2 minimum. Humidity averaged 85.1 in August and 8$ 3 m liidaysrf *"~"T~'~ "T2T "*" "**•'«. Wfek"e~'cleftr or clear Ejrpartlj cloudy. Two were listed as windy. 'oliceman Speaks . commercial type dryer, not to sxceed $600 in cost. _ Chief Deputy Sheriff Bob partment' varied duties, rt Police De? numbers will 'do wine public speaking this eek. Patrolman Kenneth R. Geoi ge will speak at the Freeport "fflor High on narcotics an^l IrugJ. H» U tcheduled to speak o ftftK and, sixth grade classes r West End Elementary School we«k, too. Install The Adult I Department of toe First Baptist Church of Freeport will .hold.its,instaila- ^e^("^^^"^ : ^«« Dr. GlWy Polk' will be total?-, ing office/. The nursery at the church building will be in op eration during the event.. Elder" presented Marshall's fi ' written request for the mao "'' hirte/ -The letter explained"", that In the paSt bed clothes' and laundry lor the jail have been dried on the roof of the , courthouse and that ia bad;weather It is almost impossible to furnish adequate bed clothes for (he Jail. , • The court also ordered that ; if necessary, the sheriffs bud* 1 get be supplemented to pay j for the dryer., County Auditor Frank A. Taylor was author* wed to -pay «ie:bill on instaU< atioh, after approval by NorV s -.--' Marshall. :•;-! Dripping Car J Provides Oue i To Fish Tfieff 1 A FietporJ man was ichxi-' uled lo go bafor* a judgv' Tuesday morning. Ha li charged wllh miid»m«tacr, lh*f i In lh» Singleton shrimp theft of lait Friday nighl. ; ThiM other men and ih«i shrimp boat captain hav» ml- rtady bnn charged In thft' ihift. On* man hat not b**n- ' arrcittd y«i. |. P«ati«I Thorpe and a wp.J man w«r» arrasted by Fr««.t.: port police about 12:15 a.m.; Tu*iday near the Gulf-Mu; Fiihfriti when officers saw" water dripping from th» bacfc •nd of iheir green Cadillac.' • Capt C. G. Bankiion i«id> : the car contained about 80 ' • pounds of shrimp. A chedS'" Witt Gulf-Mex revealed Ihafc - ih« coupl. had permiuion toS pick up ihrimp left on thji '>• . •.floor, .usually around 20*' pounds. Bankilsn said. - • nor HI»"chargei )».' th«' Monday night cast. .Thorp* wai held and charg«4 : : la th* Singleton theft of last' w«*k. 7 ^> US Court Declines Davis Case Review on Data Sets today 5:54 pjn. Hlses Wednesday 6:22 a.m. Sets Wednesday 5:52 p.m. jjjgport United Fund IDEAL, PRACTICAL PROMPT UF SUPPORT By W. J. RAVE ifat WASHINGTON (UPI) — A request to review the death «mtenc* conviction by a Brazdrfc: County court of Albert Oavis Jr.; 19, of Houston, has been declined by the Supreme Court. '••'•. • • . Davis was convicted for the rape of a teenaged white girl. The, action by the Supreme Court left standing a decision of the Court of Criminal Appeals of the state of Texas. ' Davis, a Negro, and a white co-defendant, Alfred Royce Fritz, were charged with abducting the 17-year-old white girl from a Houston street the night of Dec. 5, 1957. The indictment said the pair took the girl into nearby Brazoria County where both assaulted her. Davis contended in his appeal to the Texas Criminal Court of Appeals and to the U. S. Su- WfATHfRMAN SMIU$; 2 U PAVING JOBS GET UNDERWAY fitrl m laitin tw tU^ n>&» «..^^AL._ LJ_l_ _«.. . «' • -'"' W T / With a letup in th* w*t w.athet which pligu.d local construction work, two paving proj.cit ha** gotten und.rway in L»k« Jackson. In th* downtown »r.a, th. ic.n* «t right showt wh«r. Umber is bolog burned out and a cl»rlnB -i «k. i_ • . ,. —-— —•mad. for th. .xtwrion of a a*»r*U*b will^op« «2 fc.» *,? ly Vr lu V, off S* Loop , H «*^ This is for derelgprneat .round two do»n bus£*M Tots Sf °«y! 100 »iu^ i^ Cd 8u ^ vW « '» Mop io» SUM. Th. «ir.*t wW run in an axe l»m behtod^e M«W««tUl km u. jlanoed fat U>* ill Sl.w»rt CUnie, which ii to ih. l.ft of «.. plctur^, to Aiound mendments. His specific com . plaint was that there was Practically, th* United Fund trial judge and the jury while he and his counsel were absent The -Texas agreed .that the contention was true, but said that Davis' right were not violated because of the nature of the communica-" tion. . • • - f , -, According' to the trial and" 2 P K al ^ cord< * e J" 1 ^' while dehberatlng, sent a note to the judge asking if it assessed a life or 99 year sentence on Davis, would he ever have the rieht Ih f^ 016 ' ,? e 3udge "*"«» that he could not answer; Davis' lawyers contended that" the defendant had the right to bp present during this exchange between judge and juryj UF Special Gifts Drive Is Underway preme Court that h«" was de^ The Brazoria County United '• med.due process under the Fund Special Gilte SvLon got• Hfth, Sixth and Fourteenth a- underway Monday with klcfc,. off breakfasts in several countyN communities. :;, i John Hazard held the Free-l • i port kick-off at the Port Cafe • at an early breakfast meetingV; Tully Westmoreland got: the Angleton section underway 'at the Shrimp Net at the same tune. ^? j Gene McDaniel of Clute got Jus group started from Part Ranch House while Shep Me- juuthen's group met at th«" Chuekwagon in Lake Jackson^" Luther Donaghey of West QoV lumbia started .with a kick^ott breakfast at Sarge's Grill. '-"r'" f M. R, Cray in Pearland got the jump on the others by starf, ing his group to work Saturl. The total goal for this United Fund Division is $13,400. SMABT MOTHEB | Sh« tekes the family out to Dinner Witt the money «£' «»k« selling the out-gro^i clothes and other unused Minis around the house vUh 4 FAST ACTION "WANT AD", BB 3-2611 L

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