The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on January 8, 1961 · Page 7
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 7

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 8, 1961
Page 7
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THE BBAZOSPOBT PACTS KEEPING UP WITH THE JONESES 'Allergy Top Conversational Topic r MAfcit: Bern Whtt do you suppose p e o p le fnlkod about before science brought forth Hi theories concerning allergy? I'll bet conversation tagged t sometime*. It must have. Itiat tformi half of the basil for com- when I get- together with ny friends. I'll bet the doctors fml pharmacist! weren't u A-ell clod as they are these days, thcr. fiWhen you consider that thera we five people In our family ind fthat we have some M or 15 varieties of allergy medidnei — ill «tf them very Important, let me add — you know that (he (heory t have been a boon to the cor- / course It'* a boon to the |p( us, too. At least up to R Sometime* you might wtoh Jrcould just sneeze In peace In~ of taking pills and liquids, sniffing inhalants, and trotting down to the doctor's office for sholt, but we'd probably yell lit help If we res!!y had to. When you h»ar the peculiar things that people react allertf- cally to, It sort of maltos you wonder, though. One of our friends had to get rid of Ihnr dog because It gave their dren asthma. The cat still roams the premises and the kids don't even wheeze. Another family reports that whenever they visit the kids' grandparent* In another part of the state, their little girl has an attack of asthma. The doctots aren't sure If It's because of (he change In environment or if tie youngster react* emotionally to being there. Our own middle child could rot drink milk, eon denied miU, goat's milk, or mflk made from poUtoe* or soya beans. A formula concocted from a meat oroth, with banana flakes added wis something else apiin. The fact Ihnt the stuff rout aboiit $2 a day didn't hurt his nppetlte a bit, but It sure flH play havoc with his father's and mine. Thnt was our family's first real brush with allergy. Wo knew about asthma and hay fever, but didn't really understand flint ill those symptoms nre Indications of allergy. Wa haven't been ciim- plctoly free from the word over since. Since Dick had been «o allergic ns an Infant, we were warned to bo on the lookout for symptoms of asthma. At sometime during his life, he is bound to have it, the doctor warned. We're still looking, but we haven't found it yet. What we have had, though, is an allergic form of croup. A sudden change In the weather, a cold, running t(>c much, Retting a paddling or be'rigi snverly reprimanded, a thorough house-cleaning that stirs up tiie dust — all of those things are likely to mean that about an hour niter bedtime, we'll all be up again, Between dragging out the vnpo- rizer and cleaning It up so tint it doesn't shoot a stream of wnter across the room, finding Dick's brand of cough syrup, hunting the allergy pills, holding him firmly hi the steam the vaporizer creates when It quits shooting water, and a few other minor details such as shooing ;he other two kids back to bed and replacing fuses the vaporizer has caused to burn out, . .Well, sometimes It gets a little complicated. Another thing we've discovered. If one of the kids has a cold and we decide to smear some sort ot V11 e ftntlllnt; preparation on his chest, Dick will get croup. It Isn't necessary that he lie smeared. I'm not sure whether It's the thought that he might be ncx*, or the odor wafted through <Ke air that does it, but It's a sure bet to cause severe barking. Sometimes this Is so realistically canine that our dog comes to \hi back door to howl In sympathy. Not that we're really had ..if, comparatively. Of course It's a nuisance to discover that y/u forgot one of the daily pills and to have to try to awaken him 10 get It down, and the drug bill? are frightening, but that's nothing compared to what Mime people go through. One couple we know mov«l clear across the state because their little boy seemed likely to be permanen'ly affected by bouts with asthma It, their climate. The man gave up a good Job with a promising future to take one much less satisfactory. A year or so In the new climate, and they were still njn gratulating themselves on the move. Then the boy developed an allergy to something In the air Page »t the new home, end they had to move again. They're Just rop- Ing they don't run out of locations before the child outgrows his symptoms. Something else that gets a littl" hard to keep track of is who's allergic to what. In our family, Dick is allergic to household dint and various odorous substan.^s plus a number of things we can t seem to pin down. The man of the house has to be careful about dust and can't consume a medicine containing codeine. I'm fine If I Just don't got around one particular closet. Gary has to be careful about catchi.iR cold, insect bites, and can't tolerate the sulfa drugs. Kathy can eat eggs every other day, but not every day. All In all, It sort of reminds me of a line from a corny r)d song. "Life get's tedious, don't it?" The total area of the Japanese illands is 142,500 square miles, less than that of Montana. Yet the Illands have a population of 34 million, 140 time* tha population of Montana. WEST COLUMBIA NEWS BT HAZEL ARRtMOTON The W.M.U, of the Firtt Baptist Church met for royal service and business meeting. The topiu of the program was "Indians In the Southwest." It was a very Interesting program on the different phases of life on the Indian reservations. Rev. J. J. Slone showed some slides of missions, dwellings and Indian life In the Southwest. Mrs. Lois Gray was in charge of the program and showed a very interesting display of Indian-head, dresses, clothes, Jewelry, pottery, belts and toys. The meeting was enjoyed by the 22 present. After the business meeting, the executive board fti for lunch and a called meeting. Sunday the First Baptist Church will celebrate its Ust anniversary. Lunch will be served in the Fellowship Hall following the morning services, with a former pastor, Rev. f. N. Pacts, bringing the sermon. Members are asked to bring enough basket lunch for their family at well as extra for out of town guests ark have It at the church before Sun day School so the committee w-r be able to have the table ready as goon as the morning service! are over. Charolett Worley and Rosalca Edllng, were home far the noli days. They both attend (he Southwest Texas State College at San Marcos. The Waldo Edllngs took the girls back to schoo Monday. I saw Marcellne Vaim around the holidays. So glad to see she was able to be home over .he holiday*. We hope she doesn'i have to return to the hospital Lawrence Mainer l» having a bout with the virus bug. We had a cute addition to our family over the holiday*. Our dos Mitzie, had a litter of four pups Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Johnson and family are back home aitei spending some time taking of a fishing camp for friends. Mrs. Mely Westbrook Is mak her home temporarily with ler daughter and family, Mr. arid Mrs. G. R. Maxwell. Mrs. 2oe Rechief and Mrs. Richard Barnei were by to greet Mrs. Westbr.v* and have coffee. Mrs. Maxwt-Il •aid she enjoyed a talk with l;«r. ister, Mrs. Helen Pindol <jf LA- Mesa, Calif., via long distance. Richard Carlton Barnes was ; home on leave from Fort Hood »» visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Uchard Barnes. I J0*r HAD TO BUV IT- t HAD THB BLUES WHENEVER t BUV A NEW MAT, IT LIFTS MY SPIRITS ev/SRV TIME HER SPIRITS SO UP, MY BANK ACCOUNT GOES DOWN THERCS THH pnoNe-1'u.opeN YOUR CAN OF DOS FOOD RIGHT APTBR. I AN9V/ERIT ARE YOU W/MTINS ROB YOUR DOG FOOD, CVMSV? I'LL OPEN IT FOR YOU 'III/ NOW, WERE READY, DAISV HUH? T WONOSR HOW DAISY LEARNED TO OPEN A CAN' SAKES ALIVE'.' WRIT F€RSOMEBODy TO GIT ft BROKE LAIS I COULD auMPourop THEHrMDFT FERNEU WOULD ve» SNUFFV? r SHUX-lT WUI PRQB1.Y ONRIRTH 1 KNOW ONE Wfi/lft^aOO VE fllM TO FIND OUT /-%R TO DO in mi PftW? -THflR'S fl EC FER V6 flTTH' OFFICE ! LOOK rTTMY HfTHMflW-SOMe VftRMINT JEST TOOK A POTSHOT PIT ME NBAJ-FRNGLED OeSTASTrW RIFlE-BALLi PAW" FY SMITH MARCH RIGHT ^^ AH IN THAR,AN'BOPJ HAIN'T IKWIFTH' <( GOT K3HT IRENE" Jr TH' -AN',WHUrSMORE. AH BET NEITHER HAS ANY 100 PERCENT RED-BLOODED AMERICAN BCrY,? AMERICAN PRESTIGE HAS NEVER BIN LOWER/1' AT LEAST VO 1 KIN. BE A SPORT.'/ MARCH IN THAR.AN-sPs.'/'- CORN-4RAJ-00-UTE TH'WINNER'' MEBBE BOOMCHIK WONT HIT ME, AQIMEFMAH MAMMVSWlFMEff HOO MA/MS \ H-HEWlNS,NO. r . |r - WICEGUV/T- I AHdESTCOMETO GOPJvl-GRAO-OO-LATE BOOMCHIK,L-UKETH' G-GOOD SPORT AH 1S- ' AHLLCaUIN SHAKE HAN'S V/IFTH' y WINNER, EFYO'U.. ' COMEjTOO/?' YOUV/ANT MESS WITH BOOMCHIK, AGAIN? AH.TH'UDO THIS BIO BOX GIVES ME AN IDEA./ ...AN' TH' OROCei* SAID I COULO HELP MYSELF./ IT WAS VERY NICE OFl wvt • JOE. I SAW YOU CAWJYIN' UTTLS CLARA'S SCHOOLBOOKS YESTERDAY/ BUT SOMEHOW YOU WONT WEH..OEE.GEANDMA, IT HURT WHEN SHE TWISTED MY ABM/ SMILE OK SEEM VERY HAPPY WHV PONT YOU TRY TVPiMS WITH BOTH HANP5, ZBRO? S I I I HAVB TO THINK WITH OMB Of THEM I MEAN IT! \/ I SAID I WOULP.' STAV OUT Of )/ WHAT'S THE MATTER? TROUBi.6/ yl DO YOU THINK I'M PLANNINS A WILD WOW, BEHAVE YOURSBLF IN TOWN BOTTLE BAILEY WfetsoeK* 1CH HIM WTHA WAV X HAV6 OM6 of VOOR PRAMAMINE I HAVE BUT ONE «0)2D W COMMENT/ MV BEAOTIFUJ. PAELIW6 T006H! AAD AMD 5UNDKV ZOOKS.'PIO ACCCPT LIKE AM AN, OE AKE SOU 6O1N0 •D VJHIMPEK t-lKE A BZI6HTENEP PUPPV? OP CttliPHOOp * THEATRE LOO (KOWMAT tlTEATRE ,-. ' 7:33, 9:31). M;BF nmvc-cr l, "Rl» «nd F»tl »l tj "Showbiwl", S:!!0, 1:19 id mS^is. 1 •"" "" iw OuK',., 8 "^. "fit fiZ'T^.* VEMSCO THF..ITRE inherit The wind", 7:00, 9:09. HELP FIGHT MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY HVSrotW BYJTMPHlf MSOCIHTWHS OF AMERICI, INC., 1790 BrOld*», Ke* Ttrk 19, Hew York • JU S-OUI Sunday Thru Wednesday "THE 3 WORLDS OF "GULLIVER" n; SHOW STARTS 8:30 P.M. THURS.-FRL-SAT. RISE AND FALL Of LEGS DIAMOND AND HOUSE BOAT CART GRANT SOPHIA LOREN ALWAYS TWO CARTOONS ramutn Showing- Frt Thru Wed. IS SENSATIONAL, AND I MEAN SENSATIONALIW -N.» York Doty "••« 8TANUY KRAMER TRACY MARCH KELLY "INHERIT JERRY LEWIS"] JUDITH ANDERSON HENRY Sim-ROBEKT MUTTON lamtd tut tatmtte ANNA MARIA ALBERGHETTI Mnil h Jm kn • txcuk fnfa^ tad I bdu» • liiU <^ KncM ta Init tulto hwlSvinSUvlklUrtfli-MS.!.!, htf) >«m od jKli BnA* • i fv TECHNICOLOR' BOX OFFICE OPENS 1:15 S.VT. Se SUNDAY •ffvftfrairr

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