The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 27, 1961 · Page 2
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 2

Baytown, Texas
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Friday, January 27, 1961
Page 2
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Friday, January 27, 196! KENNEDY SEEMS RELAXED AT TV NEWS CONFERENCE •y M3KX- MABUNT rrcaw %OK^i A«*Iy»4 WASHINGTON (APi - Presi- .... dent Kennedy was much more (bold;: stare t& himseif at has first prwsi-jon his own oapadtv aews coderwo? Showed a habit seJf. Whether this will ehang< more eorrirronivs i for st tfaanicism and the surest sons he; his Puauda* Eisenhower was at bis j aides. first conference after becoming: Whether it is an imrp-a! part president eii;ht years a£O. f -f his ciwractr-r, or lh< start o;° It was expected: After 14 years 1 a deliberate policy which he- wili in -Consness fejinedy was teller. pursue, Kennedy avoidvd she i;;>informed en gout-mitten! details ;;MViram?e of ever. than Eisenhower was when he i when statins; the sensational. .announcement released moved into the Whirr Hntise after; Por example: Tb? his Ion;: Anin 1 carer. inews at his tw.fcrcn Eisenhower was tense and fai- trred in his answer? at his firsijvive conference. Wednesday night Kennedy didn't appear tense. But hf- was hardly lichthr-aned. And. like Eisenhower be an a d e some bobbfes. repeating him-!grams will set massacred, too. But it's this writer's guess Kennedy won't keep hands off. He was in Congress too Ions not to know how strings are pulled. He( can. say. "Look, irnrn, no hands.": as proof he's not bu'.tins into the' business of Coneress. But you cin bet the people .'round h:.-: - : uill he. In slier;. Kennedy TS sti!< in the prorrss of' crwirtST into the presidency. There probably will be sorce no- rireahle chances before the year! is out. " : was tne Rus.*i;ir#. tna" fwo ~.v.•."'.• hors of i the American RB-i" p;ar,r «:iu shad been raptured )asi. July. ; The Russians hsd refused to rv- ^lease them for ihe Eisenhower j administration. Thar doing so at Actually, Kennedy had 21 or e! the stan of Kennedy's adrninistra- reason to be tense than Eisen- : Tion was a concession toward cre- hower had at his first White House ; atioa oi renewed good wfli be- news session. : rwoc-n this eaintry anci Russsa. Keonedv was being watched! Since news of this was to prove frosn eoak to coast on live TVjto be the highlight of his news and his words, bobbles and all.;conference, Kennedy could have once said couldn't be tidied up. j electrified the reporters by an- Eisenhower's first news confer-; nouncing ii £ie moment he ap- eaoe transcript of questions and i pc-ared. answers, after a going over by! InsUvid. he said be bad three Funeral Hnmp his aides was released without/anao^cements to make and his Paul ^- "* funeral Home. direct quotes. So the faltering did news on the Sicrs was No. 3. A native of Czpchoslos-akia Konot show tip in the record. Outwardly it would seem — iTmmek was a retired farmer. Rev. Still there was a double lack what he said can be taken as the James T. SeeJey, _ pastor of First of precision in Kennedv: : policy he will pursue—he intends Baptist Church of Crosby, offici- "l He "was a little" vagye on^io follow Eisenhower's policy of ated at services. Burial was in some answers a little generalized, i avoiding any interference with White Cemetery under direction This is understandable since he Congress. o: Paul L: - ^ Funeral Home. is still in the process of whipping Eisenhower carried this to such Kominek is survived by his wi- Funeral Notices KOMINEK Funesnl sen-ices for Frank Ko- rr.inek. 71. a resident of Crosby 54 years, who died about U p.m". Wednesday in a Baytown hospital, beJd at 2 p.m. Friday at Remarks That Ministers Grow Tired Of Hearing Bv HAL BOYLE "\\1iy is it ministers are always XFAV YORK (AP) — Remarks asking for money, money, money? | ministers get tired of h ' " I Don't tliey ever think of anything "That was a wonderful sermon, else?" wasn't it the samo one you "If this church \s»is run on sound business principles, there wouldn't be any deficit." (preached last year? j ''My husband sends his regards, Unfortunately, he couldn't attend! "I can do without a new dress services this morninsr. Ho had :i|for another year. dear. But we golf same he simply couldn't get '• simply have to find a way to get doesn't he do something about his own kid? He's about the wildest boy in town," "He's such a nice man. I wonder why he never became a bishop?" "Sure, 1 know he's against sin, but Dial isn't enough. What I want to know is. what's he for?' "The church finance committee 'out of." j "The collection came to $3.8.50. Ui Canadian quarter—and thm- (buttons." ja new suit. You can't afford to i wanted to increase your salary, jlook so shabby." jbut decided the remaining funds | "Instead of preaching so much j should be spent on repainting the 'against juvenile delinquecvy, why j recreation center." "What does he want to build a anyway? This enough for my Noon Call Stock Quotes (Courtesy Mtrrifl Lynch, Pierce, F«nn«r and Smith) Allesr Ludlum Aliis-Chaimers Amer Cyan Amer Tel & Tel Am Visco 41 jNewp News ... 26'ii Ohio Oi! M5%;Olin-Math .... ;*iJ Phillips Petr .. better. area should 1 One of the worst bottlenecks iniB Boos of Dallas Mrs E R is a small group—called!Parks of Pasadena; Mrs. C. W. of the- House; Vick of Highlands and Mrs. H. C. and policies take *ap» and are '— m which conservative Demo-'Johnson of "Houston; and 12 grand- spelted oat in detail for Congress! crats and Republicans, by team- children. 1 ^ , t ',~.rr »IT*I V*«-iT--rt i-iT^ei'OTiTeiH TTPTVWTJlTTT and u» country. PICTURE OF POWER, DDIAGGIO LASHES HIT Joe DiMaggio Most Consistent Player Ampex 20%;Pure Oil Anaconda Cop 48 i R °>' al D" 1 ** Armco 69 At Tp & SF 23 & s Beth Stee! 43*s Celanese 26"s iCelotex No Sale [Chrysler 39\ 'Cities Sen- 52 T s iColumb Gas 23~s 'Creole 33*t I Diamond Alk 60 j Dow Chem T2 ! Eastman Kodak 112 1 i El Paso 29 s * JFord 69 J i i Free-port Sulp 31 I Gen Electric 66 Gi-n Motors 43 s * Gen Tele 26 : s 57 37=4 Sears H'/j Shell 44 Sinclair 42% Socony-Mob 44% Sou Pacific 21% Soerry-Rand 21Vi -' ~ 49% 56% 7H ling up, have prevented important 2. There 'was a certain imprecision in fee way he answered. Instead of being steadily terse and pointed and then stopping, he rt it's PIPES Block's Pharmacies Tt\ E. Tcui« m s-im HELD OVER! B A NOW SHOWING TH*U SATURDAY S — FEATURES — S ABROAD MINDED LOOK AT ion* DON'T MISS THE BRUNSON FUN Saturday Morning M GRASS IS GREENER • HIT NO. 2 If WALKIHG URGH VTAMrtNA JOMI EVANS TORALD FOSTER MERRY ANDERS RELEASED TM*U Arntn • HIT NO. S • 'THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLE" <L\ COLOR) legislation from going to the full House to a vote. More liberal Democrats, beaded by Speaker Sam Rayburn. vrho is Kennedy's chief lieutenant in the House, want to add a few more members to the Rules Committee to break the conservatives' Pallbearers were E. R. Parks. strangle ohld. Tliis is being fought out now. But Kennedy told his listeners Wednesday nieht he doesn't want to interfere. If he actually tries 35 H. C. Johnson, C. W. Vide, M. V. Jones, E, A. Sheffield and Charles Cummings. KIRKPATRICK Funeral services for Mrs. Freida Ann Kirkpatrick, 65, of 1802 Cedar Bayou Road, will be held 1 Edgar Smith, stocky pie were beginning to take notice '• 2 e "*"~V ??' «ow ;Georgia Pac o4 " ' : ~" ' Saf ar Tire to make this a permanent _ policy in dealing with Congress his pro- Assault Charged To Highlands Resident Charges of assault with intent I to murder were Hied in Justice of ithe Peace Walter Queen's court ! Thursday against Sim A. Ains- i worth of Highlands after Howard i F. Dear. 23. of Humont Park, \vas j wounded Wednesday night in a knife fi^ht at Ray Lee's tavern on Market Street in Channelview. Dear was taken to San Jacinto Memorial Hospital in Baytown where he was treated and released Friday morning. PORT YOU WILL SEE 2 •- CARTOONS — PLUS — COMEDY "TWO ROAMING CHAMPS" PLUS THIS FEATURE VICTOR MATURE "IIG CIRCUS" PLUS OUR REGULAR FEATURE CANDY MOORE "TOMBOY AND THE CHAMF" AdulU 60c—Children 2.V; NOW SHOWING THRU SATURDAY THE GRASS IS at U a.m. Saturday at Earthman; White Sox left-hander. 11:30 a.m. at St.! The dn v before, against Church. By -IDE REICHLER and BEN OLAX The most amazins of all hitting! T^ e streak climbed to 30. The! feats, the greatest hitting streak; entire baseball world was becom-j ever recorded, was achieved by' m & excited. Even Joe began to; Joe DiMaggio. the most consist-|g et deeply interested when hej ent ball player of his time. As for|P asTs ed Rogers Hornsby's Nation-^ 1 virtually all spectacular perform-(^League record of 33 games|« L ances, there was no warning that!' sln « ! topped by Tommy Holmes' something big was on the way! 37 straight). On June 27, against , when Joe rapped out one hit in *e Athletics, Joe boosted the|' n , against 'string to 40 games, and interest < Int ' Chicago in e v erything else in baseball — pennant races included — was sus-1 Stan Calif Stan Lid Stan >" J Stan Ohio ; Srude-Packard . :sun Oil ;Sunray-Mid Cent Tennessee Gas . Texas Co Texas Eastern S2V» : Texas Gulf Prod 33% Texas Gulf Sulp 22 Tidewater 23^ .Tirnken 52*4 i Union Carbide 127 !Un Oil of Calif 45?4 26 23 91 Sta , teP X and FO Drug 51 U. S. Stee 80 SVestlnehouse 44 ; New Orl Cotton Up 3 Dn freonMay Han- 43Vi Nickel 62 & Laugh • 63 s , •-McGe 76 Refuge - (Continued from Page One) , ... r „ , Mel Pencfed. The "Yankee' Clipper" n^-jUbby McN ^! prrfS^xSTtea'SJrSv^-e^ , cauioiic- cmircn Harder of the Cleveland Indians.j««l«! one more to tie GeorsejLiggett and Myers ^j^t d ^ a Orthy ^^ s Latnolic Lnurcn. iDi\H"^o had been hWess in three Sislers mark ol 41 Straight games 'Louis Land 55 [ment. resident of the Baytown area | offic |ai""timcs at'bat. The Yankees !*>* toe st - Lav ^ s Browis <* 1922. | Monsanto new church for church was jj.xx; great-grandfatlier. It ought to be good enough for him." "Why is he so dead set against bingo? If we got a good bingo game going, we could afford to roof the church in gold leaf." "I know it's 3 a. m., but it's about my wile. She thinks I've been out with a blonde again. Can't you come over and talk a little sense to her? You're only one she'll listen to." the Kiwanians Hear Key Club Singers Robert E. Lee Key Club conducted the Baytown Kiwanls dub program Thursday at the Tower with a singing sextet and a quartet. Key Club guests wert Steve Hudnall, J. M. Kilgore, Osborne Knudson and John B r i 11, club sponsor. Rosiyn Hanley, Linda Jacobs, Judy Skeen, Judy Endel, Neldn Day and Gayle Creekmore, with pianist Paula Bond accompanying, sang three songs. Larry Earls, Donnie Pryor, Robert Swint and Tommy Harrison w-ith Judy Smith as pianist sang three more songs. The groups combined for the final son? of the program. J. T. "Adams, Ed Vaught, B. E. Greer and Jap Katribe sat at the birthday table. Two West Baytown Kiwanians were guests, D, C. Seamans and Lynn Seamans. Other club guests were Tommy Seale, A. H. Miles. Charles Hanson, Clay Swain and Cecil Sutphin. years. Mrs. Kirkpatrick died at 7:15 a.m. Thursday'. Rosary will be recited at 8 p.m. Friday at Earthman Chapel. Rev. I then were in ins .500 ball. fourth place, play-! DiMaggio skipped past that It wasn't until two months and three days later that Joe went hit- Denis Kennedy will officiate at ] e ss again. Ironically, it was Cleve- :milestone on June 29 with a hit,. off Washington's Arnold Anderson i to make it 42 for himself. DiMag! now took dead aim on the all-time Nat Dairy Prod 61 Nat Dist 27 s , the funeral services, and burial i land pitching again that stopped • record of 44 straight games, which ' will be in San Jacinto Memorial;him. ! had been racked up by Wee Willie ( Park Cemetery tinder the direc- 1 i n between those two hitless i Keeter, the famed "Hit-'Em-i tion of Earthman Funeral Home. : days Joe DiMagfio collected a'JWnere-Tney-Ain't" Willie, 44 years; Survivors are her husband, i least one safety in each of 56 con- bef^. Th^r»sure was terrific. ront T in-i™,h^i, ,rf povt™™. : secutive contests. This remarkable ™ e forty-third game, on July jsecutive contests. Tnis remarkable 'on''.;^t in Frank F. Kirkpatrick of three daughters. Mrs. T. \V. Loch ,,.-,, ridge Sr. and Mrs. J. E. Camp- i history. lasted over one-third of j bell, both of Baytown, and Mrs. ; nc " "" '" '" " V. L. Goodson of Columbia. South i?? opener of a T* Peterson Funeral Set For Saturday Funeral services for Mrs. Em ma Peterson. 74, of 7906 Waxaha-1 refuge. They also support a" salt in the Wallisville area have formed an organization, mw nearly a year old, which has opposed the refuge on the grounds "It isn't right to move out people to make room for ducks.'' The stated purpose of the refuge would be ior the protection of ducks and! other water fowl. The organization, the WalJisville Landowners Association, appeared at the Liberty hearing and offered strong criticism of the proposed normal league schedule of 154 i h ^- ^ Uie nightcap, with the j chip in Houston, who died Friday Same's. In'that IW-pimc'span. thf! crowd bulging Yankee Stadium at ^morning, will be held at water barrier two feet above sea level rather than four. This would 4 p.m. resu ]t j n a snialler reservoir, re- V. L. Goodson of Columoa. South i". 1 """' "' ,, - , .',, ; "'the <;eam<: he eoiialed Willie Kec-l • L, , I 1CSUJC "' a smaner reservoir, reAmerica: two brothers. John Evc-ll: 3 f «**?" *™* j«« "^Ji «^'s" andpnt r^o ri Fi} v - Mo ^^ay at Earthman Highlands ;*, in ne that the government take lo and Louis Evelo. both of Hou.-!^^^"^ v^^S"^' thousand fans turned out at Yan- Chnpc-l. I w £ r "'!?_"* , . . lo and Louis Evelo, both of Houston; three sisters, Mrs. G. Owens and Mrs. E. N. McClair, both of Houston, and Mrs. Clyde Reavis of Co vena, grandchildren grandchild. pfret-nuip,' < iw u &. ... MII a tie i. The Yanks played u - ball before DiMag's streak and Calif.; one five .500 and .600 ball afterward. The day after Joe began his strrak. h r> coi'eetr-d two more hits kce SUidium on July 'J to see Di- Mapgio set a new record. He didn't disappoint them. With Heber Newsome pitcliing for the Red Sox, Joe connected in the first drove what looked like home &rea ! against Thornton Lee and another ithe following afternoon. After Chi___.._ _. ... Owenjcajjo, he hit safely in three games Jr., W. C. Voigt, G. C, Voigt, Gary i with the Browns and two with De-i d caueht $, e hal! In his next Naugle Jr., Hal Kirkpatrick andltroit. By the night of Decoration I ^^^ ^ galloped a s^-e- Howard Kirkpatrick, pay, he has hit safely in 15 j{ire hit to ie ' £t ccnler _ but a fol!wv PBTTERSOK l &i.^%^££&™^5* DLM ^-° ^ ' Funeral sen-ices for Mrs. Em- Feller Me! Harder, Dizzy Trout, ipl Joe rridp ma Peterson. 74, of 7906 Waxaha- Hal Newhouser, and Lofrj- Grove 1 Burial will be in San Jacinto (0 J n Councillet " Memorial Park Cemetery under j -i n the years to come this refine direction of Earthman High-| u ?e will become a show-place for lands Funeral Home. Rev. Paul. 1 ? 1 ' ° f Southeast Texas a magnet .„ „. . , i for tourists and an outdoor class- Ansohn will officiate at the serv- room for all( such as ^ Aransas ices. Wildlife Refuge and the Avery Is- Survivors are five daughters, !and From a long term view P° int . we consider the human broth-r^' Mj i rt ! c , ^^ all of Hous- !the reft] and thp lo {erm te no one!!?"_',_, and , - Mrs ' GIady 5 , P ^ tton of . ««s relatively much greater." i could sure that uu «<«.-, tl . ,, , _, _, rob him the nr-xt time h e! H ;f? lands: one son ' Ed Person Included in the Outdoor Nature jchie in Houston, who died Friday among his victims. Baseball peo-j cnrn p ;o bat _ ^ tho j|j th _ he ' ent j.|of Houston: two sisters, Mrs. Edna | Hub's letter was the following: j i morning, will be held at 4 p.m. j^ th e strain by taking Newsome (Schultz of Galveston and Mrs.! "We particularly recognize the! I Saturday at Earthman Highlands for a homr> run ami a now rec-j^'>' rt le Graves of Dayton: four'importance of the 7.000 acres of Saber's Rites To Be Saturday ord. For the first time in the long j brothers, A. H. Petty of stroat, a i^rin was noticed on jFInvd Petty and Oscar Petty, both dead-pan Joe's face. ] 0 f Baytown, and R. D. Petty of Houston; five grandchildren and two creat-jjrandchildnn. HOW SHOWING — THRU SATURDAY — • TRIPLE ACTION • 7:00 P.M FEATURE— RORY CALHOUN XW GENTRY 10:00 P.M.— FREE - \TE mm* NOW THRU SHOWING SATURDAY CANDY MOORE BEN JOHNSON JESSE WHITE flUf RfX ALLfN •AYTOWN'S ID PARKER Me — smMHH me — CfciMnn Chapel Burial will be in San Jacinto Memorial Park Cemetery under the direction of Earthman Highlands Funeral Home. Rev. Paul Ansohn will officiate at the serv- 1 ices. I Survivors are five daughters, ... .».->.,..*. ->... ,- - — —-• -, ,, , p , ,.,, , „, u .. 1U . uv ,„ „„, | Mrs. Irene Crow, Mrs. Violet, died at 11:45 p.m. Wednesday in il7 a tremendous throng of 67.46S I Jones. Mrs. Bernice Cartmill and. a Texas city hospital, will be held; crowded into Cleveland Stadium. j Mrs. Myrtle Chebret, all of Hous- at ^.^ " ga^ay at Ma-^ Most of them came to sec Joc i jton, and Mrs. Gladys Patton of ',-,„", „. .•„ r^A^ R^V™, i«dd one more to his string. But| c hH accountant David C. Funder wasn't finished, ho\v- |e\-cr. The run rose to 50. to 55. :0n July 16, he rapped three hits I Graveside sen-ices for Thomas; off Cleveland pitchers Al Milnarj R. Sasser. 45. of Texas City, who' : ?? d Joe Krakauskas to make i —^ *. nnth " ni * toijuiy| Couneil-- (Continued from Pagft One) land surrounding the proposed reservoir that will become partj of the refuge. j "This type of lowland habitat Isj not represented in any state game) refuge nosv. We commend the Sport Fisheries and Wildlife De-| partment of tho Fish and Wildlife; for recognizing this." j Highlands; one son, Ed Peterson of Houston; two sisters, Mrs. Edna ' ,- ~ . •„ r^*f some Cemetery ,n Cedar Sasser is the husband Qi 12 Injured As Ringling C f rcus Horse Sprints Schultz of Galveston and Mrs Myrtle Graves of Dayton; four; brothers, A. H. Petty of Kilgore ,1. of two great-Tandchildren. Nephews will serve as bearers. the string snapped. Lefty Al Smith :burk. •^ lrs -iand righty Jim Bagby were the; Ridgewny Subdivision a 30-acn.. Sasser, longtime resident stoppers. ihnd tract" north of Baytown off MIAMI, Fla. (AP)—A horse Barbers Hill tx-fore her mar-i Smith disposed of DiMaggio;Garth Road, was annexed by the Jumped into a crowded grandstand; nui miuii. nci i. . . . . , ^ , ....... . , .„„,, in j ure( ] 12 persons slightly Ringling Bros.. Barnum circus performance in' Floyd Petty and Oscar Petty, both j manzzer 'of Rancho"?--^" 1 "^' "^" •"'•ai'u^i r'nol Tn "iVi«"lnKt tVmo at '^'"w.V wnVw "v^mn'"nnH"Tnnv'V'Miami Beach Convention Hall. of Baytown, and R. D, Petty of 1 Motel in Texas City. Houston: five grandchildren and 1 Rev. A. L. Byrd. i»"« £,^ out. The ciwvd. ,..'_" i was his last chance, pleaded with 'jonv's truck had a lS9-ir.. ,-.. , „ „ nail *?, 1 - u >'-."'" ^"""'"'rv^,'.^ r,TiJoe to get. a hit. The count was h . 4S< ; an j tho spef-firations asked. Sonya Piana threw herself over I - fflde1 ^^ s -J,^^™ bA urial ione ^1 and one strikc whrn ho 'fw a truck with a 190-inch wheel- her son, William, to protect him neral Home will direct bunal. ihjf & ^ Bounder toward thc; basc and the horse stepped on her Besides his widow Sasser is sur-; ho]p \ K ^ vcf , n spconr i an d third.! A resolution transferring SI.200 back. She was taken to a hospital, vived by one dauehter, :virs. C,a- ^ Bureau rri( , w i nveri scoopr; to mp po ii c; , department funds to for examination, rol McAnich of Texas; City: one. (hc ba] , anf , whipped to sec-ipav {or two policewomen to pa- '• • fainted and scores, son, Robert Sasser of Texas City: 1 0 ^ stnrtin! , a doubl ,, play . ^ srhool 7 ^ s ^ re( , hot , rs a ,of seats were overturned in the The tension was over. The next: f ]p,v until school is dismissed was|bedlam. day Di Maggio started another (approved. Councilman Craveyj -----'• *•*••-'-— lasted through! as ^ 0f j that the council specify that; B|J S Received wx tcoacvr TOO OBJDHR PHOTO MURALS A WoBdeffvl OtfL BATTOWN PHOfOC PlKWe | bat he faced Rigby. It was thr ; E,-pjipment Co.'s fnick met all spe- : The horse was being led out of j t of eighth inning. The bases were full.; creation? except it was on inch ; the ring Wednesday when it spnnt-, >-"_u -A n n ncf "rhurrh of TPV 'One out. Tne crowd, realizing i' [ s hort at the wheelbase. Kemp and : M "P a stairway and jumped inter Cih wiU officSte Jt Vrlv^->' as his Iast chanc ^- P leadod wilh ,'Tony's truck had a 189-inch wheel- j the seats. ^ Stumped For Vo!*ntines? CALL US ... "WE HAVE THE PERFECT GIFT" GREER FLORIST «S W. GULF JU J-8J74 "It's a real emergency. Our regular minister didn't show up for the Rotarv Gub luncheon, and the boys would sure appreciate it If you'd rush right over and give us'a snappy invocation." "The other 12-year-old girls in my class are dating steady, daddy. Why do I have to be penalized just because I'm a minister's daughter?" "The bridegroom left this J10 bill in an envelope for you. He aid he'd have given more hut that, after all, it was his third marriage." "We've sot a litUe problem about the church picnic. Thirty- jve ladies showed up with potato salad—and nobody brought hot dogs." o+ttention STATE FARM POLICYHQLDERS OBI DOUBLE-BARRELED SAVINGS jiving for Mfe drivtrs undir tht Tixas Mirit Rating Plan flutt dividend on currently txpirint policies for eligible members! 8TATK FARM MUTUAL thg company that saved Tixans ov«r $4,000,000 In 1959 $24,000,000 In the put 24 years. Sn how much you could hivt mW. Set your Stil« Firm Ag«nt Nowl ^ JOHN MITCHELL 512 E. Texas Phone JU 2-6828 ** tfm, GONZALEZ MEXICAN DISHES FOOD-TO-60 SERVING THE FAMOUS... REAL MEXICAN FOODS "WE HAVE REMODELED OUR DINING AREA" 2521 MARKET PH. JU 2-9482 TRY OUR FAMOUS "STUFFED FLOUNDERS" m OYSTERS FRESH DAILY FROM PRIVATE AND CULTIVATED REEF A Complete Selection Of Fine Seafoods And Fine Steaks "FOR THE FINEST FOOD ON THE GULF COAST" DINE IN THE FRIENDLY ATMOSPHERE WITH WALTER and ERMA ZEISIG'S Morgan'* Point L» Porte parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Sasser of I^ake Jackson: one sister. Mrs. D. D. Wolford. and brother, Robert Sasser, bod Lake Jackson. ono : of jr an -,p s , j us t a little extra push \ voni nen wore hired on an ex-; pj TTTrr-v .-I T.. ..:_ 1 *l.,.* fl,,. ns> , ZjtjZIj V /J. "I 'EAT OUT AT THE TOWER SOON" TREAT YOURSELF TO DELICIOUS CHARCOAL BROILED STEAKS OR ALASKAN KING CRABS SPECIAL EVERY FRIDAY OXLY DELIOOUS Open Trout Sandwich 39c EAT WITH US EACH SUNDAY! Wel Donate 10% of Ihft Amount of Your Ou<?»t Check to the Church Of Yonr Choice e Tower DECKER DRIVE PHONt JU2.MM to speed the Yankees to their basis and that the ac- qxiickest flag clinching. ;tion docs not n^.'-essarily mean pa. \iro\ women will ho hirer! for all 'elementary srhool zones. i Thp council anreed to authorize assistant chairman of the seven- received Winds Hamoer Search For Ins! U.S. Plane BIOS were licrht by the District for tion of a new elementary school. additions to the high school, a music room, and other improvements. Five bids were made • kitchen equipment. The school , . . v I T J\l 1.1 mil JTJUlutlU ill. 11H.- A U II U U 1 imrmbor r,dv.sory bonrd I^m- bo , (rd ( , f ., ^ ^.^ } . rgc . . prFVTT , .. f p. 'moreu.]lrx.nsk«Jto™]lthpfirs ommrnda(ions of the architects. ARGENTIA, Mid. (Art — meeting of tho board, appointed Winds of 50 to 75 miles an hour ; n December, to elect officers today hampered the air-sea s | nrf> trmporary chairman Ham- search for a U.S. Military Air .^nssey has been ill. Transport plane carrying 23 per-] Thr>'board was set up to replace sons that vanished over Canada'sja city planning rvvnrnission abol- frozen Atlantic coastline. ; ished three years aco over a Only a Mini ehanco \vas held out i Question of aut'hority. The advisor, 1 for sur\-ivors if the bitj plane j board will be limited lo advising crashed before dawn Thursday in ihn council on future city develop- the icy waters beina: whipped by : ment. flyinc spray in zero temperature.' Ernest Brown, the city's fiscal A crewman on a Royal Cana- ac^nt, was appointed to serve on dian Air Foree search plane was ithe board as an ex-officio member injured when the aircraft was-'without a vote, battered by winds flying over the' Mayor Pnic't told the council a area. ST.iVX) rheck from Harris County Fourteen aircraft and a half had hem received to pay the citVj do/en ships wro ordered out to-'for installing pipe in Plurnwood day to scour the area where thr ; •••'• ^ <• MI v ih • open ditch, four-encrine C11S was last heard C. \V. fRedi Grantham, publir from only four rr.inutes bpfore it works director, told the- council was due at the big American basr the pipe was ready to bf> installed, at Arfcentia. 'pending weather eomiitions. The plane's List contact was Mayor Prwtt asked the city to with n US. Naw patrol plane,put a "sugar loaf" at the center that sighted tho CHS on its radar of Carver Drive at I/eo Drive to •iml Uilked with the rrcw. Thr prr\rnt rnrs from triggering the Navy plane said ?.3 niimites automatic traffic light while nvik- later it saw an explosion in the ing a right turn off Lee Drive air about 27 miles northeast of:on Carver Drive. Argen'ia. sprwrcnfly above N'evr. Councilman Cravey asked the fwindland's Avslon Ppninwila an'' dry to study a way to put "teeth" the rifv r*f St. John's, arros? info the letters asking property peninsula from Argentic. Bi; ownrrs fo rut gr*.«s during the offirials said the Navy,summer. The si.^c.siion was re- pilot could have seen a flaro. ifcrrerl to the city attorney. Par Tfc« MM! t'«« CRABMKAT SPKCIAI.TT KNTRF.ES CrahmftaS Imyvrtal Cnknuil SutHt r It . . . Tnl I*r« Id Oft* U:M ..m. M II :N tm. Famous for Seafoods and Charcoal Broiled Sttaks Available for Privaf* Parfie» Private Dining Rooms tlOO So. Mfttn—CIoMtd Monday—MA 1-4444 TMtwrr* HOV MV AT BOXOMIGMt A MIOHTTTALB TOLD LARQBI" -Lift Mtgtxli* NRK OOUCUS-LAUREWE OLIVIER JEAN SIMMONS • CHARLES UUGHTON PETER USTINOV-JOHN GAVIN .TONY CURTIS. T£»»c»«r SUPER TKffWWW CVtNINCS AT I P.M. Lower Floor Balcony Sun. thru Thurt $J.» Heiidty To tt.N by mtii *ta MATTNtH AT t P.M. WvdntMiyt, Saturdays tn4 *un<l»yi Cmt«r*n »« Mttirwt Lawfir Floor Balcony M.OO $1.71 12 y«*r» M dtt* tn4 »t « tn« or money orOer with »*rf-t<Mwti«f, tttiny** •mviopt. TMI HIW DELMAN •AM AT MMMMV HOUSTON

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