The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 7, 1897 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
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Thursday, October 7, 1897
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, MICHIGAN, TlflJttSDA% OCTOB1E 7, 1897. "--• Roy*t««k*« til* *ttt»a port, ' Absolutely Pure «>vAi BAKHKJ edw«» eo., HP* «>«*• SHIR Iff- *na the other boys •&' about the dame she MM* th&n* «fl flte might of in the Celebrated Case of the Saueagemaker, the Vat and the Wife at Chicago. 1-crtple Who Wouldn't Heltevo Scholey- Bpon ttfhtch tetfe She Ha4 w*en. an4 hw wff3. Attorney Phfefen _ _.. questions upon t^e witness re- tatiy* to -ft«r meeting th* boys at night. Her fee* foecafhe scarlet, rttid. 3he b$- feame 9LA2E AT CHICAGO. Chicago, Oct: I—fanned by a strong from the W&rt, ftr«r.vrhfch br^5k at 1 the tlnlon j 8? I'WCM ' : ***! t- I The-Evening •** - -_ -, *..- „ . - , . **-' 1?her« wor« br«?\iftht forward to They mvore tnjat they wfera ntst^ith that y«ung woman' and her companions «« *he* night, of May l f ad Shi -taid testifies. ' * ~ " Watson & Wataon have flta newest styles in Walking Hate, Sailors, Bicycle njg h Vot Hats and Children's School Caps. West State Street. _ j Vacation Days. \ • In the Fffiefregtons rtf Wisconsin, Sortb- era Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa ohA South Dakota, along tho lines of th6 Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway, are hundreds of charming localities precrrwhently fitted for summer homes, nearly all of which are located on 'or near lakes which have not been fiabfed out. Those resorts range in variety from the ".lull dr/«s for dinner" to the flannel shirt costume tor every meal, Amdug the list are nnpn s InmvHar to, many of our reader? aa the iwrfeotion of northern Bunter resorts Nearly ail'of the Wisconsin of iWeivst/are Wtthvri a f-hort dis- fromChicarftior Milwnukot, anrlmrac of thVpi arXfo/ar sway from the "busy zAion" that they cannot '-be readied in a f/w ho.ursof travel J»y frequent tmlns.over ttte finest road in the nortfiwest-- cation D/y»" i'lyins a.ctesorip'ion of the lirincipa/reaortR, amla^st of x »iuniner hotels ami boarding hoU*ep v nn<KratoH for board, to Ge«y. H /- Hea ITord', Agen^XHiieago, 111. • of Charles as in Thnt Hoap-Mnkllig fund tho TffcvA TPfmWaf- ISinitt* totittttpke *rle* to Kx plain— flint of Bribery. Chicago, Oct. 7.— 'The state yesterday cwnrttenced Its rebuttal In the LuetgeVt wJfl murder case. The Hghl •Was directed upon tout 1 points in the aefense: Matt Scholey's BtAtement that he had seen Mrs. lAtetgert In Kenosha May 4 and 5, l.ttetK*rt'» claim that he sent felalk for parUcular brand of mlnfcml water the lo 6xl)la , n gendtag- out LATEST at all when he had thirty-nine bottles In the factory. The contention of the de- ftfnse that soft soap \vas needed to cjean up the factory. The statements of Rosa Cfleteh and others which tended to impeach Emma Schtmpke • in her story that she had seen Mr. .and Mrs. t-uWgert enter the factory the night of May 1. Hard on Wittiest* Seholfcy. Half a dozcfi Wlln'SSSBB'" BWisre they would not believe Hcholey under oath. Henry Bulz, a saloonkeeper at 85 Clybourn avenue, and Charles Wagner, Kave the moat damaging testimony against Mm. It wa» in the evening of Sept. 23 tha.t Scholey was In his , saloon, said BuW. Officer Feldshaw. of ' Kcnosha, was there, as Were also Charles ^Vagner and Oscar Wagner. Over their glasses the gfoup began tft- talk about the Luct- ggrt case. "WeH," satd-Scholny, "yett must give 1/uetgbrt credit for doing a gwod Job. anyway;" "\Vhat did you get tor going on the-atand?" asked Charles Wagner. ""We'll." Scholey is quoted as Baying, mysteriously, "I won't tell you, but I got enough nut of It so that I am satisfied.". Thla testimony was ruled out, but it got in a 'second time \vithout objection—that la got '.before the Jury. : Phrm Property liisnr«>< /I any prepared- to 'insure farm pro it on** per cent for three years in a i first/class company doing bunine-sB der licenso from the state insurance cotn- ujiasionor. .Thm ia better -thtui tho Mutual companies. 4 , • HKNKY BE.X.VEB, Agent. the J^it**t Cthae fhrtf a Npgro U |>yn<ihi3tl for in the South. .Sernafldo, Misa, Oct. . 7.— Yesterday mornlnK abou^ 10 o'clock* wWn Henry Grower, colored, who had cortfessed to seducing Bovle Porguaon, the 15-year- old daughter of John Ferguson, a farmer who lives .near this place, was In the office of. Justice of the Peaoe^ Phillips aValtlng* preliminary trial on a charge of efco"i»,rtlon» a mob of* about seventy armed and unmasked men rode quietly Into to\vn» quickly secured the negro and rode rijpldly away In 'an easterly dlreotjon tftwftrd th«5 home of the Fergusons. •.. ' * At 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon It waa learned the Crower had been lynched. He was strung up a-nd shot. His body Is still swinging from a tpce. .The mob was orderly but determined' and wa« seemlifBy well organized. Crower was about 28 years of age and ve.ry Intelll- 'gpnt. He .expected .to IIP lynched and madf 1 no mitory wl^cn ht 1 " wa» being taken from H^rnariclo, Webster City. la., Oct. 7.--A Strange coint'ifTpnce came tjut In tKe indictment of T. J. Rick t>y the grand jviry at* Hamilton couiity And the Indlrtment *!multane(.usiy of his wife by thpHardln tounty grar.d jury. Both are charged with nas-ault wMh attempt to kill, but In .3t>p<j,rati» en PI'S. Thf offensts *cfe cnwi- mttted at tht- same hnur, Aup. 11, and the indictments tt'frv voted at the same hour Tuesday. Rlok is acfused of atab- blng a man natiled Ulnderknecht *nd Mrs. IJIck rnust answer a charge « f , '^hooting, n neighbor. 'who. had called to see h« • IS'otU'O. Rl am prepared to, do ladies' and 'children's ^nlKimp,x)iug at their Leave prdors at Clark's "barber shop, or a£35 east CJrfeen st.reet. ' ' . If. VV. CI.AKK. One thing about.' this testimony was that it was giveri byi}rnen who had had business.troubles with, Scholey and in one or twt>vinstances th,R wltndsacw did not kniiiw the meaning of "vefadty." Mrs. Tews : testified •that thrf photograph of Mra. Luctgert Showing two gold rings oh her fingers was taken fifffcen years BP.\or some time'.the ri^gs-found Invthe. vat were raid to have been Gordon Clark, salesman for v<>n & Co., 'xvho sold Luetgert potash ~^ia mineral' water, said he had ,» Liiftpert that there >vos no r«aldifferenWlrj\bewateraml that Luet- gc'rt. had se.emc«5 eonvinrwl. The defense made on these w 31 1 1 cago t T ictct*. •',. . oA new form of Jhousand-Milo Ticket, the reanlt of careful coiisideration and diBCsussum between tli« railroads and -their principal patrons, will b6 placed on aale Sept. 1st, (it all iuj/ix>rUac Michigan Central, tiektut t»fflces.' The ticket iB80l'd;for'§,'}0,,WO with u rebate to tho 'purchaser of,$lO.W> when u« up in compliance with its conditions and is accepted on all the lines iu the Centra} Paeaenger Aiaeociatio», forty- fire jo number and covering a vast extent of country. . . No .oJloage book hag yet bf on .devised 8TKOXO TcnmHtor Thrpws Doubt ,crt>ss-examlha- RiBBUTTAI- Mnrrttr «(f n I'ont master. —• Saginaw, .Mich., Oct. 7.— At noon terday..-Wlufol children on going tu> store and i;<.>stt.fl]ee at Appln, .'a t place near t' l)ley, Huron county, foun the dead b.ody of Ouncan Paul; the postmaster, wbo had ; been shot five times 'In the head anil body 'by 'Charles Vise^ of Uhley. : -After .'klUlng the old mat. Vise was arrCBtct!.' .He made'a.full confession to the sheriff, giving ''robbery "as the motive. ____ cvor Ma New Orleans, Oct. 7,— The. yellow fever continuns to spread and the record yesterday Is the highest in deaths und new casesi so far.. Then* were flve deaths and. forty-six- new eases, but the epidemic does not increase, in virulence. At MolHle there were frtur new casss and no deaths. At Edwards sixteen ne.w cases and at Nltta Youma one new caae.~ — •"..•• .. • '• • -..-.. . ,. • , advantageous to the holders.* ;¥«M-y one who ia likely to two! a, roilea • in ft Y-wr should avail ,H, and should consult oooreel , Michigan Central ticket One of the '.strongest features h\ ttie febuttal evidence offered was t*ie eyi- dence of Adam Brlnkcr, a soajf factory. It was In to the tallow, grrftas« and .chipped hon' whlt'h GeorKe Blanil said ,he delivered at the factory on Vay 1, and WlHlam Charles teatlfltHl he procured as ,8Orne ot the ingredient^ .of the soft soap which was. to foe made for the purpose of thoroughly cleaning up the big sausage factory preliminary to Its prospective 8dle to an English, aynrtlcate. BrlnW*r s»ld he hauled all the tallow— sJxtXs»l* pounds — and 150 pounds of bone away from the factocjaqrt May 1. }l(t explained that It was his duty to do thte oncfe each week— usually th* last day of the-we«k. )H« conveyed 'the ma- a, tfOftp-maklTjg firm by which, ' . .. . , , v - "Di4 yoa see bones, tallow or mixed, grt-a,8e tn barrels other than the ' " ' Itruk«». -..-.'.,•.. i Crystal Falls, Mich., Oct. 7.grThe sixty 4aya di-ou^ht haa at last been dispelled' and frequent Bhoxyera have occurred Monday night. Owing to the care- ?aa ..of hunters' valuable tracts of jtaijdirigpine In thW county .wer^ threat- destruction until the rain put \o the prog-ress of the tlan\ea. itlihpre T»kp» Auotlier Gume. Boston\pc\i, 7.—The third ball game Jn the Temple x eup qeflfa was dull and Baltimore won with ridiculous ease^fcy a-^cure of $ to 3. Thltr gives Baltiraore\§?o games to one for Boston. Fdrty-ttiW and *^>tS^' fiftn .sttecti^ dPBftolfehlnlf biislne«9* houwft and rtesrfdenct*. Jf t*&H tot .ivtffi hdttfSi arid, .the ' totsl h*8 waff . eifly attfcttt i«0,00&rof which Ifift-iW Was tbb tWxt« f»iai* rjavlHon.- The hor/se mar 5 *- ket wa» saved. ¥txe west, serloas- &Speet of the flfre was that & number of persons were Injured during: the flght With the flamed, and an tiftknowJ^maH hurned to death. The Injured are: Patrick Casey, employn>f the" stoek yaYds,' knocked down* toy horaes; Morris Mat<mey> ttr^ wan, overcome by smoke andHjeut; ^, Fv Shearn, broken lep; "Henry TValsfh, Blightiy burned; -Wltflam E»onohuer\flre- wart, Injured by falling timber. \ Dexter Pftrk pavilion stands only v a few yafdp-SOttthjESpt of the horse mar- kpt r which la an Immense frame affair covered by a huge dome. For the latter building to have caught fire would have meant, the destruction of 4he greater portion of the Stock yards. .The pavilion contained 500 horses, and it was with the greatest difficulty that they were rescued. Late la«t night H was stated- -that Rachel Kohn, 4 years old. Is supposed to have been burned lo death. She was left alone In her home, 4307 Halstead street, and could not be found afterward. Twenty'-elght residences and. stored were also destroyed, but the loss. Jn each particular Instance_wa9 small. , CONFESSION OF FRANK NOVAK. Chilipa That III* Victim Drank I'olson That Wa» Intended for lUiUbcra. . Cedar Rapids. Ia., Oct.. 7.—It has been known for a long time that Frank A^ Novak, the Wtlford rperchaHt^^rtJa banker who Is charged with th*rmurder of Edward Mumi^. together with arson »nd conspir&eyTnad made a cdn- fesslan to Gr^l5. Perrifl, th« defective, whlJg J ~--'en route from the 'Klondyke •Sountry .where he was captured, but Perrjn has refused to aay anything ahciut it. . Now Pvrrln's report to the has been.made public. It is very lengthy and" la given, up In most part to a detwilod account of the trip to Alaska and return. The confcaslorr which Perrin says Novak made to him twicotoontains no surprisea.' - Novak claims that he had a bottle of whisky heavily charged with morphine In his store for the benefit of robbers who might break Into hia store. He says that when he and Murray went Into the building on the fatal night he went Into th0 cellar to fix the fires, and when--.he returned discovered that Murray had.drank a portion of the content* of the bottlfr and was then stupid. He; put him to bed and went down,stairs, Where he lay. down on the .counter' to read, and fell asleep;-when, he awoke the store wan on fire. He claims that he tried twice to rescue Murray, but was unabl'e, and then,: leading his story would not be believed, aklpped out. ' 1(100 Kewara glOO. Tho readers of this paper will B& glsiwed FOB <sv« o» *to «t«rt tor H*ttw W*l«* fttftftt ~ Two cent? a copy. AGENTS I/V tin cents a.wiek ' J ** '„ : $1,25 for 3 months 3 23 MlOHtGAN* 1 The Evening News, Detroit. \ What if-Not Miracles? The great Fottf-C Remedy isdoing wkk wherever intreducedas nearly miractiloi a& it ever^faJTsloTflie lot.ol any hvunan agency to do (I will es rjam it a lavpr foXdny one interested to write the persons whojc^iames — appear below or anyone whose name may^ appear N among these testimontals,)^-^'^' My aim iito conduce the public of a; ilncerlty aniiof the tree merits of this femedy. BENEFACTORS Of Office of Kingfisher :—1 b^liew it my duty to write K line In regard to fb* beneflolal effect of *?out C RejnmJy/ so far B« I Am personally lernifld. A^wSfek OKO kw« Xhuwilay, I jw» token withj» severeattacli ot la.grlppe and In ftlhoH lime became so hoars* I could not speak above a- whisper. The nlRht-preTiotw I bod coughed dearly the entire nifthf, Just before retirinR I took i teA»poonful,BndsJopUbocnUrenlRht«g sweetly is over 1 did in mylifB; not coughing onofc. insoltqlted by anyone, for you »re benefactors of the race in giving it the antidote, for MOW of tbft. worn afflictions to which It Is hair. UNBROKEN ftEST AT -NIGHT. J. li. HirMNtt, Manager, I Office Comniercwl Printing Co., f . 196 South Clark St. 1 Cliicagov }?ov. 84,'fl< JEt R. Phelps, Esq., City. DBAR Sts;—I wish to ornr testimony to tht great efficacy of your '•'Four C" renn.'dy la throa,' nd lune Aliments.. AJ»a rule I havo <bccn ^kep tool of the merits of proprietary rncciicines, bu have to,confes'» that »-U«t of your "PourO" i' convincing that at least on(» n>»dy rnntlc rcnicdj fs Worthy of use. My cbiltlrcn all take it with Ottt the KMt objection, from to you hires' And It is particularly noticeable that bone fit li Almost Immediate. A single dose will cbccl! mostoougbs iq their beginning; it plVPfl an un hrofcen rest At night. In my (araily "Four C* . * MIRACLE. Kansas City, Kansas, Dw. S*, 1U , I«it Friday, Peo. 19. my attendlnr **y» loll »J rtttftd unless 'i was hotter byjmotnlnft be eouW lo notbina relief. Th»t night I <som- nenced tsklna Pnalp's "KourC" remedy, stopped ill other medtoiqwa. The flr&t dose stopped my tough: slept And rested well; A few more doten •ataaved »ll sorenenB from my IUHRS; the second Uy I WAS up;' the third d»y I WM out on the ;orch And UKlay w*i up town purobasinR holiday roods. Hias JBWKW BASBBT, 1 . WAshlngton Are. and Summit St. CROUP OUREO. On* dose of Pbelps' Cough, CoM and Croup 2ure, pave my child iMt»nt relief when attackod vith the croup. ••...... . W. E. Moo»B, ot Moore Bn»5., OrootM. :, . Arkansas City, KAMAi. Is simpl . y indispensable and 1 recommend it on r. " Yours, J. ' ACUTE UARVNGITIS* . • Cbtcago, Sept.- 28, '65 TFot years back each winter I have suffarp* with acute Laryngitis. Last winter was so bed I could not leave my room for two weeks or ftpttah above a whlep«r- I tried evury known .coiiRh. preparation from xjougb drop« up and down with no relief, then in desperation I wax induced tr, to try. Photo's. "Pour C." . The first dose 'r«licvB(( - -••• -••--' ' ' my cough, givliip; me' the first night'n rest fo. w«ekn7 Half tn«.bottle cured mw. I have mtver been without this wondortul rcuiedy elnco. ft if. AS different from other like reniedlea as molasses from vinegar or sugar from mnd. Mma. JOSEPH E. ORUDD. • 6313 MadiaouAvo. IT IS A MIRACLE. / Conductor Eckard, the Uultruad Correspon../ dent of the NooUanha Kanead HeeiBtor,'tuisthis/ to »Ajf Of "B-our C" "Pbelps l« having A wopV d^rfulMlA of Wa COUBh »ud CoM Remedy, W<< iMirsoOAlIy kBOW It i* just whut H is rcprefipnt ed to oe. Tnomutib CUB 't tw said in its praise. Hi** mlracte. • • / i /i \VltlulruwN f N«w Ifork, Oct. 7,—TV. Jaurna Advertiser says that to laarn Ithat there ia at least one dreaded disease that science has boon able to cure in all its stages and that i.s catarrh. Hall's Catarrh cure ia the 9nly jKmitite cure now known to the modioal fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional disease requires a constitutional treatment. Hall's Gatarrb cure i* .taken itternally, acting diaotly upon the blood and mucous surfaces or the system, thereby destroying the foundation of the disease, and giving the patient strength by building up the constitution and assisting nature in doing its work. The proprietors have ao much faith in it* owr»ti«> powers Ihafc they offer one hundred dollanifor any wise tbtt it f«ii» to cure. Sen! for list of testimonials. Address, ?.' J. CBK»B1f & CJO-, ToWd*. O., Sold by druggists, 7Bc. NOTICE TO DRUQQISTS AND THE PI JC. CONTRACT .—Druggists are authorixedin ALt CASES TO REFUND THE CHASE PRICE, if the Four-C Remedy (Phelps'Cough, Cold and Croup Cuw. to give satisfaction in-Croup, BrbnchiUs,A£throa,UGrippe,Coughs and Colds, no matter how long standing or deep seatea, m fact I guarantee in all nuQinerof Bronchial or LuAg trouble, not as a Cure-AU.but to give unbounded 1 *"—*""* Give it a trial on the aboye conditions.* 1 1 take all chances., R. R, PHELPS, 118 53d Street, CHIOA60, ILL, sale by W. T, 'tm- fails ction. All acwunt&due the Late firm of Pet- rV« & are due and payable to I, M. WITCH 'HAZEL OIL "Uo; th* l^tr»la were /ill emiJty th'at r «aw in Mi* factory |hat day," •• "pid you ever put any tocmes or tallpw in |h«s tca^o* 1 ***' ^N/p." . evidence /was Qbneldpred in»T art <iorit/adi<fWiv| t.he story ot ue ,'la, t3»« effect that Iiueigert ba4 used ,b«jpjr«^ of grease and tallow in the factory on t^le might of May I in council. h«t withdrawn ttqm 'the ticket, _ _____ ' \ 31. C. 8, B. Autumnal Excurnlou to '" oo aH reg ular traiiw OcfcS; children half the above rate, "ficbotagqeKi fpr ular traina OeUS- ' C- B. GAS STOVES! Large Reduction in Prices on Gas itoges $lp.OO,.$13.00 5 $16,00 »tid $iaoo x itooftms ia. the beat beeauae it ia only one-half the It can be applied on or stwp rpofo. U ia' flrp pwof, Hardware. story • ho there Wan or (frWse in l»rrel» whifh were atteged to haV« been roiled into the Basement and afterwarda dumped tefo the middle vat. Hrlnkler add(s4 that he knew Mr* Luetgert her lust -prior to her jUg^ppearane^. He,. j^jj^yy^ anflt t^at -IS* „_„._ Works GarweatQwtting .„. ha,9 -been removed frojn the Wat traildingr to the residence of Mra, W. J. Olayhorn, M $iorth Eagle etrwt, Miseea Sanders and JIcKary will oyen <Jtd whs Fissures & Fistulas* puros & .Scalds. . "Wounds & Bruises. . & Sores. & Eruptions. IWieum & atateroent » »». bi contradtotion a< the story of 3^»ry glwafirlng. puty Sharif! Frank Moran waa d W Jtoe wttnew Wfcand to »el| »botit fiactury o» May 4. *Jwre he ,ro»4g *t»«r« wftos* lw*«:lPB«re. B* said he toctk J«us*e*slon of evtrythliig to toe grocery 4tore connected with the lac* ' are tory, ' »* things point waf bl^o^R»t t'he }ury thai Sore Lips & Nostrils. . »<Bj>re«» not ***he JMN- allow by .h*r evi4enc.a Utat OB aa effort niadt to all thf *twj*«*hte8 produced by the waa of a njiw»4f«it*«idt»« oe^ier story- Co direct e*kialG4«on stui tta4 «t«te4 aud hi* w«« toward the «au»ft«e factory .at 10:80 o'clock en tat oljiht of the bwaia^ee nud wi towscur* the patrooage "of their- fjiends othsw who. way need any thing to thekliae, '. . „ ' ~ ' " and owr owtenw*^« ve said that "their St. Mary's on Btoaday, Aug. 3ft The be»Jfe ajj4M' »jt uiethoda are used in tbw depftrtmeot tod special att«ntiaja giyea to the theory md art of ujwaft, for f «rt>« VP&M- i»rs call at J&e a^hopl or wateia' raw- lence. \ . Tha a&aud SO *.- -V jjj.^ fttQHfc 4 nae shw For wile fay , Hurd to exdUaege flour for wheat, lie tUe YorkviUfr ' MJUOug Schuol. . grade, gUte not . 1*44 not. had ftaW it «l»e «». the Harry l\ tireat Music Offer Send »w the Or more orojrgao >4|h, teit oe^ta in attv«c we will OMWL! you lea music, ooasistinjjr of ' »*W« «MT Addreee: Co., IftdiaiaapoHfl Dll, UOUli 8.40Y Webayeall the latta* thiiogs itt ol job type. , ltuh«t BoSiing Stovee x $f , to $¥. according to size THE WEI48BAOH . .INCANDESCENT/GAS- LIGHT Reduced in , From Sa-aftlrt »S.OQ each flixi proteotmg shade, tut 0j»tj»«iA«tt«»tt>> w than Give* 66 ot light Qive» light pi a ga» burner with | for tan aod black K. E. N Mjmy ol the beat Ught^sto^iu Marshall ^e these lighte. Wetebacb Lights Alays Give during the past THE MABSHALL UflHT CO. • _ ^(i^l^^flPP S|^PW^^'WP^"^^W^^^F ^^*^W^**^^ ^ ^T Oci Ut, '96. , • . ' \°;'-

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