Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 29, 1947 · Page 5
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 5

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 29, 1947
Page 5
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Panhandle Hews al) — Mrs. W. fi. Wsher, who has been confined to her home with a throat Infection, Is reported to be improved. s. li. O. Curtis, Mio has been at the bedside of her mother in Oklahoma for the past two months, has Phone 388 or 47 If you don't know your Life Insurance, know your Life I n s u ranee Man. returned to her home. She reports her mother as much improved. Mrs. J. L. Boggs of Sentinel, Okla., and Mrs. J. L. Sands of Borger have been visiting in the home of their sister, Mrs. D. C. Landon, and Mr. Landon. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Simms and children of Olovis, N. M., are visiting in the home of her parents, Mr and Mrs. R. A. Mitchell. Before returning home she wilt visit her brother, Joe Mitchell, and family of Pampa. and relatives of Mr. Simms, both in Panhandle and Amarillo. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. White and son, Tommy, of Albuquerque, are visiting in the homes of Mrs. White's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Garretson and sister, Mrs. J. B. White, and family. The J. L. Whites arc former Panhandle residents, Mr. White being a former deputy sheriff. He is now a special officer for the Santa Fe. Tommy was on leave from the Camp Sullivan Provides Beautiful and Interesting Site for Local Girl Scouts Lou Ann Brooks- Marilyn Fitzprer- nlrl. June Guill. Kalhprinc 1 Mnthiru. Nihla Morrison. Joyce Newman. j Dorothy Roberts. SUP Ann Toepher- 'Nan Watkins. Knv y AI Vermeer CANADIAN VALLEY PRODUCTION CREDIT ASSOCIATION a fast growing agricultural corporation organized in 1934 foi.% and owned and operated by, farmers pnd cattlemen. Economical and dependable loans exclusively for agricultural purposes. Farmers and cattlemen •With a sound basis for credit are invited to investigate our services. MR. C. W. ALLEN, Manager ,-' Will be at the Schneider Hotel Pampa Each Monday 10 a. m. to S p. m. High-faslion news for your summer make-up! GOURIELLrS Cariielian Brilliant, sun-waimcd ne.v lipstick shade, to dramatize your suntan. 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Bly- Dalton. Moni;: Goldfinf. Frank Car- miller. Miss Mnric Stedje. executiv Wilson.LI'.vyn (p,r. Cprl Stone. R. P. Bowerman. A.! director, and program aids. Donna Yo>m? of Troop 1G; Janice Baker. ; E. Marlow. Ed Weiss. Jr.. Roy Un- i NonsticI and S'-nior Scouts Mary Martha Burn?:, phebe Carter. , denvood. G. \V. V;irno;i. B. A. Derry- i — Girl past month. Duriiif; that lime 95 . T> Ug Lllld:l Oo!flnne and 27 berry. M. D. Dwiaht. R. H. Nenstiel. . Fragments of carlv silk material ' Wi " lamS - LC Pnuln Browniim. Charlotte call. AiiReiinc Clay. Judith Followel]. Del leaders have spent from two to throe days cnjoyinc; troop crimp:;. Jn ad- eiiiion to tlicsc. the camp lias tilso been enjoyed by a r;n>up or 30 Brownie Scouts nnd U;" srven adults ! jaiiirc Groves. Carolyn Maples wiio accompanied (hnm fur a day's I Virginia Guy Marlow. '.Sliirlrv Mr- outing there recently. j V ay. .Judith Nance. Christine Pierce. Camp Sullivan i;; r.r. ideal place i Kunny Rac Pierer. May Lou Pres- for the troop type; of camp in which j cctt. Norma Lee Quails. Kay Stone the turls and leaders within the | and Marilyn Weiss of Troop 7: Doris troop make all the p.rraniromont-s I June Quails. Anita Davcy. Avanelle and plans for their camp. Tlicy plan Hoffsett. / nn Underwood. Joan tlie meals, buy (lie food, pl;>n camp Smith. Rosella Matlock. Odessa Wil- stelivilics M'.ii the length of their i fon. Jacqueline Hnbiiv-on. Pntsy camp, as well as the cost. At (he i Price. Nnncic I3unt.ii:. Avis Marir camp the uirls cook and w vc tlie j Cross, and Ruby Lee Varnon of meals, do all camp kapers jin.-.l keep | Trooj:. 29. Mil'rr. Fntsy Jo Siirhon. Adelaide! son Welch. \V. O. Prowitt. R. W. ' Asia. Skelly. Janyth Wallace. Donna Coy- Ir.-r and Wyncll Wcatlierred of Troop 2. have been found in tlie buried sites ! of the Gobi desert region of Central th(! rani]) in r;rdcr. They plan and carry out hikes. Dairies, wsidinc parties, picnics. co'jk-outs. crafts camp Myrn Jean Adam. r on. Patsy Car- pile. Shirley Cook. Charlotte Hcn- dricks. Amalie Hopkins. Joan Bell and Braden, Amarillo, with a bid of $162.C!)3, were low bidders for :hc construction and improvement of Highway Cfi in Carson and Potter Counties. Contract was awarded on 1G.3 miles-of hot mix aspaaltic pavement. Repair work started last week on he new I.O.O.F. Hall, purchased recently from the American Legion. Miss Dovic Lair of Oklahoma City | is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. ' H. D. Bingham. Mi\ and Mrs. Frank Murray and son. Rhcubcn, of Lubbock, were Panhandle visitors last week. Mr. Murray is a former Carson County attorney, who has been connected with the CPA in recent years. He plans to enter private practice in Lubbock. F. F. Ferrell' has returned from Fort Worth, where he attended a Frigidairo .show, in which new laundry equipment was shown. wheat crop wn.s completely destroyed in one of the recent hailstorms. Paul Obrect and J. C. Wescoat were business visitors in Springfield, Colo. Ed Luster, formerly of Panhandle and now living in Lon*', Beach. Calif., arrived here last v.'cck to assist in the wheat harvest. to way" is the kitchen which contains a fivvplace stove, cabinets, ice boxes, table:; and benches to accommodate 24 camper 1 ;. A deep well with windmill and a storage tank pic/vide pure water which is piped to the buildings and shower. trees have been Mr. and Mrs. i-'reu Ferguson of | plained near the buildings. Wild San DJCKO, Calif., arc visitinq their j flower;;, sage, and native grass grow fire programs. Scout's Owns and all' f'"'d. Mary Ann McCool. Phyllis other cam)) recrealioiir*! adivities.! Ann Ncnsticl. Jan Priehard. Jan The camp includes . r i.5 acres of i J ? oby. Barbara WeirJk-r. Adelai-le land bordered on one side by the : Williams. Doris Welch and Roehclle North fork of the Red River :ind i Smith of Trr>-rp :•.(); Vivian Kruke. on unc.tJicr by a brancli of I he Ft. I Betty Evan.-,. Doreen F'ordr*. Lee Ann Worth and ijfiiver Cily J?ailway. I fslcy, Patricia. Johnston. .Sue Lynn cnl.lon lives <;ro\v ulnni,' uie'McFall. Wiima Pivwill. An:i fVI bonks of the river and on other lard- Barbara .Southard. Jam-! parts of l!:c campsite. I Weatbeired. Ima Webber and Ouida Camp iniprovemcnts consist of a j Williams of Troop Ki. l:ir;:e L-.sliapcd Imildhi," made of I Uelty urou;,. :v,nni:;i Diltinvcr. cement bl.-ielu, conlaiiiiiiy a recrea- j Janet Gill. Jo Am Mamw. Marlene tion and crail. room with lire place I Martin and An:-, Owen of Troop 18; and a slce|)i:if, room with steel | Mary Krct/meier. Mary Keou"ii. cots and for 23 campers— Bell' Steward, and Ann 'lYTcNam:ira additional cots can be set up in rec- of the Senior Troop: and Mary 'Vnn Tcation room when needed. Joined j Dillman. Margaret Kretzmeicr. De- building \vitli a " breeze- loris Blymiller. Dorothy Gillehind. Lou Nell WaKfjoncr. and Wanda Loc Forducy of Troop 3. The leaders who attended camp with these groups were: Mesdamts The Fantasic Sun Glasses Thr Upswing Style with broad paddle irtuplfs—made to cover (he full field of viMMn -- M'itli 6 base npth,ilmi<- green lenses. r..i'.e included. TKRMS: Ar. As $1.00 Per Week Eyes Examined . . . Glasses Filled Office Al ZALE'S JEWELRY CO. ! 107 N. Cuyler son, R. W. Foiy,us;)n. w.ncl family. This Is the first time they had sccii their new grandson. Miss Thchna Hoiirum ;ind her mother have returned homu after visiting relatives is Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Winn of Parnell have been visiting in the home of their daughter. Mrs. W. Paul Roberts, and Dr. Roberts. Other visitors in the Roberts home were her sister, Mrs. Tom Weatherly, and husband of Fort Worth. Mrs. Albert Hcffelfmyer, the former Grncc Harry of Cleveland, Ohio, is vlsitinrr relatives and friends in Panhandle and Amarillo. Ffc. Ruel Robinson, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Robinson, has returned to his home from Ft. Sill, Okla., where he has been stationed fot the past 18 months with the U. S. Army. He is on terminal leave. Tech. Sgt. Lloyd George Williams has returned to his station in Camp Klmer, N. J., after a vsit with his mother, Mrs. Fannie Williams, and other relatives at White Deer. Miss Margaret Scarborough has returned from a visit with friends in Liberal, Kan. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Metcnlf of Vega PAMPA MONUMENT CO. Gemeiery Memorials ED FORAN, Owner 601 E. Harvester Phono 1158 great LUGGAGE value! These fast-selling cases are proof that Zale's offers you luggage at the price you want to pay! It's been years since we've offered you luggage values such a» these, Each case is made from better grade fabric in smartly striped pattern; sturdy wooden frame; top-grain leather binding and handle; sleek, beautiful lining with generous site pockets; excellent hardware; four matched siies. Better choose your set early «t Zale's low prices. Pay as little as $1.00 weekly. Federal tax included. IMNCH OVERNITE CASE ...,., $14.75 21-INCH WARDROBE CASE .. $22,50 II.INCH WEEK-END CASE $14.75 WNCH PULLMAN CASE .. $19.*75 DIAMOND IMPORTERS FILLtD use YOUR CREDIT 107 N, CUYUR Mr. and Mrs. John Simmons of Tyler were recent visitors in the homo of Marvin Sparks with whom they were classmate.; eu, North Texas State Collcs'e at Dm ton. They were returning; from a vacation in Colorado. Mrs. Bill Coonac o.f Springfield, Mo., is visiting in the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Obrecht. Another visitor i;i the Obrecht home was Mrs. N. A. Bailey of Dalhart, mother of Mrs. Obrecht. Mr. and Mrs. B. G. Hood are the parents of a son, Johnny Wayne, bom Friday in Northwest Texas Hospital in Amarillo. Miss Trula Jo Slater of Amarillo has been visiting' relatives in this community for the past week. Billy Hill of Clarendon is visiting in the home of, his uncle, L. O. Robinson, and family. Mr. and Mrs. G. S. Jackson of Fort Worth have returned to their home after visiting friends. Mr. Jackson was formerly with the Gulf Corporation in Carson County. Miss Vivian Vance of Spearman has been visiting her parents, Mr. and. Mrs. M. L. Vance. Miss Vance is home demonstration ag'cnt of Hansford County. in abundance over the camp. The sandy river bottom with i shollow water offers :i line place tor waciinr,' and sunning us well as observation of fresh 'water life. Girls who have enjoyed troop camping there so iar this .season arc: Hard Labor Term Sought in Court BAYREUTH. GERMANY—f/f 1 )—A Serman denazification court was asked yesterday to sentence Mrs. Winifred Wagner, daughter-in-law of composer Richard Wagner, to six years in a labor camp for her alleged Ntr/i sympathies The prosecution, charging The KngJish-born former leader of the Bayreuih music festival with biutii? a "major Nazi- offender." also aslceri the court to confiscate all her property. Her lawyer. 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