The Paris News from Paris, Texas on October 11, 1960 · Page 9
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 9

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 11, 1960
Page 9
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WHIM .r COM, DOLLAR , National Stcvrify WHfttl ITW/tl CO Sourc§: tunav el lh» 8uJg«l HOW THE BUDGET DOLLOR IS SPLIT — This chart shows the source of income and expenditures of the budget dollar for the fiscal year 1961. The chart was released by the Bureau of the Budget in Washington. (AP Wirephoto Chart) ON YOUR SCREEN TUESDAY-WEDNESDAY TELEVISION KRLD-TV, Chonnel 4—Dalles B:00 6:lS 6:30 7:00 8:00 VJ'.OO 30:15 30:20 10:35 News &: Weather DOUR Edwards Shotgun Siade CBS Reports Tom Kwell Show Red Skellon Garry Moore News Weather People & Places Quarterback Club 11:00 11:30 12:30 7:30 8:00 8:lfi I):00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 II :3U Oian. < Movie "lilacXout" Sign Off rtcr::, I-.SUA V 71 pn On CarThoris KRLD-TV News Capt. Kangaroo Jack Lelanne Video Village I Love Lucy Clear Love of Life Sen (o- luin'rw 12:00 1:00 1:30 3:00 3:15 3:30 4:00 5:15 Guiding LJght Newt f asnions in JPac< A- vVnrlr 1 Turns Full Cirrrle House Party Millionaire Veidici ii tour* Brightei Day Secret Storm Edge nl Nigh) Movie Party Time WBAP-TV, Channel 5—Forth Worth 6:00 6:15 fi:30 7:30 fi:00 <i:00 Mi:00 J0:li 10'25 30:30 10:30 1. ton TUESDAY News & Weaihcr fluntley-BrlnWey anile Alfred Hitchcock The Thriller Donald O'Connor r-exa: NEW* Weathel I'elctacls New Final Sports Jack Paar New 12 :05 :JO IS Armanac Nevvsrl Midnltc Mvster.v Sig-n uif 6: 0 ° :00 :25 :25 :00 :30 -.UU Almanac News CoiH'l. CU.ssr'm. Dave Garroway \Vca., Garroway Nev.'^. (iarroway DouRh Re Mi Play Your Hunch Price H, Klgl,' 10:30 Prc-Game Show 10:45 World Series 1:30 Loretta Vounp 2-00 Or Maione 2:30 These Roolr 3:0n Make Boom For B:15 Daddy T>:'M Here's Hollywood j 4:00 Family Theatre 5:30 Teen Downbeat 5:55 Almanac News THE PARIS HEWS, TUESDAY, OCT. it, 1960 Junior Fire Marshals Rally For Fire Prevention Week National Fire Prevention Week vill find local members of the National Junior Fire Marsh a 1 rlgacle busy with a round of ac- ivities al home and school, deigned to promote fire safety dur- ng the coming year. Eighl-to-10 year-old boys and girls here will join with more han 3,000,000 fellow JFM m embers throughout the United States- o help focus attention on fundamentals of fire safety, according to Edmond Caslleberry of the S T orment & Castlebcrry Insurance Agency. The agency sponsors the city's Junior Fire Marshal program in cooperatiion with elemen- ary schools and the fire department under Fire Marshal Oswald Gulliams. "When you consider that more than 11;000 persons —one-third of them children—die each year as the result of fires, the importance of fire prevention education for boys and girls is particularly significant," Fire Marshal Gulliams said. "The Nation's annual property loss from fire is more than $1 billion," he added. Bob Norment pointed out that the Junior FireMarshal program is sponsored nationally as a public service by the 150-year-olc Hartford Fire 'Insurance Com pany. The program to date has trained nearly 30 million boys anc girls in safe fire practices. "The things they learn today about fire safety will stay with them all'their lives and be invaluable in the c o ntinuihg fight against fire," he.said. Local Junior Fire f^arsha) will concentrate their Fire Prevention Week activities on a Home Fire Inspection Report. To qualify as Junior Fire Marshals, youngsters must clieck their own homes for fire hazards, complete and inspection report which parents sign, and return their teacher. : The Home Inspection Report form appears in the Fall issue of the Junior Fire Marsha! Magazine, which Caslleberry said, will be distributed to school 'children here on.October lllh. Youngsters filling, out their reports, fully .and accurately will receive official JFM helmets and badges. Special teaching materials are being provided elementary grade school teachers by the insurance agency, Castleberry said. Thesej will be used as aids to classroom • fire, prevention studies, and,training. Included is an Honor Roll for listing boys and : girls; • who qualify as' Juunior Fire Marshals. Norment said the Hartford Fire' Insurance Company' will also pro- vide colorful achievement award banners for schools earning saUs- factory home inspection report records. Other materials to combat. seasonal fire damages; will be mad* available by Norment 4 Castleberry. - ' KCMC-TV, Channel 6—Texarkano TUESDAT 6:00 News & Weather fi:ir> John Dalv 6:W Roy Acuff 7:00 Rifleman ~ '.10 Wynlt Earp 5:00 Stagecoach 9:0fi One Step Beyond arM Coronado B 10:00 10:3D 10:45 T-.3Q 7:-15 9:3(1 10:00 Tv.-ilight /Cone News & Wtnunei MGM Playhouse Grano Olr (Jnrv News & Weather Matlnoe As World Turns Dr. Hudson 2:3.0 3:00 3:30 4:00 4:30 5:30 World Series Queen for a Day Day in Court Gale Storm Seat tlie Clock Wh' Vou Trust American Bandstand Lone Ranger KLTV-TV, Channel 7—Tyler TUESDAY fi:00 News 6:10 Sporti 6:13 Huntley-Brtnhley K: 'M Laramie 7:,10 Alfred Hitchcock ft: 00 Thriller :>.<X) Donald O'Connor lu i. New? ]n n t ^rt^* rteport 10:25 Snorts 10:3fl TV Sncclals 10:40 Jack Paar ID S.'< VWathei 11:00 Jack Paar 12:00 Headline! 12-OS Slim Ofl 7:00 7:25 8:00 ft'Zr' 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11 .1 11:30 12:00 Dave Carroway E-Tcx. Report Dave Garrowsy E-Trx iconn Dave Gavroway Doufih Re Mi Plav Voui r.unrh Price Ts Right Concentration Love of Lite It Could Bo Vou Open House 12:15 News, Wea. 'Spts. Queen (or a Day Jan Murray Loretia- litiunR Or Mainne rhppp Rnoln Mnke Room For Daddy Here's Hollywood Am. Bandstand Weather Ain Bandstand Uncovered HI-nif1ri!e-Didd!e Headlines Radar Report WFAA-TV, Channel 8—Dallas «:00 6:30 7:00 ]n : r)fl 10:15 TUESDAI News Weather Snorts Bugs Bunny .Special Rifleman Wyatt Earp Stagecoach West Alcoa Presents Bros. Brannigan News Weather iO:23 Sooria 10:30 Roufih 11:00 Chan. R Theatre 11:30 "Champ for a 12:00 Day" 12:30 Etfrn Ofl (VT— .\g 7:2f> Devotional 7:30 Almanac 7:30 News B:00 Felix the Cat fi:3Ci Showcase In tilt illlif trli'lfll 11:00 Morninp; Court 11:30 12:00 L.OVC That Bob The Texan 11!-.30 Quern for s Day Seamounf Aids Ocean's Probe SEATTLE W) — The peak of a submerged mountain in the Pa cific Ocean will serve as an an chor for a scientific instrumen designed to probe the secrets o the deep. A "telemeter buoy" will be Ta.s tened to the summit of the Cob! Seamount. a 9,000-foot mpuntai which lacks 100 feet of reachin Uie ocean surface. It is 270 mile off the Washington coast.. The project is made possibl by a grant of $207,100 to Univers ty of Washington scientists by th National Science Foundation. Sending its scientific data by radio, the buoy will measure salinity, temperature and velocity of the sea. It also could be adapted to transmit meteorological information. Dr. Robert G. Paquelle. research associate professor of oceanography, will have the major responsibility for the project. He says the buoy will be tested in Puget Sound and the Straits of Juan de Fuca before it is installed on the Cobb Seamount. 1:0') Face? 1:30 Highway Patrol 3:00 3:30 4 -no 5:00 5:30 Coun Beal the Clock \VTir You Trust nohln Hoor! Lone Rnn.ier KTEN-TV, Channel 10—Ada 6:00 News & Weather (MS John Dalv Wyatt Earp Rifleman Shotgun Slade 8:00 Stajreconch West r>:00 Alcoa Presents The rtebel fi::<0 7:00 T::iO 10:00 Four Just Men 10:30 News fc Weather 10:45 Night Show WEDNESDAY 10:30 MorninE Phmv 11:DO Mornin" Court 11:30 Love That Bob 12:00 The Texan 12:30 Queen for a Day 1:00 !:30 2:00 2:30 3:00 3:30 •LOO 5:30 About Faces Afternoon Show Day in Court Gale Storm Beat the Clock Who You Trust Ainer. Bandstand Action Strip KXI1-TV—Channel 1 2. Sherman, Denison, A dmore Styled to the modern taste and small to save you space — that's the charming, colorful Princess phone. This new extension goes anywhere in your home and goes beautifully. The dial glows softly in the dark so you can find it quickly and then, when you lift the receiver, jnone mcoon lights up brightly to make it easy to dial your call. The Princess phone comes in your choice of five decorator colors—white, beige, pink, blue and turquoise. Easy to get, too. Just call the telephone business office, or ask a telephone serviceman. Southwestern Bell Telephone Company Caff-by number. . . it's fwice as fast 6:00 6:15 «:30 7:30 8:00 9:00 10:0(1 10:17 TUESDAY News & Weather Huntlev-Brinkiev Laramie Alfred Hitchcock Thriller Donald O'Connor Neivs! nom Weathir 10:25 Sports 10:30 .lack faar !V3n Plav i our Hunch 10-011 Prirr l« tlghl 12:00 Sign Off iVliDNESDAV »:OU Douph f!r Ml 10:30 10:45 Pre-Game Show World Series 1:30 2:0(1 2:30 3:00 3:15 3:30 4:00 4:30 S-on 5:30 Loretta Young Dr Ma lone Roots Make Hoom For Daddy Here'.s Hollyw'd Compass Big Picture Kiikin-s Korner Current Beautifully proportioned to the CLASSIC FORD LOOK An honor to be ptotid of, this Is the msdil preicnted by the internauonil fashion auchority, Cencro per L"Alt* Kodi luliani, to the 1?6L Ford for fu actions! ex pf ess ion of cUaic Paris B&W to Japanese Boiler Parts TWRBERTON — The Babcock i Ui'Icox Company reported today thr receipt of a contract from llio Tokyo Electric Power Company to manufacture wliat will be the largest steam generating unit built in the United States for export to Japan. It is also the first unit of its design to he purchased by any utility operating in foreign country. B&W officials described t h c boiler as one of its "Universal Mrs. H.V.Parker ! )s WHD Hostess Informal roundUiblc discussion of household hints took the place of a program when Women's Home Demonstration Club of East Post. Oak met with Mrs. II. V. Parker at Reno whore she recently moved. Eleven members answered roll call with "Small Tilings in Life That' Give Happiness," and Mrs. .Jay Coursey led recreation in the chairman, Mrs. absence of the Lura Roberts. Angclfood cake, ice cream and punch with Halloween candies were served to members and a guest, Mrs. Sidney Lcnoir of Paris. Demonstration of making Cluisl- nias gifts will be given when Ihc club meets October 19 at East Post Oak community center. Pressure" scries. Using the "once-through" method of generating steam, this unit is designed to operate below critical pressure at 2,BOO pounds per square inch. R. L. Reed, Paris Works Manager, revealed that the company's tentative production schedules call for thb local B&W Works to fabricate the tlowncomcrs and headers. The work is scheduled from December Hifil, through January, Other boiler parts will be fabricated and assembled at Barberton, Ohio, Brunswick, Ga., and West Point, Miss. Among the advantages claimed for this design are the elimination of large and costly steam drums, and constant steam temperature over a wider load range, giving higher overall plant efficiency. The absence of a weighty overhead steam drum represents an added advantage for Tokyo Electric since the unit will be erected in an area prone !o earthquakes. When the boiler goes on-line in Hie fall of 1003 al Tokyo Elcc- Iric's new "Goi" station, it will produce two million pounds of high pressure si cam per hour at n temperature of 1060 degrees Fahrenheit and a pressure of 2,500 pounds per square inch, with reheat to 1055 degrees F. Operating al full load, the unit will burn 17,000 gallons of oil hourly to provide 205,000 kilowatts of electrical power for the Tokyo Electric system which now serves over 24 million people in a 15,000 square mile area. You are looking at the trend-setting car of our times, the '61 Ford. Just ooe glance at the Big Circle taillights and sculptured rear deck, one look at the crisp front-end design and you'll know the '^1 Fotd is die classic style of the Nineteen Sixties. Here is a Ford that is new in its entire concept—it lubricates its chassis ... deans its own oil . . . adjusts its own brakes . . . protects its own body — is actually built to take care of itself'. Club magnific V if tori* BEAUTIFULLY BUILT TO TAKE CARE OF ITSELF '61 FORD HERE'S HOW THE '61 FORD TAKES CARE OF ITSELF . . . THE FIRST 1961 CAR DEALER-WARRANTED FOR 12,000 MILES OR ONE FULL YEAR Libneatcs Itself. You'll normally go 30.0CO miles without i ch«sis lubrication. Cleans lit Own Oil You'll 50 -I.CCO miles bet-wren oil ch;tn£« with I-'ord'i Full-Flow oil filler. Guirds It* Own Muffler. Ford mufflers ire doublt- wapped and itnminizcd—normally will last three times « long « ordinary moftlcrs. * Adjusts Its Own Brakes, New TrucL- Size brakes idjuu thcmsclccs automaticatlj', Protects Its Own Body. All vital undcrbojj- parts arc specially processed to resist rust and corrosion, even to galvanizing body panels beneath the doors. Takes Care of Its Own Finish. New Diamond Lustre Finish never needs WAX. Warrmnly. The '61 Fords arc built to mccc three principal soils: finest quality, greatest durability, most reliable operation. Expressing their complete confidence that this has been accomplished. Ford, Dealers led the industry in cxicndinc their warranty on '61 Fords to 12,000 miles oc one full year, whichever comes first. Sec thij warranty it yout Ford Dealer's now. HOWERTON MOTOR CO., Inc. 222 Clarksvillt Paris, Texas Dial SU 4-2566

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