The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on February 5, 1969 · Page 10
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 10

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 5, 1969
Page 10
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Wednesday, February 5, 1969 0ljr Vcgtanm #un 11 Pueblo Crewmen Try To Destroy Secret Documents In Hail Of Bullets (JOKONADO, Calif. (AP) Men with fire axes smashed electronic gear into tangled ineial. Others tossed secret pap- urs into blazing wastebaskels. Smoke became almost unbearable. Outside, Lt. Stephen Harris told a Navy court of inquiry Tuesday, "the enemy was pouring bullets at us." Five North Korean gunboats were circling and steaming alongside the USS Hueblo. Firemen Duane Hodges, 21, of Creswell, Ore., grabbed a weighted bag of classified paper and rushed onto a passageway on deck to throw it overboard. A .57-miilimeter North Korean cannon shell lore through his leg, into his abdomen and blew up. "Farts of his body exploded into the area where the destruction of classified material was taking place. There was flesh and blood all over the place," Harris said. When it became "loo painfully slow" to burn the papers and Ins men couldn't jettison them ecause of the raking gunfire, Harris said, ihe men got "feverish." "We tried lo tear up the publications," Harris said, "we reduced them lo confetti. There was paper al! over the place. We were feverish." "We tried to keep it as orderly as possible, but it actually resulted in a great deal of confusion." When it was over and the Norm Koreans boarded the Pueblo, there were some secret papers in his intelligence compartments left for them, he added. The Navy summoned the 1'ueblo's supply officer, LI. ij.g,) Timothy Harris; the quartermaster, CJWO Gene Howard Lacy, and operations officer, Lt. tj.gj Frederick Schumacker, to testify today. A Navy spokesman also said an explosives ex- perl juighl attend the session. Before Harris look the stand Tuesday, Lt. Edward Murphy Jr., Ihe ship's executive officer, backed up virtually every decision made by the Pueblo's skipper, Cmdr. Lloyd M. Bucher, during the capture a year ago. Murphy also denied—as had Bucher earlier—that the ship ever intruded into North Korean territorial waters. Harris didn't volunteer in open court Tuesday how much classified material fell into North Korean hands. But Rear Adm. Edward Grimm, a member ol the court who heard Harris detail the loss earlier this week in a session closed in the interest of national defense, asked how many bags full went over the side. "At least one bag went overboard." Harris said. "One of 12':" Yes, sir." "Why were you using laundry bags?" Grimm asked, when the I'ueblti had special weighted Georgia's R. McGill Buried ATLANTA. Ga. (AP) — Ralph McGill—Columnist. publisher, "voice ot a nation's conscience" -was in be buried today, his V'lst birthday. The publisher of the Atlanta Constitution died ol a heart attack Monday night as he was leaving a private birthday ps l-'uneral services were planned tor 2:30 p.m. from All .Saints Episcopal Church, wilh burial in West View Cemetery. McGiil's crusade for human dignity and civil rights brought linn the Pulitzer Prize for editorial writing in 1958. A native of rural Tennessee, he began his career in 1922 as a sports writer and rose to become publisher of one of the na- iion s most inlluenlial newspapers and writer ot a syndicated column. ('resident Nixon said of him Tuesday: •There is a kind of courage winch not only calls lorlh praise Irom friends but also elicits respect Iroin adversaries. It was UHS kind ol courage, intellectual and moral, which distinguished Kiilph McGill. T'roud ol the deepest tradi- iions ut his southern heritage, loyal to the concepts of integrity and honor which are the pride cil Ins region, he brought lo journalism a sense of responsibility anil devotion to truth." Former President Johnson called McGill "a torceful and ef- lective lighter lor human righls. 'His eloquent voice was the voice ol a nation's conscience," Johnson said in a statement. Robert H. Finch, secretary of Health. Kducation and Welfare, responded io McGiil's lasl column Tuesday wilh a vow lo continue the light against racial separatism in schools. McGill began Ihe valendiclory column: "Secretary Finch...if you have just a moment, sir. please lend an ear." The open letter appealed lo Finch lo recognize that "tree- dom ot choice" school integra- iion in the South "is, in fact, neither real Irecdom nor a choice. 11 is discrimination." The secretary sent a personal statement to Reg Murphy, editor ot the Constitution's editorial page. • To his final words," the message 'said, "1 direct this response: 1 consider il neither legally nor morally defensible to turn back ihe clock' and lo ac- cepi as public policy so-called Irecdom of choice' plans which do nol bring about effective .school desegregation." McGill s column has appeared in the hrsl column of ihe front page of the Constitution for more years lhan anyone in the paper's newsroom remembers. In today's edition, that column, bordered in black, was lilled by an editorial cited by ihe Pulitzer committee as an example ol the writing that won ihe publisher the Pulitzer Prize. The column, which appeared originally Oct. 13, I'JSB, deplores ihe bombing of an Atlanta synagogue and attacks hatred, bigotry and lawlessness. Oilier McGill columns arc scheduled to run in the paper through Sunday. Survivors include his widow, Mary Lynn Morgan McGil!, and a son, Ralph K. McGill Jr., of Richmond, Va. o u o ui z O ui O 3 O O bags made al a cosl of $50 apiece for jettisoning charts and publications. "They were not sufficient," said Harris. "Then two laundry bags and 1U others were nol destroyed'?" "I don'l know the number. 1 was aware of one bag that went over." Harris said the special bags were three feet long, 16 lo 18 inches wide and 12 inches high; heavy, bul light enough for one man lo carry, and designed lo til inside safes and file drawers for storing classified papers in quickly disposable containers. Harris said there weren'l enough bags lo contain alt of the papers and publications in an allotment given the Pueblo immediately before she left Japan. "In my personal opinion the allowance (of secrel material on board I was excessive," Harris said. Was the confetli included in what Harris considered destroyed'.' Teenage Sewing A BEGINNERS sewing class for teenagers will be held from 4 to (i p.m. on Thursdays at the Community Building, under the sponsorship of the Bay lown Parks and Recreation Department The classes was formerly slaled lo be an intermediate class Registration is still open. "No. That cannot be considered destroyed. Theoretically the enemy could have pasted il back together again." What about the secrel elec- ironic equipment? 'It was reduced virtually to fxnvcler." WORLD ALMANAC FACTS Despite automation, walking remains necessary not only for health but for acquiring a sense of place and a feel for the land. To these ends, The World Almanac notes, two of our most beautiful and ambitious hiking trails exist: The 2,300-mile Appalachian' Trail winding through 14 states from Maine to Georgia, and the 2,300-mile Pacific Crest Trail cutting through Washington, Oregon and California. In addition to the heavy gun- lire and the 10 to 12 hours it would have taken to destroy all of the Pueblo's secret papers, Harris said three other things kept him from gelling the job done. "There was so much smoke we were becoming blinded," Harris said, referring lo the I ires he ordered in the wastebaskets to speed the destruction. "Were you less than effective because of the smoke'.'" asked Newsome. "Considerably less lhan effective, yes sir." Harris said his men got off to a "slow and somewhat disorganized starl" because skipper Bucher did not order general quarters immediately. Harris said his written instructions on destroying secret material included specific assignments for men who would come ID his area to help during general quarters. He said that when the skipper ordered destruction before general quarters he had to operate with men who weren't assigned to this lask during drills—and then replace them wilh trained men once general quarters was called 15 to 20 minutes later. At one point, Harris seemed 10 differ wilh teslimony by Bucher, who had lold Ihe court: '1 was not cleared for some ol ihe materials they ithe intelli- gence working areas) carried." "The commanding officer and I held exactly the same clearances," Harris said. "I had no authority to deny him entrance to any area." Bui Harris did say Bucher did nol have intimate awareness of all the classified information given to Harris* intelligence de- uichmenl. "If he wanted to know, did he have the opportunity." asked Newsome. "Yes sir," Harris testified thai he had a direct line of authority over Bucher's head to the commander in chief of the Pacific Fleel lor technical parts of his mission. But he said he was under Bucher's command in all olher mailers concerning the mission, adding: "My first duly was lo advise OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Mojor Hoople BUT TELL ME HOW DID AUSPICIOUS 3AKB HAS STRUCK A NEW LOW INI DUPUCITV/ HE KNEW I'D RELAX AFTER TJ|<5COVERlM6 AN) Og^lOOS LETTER WAS A DELIBERATE- PLAMT/—HAK- KAFF.' MY RESEARCH SHOVOS THAT THE TYPEWRITER WASN'T INVENTED ' 1867—TWO VCARS AFT6R LIHCOLNJ DIED/ the commanding officer of any impending atlack discovered through electronic detection upon the ship or upon the Ut: t>;d Slates. "Just second to that was to provide him other information collected by electronic means " In Washington, Richard Helms, director of Ihe Central Inlelligence agency, said in a letter to Sen. Stuart Symington, D-Mo., that ihe CIA had nothing to do with the Pueblo's mission. Better Dry Cleaning for the family... Our professional dry cleaning methods do so much more to give your clothes a new-again look. 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