The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 13, 1962 · Page 10
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 10

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 13, 1962
Page 10
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co " NTr - THI IRAZOSPORT PACTS CLASSIFIED HOUSIS FOR SALI •. .tArKftoN—1 hertroom home for , in IjiVc J«ck«m No rlfntnj roils ' » MtmT« ran in. oy 7-V7H 1 •• •; .1ACK80N--*i7 Mmnolla. J bed -in home. Kxrrllerit tondldnn l.ivlntf mi and hill ctrpHnl, i ACU. Ferns Hid. )AMF,,1 M. RIJIKRT. RFAU- ,'[:. <T 7-3W2, for ANmlnlmrnl. I.K .lACKSON -tfw. c«ih rmvtles '")« pftymunt «n<! riosinf on i».rfi» B -ilroom hiwse on a lovely corner lot. ! Ml monthly. 703 Yimpin. TKXAfl KTTJtn ROMKH. rr T-MU, I i M;K JACKBON-2 halmim houw near 'hool nrlfl erlitrtrtfi. Priced {« aril. •nil Or 7-77U. 103. LOTS FOR SALI tdttwlcrt—Achf.—BE 3-3511—Classified—BE 3-2411 MM tf " " >->IMrll« | Im )n JKJTI BK J WJj"" 1 "' "' J ' " AV "' '•AKK JACKKON'B K NOT JAVOOtT7d ji Hon. Over M lol, lo choose from. OM 7.41111 •v«n«M»-tnv fmntare. or LAKE FOREST-HXMOO homealie" Ux-Yt. id »l 310 Fittest rir. Illshly rMtrlrtr-fl neijrhliortioo^ Itowlnnrt Realty f'Y 7- SMS, AN SMS?. CT 7-MM. 104. BUSINESS PROPERTY VKE JACKflON~M Mimofi Court. 9 itMroom brick, 2 r*r urnie, corntr lot. jYnrfil, 220 whlnir. 2 Mr ""J 1 "' ?™ V '" A |O BUH1NKRB INCOMJC Urgu 70' lot rm I^ikP Jickxnn Shown by appolnimcnt. BKA ItEAI/TT BR M2I7 or AN R-3102. CIX;TR--RpnliI-puiT|]Wt proptrty, ed on Uku Jnpluon Roftt!, ntulnr>K» bulldlnx «nt! 1ivln» qunrlprji rombfned. Ktw rondltlon. DEACnOFT RBAI-TT. nn M517 or AN H-2in. P |UI f.AKK JACKSON 5J.T Witter.* SI.. .1 bfri-| rnnnu !% bnlh hciunc, air, ri>nlra)i hrflt. ftf<l]p nlnt, KHA. *'\* 7-7197. L^ MOVK W NOW PAKR JA-'HSOM-^ b«droom. IS btith, rr-ntrii hrniing, larg* kltclif^ unit din- itiK nrrn. Rqiilly WTi. RnKlnnd Renlty rv 7-fir»43. AN 5.2553. CY 7-2IM. FRIMB nUHINKBR I/KJATION with" W on tflkp .InrVxnn R**il und Main Pt. In Cliiff, Improved llv'irlB rinBrlfn. Many (*xtr«». Immt*diaif wmt**\rm. HKACROfT nBAI.TY »B -V1217 or AN NKW 2 bfdroom houic tn Dinbury rcnrty to movo Intn on .urge lol. 13.4*!). Only ir,:>,74 ppr mimlh, nn down paymrnt. IIRAJSOHPOWT LUMnna no,, CI.UTK, AN S-M22. f>irp OK CITY IJtMTre—MoffeU Road. Along with 1 ftcrt, thlc 3 bfdrnom homi bns M <HnlnR room, rwntrnl h««t, two nh condlllrtn unlt<t nnd mrpcti. H'n loi'Httil on th« property iimnnjt no ffritflfd t'fcn'i trrcn. A rP««oiitb!»? tA tqiiity. Assum* 17 yi>ar loan. HOW~ IANCI ItKMJTr, CY 7-W4S, AN 8-lMJ, rv 7-'Jir,fl. OU>KR HOUftn AWAY FROM TRAFFIC Ttilt hmu* had )uit »noun1. water dintnjt I'nrln to force tlie owner to rrfinUt) tlic fionn. Hultt with woodtn uluitjy wnllt nnd wallpAper. Il hKR 2 rraulltf nnd 1 imull betlr(H>m. Tlit* nicful pntt of Iht houit !• « larfi pflitelrri kitchen with more rdtilneti ihnn you'll ever nirit. Ixx-ntMt on a hm lit. You'll have ymir own well, • ml M Inrtie doubt* gtartge with plenty of wmkihnp room. Owner I* inking Jmt SlCOO or 1400 down, ('nil American AN S-2T.2« for appolnlment or • nightii CY 7-6205. Forced Prof it-Sharing Is Expected In Mexico 105. ACR8A6E FOR SALE wooded S acre fract on paved hlfhwiy. Anjlclon vlrtnlly, IMSO.. Terms nvnllnble. Write owner, Bo* 11011 Fieeport. DUTCH IAKE~Oyiltr Cre«». 10 »rres of Innd for tale. Beautiful shaife trees. II. MX) an acn. BE 1-tMI. ONE ACRB OF LAND wltll OT~»1thout house for aals hy owner. IW 8-7705. Hrnzorlfl. <0 ACRES, 3 rniiet sonln M Anilrlnn. fnnreil. dmp well, food dralnnft. XBC BK j-SoM. MEXICO CITY (API-President Adolfo l/jfter. Mateos Is expected o (rlv« o^iick approval lo « con- stlhitlonnl emendment cmpower- ng the government to force Mexican and foreign firms to share profits with Mexican workers. Congress sent the amendment o the president Wednesday night following Us ratification by a majority of the 29 state legtslu urcs. Congress first unanimously approved It last winter. The- amendment authorizes a special government committee to decide whether a firm must share profits with employes, and If 10 how much. Lopez Mateos, who pushed for the legislation In the last congrcM will name the special committee. It wai uncertain how toon It would stsrt to operate. Business leaders have urged the government lo let them take part in plans to set the legislation In motion. • "I can't get particularly alarm- led about It," said McNeil Stringer Jr., president of the American Chamber of Commerce. "It all i depends on how it's carried out." The U. S. Commerce Department estimates U. S. buslnesi {investment in Mexico at $822 million. Other foreign investments art estimated at 1300 million. The Central Employers Association of Mexico City has charged the measure "casts the shadow of a totalitarian state over Mexico." The Mexican Confederation of Workers BHkl "a long - awaited dream Is about to be realized." Congressmen nav« been lecking pnnctmcnt of the measure for more than 10 years. Thousands Of Sf rangers Share Husband's Secref PARIS (AP)-Wallace Phillips didn't care today that thousands of strangers knew his secret. iVrmt mattered was thnt, for the few hours thnt counted, his wife of 20 years didn't know. In Paris, a surprise wedding anniversary dinner tonight awaited 42-year-old Phyllis Phillips— who was led by turns to believe ihey'd shnre il in New York .. . :hw Reykjavik, Iceland .,. then Luxembourg. Wallace Phillips, a printer for jthe Findlay, Ohio, Republican' Courier, likes to surprise his wife. He told her they would fly to New York for their anniversary, then quietly arranged an overseas trip. The couple left their two children, Michael, 16, and Monday, 12, with relatives In Ohio and flew to New York Wednesday. At New York's Idlewild Airport Phillips told his wife he had deddcd ir.- slead to dine her in Reykjavik. New York newimen, In en his STILL EXPERIMENTAL plans, cooperated in keeping his secret from Mrs. Phillips. On the plane to Iceland, as they nibbled at a surprise anniversary cake, he would tell her they'd continue on to Luxembourg. Once there this afternoon, they would take a five-hour train rld« to Paris. In Paris they would have their] anniversary dinner, and his wife would hav« a new dress, another surprise. Phillip* explained to newsmen | how he arranged all details of the trip without causing her to suspect. He got her to sign a passport under a pretext, got the identification photograph under the guise of a birthday gift tor their daughter, and persuaded Phyllis to get inoculated because of smallpox scares In Ihe news. He even took her to a neighboring town for a hairdo to there'd be no chance of beauty parlor gossips revealing Smog Cleanser Found ATLANTIC CTTY, N.J. (AP)A possible lead toward* achieving victory over "smog" by introduc- ng a cleansing chemical into (he atmosphere of smog-plagued cities chain producing the irritant air mixture that bedevils certain cities such as Los Angeles. They stressed in a report for the 142nd national meeting of the employes—wen though wwwntw. lions of iodine vapor encountered daily greatly exceed the amount anticipated for smog abatement Dr. Hamilton mid that in m« jAmerican Chemical Society that laboratory tests conducted • JllP finHitlCTK—rricilHsner frnm ti IT ni-, 1.4.nsu)'«s T3.._l» u l. X1_1i*f _.' at T! Acmes—Paved Mihwiv near Mult- Ion. Oak* «nil pecans. Kim acre, terms, owner. Box 1101. Frepport. .10 AND 41 acrt trad 1 mill from Rweiriy. |Sfl aero, will flnanw. Owner UV 7-KM and AN 106. REAL ESTATE WANTED was reported today. A team of Lockheed research- '• the findings—resulting from a I Lockheed's Burbank Calif, plant, ers said they had achieved abate- three year study—represent only a small amount of Iodine vapor Ihe results of relatively small- was made to combine with ozon* ment and even prevention of smog —in laboratory through the use experiments— of iodine as a "chain-breaker" of the molecular scale laboratory tesls. They added that a number of questions still remain to be an- tants. —the major ingredient of smog —and other atmospheric pollu- This, he said, broke th« swered before determination can i chemical chain that ordinarily ra- ni* secret, he ma de whether the iodine meth-j suits in smog or oauses It to per"She's been a darned Eoodiod can be employed in solving air;sist. wife,' said Phillips, "and she's pollution problems on a practical! Both natural and artificial always helped me out. I like to'scale. i-smog mixtures" were studied in keep her more or less guessing. I L^h^,, ^ wjlliam F .! a room-sized chamber. Both natu- I think she enjoys things that i Hammorli who p res e n ted the re-lral and sunlight and special mer- a ^' | port for the team, said the biglcury lamps were used to supply Reporters at Idlewild Inter- jquestion to be -"iswcrcd is whether i the radiation required to produce viewed Mrs, Phillips separately, there would be poisonous effects!"smog" from hydrocarbon diem- saying they wanted a story for; to human and other life from the i teals, such as automobile exiuujst the Republican-Courier. She said: jreaction products resulting from fumes, in the atmosphere. "I like surprises. We both like i introducing the iodine into a the game things. He gets so much :smoggy atmosphere, enjoyment out of it, so I don't ask him any questions. I think this Is a good way to be in marriage. It works out for us." However, he indicated there are some encouraging straws in the wind on that score, including: 1. Past investigations have indicated that trace amounts of iodine already in the atmosphere —in some cases in concentration. 1 ! higher than in the Lockheed tests —produced no ill effects. 2. The three-decade history iodine production in a California Hamilton said the presence of ifes than ten parts iodine per" 100 million parts of smog-polluted air test samples caused almost total suppression of ozone. He declared the next rtept in the research will be to study the effects on laboratory animals— and conduct tests in a large Out| door area, such as a football stadium. rKrtlYB !-ANDJNO>-3 bedroom houit SIT Aluminum imltdlng. HiRli grctind. plenty of Irrrs. Contact Mr. W. H. C!sytei, P(>rrv» landing. FRIMB IflCATIOM OTSTBR CRBRK V11ONTAOR mt Oik 1'rtvt. l bedroom 100x3(11' Int. «. L. IAUER, REALTOR, Rli'lIWOOD-ail Slusrt. will ull •qulty In thret hftdrnom home with attached Itr* ngp find utility mom. AN 5-2039. riclIWOOD-TMl brick home hit J bed- k Toomn and 2 batht In o*-er 2100 square feet. It "1*0 hM a double garage utility room and. workshop area, nti a convenient corner lot. Call after 1:30 AK &.-.1B. i'l MOSS—I Mdraom. ] bath. 3 or ttuvfe, corner lot. nlr condition, flee- trie Itltdwn. Owner tr«nifr:rfd. 01 MTS1 f tMdroom. 1 hiu>. 3 car I"r- n|». Early American, corner lot. Own- rr trantfrrred. 11 OAK nKIVK—1 bedroom horn* on cietk. Completely canieled draperlei, tit) conditioned. )n FOIN8ETTIA—I bedroom hnm«, nlot neljlibortiood. FHA ttrmi. fl<t AZALEA—Thll comtorl«bl« horat can be purchased on FIIA l«rmi. ROIF.KTS I1EAI.TV CO., REAI.TO* 118 r«r*!mmoa oir i-nti ' TRAILER HOUSE—1982 Foremoil, J b«d- room*. 1H balh. Uiw equity and lakt up paymenli. BE 3-10T7. TRA1I.KR HC4jSEIfiF"irciir"~ror. Ke< at 114> 4th St. Clnte or call __»r^ ••«>_ P.m. TRAILER INSURANCE TRAILER RErAIRINO PAINTING AND SUI'PIJEI TllAILER RENTALB Duy and pay Ilk* rent ' McDONAU}'> TRAILER IAIJ:8 New and Uud ..DI wn. wiar OOUTHBU. TKX. IS THIS WHAT YOU NEED? 4 or S Bedrooms? Extra itoroqa room A completely modern kitchen? 2 roomy btrthi? ' 2 car goroqe wlrh srorog*? The Oiford built by Statewide Modern Heme. hat all this and can be built an your lot for only 112,950 ef all brick, plm travel cost from Houiten ro Ircrtosport. See It today REMEMBER It's all brick ^ ROWLAND REALTY CY 7-oM3 AN 1-2IS2 CY 7-24*6 lAfiT TO KKKP TRIM and neat 2 l»d. joom houie close to ilKn'pm| area In Frteport. No water ilamaue. Hhlnntnx noori and plenty of sloragt xpac«, double farajt*. ID500 or pay cloilnf costi. Call American Realty AN 9-RX8, nltbll irr 74300. WANT IX) BIJV low rqinllei or owner rininrrd '1 and .1 bedrooms. AB'J RBALTY. nF Mill. W« HAVB BUYERS rer 3 bedroom nomei In Ltkt Jackjan. Be« JON bot Realty, or ^•441\. 125. MOBILE HOMES DBTROIT noun TRAILER, j bed- roomi. Mr tqulty for nale. see at Anda Traltar Park, Anclrton. 127. TRUCKS-TRAILERS FOKD--1SW H.IOR pickup. I erUndir. Real clean, ntw Urta. BB UMI er 1430 Wen lOUi SI. FORD— O60 one ton. iteel wbtfi. 11500. BB Mid. TRAILER— Large two whMl trailer. Ideal for movlnf or would mak* an txctl lent camper. Goes lo first $150.00. Set W. V. Curry at Freeport National Bank. 128. USED CARS FOR SALE BRAND NEW-Nevtr been drlren. 1*53 falcon Ranehero, Need to ull by sat unlay, will tska JlfW. oil Warren at BE 3-4567. BUICK-19S3 UMbra 4 door aolld black hardtop Fictory air and power, CT 1-4M3. CHEVROLET—W9 Impala I door sport coupe, solid black with n4 Interior. 4 apeed. 4 shut. Call Sweeny 339] be twevn 5 and I p.m. CHEVROLET— 1J5» V-a. automatic shift. Take up paynenti. Call BK 3-1IK. CHEVROLET-1955 4 door, extra clean. ( cylinder. W5 cadi, call BB 1-5009 after 4:30 p.m. iWAMOKE-UJ KenUl putrhase. JOK TA1JMJT RRA1.TY. CT 7-4411 «T CT T- 7-:'Ufi. •TTANKORr* 128. l-bcdroom. dining room, L 1UU3I0 1 Int. B. L. HAIJKK. KKA 1.1 OH, I'V '!-Mt. DO TOO HAVI A CAR KOR PALE: We pay cash for your equity CUTO AUTO SALKS 300 llwy 3Xi AN S-SS32 FOKO-19H Oalasle 500 4 door sedan, wtUi power and air. Ltka Mw. OrlfUULl- ly KSn. unit mi (or DW6. call Warren. BE 3-U67. rOIUi-1959 ralrlan. 4 door ardan. rtfUa healer, automatic transmlMlon. otw ooner. EARt£ PEARJON OLDIXO- DII.i:, BE 1-U71. Killlli ISM falrlane. 1 door, radio and XU Hedworxl— $47. per month In rtyraraore— Eflull> . !••>! BMs It'Are-lCtei'trlc kllrhrn. »J7 Uaurfl -4 bednxinii. •-nil Hulsacht— I bedrooms ^•^ raladlum-rxmhle fataxe. . Kotfer Drake i'Y T-4.t7U M C. Ralph CT 7-»lfi JOB TAIJIOT KBALTT CT 7-4411 CT 7-34M JVIMUMi WAT. ru-t bedramis. UdOO. l TKXAH HKTTKK IIOMKH. CT 7-34U. K.MHTKINM. (II Vs ntr.>:rtiur U7 WK.vr 4lh IV. ollr. irnlal h<iu»e tli WKi-T IIP.dAI' 21. clrn. »|i«itmrnl ipr.tnU I7tl Illlli S3 elr-itfif kllihrii. IM't WKHT IIHI 'tr, den. carpetinf. M.-'l) r.m.Mi.'i, HI Intetlinenla. \ltl t l. W. 1. \iAl.i|:|t HUI. f>TAT!C I Ul W Iliortil UK .V£>41 IOI'R Ijllion as |,ait of >ifU) down I-mnipnt :l iK-il.i-'ni* d-m nl Ihl pel II: KV|P Hi»U~-S acrvs on cuvrs. 1 tKil* ft -nil 117.AS] C I. liAI'r'.K I'.KAt.TOR • V 7-34W X)KD-19U VJ Convertible, N«* tap and tires. Knflne In good shape No iu-1. Uiarp. If. A. Hod Jr.. BB I- W«:KrimT-19M Montelalr. rower, air nnullllon. looil shape. JHOO. HE 1- 21S3 OUUiUOBIlJl-Mir a<niltj> for sate W Hade lit l»» OMsmoblU iuilnn Waion. power air and ntw rubber. BK MTfiS. 1'iX luper a 4 .door. I'ower steering, brakes, fartory air. Uacriflra for 1179. TI »«» Anllelon. 1 2IU5, 1'I.TMOinil • 1(41 4 dam. Imt k-c.l 11.111111 car. 1SV Me at HI Ijuitl ui call cr 7-1417. HsJNAULT PAUI'HlNlj: - 1061 In Coutl ,-,,11111:1011 Ull UK Utin aflsr 4:M wrekdays, all day laturdax and Bun««> HAVlUl.tK-IMI classic 4 door s«dan. Heater, automatic, low actual mlleaf*, i,nc imiirl HAKI.f. rGAIIKON O1.1I8- MOblLK. UU 3-U71. vtll.KHWtxjAN IIHHI Kombi > paswng- rt Hlstluti wafui' rash or trade for equity 15.SU rn .tt< after • W Dm '' 1 ^'KKrf. 4 IIHIIII linflmtlir.j Itirur. .lli ' -I' »rll. tt'iiir,!. M»' k tin" "Ml 4 iri H.UMIIH. -|l4Jn ;,«!,, ' •"•liiiiiUa. t'l :> »!.'!. . A ! , I.U..IIIKII, MH- VS I. WAI. I 1 1!KAU KIiTATK.. UK 3'. "II •.IUV'I-'.K YOU Ilil'i II '< t»',l:" in ::• .:.!'> AHr. lik: i j'U4 '03, LOTS FOR SALE HHIVK.V IIUMSMTr.t - !„ ir.pd lula 1U4 >turiii. » :L 1. LlAVLU " ' '.-\ rilllNTVai wily niulnlr liuinc i ill I.I l»U..llll.l JllllO I'lO'l, i'sliiclcd to tiftller dttrllli WILL THAhE equity In 1*61 Kambler , ria»if atntiuti Wafun all ro(idlliiwi«d fin Kiilrt car It) guild ihn[». I'hona \ AN ii-^J alttr » p til. LEGALS he it by gi^rn thai (h« Btwird h.Je- '•' -il Ol Un« ttt TftAlI^U HAK-. "• "Uy r«i. Ufc 1-1460 or UK .' TRY FACTS CiAtrUfKO MV NEW INSTANT- LATHEH SHAVE GUN ON -YOU, i'a Give chemical plant lists no toxic reactions nor sensitivities among —flat— MERMAIDS OF TIBURON SUN.-MON.-TUES. MICHAEL CALUN CLIFF ROIERTSON JAMES McKARTHUR ' IT/THE ^ WHILE YOU (WERE GONE. I BUILT SOMETHIMG tXTRAIMTO QURMACHINE.T AND WHAT WAS THAT. WAV I ASK? Thun., Sept. 11 Thru Wed.. Sept. If Trqy Donahue-Angle Dickinton Todory rnra SaMrdoy Cecil B. DE Mille't "XING OF KINGS" GIT ON HOME TO YORE BOOK JUGHAID!! AINt VE GOT HOMEWORK JEST A LEETLE OAB LOOKY, UNK SNUFFV5 DEVILS IVY JDOH UUUICS OFIVTOR IfflLODESDEDN in 3 inch pot BATH MAT SETS SNUFFY SMITH WASTE BASKET I \HOSK AIL MV UFB TO 6ET TO 86 A AT LAST m IfffOKTMT ENOUGH TO HAVE A LUXURIOUS, AlK-CONPITIONEP A^40 THEN THE POOOR WALK EVERY PAV RUBBER GLOVES BETTLI IAILIY BAKEWARE ...SOI GUESS IT'S SAFE FOR MB T 1 TIVV OUT TH' OU85K 4JUM BIULV CAVE ME / WnU CO\-ER Jf BOUND OB SSJOESanKG RUiS -if BiDjfe PANS *MSASnmKG S OXSE* JU 3 RECK MIXING BOWIS SKILLET & GRIDDLE VOO KNOW LIKB5 THE VOU LINED THE BOTTOM Of HIS WlTrt Trie WILL sou '6 (50Ga PB5T NOW? WANT ADS AX£ * SEC-TION A&AlM/ OUT TO OH <=.\\ •nan asaat or *sjs-v>* so. .caaoMK f USED OTKBU t BvAjl Kij—iij.-to at' amir COLuUS. BeJ, lilkl-i'iu.luOij

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