Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 7, 1963 · Page 2
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 2

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 7, 1963
Page 2
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THE f»AMI»A DAILY NEWS FRIDAY, .TUNE 7. 1953 VKAS WAR IN SPACE Nuclear Weapons in Orbit Youth Center Calendar 7:SO - Calico Capers Square PLANS STICKER CAMPAIGN Da » cc ', SANTA MONICA, Calif. (UPH- SUNDAY ! Traffic violators convicted before flnwcr ' 20 ' ™s nmon R two s.u- 2:00 - Center Opens; All Ages Mlinicipa , Judgc W . Blair Gih . ««"» »' ^ ""» lp ! " >hno1 " f Hm ' ben< : SCULPTRESS USES CHEESE I The ghost of Anne ftnteyn. nn» : LONDON <L'PI)-D,.iiui Blanch- of Hairy VIll's wives, is said io walk around the Bloody Tower of London. Swim 5:00 — Center Closes EDITOR'S NOTE-This is the second of fair special articles by Dr. I. M. Levin, director of the l-'cls Planetarium nf the Franklin Institute, on the significant and timely theme. "War in .Space." Based on the latest scientific information available, in a weapons system of this type. As tic or contemplated for use an example, Commander Schirra '. space, The lifetime of bombs and j brought his capsule down within electronic systems in orbits high • Ihrcc miles of the designated im- above the surface is not too well n an( .p r c pact point in the last U.S. manned known. One of the little-known re- ' flight, showing how close we could , suits of the 109-day Mariner 2 come to a target from orbit. While; flight is Ihe furnishing of informa- the Russians have not indicated' (ion concerning the longevity of FRIDAY •1:00 — Swim Team Workout 5:00 — Closed for svipper fi:00 — All Ages Swim •\rts who won $2ft pri/.es by using after today will have their cheese in a sculpture competition cars branded. ; sponsored by the Australian gov- Gibhens, who gained national ornment trade commissioner. 'I started making it and found Rend fie Ncw.1 Classified Ads the four-pnrt series considers Ihe their impact error, it cannot he highly sophisticated electronic sys- i Mornings until .lime 10 — Moni day thru Friday — All Ages Swim ' Attention with his unusual punish ! from 9-12 Saturday - All Ages men! for traffic violators, served m - vsolf "ihhlmg away nl ! Swim from 11-12 ' nntice Wct | nesd , v tha , ! as I worked." Mi^s Rlam-hflower ... . ,„ ., ""'Re \vetine.sciav, that anjone, saj( , ,., hfu , (n s , otherwise - nn ,- ,. ,. , t . Mornings alter June 10 - Mon- f . nnvic(C(i w . mi)d he roqtlircr ) to thcre wouldn't have been ,:00-Cal,co Capers Jr. Square nay thru Friday - Swim Lessons ; paste a six .hy.fou,-ineh Dicker on enn ,V' from 9-12 Saturday - 11-12 A I I j , hcir windshields for .10 ^- !--.--.-. Ages Swim i rhe st j c k er says "Traffic viola-' Center closed from 12-1, and 5-6 , or San(a ^ nnica Mun i c i pl |; p.m. Open 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Week- rj 0( |,.( •• days, Sundays 2-5. ADDINGTON'S WESTERN STORE 0 Western Clothes 0 Guns • .Sporting GIHH'.S I Ifl S. Cuylcr MO <»-.H!«' assumed to he greater than that terns after spending months in of this country. Thus, the space upace subject to powerful short- powers must be full\ aware of the ; wave radiations. At this time we | deterrent potential of these orbital : know that electronic systems sub- weapons, i jcct to more powerful radiations Unlike conventional orbits which; than in the vicinity of the earth 'constrain space vehicles to travel! are good for at least 109 days. The ability of the Russian as-! with speeds of about 17.000 miles I How much more than 109 days is tronauts to rendezvous in space' per hour, these would be a wide j as yet unknown, and this unknown indicates that they may also pos-, range in speeds for vehicles mov-' may prevent the realization of sess the ability to immobilize our ing in a highly eccentric orbit. I these space weapons in the fore- reconnaissance satellites. And if! When Ihe payload is at apogee, it secable future, by any chance the nuclear powers' would be 4-1.27S miles per hour. The other not too surprising reason for doubt is that at this time the United States, even if it follows that these weapons can I face of the earth and at that time contemplated a weapons system of possibilities of such a war. the manner in which it may be waged, and — perhaps most important — how such a potentially devastating conflict might be avoided By DR. I. iM. LEVITT of this earth begin orbiting nu- ( When it reached perigee it would clear weapons a? a deterrent, it ; be but 300 miles above the sur- also be immobilized. it would be moving with a speed this type, lacks the giant boosters necessary to orbit a nuclear payload in the eccentric synchronous orbit. Considerable research and development, excluding boosters, remains to be done before a system tional step. As a point of fact, I load of this type of an orbit, of this type becomes feasible. It We hear very little about orbit- ' of 2.1.100 r.ilcs per hour. Because ing nuclear weapons in space and of this wide speed variation, it there is good reason for (his lack ' might prove an exceptionally dif- of comment. Our Department of j ficult object to intercept. It could Defense considers the presence of i prove almost impossible to ai- veapons in space a most irra-! tempt to rendezvous with a pay is sincerely hoped that by that time the necessity for a weapons ' systems in space, even as a de- the entire question of such weap-i (hough the destruction of this pay- ons orbiting the earth is a highly! load should not prove too difficult. provocative act and no nation i Lifetime Not Known would want to undertake a step so , One question remains to be an- terrcnt, will have vanished. fraught with danger. swered before any such weapons j (Tomorrow: "Exotic Weapons of There are ways in which to get- systems can be considered realis-i the Future.") around the provocative feature of this situation. There are some planners who suggest that we might put nuclear warheads in orbit at 50.000 to 75,000 miles above the earth. These would circle the earth in 70 hours 33.5 minutes. and 125 hours 2.5 minutes. Thus, high above the earth would be The Lighter Side How Does Your Garden? By DICK WEST United Press International WASHINGTON (UPI) - They chemical warfare school or forget the whole thing." he wrote. "A typical paragraph goes like this: warheads which would take a long laughed when I moved into the "Mulch your roses and be sure time to drop from orbit lo the 1 suburbs and announced my inten- 10 guard against thrip, aphids, surface. The significant point 'i° ns |0 grow a garden. loaf mould, parasitical fungus, about high-altitude orbits is that " He doesn'i even know which black - winged thyroids. Luxem- ihey could never be u.?ed for stir- enc ^ °' lne hoe to use," they said hourg beetles, red spider and wid- prise attacks because of the length rakishly. ow mites. Use a solution of fled- of time the missiles would take to But 1 showed them. I wen! out ermouserane. two P a '"t s to or >e come out of the orbit to impact and bought myself a gardening P arl quadziHcr Wier No. 2, de- a target. It may be this virtue book. It was one of ihe'greatest Putnam and molerouzath-quag- Ihat would render these orbiting adventures of my life, bombs non-provocative. In this case we are simply storing weapons by dispersing them in deep space. As long as peace reigned on earth these weapons would continually circle the earth with noth- myre. Spray every hour lor three weeks with a mixture ot this, A gardening book is guaranteed curare powder and phosgene, to give you more information than DolV| ncglcc , roots; in3cn anatho . roid compound No. 3, five gallons per root and spread surface with you can cope with on every phase of gardening except the one are interested in. you mustard gas, cyanide and a com- MAKE FATHER HAPPY For instance, Ihe book I pur- mcrcial solution of strontium 90. ing to make them come in. How- chased was completely silent nn'lf this routine treatment fails, ever, if a nation decided on a !ne SUD Ject of which end of the the gardener might try napalm surprise attack and could success-, hoe to llse - treatments. This will burn your fully consummate such a "strike," But ' found that if you follow rosebushes to the ground, of the orbiting weapons could be ' ts instructions to the letter, you course, but it's guaranteed to get brought in as retaliatory weapons. don '' even need a noe - . ricl of thos e pesky insects." Within 24 hours after the surprise If V 011 have a surveyor's transit, Not Exaggerated Much attack these retaliatory weapons for measuring drainage angles and You think Yudain was exagger- would be impacting their nuclear tnat for( of thing, and a fully ating? Well, the day after his warheads on the aggressor. It is equipped laboratory in your base- parody appeared, a local garden generally assumed that the pres- ment, you can get by quite nicely, column carried the following para- ence of these retaliatory weapons Remembering my own bewilder- - graph: at extremely high altitudes can- mem wnen firsl introduced to the ' "Repeated spraying may be not be considered provocative be- complexities of simple home gar- necessary to control lace bugs ef- cause of the long time required dening, 1 felt a twinge of em-: fectively. When you see the first for them to return to earth. P at hy the other day upon reading I signs of injury, begin treatment Planned Provocation an article in Roll Call, the Capitol at once. Malathion gives very good However, there is another type Hl " weekly. control of lace bugs. Sevin also of orbit which can be used if one Reac * Gar( ^ en Column gives good control. But if you nation wanted to intimidate the A contributor to the paper, Ber- spray with sevin, better include other. It could use a highly el- nie Vudain. reported that he had dimite or delthane for spider mite liptical, synchronous orbii to send acquired a patch with a tew rose control, because sevin kills the the nuclear payload deep into Dlisn es and had begun reading ihe insects which feed on mites with- space and then have it come in garden columns to find out how out killing the mites themselves, within 300 miles of the surface of 10 la ^ e care °f 'hem. and ihe mites can do about as the earth at its perigee point. Such "One gaihers you cither go 10 much damage as ihe lace bugs." a satellite would circle the earth in 23 hours 56 minutes and, once it had been launched to orbit over a particular perigee point on the earth, this point would not vary. Thus, if an island were chosen for 'he subperigeal point, the warhead would regularly pass over this point once a day, every day, and then sweep out into space It is this feature of a stable perigee over a selected largei — especially if that point occurs within an unfriendly naiion — which consumes a provocation of the first magnitude. The pattern on the earth of ihe subsatellite point will be a figure 8 with the center of the 8 on the equator, but every time the sate!- lite is at perigee it will be over the designated point on the earth, be that point an island or a city. It should be obvious that deadly accuracy would be realized in CARACAS, Venezuela — One of a group of Castroue terrorists who raided the U.S. military mission, forcing ten persons to strip: "This time we're not going io hurt you, but ihe next lime we won't be kiddmg." w £&££DSHAV§&» 30 (SC79«0) with 'Floating-1 LOOK! New 'Floating-Heads' hug every contour ... fol/ov/ every tacial curve for cleanest, closest shaves. * Rotary blades stroke off whiskeri. No pinch, pull or irritation. » Split-second cleaning through pop-open side vents. * Self-lubricating motor adapts to 110 or 220 volts (AC/DC). * Handsome travel case. rotary blade*... the THIRD way to shave. There are two other ways to shave, but the third w«y—with Norelco rotary blades-is the cleanest, closest and moit comfortable. PAMPA HARDWARE CO. 120 N. Cuyler MO X 2<5I North American Philips Co./ Inc. 100 East 42ad Street New VorU 17, New York SATURDAY !l:0(l — Swim Team Workout 10:00 — Girl Scouts Swim 11:00 — All Ages Swim 12: no — Closed for Dinner 1:00 — All Ages Swim 5:01) — Close The River Nile is approximately ' 4,000 miles long. I CLASSIFIED ADS GET RESULTS AUTO GLASS INSTALLED Plains Gloss & Floor Covering 518 S. Cuyler Own Sal. 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