Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on September 26, 1935 · Page 8
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 8

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 26, 1935
Page 8
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HOGS AND HIDES •ytm ever put yeuf team to work? Here is a prob- *"" ghSffiJel' flie dttiei- day. The shopper Was jaw was ttot saying anything good about jftf hotf itteat, wa>» not in any mood to argue. "Well," ftfcfced the bacon rind/ in the box of refuse pifrtf, "We buy bacon rind attd all. You- buy Theft you wonder Why bacon is so high." >s that hogs have to have something to keep ftfdlft falling apart. A porker without a. hide look gretty — if there is such a thing as a og — 0nd the packers naturally conclude that fe gpes With the meat when they fill an order fe 'HicktoWh amrket. e clefk Who does the meat buying should order the flacking house should "please take off the before sending the slab, the order filler at the d .of the transaction would consigned the Hick- to the bug house. this being absolutely so, why throw away the S not the hometown purchaser entitled to the e knows belongs to the particular piece of hog she By all the gods in pigheaven why cheat the out of £he encasement in which the good Lord piece the hog meat! On- the other hand, what's to hinder the customer midirtg that the hide go with the hog! the customer buy the bacon with or Without AtfSTlN, Sept. 26 (/*>)— Ernest Thompson, chairman of the oad commlsslphj ; Is quick at repar- ie. ifls thrusts enliyfehttiahy 'Hull sap -wo)*ds, does the hog go with the hide ! the hide goes With the hog, then the hide 'should foe ruthlessly cast aside. But if the firice of 'the h'idte is not included in the bacon bought by the customer, then the meat -|hB > party of the first part, should do as hfe sees tH~e shuck he shears off the porker that was the 'fate at the hands of the butcher. fytfbs ^ e c ft s !?) fee hog should be weighed hide hide off and the customer be given the hide off the scales. Or if the purchaser is a maker of f?, 1 ? hide should be thrown in for the sake of "But/' said ; $ie innocent bystander, who" was hoping: I, to be nejd;, "Why ixot buy the 'bacon Alab -with the rind Ion and! do^thje carving at home. The rind might be used for seasoning' the p,ot , of beans or the .dish of cabbage or .the baf>y mijght che,>v the rind in case of teething." , But, alas> ,'fruying a whole Slab of bacon -is for rich [folks. Poor foilcs .can/nOt affor-d even- the rind that the erk throws under the. counter in the scrap box. ;So ? - after all, we have used a lot of space and settled oithyjg. ,,^nd that is the way it is in everything in this ap|ijjie, age when we would rather buy machine sliced |?bac"6n than use the butcher knife in the privacy of the Ithome,. where the head of the house intimates that the f' cook'; has .been using the blade as an instrument with to chop wood, or pare her corns. — Higgins News. ttfecehtly the refires#itattye of a ig gas ctthpMy ^as e^aifelng hy It needed a biggef outlet for its as. "Are you talking about sWeet gas r spur gas?" 'rftifttttps'ori ^Skcd. "Sour gas," the attorney 'itejilied. "5f-'oti mean it's sovtr • "on your ands," Thompson shap'bed. for perhaps the first tlrne, Wuse (embers recently broke up a pro- cted executive committee heating. A majority of a comniittefe which xonerated J. B. KtclC>6nald, com- ilssloner of agriculture, of ' charges f official miaconduct' sough' t to con- der a report behllid closed doors. p one aisle and down aiiother ep. Pat Dwyer of San Antonio narched solemnly. Behind him rooped a dozen members arid p"ress drresponderits. Into a committee room and oUt gain Dwyer hurried, then back up he aisle and Into other rooms. His scort followed closely. "Idsten, gentlemen," Dwyer fin- lly protested, hand upraised, "notH- ng is going to happen. All we want s a little executive session to talk lings over." "We want to hear it," chorused he members. "We might miss some- hing." Finally Dwyer gave It up and in- ited everyone into a commHtee •o6m. The outcome was a demand by he majority composed of Dwyer H, Good of Gooper 'arid liebnar'S Westfall ofAspermont, for an audi- or's report on the Investigation vhich they claimed had not been iveri them by the chairman, E. B lunter of Cleburne. Attorney General McCraw, who ns dealt with oil in many legal attles, had it presented in a new orm recently. Employes of his departmeht gave im a life-size painting 'of himself The portrait was by Oscar Knute- on, a brother-in-law of Assistant Attorney General^ W. J. Holt, FIRST FOB SHERMAN SHEB.3VTAN", Sept. 26. (/P)— Carol Wenzel, 10-year-old daughter of Mr n'd Mrs. D. P; Wenzelj died today if injuries received when knocked BOOTS AND ftER BUDDIES THE NEW DEAL IN WASHINGTON WILLIS THORNTON NEA Service Staff Correspondent W^iSjEJJN.G-TON.—Xn a rather quiet way, something |'ihappenedi ! :tii.e other night which may have far-reaching '•§ -T?he American Federation of Government Employes I Slid ;^n : aniendment intov its constitution. This empowers the AFGE to organize air city, county, and state em- ployes throughout the country. » Thjs ha'ss never before. Since there are estimated to be perhaps 4,0,00,6,00 such employes, you canf-isjee 'th^t.^the : possi.bili.ties are without limit. If successful, this move might well create an organization so /strong- as to have-a definite direct influence on government itself. ; Since 1932, when the AFGE was established, there i have been 4wo union organizations competing for the 71,7,712 empioyes now, on the federal .payroll. ,Th;e National Federation• of Federal Employes is the | rolder, founded in 1918. it : claims 44,000 : niembers. ?l?he A\FGE, sliai'ted* in -19S2 with American Federation of La : bor'baclcing, 'has something more than 20,000 •members. • :-*fi^*l*i|g<iC!" Be"t\v6en the two, with some 65,000 members, they have .gii<S"o;eBde.d in organising fewer ithan 1 ! 0' percent of the federal government workers. There is gracing bit- terneKs' between "the 6wo brgani^at\pns, and .recent proposals to.-merge ilthem were turned .down with fierce decision. -.:••. ***'*' ' But now the AFGE turns from the purely-federal fiel^^o -$1' employes of all governments, ,lQca ; l ,as .well as nataj^rtftl.'If it ^succeeds in building a broad national or- garti«ftiipni among them all, it wouldi be by long odds the greatest "white collar" labor organization, and 1 would command great influence. That influenee could be for good or evil, according to the leadership. It could, for instance, be a strong influence against the spoils'system ;and local corruption. And it.could also build up ihe "vested interest" ,of ; gpvernment employes in their jobs to the point where reduction and economies in government payrolls would be forever impossible. * * * * You read about the impressive tributes to Genera! Pershinjr -in JEyrQpe on-the occasion of his 75th birthday recently, *Bu,t you didn't see the .informal greetings that came flooding -into his ,offjce at the War Department. ' Yesi"the general still keeps an office there, a. big ,Ql<y;as.Wpned room with a sign above the door which •"•""-', "^Tflie ''General of the Armies." '" ' of those greetings were really touching, c.heap "tar rjpstcar-dB with a spot of -blue jibbofl 1 , "ke $ a 'mother who has a son-in the service ( in the """ ortSh'e letter: "Ten years ago you had your „ at Bahia, -Blanco, Argentine, holding a v ,arms,, Since my birthday »fa}ls on ithe same ,9, 1 want to fend ypuibest wishes. , . , I atn pf 't^t picture and also uof the pne of you 4pgethev by 'G*Pt. George E 3, who has .served as the general's of 1916, eat CAPITOL JIGSAW «y HOWAtttt 0. MAftStiAli • • ' -•' «*«j* dttLMOHl! M. Ktttffi, Q«n. imii lS"15e IS ft' ft a OP fSB ASSOOUTKb PftfiSS,—SHfil tJfttttt Wtrt. The tittedftd'ttife Uflfc for publication jjf sfi.&Wrt dlftpatthfeft credited ^ . d'ftiw thsJoteal n**« pUfriteSed hweifl. All flghto' ftp m«ft^ft cuflO^ ftio* jnSflcivfici* matte* MATO& II, 1»«, ft! th* poetofflc* tt' Wto}*,, ,11 to relieve, 'ISGolf teacher. 14 .Song for one yolce, 16 Cantaloupe. |16 Racetradk ' circuit 17 Company. 19Mfeasares of ' cloth. !20Ijost color, . 21 Norse '||, •22 Pan of a-'4 I window. "'' 23 Egg dishes. 27 Measure of I area. 28 To entangle. 268.1416. 30 Prefigured. 1 33 Toward. 34'C6ltr slit. ... 36Bird, ,40 Silk fiber. mm 42 Ssmskrlt 45 Bltick ImWB. 47Age\. 48DeiioUng final purpose. 49 Toward sea. 50 ExcaWated; Bl'RegltJH. C2 It is located irt •—"r-• 63 BeloW it Is the Frfencii Tomb Unknown "-—• (pi.). 20 Obese. 22 Skins. 24 insane. 26 Firtl woman* 26'F/eld. 27Reftdy. 31 Sbr'lte. 32'De&lt oUt sctfntliy. 35 2 Roll of film, 3 To telephone. 4 Beast's home. 5 -To exchange. C tasso. 7 Hops kiln, i SCtfeatei 4 Ih number. 9 To trudge. 10 Cowl. tt> wlh'gs. 38'Rofe'sKrUb .family. SOdharp. 41-Star6h. • 42 Pairy. 43 On the lee, 44 Prevaricator. 4fi Membranous bag. 48 Small child. from her bicycle yesterday, becoming the first automobile fatality of the year for Sherman. The child was going home from "a music lesson when the accident occurred, .'. *' : HE 'CHOOSED,' THEY RAN ; OKLAHOMA CITY (/P)—Blind 'Senator T. P. Gore, who plans to run next year to sUcceed' himself "watched" the horse races at the Oklahoma State fair, arid incidentally picked a couple of Wihhers. ... _ _ BtTBSCMPTIOM ttATES Or TBTB PAMPA DAILY NCWSi * '" '"*' 'tf ' / * ft* ft* ...... $3.10 Our Moath .... N0*toft~it<j»'fl« the IntiSltiBtt 6t ttdri«!*Bl>apM to cast ftrflectKm J»B<fc -<_,- -, . mflwlflgiy flbd if through efcxrfiti nHdUJd, tift taaaageffient will aftttedaw tahtog. ttti de,' and Vrtll gladly and fuity correct any •rroneoua statement Bdade. ' ( . ^. OUT0DRWAY Use Dally News classified ads. ,SE6 ? 1 CAU'T L£AWe VOU . } AL.OMB TO DO WOTHIN'. / • HOW WILL, you FIT . 1M TNER6/WITH' YW' TUB BRIMMINJ' PULL? f WMERfi'S TW' WA*fER dO)W/,_ O 1 COUC2SE, IP IT WA^ VOUR BRAIRIS <3OIM' T^eee, IT' WOLJLDM' A BIT O' sit nt t"- «: ,4 v ocr IM A \T \ 1 ESI. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS _ —Y^ WHAT D'YA MEAN >bU J—J AIMT GOKINA DATE ME TONIGHT ? I THOUGHT ^rtXj PROMISED ID GO ID A MOVIE WITH ME .'/ CRASH.-itU MIGHT AS WELL KWO\V....WOTA SINGLE GIRL IN SCHOOL WILL' DATE A IR30TBALL PLAYER ] UNTIL THE TEAM GETS DOWN TO BUSINESS ,'.' ON LAST YEAR'S LAURELS, AND WE GIRLS HAVE BANDED TOGETHER TO MAKE SHAD/SIDES FOOTBALL WAKE UP// yy/ELL, ; \WHlP^E WITH AN-.EQG'BEATER,IF TfW'lSNT'SOMEP' I'LL BE AT "TOUR HOUSE AT SEVEN X EMILY !f IN/ r/f AW, ODME ON, EMIUY, S WELL, IF 1t>U COME TO jtXJ KNOW IVE ALWAYS J HOUSE TONIGHT, rjX$j 'BEEN THET GOAL pF f < MV FATHER KIGJC A' YOUR AMBJTIONS // J GOAL f GOODf-aV, M , CRASH // y^\l irj THE NEWFANGLES Pop) Winner 51 « HOS5 OF 'M YIP-EEE .' AH'LL\ ( BEVENUER WINS.// ON"T6t WEfclMcl' \[ KNQwlDWOWWJWB TA I IrtifAMrv 6 !.!!; Ill At.I. tA/AC* TjlY IVff QL 'HOBS stepp&o OUT AN' . kNI ' BSDUWB.BOT ),NEVER ,TB »T "****- ^* _dW&f>i igmsiwiy. 9>i T.ii^io g<8 l WT.pF,r, OOP NOW THAJ ,P f EACg AC-AIM REIGNS IKJ MOO-AI^ 1 WAR W GRIEF ARS DONE AW THROU6HyIFJMp, f ^^&& ' AGAIN i'TT p«fi« LAP/ ASA PAl,, H&fU4e WAS swELtrir>seWs,pw IN

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