The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 9, 1952 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 9, 1952
Page 2
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PAGE TWO KLYTHEVILLK (ARK.) COURIER NEWS •ATORDAY, AWTOST I, MM HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN How Would You React To Cobra Loose in Bus? Secret Is to Keep Cool i By BEIMAN MORIN For Hal Iloyle NEW YORK (fl 5 )—How would you feel it you were in n crowded bus with some loose cobras! That happened to some people Irj India the other day. The BombayI about men nnrt women and what office of the Associated Press re-; t ),,, y ,] 0 ,, |]ii> prcsem e oi clamor, ported mat n snake-chnnner camej „',,, „,,„,,, t h ( . cobras, . . There aboard, carrylne Die cobras In bas-j ftrc n i, m) ., t ns mnn j. , a i PS „[ thtir kcts. Tile bus jolted ovor a pothole : ftrnat;a wr ,j S n s there rite snakes. she kno'.v the c'oba was in the rrani; Did she «•"• it? Where? "I riidn'l pro it," she repliffl, "but I felf. It. . It wns coiled uroimd my ankle." temlrd to chill (he ariiinnent In tho road. The baskets sprung The knit; °P en - ' prnRilniablv. will alwav.s attack; the When one ot the cobras mclirrt ^,, cr , v| , as onlv ac , fn , { ,I,,,, IS O|VK. the driver's compartment, the driver panicked and lost control. Sn he said, afterward. There -ARS a serious accident. In a way, this Is the other half o( a Kiplinpesqne story . . . One ni"ht In Inrtln. a Hrltish officer and his wife pave a small dinner party. It was during the war, tmd so there, svns some talk of the fleht'nu nnd the bombing of nrin-h cities, and wha'.-not. And t^en o^e of the ladles tripled the lvl"ccr on a love?v argument Vri. snrnf of the Indiana cluim that nut rvrn (he bit,' '/.\nn will liarm a small child They believe a snake i-eac-ts, through pome sixth to ! the loiHhiMi,' and drracl that arises, on slnlit. In most adults. [ Ami they think this !i an armiir- rrl ft'clinK, somftliLnp you have to lrarrt. .Sljuo [\ baby doc's not know i>nnir"h to he afraid, lie may be perfectly s?'"—even v.-lt'l a cobra i A!' Man Is Wllnrsi I Preston Orover, who hradeci the AP offlre In India for a number of 1 rs, was n witness to one of these rm Indian family, lileh chair on the Proves One Thlnir "This war has proved one thlnir she said, "women are .litst ns brave! inrfrlints. as men In nn emrrBency, and per-! He vvrts visitin frpns braver." j Their child, in e The men were Indulgent. They; lawn, was eating a bnw! of bread concerted that women In the scrv-| nm | milk. Cobras like milk, and apices hud often displayed cxtrarmll-1 parcntly they can smell It from con- nary courage. But th^v pointed out | sidrrable rilKTiinccs, also that women v/ill tumn on a! orovcr. horrified. *aw the .snake, clialr and scream in the. presence I j us j ^ s it - A - n s crawling up tiie sklfi Paragould Man Soys Community Hospitals in Need of Funds LITTLE ROCK (£>>— A Paragould hospital administrator say.i lack of sufficient funds, personnel and public understanding are the biggest threata to the existence of email community hospitals. Eugene Lopez, administrator of the Paragould Methodist Community Hospital, gald inflation had forced up hospital costs and personnel demands were hard to fill because of the shortage ol workers, Lop&z told the opening session of the second annual Rural Health Conference Thursday that "many people wonder why small hospitals don't make money. But because of charity cases, the people who can't pay and the people who can but won't pay moat of them operate A deficit.** Of 164 hospitals in Arkansas, Lopez said, only 43 are members of the American Hofioltal Association and only 22 arc equipped to meet requirements of the American Cct- lege of Surgeons. Other speakers inducted Dr. Hayden NichlUon, dean of the University of Arkansas School ot Medicine and Mrs. Catherine Hockaday of Pine Bluff, president of the Arkansas State Nurses Association. Dr. Nicholson told the group that the new multi-million rtollnr medical .school at Little Rock would, help rural health by training more doctors for Arkansas, training pharmacist* and aidinc nl research. Mrs. Hockoday TtquesUd of Conference delegates In gettlnf the legislature to author!je eoru structton of a nurse* school at ft branch of the new medical center. She sfttd the number of Arkinsa* lurses was Inadequate to meet th« demand, Dr, J. Arnold Henry' of Ruas*tt- ville, chairman of the Committee on Rural Health, Arkansas Medical Society, introduced member* of th* Society, Introduced members of th« tors who have settled in rural area* during the past year. The Conference ends todaj. of a mouse. The ftrgument was su-irtincr, Find nobody noticed when the hostess quietly signalled one of the Indian; servants. | He bent over her shoulder, fiho; whispered something. He hurried out of the room. A moment' later, he rpappnnrrd, holding a bowl of milk. Me set the bowl on the floor \n ft far corner of the room. Tobra Hearts for Milk Suddenly, n cobrn slithered out from beneath the tnbtc, heading for the milk, There wcrft screnms, quick exits, and the confusion \vns Immense when the other guests saw It. The servant quickly destroyed the snake. Later, they Rsked the hostess how of the rhnfr. It crossed the bnby'n Inp. nnt ' emu ft onto the npron of the hlch chair, Then it began drliitclng the milk. With n clumsy ge.tturr. the baby hnnpcd It over the head with the spoon. "We expected the cobra to strike," he Bald, "but the bnby upset the howl, and the snake simply dropped onto the ^rasu nnrl went on looking for milk down lhc?re." It ivas only when they approached [n kill It, he snid. that tho hood went up nncl it coiled to strike. So. In case you urc ever on n crowded bus with n loose cobrn, cither optn n boLtln of the best THE FACE OF WAR—One more patrol completed. One more iale iviuui, 1'vt. tii_,<ui ^1^1.1.1^.',^ 10, of. Montreal, Canada, who is with the Canadian Army unit in Korea, has just returned from a rm.sston. lirrri emriv. and shaken un. This uin. he's lucky, iiis only injury is a bloodied nose. Iran Is Land of Few Rich Men; Vast Mobs Are Ignorant Poor homogenized, or pretend not to no- by pensnnts ns sharecroppers. tlce. Revenue Bureau to Open Tax Records in Some Instances WASHINGTON Ifl — The Bureau of Internal Revenue said todny It will allow newspapermen to examine the records of n n y tnx seLUement case when Us propriety has been publicly, questioned. The decision, by Revenue Commissioner John B. Dunlnji, doc.s not meet fully a request of the American Society of Newspaper Editors. The society, in the efforts to break. da\vn secrecy in government, hns asked for nutomnlic publicity on all cases where settlements are made for n mount less than the taxpaper owed. May Check Files Only But Dunlnp' said tlint, whenever the existence of such a compromise case has been publicized by persons outside the bureau nnd the propriety of the settlement is challenged, newsmen mny examine the settlement files — but not the tax returns themselves— and write of thoir finds. In other words, there will hiwe to be a "leak" of the supposedly secret settlement data — through congressional sources or otherwise — before the files will be opened to reporters. The bureau submits details on settlement cns- cs to sennte and house committees concerned with 40 tnx matters. Studied xvonld like (he fiharecropplng peas ants to get a bigger share of th profits of the land for their work The kind of economic reforms indicated by Mossadegh so far miglv. If put into effect bail fran ou fly JAMES MAIILOW (urn for the worse. .And yesterday of lts present jam. It's questionahl- WASHINOTON «T| — Iran Is n j one of them. Ayatullah Kashanl. a ' whether Iran can survive If thi land of a few rich men and a vast i mullah priest, was elected leader of i * s ns ^ ar ils Mossadegh wantfi to. mob of the Ignorant pour. Of the | the lower house of Parliament. I Kc ' s talking about the bare boner 10 million people there, only 1,600,- This lo , iVer house ,,.„, votcd d , c . tatorlal powers to Mossadegh who proposed slapping a tax on real es- late. enough tax to raise perhaps \ S ov ; p *t Hatted 300 million dollars a year, which V ? V e • might be enough to get Iran out of; Study Of Soviet Its Jam. Then It was the turn of the Iran- ! HAMILTON. Canada (m — Mrs. Ian Senate to approve the same' Bei '" m Klttlcr is again taking les- power for Mossadegh. It may ote : sons '" EniflUh, a language which 000 can rend find write. The rich men, huge landowners nnd merchants, arc among the wealthiest in the world. Some -single families own hundreds of villa ties the surrounding land worked Although Iran has n tax law practically nn taxes iue paid. This | of economic reform in a country I whlch " ceds reform desperately. for the COURIER NEWS in Osceola, call BILLY BEALE, 567-M As of 1950 there were miles of railroad track* United States. 272,244 In th* Dunlap recently gnvc the press permission to study about 40 cases which Sen, Williams m-Del.y had previously made public In (he congressional record, Williams is n member of the Senate Firmncc Committee. Ho listed In ench case the amount of the bureau's tax clntm nntl the Kinnlior nmoutit for which payment finally wns made. Ho Kug- gostcd that each taxpayer compare tht'so compromises "with the manner in which his own tnx case has been handled," j In making public the files, Dun- ! lap said, Ihe fairness of the set- 1 tlcments. would stand up imder any outside ficntnity. has been nn ideal situation for the rich. So long as inn British were in Iran, piping out oil, the count'ry managed to squeak by. The British, for the oil they took. gave the government a royalty which amounted to about otic third of Iran's revenue. The rest of It came from customs duties and other sources. When Premier Mnhamined Mos- sadegh kicked the British out 15 months ago and nationalized the oil industry, one-third ol Iran's revenue disappeared. The Moslem loaders, the ultra- nationalists of Iran, kept Mossa- cicph in power despite the economic : on this tomorrow. So at the moment 1 costt h f r idcar1 *' 15 - vears th!s attempt to sQuecze some mo- \ ncy out of the rich Isn't certain. i Meanwhile, the Communist Tn- ] rich party has become stronger in the months since the British were thrown out and the Iranian economy began to crack. • In the boiling atmosphere or Iran now no one—in this country or Britain — seems sure i»f,what may happen next. The Communists' are a real threat. If they pillled/u^i'ii olution and won. the rich wouldn't have to worry about pay in e taxfS- They wouldn't, have ony money left to pcy. Tlicrc la al-,o talk Mossadegh. At that time in her native Russia Mrs. Kittler and her husband be- f(an studying English. The result: five years In Siberia for her and death for tier husband. The Soviet high tribunal Imposed these sentences for what Is described as "treacherous behaviour," in learning the language of the "capitalist Imperialists." .Mrs. Kittler. a university graduate, speaks se've'n .lajigiiHg'es. She is now Hamilton.-'Her 17-year-old soft 1 'attends high school^ Read Courier News Classified Ads Althouph auroras, or "northern lights." somi'tlmes give the illusion of touch tug the ground, none has been measured Ht a height of less than 35 miles above the earth's surface, He knows the freslu'sl wjtsri in town . . . who is satisfied with halfway, oltl-fasliioncd methods. How do you rate? Do you know oiu delivery man? We think yini should . . . for he can help you to a new way of living. Let him tnkc washday d)Hdi;ery out of your house . . . lut us show you the results of professional laundry service . . . and you'll look fouward to his visits every week! Blytheville Laundry-Cleaners Phone 4418 the Voters of Mississippi County First of nil may I slate to you that this has hccn a clean campaign, one lluit_no imlividifal has heen hurt by any mud slinging. There are some facts that t will present to you. Mississippi County is a place of which \vc are nil justly proutl; one of America's greatest agricultural counties mul Arkansas' greatest! Mississippi County citizens do and ought to have the best experienced and qualified men to represent them in the Arkansas Legislature. The law does not specify any particular nren from which these men shall be elected, as it docs not where the other county officers Uionld live. My opponent has made and printed some statements that nrc misleading nnd do not represent the true facts, concerning the "so called" agreements of the positions of the posts. Elect a man that is best qualified to represent this great County: Here is my record and qualifications: 1. Resident of Dell for IB years. 2. Married the former Mamie Mageis of Dell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Karl Magers. I have two sons, Malcolm, Jr. a xi Magers. ;i. Castor of the Maplisl Church of Dell. I have been with this church a large portion of my 111 years in Dell. 1. Former .Mayor of Dell. 5. Member of the Hell School Hoard, serving as President, fi. Former school teacher. 7. Member of the Miss. Co. Hoard of Equalisation, having served a number of years. S. Active worker in the Mississippi County Faim Hurcau. 9. Farmer. 10. Headed many limes the different charitable organizations of my community. 11. Had much experience in parliamentary procedure. 12. Attended Ouachita College, t'nion University, Graduate of Arkansas Stale College. Two years in Southwestern Seminary of Fort Worth, Texas. My Pledge to the Citizens of Mississippi County: 1, Not to increase (axes. 2. To fight vigorously for the schools of this county. S. To help the farmer and business man by protecting their interests. Consider the qualifications and experiences of my opponent and me and send the Arkansas Legislature the one that can best serve and protect the interests of (his great county. • It's humanly impossible to see every voter in Mississippi County. To those voters that 1 linve nol seen, I earnestly anil sincerely solicit your vote on August THE ONLY GRAIN BIN WITH 6-PLY RIBS EVERY ZZ'/i OF HEIGHT FOR EXTRA STRENGTH EASIEST BIN OF AIL TO ERECT! •Stop in soon, whila we still have famous -SIOUX- Steel grain bins! DISTRIBUTOR Blytheville Soybean Corp. 1800 West Main—BlythevilH Phones 6856 & 6857 The Opposition Candidate Is Desperate! So Misleading, So Untrue, So Confusing Are Hii Last-Minute Stifemenh That Here Is Published ..^tr— PROOF And It Is Irrefutably TRUE That It Assuredly WAS TO GENTRY Who Instituted tfce Fight lor Your Substantial PHONE CO. REFUND Little B*tk Checks Art Oit N»w! 17 C«nmltiei U Arfcutu Ar« •tceiTlsc $},M«,M«.M I* CASH REFUNDS NOW!... Mrf Wtt b** bcreattJ PlwM Batei And TOM GENTRY Is Still Candidate Who Has Qualified Himself and Has Been Admitted To Practice Before the SupreiM Cowt of the United States ONLY Wl / I / v [cilcou Don't Be Deceived, Voters! TOM CENTRr It The ONLT CaiiHttt Htmtttei It Practice Be. fore Tkt Smprtmt Cvcrf Of Th* Purred Sttttt. . .Was Tfc< Under Jily nth with J2*^M !>•«(, « 32,00* Mta-jin ni It's a Sweeping VICTORY for TOM GENTRY The Qualified Candidate For ATTORNEY GENERAL

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