Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas on December 7, 1967 · Page 10
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Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas · Page 10

Brownwood, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 7, 1967
Page 10
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buying clothes for the I &fteptrs, be sure to choose' garments thai can he washed * find bleached. Select a fabric- Sate bleach in the form of dry * thlofine beads, this will hot Weaken fibers that have been exposed to the abrasion that comes with the crawler's prog- fess across the floor. Classifi§d Ads Make And Save Yau Money DAILY TV SCHEDULE Thursday AlTBRNOOft & MGHt: V (Channel 12) S:M General Hospital !:30 Edge of NJght 3:00 Secret Storm 3:30 Dark Shadows -1:00 The Fugitive 5:00 That Girl 5:30 wait" Cronklte New* «:00 News t: 15 Sports HlfihllflhtJ «:20 vVpntrier «!30 cimmaron Strip 8:00 Movie 16-.00 News and Wsathtr TO: 30 FBI 11:^5 Cimarron City 12:30 Slflfi OH KRBC-TV (Channel 91 4:00 Local Nevn t:V> Sport* «:30 Daniel Boon« 7:30 Ironside 8:30 Dragnet 9:00 Dean Martin Show 10:30 National Newt 10:30 Tonlaht I0;00 Local News, wea'hfr KRLD-TV (Channel 4) 4:00 IB i«n -« torn. . J:2i Douglas Edwards New* 2:30 Erige or Night 3-0(1 Secret Storm 3:30 Password 4:00 Mr. Ed 4:30 Gllllgan's Island J:00 McHale'& Navy 5)30 Walter Cronkito Newt 6:00 News. Weather and Sport* 6:30 Clmmsron Strip 8:00 Thursday Night Movta 10:00 Final Edition News, Weather, Sports 1D.-30 Pele Gent Show 10:35 Merv Grlftln Show 10:15 News 10;45 Pete Gent Show 10:50 Merv Griffin Show 12:05 Star Playhouse 12:30 Vespers 4 Sign Of/ KTVT-TV (Channel 111 3:30 Honeymooners 3:00 Capfaln Zero ! '10 °no«>ve 4:00 Mighty Mousu 4:30 Fllntstones 5:00 The Munsterj 5:30 Twilight Zone 4:00 Rifleman *:30 Chevennc 7:30 Battlefield 9 *"'u V,ovie 10 00 M »w? «nfl WesthM 10;15 Movie, Confd. 11:00 Movie 12:30 News 12:40 Meditations WFAA-TV (Channel 8) 1?-00 Ben Caaw 1 en K*w!vweri Gamr 1:30 Dream Girl of '67 Gin Hospital Dark Shadows Dating Game Honeymoon Race Dateline Hollywood News Sumpn Else News . . . News News, Weather wu) Swrt» tv- 2:30 3:00 3:30 4:00 •4:25 4:30 i:30 i;45 i:00 * if* 7:00 7:30 8.00 8:30 9:00 9:30 19:00 ' 10:30 12:00 12:10 12:40 12:43 12:44 12:45 Flying Nun Bewitched That Girl Peylon Plac« Good Company NFL East 'New. weather sna Sporrt Joey; Bishop News Laurel ana Hardy rheatrt Doctor's House Call FBI Living Prayer Sign Off Friday MORNING KTX8-TV (CTianncI 12) 6:00 Summer Semester £:30 Farm 8. Ranch Newt 7:00 Weather 7:05 Morning News 7;30 Cartoon Circus (•00 Captain Kangaroo 9 -00 Candid Camera 9-30 Beverly Hillbillies 10 00 Andy of Mayberry 10-30 DIcK Van Dyke D.Ob Love ol Llt« 11:25 New* 11-30 Search For Tomorrow 11:43 Guiding Ugrn 12-00 News, 12-00 Farm 4 Ranch )2'2j Wedther 12-30 As The World Turm 1:00 Love 14 a Many SplendoreO Thlr» 1:30 Houseparty KKBC-TV (Channel » I ft ! IS- 7:00 Today J-.J4 Herry Hplt 0.'25 pevotjons 9:00 Snap Judgement >:ii Morning Newt 9:50 Conceatrdilon )0:oo Personality 10.-3U Hollywood Squarai I!:CO Jeopard ll:3i) Eye Gues> 1H5S. f" N«v« Reppn 17 CO Ne«« and Wedlhtf «; 15 Sandy chsppel 12:30 Uls MaK* a peal 12 45 svews 1,-pp Days of Our Llv«« Js3C Ooctprs i) 4:29 Sign On Try Talking Way Bac/cfo C/ouc/s By AttlGAtt, VAN BUttlSN DEAR ABBY: I am a girl who will be 16 in 2 months and rnv mother finally agreed to let me go in cars alone with boys. Well, to make a long Klo'ry short, this real neat kid who is 18 asked me lo a drive- in movie last Friday night, and I was on Cloud Sixteen because I've liked him for a long lime. My mother said 1 had lo be in'by 12:30. Well, at exactly 12:22 we pulled up in front of our house and we started lo talk, and it was 2:1(1 before we noticed \vhaf lime it was. Boy, did we ever say goodnight fast. Abby," 1 swear lo God all we did was talk, but 1 guess my mother doesn't believe me. Now she's grounded me for a whole month. Do you think this is fair? How can I get my mother to give me another chance? GROUNDED DEAR GROUNDED: In means in the house, not in front of it. I think the penalty too stiff for the crime, but since you're such a great talker, maybe you can talk your 8J r fhcr down to 2 weeks. DEAR ABBY: During World War II I went with a very nice young man. but he went off to the service. When the war was over he returned and called me to resume our friendship. I refused to see him because I was already interested in someone else. I am now a widow, and he is still a bachelor H.ow can I let him know that I am available without demeaning myself? AVAILABLE BUT PROUD DEAR AVAILABLE: The ideal way would be lo have a mutual friend get Ihc news of your availability to him. If you have no mutual friend, send the gentleman a Christmas card, bearing your name only. If he doesn't rush hack- to your empty arms, don't blame him. Maybe it's his turn to be proud. DEAR ABBY: A few years ago I clipped a little poem about dirty dishes out of your is still a bachelor. How can I column, had it framed and hung it over my sink. Well. I just had my kitchen redecorated and the painters took down everything and when it came time to put things up again, I couldn't find that little framed poem. I am just heartsick because f used lo look a I it so often and it gave me a real lift. Will you he an angel and run it again? t will buy another frame for it if you do. Thank you. Abby. SANTA ANA READER DEAR READER: Here's the verse: "Thank God for dirty dishes, They have a tale lo tell: While other folks go hungry, We're eating very well. With Home and Health and Happiness We shouldn't want to fuss, • For by this stack of evidence. God's very good to us." Confidential to "Nitty Gritty" Since you asked for my opinion, 1 would like to see the girls wear their dresses a little longer and the boys Wear their hair a little shorten ^ / * tieloife i W.S.C.5. OF JOHNSON MEMORIAL METHODISt CHURCH /Meets each Wednesday al 9:30 a.m. *6i; riiforrnsHen call Mrs. J. W. Clark If 645-454). ART ASSN. Mci'fs 1r\a Sal. ol e«. mo. «f UPC Art Studio, 1:30 p.m. Fbr iftformatoon, call Mrs. CharISs Stewart at s«-555ft. OTHERS CLUB meets 3ntf and <fh Wednesday for noon lunch and buslhesi meeting In Adsms Strsct Comrhuntty Center. for Information call Mr*. W. C. Rodgers, 443-77W. TRICOLOR AWARD—Mrs, Tom Moore of Route i, Brovvnwood, captured the Iri-color award in flower show competition Salurdaj' at the ninth annual Brown County Pecan Show. Event was held at Riverside Motor Hotel. (Bulletin Staff Photo) United Church Women Plan \ 'I Annua/Sess/ons Mrs. J. C. Galloway, 1311 Coggin Ave.. local president, will accept registrations and reservations for the 34th annual assembly of Church Women United in Texas. For the first time the assembly will be held in three different cities, Big Spring, Feb., 5-6; San Antonio, Feb. 6-7; Lufkin, Feb. 8-9. '. Theme for the assembly is , "Open Wide for New Difnen- 1 sions." The national president ; of Church Women United, Mrs. .ir-mes M. Dolbey of Cincinnati, j Ohio, will be rhe featured speak; er at all area meetings. ! Mrs. Dolbey, 'a Methodist, served as four terms as a member of the Cincinnati City Council. ei<*ht months of this lime as acting mayor. State assembly chairman in charge of al! arrangements is Mrs. E. C. Rowand Jr. of Dallas. Mrs. Truman West of Fort ; Worth is president of the CWU in Texas. By W, G. BRANDSTADT. M.D, The lowly plnworm seems to be having a heydcy. Many readers claim to have Iricd repeatedly to get rid of them without success. The problem is aggravated by ihc small size of (he eggs—about 1-500 i of an inch—and the fact that they are light enough to float in (he air, like dust particles. It is because these eggs can alight anywhere in a room— usually the bedroom — and bide their time with exemplary patience that reinfection is so common. Once the unsuspecting victim picks up a few of the eggs on , Ins fingers, it is a simple mat- i ler to transfer them to his mouth directly or to his food and swallow them, In the digestive tract they hatch, reach maturity in record time and produce more eggs in wholesale lots. They are a common cause of itching at the outlet of the bowel but are an annoyance rather than a health hazard. .. When they occur i'h one : member of a family other mem- i bers are likely to become in- i fested. Then begins the battle 1 of wits to see who is smater —you or the pimvorms. j Any of a number ol drugs j can be used (o get rid of these . ' ?''''?$ pests. Gentian violet, an old standby, is still one of the .'jest, but it will do no good- I unless all members of the household arc treated at the stmic lime whether they are infested or not. During the Ircalmentmcnl, dally soaking ol undergarments and night clothes in a solution of one cup of household nmmoni;i to live gallons of water followed by boiling is advised. Bed linen should he similarly treated three times a week. All laundry must be handled gently without shaking. Each member of the family must keep his fingernails cut short, wash the hands and clean under the nails before meals and after every trip to the toilet. The rugs should be vacuumed every day. The bathroom floor, toilet seat, and fixtures should be cleaned daily. Fumigation is not necessary. Q — What purpose does the drug Nozinan serve? Are there any side effects? A—This is the French trade name for metrotrimeprazinc, sold in this country as Levo- prome. It is a tranquilizer and nonnarcotic pain reliever. Its side effects include drowsiness, dryness of the mouth, jaundice and nasal congestion. ,,', % !.•«;;',> •>* ''>'£:, "•"3 s -?/>' : ^v- ^ ,** ,-?''\S> r^jf. By ttELOlSE CRUSE Dear Heloise: Since there are so many mothers nowadays who buy cute bassinets for (heir newborn babes, 1 would like to tell you how I make a darling little quilt for them. I have learned after 22 grandchildren tbal most granddaughters don't want new things for use everyday. They like the stuff that they can just throw in the washing machine when needed. I take a pillowcase—especially of its male is worn or has been losl—and fill il with cotton batting or an old bath towel, which can be cut and inserted to the exact size. Pillowcases cither patterned or plain can often be bought on sale in case some grandmothers wants to buy a new one for this purpose. Then I use some yarn or sonic. pretty thread and cither tic! knots' or make stitching as ifi I were quilting along the whole case. The baby can either sleep on it or can 'be covered with this [ little quill. | GREAT Grandma ! 1 think Ihis is about the great est there Is. After all, most of us have; washing machines or go to the local washateria. These quills can be dumped, dunked, and bleached. Thanks to you, Great Grandma! We all love you! Heloise Dear Heloise: Will you please ask Ihe "needle woman" in every family lo sew a piece of cloth tape irisidc all gloves and mittens and print the last name and home telephone number on it. Indelible ink should be used. It makes me so unhappy to sec all the lost gloves and mittens on walks, draped over cash registers or on the bus waiting lo be claimed. i How nice to receive a phone) call, "I've found your gloves! today. ..." 1 Mrs. M. C. ' led. Mrs. A. NEWCOMERS club mods second thurl- dsv ol each month al noon. For In. formation call Mrs. Marcol Colemari, 643-6371. iSELF CULTURE CLUB mC*IS 2nd ana I 4th Tues. al 3 p.m. each month. C4II Mrs. G. W. Vales «l 445-4715. Dear Heloise: f 1 find I'm not as young as, I used to be and il bothers me' to lean over the bathtub to clean it. i So I bought a child's toy mop. After sprinkling some cleanser, in the tub, I gel out my little; mop, wet it, and wipe away, j And while I'm al il, I use the mop (o get the spots off the tile wall over the tub. I call il my "arm extender." H. A. W. i WOODLAND GARDEN CLU6 Meets, at 2:30 p.m. the 3rd Friday of each month «l Adams Street Community Cenler. Pot Information call MH. G. W. Hill, «3-i284. BROWNWOOD LIONS CLU6 meets Irt Club Room each Tuesday for nooft luncheon and program. Call Rosco* Smith, 6*3-4321 10- Information. AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY Post Ho 196 meels at the American Lrgiofl Building each first Monday. Call J. H. Chllds for Information. 645-2342. Dear Folks: Here's a little I rick 1 learned last week: i While unxippering some cush- ; ions on a sofa and chairs for! dry cleaning, I found them very hard to remove because Ihc clolh had a rubber backing. . Then when trying lo push Ihc cushions back in, i found it straight because the cushions! were made of foam rubber. j Know what I did? j I took talcum powder and; the rubber backing of the fab-i ric. The cushions slid in smoolh as glass. j Also, Ihe easiest way lo insert i a long cushion in one of these' covers is to bond the cushion ilsclf in the middle, then insert; il and slraighlen il out. j Heloise WOMEN OF FIRST •-RESBYTERIAN CHURCH Executive bnard meets 1st Monday of each month In Fellowship Hall of church «l 9:30 a.m. For Information call Mfi. Harry C. Cannon. Ph, 642-7105. 1559 GARDEN CLUB meets each 3fd Tuesday ol the month at 2 p.m at Adams Street Community Center. For Information call Mrs. L. R. Graves. president, at 642-8441. WOMAN'S SOCIETY Of CHRISTIAN SERVICE 01 Central Methodist Church meets each Tuesday al 9:30 a.m. »t Ih* church. Call Mrs. R. E. Daniel, 6435073 for Information. MAY LIONS CLUB Meets at 7:30 p.m 2nd und 4lh Monday nights al school lunch room. Call Joe Walson, Ph. 643-0377. Rout* J, May, Tex. THE BROWNWOOD REBEKAH LODGE mccls every Mon. at 8 p.m. «t Ihe IOOF Hsll, Fisk and Lee Street. For Information call Jowell Magner at 642-9703. EARLY HOMF DEMONSTRATION CLU8 meets al I p.m. on Jnd Tuesdays and 10 a.m. on 4th Tuesdays of each month at Adams street Community Center. For Inlormatlon call Mrs, L. 0. Hucka> by, 643-2598. Dear Heloise: . My granddaughter was always; losing her hair roller picks. T solved thai problem with a new plastic scouring pad. Now she jusl jabs the picks in the pad when she takes them out of her hair. It's also colorful on Ihe dresser and so handy. Grandma CiPW CLUB M»cls al 6:30 p.m. in lh« Club Room day ol each month at 2 p.m For Information call Mrs. Kathleen Knight al 642-8B23 THE SCHUBERT H JSIC CLUB meel» 2nd Wed. ol eacli monlh. Fur Inter- matlon call Mrs. Grady Harlan, Prei- Idcnt 645-4643. UNITED DAUGHTERS OF THE CONFEDERACY meets 2nd Friday ot «ach month In homes o; members. For informal, ••n call Mrs. Vervla Event!, 2200 Avt. D., 645-8014. VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS Post No. 2232 meets at 8 p.m Jnd and 4lh Tuesdays each month a: VFW Hall. Call Pele Eaton at 645-4229 tor information. Thanks for writing. While iron-on tape makes a dandy name tag, too. So quick and easy. Heloise & !?•* ,& * j '•*•>. ^ ; >'2'<f -,-si }-^t ***OLD-FASHIONED pound cake is the basis of Lynda Bird 'Johnson's wedding cake, but the finishing touches are something special. Internationally famed pastry chef Clement Maggia's is the fine hand behind the white fondant icing decorated with sugar scrolls, loops, braids, roses and lovebirds. Basket on top holds real white roses. 4,"">"> \ *' f ^ ' t > '&. ••-^ I*-y;: ^X<?"*'{ ,- •» /* tX#"»8 e&' Dear Heloise: 1 just discovered something good for my sewing basket. 1 taped a small magnet in the bottom of: my plastic pin box. It keeps the straight pins in so that they don'l spill with Ihe least movement when it's open- Town Topics Area Personals Mrs. Virginia Moore of May j is a patient in a Comanche ! hospital. Lon McDanicl of May, who was injured in an automobile accident in Brownwood, is now a patient in Twilight Nursing j Home at Rising Star. XI RHO CHAPTEK BETA SIGMA PHI Meets 2nd and 4th Monday of each month, 7:30 p.m. For Information call Myra Emflnger, 642-8095. BROWNWOOD CHAPTER ORDER OF DeMOLAY Martin at 643-5572 for Information. Meets at 7:30 p.m. 1st and 3rd Wed. BROWN COUNTY REGISTERED NURSES ASSN meets 2nd Thurs. nlflht each mo. t 7:30 p.m. In members homos. Call Mrs. Copeland at 643-5283 for information. MAY HOME DEMONSTRATION Ct UB Meets at club house each 2nd and 4ih Wed. Call Mrs. W. M. Holt tor Information. CL 9-2533. NOTICES Mr. and Mrs. Albert Cox and Mr. and Mrs. Cnrrol Atherton of May attended the funeral of Mrs. Lottie Dumcras, Cox's sister, of Breckenridge last week. Mrs. Dumeras, . (>9, was a former May resident. She died Nov. 28 in a Gorman hospital after an illness of two sveeks. Electric Appliances ...easy to give, &<?*t V^jy * ,t.* ",<• ' v '** f £i* r -if S ^ ') f,,^}^,,. 1 ", , •,<,\j,.,vjt'iw4 HANDS THAT WIWi BE SERVING GUESTS at holiday parties need special care. Wintry days, outdoor sports and dishwashing can udd up to unsightly red.hands, Chapped, cut or bjejnisbed bands require healing care, Daily applications of an antiseptic cream will heal the tiny network of cuts and soothe dishuao hands. sem«»(«r nd YVeatMr »:COCandla Camera J.-30 Beverly Hll|qllll« W; W Anflv ql M«yt»m h ^'f-v.-"? Jattfk?>", ;^ saaomv*j|'y f jf * ^~ M 4 W f " FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE EVERYTHING,.. ACHIS, PAINS, ,CQLDS ( COUGHS, kUMIAaQ, ITCH, ARTHRITIS, STUFFY NQ5I5, PANPRUF*! ITC , , Come to the Store that has something for YOU . _ ___ . ;,. ' 9 ' ':'-•%• if •;•*''?*. •py . . . zfc&'jgt &&&!> ijpja$$ -fee i'V. *JM£ teSS.; BB, m FvYv Try Thi> Trj<?k WJtefl you are trying to r^ move a stubborn Perew ( or b,pjl from WOQ^ try placing a few •op§ of perp$d,e pn, }t, k<?t it and fpc i» ,fe>w minutes, m$ ju'll fin4 it will loosen to the >int wfwe it $IA J& " H CHEVBQ16T , , V ^X $ ** •^,-<* ??. W iVV *A When Christmas gifts are opened, wonderful €l§etri$? appliances are sure to please- for, months and years to ^ m H TEXAS POWER & IAGHT COM FA N Y SHERIFF'S SALE THE STATE OF TEXAS County of Brown NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN That by virturc of a certain Order of sale and execution issued out of the Honorable District Court of 35th Judicial District, Brown County, on the 27th day of November, 1967, 'by The District Clerk ot said 35th District Court for the sum of Three Thousand Eight Hundred Thirty-Four Dolars and 56/100 Dollars, together with interest at the rate o£ six. percent per annum from the 22nd day of November, 1806 and costs of suit, under a judgment, in favor of B. N. Cribble and J. Herbert Ragsdale, co-partners, d/b/a Pecan Valley Electric Company in a certain cause in said Court, No. 15,586 and styled B. N, Gribble and J. Herbert Ragsdale, co-partners, d/b/a Pecan Valley Electric Co,, Plaintiffs vs. Harry A, Forbess, et al, Defendants, placed in my hands for service, 1. Joe R, Townsend as Sheriff of Brown County, did, on the 5th day of December 1987, levy on certain Real Estate, situated in Brown County, Texas, described as follows, lo-wit: The Southeast half of Lot No. Seven (7) in Section A of Shamrock Shores as shown by the plat thereof recorded in Volume 2, page 831 of the Plat Records of Brown County, and levied upon as the property of Harry A. Forbess, Wayne Forbess, AncU Fpi> bess, Jr., Res Forbess and wife June Fprbess, d/b/a F & P Builders, a parnership, and tJiat on the fjrst Tuesday in January J968, the same being the SncJ day of said month, at the Court JJouse door of Brown County, in the City of BrpwnwQod, Texas 4 belween UN? Jwurg of JO a,w, and. 4 P.m., by virtue of sajti Jevy and gaj$ Qwjej 1 fl£ gaJe gnct I MU , sjsjj $a,ir4 des9i i jbe4 Real Estate 8t P4!RlI(? YSJMtoe* fQl' i'ph,. tQ tlie hjghjjst i>, af > the iwpptrty af s&i4 -Umy A» JFortesg, Wsyae JWe*!, Ao» ,cU favljess, ^i 1 ., fl£«, Forbes* MS vjfc iw /" y it F JBwUders, drto uarapto fite U}|s aoUes by P4jbJJj$. Ufliu In Uie J&gUsii language, «$#.« wefe for iiuw vmm* r 10ft. W&M

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