Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on April 28, 1937 · Page 8
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 8

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 28, 1937
Page 8
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m i sums CHICAGO, April 28 m— Millions of acfes of farm land, unprotected today against the ravages of wind and water erosion, will become sub- . ,, , ,, .. ject to voluntary soil conservation ' A Ujl , tler nu ^ ont . v granted by the practices within the next year bv I nntlonal Mexican constitution of Virtue of recently enacted state lesis- 1 1824 ' and tlle nntio » nl colonization latlon. " ! 'aw enacted Aug. 18 of that year. LET'S KNOW tEXAS AND TEXANS BY WILL H. MATES. In this column sniwera will b« elrta to mutter* pertaining to the Stnts Bud Iti people. As evidence of eood fnith Inquirers most site tbetr names and addresses, bo' only their Initials will be printed. Ad dren InunlriM to Will H. Ma;4*. Aoitfc Texas. Q. When did the State of Coahuila and Texas enact the empre?ario colonization system? A, Under authority granted by the latlon. At . ,o, ^ ' the ftn( - e of Coahuila and Texas . n on^ to President Roosevelt's appeal to gov- fe -As «?rrtdrs two mouths ago for soil ! .conservation laws to bulwark the i 24. who wns J^nco? A - There 1 WHS a friendly Lipan In. e - federal fight against dust .storms ) clinn chieftain of that, name, who had and floods. , , a son of the same name, a warrior, illU A1UUUS. : " ov/n ui me mum* 1 litII IV. U WHiritJl , Virtually all of tho laws -jrovidrd • scout ant ' spy - wno was with C 8 !' 1 for the organization of ronservntlon Jack Hays m scl ' vi «' on n Rio districts, aided by federal funds. Cirande expedition, when Conservation practices included: Terracing of sloping fields to pro-' • — ••• -"^ —•' vent rapid water run-off, construe- .' 13ans denounced the killing as mur- tion of check dams to halt the rush ; cler cotllcl n ot be reconciled and of small streams, planting of trees J°i nctl the hostile prairie tribes, even • ' ' though Houston wrote the elder he was killed by white men, who claimed they mistook his identity. The Li- and increasing land. acreage of grass ' . Flaco in an effort to console and Other states which have enacted i P'a ca 'e him. The father, in his great laws included: Delaware, which in ! sorrow, refused to be known longer 1936 had 433.386 acres under the fed- as and adopted the name, a . acres uner e e- . eral conservation program: Georgia. "Senor Yawney." Arkansas. Vermont. Oklahoma.' Q. In what is the evcatrsl value of "'""' ..... «"—• — - Washington, the cedar brakes, oak shinneries. and i other small timbers in the hills and the Texas along the .streams of west and north Maryland. Montana, and North Dakota . The .'bill passed by „.„..„ „ House orders diversion of 10 cents , Te'xn.?? on $100 valuation of state and ad : A. While their commercial values valorem tax, and a $75.000 appro- . are small compared with the forests prlation to provide the state's share ! of East Texas, these timbers though 'BEST FISHING' AWAITING FDR ON GULF COAST f financing. . coverlng of topo(!rapny WASHINGTON. April 28 l/P.i — Secretary Ickes recommended today that Congress make the Con- .nally "hot oil' act a law for conservation of the tion's oil and gas resources. The act, passed in 1935, will ox- pirp June 15 unless extended. It prohibits shipment in interstate commerce of oil, gas and petroleum products produced in excess of the amount permitted under state laws. • A bill making the act permanent has passed the Senate and is before a House interstate commerce subcommittee for study. Describing "wasteful" production methods that prevailed before the act was passed, Ickes told the subcommittee tho measure had done much to establish orderly production. 'He warned that the United States had been using up its oil reserves faster than the rest of the world. "As a nation," he said, "we should not exhaust these resources and be forced to depend upon the more costly substitute fuels in advance of the rest of the world, or be required to pay the higher price for oil which foreign producers will demand when production fails 10 meet our needs." and thin soils, are highly important in reducing soil erosion and in stimulating the absorption of precipitation, and will be the most vnkmbie factors in reducing filtage in the reservoirs now being constructed and planned along the upper courses of several Texas rivers. Q. Who is tho director of the McDonald Observatory on Mt. Locke? oermnnent ; A ' Dr ~ Ofcto strl1 ^. who is nlso permanent , director or the Unlverslty of ch ,_ cage's Yerkes Observatory, which operates the McDonald Observatory under a working agreement with the University of Texas. CUAYON PROJECTS IN TKXAS HISTORY H Is easy to teacn cniMrcn history with pcncili-d outline; pictures of historical nub. jucts and colored Crayola. History taught in thla way la never forBottcn and u taste is for more Information. "Centennial Projects. Texas Under Six Flaw, contains 30 IIHKCS of outlines on mnny phnaoi of Texns hfalnry and events with cover showini; the Texas Capitol un. der six flags, each in itr correct colors Mallei!I postpaid for 2t cents. Sonil or- tier to Will H. Mayea. 2iMO Salado Street, Austin. Texas. HOUSTON. April 28 "signs arc right." Old-timers said today Preslden Roosevelt should find "the best fish ing in 10 years" when he comes t (he Texas guif coast early nex month to battle tarpon. kingfJsh an other fighters of the deep. Skclly Skelton. who has handle fishing tackle since h» quit plnytn with rattles, said the President 'wi! bo "on the spit;" and that if h doesn't catch fish, plenty of them 'I will be the fniilt of the nnglei Skelton, veteran of many fishing expeditions in all parts of the gull jnsed the statement on gult-widi .urvey of conditions and the vari oils ".signs." The chief "sign" wa' he appearance of kingfish the earl- I'.st in the memory of old-timer. mil fully 30 dnys earlier than las •ear. 'That- means an early sprin-j,' Skelton .said. "We have them thai vny about every 10 years nnd this i.< he year for another banner crop 'It's either the end of the cycle r thf fish are just being Demo- rntic in a cooperative way." Tarpon have been plentiful al long the Texas coast several clay; tit the kings came as a surprise 3ne .small party of anglers went to he snapper banks off the coast rom Preeport and got 20 mackeral ight kingfish, which averaged from 10 to 15 pounds each, and one 85- pouiid Warsaw. The kings were the first of the season. Skelton said mackeral and kingfish offered about as much sport as the big tarpon. "They're all good fighters," he said. "And the sport depends on the angler. You can have lots ot fun with a mnckeral or king on a light tackle, but there's not much sport in going after them witli a wagon tongue an'd well rope. It takes a handy man with rod and reel to land a 200-pound tarpon with a light, outfit, but it's every clay." WASHINGTON, April 28 UP) -, U1 ^ CU! ,,. U llo H1UULICUU11 a , uou u The Supreme Court arrnng-ed tcday rels daily to a total of 1,385,585. TULSA. Okla., April 28 </p)_An- otlier new crude oil production peak, 3,501,284 barrels daily for the week ending April 24, was reported today by tho Oil and Gas Journal. The figure was 38,932 barrels daily higher than the new high established a week ago. Oklahoma had an increase of 13,250 barrels daily to a total of 670,650 barrels daily, East Texas was up 2,252 barrels to 462,350 barrels j daily and the total State of Texas I increased its production 9.GGO bar- to hear arguments early next week Louisiana reported a drop of 1,390 barrels daily to u total of 197,825. „_ „ ..„..,, ..*.. ku ..n.jv JJUUISUIIIU IITJJUILLU II UIUP Ul l.OUU on constitutionality of the old age barrels daily to 249,200, California pension provisions of the federal ! increased 8.850 barrels daily to 629 social security act. 350 while Kansas had a hike of 5,350 ' A final decision on the major ad- ' ' " ministration legislation will be given 'before the justices adjourn for the summer early in June. Arguments already have been hea.rd on litigation involving the unemployment insurance provision of .the federal act and on supplementary state legislation to aid the jobless. Since the tribunal did not rule on "the latter litigation during its session yesterday, some observers expressed the opinion that both cases might be decided at the same time. LONDON, April 28 f/P)—Mrs. Wallis Warfielcl Simpson completed today the required six months of "good behavior" in her divorce action and became all but free to marry the former King of England. Only legal, technicalities were necessary before her divorce from Ernest Aldruch Simpson became final and these, It was expected, would be fulfilled within a fortnight. Then the Duke of Windsor who has not seen Mrs. Simp?on since she fled from London at the height of the abdication crisis will be legally privileged to marry "the woman love." Mrs. Simpson's attorneys—she remained in seclusion at Chateau de Cande nSar Monts, France—expected the decree would be made absolute .either May 3 or May 10. (No date for their marriage has been disclosed and it was believed unlikely it would occur 'during the height of the festivities attendant in the coronation of the duke's brother King George VI, on May 12.) TYPEWRITERS Office Supplies JIMMIE TICE Pampa Typewriter Service Phone 133 107 N. Frost Glamorous Actress AMBULANCE Phone Duenkel- Carmichael Funeral Home 321 N. Frost Exclusive dealers for Hoyui Typewriters. Expert repair aervit-e un all office machines. Service on ail makes of safes—combination chunked, etc. Pampa Office Supply AUTO LOANS •JSlgP,-XJ? % Re»0y 0»sjt> to * Refinance. *Buy a new cur. iJrlleduce payment*, twatee monej to'meet bills. Prompt and courteous Attention given to til applications, PANHANDLE INSURANCE AGENCY Bid* Ph. m HORIZONTAL 1 American actress pictured here? 10 A bird's crop. 11 Automobile. 12 Region. 14 Crippled. 15 To pardon. 17 Refuse of grapes. 18 Kimono sash. 19 Clergymen. 21 Child. 22 Tidy. 24 Part of a church. 35 Stored treasure. 27 Sorrowful. 29 To beseech. 31 To piece out. 33 To' observe. 34 Highest religious state Answer to Previous Puzzle 43 Anxieties. 48 She was a great of the silent screen. 49 Like. 50 You. 52 Downy linen for bandages'. in Buddhism. 53 She got .her 36 Filtered. 37 Platter. JO Tendon. U To set in. 42 Sailor. start acting in . (sing.). 54 Aria. VERTICAL 1 To seize. 2 Composed of layers. 3 To be in debt. 4 Maple shrub. 5 Maple seed 6 Mandatory Written document. 7 To soften leather. 8 To make a speech. 9 .Roman emperor. 10 She is famous tor her . 13 She still —in pictures. 15 Wagon track. 16 Beverage. 19 Having rhythmical cadence. 20 To scatter. 23 To sin, 26 Unit. 27 Water passages. 28 Dean's residence. 30 Ventilates. 32 Was informed 35 Indian instrument. 36 Portion. 37 Flat plate. 38 In. 39 To bang. 44 Wholly. 45 Stream. 46 To finish. 47 Eye tumor. 49 Affirmative vote. 51 Type standard. HOUSE ...... with Maj<* H«»pl« our mm WAY §f Wffllatti HAW —BUST ER , THE MORE 1 THIWK OP IT, THE LESS T. •REerae-r, THE MieFORTUME OF LO&I Ma MY CIRCUS — EGAD, THE WORLD WEVEF, CANJ THE l-C&Z. IT IWCLJRRED WMLLE -1 -DEVIATED TROM SCIEMCEL AKJO IK1VEMT1OM TO FLIT 'AWAY MY TIME ow LIKE THE -FIELDS IKJ IDEAS AP,E S.TAKTIMG TO BUD AC3AIM IM MY -FEPTILE YEM— *-T'LL BET TH' SQUIRRELS HAVE BEEKl OM SHOPTT S1S4CE THEY WAVEM'T AKJY MUTTY IPE AS TO OM / LATELY / ft LnJ E HA'3 Bh MEcSLECTIMa HIS PUBLIC THIMBLE THEATRE Starring POPEYE Bars Do Not a Prison Make By E. C. SEGAIt SEAtt, 8Ef^N5 AND OUR rjON'T LIKE SPINACH 1 . VOU CftH'T COKE BACK'.!! ALLEY OO Reception Committee ByHAMLIP^ AM'ALLTH'-TIME / 1 , I CAPTURED TM' LISSEW T'THAT LIME TM' BIG WINDBAG 15 HANDIN' OUTC IVASH TUBES Well, if It Ain't Popper THREE CHEEP75 FORYOBO'^V'c'MON/ WE GO BARNACLE BEACH./ I AINT V. GIT COUPLE SPLASHES LQOK, THERE'S POPPER.- MYRA NORTH/SPECIAL NURSE Important Information By THOMPSON AND IHI5 WAX PLEASE .. WE MUST FLV FOR BOEDEE BEFORE CAPITAL A&AIM CHAMGES HAMDS.. IT MI&HT BE AWKWARD TO SECUEE NEW RELEASE FA PEES/ S OOM THE HIGH-POWERED CAR WHICH LEW HAS PROCURED BUMPINia PERILOUSLY OVER. THE SHELL-TOfcM BOAPS... WWI2A.' THE CAPTAlM \VA«> RIGHT .' THERE'S A-ROLE OF OWIOM SKINJ PAPER IW- SIDE THE CUFF... WHV.IT COWTAIWS EVERV BIT OF INFORMATIOW I WAS AF1EB.- COKJGI2ATULATIOKJS OW SUCCESS IM OBTAIMINS STEEL GAUWTLET FEOM HAMD OF HONORABLE "CLAW". TRUST SAWE WILL OCCUPV PLACE CVE B MAK1TLE WITH TEWNIS TROPHIES.' OEDEAL OF THE SEARCH OVER., • OL1E FEIEMO5 A~! LAST STEP FROM THE &EME(2AL'S HEAD- QUAR-TEIZSj THEIR HEAE7S SIW&IMG WITH FREEDOM. G05W, LEVVr t ALMOST FOE 601 / MAV SEE IT, PLEASE; FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Dress Rehearsal By BLOSSER THEY'RE war OWLY THE Bfier, THEY'RE: THE oMli/COSTUMES- )~ HAVE ,' i, BIO THE BEST I COULC5 JGOSH^WHAT A MOTLEY CREW!ARE THOSE: THE BEST COSTUMES we HAVE? WE DIDW'T HAVE EWOUGH HATS TO GO AROUWD, SO POP LQAMED ME HIS .HAT PRC3M THE ''MYSTIC 'SOWS OF THE ROYAU STARS LodoE.' i HAVE .. TOO/ HAIR TCJRM F'REMATURELh' GPW^i'u. BE SURPRISED THERE'S SOMETHIW'I WHEKI I COME BACk IKI THE SECOMD ACT, DO I jSTAWCJ |W THE SAME PLACE I WAS STAWDIWO |M THE WHERE IW HECK D/D YOU GET THAT HAT? AWT TROUBLE FIWPIWS THE PLACE..., WILL MARK SoMEBoey DROF>PED A LOT OP CLOTHES, ANO "rtXJ WERE UWt>ER THEM WHEW THEY FIRST ACT? BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Steve Wants Proof OR \-a ? \V VOO SUCH A GOOD • I OOKiT WMOUJ ,BOT \ SHOULD <=>o, ' WEHfMEg HAS our WBE9TONE Cpver«, Spark Plw^i Fan Belts, « n d &U A«tp Accessories, F, EHOFFMAN §EBYICE STATION

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