The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on January 8, 1961 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 8, 1961
Page 2
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Page 2 THE BRAZOSPORT PACTS Bmosport and Brazorla County, Texas, Bunday, January 8,1961 RECIPE OF THE WEEK SUN MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT D< *o you ever consider the meaning of a day?... Jast a single day?... One day ; | / : . "^ out of the 365-day year? With you, whafrSoes-'a day mean??? Actually, it means 1440 moments of opportunity. It means 24 hours of precious fleeting lifetime. It means that life at best is short...that it is only a little while we have to make the journey down through the valley of time. Just what are you doing with this day and every day? You sin when you uselessly spend the days God gave you. Each day on the calendar is like "a sheet of paper white whereon each one of us may write his word orbWTand then comes night... though thou have time but for a line, be that sublime; not failure but low aim is crime," Go to church this week and ask the Lord to help you keep your aim high. Ask Him to help you plan well every moment of every hour of every day. What does a day mean to you? Yon h The ttord in, He Church fa You IP ' — him • combbiotioo for good. E»*ry mnt, :• *'' tht influent* of Ihe chunk. $Q, coot lei n goMoriwlmn*ofllw Urd. la ut tvpport h*r program of Mnrice lo Sumoairy, be a foM wtxitrandaHwdierr- i leBESTCUWnto Bill's Skating Rink "See us for Skating Parties" —Carley & Betty Beynolds- Pa. BE 3-4651 Dairy Dream —Paul Bit-dwell, Ointer Brazosport Radiator Works —Vernon Gray-Ph. BE 3-1271 R. C, Thomas -~Beal Ektitte & Insurance Coleman Hdw. & Lumber Co. —Russell Coleman-Pr. AN 5-2428 Young's Prescription House —Mm. Carllon E, Young Leo's Cafe (Closed on Sundays) —leo Wai-nick 607 W. Broad-Pn, BE 3-8244 Brazosport Bowling Center —Pb. BE 3-lW Evans Druer Co. —Ph. BE 3-1211 Royal Chef —Mr, & Mn. N. K. Dyer Sellers-Harbour Ins, Age. —M, W, Sellers. W, U, "Kick" Harbour Star Corporation —InduitrlAl Usterluli Bragosport Bank of Commerce —D. L. Ilaralson Jr.-Freepurt Drugs -M. M. McMulltn Jr. Robert E. Franklin Agcy. —Bob Franklin Weiners Dent. Store -t. E. Sh»w M»r.-Pb, BE J.Z72Z Sweetpea's Restaurant —O. W. Rolilnsou-Pb. BE 3-I16* Hurricane Glass Co. —H. E. Berry Haynes Lumber Co. —E, I. Haynei Ch-iff's Men's Store —Freeport Garrett's Pharmacies Inc. —Bill * Tom-Lake JackwB' Freeport Freeport National Bank —W, 0. McUndon Leonard's Floor Covering i, -209 Parking Way-Ph. OS 7-IW9 Emerald Beauty Shoppe —Ruby Morrti Freeport Funeral Home —Jack 0. Turner-W. F. Woodlel Country Boy's Grocery -Alton Peltier Brazosport Plumbing Heating Co. —C. R. Wannell Brazoria County Abstract Co. —Frank 4teTeu Bottled Drinking Water Service —Phone Be S-M81 Baird'8 TV Service —Dean Balrd Gulf Photo- Engravers —Bed Johmon Mgr, Wilson Equipment Inc. -B» WiUon-Pb. AN 5-2501 Hwy 288 Merrill Moving & Storage -Mri. B. W. aicrrUl-pb. BE ?-*181 Wilson Oil Co. Know How To Cook Bear, Caribou? SUHFSIDE WOMAN LIKES CARIBOU MEAT Mi-3. Csrllon Alto Cooked MDOM, Bear On Trip By POM.Y O'OON.NEM, A Surfsido womnn, on hunlli trips lo Cnnnrln nnrl Alaska, h worked otit « number of *ns wny.s to serve cnrlbou, moose r,n bpnr meat. Mrs. R. G. Cnrlton's methot of cooking thme animals a equally Rood for other types gnme (probably few locnl poop happen lo have Ihe problem using up a caribou or moose). She hog o I s o worked nut recipe lor oyster stew which her husband's favorite The Carllon home on Thin Street In Surf side shows il couple's preference for big gam hunting. The large comlortao living room Is decorated with th hends and horns of various nn mnls, along with pictures take on a Canadian hunting trip a fe months ago and In Alaska a ye; earlier. Dr. Carlton, a Freoport dentl for many years, Is n member of pioneer Brarorin Counly famil; His fnvorlln recreation Is hunllni nn:l his wile, Lou, shares h Interest. While In British Columbia la September, they lived aboard cabin cruiser, taking huntln trip* Into the Interior. Dr. Carllo bagged two black bears, a „ bear and a wolf on the trip. "I never saw such bcautlfu country," Mrs. Carlton says. "! was so fascinating to see seni< mink, beavers, ducks nnd scc«i Some of the bald eagles lw wing spreads of seven or eigl feet." The Carltons fished for silver Tailoring, Cake Decor, Gift Courses Offered Homemakers Registration for spring AduU Homemaking Classes in Brazos)ort Community College will be Tuesday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Courses are free to women in Brazosport and one may register by calling Mrs. Beverly Nixon, adult homemaking teacher, a BE 3-354-1, or by coming to tin Administration Annex buildln; Tuesday morning. TAILORING Two tailoring classes will be offered in this spring session both on M6hdaj5&.\ A special combined Introductory class will be given Friday, Jan 13, ft—U a.m. for instruction o proper supplies, pattern und fabric. A field trip to Houston into several piece goods departments be made Jan. 16, leaving •Yeeport at 8:30 a.m. and re- urning at 4 pjii. A study of tailo- 1 - uig fabrics will be made. As each registers next Tuesday thay should make known to Mrs. Nixjn il they desire lo go on the field trip. The first regular classes in tailoring will be held Jan. 23 D— 11:30 a.m. and 32:30—3 p.m. The women will make a woman's coat or suit or a man's sport coat as a project in this class. CLOTHING CONSTRUCTION Mrs. .Nixon is making a change in her other clothing construction classes. For the first time Hie dasses will be leveled into Beginners, Intermediate, and A'J' according to construction methods to be taught and women are asked to enroll in the proper class for their sewing ability re- gardles* ol preview experience. In each of the three levels me class will select with supervision a basic drtss pattern containing the needed learning techniques for that level. Pattern alterations will be offered in each of the three six-weeks courses. The Beginner* Method* Course will be offered on Wednesday?, ed in a 11 e n ding should contact Mrs. Nixon nt BE 3-3544 as soon as possible. The group will leav« Freoport Wednesday at 10:30 a m. nnd return immediately follow ing the show which concludes a 4:15 p.m. CAKE DECORATING Because of such response the Cake Decorating Classes ,ie!c before Christmas, one is being included in this session, on Tues days, beginning Jan. 24, 9— 11 a.m. This three-week course will Include instruction nnd practice sessions on borders, leaves, flowers and helpful hints for enjoyable cake decorating. Decorating lips, powered egg whites and parchment paper will be furnished lor the class ami women may purchase supplies for home use if desired. GIFT MAKING "Christmas in January" is in- other course to be offered for he first time this Spring. Beginning Tuesday, Jan, 24, 1—3 p.m. Mrs. Nixon is planning a Hire?weeks course emphasizing gifts and decorations suitable for year- round use. "It is my hope women will be nterested in starting ihe'.r Christmas-tree skirt, and Thanksgiving and Christmas tablecloths early this year for an enjoyable vork experience and beautiful results", say* Mrs. Nixon, Work 9—11:30 a.m. beginning Jan. 18. Construction m e t h odi for flu* course will include a conventional collar with back neck fating, jct- In sleeve — short or roll-up, — zipper, machine made button hole*, pltatsd or slithered »nlrt with clean-finish hem to be con- fctructed ol nolid or non-matcliinj print material. The Inter m edible Method* Course will be SV'fcdntMiayg, 12:30 —3 p.m., beginning Jan. 13. will include gravel-craft, artlflcta fruit arrangements, sequin are bead craft, gift-making, etc. A FORMER PASTOR of the church, the Rev. Ray Loden, Galvesion District superintendent, will be the speaker at the 10:50 a.m, Sunday service at Fteepori First Methodist Church. The Rev, Loden was pastor at Fieeport Firtt Meih- pditt for four years, leaving in June, 1950. gfllmon, c n t c h Ing some thAl weighed urniiml 17 pounds Jre^i- ed. They would keep one salmon nm) let Iho rest go free ntlcr Mie angling sessions. They hnd competition f* ll» fish — Ihe hours wore Ihor* In full force, gorging themselves on Iho snlmon, In fact, a bear hclncd himself lo one snlmon they Ilia drosspfl nnd loft In Iho cool water unlit tho|r return from a hunting Irip. On Ihe (rip to Alaska they wen accompanied by Carl ton's twin (IniiRhlors, Carolyn nnd Lnuralyiu Km li of them bagged a cnrlbnu, nnd Dr. Carllon alto got a black lx?ar nnd n moose. They lived In n mstlc log cnbln In the wilderness. The ouuida walls were clnwed by bears nVl Ihe nnlmnls had gotten Into <!.« cabin before the arrival of the Carltons, damaging It exlenilvely. Tlie only access to the cah'n Is by pinna and mrppllo* are flown In by the snme melhod. During Ihelr slay, the plane could not get In (o bring suppllrs for awhile so they lived on hot cake* ind noose meat for three day*, and loved it The hot cokes wen • substitute for their bread wniU' had been eaten by a pack donxey. "Moose meat i* delicious pro- pared on n hot grill. I used Inli >f salt nnd pepper, and cooked It n its own fat, since we had no •shortening until the plane could fly in," Mrs. Carlton said. She also rigged up nn outdoor rotinseric "Boy Scout style", ising forked sticks nnd n stick hrougli Ihe m o o se meat. Sht urned the meat over the fire, n*Jf hey carved off the cooked pur- Ion* SB they were done. "Moose taste* like a crow ho- ween venl and beet,' Mr*. Carl, on reports. SI.e liked caribou meat but her husband does not go lor It. Tlic Cnrltons were not worr'gd bout tlie supply planes delay. They also had moose and near leaks and roasts, moosebur t ;urs nd moose chill. Mrs. Carllw ouncl that, with no shortening, loose cooked In its own fat If ery tasty. She also prefers to cook any ind of roast In Its own Julc-s, sing no water or other fat. She may add celery and onion along •Ith salt nnd pepper, but she lets le roast make its own gravy. Besides the pictures and color lldes made on their huntfna rips, ; 1he Carltons will soon ha* nother memento. Their benr kin nigs are about ready to be sed in the home. • At home at Surfside, one ol leir favorite foods is oyster ew. Mrs. Carlton shares thlj 3cipe in which she stresses i'.e se ol a certain lype of bacon. OYSTER STEW 1 pint oysters 1 large onion •• 1 quart milk slices of thick Todd's Vtr- nia smoked bacon salt and pepper Chop bacon and cook until ne. Add chopped onion and ute, then add oysters and ices, cooking mixture until •sters are done. Then add milk, It and pepper, and remove trom •e when milk is hot n GARDEN NOTES: This Is Month Of Dreams For Qarden Enthusiasts By DOhOTMY SMITH January might be termed a month of dreams for the garden Women may use material In w>lid or non-matching print to roper con«lru/;lion <A u ertible or nhirt collar, ttl-i lewe —thr*B-<jiiait*rr <ir Ion with continuum lap opening an cuff, zipper, machine-made Ui er. Aside from planting dormant rees and shrubs, the gardener urns Ills thoughts wistfully to the Colorful array ol bloom which all us hope will grace our spring gardens. Several of our seed catalog*- rrived the put week or w, and couple ol times I caught my- sell thumbing through them to ««e what was "new" Ihij year. An usual, hybridizer* have brrn busy this pajt year perfecting old onhGles, p 1 e a t td or nUuifcnl llnedj nklrt with plnk-and-catcn- Killed hem. The Advanced Method* Court* on Thursdays, &—11:30 a.m., '*• inning Jim. U>, will int I u d <t oust ruction ol three plants and coming up with new ieur »iomt*, and I found my study of W'lthe new catalog* to be a reward- All ol u* like marigold*. Their lw>n pi-Hod ol bloom and tl'u many varletie* ol thin plunt iia-<e wu blwiiwa and a fekirt. Male-rial or at least one of the the kklrt must \m u i i n t or plaid. Construction nclhodii will includit shawl jollar, uiM/t« uiulerunii, Ixjuml-bultoii- oli'S, zipper, skirl waistband, jleated or ulraight (lined) nkirt with .si-'iiiii-tapf twin. *' AMU ION SHOW For a look at new btliioni t'<r Spring, lS((il, Mm. Nixon tuts nado anainjumvnU lor women ol th* area to attend the Sakow.U Golden Thimble- Vogue Foaliiw iow on WeUiieriday, Jan. U, at cost ol $l.rxj each. There are still available scnio made it a must for any garden. However, although tl« marigold •» proverbially easy to grow, for two or three yearn pant i have been diwppointed in my plunui. IJurlng my study ol one of the seed c-ita- li/g» 1 umovervd Iliu cuute for my failure, The. old f a t h 1 o ncd marigold tlirivMi In • light and poor Mil. Hybrids, however, ore KOHmthlng quite different. When "Cllmux 1 mud* it* d*but M couple ol years ago, 1 planted them in poor soil, and gav« tlnaii iliv win« treat- mint i hav« «lw0y« glvwi nuri- gold* uxi they didn't rwpond nl all. Tht Bui-peo hybrtdUiini tulvuw tlie gardener to puuit hybrid m*n- guUU in eiinc-hul »oi), uinj tu water frequently, Dlitbuddiny will Ijelp the blooms to uttjtlli u W/* of five inchus ucrosu. The old imtt tu* fashioned «!•• not oybrld| African and French types, itll prefer to be planted In tlctht poor soil, There's always dome- thing new to be discovered in gardening! One new marigold thii year is "Hawaii". The plant was namec In honor of our 50th state, am should become a friend to the gardener Dvtt has in the past found the fiagrance of marigolds objectionable. This plant lias slightly sweet (lower* and odorless foliage. The bloom* are laid to be (our Inches acroiu, and the plant* will grow wo feet tall. It Is a hybrid. Another new seed on the market Uus year Is tho Glorloxa double daisy. These flower* were developed from the Black-eyed Susans and xhould eunlly uthin popularity In the flower garden. Th* bloom* ur« over four inches , with tlie plant* growing three feet tall. They retiemble huga golden yellow , chrysanthemum*. tiloriota double dalaie* are perennial*. The need may be slant*! indoor*, or in the gurdcn plot after 'io»t i* past. Tliey will bloom in late uunnier Ihe lirst y«ar, and from coaly summer tluougli fall the following years. Thwui pumt* will willuttaiid bolh e heat and cold, and wilt •uivlve teinpsrulure* down to zero. Tliey maKe «»c»llenl tut llowvr*. Tlivru 1* a DIM olywuiu on Hie market thl* year ulwj. Ko*le O'Oty 1* * uiuiti deeper pink than tlw rweiitly liitioOucsd Itatltier, and in va*lur to grow Utan 'U timer*. TlivM) wed will Uoum two monlli* alter towing, and will bloom until hard frost. four inches, qualifying them <<* both th* rock garden and •• border plant*. The Heather, • lighter pink, grows to six Inche* in height. Aside from ordering or selecting seed, several plant* can RO Into the garden nt Uii* lime. Petunias, snapdragon*, Block, calendulas nnd pansles are all avaii able at your nursery now. Wlvn pluming your pansle*, remember to work « geiiorou* amount of coltonseH meal In'n the soil. They arc acid lover*, and cottonseed meal Keep* them happy no that they will bloom for you longer. Be cnrehjl not lo plant them where they will »et (ull sun. d your calendula* generously with liquid fertilizer when yo< transplant them and they will grow Inlo enormous pliuils. Their joldon head* will keep the garden t and gay until summer annual* come Into bloom. They look •specially nice when planted In runt of masses of larkspur, or at he base of dutch Iris. Do not plant your slock plant* n full sun cither. BT. PAUL'S •MKBICAN tUTHCKAN CHUBCH HI Wwl tlb Wttcomx Xou Worship Service 1«:W AU iUNDAV IOUOOI« HM A.AL Special Progr»ni Sunday Uurulug tl:l» t* U:M UWZ I**

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