The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on June 5, 1952 · Page 12
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 12

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 5, 1952
Page 12
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PAGE 12-w THE BAYTOWN SUN, THURSDAY. JUNE 5. 1952 Herbert Hoover Trader Traps 1 Albino 'Roo Named 'Miss Australia 1 Oil Supply-Adequate, But Reserve !s Small AUSTIN, June boast the most (IP^Texas can of the state. Considerable, soil ero- soil-mois- sion, resulting from the downpours ly all areas. vegetable in virtual- %M£$*« & ir^jK&'jri 'WASHINGTON, June 5 <l r .R>— Former President Herbert Hoover •urged Congress Wednesday to transfer flood control work from the Army Engineers to (he Interior Department. In a letter to Chairman William "L. Dawson (Drill.) ,of • the ' HOU«*B Executive Expenditures committee, Mr. Hoover said: ''Effectuation of this reform Is 25 years overdue. With the normous- ly expanded demands upon the Army Engineers by our increased military establishment, this would seem even more urgent." President T r u m a n considered •By HARMON.\V. NICHOLS that went for the common or mea- WASHINGTON, June 5 (lr>—The dow variety, and did not include old trader finally has struck pay such rare things as albinos. dirt. ' "Miss Australia" will not Dr. William M. Mann, who for kind core and good food at the flevoJution. «, •served in the War 0 ? age of eg. ot 1812 doesn't try to remember the names hands of of people for fear he'll forget the keepers, name of a fish or worm, has a Doc Mann and his zoo reported Thursday. -- - - , 0!1 the High Plains area and was bead- ginning to head in the later sections. Cotton planting in the low roll- Congress is not animal'minded administrator of "the Petroleum bulVeUn, "the "department reported: in j P^f,? r l^ r i^J im the' S USI)A. and poor Doc gets very little money Administration for Defense, said "relief from the "-i»i"»i rfmnaht. was laitner rewiueu, throughout the world now but "vir- lack * tualiy no cushion of reserve capacity to take care of any new emergencies." C. E. Davis, assistant deputy In a weekly crop and weather ditional rain, the USDA said. aaiJ^rcu a. mit ammui. aiiu puur i^uc geis VKI~>' uiue niuiitrj- Auriumsirauuii 101: ucicuac, aciiu. ACUCJ. AAUIII •.!*%; Critical Cirought ^ -- - "thp necessity for T6- What's more interesting to .us to feed his animals. Bui he comes there are trouble spots in the sup- in western and southern areas re- saia Aurn J-. . 'additional taxpayers is that the director of around that by playing on the ply of residual fuel and aviation suited in the most favorable mots- P; a """ g 5"!T,!, pl r u ' con tmued the Washington Zoo got his prize sympathy of- store-keepers in the gasoline. Other than these "two ture situation in two years for the "^v^ ^ t t e ^h Plains where for no money — air express paid, vicinity of the zoo. They save him problems, he said, "the supply sit- state as a whole." warm weather was needed for the The Australian .government has the scraps of fresh vegetables. uation now appears to be welkin Light to torrential rains fell^ dur- .^™ *^;" A presented the 7.00 an albino kan- Doc has a man pick these up in hand." ing the last week over virtually all c^ ei ™JJ,^ cts ' werc "generally garaoo, pale white including toe a truck everv morning and then —-—•—- areas. ... , onod" nails, baby carriage, and eye workers peel'off the spoiled parts The owl is considered the great- _,Saturated_sousJccpt farmers om Z ^.^ ' The smallest of the South American countries is Uruguay, which has an area of 72,153 square miles. ' The gift was addressed to President Truman. But the chief passed it on to the 7.00 and the tender mercies of Doc Mann. Edward Hallstrom, president of doing it this spring. Mr. Truman the Sidney Australia x.oo. present- said later, however, that he had ed the little animal ftwo feet six and dust off the est enemy of the mouse. interrupted harvest of MIKE FRANSSEN STATE RESERVE LIFE "See Me Before You Die" Dial 2061 Serv Tor "'9hl, Mudied the plan and decided not to submit it. But legislation calling for the transfer is before : Dawsbn's committee, and Mr. Hoover said it should be approved. Other developments: Rep. E. C. Gathings (D-Ark.) said TV necklines have' gone up since the industry adopted its own code dealing with matters of taste and decency. But he said Congress still must keep TV and radio shows under "cosistcnt and persistent surveillance." He testified before a House Commerce subcommittee conducting a Gathings- sponsored investigation of radio and television. Rep. Arthur G. Klein D-NY. objected that if congressmen don't like what they se on TV they can "turn the damn thing off." Sen. John J. Williams R-Del. told the Senate that poultry merchant Jacob -Tack Udell collected $451,599 from the government for conducting a veterans school in Miami at a time when he was 5792,094 behind in his income taxes. Williams said an investigation showed "alleged irregularities" in the school but that Udell was successful in having criminal prosecution of his tax case dropped. Meanwhile, he said, the school continued to collect money from the governmnet. Senate and House conferences tentatively agreed on a foreign aid program of around $64 billion. President Truman had asked S7.9 billion. Thp Senate had cut Mr. Truman's foreign aid request to $6.7 billion distributing the'; cut evenlv over all items. Straw voting has been in existence ; in the- United States for some 55 years. inches tall):- He and Doc are close friends and have made many a trade in the past. Doc Mann promptly and quite properly named his gift "Miss Australia." Like all { albinos of the animal kingdom 'Miss Australia" has extremely poor eye-sight. She sort of feels her way around "her pen smelling for the fresh vegetables ' The young lady is 14 months old has a 24 inch pouch-line and weighs 50 pounds. Last time Australia sent us any kangaroos, an international inci dent almost developed. Two youngsters were flown here and turned over to a movie company to publicize a picture about the island continent. A press agent got more publicity than he bargained for on two occasions. The idea was to haul;the kangaroos around the country by train and exhibit them. The railroad company refused to let the kangaroos sleep and eat in the baggage car, so the press agent bought tickets for a compartment. 'That didn't work, either, but it made good copy. Finally, one of the kangaroos died of fright or excitement and there was the very dickens to pay. Apologies were made and finally accepted down under with reluctance. Australia said that nevei again would we get any more of her kangaroos. But apparently THAT LOOSEN NEED NOT EMBARRASS Many wearers of false teeth :have suffered"' real embarrassment^ 'because. tbelr. plate dropped, slipped or wabbled at Just the trrons ttiae Do not live In fear of tills happening to you. Just :sprinkle, a Ultie FASTEETH, the alkaline :inon-acid), powder, orr your plates. Holds fatee teeth • more, firmly, so they feel mere comfort- Lable, Docs not. sour. Checks "plate odor" (denture breath). Get FASTEETH at any store. on •*/ aiesman NEW YORK, June 5 OLE)— A new city tax of $5 for each automobile weighing less than 3,500 pounds and 10 for each overweight vehicle brought angry protests from Harry E. Einhorn, a salesman. 'J Einhorn had to buy a S10 sticker 'for his windshield because his" new automobile weighs 3,503 pounds. He figured the cost of each extra pound 'amounted to $1.67. "That's even more expensive than potatoes," Einhorn said. FREE CITY DELIVERY HORSEPOWER MOTOR SI-INCH CUT AMERICA'S FAVORITE POWER MO^VER 'IN FOUR MODELS When you mow with Reo, you mow with the best and most popular power mower in Amer- Jca at its price! All the most wanted features are combined in this easy starting, superpower mower. Has "Magic Touch" control, adjustable cutting level, and stands upright to store in small space. Buy him-a Reo from Bullock's. REO RUNABOUT is REO TRIMALAWN REO TOWN HOUSE . S 114 95 S 231°° 25 GARDENING SUPPLIES Gardenser Pick-Up Cart S 9.45 % Speedline Spading Fork .$ 2.55 ® Ferti-fome, 100 Ibs $ 4.0Q $ AufomaHc Ramking Sprinkler...$ 8.50 Gafes P!asti-P!y Garden Hose...,.$ 7.95 . 9 yr. guarantee — 50 ft. Use Our Cfiy-Wiefe Delivery Dial 2024 Ironmaster h hot m" 30 secondt. Stayt hottar. iron! faster. Heat regulator right under the thumb. Rid-jid it 'guaranteed warp - proof. Automatic opening, looting. Lightweight. Folds compactly. UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED. Cool iun in the sun for the )tiddi»i. i Play pool in their own bec'c yard. Colorful—all plastic. Giant lii* 1 —approximately 54 inches in dia~c'cr. Sparkling clsar qiass water pitch- n lip. .Idea! server for ll cold beverages. 2-Ql. Glass ' Scrr.w-T.bp REFRIGERATOR BOTTLE Airfc'n".Original St.i-T)r.v New $7.95 RiD-JiD YOU .SAVE 55.00 KING SIZE BUBBLES...m SALT ft POT SHAKERS ....•:....-" 33c AUTOMATIC IRON BOARD PT.LARVEX,Reg.79c..47c METAL FRAME White frames, can/at scat and in red, green, yellow. Use indoors and out. For ertra guests, television and card parties, picnics, sports _ event*,- or Just relaxing. garbage cans, plenty hard knocks. News for Summer/ SO-Gaf. Re"g. '1. 98 20-Ga!. Reg, 2.98 FOR €OOL, €OOL CHARM Sty!* A — Sleeveless Nay *nd beautiful ... coot b*r*- arm b!ou»«i. For work, for pUy, for d««u-up *nd d*nc» fun*. CKocte yours in vrirt* vftH ree? or blue trim, avocado, navy ioasf, byacirrth charcoal. Cornbtd cotton broadcloth, Ever iovely, ever • Style B — Sleeveless ChecVtd and t*bb«d. FatKIon'*- newest darling ... tab trimmtd bloutcl Ligfit-hearted monoton» ehteti p*lr •wonderfully wjth s!«cVt, |*«nt square-dance iVtrH. Cnsp combed GAL. THBtMIG PiCHSC JUG Compact FoldinR, •Conrcnicnt Height CHARCOAL GRILL Economy Size Boyal . Hardwood Oalc. Smokeless 5-Lb. BAG -CHARCOAL ...........£& 29c 1 R. C. REFRIGERATOR BOX ...£S 16.95 1 Buslicl Capacitv^aietal Lawn-'aad I GARDEN UTILITY CART ....... :.5S S5.98 SAVAGE LAWN BUCKEYE EXTRA HEAVY 10-SA. ALUMINUM Pick » palette of color*, • Style C — Checkerboard Haw? DRIP GOFFEEMAMER OR PERCOLATOR 16-Inch $ Reg. 16.95 In a blaze of color, c fanferg of fashion. Breeie-bared and sleeve?«t< . . ,_perfeet mafe for »Virh V Flattery from convertible joJiany ler to smart plectat frorrf. V/aineLU combed glngnanu Pearl ^fitters*, foo. Bait chined side'plates, aliened; • Shock resistant nn- Closed tyhects. Knhbcr-cnshion tires, hardwnod .handle. 'Attractive tiro-tone hated earise! finish- SPRiHKLER A,turn of red control dial Reg. 8.5Q lets auto me He sprinHer for — the desired distance 5" to 50V Natural rain!:fce spray Sfyle D— Bar* Arm Brevity. Sleeyeteic as juvt At comfort- «ble! AcKo'n encouraging ' styling of thl* pocket-proud Sportster. Combed g t n g h an cnec^mat» plaid, tiny Peter Pan collar.^ Waifi- VER1-LSTE PLASTIC GfiR Green^IO-Yr. Guarantee 25-R. 50-R. K«c. 8.95 HOSE NOZZIE...;... The Set t thought for tun *n fun . .» LovsbTe'i gay strapless SUN-SET, tra oTves comfort-In-action * . . boxer short* frlmty tailored with roomy ptftk- els. SsnTortud twill !R solid Splashed co'crt tparted contrast-trim. White Vith r*d trim, or navy with vriite trim, B-cup, 32-36, with shorts sizes fo maJclv HEHKE'S DRY BOOBS DEFTS.

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