Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on April 25, 1971 · Page 5
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 5

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 25, 1971
Page 5
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DEL RIO (TEXAS)MEWS-HERALD, Sunday, April 25,1971-5A Soviet Spacemen ( Mews Digest j SELECTED FOR CHOIE Return to Earth By STEPHENS BROENING Associated Press Writer MOSCOW (AP) - Soyuz 10, the three-man Soviet spaceship that docked for 5V 2 hours with an orbital station In a dramatic space rendevous. plummeted back to earth early Sunday and made a soft landing in Soviet central Asia, (he news agency Tass reported. The dual flight of Soyuz 10 and the unmanned space station Salute appears to be a major Soviet step toward a manned space station. The first scheduled U.S. space station is two years away and three years behind schedule. Moscow sources had hinted earlier that a second manned ship might go up in connection with the Salute-Soyuz 10 flight. The Soviet agency Tass said the three cosmonauts were well and the spacecraft had com- Protest . (Continued From Page 1) At the urging of their ownpa- rade marshals, the demonstrators picked up their own litter from the Capitol grounds and left the site about as clean as they found it. The demonstration, held in front of wire barricade shutting off the crowd from the Capitol steps, began about 12:30 p.m. EST, an hour and a half after the marching began, and ran on until about 5:30. Despite the conflicting estimates of its size, the crowd to most observers of such events here easily revaled and possibly surpassed the previous record for a protest rally, generally granted to the Nov. 15, 1969 New Mobilization demonstration. The "New Mobe" crowd was first pegged by the government at about 300,000. but later was revised to about 320,000. pleted Its "program of studies. " Soyuz 10 landed about 80 miles from the town of Kara- ganda in Kazakhstan at 2:40 a.m. Sunday Moscow time— 6:40 p.m. Saturday EST, Tass said. Soyuz 10 pursued Salute for more than 41 hours before docking with It at 4:47 a.m. Saturday Moscow time—8:47 p.m. Friday EST-after the cosmonauts had.taken a nap, Tass said. Soviet television said the Soyuz 10 made a "rigid mechanical docking" with the Salute. Soyuz, which means union in Russian, drifted away after S/ 2 hours, Tass said. The news agency said studies "checkingthe efficiency of perfected systems for the mutual search, long distance approach, berthing, docking and separa- "Laborfor Peace," "Teachers for Peace," "FederalEmployes for Peace." The more-mioitant elements which have marked and sometimes even dominated past demonstrations clearly were a small minority Saturday. These have promised another demonstration next Saturday and a series of civil disobedience Incidents aimed at disrupting the city's and the government's normal functions. The marshaling took place near a virtually empty White House, with President Nixon weekending In his retreat at Camp David, Md. Nixon has said he will miss next week's demonstration as well when he goes to the Western White House at San Clemente, Calif. tlonof the ship and the station" were carried out during the two days Soyuz 10 was in space. Dr. Boris Ryabov, professor at the Moscow Aviation In* stitute, claimed a first for the Soviet Union, reaffirming Russia's "mastery of cosmic space." He said it was the first time a manned craft and unmanned vehicle controlled from the ground had maneuvered independently and linked up in outer space. This, he said, was the "principal novelty of the experiment." "In previous flights of cosmic ships both approaching and docking were carried out, but it was docking and approaching of piloted cosmic ships," Rya» bov added. Speaking on a television broadcast which was beamed tc Eastern Europe as well as the Soviet Union, Ryabov outlined the mission of the Soyuz-Salute flight. He said it Included the stabilization of the manned ship and the space station, "the mutual linking of two massive bodies, one of which is under a regime of automatic control," the sever ing of the link and further approaches and docking. The experiment is aimed at completing a high Soviet space priority construction of the world's first orbital space laboratory. The cosmonauts aboard Soyuz 10 had a 0/2 -hour nap before the hookup, which took place somewhere along the sweeping elliptical path which carried the two craft to an orbital apogee 137.9 miles from earth and brought them to within 124.2 miles of the planet at their lowest point. Salute was launched on Monday; Soyuz rocketed off the ground at the Baikonur cosmo- drome Friday morning. NEWS DIGEST By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS WASHINGTON (AP) - Hundreds of thousands in a predominantly holiday mood marched In the spring sunshine and rallied before the Capitol Saturday'to demand an Immediate end to the Indochina war. The five-hour-plus demonstration was one of the largest—If not the largest—the nation has seen. SAN FRANCISCO (AP) Antiwar protestors by the tens of thousands marched six miles through San Francisco Saturday, led by a Vietnam veteran In a wheelchair. The they listened while speaker after speaker demanded peace in Indochina. SAIGON (AP) - Two U.S. Navy fighter-bombers chased a MIG21 Interceptor deep Into North Vietnam, then dodged deadly surface to air missiles before returning to base, the U.S. Command said Saturday. Friday's air chase came at a peak of dally air action over the North this past week. MOSCOW (AP) - The manned spaceship Soyuz 10 docked with the space station Salute Saturday after a chase of more than 41 hours, then broke away for further approach and linking maneuvers. COLOMBO, Ceylon (AP) Hundreds of bodies of rebels, many of them headless, are drifting down rivers .from the jungles to the sea in a grisly procession demonstrating the savagery of Ceylon's civil war, SCOTT AFB, 111. (AP) - A U.S. Air Force plane with a pararescue team aboard took off from the Azores Satur day in response to a plea for help for a severely burned crewman of a Soviet merchant ship in the Atlantic Ocean. Air Force Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Service headquarters said the Soviet ship Kegums reported its position as 900 miles southwest of the Azores. Sunday snoozers lose an hour of Daylight Savings Time as clock move forward 60 minutes in46 states to conform with the Federal UnivOrm Time Act. Fast time ends the last Sunday of October. JERUSALEM (AP) - Foreign Minister Abba Eban told an interviewer Saturday he expects Secretary of State William P. Rogers to follow up an interim Israel proposal to reopen the Suez Canal when he visits the Middle East next month. EDWARDS AFB, Calif. (AP) — The bodies of two copilots of a crashed F$$$E supersonic fighter-bomber were found Saturday near the wreckage of their swing-wing jet plane. The crash Friday in the Mojave Desert was the 16th of the twin- engine jet's type. Margaret Caldwell Wins Europe Tour Special to the News-Herald SHERMAN-Margaret Caldwell, an Austin College student from Del Rio, has been selected to join the Austin College A Cappella choir as it touts five European countries this summer. Margaret is the daughter of the Rev. and Mrs; William Stone Caldwell, 312 Borrum St in Del Rio. Her father Is pastor of the First Presbyterian . Church. The choir departs Dallas for London on May 18 for the Ceylon Civil War Taking Heavy Toll three-week concert tour. More than 130 persons went through three stages of auditions to fill the 40 positions on the touring choir. Bruce Lunkley, chairman of the Austin College music department and director of the choir, said, "Efforts were made to find voices which matched and those that seem to be able to stay in tune the best. I feel we've been successful. "I am particularly pleased with Margaret and feel she adds much to our sound," Lunkley said. The choir, which won world-wide acclaim on a European tour more than a decade ago, has been invited to perform in the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in Berlin as a part of the tour. The choir has. also performed, on national radio, television, released four recordings and toured most of the U.S. Lunkley has selected a program of sacred and secular music by major American and British composers for the choir's concerts. Portions of the concerts will be made up of Negro spirituals featuring soloists from the choir. Austin College, located in Sherman, is a 122-year-old liberal arts college affiliated under a covenant relationship with the Presbyterian Church, U.S. COLOMBO. Ceylon (AP) Hundreds of bodies of rebels, many of "Ihem headless, are drifting down rivers from the jungles to the sea In a grisly procession demonstrating the savagery of Ceylon's cl«tt war. Security forces fighting nationwide insurrection by youthful Maoist insurgents have taken to burning the bodies in huge funeral pyres away from centers of population. But the muddy waters ana swamps of this tropical island. Few residents of Colombo are unaware of the river-borne cas- ualties although local newspapers are forbidden by government censors to publish any descriptions. Buses runningfrom the international airport to the capital regularly pause by river banks while drivers point out drifting bodies to passengers. Ceylon's military command says 450 rebels are positively known dead by body count In nearly three weeks of fighting but this estimate is regarded as massively understated, since the youthful rebels always try to carry off corpses of their comrades. JAY'S ROOFING SERVICE Emergency Repairs We roof any home and business property. Com position-Wood Shingles Commercial Work — All Types We repair ANY roof Call Day or Night 775-8847 r From the broad Ellipse behind the White House the procession moved to the broad avenue and along it to the Capitol where the usual rally was held 1 to denounce the war. While the antiwar message was the same as that preached in at least one mass march in Washington each year since 1965, the audience was probably the most Inclusive of all. A matron who said she had marched for peace since she protested the Spanish Civil War In 1938, viewed a "diversity here that didn't used to exist." "The American People know, even If their President does not," said Sen. Vance Hartke, > °•said from the CapitolSteps, "that we have stayed too long in Vietnam and bled too much and committed too many horrors, and the time to get out is now." The faces were mostly young. They smiled, laughed or chanted peace slogans. They sweated in the 70-degree sun. But there were all ages. too. Mothers pushlngbaby strollers. Middle-aged couples holding hands. A businessman marched in a blue cap that said he was a former commander of a New England American Legion post. On the grimmer side, some veterans who had been lobby- Ing against the war all week joined the larger throng. Some hobbled on crutches and canes and kept the pace despite missing limbs. Tight-lipped servicemen and veterans, some with chests full of medals,, stopped the route. A Teamsters Union contingent from St. Louis was led by its international vice president, Harold Gibbons. Banners said "Trade Unionists for Peace," Sul Ross Choir Here This Weekend Sul Ross University's Concert Choir and Chamber Singers, on a tour to 10 communities in West Texas and Mexico this week, performed at the Benjamin Canales Ptaza Saturday night in Ciudad Acuna. Following their performance they were the guests of Jesus Maria Ramon at a dinner given in their honor. The Choir and Singers, Two Pilots Die In FIIIE Crash EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. (AP) - The bodies of two copilots of an F111E supersonic fighter bomber were found Saturday a few hundred yards from the crashed wreckage of their plane, an Air Force spokesman said. The advanced swing-wing jet crashed while on a test flight Friday in the Mojave Desert near Death Valley National Monument. It was the 18th plane of the Fill series to crash. Officials said the two crew* men apparently tried to eject. The F111E eject mechanism provides for an entire capsule containing the pilots to separate from the jet and parachute to the ground. The spokesman said the capsule separated, but the parachute failed to open. The dead officers were Maj. James W. Hurt, 34, the aircraft commander, formerly of In- dianapolis, and Maj. Robert J. Furman, 31, originally of New York City. There was evidence the craft had caught fire either before or after the crash, the Air Force said. The $9-million twin-engined jet, built by General Dynamics Corp., was undergoing flight tests before delivery to the military. under the direction of Mrs. Ross E. Hise, will give a concert of religious music at the Laughlin Air Force Base Chapel, at 10:45 a.m. Sunday morning. The presentation will include selections from Religious Rock and Bach. This concert will be given as one of the stops on their Spring tour. In addition to Del Rio and Ciudad Acuna the tour that began Wednesday in Alpine is taking . the vocalists to McCamey, Crane, Iraan, San Angelp, Sonora, Sayer and San Antonio. n» Litttr trittv Sff . < MORE DIAMOND SPECIALS WOOD JEWELERS 25th ANNIVERSARY CASH ONLY {exception: 90 days to pay on purchase over $150.00 <fit Round Brilliant Diamond Round Brilliant Diamond 14K Diamond Seiko 14K Diamond Seiko 14K Diamond Seiko LOOSE DIAMONDS 1.04 cts. .93cts Reg. Price $1200.00 $ 925.00 LADIES 14K GOLD DIAMOND WATCHES Reg. Price .75 cts T.W. $895.00 .40 ctS T.W. $525.00 .24 cts T.W. $425.00 SUPPORT TRASH ROUND-UP WEEK APRIL 26-MAY 1 , TEXAS HUHWAY DEfAHTUHMT LADIES DIAMOND DINNER RINGS FOR QUALITY MATERIALS DEPENDABLE SERVICE **SEE** £ag»le LUMBER COMPANY FOR YOUR ROOFING MEEDS. ESTABLISHED 1898 416 8. MAIM 77B.3SOa 14K Dia. Cluster Ring 14K Dia. Cluster Ring 14K Dia. Cluster Ring 14K Dia. Cluster Ring 14K Dia. Cluster Ring 14K Dia. & Emerald Ring 14K Dia. Heart Cluster Ring 14K D?a. 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