The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on April 29, 1970 · Page 4
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 4

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 29, 1970
Page 4
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THK MlAXOOPOMT FACTS, FKtftMt, TMM, Wc*mt4ay, April ».l»7». Section I. P»*f 4 WANT TO SAVE MONEY? Small appliances prove boon to homemaker's budget •LENDER AND ELECTRIC SKILLET cookery were demonstrated Monday as part of the first adult consumer buying class held at Brazoswood. Money-saving and time-saving hints were presented by Mrs. Cecilia Baker, homemaking teacher. wor 10* covered skillet and qt. covered baking dish. Both go straight from the kitchen to the table. 65% polyeitci. 35<$ cotton Wend. With Criprwr* froirt dosing; patch pockrls, 12 to 20, S-W-T-M Enjoy 2-in-l comfort from waist to toe. In proportioned sizes; 8« to "" C«Mr*M> leather-look album holdt 32 snapshots in cUar rwckrti (H to a naRc, back to back). No tagging, no sagging proportioned stockings. 8!i to JlJi. Fashion shades. S<-lf-.idhe*iYc pagei! Elfininatet jw»te and comets. JU"*10» ovi-rall. Cjeat value! MUO WORTH OF MERCHANDISE OTHER'S DAY it tun* t* *i»«iit la jmv IM*I VMlMrtk il*/« MAW an tfl H coumru •> MAI i. nit Co ev^o'u-hxTf wiidal with livt-J; but-klf or Mack. Siw-» 5 to 10. M NMCUU MCIUUV • HIUU Mil Ml H »«IWI S^wvvffiB Itdiien nott: Mr« Oeilii ««l i itri.t ol •dull eUmi on (OMumtr buylnf *nd (tow to. II ml «l«. «l ItMt icwt « l«w »«lnu in th< b«tii« ol IM bwlitl. Cl«nn kitin Mwi«iy. Th« twt rrmimtnt onet »r« It! lor Thur«4«v >nd Morion >l 10 )» • m. In ••am 111 • •) • rtltlwMd Mi»H Ichool A r«J«rt on lh» Mond«t »««li«n l» b«t«w, »«<ounH «l lh« olhm will b« ««"•(»« on In* womtn'* »»««» ol Int Mcll m "«»«« '« P»« •» «»»• monry-iAvtna, biMftftt-lwlpln* Mot lo our f**d*'* ) H.vl>KI-:.Mi-n.llK,V\Y The small npplinncc can be listed high on I ho homemnkrr's list of cook's helpers by saving her time, effort find money -provided she knows what applinncc to buy niul how lo use it nfler she gets it home Mrs. Cecilw Haker U'gan the first of her st'rles of three iidull classes in consumer linyim 1 l>v |viviint' «>me guides to the purchase nnd use of three npphnncrs, the blender, electric skillet mid rleelric knife. The blender is — or should bt- Mrs linker feels, Ihe homemaker's favorite tool "Most people have one but they use it only to mix drinks." A purlin) list of uses she told the class ubout. or dcmonstruteil, were: — I. Any chopping, grating or grinding task —a. Make sour cream from cottage cheese, sasmg mil only cash but calories. Add two tablespoons milk, om 1 Inblntpoun lemon juice to blender, Aikl one cup collage cheese, one fourth teiispounsult and blend until c\niMst<incy of sour cream - :l Cirmd fresh coffee lieans are generally priced, at Ihe supermarket, well below ready-ground colfw. Also, she iiiid. il takes less per cup of frt-sli gfotmd cuffcv atKl the result liuites much better. -1 Make powdcrctl sugar JuM add grunuLited >ugar lo the blender, bli'inl unlil powdery Agiili). there is a money- savings and the twineinaker does not have lo keep another spocuil product on luuul -- 5. Make buttered tin-ail crumbs Huuer one slice ol bread and blend until texture wanied —6. To make a really amaf ing gelatine dessert in mtmiu-s 1'lact' one cup boiling water in blender. add two Ihrtf-ouinT packages of (run-flavored gelatine, cover, blend on low »nevd until mixed Add two cups crushed ice, blend on high *j*-rd until ice is hquif led ami blender is ami to the lunch 1'our into a bowl, lei set a firv, minutes and then fold into u tresh, canned or frozen fruil lhat ha> IKX-II well draux-d l.el M-I a lew minutes more and serve ('Hits reporter tried out this dish and u really works .She had cfc.ssert ready fur her family in less than lo minute* > Mrs. Baker stressed that the liquid m any recipe should bv placed in the blender KlltST. then the dry inttretiients ackk-d Also, fotxl to be chopped should IK- placed in water, anil then blended. "Water doesn't hurl anything, am) it helps Ih* 1 blender du a tn'tler job," she said What to lock for when buying .1 blender* — I, Une lhat has a tugh speed and a !</* speed An> im>r<- speeds are not really necessary, she (eels and rxlr.i apvnU to*! more —2 What type of bowl it tus Krex i.s preferred. pUistic IMS J tendency to warp —U Can attachments be used «ith it iuch .is an icr crmher ' Attachments cost les^ than .1 separate appliance would ~-t Is it sturdy and docs it stand still wheft in opera turn'' Witness leader in BP appearance E. U. Brandt. Texas supervisor of Jehovah's witnesses, arrived Tuesday to begin special activities at Clute Kingdom Hall and Brazosport High School as well as in many private homes throughout the area. Brandt is based at Jehovah's witnesses' world headquarters in Brooklyn. N.Y., and he is a native o( (tiiladelphia, Pcnn For 35 years he has been a serious student of the Bible, and he entered the full-time ministry of Jehovah'* witnesses 18 years ago He graduated from Watchtower Bible School of Gilead in New York. August. 1957. His assignments have included supervisory ministries in New York City and 19 Stales in Ihe West Coast. Southwest, Southeast and Midwest Currently he supervises 200 congregations in rnosl of Texas. His duties include oversight of conventions as well as private visitation in homes of Witnesses and persons of all other religious faiths. All this week he will visit with local ministers in the house-to-house ministry, which he says is patterned after the Apostles' activities described in the Bible. Tuesday night, at Kingdom Hall. 104 Hargett St., Clute, Mr. Brandt spoke to local Jehovah's witnesses. Tonight h«' uill show thv film "Around the World With Jehovah's Wiiiw"*.»«» " Kach morning he will lead mmuirr* aixi Uililr students in the home visitation ministry' ami m visiting local txutncMca to encourage home Bible itudy Friday evening at 6 45 p m Hranclt will b*'gm sessions for the three-day Bible sludy conference al Uraiosporl High Schoul, and will givr the keynote address Sunday at } p.m. he will give the fealurrd discourse "Withstanding the Pressures of Our Day " The public is invited to all o( Brandt's meetings thu week K. It. BRANDT Trxat Suprrvlior by Cutrtin liulhcri / A lru« orf|ltul FAR MORE THAN A GIFT More than a gift. The Mother's Ring stands for her own memories... her marriage, her family, her happiness. Custom crafted to highest standards of quality, it kindles the warm-hearted thought that a mother's love is a many splendored thing! Iht nimt il itfiittied The drfifn I) pjlentrtf PLACE VnuR OROiN HOW THHU MAY »TM HARP JEWELRY II5A X. FAKKINU I'L. LAKE JACKSON THIS MNOW'ICH SI'HKAO can tx- w-hlpped up tn sfCoinU In a blender ami was part of the fir«t Inuiun in aduli consumer buying at Hratunuotxl Oprti in any inlcreittetl woman. Ihe *c\*«nd couror. oft inritU ami meal (xjvlng i« »r( for Tluii-wlj) j| in it) a m in lti«)in 118 II. |lra/iMv%i»xl HlghS«-|»Ait Mrs tlakrf will rvoituitut .ill) ami btHtgcl i!i%)i<-> 5 H«« l«*ig «k»e» the guarantw Am"" (!<• >ur«- U< .HI> guarantee and chevk wtuilll tw»ln»ay , »hr stu-vsrtl The skillet, once used Jiist for frying <ml> , h*>» aU-". M»> ILiXiT >;inl Iwi'iMiif one of \)»- inonl vrr'Jtllf I'.->U in ihr She said a skillet can IK* UM-V) lu t'i«))i in<-Jt loaf. (><x n».i»!» st'^s. t«kc chii-Vrns l>,ikr rr«>il> pft-p»itcil J«.( pim UtKr caki-s gingrrbreails. etc . heallfcthy d*vi lukrljruiit. |*n>t»eti .if, 1 ! if i .iii •"* *-ti L*- usi-U iis ,t t»r I-M»*I rt a( si,\-t Mrs lUikvr mixrtl jiid tMki-*.i .1 fywx'i't.iU- c.ikr iii sKillrl PH.- rttn*' is al tlKerat uf this At In !<• Wtul In k»* lor l/» an rleelric tktllrl'' I IK* 1 * II have .» high ikmwtl litl' Tin- hi glut Ui t»'c.i<K« M (hr mutt- thii^s I! ca n !«• uivtl !<<f .' l>v«rs u Ivivr » vritt in (1»- li<P A IK»-s it lu\ e tuirall«-s *wi t>*j<h »ul<"s " Ttufe in .ikr* i\ r.irr>. stuitiu-r .<iui niufr jtlr jttf,«- ^ Itnw long ti 11*- guji.utfrv" .'> \Miat S(M(W i» it 1 A s<|uj:r «}uj|«- t jn IvuM i-.vot PTA bazaar » proceeds to scholarship \M,M.TON - Tlw > o u < h i < tlr I* a f c II I Trjilwr » A».»n *'il Iw»W a l**iij*t <*; Ttw^'lj) it ay j (nuti !> |> n> '.» " p m 41 If* W ,\ > jkr Is I! i'»lss Iti cir.l!l' »•!«•»: if ic Skluli- v'jit i-ilk*- * Jiwvk (ur iJi ,tn ri t: ar.-l U>rthdv>> to M \IU KN K HK.t.M MS KK\T liAHV UKI.I.S KUU\KC.\V Friendship class .\\(il,KTUN ~ Mr» llrlcn Tarnicr prr»cntrd a j>ro|(ram CKI "llralth and The Human Hody" at tht? recent mcr<m|f o( the Krlrndihip CUt.t o< the Kirst tUplUt Church brld m the liofjic of ,Mr» t' K INTRODUCING WARDS ELECTRONIC OVEN! FREE DEMONSTRATION! THURSDAY, APRIL 30TH 9:00 A.M. TO 5:30 P.M. ELECTRONIC COOKING IS FASTI KUYMK ut . :i MIN I', I tt IIIMX t \IIN I1IT \TU M'l-ti'i'U. .-NIIS ELECTRONIC OVEN FEATURES: * Kl.'U.V ,\ITO,M \T1C it K ASV TO fl.K NN it I'OHT.UH.K *r,SK5 IIS VIKK SKOtTLKT it «H)KIN(. IKINK HV Ml( Ht»WAVF-S * OVK.N STAYS tOOI. WMII.K KOOI) COOKS Mr« A I, ilcndrrton pmrntrd a devotional ba.tnJ on Jjjkr 10 3i>37 wi-re »crv«l (olio-Ainu the SfW WHAT5 NEW Solomon Fabrics SEW NOW...TRAVEL LATER DACRON DOUBLE KNITS Nrvt jnrt rnliirt IKirron I'ul ulitr. \jlurs iimn j\ji|jhlr Jir\, |iallrrn« loo prr crnt -sIrr M-61" lu |f. ' $O99 %J Yd. WHIPPED CREAM $100 1 »d. Solids Onl> IIMI (in mil Trxlutrd Da iron l'»l><•»!<•( ' . .In new. bright lulurs. Iti-K II.M >d Group of EMBROIDERED FABRICS Includrs SKKKANO. DOITKI) SWISS. .1 i" uidr. Tlirde "l.vl'k |( u fabrics" an- packiible. wi'arable. uu^luble. no linn, wrinkle resistant \alurk tu H 'J'J >U. TI-KIu>TH 1 $199 Yd. A// Values Good Thru Sal OPEN 9 A.M. TO 6 P.M. ( M"It coitt no more at Solomon 1 *" are fifir Quality, full pi«c«t from <?«gu<ar PLANTATION CENTER

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