Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 29, 1947 · Page 8
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 8

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 29, 1947
Page 8
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Patapa News, 194f Prices (Continued From Fat? 1) tfclfeased last week, was 155.8. Last June It Was 133.3. Since June fats and oils have risen 58.6 percent. Meat 522 percent, beverages 50.6 percent and sugar and sweets 31.6 percent. Trade groups criticize the various indices as unrealistic because, they say, the indices compute prices during the OPA period on the basis of ceilings when real prices in "black ttterkets" were above ceilings. Became whenever illegal prices Were paid they were not recorded, there is no way of telling how present prices compared with "black market" prices. However, prices of Some commodities which were not, controlled a year ago are higher now than then. Meat was the core of the OPA battle a year ago. The word, but not the taste was on everybody's tongue. In New York, hamburger which was 29 cents a pound, when available, a year ago is now 47 per cent. Loin of pork which sold at, 47 cents now brings 62 cents. Down the retail level, newspaper advertisements today contrast .sharply with a year ago. Then, when the incut shortage was at its height-. chain stores were endeavoring to fnlice customers with poultry a'ul fish. Meat was offered mostly in tins. Cue year aso a popular brand of j soap sold at three bars for 18 cents. but the advertisement carried Uic Words "when available." Today the soap is 10 rents a bar with no remarks about, availability. .Are conditions "betcr" or "worse" today than tinder the CPA? Advocates of OPA argue that prices in legitimate markets had risen spectacularly, that, only in certain items have they shown signs of declining, and that supply increases in these latter goods would have developed just ;is quickly under OPA. Opponents of OPA argue that goods are more easily available, that the crooked and sisistcr "black market" has been eliminated and that the OPA was unenforceable in peac? time because it lacked the backing of war time patriotism. Amanllo Chief of Santa Fe Retires Retirement of J. W Mode, superintendent for Fort Worth and Denver City Railway. Amarillo, effective July 1. after 46 years of "loyal and efficient service" has been announced by C. D. Peckenpaugh. vice- president and general manager for Burlington Lines. Fort Worth. M.. G. Managhan. trainmaster. Arrmr'illo Division, is appointed assistant superintendent with headquarters at Ani.arillo. succeeding Mode. Peckenpaugh pointed cut that the jurisdiction of W. O. Frame, superintendent for" Fort Worth and Denver City Railway and the Wichita Valley Railway, headquarters at Wichita Falls, is being extended 10 include the Amnrlllo Division nlso. Amnesia (Continued From Ptiiro H law as soon as he saw them yesterday. Ifo is married and has four children. He told authorities when first found that the children were dead. Deputy Sheriff Clint Word said last, night that Cox appeared in be in much better shape, but is badly sunburned and covered with mosquito and chigger bites, and scratches. Cox was t.'ikcn hymn by automobile to Comaiiche with his brothers and brother-in-law last night Immediately after they had eaten supper in Canadian. Award ttirL&cat Derby Miners CHAMBrtN ~&\s/ft0T(> SOAP SOX OERBV THE M.OREYSTADT AWARD WON Thomas (Ctmtlnlied Prtilti P&K6 1) lant's connection .ttlih the horrible crime depends entirely on circumstances," Judge.Charles o. Kmeger Wrote in-the Appeal Court's opinion. The State had relied for conviction principally on foot {jrtnts at the •scene of the crime made by shoes to which Thomas had access. A piece of string Which "almost" fit with a piece found' at the scene of the crime, car tracks similar to those of a car borrowed .by Thomas, and damage to the car which could .have occurred at the scene of the crime. "... It Is not sufficient that the circumstances coincide with, account for and therefore render pro'o- rtble the guilt of the defendant; they must exclude every other reasonable hypothesis except that of the defendant's guilt, and unless thry do so beyond reasonable doubt, the evidence is not sufficient to \varant a conviction," the opinion held. The Appeal Court Saturday also denied rehearing for Dr. W. R. Newton of Cameron, given a two- year conviction on a charge of assault to' murder Dr. Hunt a year before the slaying. Dr Newton's name had frequently come up during the Thomas trinls, but court records showed him to be at home on the night of the slaylug. • . Body lice have lived on and with human beings since long before the beginnings of recorded history. GOLD LEAF Lloyd's Sign Shop Can Now Fix Your GOLD LEAF SIGNS WANTED 50 late model automobiles, Especially MG's and '47's. We will pay top prices for these automobiles. TEXAS 133 S. Cuyler rn Ul. riicnc 1153 The N. Drcysladt Award, a handsome three-dimensional plaque, will be presented to the winner of each of 'the 133 local races of the All-American Soap Box Derby in 1947. It is given by Nicholas Dreystadt; general manager of the Chevrolet Motor Division, which co-sponsors the race with America's leading newspapers. The background of the plaque is highly polished birch, the shield is in red, white and blue, and the miniature racing car, driver and finish -line flag man are enameled in colors 'Tniii iuu>'tl I'Tinn I'JIKC I) srnfatives. Other developments on the labor scene: CIO leadeis adopted the same ntrulcgy as officials of the American frdrration of labor i:i opposing the Tait-Harlley Act. Both gronpe ve- {"t^^rtrvofor^X 1 ^ | ^d"«-t"on~a otafib^m that extends ont from the bactaound. htw'fi const-it'itionalitly in law suits ' and in opposing supporters of the l.ill when they come up for reelection. CIO President.. Philip Murray invited leaders of the AFL and the •railroad brothodhood to attend a, war council on the act. Leaders of 40,000 striking CIO Upsets Are Prominent In NCAA Golf Meet shipyards workers in 10 eastern yards reiterated predictions that the \vosk stoppage would spread to 120.000 workers in east and gulf yards Tuesday, unless a settlement is reached on union demands for a 13 cents hourly wage hike and other l.'cncfits. Ratification of a contract grant- in!; \vago increases of seven to if cents an hour ended a five day old strike of 4:;5 CIO livestock handlers at the Omaha stockyards. Navarro indicted Negro Indicted By Grand Jury COR.SICANA—i/?'i—-The County grand jury has Eugene Mayfield. Negro bellhop, on a charge of assault with intent i,o rape. Hi.s bond was set at $7,500. The charge was filed agaiast Mayfield after a 19-year-old white girl reported she was attacked in a Cursicana hotel, where she was a guest. u. '*•"*>•»), ••'' Say It With Flowers. . . Lei nature's beautiful creations carry your message, or sonlimonl for you . . . Yes, Say It With Flowers. CLAYTON FLORAL CO. 410 E. Foster J'hone 80 ANN ARBOR, June 28— (/Vi— University of Michigan's rugged, sloping (5.600-yard golf course and a couple of determined underdog competitors \vlio refused to give up wrecked hopes of favorites in the National Collegiate Golf Championship yesterday as bespectacled Jack Coyle* 21-year-old Louisiana State University ace. anu strong Dave Barclay, captain of the University of Michigan team, stormed into the final round. Coyle upset prime fovarite. the tournament's skinny Charley Coe of Oklahoma, 1-up in a 19-hole semifinal battle and Barclay kayoed Oregon's Louis Staiioris. runner-hp :'n the 1946 National Public Links .championship, 2 and 1. Coo and Stafford were heavy favorites to collide in the finals after the slim Oklahoman had bested Charles (BabcJ Lind of Denver University, 1-up, in morning quarterfinals and Stafford knocked out the Eastern hope. hard-hitting Bill Campbell of Princeton, 2 and 1, but both were badly beaten down in the grueling 30-holes-a-day grind to fall in astonishing upsets this afternoon. Defendant Accepts Prison Sentence BROWNWOOD— (fi>)— Alvin H. Masons f(Vi»l|nneil Krnni V)ipf> 1) Belcw. Waco, grand secretary; and other officers of the Pampa Lodge appointed by the Grand Master. Preceding the ceremonies Pampa Masons will convene at 1 p. m. in the District Court Room and march from there in a body to the new building. Following the ceremonies of the corner stone laying. Grand Master Brannon will address the gattering. Both Grand Master Brannon and Grand Secretary Belew are scheduled to arrive Tuesday morning by rail while Senior Grand Warden Craig i:> scheduled to arrive by air on Tuesday morning. A cordial Invitation has been extended to the public by the local lodge to attend the ceremonies. At G p. m. a barbecue will be served to all Master Masons in the new Ward's Cabinet Shop. Harvest (Continued From Poeo 1) erage ranged from 88, reported Tuesday to a Friday 90. The average low ranged from 64, on Friday and Sunday, to a Tuesday 69. Fort Stockton and Spur, with 104 reported Friday, led the state In maximum temperature reports, \vliile Muleshoc reported the lowest, 52 degrees on Sunday. Other high temperature reports included Memphis, Plainvievv, and Muleshoe, 103; Lubbock 102; Llano Mololov (Continued From J-'afte 1) on the " European suggestions for aiding Europe. He wanted to know how much money the United States proposed lo put Up and what the terms would be Kc indicated he wanted the program to be handled by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, which has 18 members, a number of them in the Soviet blcc. Molotov cited Bevin's conversations In London with William L. Clayton, U. S. Under Secretary of Stale for economic affairs, as his reason for asking for such details. Bevin gave some answers he said he thought it best to sidestep Uic U. N. Economic Commission be- cnuse neither Germany nor allied military governments in Germany belong to the commission. Molotov. it was reported, then aslced for time to consult the Kremlin. The meeting was delayed an hour at Molotov's request. French sources said. Molotov then arrived 10 minutes late. • We fix flat*. • 34-hour eenrlca. • We pick up flats. McWILLIAMS SERVICE STATION 424 8. Cnyler Phone 87 Firsf Alii Man Is One of Life The nam.3 of one of two 'men who administered ' artificial respiration to 8-year-old ^Carolyn Warner at Lake Mcclellan, last Sunday was learned yesterday. He is B. P. Kersh. whose home is at Shamrock, but is Mow a student at Texas Tech. His r.arnc was -reported b# Bob Clark, manager Of the Shamrock Chamber .of Commerce and instructor in life-saving at the Shamrock swimming pool. He read an account of the child's being asved, in last Sunday's News. Clark, an athlete himself, told The New:,: "He. (Kersh) was one of over 60 ice Trade taxi / For New Rddib Car NOWAf A, Cuftxrlts won't hftve qultfe so large A -head start on Nowata officers In tBe future. They just received a new police par. complete with radio. And how did the cops get so far behind when a crime call came lu? They had to call a taxi to get to the scene. Jife savers that have passed all Red Cross requirements here In our pool." Clark has offered the course at Shamrock for seven years. MorshoH Rejeett Move For Parking Miter* I vot ei-s rejected the proposed Installations of poking meters in the city's business district in a special Friday. Unofficial returns 430 votes against the proposal and 332 in favor. The French city of Dtonkefque has been under English, Austrian artd Spanish rule at various times in its history. Temperatures can be gauged accurately by watching the gait of ants. Their speed increases as the mercury rises. SERVING PAMPA ... and the Panhandle Resident of the Panhandle (or 20 years veteran of World War II; member and past-adjutant, American Legion; member and past-correspondent, the 40—8; member and past-chaplain, Disabled American ' Veterans; member Pampa Junior Chamber of Commerce... Houston, an experienced and qualifi- fied life insurance man, now serves friends and policy-owners of this 65- year-old institution in Pampa and the Panhandle. Glenn E. Houston Through the Franklin's Insured Savings Department, Houston is authorized to accept a limited number of select-risk applications for the exclusive and outstanding "President's Protective Investment Plan." ASSOCIATES IN PAMPA: Jeii Bearden DON WYATT General A?ent Amarillo P. B. Wright UVSXJRA3VC13 COMPANY SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS CHAS. E. BECKEP., PRESIDENT DISTINGUISHED SERVICE SINCE 1884 One «/ the ts OUcst Stock Cegtt Kcstrvc £i'/c Cemfitmics iit America . . ________ _____ , Kennedy. 47, Waldrip stockman, lias Crosbyton, Falfurrias, Graham, Has- aceepted a 25-year sentence in kell, Laredo and Seymour, 101; La........ prison assessed by a district oourt jury in the Oct. Iti, 1045. rifle Dlay- ing of his brother-in-law, Rice Willcy. Kennedy, who sobbed as he thanked District Court Judge A. W. Newman for the sentence in court Friday, asked the judge to remember him in hi.s prayers. By accepting the term lie cancelled a previous defense motion for ti new trial. GENERAL ELECTBIC \ H.P. RUBBER MOUNTED Ideal for washing machines, air conditioners, fix-it shops and many other uses. Legitimate prices; DITIONERS HOUSE WINDOW COOLERS ... ARTIC CIRCLE 49.50 ELECTRIC All Buy szes . Oscillating fans, Our stock is complete. now and save while our sale is on. DEPENDABLE.., PROMPT... COURTEOUS CITY ELECTRIC CO. Your Electrical Contractor Phone 27 , mesa, Dalhart, Albany, Alice, Encinal, Henrietta, Llano and Snydcr, 100. Falfm-rias had the maximum with an 88 Sunday night. Two sounds can produce a silence, if they are of equal loudness. The phenomenon is by no means uncommon. NOTICE OP ELECTION STATE OF TEXAS, COUNTY OF CARSON. ,, Vr 7- AS: A Petition praying for Jii clcciion to determine whether or iiul the ihslrkt .sohool trustees of } • ! i M er , I " ll "l»""l'- 1 >'t School Dis- H ict shall liavo JIOWLT lo levy and ruii:<e to iji- (M..lli'i.'u;d annually, for UK. jii.-unteiKiHc'u o( wlKioU-i liivix-tu, an mlvalorum t;tx not to cxc.-ueii $1.:J5 on tin. $irui.(iu valuation of taxaul» im.liurty of Haiti district. :;i«necl l.y muri! tliiin twunty (20) of U»! <|»!ilified )n - ri|H>rt.v tax uayiiiy volc-rw of .said dia- iriul )I;IK b(M!ii un.'.srnti.'d lo tho board ,!!',", ! ; tl -''-" ! (J/ ' • s(li(l suliool district; and, nilhKKAS: Said hoard oJ Triis- ;•'•« li'i.s doti-rniini'd that niii<l piHi- tion meets tin; fL-qulri'inculs of the iiw« .,1 U,,; stain of Texas, and it hi i lee i • board to order said r^T 1 ', 1 , 0 , 1 ' 1 ^ 1 '' 1 ''!''^:, il Tm- i -'',',, B ,M AKO OF ••I HI'. \MKTK DKI'Jll SCllOUi, DISTRICT, that an election Iju lifild on July thu 15lli, 18.17. at which election Hie following proposition shall hu .submitted. ''Shall Hi.. District school trustees of \\lule Deer lndepy%dem Sohool Di.stnct. have iiower to levy and eauwe to lie collected annually, for thu iriain- li'iiuncu of schools in said District, an iidvulorein tax not to exceed One and twenty five ($l.-'u) on the hundred dollar (JlOU.Od) .valuation of taxable property of .said Di.strlct." «AJU KLKCT10N: Shall be held in I lie .School Board office in White peer, Texas, and at the school bulld- (riir in Klcellytown, and Mr. It .A. Thompson l.s hereby appointed as manager of the White Deer election box, and JJert C'astlelierry is hereby appointed manager of the SUellytown election box. Said election shall be held under I ho provision of the con.sUtution and laws of the Slate of Texas, and only qualified voters who are property taxpayers of said district, and who have duly rendered their property for taxation, .shall be allowed to vote. AM. VOTHI1S: Who favor the proposition to levy and collect such tax, Khali have written or printed upon their ballot.-j trie words, "FOR JUAIN- TKNA.VCh' TAX" and those opposing .shall have written or printed upon tilth- Lullols "AGAINST MAIN- TENANCK TAX". A Copy of this order started by the president of the Board of Trustees of White Deer Independent School Dls. trict, and attested lo by the Secretary of said board ahull serve aa a proper notice uf said election. Tlie secretary of said hoard of trustees is authorized, and directed to cause said notice of election to be posted up In three (S) public places within said district, for ttt least ton (10) days (full) prior to tho dale of said election. The secretary is further authorise and directed to have said notice ol election published once In lho Pampi News, (there being no newspaper o: general circulation published in wale district at tills lima,) the date of first publication to be not less than te'u (10> full days prior to the date of said election. PAfeSED AND APPROVED this Hie 18th dav of June 1917. BIGGS HORN, President of Board ojf Trustees of White Deer School District. SEAJv. ATTEST: J. W. MODERN FOR YOUR BEDROOM 4-PC. POSTER BEDROOM SUITE Massive poster -bed,' large four drawer chest, drop center vanity with guaranteed plate glass mirror, and the matching bench make up this beautiful modern, suite. Walnut finish. All four pieces. only $189.50, INNERSPRING MATTRAESS Simmons innerspring mattress, 180 spring unit, fine quality tick, $37.50. coil SIMMONS COIL SPRING yo coil spring with helical ties. angle iron base, $11.00 Heavy LISTEN TO KATE SMITH Each ^yeekday — Mo-nday through Friday at 10 o'clpck each morning over USE YOUR CREDIT—ITS GOOD HERE s •>t '•Wfdrffi* (,W(»jirfuii^ , , *. ti Furniture ••*

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