The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 26, 1930 · Page 8
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 8

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 26, 1930
Page 8
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PA01 EIGHT PRAIRIE WOr TRACK MEET Shanghai, April 26.'—Communistic and bandit armies today were, reported looting, burning and slaying by wholesale in sev- _ I ernl provinces of China. Numer- Sempton Took Second andL ou > s j missiomries were said t0 be JIASSACRRS IN ,CHIXA. Communists and Bandits Raiding Country and' Killing Natives. Tipton Third in Annual Contest Here. NO RECORDS j BROKEN • Before a large crowd and rooters for the schools of the county, walked away with the of fans various Prairie annual gliigh school track and field meet. The Irwin men had been picked as favorites by many and they lived up to the prediction. Kempton was second and Tipton third. I In the relays Windfall won the mile event and Prairie the naif mile. The track events were exciting, but no records were] made. Chester Hill, director of athletics in- the Kokomo school, Started' the track events. ! Paul' Jones was in charge of the field' events. ' j Hillignss, the big rangy athlete ! from Prairie, won the shot putj with a clean toss of 42 feet, 114 j inches. Crum of Tipton was set-! , ond with a toss of 40 feet, 2 in-l ches. Cardivell of Windfall wasj ' third with a toss of 39 feet and i one-quarter inch. 1 , ! I In the high jump • Dishon of ; Prairie was first with a jump of j 5 feet 'M inches and Pumphreyi of Sharpsville was second with 5 j . feet-5'-i inches. Reese of Kemp- I ton was third wiih a jump of S j .feet. 5 inches. j Pearce. or Tipton, won the! broad jump, his leap measuring! '2:0 feet. 1<J'.-V inches; Reese, ot'i Kempton was second with a jump of 20 feet. 7Vi inches, and Thompson, of ttoldsmith. was third, with a jump of ill feet. 10 V-i'-niclies. : — In the pole vaulting, Reese, of Kempton, was first, clearing the' bar at 10 feet.. ?< inches. Purvis, of Tipton, and Pmnphrey, Sharpsville, were tied for second and third, with a clearance of $ feet. f> inches. The day was an ideal one for a meet of this kind, and while the wind was a little sharp for the j-- spectators, it was suitable to the contestants. Tne meet was held at the Tip- I ton fair grounds and was atended i iby an unusually large crowd. in jeopardy and thousands of Chinese were reported massacred. Nationalist government officials whose troops have been ineffective, offered rewards for the capture of communists, who in turn offered prizes for the capture of foreigners, being quoted by missionaries as saying : that "all foreigners should be killed." No death of foreigners, however, were reported. A red army, said dispatches from Hankow, • Hupeh province, and massacred 1,80.0 men, women and children. Two thousand farmers, it was said, who had been compelled to join the communist army in that province were killed by government troops in battle. Entire populations of nearby towns were evacuated to looters. 9H1 WWHJH. DAILY TRIBUNS i !WWMW «m'.Cj..JJ.,l |Xu ..^ijA-ai Satorday, April 911, M CAUSES ARREST OF FOUR Trustee of Adams Township, Tried Here, Says .They \ Offered Bribes. • . . - - • MIDNIGHT FBQMC. To Be Presented Tonight at the Rita Theatre RIVER, HARBOR BILL APPROVED STUDENT Miss Crystal Hoback, Goldsmith Senior, Died Fri! day Afternoon. FUNERAL SUNDAY P. M. Death claimed Crystal Hobaclr, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Hobackl of the Hopewell community, Friday afternoon "at 2:45 oj'el.ock.j Death was due to an inr fectioif |of the blood stream developing from an earlier infec­ tion'of] the throat. The girl had been confined to the home for eral! weeks, and had made a sev brave'but losing fight for life. Vet Relief Bill. Washington. April 2G. — Demands for_quick action on the • house bill to liberalize world war | veterans' com jiensation were made ! in the senate! yesterday by Sena: tor George, Democrat, w{io threatened to move'discharge of the finance committee JS it did not quickly bring the measure to the floor. .Bank Head Indicted. Frankfort, Ky., April 26.—p S. Denny, state banking commissioner yesterday was indicted by the Franklin county grand jury on two counts of "failure to take charge of a bank- promptly and effectively aftqr having knowledge of the bank's insolvency or unsafe condition. I 'She was a m-amber of the IflSO graduating .class of the Goldsmith high school and up to -the time of lier. first illness had been one of tie honor students in the class and been exceptionally regular in bar attendance through the .four, years high school course. TSvery- thingi known to medical skill and loving hands was dbne for Crystal but'to'no avail. Besides being ah excellent student, she was a talented musician and was active in all the -church and social life o]f her community jand .had endeared jherself to everyone . Her cjrowning ambition had been to graduate with her class, and be ajwarded.her diploma. She was up her studies at the time she was tiiken ill. j Funeral -services will;(be held nit the Hopewell Methodist church" i- i Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock and burial will be in the Nov- manda [cemetery, ' CHARGES ; DISMISSED A. A. Bridge Deatlst Tipton, Indiana, m If Ton Need a Securily Ingle Harris,! trustee of Adanis township, Hamilton county, who was tried | and acquitted, in the TiptOn Circuit court on a charge of mismanagement of.the affairs of his office, is'fighting back and Thursday ' -filed charges against four salesmen, accusing them of offering him bribes in .connection with thenew school house he is building in Sheridan., I | The warrants were issued by. Squire A. M. Stephenson at Sheridan and a hearing held before him but on motion of former Attorney General Arthur Gilliom, who appearecTas attorney for the defendants, the cases were, dismissed. -Harris claimed that one It. F. VaijAlstyne offered" him $"250 to J influence the trustee in using a temperature regulating device for the new school building. He also alleged that Lou Nagelson goffered him $1,000 to influence hin^ in using a certain heating device. That C. R. Goodrich offered him $100 to influence the trustee in using a boiler sold by Goodrich: and that Norman Ascher together with Nagel­ son offered 81,000' to influence - % him in heating and . ventilation control, systems. The warrants, were served on attorneys for the men charged; all of whom are said- jto be salesmen for the -various companies. It is said Prosecuting Attorney Fertig of Hamilton county who attended the hearing had not" been consulted regarding the affidavits filed in the Justice <3ourt and stated they were filed without his approval. The prosecutor was of the opinion that the proceeding was s n> irregular one and is said not to have contested the motion to dismiss when it was filed by the attorneys. ' \ Harris says he is not through but has | only begun to fight. He, has said 1 .that there is an organized effort to oust him from office and that all kinds of schemes have been |laid to get him entangled. Harris is a Democrat trustee in a strong Republican com munity and alleges this - is the reason for the attacks on him. Recently he filed suit for injunction against several parties, including Governor Harry G. Leslie to nrevent the interfering with his conduct of his office as trustee.. ) Ingle R. Harris Is a grandson of Mrs. Maude Harris formerly o* this city. House' Passes Measure Carrying $110000,000 Expenditures. The midnight frolic to be given tonight by the Rita Little Theatre Club is different from the previous productions of this organization. Included in the show is a - miniature minstrel with every member of the cast in new costumes. . ;.. : • '• The' balance of; the show includes several .vaudeville, skits sparkling with 'musical, numbers and*dances and the/grand finalej ^^IflEVED T0O with the full cast of thirty club! members in full costume will! _ close the piece. • This production is the second show of the Little Theatre Club since 'it's organization a -month ago and will be an improvement- . . „ . . u . • • • . • " • • , • 1 proved by the house yesterday over their first show given a few;.- • - .„ . L it. * . - . in. a wild, dramatic session ihat weeks ago, it is announced. >'. . , ; .i J . „ I . 4 _. :. t •• . '[bristled with charges of decept The stars of the coming show. • • I J are Robert and Jimmy Tolle :fbribery - and po.r* Mar ^; legislation. Washington,' Apr] $111,000,000 river appropriation program 1 26.—A and harbor was ap- Jimmy Frieda Ellis Walker and Howe,- Hubert Saissline and! Eyen while the house-was pass-' Chajles Leonard. Kelton E8Si ^iing the bulky measurjs, the. ex- and the" Darktown Chorus Dani, ipectaUon 8 ained credence that dies. Francis Smyser and Robert! President Hoover wotld riot^ap Cox present their first appearance before the Tipton .public in a juvenile' number "Oh Boy What a HIGH TTillniaiii—f art can •MOynaBaiirXle, msar ooat<ia;ipl||i fromi ealoaiel aod AJI' Draggiiiii 35e aadf ISe >" - AT GOLDS >nTH. Baccalaureate'Services WillBe | Held Sunday Evening.- . barrel" prove appropriations of more Than $55,000,000 fixed by bureau for -such expenditures in the budget Girl'.* and a high school girl nov-jtll? fiscal year 1931 elty'number in support of Friedii The projects in th]e measure Ellis and Mary Howe introduces I are expected to be considered in the finale of the show in a clever! three classes, as necessary and manner. The date of the next' urgent, •as necessary but not ur- frplic will be announced soon, j gent, and as projects j which in , * • * -• ' time will become necessary. 1 \ A study of the projects in the i measure is being made to place ithem definitely, in these three {Classifications but it' 'became i known that the Erie canal project was considered as belonging to the third class. TIPTON ICE Leach Manufacturing Com- j pany, Kokomo, Acquires j Local Industry. STARTED BY J. M. LOER Tipton ->[ To 'Cincinnati. Two More jFatallHes Brine neatb Total to 890. Mr. and Mrs. C, A. Bates left [Saturday noon in auto for Cincinnati to visit over Sunday Vith M:r. and Mrs. Dixon Trueblood, i Tribune want ada-set reault*. PRISON PROBE ENDS. Columbus,- O., April 26. — The open revoU of Ohio penitentiary convicts opposed to the ruler of Warden Preston E. Thomas-simmered down to a peaceful i state yesterday „ and with ererytbinc quiet 6,t the ' prison, - Governor Cooper's- investigating committee completedjits linquiry into the Are that claimed 320 Hives. The tomntittee' will make study'of thel testimony.taken from prison: oBciais, firemen -and - lire survivors and nopes to have a^re> port^reaay lory Governor Cooper not later, than Jfonday. , v \ j.Two mora'fatalities .were ad ft to! thejdeathiluktyestet^ay,^ rsls IBS the" total from- Mtilo IJD atUi:irera!iB:t«e ^oiitnem Scores of ,1iJ»red attll'wei prlwn hospital sTJinmber- prlton bosplUl expected. (o:i(Ute «3V«:- tUPSt •^,1 Goldsmith Exhibit The annual' exhibit of the Goldsmith schools will be afternoon .and evening. held this i" • •' I WEATHER—Generally fair with light frost, except showers in extreme south tonight, mostly cloudy Sunday, probably showers south; not much change in temperature. Announcement of the sale of the TiptonIce Plant, owned and operated by-J.N. Russell for the past thirty years was made Friday afternoon the. plant having been sold to - the J. M. Leach Manufacturing Company of Kokomo and: possession will be giv^ in May 1st. It is understood that the deal included all real esr late buildings and equipment of '.he local .plant and extensive improvements are being planned by j.he' new management. The J. M. Leach Manufacturing bompany owns--land operates an ice plant at Kokomo where they [lave been in business for years jtnd at this time', are engaged in linproviag the Kokomo plants Daniel P. . Newell of Kokomo, president and general manager if the Leach plants made the announcement of'the purchase of the Tipton property, which has operated here for more than thirty -five years, being started, by M. Loer, who left Tipton and removed to Newcastle where his death occurred.': J. N. Russell since operating the plant has furnished Tipton »nd vicinity with a splendid pro- 3uct and ,has given the city excellent service. With him ever tlnce he took charge has been Mart Pyle who fs known to every, inan, woman and:child in Tipton BavInK delivered loe practically In pnry• home in]{be! city, ft to:- ; understood Mr: Pyle will be T reialned hader the new manaoment. The Tipton planl fnCered bad loss yeaVa'ago, when an fxplosjoiwi^kedvltbe plant. The pUnT^as rebniffto'lr { Hj. Rassell Tbe former.' p'mypar irilj fdevote hU tjme^o hU^otbar Jiiudiiess in I BASEBALL RESULTS • .. American Association! Columbifs, "12; Milwaukee, 4. Kansas-City, 11; Toledo, 7. Louisville, 8;. Minneapolis, 4. St. Paul-Indianapolis, cold. American League. St. Louis,' 4; Chicago, 2. Washington, 6; Philadelphia, 4. New York, 3; Boston, 2; (ten innings.) I Cleveland, .5; Detroit, 3; innings.) (ten | ' National League. Brooklyn, 5; Boston] 1. Pittsburgh, 6; St. Louis, 1. Chicago, 6; Cincinnati, 5; (12 ipnings.) . j New York-Philadelphia,' cold. At; the Goldsmith j Methodist church Sunday evening the bac- calauteate services for the-senior class of the Goldsmith high school will be held. The program starts at 8:00 o'clock:March. Miss Helen Clark; Vocal solo—-"The Rosary" Nevin j Loretta Phifer. . ;| Invocation .Ttev; Church'l Vocal Solo .j 'My task"-] * ; Mr. Middletrfn;- Baccalaureate address: ....;'...' * .'. Rev. C. E. Dunlap. Vocal solo—"Neapolitan Nights''j .; . Zamecnik [ Loretta Phifer. - - I . j Benediction ..Rev. C. E. Dunlap j A special invitation is extended j the public. 1 . LEGION CARNIVAL. Big Crowd Expected to Attend at Armory Tonight.' iThe bumper crowd of carnival week i is expected at -the Armory j tonight, the last night- of the Legion indoor affair. Friday night a good-sized crowd was present. The chair and stool was awarded Henry Carter of near Tipton. This evening the Crosley radio will he awarded. HOG, PRICES STEADY. Early I Sales Made at 810 .25 Saturday—Cattle Unchanged. - : Indianapolis, Ind., April 26.". ^~ Receipts on hogs, 3 ,000; cattle, 100; balves, 300; sheep,.50. Hog prices early today' at' the local livestock market were .on!y steady with the general: sales at 510 .25; underweights sold at $10 down, arid sows at $9.25 down. Cattle were unchanged, calves steady at $11 down and sheep and lambs were steady. : Chicago, 111., April 2G. — Receipts- on hogs, G';000; carried over,! .1.000; the market was strong, with the tot) price -$10-.}5: tlierejwere 100 cattle and 12,000 sheep. '.'' " r '.--••'• ' Geot-ge's Dairy Tiptoi and Hobbs Quarts 10c ¥lnt* be CaU 39x7 for Thai Good THOR tad EASY WASHERS Wife SftTiag Service Local rrodciie Market. (Moore &. Moore) Butter Jl_____3ljc EggsL L _^_2.2c Local Qnun Market. ; (Hobbs Grain Co.) ' * No. 2. Soft Wheat $ .»« Oats i™ - .36 New Corn, No. 4 yellow, per 100 lbs. —_ , 1.00 ( . i. Indianapolis Produce Market. Eggs—Indianapolis Jobbers offer country shippers tor strictly fresh > stock delivered 'at Indianapolis,-- loss off, 22c a dozen. Poultry—Jobbers paying for fowls; 4 % lbs. up, 22c lb.; Leghorns, 18-19c; roast%rs, less than 4\i lbs., 20-21c; Leghorns, 14- 17c; i sick, cull and humpback poultry not bought; roosters, 8- 12c; i ducks, 8-1 2c; geese, full- feathered, 8c; guineas, young, ,$6 a dosen; old, $4; squabs, 11 lbs to doien, $4.50; old pigeons, 75c a dosen. .- . j • : Batter—Jobbers' selling prtees for creamery batter, treab flrsts, No. l .i 42-43c a pound, v . x Bntter Fat —Indlanapolto bmy- era are paying 4<>c a pound delivr ered iat Inqmnagolls. . . We,?self new and used" gM ^itan ^£r^^ Pre» teresta ia Tiptop heUtf the own wM thelBan« ^nd.^m«aement NOTIOEJ We UvtoB&MU&ua Park> ZTtawapE fTHE WINNERS OF I THE BASEBALL PEN' • '. . . ' NA'NTS . .[-. .:will bo the teams that play tihe most CONSISTENT hall from now until .October. That is inatlie r matically certfiin becaiise the positions of the j tea ins. are decided'on a percentage ijiasis. 'So'is/finaneial success. It. is 'won by the men and women who save most CONSISTENTLY week in and week out. Are you a consistent saver? If not, step up to our savings windo^ today and open an account. It is the first step toward your, financial" - . THE BAH» OF THE PKOPXB A Voluntary Member of the Federal Reserve System Only Bank In Upton Conty Under BotS y Better Bedding •Yon are Entitled to it For the rest of your life use a "Best Rest" Inner Spring filled mattress See Them on Display in our Window Suite & Barram little BUSINESSES native <ytattui«Wmiff<w D ECEiy^ ggnally important com. *^ mercial services at the Citizens National Bank; the same personal interest of the officers,! who are able, as specialists in finance, to provide the most authoritative counsel and information. Tipton successful businesses operate hand jin hand with THE BANK OF j UNUSUAL SERVICE dozens National Bank The Only National Bank in Tipton County House Cleaning N«wSiM«ial $M.S* J- - For upholstered furniture, draperies* , sUitr- ways and numerous unhandy to get at cornfea you should try, ; ! . 5 ; 14 THE EUREKA JR. 116.80

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