The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on June 5, 1952 · Page 16
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 16

Baytown, Texas
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Thursday, June 5, 1952
Page 16
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PAGE 18-THE BAYTOWN SUN. THURSDAY, JUNE 5, 1952 Editors' Roundtable: ios uses PendukmTiTs^ By ROGER \V. BABSON PARK, Mass., June 5 *, old provero .which states that 'he *k * r * '' (Editors appear to divide about equally on the Supreme Court ruling in the' Washington, DC, transit radio case. One group approves the majority ruling as only a decision that transit radio in the mild form of music supported by commercial announcements does not violate the rights of bus and streetcar passengers under the Fifth Amendment. The other group argues ihat such programs do violate Fifth Amendment rights of objecting individuals, and open the way for. the use of subtle propaganda on "captive audiences" in violation of the First Amendment. NASHVILLE (Tenn.) TENNESSEAN: "A new freedopa has been declared by the Supreme Court . , . Seven of th& jurists agree that it is entirely proper under the constitution that streetcar and bus riders shall be subjected to broadcasts of music, commercial and 'public relations' propaganda devised by the transit operating companies . . . it never seems to have occurred to the seven legal lights that they were putting their stamp of up- proval on the creation of captive audiences . . . The freedom to be bombarded by advertising plugs ar.d company 'messages' is not one that the people will checrfuly embrace." DENVER (Colo.) POST: "Polls indicate a majority.' of riders like radio with their jouncing ... We are forced to the unhappy conclusion that the seven- man majority is on sound legal ground. In seeking to silence the voluble loud speakers on 500 Washington street cars and buses, the.complainants had to rely principally on the Fifth Amendment, which says no-person shall be deprived of life, liberty or propert^ without due process of law. The court decided it \vould be far-fetched to include under the general heading of 'liberty 1 the right not to listen in a public place ^d something an individual does not vvaht to Hear." SALT LAKE CITY '. (Utah) TRIBUNE: "A U.S. Court of Appeals held that broadcasts to a 'captive audience' deprives objecting passengers cf liberty without due process of law. This the Supreme Court shrugged off . v. . Justice Douglas barkened back to an opinion by the late Justice Brandeis in saying the 'right to be let alone, is indesd the beginning of all freedom.' The next step, he warned, cauld be forced listening to a government program. Such % 'captive audiences' arc made to listen to political broadcasts in totalitarian states." YOUNGSTOWN XOhio) VINDICATOR "The co-art of appeals in outlawing the broadcasts had invented a new doctrine, the 'right of privacy' or 'freedom of attention/ Of this contention. Justice Burton wrote: ' 'This position wrongly assumes that the fifth amendment secured to each passenger in a, public vehicle a right of privacy substantially equal to the privacy to which' he is entitled in his own home. However complete his right of privacy may be at home, it is substantially limited, by the rights of others when its possessor travels on a public thoroughfare or rides in a public conveyance." CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR: "We woud agree with the court majority that z. rider on a bus cannot demand all the privacy of his own home. But is he or is he not a 'captive audience?' . . . Justiqe Douglas, the lone dissenter CJustice .Frankfurter disqualified himself on grounds he feels too strongly against compulsory listening to be judicial) points to a danger that cannpt be taken lightly: 'When we force people to listen to another's ideas we give the propagandist a powerful weapon. Today it is a business enterprise working out a radio program. Tomorrow it may be a "dominant: political or religious group . ..." ST. LOUIS (Mo.) POST-DISPATCH: "Justice Black, who agreed that the case before the court,' only on the broadcasting of music supported by commercial announcements, showed no violation of due process, • said he believe'd 'that subjecting passengers to broadcasting of news, public speeches, views or ' propaganda of any kind by any means would violate the First Amendment' ... All the Court has done is to say it will not interfere with transit radio in a mild form. The probability is ... that this same Court 4vould as readily support an ordinance or law controlling transit radio against abuse. PITTSBURGH (Pa.) POST-GAZETTE: "The gap. between psalms to the Quintessence Corset Shop and subtle propaganda is not really wide /. . Once privacy is invaded' noted Justice Douglas, privacy 5 3 gone ... It may be but a short step from a cultural program to a political program' . . . The court has spoken, however, and with its dictum we must abide. But in ruling that citizens may DC constitutionally captive to th e noise box up forward in the morning bus, the court has given new relevance to the famed opinion of Mr. Bumble^ If the law supposes that, the law is a ass, a idiot. will eventually undergo an -'tears. In its way, the proverb*«s reift"* 1 stl law "of action and reaction—an ext ro n>l '.rcction is eventually balanced by a ia '-., - opposite direction. This carries a V.. €xt ? eft *i men! CYCLES IN WOMEN'S CYCLES EXIST in every phase c a cyclical pattern in the role of \v Women -rose from "hewers of wood t« importance as homemakers; and th P°"^ Today women are active in all phas Homemakmg 1 now appears secondary* A 1 was brought about by a recognition •' that women are equal to men in" Today's Bible Verse AND HE THAT saw it bare record, and his record 5s true: and he knoweth that he saith true, that ye might believe. John 19:35 Washington Merry-Go-Round: Michigan GOP Leader Caug Between Tali, Eisenhower Looking At Life By Erich Brandeis DO YOU EVER get cobwebs in your brain? By DREW PEARSON lie speeches in Spanish all over WASHINGTON — General Eisen- Mexico. He has worked hard at hower had planned to make only his .. and n(W ranks close to one or two sicejhes wncn he go^ . . home. Inside reason for his change Daniels m popular^. of plans in order to spcul: June 1-4 \yASHINGTON PIPE-LINE— i , . Genera' Ridsrwav personally in- tween tvvc giant auto companies. ^*»•»•*-»•-« o j *- «• Caught right in the middle, like a spected the Koje island prison „ ... - .. • Jt ... - ,., T-, pedestrian in the center of the ca rnp last February, cabled the You'll recognize the condition right away. Every- "j „„,,',. i,..«,,,;„«• w v.5<»h w«v ~\ f , ... . , . „, , rr- * j road and n knowing wmcri \vay Pentagori that except for a few thing is boring. The same people. The same food. to jump, is Republican National 6 . The same radio programs. The same home. Even Committeeman Arthur Summer- minor recommendations ne .. , '-11 ,. - - fir>M satisfied with camp conditions. It your wife and your cnildren get on your nerves. neia. " ^ There is a wonderful remedy for what ails you. On , 0 " efsid * ^Vv*? w5?h "" * I merfield faced Chrysler, which starte a Speaker Sam Rayburn Get m your car and go away. v-ants Taft for president. On the *"""•"•• • ^^*~ . . J n *... -, . ~ . - *. • - • * *"• t-. • i * i ,« y. ",-»«• i was so crushed bv the wav ^/on— lou don t need a lot of time for it. From Friday other side he faced the Ford Motor J night to Monday morning is plenty. But you must Company, which iikes Ike. Sum- gress cut the European aid pro- do one thing: Keep your eyes open. Study not only merfield himself is a General gram ri^ht efter his personal ap- the scenery and, whatever interesting sights there Motors man, being one of the big- peal that he almost collapsed, and are on the road—study PEOPLE. gest Chevrolet dealers in the had to turn his gavel over to Con, T „„_ ^ VT ~~,_ t . „. . . ... ' world. But as chief 'Republican gressman Walter of Pennsylvania I HAVE * EVER .yet seen anything as interesting ]eader f<jr Michlgari) he gets lots of ... Congressman Frank Chelf of as people. All kinds of people—the more the mer- hel from bo th Ford and Chrysler; Kentucky will reopen.public heartier, i. just finished a 900-mile trip, and I did it all in an hG i Q( .,,,}i v an ^ a fe Pr ^ari-in. nut in^ nn t-h* .7nsH™> Department in five days. Two kinds of cobwebs made me go on the trip. First the cobwebs in my brain. I felt just like what I said above — everything had become blah. be { atc( ji y and a ft er &tartin b out ings on the Justice Department in as a Taft man, he'.s now trying to -about two weeks with more dyna- walk the white lire between tne mite on pigeonholed prosecutions two. and tax-dodging . . . U. S. Am- Summerfield first fournl himse r f bassador Loy Henderson has But there ; _was anotherkindof cobwebs--th c kind pressured by Chrysler's finance cabled Washington that the Rusa housewife finds in the attic and in old corners of the house. It was housecleamng time. My wife didn't just chalrman, B. E. Hutchinson, who sians have made a secret offer to suggested that Summer field ought buy half a "million tons of Iranian M ."S" 8 "^"""'* -£m«. »w ,wi« UIUUL ju 0 , to d sometl , lue for Tuf ~ i= 0 , vi - iv oil . With the country nearly bank- exactly mind me around the house; she s used to me h - f Ch^ei pia^, nipt and on the verge ' of chaos, *L?™:*tJ^*^^J?™* .l e ™ ea ^ Summerfield arranged for P Gen- Premier Mossadegh if more like- eral MacArthur to invade Michi- \y to sell to Russia. Ipe4ch that she'd just as soon have me go away for a few So' I. decided on ithe Greenbrier, that wonderful ? an ' ™ h *™ he ^nr ia i" ou ^ht'to OVERESTIMATED ENEMY — It resort at White Sulphur Springs in West Virginia. * nrp -sHr~t ° isn't supposed to be mentioned out- But I didn't go to the Greenbriar. When I called D %^ al °2 _ direct slao at Eisen- side the military "family," but up for reservations I inquired whether one would . J -" i3 * YC f "• «"«=*•<• « o-^o-*- J -' . r ivrprlc' n?rk has been caught VF , ., - fn ,!:„_„_ hower and so mtendea. As such, it ^ en - -MarK uiarK nas oeen caugni. •have to dress-for dinner. resented bv Henrv Ford JJ by the joint chiefs of staff padding "Well." said the voice at ..the other end, "dress is w ?f rt - sent ea DJ rienry j?ora .u., j j uB reDorta 'optional for weekends. Most men wear at least tuxc- ^ho promptly sent word to Sum- h ^ K °^ rs \ atm ^^^ mma , ies - n merfield that he might as well not -^ ms Iirst military -s^mma-ies, -", , ^ T • •*. - T r. 'L. i. j come around for camnaien con- the new Far Eastern commander i hate to dress when I go on a trip. I hate to dress ^1:^ ,11 ^ mP ^ft^_ C L cmietlv tinned the number- of • B.L any time. tributions from Ford unless he Quietly upped the number- of made amends for the. MacArthur enemy^ troops in'Korea by 60,000. SO I GOT into my car and told it to go anywhere, 'visit. Additional pressure to have It was obvious from the reports, With a few stops on the way, the car took me Ike visit Michigan came from ex- -however; - that 60,000 new troops over the S!cvlme Drive which runs through' the Studebaker Boss Paul Hoffman h ad not entered Korea, and that Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. If you have and Arthur Vandenberg, Jr., both Clark had simply counted laoor never taken the trip—do so if you ever get the Eisenhower campaigners. battalions and civilian, units as Result was Summerfielr's hasty enemy troops. invitation to Ike to make a major The joint chiefs figured that address in Detroit. Clark was trying to make the odds against him look '"bigger so he . .But this temporary change in the men has occurred at times in the oast T ' Olden Greece, society centered around the hi but later women took charge of ihp • fathers and husbands who wer e a-Vav^ cient literature reveals that women »«« 1 alternately with great esteem, having?* N of personal freedom, and then as s i av :fj may again lose their present freedom. , CYCLES IN STYLE STYLES HAVE passed through similar cy gmally, women wore as little as possible- i loaded themselves with a dozen skir' change is turning back to as few clothes'. skirts v clothe'" permits! Short dresses are followed bv and then back again to short dresse<~ shoes, colors and hair styles likewise cycles. • . Readers whose businesses are affected should remember that present styles are porary. Future styles will change" a s WORK chance. •" They tell me that late Spring and early Summer arc the best times of the' year. This is not a cra- THE POTA-TOMIC AGE velogue, but you have no idea what wonderful - o-o^"" 1 - ""»• *">••"• "*&e^^ °" •"" • t./ M V L views you get from 3,000 and 4,000 feethigh in the TA'MMANY AMBASSADOR— would have an argument-for more My INeW T OTK drive L Millions of Avildf lowers", were in . bloom— -violets, Strange thing about the attacks on reinforcements •- and a better alibi Ambassador William O'Dwyer in in case of a military reversal. "marigold, golden groundsel, trniium, hawkweed and connection with the New York Discreetly they called"- attention bluets. The mountain laurel had just begun to bloom, gambling scandals is that he's be- to the discrepancy between Gen- The trees had that lovely light green that reminds come one of the most popular of eral Ridgway's -last report and You Eat It And Like It !n Broadway Cafes By MEL HEEVtER U.S. envoys to Mexico ". . . Most General Clark's - new figures, and NEW YORK — One of th pheno- "Guys and Dolls." " ang to get two sixth-row center for the rear door and there was a popular in the past were: Josephus cabled Clark for "clarification." men a in this remarkable city is BUT THE MOST interesting thing were the people. Daniels, the much loved late pub- Note — General MacArthur did the existence of the youll-take- - ,. .. . . _„„,„. • At every "lookout" I saw cars fom ever>-\vhere— Usher of the Raleigh, N. C., News the same thing on a larger scale what-we-got-and-like-it restaur- u " e ver -y "S^, one verj-aarK, one from Illinois, Nebraska, Florida} Michigan, New and Observer; 2nd, the late Dwight in December, 1950, after his ant ^Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Texas and Caiif- Morrow ... O'Dwyer learned to disastrous defeat in North Korea. ornia. speak a little Spanish at the Irish Re upped the estimate of enemy .,.. -_. tT u^p_ _ f p^fFno- ^ar^ in , A couple who had just come in from California told seminary in Salamanca, Spain, troops to half a million men, and . - nuuiuer OL wun«,. ^.<u.^ • u me in crossing the Sierra Nevadas they had trouble when he studied to be a priest, has the next day increased it to a mil- New York r it getting through the snow—and here were all those now polished it up, and makes pub- lion, .flowers and the bright spring sunshine- There were three waitresses very red ? naturally—and they pad- I wouldn't even begin to estimate f ^ around in long black^cassocks looking like fugitives . from an Addanis cartoon. Everybody here Yet, I think I have all the cobwebs out of my .^brain now. And I hope my wife has them out of the attic. Grab Bag Of Easy Knowledge^ runs, of course, into knows how I distrust a home the thousands upon thousands and where pepper mills are used, don't they range ail the way from El Morocco, "where you can get gum- brought a pepper mill to my tab- bo with your samba, to the Bow-" le, laying it down;reverently. Mat- dark garden full of rusty iron furniture, .drooping trees and a couple more statues, one of a small boy named Samuel. I got through "the meal" finally—it cost four bucks and my stomach kept sending up polite inquiries as to where was the rest they? Well, the very light waitress O f the food. styles.. Merchants should realize that -their'- 1 best shown by their adaptability. In fact fK est profits come from change. Most bu'sint., ures are due to an unwillingness to change lai BEAUTY AND AC1UEVE5IENT AVHAT THEN caused the swing from a Urn* I women were doing only drudgery. It wa^th of chivalry, brought about by gracious livjJ more courteous manners. Troubadours nL women on the basis of youth and .physical 'bed not for ability or achievement. More changes came about. The -Industrial lutic-n found women entering factories" ana seeking freedom. Political revolutions in Euro"] America emphasized "liberty and equalitv" $ again discovered they could not depend beauty to ; develop careers or to vote! WHAT OF THE FUTURE WOMEN HAVE again found that their intl are not confined within four..walls of thai hi Florence Nightingale and Jane Addams ha modern counterparts in every area of pu home life. Many women r.o\\- skillfully, business careers with homemakiny. This !• ^ by the fact that while women in industry] increased, nearly 4,000,000 babies are being] annually! - i Services of women are needed in every jfcsj modern <Iife. To hold their present posit'os,] ever, women need much more physical, political and economic education. At this tury mark, women now stand as equal of men; but how long will nien..permit,'it? on past history, women are now enjoyhgi peak of freedom. The untrained are n<m another period of drudgery or unemploj'nieii In The Lyons Den By Leonard if ATTORNEY GENERAL McGranery.ha ord department to bring denaturalization proe* ' against nortorious gangsters who might nm\ misstatemertts in their applications for . . . Johnnie Ray, who was content vrit fee for 'appearing in the Columbia movie Night At Eddie Condon's" no\v.'is.askisg. to do a movie . . . The networks have Eisenhower's headquarters that they v broadcast and telecast a reenactment of eral's press conference of June 5. The cert sist on a live program, simultaneously ' coverage by the-press. •BEATRICE XILLTE will return from June 24 to start a ssv-week tour of summer i in "An Evening With B?a Lillie." Shell ' ported by Reginald Gardiner ... An ei-p man linked to Red activities 5s sp*ndinr of hLs time- these davs before the State Crime< mission . . . Tony Farrell, the --show prodw bidding for the Flo Zipgfeld estate in Hasts? When Perle Mesta arrived at the \\"hite »=UK| week, for her fir>,t visit with Mr. Truma her return from Luxembourg Matt Conner ered her into the President's-'office. He the door and unnounced her: '"Jliss £"" man." HOR! Out through the dark hallway I walked, still looking for Truman cry joints where you can pick up ter of, fact, everything was done Capote,' and I made«a beelinc for _ _ ff _ __.> T_ T .*•_ 1 ~ ,tj^' ^AVfAT-ftT* T I** rt CT\£^r»J Oll*^ Kl-i i-i. -r*Y"A_ * ' Success Secrets The Answer, Quick! 1. In literature, who \vere Cob- studied acting A Central Press Feature North Wales, on Dec. IS, 1925. She coffee, soup and bread for cents. 15 so reverently, especially the pre- ANNA ROSENBERG, the asst secretary ,J«j \vill receive an honorary degree from CO'UE- versity . . . The Adenauer government -".as * ed that the transmitters of the Voice-c and Radio Free Europe be-moved froffl OU AtiTttt-ilLav ^£3LJt^iCL»lV VliC (Ji *~ * r»-il ^t /tlLU JTW1UKJ JC 1 CC liJl.iAV/M^ »^t; ••'— • . . -. sentation before me'.bf the food, ^ °-^" ^ Avenue, call- many . ^ n , w broadcasting hcadquaj^ When you have that many bean- that I felt as if I were taking and ballet, and eries studing a town/some of partin the^Wack.mass, them have to be a little offbeat solid _- __ j 1 1 /I 1 -*•*! *t*.^A bkl.^44. t p Vli *.».Vy 1» ^_t ^ By timer Wheeler web, Moth and Mustardseed? . starred in "Dr. O'Dowd" in Engr- „,. ,. - ,, „ 2. How is Maurice Maeterlinck lend. "Salute John Citizen" was a f e ,/ et / ?' ^ ^ SOSIE TIME back, the Junior Chamber of Com- associated with the color blue? British film, and she appeared on handful of P laces where ^^e are merce in SL Louis set out to find the answer to a 3. Can you supply the name of the English stage in "Junior Miss." no Bumus. very interesting question—"How to make a million tne missing word—"in field From 1S43 her pictures include I must admit I had a choice in appetizers. They offered me avocado, mussels or snails. I skipped that with a slight shudder, so . . , ,_ .without asking the girl brought This is not the result of poverty, vme a cup o£ onion soup, which I dollars." the popples grow"? "English Without Tears," "Wei- as would seem the obvious/but the detest •They didn't interview millionaires—but young fei- - 4 \vhat familiar phrase is sug- come Mr. Washington" and "The result of an over-dose of chic. It She disaDDeared in smokp hpfore 16W3—men under 42 who gave signs of being oh the g est ed by this sentence, "A spark Late George Apley." More recent has- become the thing to :do, in x C0ll i d tell her no toanks sn 1 way up. All the men interviewed made between S10,- Jn a skiUet " ? p I c t u r c s ' 'are "Enchantment New York, when you- are drying J^^J mun^ed French bread COO end S50 000 per year. 5 . What other place do you as- "Green Grass of Wyoming," "Her to imprest doll or yourvisitin| gj ter^SrP^urSue Besides the old provcros about hard work and sociate wit h Sodom and : ? Man Gilbey," "Deadly is the Fe- cousin from Fort Wayne, to take luS t * iY1 ™? picturesque. male." "If This Be Sin" end her to an ultra-smart little spot ed Chinatown Charlie's. You can say what you want about those chop suey places, but whatever it is they serve, there's lots of it. And it doesn't cost four bucks. Looking Backward From The Sun Files FIVE TEARS AGO in Lisbon . . . Last week one of ; known museums had only one vis —Marcus Goodrich, the novelist ana esJ*4.; •persistency, these men came up with some answers I think *vcrth passing along:. All of them were men who knew \vhere they Happy Birthday Alfred . Kazin r 'critic: William ii -LIU& x»e ^n turn aer LO an ui^a-ainart ULUC s^i^ HI s he finallv set before mp a. . -^ "Operation -X." What is her name? where the waiter saunters ever, _ JflJ' ** ^.^S^" 2 ticm Bcom: Truiran new wnere uiey ^Aiirea. -«A«n r ;cnuc:. u imam 2 -This Democratic senator looks at you menacingly and asks r h 1~T "£t 7" s, then dia some- Boyd, actorg Eddie Joost,. and Lou from Missouri was born ilt S t. "How will you have your steak" this I mobed. . . . . . Bnsaie, big" league baseball play- Lo Uis on Junc 25. 1903. He_ was . ^ ^ ^ . .... r_.v A T^rn vrnvr *s£s2 wanted to go—charted their course thing constructive about it. Brisaie, big' league baseball play They all had the same aggressive attitude about e rs, and Marion promotions. They didn't s\i back and wait.for somebody to promote them-. . . they took initiative into eating birthday cakes, their own, hands. The way to get a raise, they said, _ r was not to ask for more money, but to ask for more Watch^*ur_Languagre responsibility. The way to get a better job is to start doing a better job. bar 3926, was assistant circuit attor- ..,.. , _ t ., if , not TODAY'S HEADLINES: Building overfilling, and it costs less-un- p ermi£s Indica te Home .Coiwtrac- small half of a small chicken. At CourTln" Hungry* Terrible OuS rage.' It does no good to protest feeb- A BIG.KIND of sideboard et one Mrs. L. F. Seigler and daughters, r that you want breast of "chicken "? n <3 of the room held all kinds of Martha Josephine and Erma Leo- or ham cutlets; you are going to ethereal dainties—mounds of eggs, la, of Freepbrt, Fla.; and Mrs. E. MOST,OF THE other film l?^°"!rJ'*SffL «.Sfj. **1 get steak, by the eternal, end you a bowl of lemons, a dish of snail*! G. Purvis and sons,' Murel and panic was on at Paramount, he be no panic when there arc only seven i . . . One of the major li<i" fir ^^^ the-Alcohol Tax Unit's law Avhich Pfrom using women models m this law women may pose only ads, but not for liquor ads - . plays for coins outside of JLmdy ^ Tiis night's work by playinp the i member of sccved in the Nav y to pay $7 a slice for, it: a mountain of onions, a cocoanut Troy of Crowley," La., have return the extent of allowing you to . - SEN. TAFT told one of nis friends open. To uncover; to lay open or *"'j"^'"* "; honorahlP dti^areft selcct eithcr Fren ch of Russian apothecary jars. I looked through Purvis. Tl'.esc fellows have, proven that success is largely expose to vie*-; to expose; also to ^ f ^ * p r i v a°e prarSce. He^v?as Dressing for your slad, but you in yoar o-ATt hands. Nothing ever "happens.' 1 You've reveal; to make known. Origin: ,-„„..., _ *!,".. T T _f f ^^ cj ra ,,,^ <=«-, finish up \vith demi-tasse and got tormake it "happen" "fay taking the bull by the From present stem of Old French Jte te ^53 ^? S h?? ^ (Names at bottom of column). and an espresso coffee machine. ed to their homes after a month's progress of the campaign: i . ^^,: There even were a couple of visit here with Mr. and Mrs. Art mistake. But now the injEign^s. ^ fi — Desclorc, clauderc. from Latin— Dis- blue cheese and crackers for dessert no matter what you may have had in mind. Your Future Investigate time and effort-sav- LAST NIGHT I caught up with ml - iorns and;initiate action in your own behalf. i Look '. at your own hands now. Ask yourself^what you are doing to further dreams. _. T _ »«,,-• You can let your future drift or, you can shape it It_Happened Today lnto_ S OTncthin| positive and concrete. The "makings" -««9 ^S^ British bitUeshio in ^ eq ui P mc "t to spare annoy- the cremc de creme of these pla- wrc «. each of us. bet it's «p to each of us to work sgned 191^ *£ tj sh b «d^»P ance . Finances should improve and C es; it was a little downstairs cafe .with^hat we have. _ nSn^ff the oSney's, SciS,? to difficulties be saeeessfuQy over- in East 58th street that was *bi ; World War I, with Lord Herbert come . !n . the com:n g months.- An solutely so precious it was pain- J - r ,News«iteni tells of a Pennsylvania bloodhound Kitchener aboard. 1918—In World optimistic nature and! a suriny f u i. -•which got hopelessly lost in the woods while trail- War I, the Battle of Aisne ended. °^n^°K ^ ° r ' The <3ecor, to" begin with, was grifi4f : ing: an escaped prisoner. It's doing the unexpected Sff "'~-*~ that gets you on the front page! The Baytown Sun T Inc^ at Pearce and Ashkel in Baytown, Texas Fred Hartman v Editor and Publisho Syd S, Gould *...Advertising Managei Beulah Mae Jackson... * ...Office Manage: Warren ^ B^iwards - \tanaging Editor . Subscription Rates *. . . By Carrier—51-CO Month; §12 .Year - AH mail stsbsaripttoiis are payable in advaficp. ':, By MaS— Month $1.00; S Months |l9p; 6 Months K|;J,- ;^r $5.75;./Year $11~8&, Armetl Service? >75c Month ^|4 ., KatiOEal Representative; Texas Daily Press League Entered as aeconot-class matter at th* ^S"i " ; ->-- - Baytown, .Texas, Postolfice.tinder the ~ .of Gongreas of March 3, born on this date over any Folks of Fame—Guess The Name possible ro.igh spots. pure southern decedent. I expected to see Blanche duBois emerge triu- Jt's Be«n Said ' mphantly from the test room (coy- A traveler at Sparta, standing Iy labeled "water closet," as if the long upon one leg, said to a Lace-- world had stood still these hund- daemonian, "I do not believe you red years), or to behold"Truman can do as much.™ "True,'" said hc» Capote peering around a piece of "but every goose can."—Plutarch, statuary like the elf he is. .. - HowM icu .Wake Out? " The P ]ace was l° adc <* with'sta- I. They were fairies in William tuar y- lfc was a gJoomy,-tiny:litUe Shakespeare's "Midsummer Nights' room containing a half-dozen mar- , Dream," " ' • ble-top tables and in the center - 2. "The Blue Bird," his opera, stood a marble maiden resembling. , 3. Flanders, "from the poem by the-..White Rock girl, holding a Col. John McCrae. . " seaVheU to her ear and labeled , 4. A flash in the gan. - - enfgmatically et the base **Mc-' 5. Gomorrah,-the kicked cities Bndc," which led me to believe-, destroyed by Jehovah. she. was a onetime clerk at.Mc- I-_-Vhis" talented yo-Jiig screen 1—Peggy-Cummins, 2—Senator Bride's theater ticket agency-who actress was born in Prestatyn, Thomas C. Hennings. . turned to stone m the act of try- AVW~-KM--rVE INVESTED /3OO IM THE PAIR Or CHINCHILLAS THE EARL HAS/— - - - -THEY HAVE ABOUT TEN YOUNiG ONES A YEAR., AND , IT VvONT BE LO^G BEFORE V/ELL HAVE A SIZABLE HERD "AND MAKE A FABULOUS FORTUNE FROM THEIR. ''PRECIOUS PELTS I YOUUE ALWAYS ON TH'LOOKOUT TOR. AMIAAALS AWD POULTRY TO SUPPORT YOU !N TH' GRAND MAMHER.V ----v/HE^'WE FIRST" MET, 'YOU HADAN IDEA FDR. A CROSSBREED CHICKEM AND OWL,TO LW EGGS DAY AWD NIGHTS good shape" . . . Some of the foaiut ^: questionnaire of the. State-Cnweco^ —Sy Gene Ahem "I* the last six years, how "aC^,^ - in restaurants? How much ,or grw- ^ .«r.« have you given to your church. •'• last week Margaret Truman ^Jrjr^ „ derful? Six months'more, and i» "; ^ Its3 thing I please about any P°Y. u . c 'r?,~ltior.*l" sadegh, the Johnny Ray of inie P hn HSJ- hopes to visit us again soon . - • ' made "The African Queen, :s for his .courage, in making a" a 3 STARTED AT 2O \VTTH - TRAINED FLEAS- JACKIE ROBIN-SOX is to handle community projects era! Manager Ted Cott. who watched him hit a douW« said: "Boy, can those severs at the trial of damaging an item, of fendant^ Albert Lanm brings mflk into the whenever he's distressed e* . -<•#*' vvnciie>er iic» \i»3»«»--—— », hjg C" 1 " i asked It the new trend towara- ^5^ films indicates the end of sew . ^«« wood. «No," he said. "I predict t* THE STORY is told of ' Madison Square Garden. form and? from «««* Scont began to wigwag his on the platform jotted do^vn nailed, letter by letter. The drums and the Warinp «f gan to read, the message, Scouts of America,r he said, ^

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