The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 7, 1897 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 7, 1897
Page 2
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! t KARSHATA, fffa* Jfifcir, tftw«*h I*. O« **#»rjf,<l«>H!»'M > <frt» 111 ri'iilft gift »***» . t*«tateiI. ftt *h,e offlpe of Jfi&ftt StAte! street. „ Jr. M. s*08$f* work In tfrilt. tn wea«>4 Arid hart the flame tinder to this tftfc water »'. ft ifterft ..... <*(iw.p!tl£» In low*. la., 111 Autonomy t« §£ tSflHtsd tht 1st- aHtf, but No Let Up in the - Campaign Against the Refos, TtA? IS THE MW OABIITEf ft ft&f. ft t Unit itnvr ttte rrtgonpr'A tfai CiCtnc JStc'ar Into Zcat in Cc°rtattt lJ»nti«i4«l Uoilrlftin-/,— Wsylrr Keftutes tm Madrid, Oct. 7.— At a Cabinet lost night, the govermfttent decided to grant autonomy to Cvma Untjer the suzerainty fit gpafrr ahd to continue,, the «R^ioMgr as inky l»e necessary. Oct. 1.— Tlfp wlchrftt"?a io SangiUlly is prt?senled in a form In a pamhplc-t t-oini fc et -hetfe, It tells the etory In dc-tttH', nd gives a number of letters passing '"between Scrrffdry Olney, Senator Sherman r Consul General Lc? and the Unit* «jt Ktatcs minister at Matlrid, Hatinls Taylor, not apjiifftrtng: in the State do- paitm(?nt uuWiL'ations, and heretofore unpublished. A8 a whrtle the document uphoiaa the course t,t President Clevo- laniJ ur.a Sccrotaiy Olney. and pnints out that the agitation In {fcmguilly'e behalf in congress seivfed only to prejudice his cass. After stating that the attention of eimjueps and thi> public was not attracted to Sanguilly . '"until the vt'iy moment In \\hli-tu through skillful dirlwnutk 1 maiKiRoment the release uf Sanffullly from imprtRonnicnt without further sufTrt'liig or hulfilllation had been fi-eutttf." tlje writer siys: Scimtu's I'viilii-nmt Patriot l»m. "But the mofiivHt wiia one of extreme peipHx!l>, whi'-h the fi'ienda of.S«ns«H- ly \\tll tutt cat-ily furget. Throtigh an exiiberant ('ffuv^lon ,of jsatrlotLc zf>al and most conunf:vtcl;\l.i!e. humari.ltnrian .. feeling'. oh .the jtaft. of eeVtaln members of th,*» tlnitof} Sl«t<>M senate; through a no- bjp, althuugh niij'fiiiidi.d, s«tHimt»nt of KOtieroim cotriplttsslon, sentiment of workfd ap in their wilnds, nnd, In the rolnds of the kind-hearted people of thy countly. by "Willful rwlsropreaontatlnn <.f tho facts lil Hie ;cast>, and by stories prc- iwitfnted Iv'y false ifrtends and intruders 'alftiut wrongs' and sufftiflrt'Ks and ln,dlg- nltics upon thv prisoner, which In fact wer«? htrwrr-iierpt'ti'atfiti or attempted to {>•' pprjH tr.itr-d. through the desiro of certain Cuban agitators, without authority t<) sp^ak for th<- jirlfeoiier, of pnsfttg as hi-? frlohfln. urjflng'. extreme mcasiures "and. prc-cii'llaUup, if pua--ll)U\ a conflict hi«i'vn-<rt Ou» t'njtid States and Ppalti," etc, the <nunpt-l pays that a condition ,thfit might have proved fatal taken with a very eo?ert cold that tiSnsea ftto !i unctowbtodiy a fHHJ cafe oflft wad reoo«o,i?»ing it ft6 dangetmi* tie took }mwe4inlp «t<?t«» **» bnTig ahoflt aspo'edy care. From th& a$\NBr$e6ta£ht «t Obatobe^airi** 0ongh Ileffiiedf «M tfee rJBt?«tnTOBndatIot>ft'i!fidfti<led tn'orolii, we etinclutled to make, a 8mt*'ttft«t t 6t l it&f % Sfty that ' toryid jte results, isjputting It? WJf jattd*. i. it anted Hko magic^a- «fee-" !y v Ittifeedi resw wne at speedy W"e; have tm hffaltBttcy in Ink excellent Con^h. Bemfedy to . stftlieted With a cough or' cold' ifi any form.— The Banner of Liberty, Liberty- lovn, Marylana, -The 2» and' BO tent fop sale atCrfecne'a dtng store, fit? Klondike OoM now nttcactinff the attention ojttnb who)o world, and the resnlt^ of placet and quarts miflin^ftffe fully eqttal to thp finds of nu^gt'tts in the «*arly Galifotnia days ftttd,e* traordinftry indnccmoute fttfr l»cing oifered to prosjKtctors, practkjal miners and investors. By next epjrlng the gold fever -wilt have token poeseifflidn of fchottenndfl of people, and tho wostenwoadft will have all they caw do ki tranwport the fortune hunters. "Chler»Ko, Milwankeo & St. Paul Conwe* The faclnm and i»nieftaiBtoetit course the United Brotherhood, of the Vfttl opett Nonnwher e t*>iect(>f the eonrise lii to 'offer a ol entertaittttienfr to the v l,ii aanotmeing tho course tor S*7-S$, We hs^e the'ftreatf>st confidence in it« ab'jlrty to^i^aae and instruct* The fttclfmj& erfr oiffensd; ' "No teetw'NMf has a broader tjfts* of fK-edsr and posgibiliiioa ot thte ia eofllttt and rellgiouSxJrlp, ^ twitfcftefl ilife heart, stira the etnolvimia awl 1st. no tt}C5WftMBfira«tioti,;t&'$bose ChaflM how wittyjn hlft dcscripfciena ftml " OOTOBTO 7, iw W VP V mtiiiiiimini .111 1| iriitffitiiiliiffiri iirhr<n i nn How f» Enjoy Life. Why should we thke life 90 seriously? Can not we labor as well or bettor accomplish "as much and enfoy Hfo as we go along if wo aefeo- every opportunity raih ay, nnd He conn«cUrtf( lines, offer f,ho bwt facilities for reaching tho Alaska Koi Vurfchprinfornmt-ion, address Harry Mercer Michigan rasp. Agt., Detroit Mich. Mrs. TJ. Pealuif? returned from Chicago last evening where she haa boon at- tendine millinery openings of the prominent wholesale honses and also buying too Meat things in fall millinery. " \ The Pliwfr To buy flour\ graham, bolted meal,coafeo meal, ground feed, bran or middlinge is, sitC.'A. Chesher'fi mill. All kinda of ouston grinding done, Lota of cheap eh'icken \ With Orte Length of 8to \ . ' '• \V - ^^f*^ ** >* tfie" patteftts 'for tfils cwlc stove tt ft to the public, '^e gttamntee it to bakd sticks df wood. We! also have stoves for leess Every .stove cerrs bttr name cast r in the hetirth. ] Attontu n. John Cusizins has received through H L. Day &, Son a car of the "Hwculos" brand of German Portland cement, and is prepared to put cloiwn tho best walks and guarantee it to eland with any other cement on th& markof! < of or t|-.f <s<»ys<. Kcilriitiu-z: "Th»nk» tor'dl- ProviiV, th'niukh thi 1 rlKhtt-oua nuft'uife. of thV ^tato deparlmcrrt: , the firm stand of some honor- iHdi's who -were then eaUwTtir- tho (tfivtrnur K<-neral of Ciiha i en of Spain.: through the co- of the Spanish mlnKter. an<1 tththi'i-arricstAiiprnl of the pc^Roiut'? (niin(-> 1 to the honoraM<! c)iair- mnr i'/f the Hi-rato' coirimittfiw on foi'elftn rilail'-ra- tho crlsifs" vvapavcrted. » • » The j-< u ult In firs' testimony to the fact thatMii all fpi^'Hon eohcerninft thf- ao- tiof» "f F'unlri IP this continent thcJPnH- cd Stan* fif Atiurlca ar* 1 n paflfy to thi» ct rt.t ii. n- a»d that in riUedltTiW to Utt«! cf nature thf wt»h«r* of thte cm nf lihu Unltpd States • of hav<i always' to prcx'ail In the «IVKNT .' Oct. 7.— S«-«(kr has rwHveil a 3agaata, -th« Change <» Mr. Tom.Caul.pyj who has been driving hack for Mr. H. 1.. Peck .for .tho past throo years has engaged hinuiclf to Mr, Eugcno Houltael in the same Capacity, 'For Bale -'A '97 model bicycle, will sell cheap for cash. Enquire at American laundry north of Greene's drugstore. , Uou'tWaiit until cold weather conies, 1 but have that roof covered with aabestufl roofing. It is only ono-half the price « of shingles. Anylxxiy can put it on ,'B r orii,Kv'H Hardware. ' , Money Saved by buying Hour, graluwu, meal' and mill focd at . C. A. CHKSHER'S MilL try. AH kinds of grinding wo'ean to bo Cbeetf nl, happy? Put away nfl those _ wrinkle producing and' despondent thoughts agd make up your mitwL to live, to enjoy living, as long as you do live and to live as long as yon can. A cheerful natnr0, » bright and eutroy disposition sweetens our own lives and the lives of others, worry and di&:6titent makes us very uncompanionable oroa- turcs, drairts the system of vitality and shortens outlives. This course can be ndoptod more easily by some than others. To the sick and suffering it sometimes seems AS if there was no hope and to be cheerful seems iinpORsible, but when a way for relief is opened to them,,hope revives and the spirits brighten. This to why MAUSOMA BLOSSOM, tho great fo- tualo remedy has become so popular. It comes to weak women as a priceless gift of ( nature. It giwe' to the wife, mother and daughter perfect health, it stops those aches, pains and weakening drains so prevalent among women. A simple inexpensive homp treatment that is applied directly to tho parts aff^ted (thus a voiding-taking into the stomach that so ofteij impair dmlruin tho organs of digestion) enables women to treat themselves privately andjs a. Bfteody-iuirc fro lencorrhopa, inflaismation, congestion and falling of ihe ^ r omb, ovarian troubles, painful periods, and all do- rangoments known as fcttiitle diseases. Ask your druggist for MAGKOUA Bi-os- sesh if lirrdoes not keep it take no other bnt send directly to the company for'it. Price one dollar for a box containing one niontn's treatment. , Their book entitled "A Book for Women" with circulars and testimonial sent FivKK by mail to any"addre8S: Write to SOCTII BEND KBMEUV Co.,' South Bend,Ind. AH letters are opened, read and an- ewOred by women, Lottera BOS LEY & SON, Call done. and medical advice arc referred to their lady physician, and all pqrrcapon'dtjpco treated with etrictftst confidence. A NEW DEAL -\ \ • . —~ Lewis K. Cook Having purcttsteed- the Grocery Business of Chas, i. ' ** P. Cook, will continue the same at the old stand, where you will always find a Complete Line of STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES At ROCK BOTTOM PRICES. Iwilliiotbnun dersold.v €ome and see me. Three Opinions: Got your sajlorw trirc.nod Wcaton's for the fuir. lit >ltS8 DR. H. S, HAHN. at Kitlatiut%iK> firs htf* si'rvlcts to the govrmncnt and Bays: . "I shatl not feaigo." tlavstna, tK-t. 7»— In spite of WeylWs prohibition -a. Tbt- . tu>ur»^r ueJp <Hh«r and ma}n decorai «<*' TKfe VMtHfltts pro- at tVntral park, and ri-- tho tii»»a. In head the The __ trading into U' were A iwirober of de»- wv»t to IH<# palac-e, where they rwtfivwl by the oaptftfif* g^aeJfal- IVu UKjtt It W&B th8 tie-. luyal Inhabitonta <tjf the should c<satiJt»ue a* ta* the gwt*t«»ent »JEM| the (^Mi XMJ tnttad Uy . in, st >«y on South Avenue. from 7 it, »»». ><*9- *» *H U, . CIGAR U. Made in* ho|$or, gold «n merit. €» rout fit t)e«t»!ir. * Wood Reasons Whv Woolens Must Ad- 1 vanec. ' From Alexander JEIatnilton'e low tariff bill to relieve the straitened eiretira-- stances of the treasury in 1789 to 1901, The tariff was a nominil, affair, 1804 it was raised by successive acts tti an avor- ;igo of 47^06 per cent. Tho JkfcKinley tariff was 50 per cent ad valorem and 44c ;i pound weight on woo)$n& Tho Wil- rfop tariff waft'150 jier cent ad valorem Wily, The present or Dingley Vjill is 5T> pur cent ad valorem and 44 cents a pound- 'LViritf act of 1801 had fie a pound on wool, tlio McKinloy bill lie, th^ Wilson 1«lLrno8tly freo^, Tho'Dingly bill has 11 or 13c. This, must fraisa the price of- woolens. Tariff is simply a form ofjindirwt.tnx- tktioa. The iiaporter pays the duty at h,f! frontier odds the amount to former cost then,adds a profit on his in veetwent forjtho retrtiler \yho»RddB a profit tot the consumer.. pur.uudt>rvnear wa^i ait cbaaed in April and IB now in stock, boat 35c and 50e each shirt *t«r sold, ' Our Btflte "and c0ats ^ algo in, stock at pricar worth a advance today. „ ^ Our meroha'nt t^ilorie^ de|jar(;ni,cnt is that "The CHICAGO RECORD is a model newspaper in every sense of the word."Harrisburg (Pa.) Call. *'There is no ,- paper published fn America that so nearly approaches the true journalistic ideal as The CHICAGO RECORD."Prom "Newspaperdom" (New York}. t **/ have come to the firm conclusibr, after ~a long test and after a wide cor parison with the journals of many cities itnd countries, that The CHICAGO RECORD comes as near being the ideal daily journal as we are for some time likely to fted on these ( mortal sfcores."— Prof. J. T. Hatfield ii The Evanston (III.) Index. Sohl &//, newsdealers everywhere .arid subscriptions received 67 all po$tnw$ters. Address THE , ' " 'Doctor Vrslte yoiW c&y weeks, regularly, and Wili continue to dft so indefinitely* •• *• - t^"See date below. ^ , -^ Pattiat list of diseases treated. Head, ncnrslBlft. ?lck, oorvona of oongaitlre lioftlaclia. flnJl, fall feeling, fo** *{ mKmbry, fli* Klnons. softening of the bdiln, tftmora snit eczr,- Itlft Of F(l«lp, NervQUS D0bflity ruirt Miit* »ttemHa«WI-- mcnt#, butU of young and middle »go(t mem. . The ftwfiri effoots of ppgleoteft or Jmi*tvperiir ircatodCBseiMitodnclng wenknesaot body atirt hraic, <J'zKlne»f>, tailing mentory. lost vlt»l%, lack of ohcrsy and eonllclcneo, rntteoc.ele, gleet, pains ftna other iJistrossinK symptomn, n uniting ofte tor etndy, tiuBlnpue or cnjoymotit 01 liio. Ear. Ait dIwfji"BS of I lie ear, of Whatever n<une ttr natnro; cofed t llSffiI5i'i?J5 ll y w l 1 6hi. Throat. CwaWbaVawo Ofrost, acute and chronic, pbarytgitio, enlarged tonullltli nuii pal>-.IO, froarseness and loss of voicc r thick pblo,ito in throat, causing buwklng. Lungra Consumption In tho flrst and nocond rtiayn--, licmorrhsges and Chronic hrttuchltlt*, dry •xnd ho#rpc couRft, pftins In cbcet, difflonltr in •u-ontliittK. h<n>»MZfttlon8, ftsthmn, etc, ' ' Heart, Brain and Nerves, if yon ba** a, 'tiK/.inesK of tlio bead and pulfitaiion of the Ucnrt, diflictilt hrealtiioK »nil mrtfloatl.nilj feeling, lullUOTsof the lioad,ft tired, Irril.blc, ^liacon- teiitul' and foar oC impending danger, or lestb, a drt'itd of Ctlng atonu, or tl»i> revemn— •le^iro to llu alone, it your inemo-y la falli g and ou arc clooftiy and rtspondcnt, or If you dream much ftnd oiteu, anil feel BJU aver-ion to'Rociuty, you art! enlToriuc (ri>Di ascrloua difcofe of tbc aervfa bruin nnd heart. Yon have BO Mine to •o?<?'. ' «!iill at oucq and c >nenlt thl(< emiborit specialist. /Itjdi.cys. lhna,m«iftlion it the kidncT*. •firt^h-'* oi*'e«a(', dnibetla, congestion of tftc kid-" rieyt-, uriioiniii, gravel, intone, all fcleiitlflcally, N mid eucces»fully ireiUed, ' Bladder. Ii.ttanvnt^toD, 0} etltiei, cyi^to rrlwa ctttarrlt of the blad(m!r The dltt'oartug dlfe- fact's iov»riably yleMT to St» syaiero . of trcttt- ment, &tomacH. Cainrrli, nlceratioo and acid dy»- peputa, iudlirestloo, [Bin and ful'nc'8 alter eat- rui;, lii'itrtburn, wftlcr brasb and dlfflcolty In swallowing, -, 1 Liver, Spleen^ AH discMon of the live* spJeon,-bowel*, alt norvt DBneas and rellcx dlHor itera, rh«HmaiI»m and all ckln diseases, eczema iibd (*ftlt rtteum, ring worm, hip jfliut iHeeftce. old aOret), fever fores, stiff joiuti dlucaso, oil! splopl Irrltftlloti, nervous proBtratiou. ' Rupture, Pile*, fistula, aii'l All BwetllngR and letJeBQicaqnic. ly cured without pain of uotott- tlou from bUDlneaa. Diseases of Women. If yoo are goffering from aity oJ Uiu dltwssoe ptcullur to 7001 «ex, "itch aa.falllag or dl^placcmsul of too vi'onib, iu- Haniraatlon ur ulctiratiou, bloating, headacboa: Kplual wyttknefc, call or write to him and be wilt mil you juet what can lie dono T»r you. - If you cannot tnill on Dr. Huinptrey write to him for question list. Ho wity then Understand your condition thoroughly and &11 yon candidly whether or not he can trdat you sliccesafally. His coursn of treatment ip a acieotUlo one, peculiarly his own, whereby th0 patient receives treatment and medicine applied to suit the case, that otherwise would bo impossible, ' ' at 1 day every Jfour. Boyal OFFICE DATE ?/. FREE CONSULTATION FREE TO AUU WANTS FOUND! ETC. Twenty cent* a ween Cot each notice not <•*. ve Unj*. No ci)M«e 1«M tain twenty CH>n 8AL&~CD««p liiie weok, % I'fttlij riuig* i? I? Kot^l couditlou; (or wowd or coal. - - - - - • f. ,'OK KENT—Wlw booi<e oppo»ite FptseopaJ ' cbMreb own-d by II, W. Tbwlug. Apply tu No. t^ W^«t Pw»pect stroot, • Op Ifajfto or Uuioiou wretts. ft paek- • • •" \, 4«rby b4t, Vluav »lp*i» 1 - AauiifW«reWttr4 yo good Hurt. Uia. O'ct. 7,— Fire broke oat -in. . ]rv«t«rday t» thfj pear o< arxlwarf *t^n?, spread rapitl- and ill,' two hours had destroyed that lag, |ir-**;tita,Uy is t vf out Uie bustaeaa Cream r of Cereal, Tte eifefia b&in'g; sft'mpjed. You wtU 8nd the Cereal at J, .Cuuninaham's, The friea is Itte p» warranted. ' Apprentice girls at ojjee. Graham & Apj?4y who belie v&cbronfe diarrhoea to be ukuurable should r««4 what Mr- P. Qfiafe»i% «^ CitMura Millfli -^grj b^Bto say u4 the subject, te*s while try- froai tb* 8*4': • C. W. Ukud; W- f . Roach, will was Chaw anxj caQalw»>'#be "Ti«y your atatioQery at the tCUrorue^ - Ajn elegant Hti^ of bet lowest pF&eB, at Hulett 4 Sp 4 Cweftr , , . bfeen subject to attauku qf biljoiie coliO for scveml y^arg, -Cm»flibtsrlaiB'« Colic, Cholera and DJarrkoaa, Bem^ itt "the only sure relief, It acts like a charut, <3s»«to8ej)l it giv^Tiettetybeo ajl other remedie* fail. •• , O. CttMk fla0 teas and coffw«. If voa' hoi -for the Jj. K. Cook handles Crewu IQc pwr M. C. K. K. wiU aell tickets to Albion forty ctsuto on accwu«t"of Albiop fair. C. E. GwoRy, f|(, A^t. SHEPHERDS'. a specialty of Teafl from 10c tu tb& piirvhase of ft call 0« Mrs. Merr io .4

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