Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 7, 1963 · Page 5
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 5

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 7, 1963
Page 5
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Call for Canonization *-*"-^«^-*-^-j*--*•-«*->. ^^*-^» ^• J *->-^-*->*-^^-^^». J ^>, Funeral Rites e VATICAN CITY (UP' — Nine, two cardinals in Communist observe;! 1 :; here. The last non-Ital- days of funeral rites ,or Pope Eastern F.uropc, one is coming ian was Hadrian VI, a Dutch- John XXIII began today in the'and the other staying behind the man, who reigned in the 16th basilica tinder which his body: Iron Curtain. Stefan Cardinal 1 century. • lies entombed. I Wys/.ynski of Poland will attend Speculation centered around | The series of services in St. PC- 'he conclave; Jos/.cf Cardinal Gregory Peter Cardinal Agagian-: ttr's, the largest church in Chris- '•, Minds/only of Hungary will re- ian, who was born in Armenia, lendom, will last until June 17, ! niain in the U.S. legation in Hu now part of the Soviet Union. two days before the Sacred Col- dapest. : One Italian newspaper, Milan's lege of Cardinals meets to choose 1 '' or lnr first time in centuries,, < 'on iere Delia Sera, also men- Golf Clubs Stolen From Evangelist Evangelist Angel Martinez, now ' conducting revival services in the . First Baptist Church, has asked ' Pampa police lo he on the lookout ; for ;\ golf-playing thief. i Marline/, reported to police that i sometime between 11 p.m. Wed-1 nesday and 7 a.m. Thursday, i someone broke into his automobile -- A bo tit The Newt invite* reader* to riKm* In or rriKll Hem* tituui. th« runvtr's arid smines of t'i»rn:t*lvf •> or friend* for Ineltifllnn In >.hl« column. ptld 5GtM VKAtt THE PAMPA DAILY NEWS FRIDAY, JUNE 7. I9M CROP Campaign Municipal Court Docket Veterans Name District Slate ,. t ( . , H. G. Uwrence of Pampa was ** e * T °^ ^O U '" i named as commander of the ISth ft i / /s i ! district, Veterans of World War I raft Ol OOUDty I of the USA. Inc., at A district' 'meeting held here. The Christian Rural Overseas I J. E. Beard, also of Pampa was Program wheat campaign will br- j elected district quartermaster at primarily confned to the south meeting. Other officers elected pan f>f Gray County, according to disnhevinp traffic Hugh Sanders. 2!24 North Faulk- \ included Kf] Hudspeth of Amanllo. Friend, campaign director. „_ :. .....:..:_. n-..i__ ,,_: :... ! senior vice commander; J. F. The reason for the cancellation Arlette Shelton. 62-1 N. Chri>f failure in control speed lo a arcident. guilty, fined $5. I.arrv D. McMillan, 617 N. Sloan, improper turn, guilty, fined $10. Audree (,'. Wilkinson, P a m p a, . suilty, successor to Pope John, who a non-Italian is being given a • died Monday at the age of 81 from a stomach tumor believed to be cancerous. The Pope's triple coffin was placed in the grottoes below Ihc church Thursday among the tombs of past popes and kings, and was bricked up in a plain chance for election as pope by tinned Richard Cardinal dishing, archbishop of Boston. •' .......... - ........ • -' ...... ' <" ....... ' ....... ,,cr is assisting Baylor University . . r on . Leslie B. Miller 809 Ruth guil- on the Coronado Inn parking lot ; u|j facul e h i Scanlon of Children, junior v,ce of a county-wide campaign is due = , y , fincrf $2n . Architects Forget Doors and stole a set of golf clubs and ™, '^3 VylorSummer M ' u . ', commander; W. W. Williams of > droughty conditions and a poor IjlUe , B . f iar f,o|d, 206 W Tuke. bap valued at $.100. ^ for \.^ , ! Amsnllo chaplain: and Charles expected harvest in most of the indication, guilty, fined $10 For identification, Martinez said ; .,..j»»,,c»-j...':.' „_. -r' .:,.u, Mason of Amarillo, judge edvo- county, Friend explained. ] Ihe clubs were Ben Hogan woods and irons. h it.<n.ner.s w j, n wnn . A - • , •,• , , District auxiliary also elec- f:ROP is a counfrv-wide church Pago Pago, in America Samoa. ' By DICK WEST | total cost presumably would he bnited Press International I somewhere 1 in the neighborhood of WASHINGTON (UPI) — Con- $200.000 It seems unlikely that. niche'adorned "only "with'a"plaque f!reRS nla y s P cnd as nulc ' h as a " li "8 lhc (loors nne at a time of the Madonna > $200,000 cutting extra doors would be any cheaper than cut- Bodv W'll B M -ed ' llnrou "J 1 'he walls in the new $70 ting them simultaneously. It will be moved lal'cr lo the' million House 0rf ' Ce Bllildi "K- l-arh suite in the new building , Roman Church of St. John or an Apparently, nobody noticed that w ill have three rooms—one for Ihe adjoining palace, as requested in an additional door would he need- congressman, one lor ihe slaff and the Pope's will. ed in each of the IGfl suites until one in the middle, divided by a More than a million mourners some sample rooms in ihe as yet ri| ass partition, for a receptionist "said farewell to the pontiff in the unoccupied building were put on !( nd ihe administrative assistant. 33 hours of public viewing that j display recently. .^^ js fl (Jo()) . b( , (wf>f , n |hf , preceded interment. The unprece-! B y that time it wns UK, laic cnnprcssman - s office and the one dented turnout was a measure of lo snv "oops" and start over. The , r , ,,„ llscd by his ,,. ss , sl;l , 1( . bllt the pubhc affection for the peas- majnr pnrlion of thp building, a t|u , rc is „„, ,, f|oor bc|ween , he ant s son whose reign lasted n ., r t n f a trii <\ niillion House nf- • .•-• i i h ip'i'i 01 a SIJI.D million IIOUM. 01 ;, ss)S | ;in i s oilice find the main scarcely four and one-half years. fire cxpans i on program, had al- staff . oom Another sign of the warmth felt rcady hccn C(imp | e , ec |. for Pope John - and of the. Wncn (hc con(raclor was con Obituaries Jack Lee Fulbright McLEAN (Spl) — Rites for Jack 1'ulhright of Shamrock are the camp. He is Minister of Music ted O ffj cer « at the meetine with appeal to a ' H t!ostitl)te families is pronounced pango pango of the First Methodist Church. ! Corene Wyatt of Amar f llo Vmg — •••>"• •»•- - •»«'-"' Meeting, Friday night, 7:30 at! named president. Letitia .Harvester Bowl to organize the of Amarillo is senior vice presi- j ! Ladies Summer Twilight League for, dent; Mina Benham of Pampa (Monday night.* The Rev. and Mr s . Russell G. West Sr. will be honored on the overseas who have no harvests due to wars and disasters, the director said. A meeting of the group to plan junior vice president; Pauline the rinve for the southern part Beard of Pampa. secretary-treas- of the county was held recently, urer; Inez Johnson of Amarillo, a " d a film. "Hunger", was shown chaplain; Lois Greer of Amarillo, of Koreans. Indians and other • . . ,. . . . , , , . ii. 'Viiwi^iani, I..VJI.T v.ii - ».i^i i/i ri 111 a i i i >' ', ---.-, , . .. ^ ^ - r i r i •.. i panned for Sunday at 3 p.m. m occasion of their 40th wedding an- conductress; Cora Yales of Pam- people throughout the world living the Shamrock First Baptist , nivcrsary with an Open House pa, guard. achievements of his career as suited, he advised House officials priest and pope - were the calls ' ; ha| "j' t wm|lfl cos , hcUvccn $150i . being made already for sainthood nnn and ,,„„_„„„ |f) idp f)om . s for the ponliff. "Papa Santo" — the holy pope , -, • . . , • u K . , • ' ' built-in metal film" cabinets. —many voices cried out during p. •_,„ , • . ., • i ., . , . ' Decides Against Move the long pilgrimage past his cata Therefore, there is no way for the assistant to communicate with the rest of the staff except by going through the reception room. where the blueprnls called for The cxlra (l '""' w "" l(l P roville a direct link between the two. Church with the Rev. B. L. Batch- ; planned Sunday in the Church of The nox , djstnc| meel elor, pastor of the Faith Mission : the Brethren, fiOO N. Frost. Friends , sc h ec [ u | e d f or November. Baptist Church officiating assisted , are invited to call between the '_ by the Rev. M. C. Wyatt. church hours of four and six o'clock.' I 1asl " r ' Planning a picnic? Call Black! Mr. Fulhright died at 1:45 a.m. : Gold Restaurant for breasted chick-: today in the Veterans' Hospital • en to go. MO 9-9118.* in Amarillo where he had been a ' patient for 2'/;> months. He had been ill for IS months. Born Dec. fi, !!)or, in Delta County, Mr. Fulbright moved to Sham- on starvation diets. is Those attending were Miss L (Continued From Page 1) Two Men Fined On Worthless Check Charge t F.lla Patterson and Mrs. Jaunitta i Channel! of Gray County F.xten- i sion Service. Paul Bowers, vice- chairman, Friend, Franklin Bae- 1 german. community leader and ; Arneal Scott, publicity director. more rock in June. 1!)51 from Satana, ticipated in the exercises, t h * Earl Jordan of Henrietta and The famous liberty bell w a s Johnny Fuller of Pamoa were cracked while tolling for the death j fined "in county court this morn- nf c:ll ief Justice John Marshall, m than 20 vessels which par- ing on separale charpes nf swind) . 1R35._ I It seems lo me that the prob- . . ,. , ... .. . ; The House Office Building Com- 1cm could be partlv solved hv •falque in the basilica. Several . . . ... , , , ' , , 7. , mission, perhaps wishing to avoid luivinc me congressman and us Italian newspapers quoted an un-, . , ' . . .' . , ,, , . .... . , ,, . . , , . further criticism of the conito- stnff change paces. hat, how- named Vatican prelate as having . , , , , , , , , , said: "In the early centuries ofi versial "truc.urc. llic> " 'l^"'"' ^'or. uould create another prob- 'the church, the people would al-1 a - a " lst Rnm>; ahpad ulth the ^ r ' '"" hv ailtmR " 1P «-..ngrcssman ready have proclaimed him a (al pm)Cct on a " holc '™ lc hasi ^ "" fninl hls as.Mxant. saint." However, in testimony released ••[, p , u . s Io ,| low y(HI ,],.,( not In this centurj', there is no Iofin - v b - v a House appropriations .,|| designers of office buildings canonization by acclamation. It subcommittee. Capitol architect J. ar( , w ,,| lm ., f all |i," commented it a long and "complicated proc-' r ' eor K e Stewart indicated nhal K( . p y.'alt Koran. . ess. Bui many of the world's half the doors would he »P c ned piece- Offhand. I would say that is billion Catholics already feel cer-," 1 ^ 1 for Hou - se '"embers u ho ,| K , un( |erstatenient of the week. -tain they or their children will 'requested it. be praying to the late pontiff as " If a ». v member moves into the \VA.\T TATTOOS OUTLAWED a saint. : |iew building and wants a door- Two-Thirds Vote Needed j wa \' alt through. 1 am sure ev- On June 19, the College of Car- er V effort will be made to ac- dmals, the Pope's aides and ad- commodale his personal wishes." \ isecs during his lifetime, begin Stewart told the subcommittee, their secret conclave to elect his Subcommittee chairman Tom successor. The actual balloting Steed. D-Okla.. predicted and was a member of the near Shamrock vances in space and in the air... OVEREATING CAUSE GAS? INDIGESTION? New he/p frtvttt ivttertngl I.'t ammtnn nm MIAZYME apply tht brake* tn ttnmrich dutrpm hcfnrp it hrmn*. Unlike anti-noiHs. which only rnlii?Vf otomarh up»nt, MIA7YV . helps rii(r<**t the f'jnd you fnt. H^lp^ prevent nwllpwi rii5rornforls. takpn M clirretfH. Knjov your moaUaeain.Try MIA7.YMF. totiav Onlv 9Sf. Kcnnomy m/.p, $L'.2'i. Snlisfaction guaranteed. miazyme aids digestion before distress begins HJ CHARD DRUG Jnp T'Ki!*•'•„• I';imi>.i's Sy M'>n> m 111 X. Ctiyli-r ' "MO 4-5747 and sentenced to 90 days in the First this country must still move eas- ... , .- ,, r . , 1 ., , r i i ., countv jail, and Fuller was fined ily and safely across the seas of .. ", *irvivors arc his wife. Ovelia the world" , *J and costs. •mri i,,-n ur.,11.- i.,/•!/ t ^.o r i o j .u ui i j i r- u ' Fuller made restitution on a ami t\so sons, .lack I.CP Jr. and He said the blockade of Cuba' , John William, all of the home; !=-• f=-H =1^,,^ .K,, ^n.^i nf ! »" 2 - 4(1 chcck ? lven to Delbert BARROW. England (LTD— Schoolmasters ha\e asked the go\er:imeni to make it illegal to laitoo a ch.'lil under 16 without parental consent. H Cunlifif. hearlmas'er of thai R.scdflle secondary school, said starts June 20. A two-thirds ma-! "most of the members are go- ituindav he was shocked to find jority is required. i ing to insist they have additional seven boys in a physical tram- About 40 of the 82 cardinals al- communication facilities." ,ng class had tattoos, including Cost Near $200,00(1 nne with "a naked woman along If such is the case, then the his fore-arm." ready are in Rome and others •re arriving constantly. Of the last fall showed that control of! one sister, Mrs. J. B. Kiel?, of the seas meant security and j Denmson. peace. j Pallbearers will be Paul Hart-, Following his Democratic din- wick. Joe Williams, Elmo Ellison, ner in Los Angeles tonight, the William Helm. Harold Teeger- Chief Executive has another po- strom, and Le<? McBryde. j litical date in the California me- Interment will be in the Sham- ! 'ropolis Saturday morning—meet- rock Cemetery under the direction ; '"8 w ' l h a group of Democratic of the Lamb Funeral Home. < women. He was expected to i . I spend the rest of Saturday rest• James G. Shelton ' n B al 'he Santa Monica beach James G. Shelton brother of home of his brother-in-law, actor Mrs. E. D. Payne. 1616 Christine, Peter Lawford. died Thursday in the Kansas Um- Saturday night the President sersity Medical Center Hospital will depart Los Angeles by jet in City. Mo.. for Hawaii where he has a Sun- I-uneral services are scheduled day afternoon date to discuss the for Tuesday morning m Kansas civil rights situation and racial City, under the direction of New- tensions with several hundred comer Funeral Home. delegates to the National Confer- Thc body will be taken to Keo- ence of Mayors. kuk. Iowa for burial. In addition to Mrs Payne, Mr. A , Shelion is survived bv hi« wife, i l.ula of the home, two other sis- (Continued From P»gt I) ! ier«, Mrs. Frank Anderson of Jeff- temporarily rather than be ierson City. Mo. and Mrs. S. E. opened next week on a desegre- j James of Enid. Okla.; and a broth-: gated basis. |cr, D. T. Shelion of Pecos. JACKSON, Miss. — A Mississippi judge Thursday issued a temporary injunction 10 halt ra- _ cial demonstrations that have Robert Daryl Dear of Perryton b h( fi , 7 arrests dun h « fined S!00 and costs and .sen- pas( ',„ days Negro , eadersbwere Daniels February 20. The New York Daily was thc flrst Graphic daily] SPRING and SUMMER SPECIAL DRY CLEANING $ 150 S Lh. Load Spotted, Cleaned Only 1 FREE Starch for Your Laundry Speed Queen Laundry & Dry Cleaning fiOl Sloan — at Jordan MO 9-9149 SATURDAY ONTGOAAERY WARD CLEAN UP SKIRT LENGTHS Man Fined tenced to three days in the county tail this morning m county court on a ch-arge of driving while intoxicated. Dear entered a plea of guilty on the charge. expected to announce today whether they will challenge the restraining order in a higher court. Mon'l linlkllit Ilini ring in maul 10K }eld mounting. biilh- (1A aimt IJl 1^^ S ditlinguiihed dtantondt •hint in man t il'iHftj tinq ot I4K gold in hondiomi indi Slor topphir on'i finj )4)f Illustrations enlarged lo tliow detail 14K GOLD NOVELTY TIE TACS Really newt Uk' gold tie Iocs . . . tome with black ilar in pph t r e i . . . <n unique designs. A perfect gill. 3 Mou»e $4 99 b Frog $9.95 C Spider $9.95 d Star Sapphire $7.95 Automatic Calendar Elgin with 17- jeweli. 2-lon« ivnburit dial. Telli Ihe dale, waler-reiiilanl', winds llsell, rich gold-lone lop. • when cote and cryital ore inlacl Boy (Continued From Page 1) COWS LIKE POLKA ! I-ORT ATKINSON \Vis. (UPI) some time.' I said, 'Yes. I hope —Mrs. Carl l.ange said she and I can.' her husband noticed a mild pro- "Then we shook hands. And we duction slump during the iwo said goodbye." months their barn radio was He said Kennedy "must be a broken. handsome, real nice guy. He's Mrs Lange said production kind of tall. He's real neat look- rose after it was fixed and added mg . Yes, I know he's real neat the cows seem to like a "good looking. He has Entire Stock 40 Only Reg. to 1.98 47 COTTON PIECE GOODS Reg. 59c J C Final Clearance £L yds. J Save Now I 1 BOY'S COHON SLACKS ZEPHYR 6-TRANSISTOR RADIO Big icl lone! ( oinpldo wtili (T M Q Q bcjlltrjy, carrying case, ear- 3 II 0 W BAYLOR TWIN MOTOR TRANSISTOR TAPE RECORDER 2 individual motors, microphone, torphone and built-tn carrying cavi. 5mgU finger control, No Money Down • $1 Weekly 107 N. phone. JUST Charge H 9 $0095 29 LE'S MO 4-3377 lively polka." Read the News Classified Ads a strong grip. The lowest denomination coin in England is the farthing — one- fourth of a penny. THE TOSS OF A COIN H*«dji or i«ili won't cfo- cidt th« b»it pUc« to borrow mon«y! Exp»ri- •nc« «nd rtpyt«rion »t th« it«nd«rd. WK.n you w«nt mon»y. »h«t- •v*r Hi* Amount . . . 5500 or 15.000 ... «lf p«nd on S.I.C. Thou. itndt of utiififd «ui- for Washable Most Sizes Reg. To $4.98 2 MEN'S SPORT SHIRTS Newest Colors Many Styles Reg. To 2.98 ONE GROUP MUFFLERS Not All Models Check Your Size Reg. to $14.95 5 00 88 FOAM Minnow BUCKETS S.I.C. You will, too! SOUTHWtSTEH COMPilT .)00 West KijigsmilJ Tampa, Tevfta MOhanli 1-8117 Keeps Them Alive Hurry Reg. 1.65 99 CANVAS COT COVERS 7 Only if OT Reg. 2.79 • 7/ White Duck 1 NOVELTY CURTAINS Reg. To 1.98 Several Styles Most Colors WOMEN'S STYLE SHOES Reg. To 8.98 Final Clearance Save ONE GROUP TABLE RADIOS > Some Clocks I Save Now > Reg. To 41.95 VACUUM CLEANER BAGS > Fits Most Cleaners p j <q> 3 \ Save Now r ^' > Reg. To$].QQ 4 ONLY BRAZIERS ) Save $10 Now I Hurry > Reg. 29.95 GASOLINE CAMP STOVES I 4 Only I Final Cleanup I Reg. To 16.95 ONE GROUP POLE LAMPS | Final Clearance | Hurry | Reg. 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