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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 3

Pampa, Texas
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Monday, March 11, 1946
Page 3
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Society and Clubs Color Accents Used to Camouflage New Spring Suits IN tHE NEWS *• * 'Juliette Low Episode'Will Be Presented by Girl Scout Troop Girl Scouts of Troop 23 will present a play, "Juliette Low Episode," which will be heard over radio station KPDN tomorrow afternoon at 4:45, courtesy of the radio station, Miss Marie Stedje, Girl Scout executive, ' announced this rrtorning. The play will be broadcast in connection with the special observance of the Scout birthday week, and will relate Hie origin of Girl Scouting. It was written by Mrs. Hunt Smith of Louisville, Ky. Patsy Abernathy will play the part of Juliette Low, Elise Hobbs will be piaiiis., and Nancy Patterson will be in charge of sound effects. Others participating will be: Joan Chervenka, Eulaine Ellis. Janet Walters, Dolores Miller, Jan Sanders and Betty Howard. Brownie leaders will meet for the second session of the 1 training course. directed by Miss Stedje, Thursday morning from 9:30 until 11 o'clock at the Little Scout House. The activities will include planning of programs with songs and games. .«. Mrs. J. A. Ebeling Is Shamrock Hostess SHAMROCK, March 11 fSpecial) —Mrs. J. A. Ebciine; was hostess to thq Times club group Thursday afternoon, and presided over the meeting in the absence of the president. Amaryllis and violets were used to decorate for the occasion. Mrs. O. L. Reavis was loader of the program which was given from Reader',-, Digest. Mrfe. Tom Brown discussed, "Democracy of Dictatorship." Mrs. Ray Tatum gave "The Responsibility of Power." The program was closed with piano selections Crom Chopin by Mrs. T. H. Sonnenburg. Refreshments were served during the social hour following the program. Mrs. R. A. Nichols, sr., was a guest, with these members present: Fred Holmes, M .A. Leith, Tom Brown. Ray Tatum. Harris Tillev, C. L. Reavis, T. H. Sonncnbiinv. P. T. Boston and George U Stanley. Council of Clubs Will Hear Panel Highlights of the recent convention of the Seventh District of Texas Federation of Women's clubs which was held in Amarillo, will be presented in a panel discussion whei members of the Council of Clubs meet in the City club room Thursday morning at 9:30- Mrs. Roy Chisum. president of th organization, staied that all club women of Pampa are invited to hca the discussion. Fourth Birthday Party Is Given IJoniii Ruth TurplPv. daughter or Mr. nivl Mrs. Lnuis T:'.n:icy. 601 N. ; Frost. \vns ho»V)iv<i with a pmiy 01. ! 'her fourth birUiday Thursday af- i trrnoon. when a r-roup of her friends ! \vcre enteriained in her home. 1 Kach guest was presented with a i r/il(,!-ful crop? paper nat ;u she a;rived. and rh-? children enjoyed i wenring the hates throuuhout the j afternoon. : The pl-iyroom was decorated with balloons of various -olnrs. and ap- prnpriat? ';ames wrrc played by the , c-ioup. i Alter the gtie-:ts had assembled i arounrl the table, and 'had -suns • "Hnpir: Birlhd-iy" to Donna Ruth. ! refreshments of birthday cake ar.d j ice cream wore served. | Attendim; were: Quilla Sue and Cln Riii.h Beavers. Donnn Lyn ! Pumphrey. Virginia Hopkins. Rob: crl Sidwell. Virginia Worrell. Winton E-J Rowntree. Buzzy Tarpley and tlio honoree. Sending gifts weir Clo Ann Johnson. Billie Farplcv, nnd Mrs. Bit f.I-.vticlci of Shamrock, .in aunt of the honorce. Monday, Marth 11, 1$46 frAMPA NfeWS '&6JJ ! Louise Brummetl Is 1 Pledged tn Sorcriiy ENID. OJfcla.. Mnrrh 1!.—(Special* i -Louise Brummett. daughter of Mr. anc! Mr:-.. B. V. Brummett. Star Route 3. Pampa. Texas. \vas pledged tliis seines! ev to the Ma von club. The Mnvon club i.s one of the eight clubs on the Phillips university campus on-mi/ed to meet the social need? of the students as well as to promote service projects for the advancement of the university of a whole. Tin 1 clubs are organized and operated thr'>ii'.:h an inte.r-club coim- 'il which is made up of two repre- ; --r-nlativi'.s from each club. :i president who i.s neutral to nil clubs, and a faculty committee. Membership is bv invitation only. Miss Brumniett will ppeiid a four to six weeks' period of pleti^eship p.crorrliim to tlie 'lecision of each ! indiviflual club. At the entl of this period he'slie will be initialed into the yroup if-.ill rule;; and regulations of tlie club are obeyed. logisf- is a little bit off on fggU/ If the part of the anatomy W> think with gets bigger, sorrie of^Wtt leading politicians would never Tina a hat "that was small enough, ifid their jaws would be developed Ufce prizefighters. No. I can't swallow this the'bf)' that the more we think the le& attractive we get. According to this. Van Johnson would Be terribly stupid, Charles Boyer even more so. and Clark Gable an absolute moron. DIFFERENCE Tn Uii> United Slates, the cultiva* tir'n of one acre of corn represents o'-ly about two and one-hall man* days: in China, it represents about •I'lU-DIRECTIONED STUEET Pearl Street, New York City, run; in three different directions. It touches Broadway twice, but never crosses it. It begins downtown at east sid.'. of Broadway, runs eastward and swinss off southward in a- wild arc that" leans west until it once more encounters Broadway in the far downtown distrust. :—.*. Every child born in the United States, unless the parents are representing a forgein government, is a native-born citizen. How women and girls mm/get wanted relief from functional periodic pain Cardul. many women say, has brought relief from the cramp-like agony and nervuui Jtrato of functional periodic distress. Taken Uu 11 tonic, It should stimulate appeUta. «ld digestion,' thus help build resist- I uice for the "time" to come. Started Stays beforo-your Ume",it ehould help' relieve pain due W PU«J{ i Junctlonal periodic causes. Try It! CARDUI •& e*r i AHrL DIHCCT1ONB Social Calendar MONDAY I'ylhinn Sisters meet lit S o'clock in the Tcmplo hall. Kstor club moots. Pnmim Hook clul) meets in the city clul) rooms nt 7 :!tn o'clock. TUKSDAV El Vroirrctm) meets in the City clul) rooms lit 'i :!)() o'clock. Mni-y etnas oC First llnptist church will meet. Twentieth Century dull meets with Mrs. Paul Kiisishko, 911 N. Somerville, ut 2:45 o'clock. . * Twentieth Century Forum meets with Mrs. Rny Hourhiml, 11M Christine, tit lli.'tn o'clock. Twentieth Century Culture club meets with Mrs. Frank Milcluim, 11115 N. Sturk- u'ealbcr, at H o'clock. Hlisiness and I'rofessioiml Women's club will altenil unniiuct iii Hi-rrinK, hotvl i» Amarillo at 7 o'clock. Varietas Study chili mrcls with Mrs. F. K. Imel. Hill N. (irny. Hoyiil Ni-iulibors meet ill Morten IniiM- iiilt- Hopkins llomi'. Dcinonsl ration club meets in C,omniunil.v hull. Y. W. A. meets lit 7 o'elork with Miss Ketf-y I'riismorf, iltli M. Franrirt. Civic Culture Huh moots at 2:'W o'clock with Mrs. K. J. Konnov. :)ll'l Suiisut Drive. WKDNESDAY The Women's Missionary Union of the I'irst Itaptist. olnnvh will moot in the lomes of members for Uihlc stuily as folmvu: Circle One, Mrs. Floyd Lassitor, Harnns at 2 p.m.; Circle Two, Mrs. A. J. YOIIIIB. 217 N. Sunnier at 2:30; Circle Throe, Mrs. H. K. Beiiril, Slo N. Hobnrt, at .1 p.m.: Circle Four, Mrs. Dan Glaxnor, Till N limy, at » p.m.: Circle Five, Mi-s. ». A. Caldwell, i;KM Terrnci-; Circle Six, Mrs. lUiperl Orr, '101 Hill, and Circle Seven, Mrs. Hob Ailford, 7'J-I K. Francis, at- 2 |i.m. Women's Council of First Christian church meets in groups at 2:30 o'clock: Groups One and Two with Mrs. A. A. Tioman, HI1 N. Wynne; Group Three with Mrs. W. C',. Kiitzec, 503 N. Uussell; Group Four with Mrs. Hoy Williams, COS N. Franklin; Group Six with Mrs. Charles Madeira, 111 IS K Fishtr avenue. THURSDAY Viernes party in City club rooms. City Council of clubs meets in City i-luli rooms nt ',1:30 o'clock. Ward school I'arent-Teacher associations will meet at the respective schools. ItcheUiih lodge meets in I. O. O. F. hull for initiation. FRIDAY Juliette Low parly for Intermediate Girl Sc.imla. Kastern Star meets in Masonic hall. Central Haptist banquet in Senior high school for returned servicemen and thoh families SATURDAY Kit Km Klub dinner dunce in the I'ulm room. Spring suits desiffnett to camouflage figure faults employ adroit use of color accents antl jilhouelte changes. The black antl beige-gray gabardine suit, left, has a medium-flared tunic tpat to. hide wide iiips. The too-short woman ••"-'— '— —— By Mary Members Will Meet for Visitation * Members of the Mary class of the First Baptist church will meet at the church tomorrow afternoon at 'i o'clock, for visitation. Reports of the nominating committee will be heard at the social hour in the home of Mrs. G. H. Anderson, 637 N. Nelson, at 3 p. m. All members of the group are invited to attend. 1340 on Your Dial MONDAY 4:00.-Tiinnfl by rer|iio«t. .:3ii—The Publisher Spenlti. •I :.|ii Music, f, :(>n -Here's Howe r, :ir,- .Mniin.v nml Kot'er. fi:3fl—(Sipliiin MMlniBht—MMS. rii'l.l Tom Mix. (i:(IO— Fulton Lewis. Jr.—MHH. «:ir,- Michael '/.arm's Divti. MliS. (i:MO---Fraiik Sinttiser- --MI1S. fi-M Illflido of SlK.rt.H-MIIS. 7:00—Adven. of liulldog Drummonil— MHS. 7::ill - (H'A I'rouram. 7:.t:, -I.rtil We Fon;et. 8:00—Giibricl Heiiltvr—M»S. !:15—Uenl Stories from Real Life.—MBS 8:30—SpnlliKht liaiuls—MRS. (I-.00—Henry J. Tnylor-M US. (I:IS— FiKht of the Week- MHS. 10:00—All The News—MHS. 10-IS—Don McCrain'f) Oreh.— MHS. 10:an—FcelinB is Muliinl MUS. _ 10:1.1- Kay Antl-.ony's Orch.---MI!h. 10:00—Uooilnisht. FELONS BEWARE! appears taller, in the na\'y-blue worsted Kuit, center, with its yoke and sleeves of .contrasting rose-red. Light pink stripes slashing tlic long torso jacket of the black gabardine suit, right, help normalize Hie top-heavy figure. SLIMMING SWALLOWTAIL You can have wide hips. KINARD NBA Staff Writer NEW YORK.—If you Iv-ive one of he three common figure faults— icnvy bust, wide hips or pint-sized stature—which you think rules the suit out of your wardrobe, you're lot up on the camouflaging tricks that fool the public. But you can learn them and name your suit, thanks to Molly, the only woman designer to match talents with men in an all-masculine suit- and-cloak fi,nld. For the figure with the heavy bust, Molly shows the dark suit with straps of color incised strategically in two parallel lines to lead eyes all the way down a long torso jacket The effect created is the illusion of an average bust. The figure fault of the woman whose bust it both heavy and low-plticcd is masked by a jacket which employs these color .strips plus built-out shoulders, shoulders can be widened, says Molly, .without planking them out to look like a full-dress admiral's. wear a suit and fool your public, according to Molly, if your choice of a jacket is a slimming swallowtail or a flaring tunic coat. The more illusory width a jacket gives at the top- Molly names discretely widened shoulders and wide-spaced color decoys that lead the eyes across as the best devices to pick—the less wide your hips will look by comparison. The too-short figure, allegedly as dwarfed by a suit-jacket us Alice- in-Wonderls'jid's cake, can be made to look taller than it actually is by a vertically-striped suit. By forcing the eye to travel long lines up and clown, the illusion of more height as put across. As good a trick as this, and less obvious, is a dark suit with a bright yoke or V-inserts of color. Placed this hiah on the suit, as a point of focus, color has the effect of lengthening the (Hstunci; for the traveling eye. Demonstration Club Meets lor Program SHAMROCK. March 11 i,Special i —"I.-dbo'- Savins Devices" was UT- Milijret of the proiii-am for the Chim Fia'l hum" demonstration vlub. when they iiK't Wedno:-rlay in tile home of Mrs. T. H. Morgan. ' Mrs. 'vV. L. Morrison presided at the meeting. Following the program i which emphasized many helpful sui;- igcstioiH. refreshments were served. ' The next meeting will be in the i home of Mr:;. Ivan Walraven, March 13. i Mrs. Travis Pennir.gton was a guest, and the following members v. ere piv.?(Mit: M^sdames Ben Boycc, Orover Copol.mfl. II. A. Hartman. A. B. Sims. David Sheegog. E. A. Tin-nbow. McsdPines Rov Burcham. T. N. .Gill. J. P. Hall. W. L. Morrison. E. K irlieegoK. Melissa Sulivim. Guy Valentine, and M. K. Walraven. Gracie Reports Well. T see tlutt an an'.hropolo- liisi say that people are duirm too much thinking. And thev'd better ' -low down before he tups of their! . 'icuds yrow tool • larue and the bot- loms of their i faces too .small I Goodness! I think ] he's unnecessarily! ! farmed, thinking! 1 hasn't hurt myl .looks'any. and l{ '. do it two or threc- ' times every day. Personally. I think this anthrop/j- u'racle DON'T GUESS-BE SURE Do ns millions do to make sure of high quality, fast action, real economy in aspirin. Ask for St. Joseph Aspirin, world's largest seller at lOc. 100 tablets for 35c. Jl'ST TO Bf DIFFERENT it i.s custoirary to think of sheep with wool and goats with hair, but the bighorn sheep has hair, and the mountain goat has an under- mat of the world's finest wool .^ OVER 100 MILLIOH BOTTLES SOLD- simply great for MONTHLY FEMALE PAIN Helps Build Up Resistance Against It J Do vou suflcr Irom monthly cramp*. headache, backache; Seel nervous. Jit- lory, cranky, "cm-edge," weak, tired—Rt such times—duo to functional periodic disturbances? Then try famous Lydia E. PlnkBjm 8 Vegetable Compound to relieve fluoj* symptoms. Pinkham'B Compound toW, MORE than relieve such monthly Win. It also relieves accompanying tlreO, weak, nervous feelings—of such nature.' The reason It's so effective Is because It has a soothing effect on ono of. woman •; most Important organs. . . Taken thruout the month—Plnkham'* Compound helps build up resistance against such symptoms. Thousands upon thousands ol girls and women tej. , port remarkable benefits. Also a groat stomachic tonic! All drugstorei. LYDIA E. PINKHAM'S SPEED-O-PRINT MIMEOGRAPH MACHINE (Now in Stock) ARTMETAL FILES AND OFFICE DESKS Typewriter Repairing COMPLETE OFFICE OUTFITTERS Pampa Print Shop Printers ami Office Suppliers 306 W. Foster Phone 1233 FAT CAUSED REVOLT India's Sepoy mutiny of 1857 was caused by oartiridges greased with animal fat. Hindu soldiers refused to ac-ept the greased cartridges because they regarded the touching of cow. fat as contamination worse than death, so British authorities imprisoned great numbers, causing revolt. _*e» SlU'EltSTITIQN An old superstition makes |.hu eut- Inii of pork on New Year's Day an omen of good luck during the ensuing year in some parts of Germany. <ead the Classifieds in The News 'Rehabilitation' Is Literary Club Topic SHAMROCK, March 11 (Special) —The Thursday Literary club was entertained in the home of Mrs. II. C. Weatherby Thursday afternoon. During a .short business session. Mrs. J. R. Benson presided. Mrs. Ben .A. Skidi'nore was appointed as youth conservation chairman. The program on "Rehabilitation," was combined with a book review. Mr.?. J. B. Chrisiiner was program leader. "Education In the Armed Forces." was discussed by Mrs. B. A. Zeigler, and "Prom War to Work," was Mrs. L. E. Davis' subject. New Teacher Is Added to Faculty HAMF.OCK, March 1! < Special i — A now member has been added to the I'aciiH.v of Junior high schcril. accord ins to Elmer J. Moore, .superintendent. Allen Stfi.'kcr. who lias recently returned from the armed forces, is teachim; =evon:.h and eighth grade in Jmv.or hiah school, to replant- Miss Ire'.ie Byrim. who has been ill for the past few weeks. Miss Ruth ZrWer u, « MOST VSEH WORDS Aceorrliii" to a psychologist, the 15 niosl frecieii?nUy used words in Die i.insiia?e. are in. and. a. that, the. to. wi'h. be. of. as. all. at. not, for. on. Tliese words are siiio to comprise 20 percent of all 1 the words used in the average modern book. :ReiieTMLast '° ; creomulsion relieves promptly because it goes righc to the seat of the ; trouble to help loosen and expel i germ, laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucous mem- ! branes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulsion with the un- i derstanding you must like the way it i quickly allays the cough or you are to have your money back. Burgess. Refreshments were served during he social hour to two guests: Mrs. VI. C. Nelson of Oklahoma City, and Mrs. Ed R. Wallace, and to the fol- wing members: Mesdames B. A. /.eigler, Ben A. Skidmore, R. C. ,ewis, A. N. Holmes, H. B. Hill, Jharies Green, II. T. Fields, L. E. Javis. J. B. Chirstner, W. Y. Burden and J. R. Benson. Hulldog Drumrnond (Net! Wever, left) and his bumbling aide, Denny (Rod Hendrickson) stop chasing down criminals long enough to pose In character for the photographer. "Bulldog Drummond" is heard over Mutual Mondays. TODAY and TUES. Attend our Matinees avoid the Night Crowds! BAIT H ex TODAY and TUI5. Ranch Hpuse Rpmeo Cp|or Cartoon TUESDAY ON KPOfc :3U— Yuwn I'ali-ol. :IJU — Open Jtiblo. :30 Sunit.s by Judy Miu-liii. :4,1 — Piiiiiu Moiicb. :00 — Fruxicr Hunt — MBS. 15 Valley Kollcs --MHS. -''0— Slmily Valley Folks— MUS. :M— Sliiuly Vulloy— MBS. :D5— Moments of Meluily. :UO— Onee Over Ughl'ly— MHs. .l5_K,,ith in Our Town— MBS. (•:i« Tii- TiwU Time- MI1H. i'l.l- --Kun Willi Mimii:— MBS. :lli)--CeL'il Hmwn—MHH. :in Kltiii Maxwell M IIS. :Sll— Take It Haw Time Vii'lin- II. l.inilnlir :ll(t l.yle Vim News :15 — Morton Downey. — MUS. :.'!() J. Ij. Swinilk'. :.|f, - Kiirl Mi-ad Hiniil MHH.- :UO — I'lll-aley I 'nig ram. :lfi -I, uni ini'l Aimer. ::ill l.i'iiH-liniii • willi l.»|iw. - MI.S. Juli" J. Aiitliiuiy--MUS. :WI- (Vtlrk' l'\istei MIIS. I :!'.- --Kmilr Timi' • MIIS. 30— -Quuen fur Toiluy.— MBS. True ('luiressinnii Mutual. :,'ll) -Nev.'S fur Tuiliiy- MUS. :45 SIHIKS in « Muilwn Mnnnvr. :QU — Krokin Johimon— MBS. :15-Tlic Jdliiitiiiii Kumily.— MBS !::!(i--Mutii!irs Meluily Hour— MBS. 4 :lll) - -Xuni'S By llwiuenl. Mrs. L. E. Davis 1 subject. 'MOST HATTALIONS Mrs. Charles Green closed the Rccor , ; pt , mb ,,;. o f battalions for .rograni with an interesting review British rr-giment in world of "Who Walk Alone" by Harry ^ x v . ns ,., , H>ld by tno Northum- Burgess.- . ... y-.m-lantl' Fusiliers, which has since beriand Fusiliers, which has since; been created "Royal Fusiliers." Sports Ensemble due to a cold... let a little time-tested VapoRub melt in your mouth .. .works fine! W VA for Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchi^ Dr~K H. Hicks Has resumed the practice of Dentistry and Oral Surgery in his former office Combs-Worley Bldg. Phone 577 A TREAT! / MANN'S BREAD Take home an EXTRA loaf of this "extra good" bread. MANN BAKING CO.-AHAR1LLO, TEXAS "A Toast to Health in Every Slice" Nlic' Diiutur," Tunisia nil Nclnorks- ICilwaril (i. Kiibiniiiin in "The 7:3(1 lliiwaril Hiirhiw Ciinr'el't ; 8 Kniii I'iiiKK. Alic-i- Davis in Vourlieos Cmu'iTl : X:3U , laroi-niaU.m I'lease; '.I Cimlfiit.-il Ciim-ui-i. . . . Cl.iS li:30 (repent U:Hi) Uoli Hawk IJuiz: 7 Vox Pupiium : S June .Mil-sun in "I'lvsuntiw! l.ily M(ira :' 111:30 Kilwn'KiU'ri'll Uiinciirl, lOuevnv List Clli-st . . . Alir fi:3l) IMHO KUIIKVI-; 7:31 Thu l''"t Man: 8::ll) Km-uvur Toiw: il liil ThonniBOii's t'onu:ily . . . MISS 7 HulUloa Urunimund; 7:S» Shi'rliiek IliilmuB: tt:l Fililil 1 . 'Jimmy Uoylo v=. Arlii- l.uvinc. Tomorrow on Nvlwurkg NHC S a.iu. HunoyinuiHi in N. Y.: 1 Wm-ds and Music; 4:30 Juiil Plain Bill; IJi|ii|it>i- Club: 7:30 Date With Jndy . . CBS--- You'iv 1» 'I'lii' Ai't: 8:45 Ue, Cross Award tu Helen Huycii; 5:15 l j att Claytpn with Sunn ; 7 liig Tow»i: 9 Cvlm I'hutpjr, nu\f time . . . ABC--11 Clu Matinee;- 2 Al I'carce 0»nis: »:3U Tim *'nr Women; S:3U Uovtura Tiilk It Over 1U;35 I'-runkiu Cui'tc Bund . • - MB!? H:10 Moituii Dov'noi'a SOUK : 12 :-J5 Jyli J Anthony: 9 Euklue Jphiibun pu .%(o, vlca; U:15 Kovn Kobblevb; »',8M By SUE BURNE11 A bare midriff sports set to bright en the. summer scene—crisph tail ored shorts and an easily madt top that ties iu a bow. A full cut dirndl skirt completes as nice a warm weather outfit as you'll sec Pattern No. 8000, is -designed f or sizes 10, 12, li 16, 18 and 20. Size 12, top, requires -1 yard Pi' 35 to 39-inch fabric,; skirt,' 1 3-4 yards; slwts, !'.«• jards. .'- • . for this,pfttern, send ?0 cents, in COINS, your uame, address, siae desired, qjio; the PATTERN NUMBER to Sue Bimiutt, famp» New§, 1150 •..;.." " ' 19,-N. y. nf'f" * lip ^ iii'ftSfi 1 Thfi ' * iawp"tf Telephone switchboards are mighty busy these days. We have less reserve equipment to handle surges of calls which occur during bad weather or in advance of holidays. With hundreds of families without telephone service, it has seemed best to use up such reserve equipment to bring service to some of the people waiting, To telephone users generally, during most hours of the day, there will be little difference ia the speed of service. During busy hours, when the heaviest volume of calls is made, some people may find the operator is not so prompt as usual in answering, As fast as possible, we are push ing the installation of new equip ment here, so that we ear* service to all ttose w@ §r« " waiting. SOUTHWeSTBRN IIU CO.

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