Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on September 26, 1935 · Page 9
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 9

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 26, 1935
Page 9
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.ojif* 'room modern 1 /.pointed and»decorat- „,.-joiner lot. Price $r,6SO J cash, very reasonable John I. Bradjey, 201 Combs- g. Telephone 672. gc-lBO , ww -d' svyeet' feed in scbfiton bags, $1.50 .per hundred * Feed S^ore ' ...... furniture; -Irving suits) £27.50 tot $J25. Bed suites, '$82.60 to $3500. Bed- suites,',^27.50 to $45.00; Odd ; dresser, chest of drawers, "" f - set,* dinette set,„ radio, chairs. Electric washer, ~ "a* and Storagp, Grah^rry-Paige De< luxe Sedan 1929 Ford Pickup 1931 Studebaker Deluxe S.edan 1980 Buick 4-Passenger Coupe 1829 Chevrolet Cabrioleit! Small 'Down Payment and Easy Terms G. M. A. C. Plan WIIEIAMS MOTOR CO. Somervllle PJwme 177 iB—Clood used gas .heaters, to $257B;i t ra.t>ges ^11,50 to Pampa Transfers and Stor, ('across from Cabot Co. office. * ^ Sc-150 If Mrs. vTom Aldrldge will call at the .office of the Pampa Dally Nev^s. before 5 o'clock she will receive a free ticket to see Wallace Beery ,lh "O'Shaugnnessy's 'Boy" showing at the LaNora Friday and Saturttey. ' '. '_.") tfek Wanted: TDBPENDABtB " lady wahts work, ' Hospital/experience. Will ttUrse wlthout'hoUsewprfc:or wiUrdbihouse-. v M. : BeaiBpn6ver. iPhorie , : 574-W. • • ' ' "-housekeeper, andv'nurse. Francis. ,. 3p-i50 yfOfUK. '-WANTED 'by .experienced' .practical nurse. ,Mary ,Jvjne tjine.'. iBSVyv.Tfcke.'.'" •'" 'Jjprljte; WORK- ; with >fAmlly,wants -full-,time em* pipsmerit 'with ' ; reliable: -litm. --Exf p^nenced ',bookkeeper, ' machine bookkeeper, ,{yp(sfc ;u drid legal work. Oa'h^furnish good references. Phone 814, ;bbx: iO^i : Gafaadlan, Texas. ' Annual Statement Of ^B Christ Is SAMP4p6aigreed white n coblcer«lls. zeb's " lg-148 i 'Gjil " BC* room duplex, 3 lots. 53,500 »< No trades, no commissions. Emmett Cee, Phone 10. 6C-163 PAjElLOR — PSrinanent Waves, $1>(|0 to $6,QO. Oil; perma- oients as JQW as $1,60. All ringlet ends. Ijocated at American Hotel, cabin 25. " '"" lc-148 SALE—A-l Belco lighting ;. Cheap, '<3ari t be seen< at Brake and Armature Co. , I , 3f-148 CECE—Pampa, ^eed Store ' ('open for business. 510 S/ Cu " Bclal threshed' maize, $1.35 per hdfed. • Sp-148 for , &0 St., Amarillo, Tpxas. fip-151 an* ,terms; apartments, s; Wrl^e OIL PESMANENTS Money back guaranteed that ,we will rtot bum your scalp • or hair. Open any evening by appointment. Saturday evening until 9' o'clock. Plenty of oper~< ,£tors and 7 dryers, no Baiting., r Eugene, Realistic, Artistic, "Fred! erics and Sheltbn Pernianents., (Soft Water. Permanents $1.50 to $10,00. Phone 818 YA33ES BEAUTY SHOPPE 3'. doors north Bank Mack and Paul Barber Shop- on Balcony SALE—Lqt 22 in ;blook' 2 in Banks Addition. Write P. n, box 90} «H,"Mrs. E. L, Homes will call e office ,of the Pampa Dajly before 5 .o'clock she will re- a free .ticket to see Wallace in "O/,Snaughnessy's Boy" ig at tlie LaNora Friday and (jay, If Mrs. H. G. Heard will call a't the office of the Pampa Daily News before 5 o'clock she will're- ceive a fi#e ticket to see W^llac.e Be,ery in "O'Shaughnessy's Boy" showing at the LaNora JPriday and Saturday. gALE-'-eoad bundle cane, 5c *" delivered In Pampa. Cole's 828 W. Foster. Phone 1161 y 6C-151 SALE—Eight room- house on) rte St., colored part of town, iw Wood, Montgomery ward,, PERMANENT WAVES $1.25 waves for $l v .OO or 2'for $2.60 oil waves, $3.00.. $5.00 oil .wave, $2^75. All new suppJies.,Ber,tha .Quails Stump. 442 N.-Starkweather. Phone 6C-151 Guaranteed $5 Permanent SALE—oannjna tpmatoes, pj? lering daws, .Saturday, Mon-> id Tflursaay. Gpodnlght Farm, mile souttvMofieellfl, Texas. ~ J2p-155 puart Permanents ..... . . feugenQ Spiral or Eeverse . Spiral ....,, ..... ....... 18.06 ZOTA BROWN BEAUTY SHOPPE ifoM MMM< > SALB—-Three room modern yse to i b# "moved. J, A, Bbad- , Rt. 2.«Wh«te'Beer, Tfxas. ' 6p-149 JOHN L. MIKE8EEL. .can Bldg. W. Fos'- i and iposl- ir Sffeed to •166 cafe with 'ng, Hying „,„ all go. Spl right party. O'. %9cowt of hea low prjce, m Louise, da^njy tofc Just )highway in west-part QI city, not last.,gee it at onoe, ' [ site in north part fpom $5.Q up, Permanent W»ves *i.5p to ?3.50 Finger \yave», wet' ..,.,';.'.. X5o Eye dye and lash dy<> ..,.,' 35c MRS, HARRY DEAN . Srost Phone 308 For Kent A call to .renewed, activity in the [daily application of Christian Science was issued at ,the annual meat- Jng of The Mother Church, The First .Church-of .Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Mass., by The 1 Christian Science Board 'oft Directors. Church .officer? in their reports lyujged' marked growth of the p --oye^^t>,tiijroug^out the world, and Increased ,4emah<J for the writings ipf ftjfary Baker Efldy, discoverer and founder • of .bhrisfian Science. George -W.eridejl Adams, speaking •as ch'atenah of -the board of directors, stressed; the need for interest ,npt only in problems of individuals, : "but also in the general welfare of the world. -"JYuth and Love hold 'guard over the whole world as well 'as over the minutest occupant of it,". he-directors said.' Referring 'to the new Christian 'Sclence ; -Publj§hlne house which increased demand for Christian Science literature madev necessary; Mr. 'Adams asserted that while wholesome activity Jn the movement continues, "the putting up buildings, however beautiful and- necessary they may bej does not in itself lay the foundation -for -spiritual enlightenment which is essential to meet the demands of'humanity. To be enduring, growth must be the result of earnest, active spiritual .effort." The fruitage of Christian Science In healing all manner. of disease and disorder was attested In selected testimonials read by-Mrs. Mffr- jorie C. Mulpck, of Detrpit, Mich. Among some of the healings reported were pernicious anemia, epilepsy,, mental Instability, rheumatoid arthritis, ftfrRRWed Umhs,, de* fectfye' gyesigftt »nd distressing stoppage of- speech. 1 . " . •\YHflam W. Davis, Executive SUr peryJsbr of Christian Science Charitable and Benevolent Institutions) reported increftse.4 guests and asso- ciates'at botft tjj^Pacific Coast and Chestnut Hill ganatPJlUms-as well as Abundant'loving:(Support to the Christian S,olen.fie~ Pleasant ,yiew Hompf Ambers pf the;'8oW4' of Lec- mes>&ges to the.'fQHF'gppnersiof to? globe, it was g|$e,\)gge.4-ftt ; -the meet" ing. They Jj^tuyed .In' the/Brltish IsleSj Continental, ^uvope 1 and'Scftn J , AustwlssJla, JJawall '«Wfl' tlte Africa., Bermuda and' the indies, Mfc$ep.and the Qanal Zon.e, the United States, Canada, and Alaska. ' "' cowmenting-on art pneaurasingiy higher.' cu-cuJftUon trend f«r all pe- riogipais, T Ry'Heu.jgr. attention was paid fo Tfte Plwifen science' Mont' tor, "The averse dfttly net paid CLEVELAND, Sept. 28. Nearly I60, and,women .knelt silently iih the darkness of Oleve* land stadium ,eafly today and listened to the message of the catholic churchi From the top tier of ther'Siadlum far out,on the'field a solid,tshadowy assemblage.Watohed.quletly as Archbishop Amelto Giovanni Clcognahl; apostolic delegate to the United 1 States,, celebrated,a midnight pontifical lay .mass. As a-spectacle of-reverence itr.wras. the high point ,of the 7th national: eueharistic c6ngress ( now nearing its ooncHlslon, -Lpjig .before last midnight, the stadium was crowded to'lts notrmil capacity—80,000 - persons. At 11' • p. m'; qatne the holy hour. The .aisles ,were filling, ttp and ,tne crowd was pushing,but',oh-the flo(d. jpu.rihg the holy hour ,of .wh,ioh Bishop- Joseph E. Bitter of indian- appolls was Celebrant, it was necessary to . qloSe :the gates. Stadium GommisslQnef W^ter. Davis estimated the attendance at approximately 150,000. There was a meditation .period, conducted by Bishop Robert E. LUcey 'of Altiarlllo, TJexas. Theri came the benediction of. the holy .sacrameht. As -time for the mass came, the 'lights of the stadium faded'out. Qnly a single Jlght burned, that above the' altar, down on Uie field. . Spon after the mass started, ,oandles began to: flicker in all parts of the structure. Worshippers struck lights to Uie candles they Jbeld and; soon the soft-glow of 75,000 tapers illuminated. the'reverend gathering. . When the time came -for those .attending the services to receive: the eucharist in holy communioni 'as had been, planned; there was a> pause. Because of the immense, crowd, It was necessary to .announce that this could'not be done. Instead, the men and women ; were asked to Join in a -"spiritual communion" with Archbishop Cicogpanl. The crowd broke all previous attendance records for the stadium. Seme of the entrance gates were: opened for jhe first .yme since 19821 when'.80,l8i'persons gathered *here : for a baseball game.' Late today crowds will stream into the stadium again to hear the benediction of Pope Pius XI, in a special- broadcast from Castel Gondolfo, his summer residence. Wwm Persons 19J4>-ofd'V^8 Ttliior .,,.,. P^tatilJlh Crfdpe ...... titape ..' 1934Chevr6« Bishop of Amarillo Conducts Period Of Meditation 1934 OTevVelet sHort JVB It SALARY LOANS »f $51© feta Good Your Needs From This Pa -**rttji;i '—TWQ rppnj fur-nished. ; m Tallpy ,™.,.... sustained „. six jawtfis'.period jn the history of the paper." v . Ap outstanding development Jh toei 41s.ssrm;n.atlon of ,news by this •international" daily - paper >ls the presentation of "The Monitor; Views the News," reported on by p. Augus- 'Appreciation' Banquet To £fNftl».Jms Dueling The Cbvef« Of Texas History For FHE TEXAS CENtENWAL CELEBRATION OF 1938 tus Norwood, manager'of committees on publication. Nearly 200 stations in North .America, were ^'.asserted to be outfits for this pervice; furnished by cooperation x)f the Monitor committees on. ipublication and' radio stations. The • .addition, of IS new branches of The Mother, 47 in North America, one Jn, South America; 17 in Europe, two in Asja, two in Africa and four ; Jn AUstr&tesia,; were listed by Misg Rosgimortd W^stifc manager of the^Dfipftrtme»t..of Branches and Practitioners, An inprssse'Of 39-6'per cent In the sales of Mrs, J5f}dy/s works over the previous year'was'recorded by William M. Bartlett, secretary of the trustees under the will of Mary BBker Eddy, "The .world's need for the hPftlth'g jj-uthfi of Christian Science has grown more and more pressing during 1 the two decades just passed," Mr, Bartfctt pointed out. "The. list, of. publications which in 1915 consisted of 30 items has expanded to more than 200; while new books and translations authorized jd now under way, to be published within the next 12' months, -will add 30 new Items to^the. list." • WOMAN KILLED BROWNW.QOD,- Sept. 26 WV- Mvs. John W. Cunningham, 40, of 'Zephyiy,; was .'killed today when' struck py •>'• freight train as she walked along a track to a depot where.-, she; baft intended to board a .passenger -train. . (NOTE: This Is..61)0-of a Ber!«» of Articles tnken front • the 'BOO special 'collections of family »rbhi»<?s In the tint, vmlty of Texas i library. The collec- .Uo»»:.cover-a1I periods of Texas history, .from-the eaHicst .'days . of the Spanish mllBlqnarles In the .province of Tejas, tKrongh the colonial, era,,-to the present. : This series of articles, .some chosen for : their Intrinsic sltnltioance In the development of'the empire; of Texas, others for their purely human • interest In portraying personalities, economic conditions and. social Intercourse.) AUSTIN, Sept. .26,—Letter Of a Texan who, living in the South, y*t .was a Northern sympathizer and 'received the customary treatment accorded those persons convicted of anti-South sentiments, have- been brought to light in the papers of, Richard Rodgers Peebles, now deposited in the family archives coi- ection of the University Of'Texas Library. Dr. Peebles' 'letters to his friend, Dtcvld Baldwin, 'likewise in opposition to the cause of the South, revealed all too' clearly -his attitude toward the Smith's, campaign. He was arrested, imprisoned, and banished. At the:;close of the war, among other political prisoners, he was released.-It-was. due-to ;he Interest of his brother, J. Scott Peebles, that these 'letters, and others written by the Texas, doctor, were later collected: It is interest- Ing to note that the letters which Dr. Peebles had writen to Baldwin and which .had occasioned -his ar rest, were voluntarily returned to lilm at the close of the war : by one of the Southern officers who had held him prisoner: Houston, July 5th, 1863. Doc. R; R. Peebles: I have enclosed the letter i written by you to.D: J. Baldwin,.and found in- his possession when he was arrested. Mrs. Baldwin some time since requested, me to obtain her husband's .papers, and though .-I had given them up a year ago, when I resigned my -position on <• the' staff of Gen. Magnider, I -put myself to some trouble ;and found 'them for her. Among those papers were the enclosed letters, and after some conversation with a friend of yours, I'conclU(3ed ;i tt>!send''them:to you instead.,of Mrs. -Baldwin.. Mrs. B. has ever, teeated me yrtthOkindness and politeness, or I never .-should have volunteered to find iher ihusband's papers. You I believe .appreciate the delicacy and kindness ' which characterized my course .toward the political prisoners, when 'I was acting under orders, and in the performance of what I .considered my duty. I restore- these letters from a sense of duty, and from no other, motive. I have no favors to .ask; nothing' to trouble imy .conscience, so fa* as my conduct; .toward you is concerned, and but few regrets, save those induced ;by >.fehe failure of the South to achieve ,her independence after so severe a struggle and the loss of so .many -of her sons upon the battlefield. Yours respectfully, Horace -Cone. Comfortably Paul OweiK iW» Optometrist ta fitting conifortabl. "ft th.,n.w«t j^lis. wen Optical Clime DB; PAUli OWTOTB. Op*»»i<ri««;.. Flrrt Nation.! Bant Bld.T Pfcow IM NEW BUSES! THRU SERVICE! BATHE by JOJHJ w, cpout , painting s . phone 841, pjuhnson' Hard Co. au N, ~ P«mp« to Oklabpmn City - '• Shortest Route A, M. Arrive P»mpa, Tex, 1U;SO F. M, Leave B»nip», Tex., 18;10 P OhJ». City, Ofchv, 6:*fl P, H, lip. Lost ^SS ejiismte,fO»«w» e NO CHANGE OF BUSES Cwawetlons to AJD Eastern .TUap tp fee Swt, Northewi W»4 Southewt SAVE TIME! SAVE MONEY I , '- ! RIDE PANHANDLE STAGES, Inc. As a foreword to the B. fti Peebles Letter Book compiled of original letters, J. Scott Peebles' wrote on June 19, 1880, the follow* Ing introduction: "On the 19th of 'December, 1879; my brother John and myself left our homes for the purpose of see- Ing our Brother Richard, who lives at Hempstead, Texas, and then it was that his children showed 'me the letters that caused his .arrest. Said letters were written to David Baldwin during the stormy period, and when Mr. Baldwin was taken prisoner, these letters were found in his possession. "Dr. Peebles' children kindly consented that I might bring the letters home and look over them at my leisure, as well as other 'letters that were written by Doctor Peebles to his family and friends when he was in confinement and after he was banished, ; "These letters are worth a care-< ful reading, the reader ever bearing In .mind the circumstances under which they were written, and all go •to prove the sentiments: of the;person who wrote them under the most severe test that a person can be subjected to. And this Dear Brother now lives, but the burden ,put upon him was of a nature that it must show Itself. Yet he bears up •well and is always glati to welcome a friend. The Baldwin letters are in the first part of the book, after •.which come the family letters. .All ; those that knew my brother will, nc 'doubt appreciate the reading of these letters. Make all allowances. "Another object I have in view: Some day this brother may ;ce sent to have his history written -out 'in full. And these letters with la great many other valuable papers will .then be made -known. .My brothers was born in Ohllllcothe Missouri, on the 10th day of January, 1810. He has written out a short -history of his life, which is 'now : in my -hands and :-it is an 'in- iteresting history to all, those who have known him. Doct. G. S. B, Hempstead of Portsmouth, -Ohio, now has this history, and as he was the physician under whom my brother studied, and knows as. much about'his life as any living man, he will mo' doubt take pleasure In adding much that will be Interesting My-brother left Missouri on the'.'8th day of November, 1835, for Texas 'on horseback,' arriving there s6me time in December. And there he •has 'remained ever since. 'Except so much of the time (from Sept. 1884 to May 1865) 'as he was banished and as he.says in his letters, to his wife and children 'For no -offenses whatever, as no charges were laid:against him.' More than he'was not loyal to the South, etc. "Please note those letters and see the genuineness of the maw. Bui .this is not written to eulogize, 'onlj to give the reader a short history oi what a man had to endure for the good of his country. And' how much he gloried in the results," ',. Sept. 26. (ff) — i!wo bands/ a dozen barbecued beeves, addresses by prominent'Pan-handle officials and citizens, including, Old Tack of the Amarillo News^Qlobe will comprise part of the brilliant program planned for the Marvin Jones "appreciation day" In Dal- bart next Saturday, Sept. 28. Everything is free. Including the barbecue which will be served in a down town location. There will be plenty .of "trimmings." The veteran Panhandle band and the Dalhart band will furnish 1 music. Loudspeakers will carry entertainment and addresses to all parts of the crowd; estimated somewhere over 5,000. Chairman S. E. Brown of the general .committee said every town, city and community in this section Is being invited "so that our congressman .can Know first hand the deep appreciation of the home folks for his work In their behalf at Washington." _ ALL ALIKE TO HIM JACKSON,. Mich. (*)—-"Where do you lock in?" .'Captain Fred Boucher , asked .a, bewildered convict at the Southern. Michigan prison. "I dUnno;" came the reply. "All these cells look alike to me." The prisoner produced his handkerchief, bearing his number, and 24 HOUR MECHANICAL SERVICE "BEAR" FRAME & AXLE WORK COMPLETE BRAKE SERVICE HIGH PRESSURE WASHING ^SPECIALIZED LUBRICATION QCHNEIDERHOTEL ™^ svnmv " ^* ^™ »•» v- OPEN AM. Phone 453 -- Jnst Weat of the Schneiaer Hotel -- Phone 451 the prison director sdlVed the ' problems. mX&tfS! R«d "BdMte Kntfe" TfeHSfei nt'SttlaitlA iftfljBIIWli^SS 'uttlKHl oh thrlUfntf HbWFT of the LONE STAR isxATE in ARGOSY Now On Sale lOc Bead The NEWS Van* Adi. Fast - Safe. - Economical» Gavt. Approved 1? I V v • mi 1 —BUSINESS —PLEASURE • ft; —EMERGENCY Reservations for T. VV. A. and Branlff Airlines PANHANDLE FLYING SERVICE Dee Graham, Mgr. PAMPA AIRPORT — Phones — 857 The Following Pampa Stores Will Be CLOSED Aceount of Open Saturday 6 p. m. to 'S c& THE VOGUE BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL The Beit !• EVERY BUSINESS PAMPA The Finest !• EVERY PROFESSION .. Accountant* J. R. ROBY 4W eortbg-Worlejr, B, 980W, OI787 1Z69 Auditora Attorney* .PHILIP WOLFE ' —See PAMPA BAH3BBT Fre4 89ha«»er, 115 W. Foster, F 81 Boiler* J. M, PEERING BoUer A W«W»n* W«*s, 1906 8, Baro««. Phon* Cufei OANABV S^NDWO poora Bant Rsi T!ie«tri», Vh. 790 ? k;w.; ,TTORWJPf!»» • f***™- •#*& W? i. r 1 V 4 l '" 1 "-' f/ ' '(''•'/ V./^k.w,', '.^;^i^r-^ f JVy.V'>-< CITY OF PAMPA Bd. City Dvpment, Cityj BL Ph. 384 City Health Dept, City Hli Pb. U8S City Mgrs. Office, City HI. Pb, 11»0 City Pump Stn, 700 N. Ward, Ph. 1 City Wtr. & Tr. O(c, City HLP1181 Fire Station, 2Q3 W. Foster, P& 60 Police Station, Ph. 555 County Office* ORAT, COOWry QF, CT, «O*JS« Auditor A T^eftsurer, Ph, im Constable'* Office PIion« Tt County Cleifc, Phone 467 Cnty. Fin. Agt^ Hm. Dmstr. Ffc, M4 County Judge, Phone 837 District Clerk, Phone 78$ Justice of Peace PI No. I, Wu 7? JwUce o| Peace No. J, Phont W9 Shertff's Office, Phone 84D Supt, Pnb||o Instruction, Pb, 1W| Assessor, Phone J04T Ta? CoMeptor, Phpn^ 60S — " Pbojn Wll FJorisU | Hotels MARIE HOTEL ' 307 W West Foster Ave. Phone 0526 Insurance M. P. DOWNS AGENCY Combs-Wprley Bldf „ Ffaon* III Laundries - Cleaner* YOUR LAUNDRY & PRY CLNES. 301-09 E. Frftncto, Phone 671 Machine Shop* JONES'EVERETT MOH. CO. Motor Freight Line* LEG WAT MOTOR FREIGHT 500 West Blown, Phono 870 " * ' - J> ' £ r «'i&-C: , '"" '^-"4 --"* Plumbert DAVIS PLUMPING CO. 118 W. Foster "phone 3S8 R. O, STOREY PLUMBING 538 South Cuyier Phone 399 Printing PAMPA DAILY NEWS Phone 666 Scfeopli Baker E. Tuke Phwe 831 High School 183 W* FWMto Horace Mann N- Banks Pfeone |JI, Junior High 126 W. Frweli, P,|81; tanwr, 5Q1 8»m

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